Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dianne Eileen Blust 97013, ORNurse Practitioner1366445439
Evonne Maria Kandas 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1689677445
Nancy Lynn Spencer 97225, ORNurse Practitioner1487657052
Luis Fernando Carrillo 97217, ORNurse Practitioner1083617658
Joanne T Eddington 97225, ORNurse Practitioner1417950015
Michael Aaron Sheets 97633, ORNurse Practitioner1548262876
Patricia L Mecum 97527, ORNurse Practitioner1841293180
Joanna L Lezak 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1366445967
Bonnie K Kittleson 97216, ORNurse Practitioner1851394464
Margaret A Portwood 97367, ORNurse Practitioner1619971652
Deborah A Rogers 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1720082795
Joy F Harvey 97741, ORNurse Practitioner1538163118
Mary Ann Carr 97324, ORNurse Practitioner1205830817
Mary Ann Browning 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1770587222
Karen A. Kirwan 97116, ORNurse Practitioner1588668933
Tatyana J Dembrow 97030, ORNurse Practitioner1497750715
Erin Sanford Fitzgerald 97338, ORNurse Practitioner1306217872
Joanne Wallis 97761, ORNurse Practitioner1265437172
Stephanie Harper Potts 97128, ORNurse Practitioner1548265820
Valerie Lynn Cecil 97202, ORNurse Practitioner1942205547
Kristi Lynn Vaughn 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1518962067
Jennifer J Siebold 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1184620445
J Suzanne Nelson 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1609872985
Bunny Day Lewis 97520, ORNurse Practitioner1689670663
Angelina Lara 97527, ORNurse Practitioner1437155504
Dea Nason Collins 97501, ORNurse Practitioner1063418697
Lisa Renay Clayton 97520, ORNurse Practitioner1861498495
Cynthia Mary Harper 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1578560116
Angela Sue Zacharek 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1114924743
Dawn F. Tilgner 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1639174287
Tom David Hazel 97520, ORNurse Practitioner1316944754
Kirk Macdonald Smith 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1811994254
Nancy J. Keeley 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1588661912
Patricia Jeanne Armstrong 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1548267214
Sharon Barbara Knapp 97086, ORNurse Practitioner1962400374
Melanie M Olsrud 97527, ORNurse Practitioner1841298320
Matthew Filoon 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1043691728
Sheri R. Clark 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1821095241
Bobbie J Smith-ede 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1285631648
Valerie Baldwin-thomas 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1093713505
Sarah K Wickenhagen 97006, ORNurse Practitioner1891794517
Heidi Jo Carlson 97415, ORNurse Practitioner1912906470
Charlane A Frazier 97526, ORNurse Practitioner1043219462
Tammy Lowe 97526, ORNurse Practitioner1578562997
Donna Cash 97477, ORNurse Practitioner1053310300
Craig A Peck 97477, ORNurse Practitioner1811996176
Katherine Rutherford 97527, ORNurse Practitioner1205835139
Jeri Pairish-lack 97526, ORNurse Practitioner1497754329
Heather Voss 97526, ORNurse Practitioner1093715922
Carol Shychy Willeford 97232, ORNurse Practitioner1548260268
Cathleen A Folk 97219, ORNurse Practitioner1386644011
Andrew J Hughes 97624, ORNurse Practitioner1275533945
Christina M Hughes 97624, ORNurse Practitioner1639179310
Barbara Anne Stewart 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1134129133
Mary Lou Zozaya-monohon 98506, ORNurse Practitioner1811998735
Renee Edwards 97330, ORNurse Practitioner1346241262
Rebecca M Bodle-shingu 98506, ORNurse Practitioner1558362368
Patsy Looney 97914, ORNurse Practitioner1275534083
Sharon L Espersen 97302, ORNurse Practitioner1033110887
Anne Kimberly 97202, ORNurse Practitioner1073513453
Debra J Minchow 97365, ORNurse Practitioner1609876242
Carol Thomas 97526, ORNurse Practitioner1093715930
Amber L Gauthier 98532, ORNurse Practitioner1821534801
Kelly M Clayton 97415, ORNurse Practitioner1396744769
Patrick Ashley Barfield 97914, ORNurse Practitioner1811998362
Raylene Dianne Coleman 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1093717852
Deborah Sue Dorst 97220, ORNurse Practitioner1780686477
Connie Barber 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1891787602
Cynthia M Lanou 97216, ORNurse Practitioner1255323069
Jayne S Mitchell 97220, ORNurse Practitioner1750373593
Arlene B Strong 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1508858119
Amy Eiko Bernel Leatherwood 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1386636736
Marilou Navarro Sempio 97220, ORNurse Practitioner1972596112
Theresa A Russell 97828, ORNurse Practitioner1629061981
Kathleen Siebe 97828, ORNurse Practitioner1750374021
Elke Schoen 97220, ORNurse Practitioner1629061866
Mary A Fitzpatrick 97207, ORNurse Practitioner1821081092
Janice Marie Voukidis 97220, ORNurse Practitioner1336132406
Debrah A Wong 97220, ORNurse Practitioner1962495044
Tawna Renee Pangborn 97062, ORNurse Practitioner1619969771
Kathryn Ruth Desantis 97527, ORNurse Practitioner1891796496
Sandra K Hensley 97031, ORNurse Practitioner1629062062
Joel Aaron Michels 97222, ORNurse Practitioner1124012042
Brenda Carol Herold 97214, ORNurse Practitioner1629062518
Debra Jean Alexander 97914, ORNurse Practitioner1184618860
Hedian C Swanson 97459, ORNurse Practitioner1609860212
Robert L Giusti 97116, ORNurse Practitioner1689669103
Cheryle-may Ramirez 97601, ORNurse Practitioner1346235066
Monica Nayan Deshpande 97477, ORNurse Practitioner1346235991
Peggy J Rivers 97006, ORNurse Practitioner1134114739
Marsha Rae Davidson 97045, ORNurse Practitioner1871589457
Teresa Turnbull 97056, ORNurse Practitioner1497741854
Barbara Jeanne Herdman 97141, ORNurse Practitioner1053307181
Janus Maybee 97470, ORNurse Practitioner1255327151
Kimberly K Rodda 97015, ORNurse Practitioner1528054384
Jennifer Nmi Kuhn 97045, ORNurse Practitioner1538155361
Christina E Kellogg-gratchner 97123, ORNurse Practitioner1124015631
Nancy M Ronan 97216, ORNurse Practitioner1831185305
Rogue Valley Physicians 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1699761932
Karen Christine Parker 97213, ORNurse Practitioner1790779650
Elizabeth Burton Matuk 97624, ORNurse Practitioner1538156351
Melissa Louise Wilson 97415, ORNurse Practitioner1700873528
Sandra Jean Jones 97439, ORNurse Practitioner1043203581
Dawn Nadine Warddrip 97123, ORNurse Practitioner1871580217
Stephanie J Bennett 98683, ORNurse Practitioner1376536706
Sherman County Health District 97039, ORNurse Practitioner1982692372
Linda Y Ellis 97814, ORNurse Practitioner1841288339
Deborah J Vencill 97814, ORNurse Practitioner1366430670
Claudia L Wilferd-morton 97707, ORNurse Practitioner1194713420
Richard Michael Lotz 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1922096015
Deidre Goldberg 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1407844525
Mary Nell Anker 97411, ORNurse Practitioner1568451383
Natalia Nazartchouk 97502, ORNurse Practitioner1619966355
Tracy L Shultz 97225, ORNurse Practitioner1679562235
Diane Marie Kimball 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1083603575
Lucinda Ann Angyal 97302, ORNurse Practitioner1699764001
Teresa Catherine Keane 97227, ORNurse Practitioner1124017553
Lori Ann Johns 97136, ORNurse Practitioner1932198371
Elaine Mary Harlan 97304, ORNurse Practitioner1619966801
Becky Jane Howard 97408, ORNurse Practitioner1629067756
Shelda Holmes 97217, ORNurse Practitioner1316937949
Susan Teresa Murphy 97219, ORNurse Practitioner1114918216
Bonnie Marie Bird 97365, ORNurse Practitioner1720079643
Carla Rayne Anderson 97070, ORNurse Practitioner1144211913
Ronald Arthur Berry 97761, ORNurse Practitioner1285625822
Ian Locheil Barton 97124, ORNurse Practitioner1811988389
Jennifer Carley 97302, ORNurse Practitioner1114918471
Irene Ann Holland 97051, ORNurse Practitioner1730170085
Lynn Marie Lieuallen 97801, ORNurse Practitioner1629069893
Laurent E. O. Avondstondt 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1053302265
Thanh Thi Bac Nguyen 97224, ORNurse Practitioner1447241666
Carole E Cottet 97225, ORNurse Practitioner1396726519
Mark Corey 97039, ORNurse Practitioner1851372643
Dorothy Karnis Albrecht 97301, ORNurse Practitioner1487635280
Charleen L Pruett 97016, ORNurse Practitioner1669453049
Ernest Eugene Lissy 97383, ORNurse Practitioner1013998475
Sherry Ruth Goeden 97333, ORNurse Practitioner1023090339
Brenda Joyce Molina 97739, ORNurse Practitioner1215919436
Lori A Skoczylas 97225, ORNurse Practitioner1730161704
Margaret M Haupt 97058, ORNurse Practitioner1104808708
Stephanie O'connor 97233, ORNurse Practitioner1720060353
Susan Wade Cato 97215, ORNurse Practitioner1316929870
Toni L Corcoran-smith 97058, ORNurse Practitioner1790767333
Connie M. Davis 97016, ORNurse Practitioner1538142864
Tracy A Klein 98661, ORNurse Practitioner1124009709
Jolyn Ann Zeller 97303, ORNurse Practitioner1447241245
Nga Vu 97015, ORNurse Practitioner1902896681
Ross Edward Newmann 97078, ORNurse Practitioner1851382824
Susan Lee Watkins 97225, ORNurse Practitioner1790774537
Lisa Michelle Callahan 97526, ORNurse Practitioner1649261132
Karen L Ikins 97031, ORNurse Practitioner1578544011
Jennifer Hanlon-wilde 97058, ORNurse Practitioner1033190574
Stacey Ann Agee 97103, ORNurse Practitioner1275515181
Dustin Daniel Carlson 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1497109730
Carole L Dennison 97062, ORNurse Practitioner1245211374
Michele Marie Cathey 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1649261223
Siri Jackman 97914, ORNurse Practitioner1457334310
Jane G Pittenger 97439, ORNurse Practitioner1073596995
Pamela A. Devisser 97224, ORNurse Practitioner1952384430
Susan Elaine Hoffman 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1447234901
Laura Frances Foerst 97330, ORNurse Practitioner1356325229
Helen Wylie Poindexter 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1043294911
Marguerite Jean Smith 97501, ORNurse Practitioner1417931395
Deborah Ayoli 97527, ORNurse Practitioner1639153380
Melanie Sue Arntz 97720, ORNurse Practitioner1407830284
Amber R Benson 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1487638201
Heather Renee Maclean 97420, ORNurse Practitioner1528042116
Ruth Dian Herbert 97756, ORNurse Practitioner1366427999
Susan Carol Keister 97330, ORNurse Practitioner1427033729
Susan Anne Morgan 97420, ORNurse Practitioner1962487108
Judith Elizabeth Witte 97838, ORNurse Practitioner1407831621
James Dean Munro 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1518942523
Peter Chordas 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1457337123
Maureen Ann Jones 97213, ORNurse Practitioner1700861424
Nancy L Semich 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1386620763
Alice B Taylor 97444, ORNurse Practitioner1558347781
Aaron C Mccolpin 97527, ORNurse Practitioner1447236336
Toni J Feist 97720, ORNurse Practitioner1780660589
Michelle Davies 97720, ORNurse Practitioner1144206954
Amy B Mcelroy 97756, ORNurse Practitioner1073590683
Merthel Luretta Rand 97838, ORNurse Practitioner1538146436
Russell Aldous Kelley 97801, ORNurse Practitioner1992783849
Sarah Elizabeth Reyes James 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1356329957
Rosalyn Gross 97222, ORNurse Practitioner1336127398
Elizabeth Ann Lebert 97202, ORNurse Practitioner1821077959
Patricia Lee Brandon 97209, ORNurse Practitioner1023098068
Diana Scholtz 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1477533263
Anne Marie Barry-lever 97301, ORNurse Practitioner1316927916
Cynthia I Hutton 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1295715639
Paula Marie King 97330, ORNurse Practitioner1598745861
Michele Neth Dickson 97003, ORNurse Practitioner1619957990
Kerry Ann Mawdsley 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1891775094
Corlyn Marie Caspers 97503, ORNurse Practitioner1780662296
Jeanine Rae Olson 97070, ORNurse Practitioner1558340885
Elaine Marie Cheney 97470, ORNurse Practitioner1710965561
Jacqueline Beckwith 97055, ORNurse Practitioner1366420739
Eileen Weldon Stiles 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1114997244
Lydia Alvarez 97305, ORNurse Practitioner1407833239
Elise J Mahoney 97220, ORNurse Practitioner1790054831
Thomas Eugene Coehlo 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1003890351


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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