Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sara Pinkerton 44310, OHNurse Practitioner1326525999
Crystal Jean Harper 44306, OHNurse Practitioner1811470339
Elizabeth Musolf 43430, OHNurse Practitioner1003816869
Sara Catherine Germann 46202, OHNurse Practitioner1396746145
Kyla Westrick 44256, OHNurse Practitioner1720582158
Holly Zienkowski 44256, OHNurse Practitioner1093237570
Jessica A Rollings 43213, OHNurse Practitioner1821087487
Karen L Terry 44001, OHNurse Practitioner1578543815
Charles Henri Mbala Ondobo 44105, OHNurse Practitioner1861929465
Adrienne Smith 43214, OHNurse Practitioner1578007381
George Patrick Wolfe Jr 44221, OHNurse Practitioner1730148602
Denise A Davis 45229, OHNurse Practitioner1124082540
Kelly M Casler 65336, OHNurse Practitioner1588611859
Jenifer K Schaller 43219, OHNurse Practitioner1144264144
Joanna Baker 45219, OHNurse Practitioner1124055868
Christa Arvay Rudasill 45209, OHNurse Practitioner1447615422
Amanda Jo Sealock 43812, OHNurse Practitioner1972024545
Cynthia A Wesolowski 45229, OHNurse Practitioner1417902420
Dana K Brown 45069, OHNurse Practitioner1700894912
Michelle K Marko 43220, OHNurse Practitioner1346762465
Christy Fitzpatrick 43420, OHNurse Practitioner1457717019
Ohio Livings Holdings 43219, OHNurse Practitioner1871600445
Kimberlee Ann Miller 45171, OHNurse Practitioner1740365824
Tonia Michelle Conn 45154, OHNurse Practitioner1770665028
Kristine Renee Atchley 45069, OHNurse Practitioner1790877801
Helene Marie Lannon 89109, OHNurse Practitioner1326120312
Jennifer Lee Link 44820, OHNurse Practitioner1174609481
Lorin Bowden 45211, OHNurse Practitioner1265836399
Jennifer Victoria Lawson 45066, OHNurse Practitioner1205358504
Leah T Nye 26506, OHNurse Practitioner1912005620
Lori Lyn Brown 45804, OHNurse Practitioner1790887271
Erika Elaine Andres 45236, OHNurse Practitioner1144701574
Elaine Kay Scott 45309, OHNurse Practitioner1285700757
Rhonda Sue Eubank 44708, OHNurse Practitioner1912058777
Marie Elizabeth Chambers 45459, OHNurse Practitioner1063538783
Molly S Hastings 44691, OHNurse Practitioner1518014562
Tara Nicole Boehmer 45409, OHNurse Practitioner1881738359
Michelle M Bandurka 32789, OHNurse Practitioner1619093366
Brandi Mickale Lewis 44115, OHNurse Practitioner1740316066
Halle M Welch 29910, OHNurse Practitioner1609909977
Gina Maria Ludwig 44601, OHNurse Practitioner1912422072
Sarah Robbins 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1932616224
Lisa Ann Ebert 43420, OHNurse Practitioner1588727135
Lance Neeley 45805, OHNurse Practitioner1548799562
Melanie Marie Perkins-fairbanks 43130, OHNurse Practitioner1538206545
Amanda M Cook 44870, OHNurse Practitioner1982767760
Amy Baldwin 43040, OHNurse Practitioner1184117525
Shannon Denise Clark 43219, OHNurse Practitioner1881726271
Elizabeth Lee Hughes 44195, OHNurse Practitioner1245794460
The Little Clinic Of Ohio Llc 45231, OHNurse Practitioner1982761896
Sarah Lorraine White 27514, OHNurse Practitioner1942401930
Sarah Alley 43026, OHNurse Practitioner1386864759
Sarah Ann Zimmerman 97439, OHNurse Practitioner1972773547
Susan B Malott 45373, OHNurse Practitioner1255594610
Elizabeth A. Gabel 43420, OHNurse Practitioner1013179639
Anne Bagshaw 45204, OHNurse Practitioner1023215126
Jessica A Gumucio 44195, OHNurse Practitioner1669652400
Geneva Chastanet 43605, OHNurse Practitioner1841476363
Loni Nicole Paulic 44122, OHNurse Practitioner1578068797
Emma Laubacher 44685, OHNurse Practitioner1205324886
Tamara Lynn Siemer 43231, OHNurse Practitioner1679799191
Donald Lee Lincoln 44106, OHNurse Practitioner1356860365
Laura Ann Reed 45504, OHNurse Practitioner1326218843
Ariana Francesca Niver 45432, OHNurse Practitioner1285169086
Lynn Anne Stackhouse 44870, OHNurse Practitioner1154542660
Caroline T. Strzesynski 43402, OHNurse Practitioner1437312253
Helena Horwitz 45414, OHNurse Practitioner1194291070
Nichole Marie Hardin 45373, OHNurse Practitioner1487838694
Kristen Upton 48118, OHNurse Practitioner1073717922
Allied Physicians Inc 46804, OHNurse Practitioner1205098100
Kristine Plotts 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1184895567
Hollie Beth Devine 55454, OHNurse Practitioner1740301704
Donna Marie Owen 43016, OHNurse Practitioner1104005719
Mirna I Carias 44106, OHNurse Practitioner1811016769
Tera Lynn Gearhart 33637, OHNurse Practitioner1720276157
Nathan Ware 44312, OHNurse Practitioner1306304993
Marie Louise Jones 43130, OHNurse Practitioner1780838714
Traci N Waters 77030, OHNurse Practitioner1144456963
Alan J Ullman 45005, OHNurse Practitioner1376857094
Janice M Mecklenburg 44110, OHNurse Practitioner1699095851
Megan Lane Taylor 45409, OHNurse Practitioner1659667491
Sharon Louise Loukx 43560, OHNurse Practitioner1831466010
Lisa E Dendinger 43420, OHNurse Practitioner1659537868
Pamela S Lippitt 45036, OHNurse Practitioner1366687261
Mariah Jentiel Blaeckbourn-crahen 44906, OHNurse Practitioner1376786343
Kathleen F Stierwalt 43420, OHNurse Practitioner1386971976
Leeann Elizabeth Hritz 44460, OHNurse Practitioner1083920060
Kara Elizabeth Warren 45409, OHNurse Practitioner1437422243
Sue Hornyak 44685, OHNurse Practitioner1457588584
Lori-anne Schulte-laird 44109, OHNurse Practitioner1558696013
Kerry Michelle Hamner 45231, OHNurse Practitioner1548597107
Alva M Teets 43209, OHNurse Practitioner1982916946
Kathryn Delgado Kort 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1144536822
Monica R Riffle 43147, OHNurse Practitioner1568770808
Amanda Irene Rush 43220, OHNurse Practitioner1356591952
Folashade Oluwaseun Oyekunle 45429, OHNurse Practitioner1780827618
Holli B Pfeifer 44820, OHNurse Practitioner1932413341
Tonya Lee 44143, OHNurse Practitioner1801180948
Abby Pritchard 45229, OHNurse Practitioner1639542822
Sherilyn Elam 45069, OHNurse Practitioner1184922452
Raha M Powell 45233, OHNurse Practitioner1336470624
Lori A Darrah 45373, OHNurse Practitioner1699922914
Sydney Michelle Snyder 45365, OHNurse Practitioner1700370509
Joy Chambers 43213, OHNurse Practitioner1013220839
Eileen Renee Faulds 43203, OHNurse Practitioner1972803211
Regina Marie Kahnert 44001, OHNurse Practitioner1194058909
Catherine Boahmah Mensah 45246, OHNurse Practitioner1689821498
Lanette Danielle Looney 43040, OHNurse Practitioner1750619664
Laura Brake 43219, OHNurse Practitioner1023335668
Kathy Dawn Merrill 45750, OHNurse Practitioner1356623953
Jennifer R Bills 45828, OHNurse Practitioner1831478981
Ida Agyei Ayensu 43202, OHNurse Practitioner1740511948
Cheryl L Pierce 84107, OHNurse Practitioner1710272026
Emily Rae Porter 44195, OHNurse Practitioner1568738011
Deborah A Cooney 85282, OHNurse Practitioner1780965897
Shannon C Riley 44685, OHNurse Practitioner1538480462
Brandy Lee Mckinney 44233, OHNurse Practitioner1114232873
Heather Ann Braucher 28226, OHNurse Practitioner1841523479
Patrice Shante Hawes 45005, OHNurse Practitioner1477830412
Lisa Daina 44124, OHNurse Practitioner1841523032
April Jordan 44307, OHNurse Practitioner1316225667
Francine Mcdaniel 44512, OHNurse Practitioner1295218329
Mary Sharon Noel 48162, OHNurse Practitioner1972751899
Heidi M. Schindler 45432, OHNurse Practitioner1932664752
John F Waters 45005, OHNurse Practitioner1912132028
Kimberly Michelle Gilbert 44053, OHNurse Practitioner1114229986
Hollie Marie Collins 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1902121973
Sharell J Thaxton 44067, OHNurse Practitioner1538434816
Tiffany Watson 45206, OHNurse Practitioner1477889822
Richelle Renee Brown 44212, OHNurse Practitioner1144589318
Michael George Marino 92324, OHNurse Practitioner1285989764
Mary Hoft 45040, OHNurse Practitioner1992055503
Virinder Sidhu 45044, OHNurse Practitioner1760731590
Aslan Rose Levoy 44131, OHNurse Practitioner1558607176
Marilyn Jean Swanson 44124, OHNurse Practitioner1568704492
Allison Elizabeth Hannah 43016, OHNurse Practitioner1720320625
Falisha L Lee 90292, OHNurse Practitioner1518300508
Janice Ann Carrozzella 45242, OHNurse Practitioner1568887925
Sarah E Nole Kimani 45040, OHNurse Practitioner1679910095
Amanda M Smith 43219, OHNurse Practitioner1285075655
Joanne Hartmann Villegas 44146, OHNurse Practitioner1154752483
Jennifer Hughes 43213, OHNurse Practitioner1700211646
Rebecca Lynn Ray 37075, OHNurse Practitioner1417393737
Coretta Stallworth 45219, OHNurse Practitioner1073943106
Denise Louise Page 44195, OHNurse Practitioner1003215427
Mary Katherine Winfield 44077, OHNurse Practitioner1497156665
Donna Michelle Hettinger 45219, OHNurse Practitioner1487042842
Mary Warner 45248, OHNurse Practitioner1639559867
Alec Sean Bisaha 43119, OHNurse Practitioner1932582202
Emily Bush 45459, OHNurse Practitioner1053795757
Valarie Langel 43025, OHNurse Practitioner1760896070
Cara Mchugh 44024, OHNurse Practitioner1619388899
Dana Brown 19104, OHNurse Practitioner1053794545
Roberta Stark 43506, OHNurse Practitioner1467822726
Ann Weber 45239, OHNurse Practitioner1073932026
Amanda Carol Hartmann 60611, OHNurse Practitioner1750796249
Deanna Zaciek 43551, OHNurse Practitioner1851706428
Christopher Devin Daugherty 43016, OHNurse Practitioner1750784484
Deborah Tyler 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1134514458
Cecelia Marie Myers 45430, OHNurse Practitioner1134592678
Jennifer Lynne Wilson 43016, OHNurse Practitioner1801141734
Shudonica Garlington 43311, OHNurse Practitioner1841434453
Lorie Jeanne Roever 43231, OHNurse Practitioner1538420245
James Conrad Reeves 43130, OHNurse Practitioner1558704833
Courtney Elizabeth Fruscella 44124, OHNurse Practitioner1255773750
Christina M Spring 44805, OHNurse Practitioner1366866220
Jasmine Marie Richards 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1417201450
Christina Lachae Markovitz 54840, OHNurse Practitioner1841613619
Amina M. Abdule 43228, OHNurse Practitioner1316346786
Marshal Lewis Thaxter 45150, OHNurse Practitioner1053787986
Cynthia Nye 44883, OHNurse Practitioner1831569821
Stephanie Steiner 44308, OHNurse Practitioner1174767057
Ebonee Walker 43207, OHNurse Practitioner1669863148
Laura Lynn Mcneil 43207, OHNurse Practitioner1962897769
Merryann Werley 44035, OHNurse Practitioner1255755518
Tamera Lee Johnson-roy 43207, OHNurse Practitioner1396090239
Trumbull Physician Services Pc, Inc 44483, OHNurse Practitioner1386002343
Jennifer Lynn Cochran 33511, OHNurse Practitioner1811373202
Michael Bennett 44105, OHNurse Practitioner1811362742
Tammy June Loebker 40223, OHNurse Practitioner1184059511
Tara Lynn Williams 45356, OHNurse Practitioner1932598323
Candace Lynn Koopman 41017, OHNurse Practitioner1083022529
Cassandra Lynn Case 44839, OHNurse Practitioner1952716086
Sarah J. Kahlig 45846, OHNurse Practitioner1275941254
Michelle Lyn Veneman 44035, OHNurse Practitioner1932532231
Denise D Hecht-hewit 44702, OHNurse Practitioner1366708976
Kimberly A. Brumfield 45631, OHNurse Practitioner1972992196
Beth Moeves 45229, OHNurse Practitioner1033519004
Hope Renee Kucinski 44124, OHNurse Practitioner1457546269
Karrie Wolfe 43213, OHNurse Practitioner1104175017
Lindsay A Hartman 43512, OHNurse Practitioner1588099006
Lucille A Milliken 43147, OHNurse Practitioner1356699235
Kimberley D Butts 45069, OHNurse Practitioner1679914832
Christy Weiker 43614, OHNurse Practitioner1033662762
Shanna Lee Dew 43758, OHNurse Practitioner1215370580
Maria Ann Reber 43214, OHNurse Practitioner1528409174
Holly Vandergriff 41017, OHNurse Practitioner1760886378
Cassandra Hazelrig 45005, OHNurse Practitioner1134540198
Kathleen Owens 34116, OHNurse Practitioner1508279050
Brandi Norrelle Richardson 45220, OHNurse Practitioner1932603495


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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