Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jacqueline M Myers 43130, OHNurse Practitioner1942203997
Barbara A Ruiter 44484, OHNurse Practitioner1881697019
Jill D. Johnson 43560, OHNurse Practitioner1962405092
Susan L Vild 43616, OHNurse Practitioner1801899083
Sandra K Sulier 43528, OHNurse Practitioner1841293917
Branden Lloyd Weisgarber 44654, OHNurse Practitioner1356344329
Amy Braddock 44870, OHNurse Practitioner1720531254
Candy Marie Smith 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1417950718
Tiffanny Brooke Kirsch 45069, OHNurse Practitioner1295738565
Sarah Pelova 43035, OHNurse Practitioner1346473675
Patricia A Tetirick 45255, OHNurse Practitioner1275536542
Gina Marie Hissong 45227, OHNurse Practitioner1548263239
Paula A Williams 45229, OHNurse Practitioner1336142611
Cynthia Wood Dehlinger 45213, OHNurse Practitioner1942203229
Angela K Riley 41017, OHNurse Practitioner1649273525
Michael T Neel 44805, OHNurse Practitioner1629071071
Jennifer Ann Dunnigan-fenton 45215, OHNurse Practitioner1376545525
Barbara Ellen Falor 49256, OHNurse Practitioner1407850357
Rona M. Dellinger 45882, OHNurse Practitioner1275537045
Sara Pinkerton 44310, OHNurse Practitioner1326525999
Crystal Jean Harper 44306, OHNurse Practitioner1811470339
Lisa Gaye Gill 43528, OHNurse Practitioner1487658308
Tammy Ann Anderson 43725, OHNurse Practitioner1487658928
Vickie Lea Deleruyelle 45786, OHNurse Practitioner1023013430
Kellie A Kidd 43210, OHNurse Practitioner1952306318
Randee Lea Masciola 43214, OHNurse Practitioner1982609301
Diane E Johnston 43214, OHNurse Practitioner1235134685
Michelle M Wende 43210, OHNurse Practitioner1780689158
Amy M Kirk 43215, OHNurse Practitioner1407851876
Susan Ferguson R 43202, OHNurse Practitioner1649275033
Kathryn A Nelson-murphy 45415, OHNurse Practitioner1356346043
Carol J Schumacher 43793, OHNurse Practitioner1144225434
Loretta Marie Jacob 44460, OHNurse Practitioner1609871714
Midohio Cardiology And Vascular Consultants, Inc 43214, OHNurse Practitioner1043215627
Barbara A Vonthron 43452, OHNurse Practitioner1780680181
Christine E Lock 45406, OHNurse Practitioner1700882099
Shawn M Merhaut 44195, OHNurse Practitioner1982600045
Linda C Cook 44304, OHNurse Practitioner1538165683
Earl Mcfarland 44304, OHNurse Practitioner1487650537
Michelle L Michel 44304, OHNurse Practitioner1770589830
Jean M Swaney 44641, OHNurse Practitioner1972509826
Carol Miller 45428, OHNurse Practitioner1881690774
Jill Anne Goff 45322, OHNurse Practitioner1811993587
Angela F Rothstein 45322, OHNurse Practitioner1174529853
Cynthia Daniels 44504, OHNurse Practitioner1417305707
Regina Ann Wilde 45011, OHNurse Practitioner1689670168
Scott Christopher Gedeon 44109, OHNurse Practitioner1932608874
Kim Smith 43560, OHNurse Practitioner1831196419
Danyell Johnson 43623, OHNurse Practitioner1447256532
Marla Smith Johnson 41017, OHNurse Practitioner1104821982
Jane A Scott 43952, OHNurse Practitioner1871590919
Pamela Jewel Bolton 45220, OHNurse Practitioner1659378669
Ann Wilson Ellis 45236, OHNurse Practitioner1225035223
Lynn Blakeslee 43623, OHNurse Practitioner1356348353
Gretchen Lee Hoover 43528, OHNurse Practitioner1073510079
Brenda Brien 43616, OHNurse Practitioner1598762502
Laura J Obergefell 44870, OHNurse Practitioner1134126998
Barbara Miller 45662, OHNurse Practitioner1790783314
Eliza Mccartney 43614, OHNurse Practitioner1962400515
Karen L Reed 43214, OHNurse Practitioner1992703292
Heidi Nichols 49221, OHNurse Practitioner1972501138
Frances Elizabeth Wood 45236, OHNurse Practitioner1093713737
Elizabeth Rita Houglan 43212, OHNurse Practitioner1487651642
Cheryl A Mcgarry 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1548268006
Norma Lake 43623, OHNurse Practitioner1871591032
Nancy Benton 43952, OHNurse Practitioner1194722272
Tamela R. King 45669, OHNurse Practitioner1265439384
Ericka Sullivan 45209, OHNurse Practitioner1063999126
Janette Vodhanel 44406, OHNurse Practitioner1811996630
Gerri L Rine 44883, OHNurse Practitioner1578561379
Vicky M Gall 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1780683557
Susan R Sommer 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1720086598
Lisa Marie Wonnell-chizmar 43617, OHNurse Practitioner1669471439
Brenda Lee Blackshear 43560, OHNurse Practitioner1699773499
Kay A Smith 43616, OHNurse Practitioner1497753297
Jacquelyn V White 43213, OHNurse Practitioner1447259064
Robbin Ann Miller 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1700885431
Janice Lynn Badenhop Davis 43221, OHNurse Practitioner1578562237
Mamie L Martin 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1932108669
Dava J Derrick 45315, OHNurse Practitioner1164421806
Sarah Ann Lunsford 45409, OHNurse Practitioner1184623662
Christine G Chadwell 45219, OHNurse Practitioner1285633602
Jody A Gray 45662, OHNurse Practitioner1649279639
Susan Frost 43222, OHNurse Practitioner1982604823
Deborah L Taylor 45236, OHNurse Practitioner1790785400
Beverly J Uhlenhake 45846, OHNurse Practitioner1023018942
Susan L Morgan 43935, OHNurse Practitioner1821098195
Mary Kathryn Griffith 44114, OHNurse Practitioner1508866591
Valerie Tate 44130, OHNurse Practitioner1184624173
Mary E Elchlinger 44131, OHNurse Practitioner1063413003
Mary Jane Maloney 44131, OHNurse Practitioner1336140318
Jill Loretitsch 44070, OHNurse Practitioner1053312025
Judy Roseman Parnes 43229, OHNurse Practitioner1013918028
Damon M Boogaart 44094, OHNurse Practitioner1538160403
Maureen Lorraine Dwyer 41017, OHNurse Practitioner1114927704
Nancy C Pahl 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1396744603
Connie K Reifenberger 45014, OHNurse Practitioner1710987276
Tamara A Strassell 45014, OHNurse Practitioner1861491573
Morgan Sanchez 45801, OHNurse Practitioner1588022651
Carolyn Badenhop 43551, OHNurse Practitioner1194725028
Megan Y Boogaart 44060, OHNurse Practitioner1063412435
Diane Enzweiler 45211, OHNurse Practitioner1760481113
Virginia S Hiltner 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1598765190
Teresa Marie Matzke 43015, OHNurse Practitioner1154321420
Elizabeth Musolf 43430, OHNurse Practitioner1003816869
Michelle Joy Slider 44460, OHNurse Practitioner1609875459
Michelle L Kirschner 45219, OHNurse Practitioner1679572382
Jennifer Maddox 41097, OHNurse Practitioner1780069393
Jennifer Malmstrom 41017, OHNurse Practitioner1275532624
Denna Louise Dietrich 45014, OHNurse Practitioner1174522650
Donna Cunningham 45601, OHNurse Practitioner1164423810
Sarah Anne Halter 44507, OHNurse Practitioner1316948615
Irene E Dettmer 44223, OHNurse Practitioner1013919554
Raymond W Mick 45123, OHNurse Practitioner1437141561
Barbara A Florke 43512, OHNurse Practitioner1770575367
Carolyn Sue Zara 44903, OHNurse Practitioner1831181221
Louise Hendershott Knox 44121, OHNurse Practitioner1750374930
Diana Lee Mulder 44512, OHNurse Practitioner1962403345
Karen E Koplin 44333, OHNurse Practitioner1003808510
Carol Jean Abbott 45248, OHNurse Practitioner1932191681
Shannon Marie Stanik 44307, OHNurse Practitioner1992204911
Lori Jean Grenich 44408, OHNurse Practitioner1871586040
Barbara Lehman 41042, OHNurse Practitioner1255324927
Mary E Palumbo 44484, OHNurse Practitioner1194291682
Tracy Resibois-binkley 45133, OHNurse Practitioner1144607185
Lisa Onesko 44125, OHNurse Practitioner1144221649
Kyla Westrick 44256, OHNurse Practitioner1720582158
Kelly R Cervenka 44109, OHNurse Practitioner1871587808
Evelyn M Arambasick 44195, OHNurse Practitioner1992799902
Karen A. Rohrs 43608, OHNurse Practitioner1083608046
Diana L Hobden 45701, OHNurse Practitioner1174518484
Susan Henderson 45801, OHNurse Practitioner1841285145
Celeste M Schultz 43623, OHNurse Practitioner1619962826
Teresa Jayne Allton 43214, OHNurse Practitioner1770578684
Tamera Sue Miglesz 43214, OHNurse Practitioner1508851429
Deborah Apollo Shepard 45255, OHNurse Practitioner1043205628
Joan A Nunnery 44144, OHNurse Practitioner1952397150
Karen Dellinger Leadbitter 45255, OHNurse Practitioner1093701252
Roberta S Harding 43608, OHNurse Practitioner1194711200
Theresa M Barabash 43608, OHNurse Practitioner1578559738
Brendon J Hovest 45875, OHNurse Practitioner1871589960
James J. Mulloney 45229, OHNurse Practitioner1083600936
Jacqueline Carol Yinger 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1316933112
Judy Ann Pitts 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1467448266
Norah Helen Bertschy 45229, OHNurse Practitioner1285621953
Timothy C. Ray 44117, OHNurse Practitioner1689661118
Janlyn M Sauter 44663, OHNurse Practitioner1457348898
Sharyn April Hatton 45402, OHNurse Practitioner1306833884
Donna N Kring 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1225025497
Jennifer Fontana 44131, OHNurse Practitioner1669460432
Wood County Medical Associates 43402, OHNurse Practitioner1164410973
Mary T Jeewek-taylor 43137, OHNurse Practitioner1306834940
Ronda Katherine Nickoson 45638, OHNurse Practitioner1699761775
Pamela Lee Cochran 44074, OHNurse Practitioner1710972302
Jacqueline R Hogan 43512, OHNurse Practitioner1679561492
Beth Ann Gunselman 44053, OHNurse Practitioner1437143286
Amy Ellen Kauffman 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1013902170
Flordeliza Dimaliwat Goleta 45433, OHNurse Practitioner1497749758
Beth Copenhefer Molnar 45140, OHNurse Practitioner1295722536
Sharon Laneau Cheatham 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1710975362
Deborah Kay Yoder 44302, OHNurse Practitioner1275520256
Marjean Beck 43402, OHNurse Practitioner1053309849
Diane G Fouts 43402, OHNurse Practitioner1740278530
Susan Eileen Bunner 43758, OHNurse Practitioner1225024060
Susan K Jordan 45335, OHNurse Practitioner1871580506
Dolores Loeser 43203, OHNurse Practitioner1114460433
Virginia Frances Morrison 44109, OHNurse Practitioner1114913803
Sharon Kaye Lee 45805, OHNurse Practitioner1760477053
Adriana Eden 45433, OHNurse Practitioner1124015573
Christine A Utley 43606, OHNurse Practitioner1457347528
Margaret Lynn Zak 44094, OHNurse Practitioner1194713966
Samantha A Kanavel 43701, OHNurse Practitioner1295273910
Emma Kay Newble 43616, OHNurse Practitioner1760847644
Beth Lynn Fineran 43701, OHNurse Practitioner1316935653
Amy Herret Wright 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1679561617
Bobbie M. Smith 43701, OHNurse Practitioner1699763524
Robin M Herr 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1124017983
Debra K Wenzke 43617, OHNurse Practitioner1881683704
Alicia Namrow 44124, OHNurse Practitioner1144219890
Kathleen Kunkler 43054, OHNurse Practitioner1235128885
Lisa Larkin, Md,llc 45227, OHNurse Practitioner1376532879
Genevieve Elaine Tryon 44484, OHNurse Practitioner1952390346
Frances T Smith 44074, OHNurse Practitioner1922097336
Margie M Delong 44077, OHNurse Practitioner1982693248
Connie Sue Rackow 44691, OHNurse Practitioner1043209281
Lori Fortier 44115, OHNurse Practitioner1275522302
Linda Suzanna Swallie 43725, OHNurse Practitioner1659360634
Linda K Manley 45429, OHNurse Practitioner1447240486
Lorene Perkins 43205, OHNurse Practitioner1083604029
Vicki Lee Wilson 43701, OHNurse Practitioner1154311066
Kimberly K. Murphy 43040, OHNurse Practitioner1477543296
Wright State University Student Health Services 45435, OHNurse Practitioner1417947037
Melinda M Snook 45662, OHNurse Practitioner1083604672
Audrey Ann Smith 44512, OHNurse Practitioner1184615254
Theresa A Back 43212, OHNurse Practitioner1336130277
Deborah Kay Meeks 44122, OHNurse Practitioner1710978721
Deborah Lynne Dillon 44510, OHNurse Practitioner1316938889
Rebecca Jean Eaton 45750, OHNurse Practitioner1609867886
Gregory Peter Knapik 44325, OHNurse Practitioner1316938509
Pamela Combs 44115, OHNurse Practitioner1427039346


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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