Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cynthia Neoma Sanford 74501, OKNurse Practitioner1578566337
Krista Long 74301, OKNurse Practitioner1972030682
Zhanjuan Wang 73008, OKNurse Practitioner1649797044
Jane F Dick 74104, OKNurse Practitioner1154383123
Cene' L Livingston 73099, OKNurse Practitioner1225070485
Tracy Lee Foster 74055, OKNurse Practitioner1043714587
Vicki Dawn Hammons 74063, OKNurse Practitioner1619452372
Edmund Allison 86047, OKNurse Practitioner1780197293
Angela D. Grimmett 73142, OKNurse Practitioner1861509838
Julie Kay Kramer 53792, OKNurse Practitioner1285790493
Jeannette Elaine Windschitl 74136, OKNurse Practitioner1396122800
Stephanie Celine Shelton 75009, OKNurse Practitioner1477734697
Leslie Michele Jump 73131, OKNurse Practitioner1063718237
Jennifer Renee Nelson 74701, OKNurse Practitioner1154602332
Helen Tierney Klein 74104, OKNurse Practitioner1578830782
Rosemary Patricia Spring 72916, OKNurse Practitioner1770874158
Jami D Pittman 74063, OKNurse Practitioner1831404748
Kennedy Brooke Decker-walters 74701, OKNurse Practitioner1700014867
Brooke Elizabeth Golwas 74104, OKNurse Practitioner1689983553
Sandra L Cooper 73020, OKNurse Practitioner1336684109
Chi-tzu Huang 73098, OKNurse Practitioner1639682024
Sarah Elizabeth Miller 73104, OKNurse Practitioner1669792164
Holly Brewer 67901, OKNurse Practitioner1235468679
Kimberly Kay Cobb 74953, OKNurse Practitioner1134351141
Kimberly Cobb Aprn Pllc 74953, OKNurse Practitioner1699008391
Cassie Mcintosh 73135, OKNurse Practitioner1902385420
Christy Page 74133, OKNurse Practitioner1215212568
Kala Marie Gaydos 74135, OKNurse Practitioner1972876191
Sheri Candida Burson 74104, OKNurse Practitioner1053611103
Margaret Scifres 27713, OKNurse Practitioner1194054254
Brianna Leigh Youngwolfe 74820, OKNurse Practitioner1700370467
Kimberly S Laskey 74146, OKNurse Practitioner1548547375
Bridget A Moss 73550, OKNurse Practitioner1831319334
Crystal Carol Kizarr 73533, OKNurse Practitioner1053661181
Melisa Weaver Aprn Cnp Pllc 73013, OKNurse Practitioner1437492436
Michelle M Loeber 74114, OKNurse Practitioner1184967887
Benjamin Bradley 74447, OKNurse Practitioner1730518788
Mona Jean Nickerson 74820, OKNurse Practitioner1154734994
Stephanie Barnes 23692, OKNurse Practitioner1750787495
Dorothy Murdock 67337, OKNurse Practitioner1528438223
Brice Harader-pate 74137, OKNurse Practitioner1962894519
Cora Elizabeth Davis 73160, OKNurse Practitioner1508270588
Muiruri Kamau 73110, OKNurse Practitioner1518381771
Kathleen L Epps 73112, OKNurse Practitioner1700250909
Jessica Deppen 73160, OKNurse Practitioner1659774131
Galina Bogdan Michka 74106, OKNurse Practitioner1093092223
Tabatha Nicole Steward 74063, OKNurse Practitioner1801286737
Lauri Stucki 73120, OKNurse Practitioner1366864373
Melodie Duff 73036, OKNurse Practitioner1497150387
Sarah Dawn Mcauliff 74003, OKNurse Practitioner1174879548
Jayne Ann Bentley 73644, OKNurse Practitioner1356782304
Roy Sanderson 73104, OKNurse Practitioner1164934154
Jamie L Breedlove 74104, OKNurse Practitioner1124415815
Tiffani Lowell 73020, OKNurse Practitioner1083154918
Mm Health Aprn cnp Pllc 73013, OKNurse Practitioner1790285849
Marcos Rodriguez 73109, OKNurse Practitioner1902321607
Kasey Degiusti 73072, OKNurse Practitioner1558880526
Tenessa G Pinkerton 73130, OKNurse Practitioner1407374820
Deepa Tony Abraham 76104, OKNurse Practitioner1760927172
Blackwell Hospital Trust Authority 74631, OKNurse Practitioner1821525304
Alexandra Kay Martin 73099, OKNurse Practitioner1376070219
Beverly Aiello 73669, OKNurse Practitioner1760915946
Carissa Declerck 73104, OKNurse Practitioner1760922678
Daniel Hall 74079, OKNurse Practitioner1649710369
Nicholas Dorris 73099, OKNurse Practitioner1326561762
Alexandria Mary Weaver 73159, OKNurse Practitioner1447758362
Sarah Kristine Dvorak 28304, OKNurse Practitioner1821223900
Stephanie Christner Do Llc 74137, OKNurse Practitioner1760869259
Michelle Martin 73075, OKNurse Practitioner1144741661
Jennifer Eatherly 75460, OKNurse Practitioner1154771228
Rebecca J Zentner 73120, OKNurse Practitioner1164921367
Walter Clinton Maxcey 74820, OKNurse Practitioner1265943476
Keeley Victoria Marie Walker 73170, OKNurse Practitioner1679071864
Cristina Sarrosa 74136, OKNurse Practitioner1376097261
Lindsey Council 91911, OKNurse Practitioner1295182210
Kaitlyn Knedler 73104, OKNurse Practitioner1942702634
Elliott Yadon 14221, OKNurse Practitioner1548641970
Northside Psychiatry Pllc 73112, OKNurse Practitioner1376052944
Bethany S Bia 74426, OKNurse Practitioner1770075764
Jeanne R Guinn 74953, OKNurse Practitioner1124510169
Andrea Louise Root 73142, OKNurse Practitioner1689026353
Terry Jean Draper 74523, OKNurse Practitioner1942793351
Stephanie Ann Hope 74035, OKNurse Practitioner1306356183
George A Thomas 75057, OKNurse Practitioner1760903199
Sarah Hill 74447, OKNurse Practitioner1104328756
Jo-anna Coppin Lohr 74012, OKNurse Practitioner1497120901
Elizabeth Ramsay-thompson Forsythe 73120, OKNurse Practitioner1538662267
Ashley L Wallace 74133, OKNurse Practitioner1194227744
Stephanie Faith Howell 74344, OKNurse Practitioner1598241366
Megan Elizabeth Black 74728, OKNurse Practitioner1568820140
Amie Farris 74012, OKNurse Practitioner1932604626
Anna Lilia Pina 74106, OKNurse Practitioner1699039883
Brandi Gynn Harden 74820, OKNurse Practitioner1578010716
Amanda Grace Mcmasters 73505, OKNurse Practitioner1467970657
Kristi Ann Putnam 73503, OKNurse Practitioner1619428885
Charlysa Diana Gatlin Castillo 73160, OKNurse Practitioner1760910772
Karen Christine Smith 74955, OKNurse Practitioner1255831657
Angela Dawn Daugherty 74059, OKNurse Practitioner1285154740
Darci Lynn Bowen 74701, OKNurse Practitioner1053824359
Kelsey Nicole Jordan 66606, OKNurse Practitioner1376046607
Randee Green 73005, OKNurse Practitioner1568963403
Tracey Suzanne Dudley 73112, OKNurse Practitioner1578065777
Jordan Lynn Harris 73072, OKNurse Practitioner1093200198
Mindy Mcbrien 74354, OKNurse Practitioner1437530664
Mallory Dayle White 74063, OKNurse Practitioner1124411749
Courtney Dahi 73018, OKNurse Practitioner1558856435
Katherine Roya Moore 73501, OKNurse Practitioner1972078046
Kimberly Yvette Hestand 73550, OKNurse Practitioner1114391315
Bea Jaye Warlick 74104, OKNurse Practitioner1730698739
Chika Cynthia Okwufulueze 74055, OKNurse Practitioner1780179366
Stacy Spears 74066, OKNurse Practitioner1770572091
Ginger Nichole Thibault 73112, OKNurse Practitioner1679964019
Jyoti Pandey 73105, OKNurse Practitioner1063980423
Rindi Linn Appelman 73438, OKNurse Practitioner1003315995
Joseph James Gelinas 74344, OKNurse Practitioner1396045753
Meagan Decher 73102, OKNurse Practitioner1073784203
David A Peterson 75092, OKNurse Practitioner1902912975
Sarah Bevilacqua 74135, OKNurse Practitioner1154871333
Donna Ann Dansby 72758, OKNurse Practitioner1528570819
Jennifer A Cruz 73107, OKNurse Practitioner1558728212
Rhonda Michelle Mould 73142, OKNurse Practitioner1154775583
Paula Jean Rowan 74106, OKNurse Practitioner1326533324
Jan Laverne Figart 74106, OKNurse Practitioner1629535174
Lisa Michelle Mcconnell 73104, OKNurse Practitioner1346753456
Carly Michele Prutzman 73052, OKNurse Practitioner1790235877
Sandi Lynn Casey 74464, OKNurse Practitioner1356791891
Lori Lyn Enlow 74464, OKNurse Practitioner1700875598
Kellie Renee Swim 74464, OKNurse Practitioner1518378371
Dawna Herron Johnson 74145, OKNurse Practitioner1578518312
Amanda Kay Hollenbeck 73142, OKNurse Practitioner1104273192
Rebecca Kaye Haynes 74437, OKNurse Practitioner1144771700
Shaylee Alexandria Rowe 73107, OKNurse Practitioner1790341196
Brooke A Hunt 74055, OKNurse Practitioner1154887446
Courtney Alisha Airington 73460, OKNurse Practitioner1184028540
Jaime L Mcminn 73072, OKNurse Practitioner1023660578
Katherine Michelle Gaddis 84113, OKNurse Practitioner1932558541
Sheila Diane Miller 73401, OKNurse Practitioner1538539374
Jamie Larie Kitchens 74012, OKNurse Practitioner1124532890
Kristie Michelle Mcguire 73026, OKNurse Practitioner1356995476
Stephanie Dawn Kolar 73036, OKNurse Practitioner1457820870
Ashley Rose Thomas 74344, OKNurse Practitioner1851893036
Bernadette Ann Schwan 64111, OKNurse Practitioner1184050320
Jessica Susan Culpepper 73034, OKNurse Practitioner1033766167
Candy Sue Williams 74136, OKNurse Practitioner1124483482
Kenda L Dean 73546, OKNurse Practitioner1801081658
Monica Brownfield 73644, OKNurse Practitioner1295387363
Kristina Smith 87102, OKNurse Practitioner1255713665
Eunhye Steele 73018, OKNurse Practitioner1134659733
Raven Jeaneene Piontek 73507, OKNurse Practitioner1740797182
Kim Raye Holland 73533, OKNurse Practitioner1235124017
Lisa Renee Warrington 74804, OKNurse Practitioner1245703099
Jami D Herring 74953, OKNurse Practitioner1295187318
Vanessa Gail Lee 74955, OKNurse Practitioner1740755503
Kristi Adkins 73110, OKNurse Practitioner1407417447
Cynthia A Bigheart 73701, OKNurse Practitioner1225031081
Mary Beth Hutchinson 50501, OKNurse Practitioner1245203223
Shijy A Joykutty 73128, OKNurse Practitioner1457899841
Eric D. Mann 75093, OKNurse Practitioner1184040404
Jessica Rene' Kennedy 74136, OKNurse Practitioner1952863078
Roberta Lesli Mowdy 97701, OKNurse Practitioner1285007401
Donna June Klement 76240, OKNurse Practitioner1104287507
Autumn Powell 74953, OKNurse Practitioner1699310508
Amanda Quary 73108, OKNurse Practitioner1730552688
April M Crouch 77591, OKNurse Practitioner1285153338
Shannon Reavis 74019, OKNurse Practitioner1073153029
Betsy Manoj Abraham 77030, OKNurse Practitioner1346767373
Jocelyn Andrea Eslick 74133, OKNurse Practitioner1730725649
Rebekkah Jackman 73114, OKNurse Practitioner1083184113
Monique Jacqueline Brink 74804, OKNurse Practitioner1356608103
Elizabeth Walrath 79081, OKNurse Practitioner1003317991
Lisa Austin 73069, OKNurse Practitioner1366891095
Raina Nicole Hamlin 73159, OKNurse Practitioner1255800926
Megan Beth Walker 45420, OKNurse Practitioner1851694475
Gurpreet K Shires 74012, OKNurse Practitioner1225535685
Robin Rae Anderson 74820, OKNurse Practitioner1083071906
Rochelle Barringer 73099, OKNurse Practitioner1093367807
Lyndsey Dawn Smith 74136, OKNurse Practitioner1811444078
Haley Bollinger 73120, OKNurse Practitioner1053875856
Latasha Day 73119, OKNurse Practitioner1316507114
Shannon Gale Davis 73120, OKNurse Practitioner1477838217
Deandrea Woods 73018, OKNurse Practitioner1821586009
Aaron Rush Daugherty 73644, OKNurse Practitioner1609409341
Karis Ashley Rodriguez 74848, OKNurse Practitioner1356704928
Jessica Lynn Ebner 73501, OKNurse Practitioner1497389738
Tiffanie Michelle Anderson 73701, OKNurse Practitioner1396302782
Jan Byerly 74021, OKNurse Practitioner1659917227
Samantha Rae Quickle 73538, OKNurse Practitioner1184273583
Blaire Blankinship 74023, OKNurse Practitioner1124577580
Stephanie Parsons 73127, OKNurse Practitioner1659870814
Pamela Roland 30535, OKNurse Practitioner1104170174
David Mathew 73008, OKNurse Practitioner1861026254
Jennifer Marie Smith-woosley 74104, OKNurse Practitioner1164069530
Sheila K Reed 74039, OKNurse Practitioner1508224882
Tina Ledet 73034, OKNurse Practitioner1215928700
Joyce Christine Tow 74135, OKNurse Practitioner1396709358
Holly Wilkinson 74401, OKNurse Practitioner1679986384
Rosa M Stamile 74136, OKNurse Practitioner1962459446
Lisa Marie Armstrong 74136, OKNurse Practitioner1326548660
Angela M Wiggins 74464, OKNurse Practitioner1114424942
Rachel Rene Stockwell 92672, OKNurse Practitioner1487938122


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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