Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ron Whitten-bailey 99336, ORNurse Practitioner1063415644
Valerie Baldwin-thomas 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1093713505
Terri Leigh Squires 98122, ORNurse Practitioner1811997935
Michele Marie Cathey 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1649261223
Mayra Elaine Dennis 97703, ORNurse Practitioner1316925472
Anne C Heenan 97365, ORNurse Practitioner1356327605
Nina Van Es 97058, ORNurse Practitioner1750359790
Ana Verzone 99517, ORNurse Practitioner1629046446
Liana Ann Corliss 97213, ORNurse Practitioner1952376451
Henry N Read 97527, ORNurse Practitioner1225099815
Elizabeth A. Evans 98101, ORNurse Practitioner1386670107
Marilyn Parker-cullen 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1629009659
Anne C Trainor 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1154346567
Calico Mental Health Associates Llc 97217, ORNurse Practitioner1992223861
Jessica Jimenez 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1154339679
Tina Marie Galey 97103, ORNurse Practitioner1437229366
Erin Arnold Bishop 97702, ORNurse Practitioner1720165541
Sarah Anne Roberson 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1275641730
Sheryl Lynne Horwitz 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1043303902
Carolyn Ruth Nowosielski 97206, ORNurse Practitioner1477645281
Dawn Sipes 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1679944870
Tinah Adele Bazin-quintana 97219, ORNurse Practitioner1265595979
Nga Tuyet Hoang 97213, ORNurse Practitioner1942680244
Sari Matisoff 97006, ORNurse Practitioner1316305121
Carol J Butler-paisley 97005, ORNurse Practitioner1235284654
Cheryl Elizabeth Mosley 92243, ORNurse Practitioner1770614489
Beatrice Fowler 97045, ORNurse Practitioner1609939024
Joanne M Wallis 98683, ORNurse Practitioner1932370756
Yvonne Elaine Keep 97322, ORNurse Practitioner1194901405
Dale Kyu Lee 97068, ORNurse Practitioner1316152168
Keely Aubrey Petersen-snider 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1902092547
Anne Kathryn Johnston 97214, ORNurse Practitioner1346449139
Wade Robert Hunsaker 97801, ORNurse Practitioner1154520658
Barbara Ann Jacobson 59802, ORNurse Practitioner1689804239
Michael Allen Blankenship 97216, ORNurse Practitioner1083942825
Harriet Jean Mattlin 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1760710172
Caroline N Jacobs 97229, ORNurse Practitioner1306158548
Anthony Davis Browning 84057, ORNurse Practitioner1255588737
Kristin Brooks 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1699906305
Tamara Jean Wilson 97301, ORNurse Practitioner1831420017
Lee Ann Chamberlain 97330, ORNurse Practitioner1336524941
Mallory Gail Crownover 97478, ORNurse Practitioner1700390721
Jeffrey Grimm 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1497073936
Julee Kim 97132, ORNurse Practitioner1912285180
Laura Lynn Johnson 97526, ORNurse Practitioner1023348430
Emma Olson Jackson 98105, ORNurse Practitioner1306114442
Marie Casselberry Agnew 97702, ORNurse Practitioner1013296490
Allison Ann Jones 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1811200066
Christy J. Green 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1023326741
Kristy Lynn Kironde 97322, ORNurse Practitioner1679895783
Tamera N Zerby 97503, ORNurse Practitioner1255655866
Akiko Soehl 97123, ORNurse Practitioner1487884227
Heidi Gonzales 01841, ORNurse Practitioner1982952065
Natalie K Thompson 84604, ORNurse Practitioner1215190657
Sarah J Marzolf 97216, ORNurse Practitioner1700132909
Angela Lynne Tramelli 97128, ORNurse Practitioner1801221692
Cindi Marie Warburton 99218, ORNurse Practitioner1649605361
Lauren E Clements 97266, ORNurse Practitioner1073953345
Carol Opheikens 97016, ORNurse Practitioner1053732677
Manuela Sabine Ziegler 97341, ORNurse Practitioner1417359472
Leasel Wayne Evans 97013, ORNurse Practitioner1275939043
Charity Capuras 97302, ORNurse Practitioner1346610201
Benajmin Huckett 98661, ORNurse Practitioner1831583863
Jessica Lynn Saliba 32207, ORNurse Practitioner1669881801
Derek Simmons 98664, ORNurse Practitioner1366821993
April Dominguez Urquidez 97304, ORNurse Practitioner1649685595
Mckenzie Lee Myers 97527, ORNurse Practitioner1568869279
Vladislav Abaturov 98363, ORNurse Practitioner1730574930
Margaret Anderson 97222, ORNurse Practitioner1649665928
Yooni Park 98012, ORNurse Practitioner1205217353
Randa Jill Kucey 97404, ORNurse Practitioner1871905620
Russell Loyd Henderson 97702, ORNurse Practitioner1336486943
Tenzing Yangdol Sherpa 90007, ORNurse Practitioner1184988545
Samantha Currier 85132, ORNurse Practitioner1750735023
Jessica A Dudley 97124, ORNurse Practitioner1003258344
Miranda Valerie Keepers 97213, ORNurse Practitioner1285010181
Yoggie Efendy 92405, ORNurse Practitioner1366831653
Rebecca M Meek 97601, ORNurse Practitioner1558782318
Whitney Renee Ault 97217, ORNurse Practitioner1649674961
Christina Marie Turknett 99669, ORNurse Practitioner1114332855
Peter C Sunderland 97013, ORNurse Practitioner1467881813
Jenna M Rentas 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1447625686
Jennifer Edith Pizzuti 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1457862260
Joanne C Potts 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1598188054
Vitality Functional Medicine Llc 97702, ORNurse Practitioner1821517954
Timothy Gebhart 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1396198628
Jennifer Foresman 97225, ORNurse Practitioner1306387733
Robin D Fox 97365, ORNurse Practitioner1447220801
Wendy Zyzniewski 97471, ORNurse Practitioner1609070531
Mary Kathryn Stark 83703, ORNurse Practitioner1871629055
Burjessa Ellen Tighe 97365, ORNurse Practitioner1790988111
Joanna Mccabe 97739, ORNurse Practitioner1922493246
Andrea Louisell 97035, ORNurse Practitioner1508232448
Korey Vance Ham 97814, ORNurse Practitioner1285153932
Bethany Joy Bick 97116, ORNurse Practitioner1922504703
Jennifer Cannon 97439, ORNurse Practitioner1699212779
Edward Rosanski 98662, ORNurse Practitioner1841366036
Ariana Bissinger 97068, ORNurse Practitioner1740694660
Julia Victoria Bande Salve 97006, ORNurse Practitioner1316430523
Debra Sue Guzman 97459, ORNurse Practitioner1255627253
Annemieke Clark 97212, ORNurse Practitioner1295239168
Leilani Zimmerman 95407, ORNurse Practitioner1538565684
Angella Michelle King Cole 97232, ORNurse Practitioner1376074427
Angela K Kern 97230, ORNurse Practitioner1992229439
Erin Whitney Kilgannon Schmidt 97123, ORNurse Practitioner1093296923
Lisa Marie Holler 98686, ORNurse Practitioner1962869487
John Christopher Byers 97503, ORNurse Practitioner1013405729
Sohee Yoon Sutton 97080, ORNurse Practitioner1649595638
Gina C Owens 42071, ORNurse Practitioner1982124491
Colleen Jeanette Scott 97209, ORNurse Practitioner1659847580
Bryan Saleeba 02721, ORNurse Practitioner1083035885
Elana Underwood Scharff 97030, ORNurse Practitioner1053813741
Skyler Anderson 97002, ORNurse Practitioner1689141558
Jose Miguel Cruz 45229, ORNurse Practitioner1407123508
Carey Ann Pulido 97703, ORNurse Practitioner1811380157
Rosemary Royce 90245, ORNurse Practitioner1396799706
Barbara E Beckford 90245, ORNurse Practitioner1437167913
Elizabeth Barr 98663, ORNurse Practitioner1588941397
Aprill Graham 97439, ORNurse Practitioner1770938912
Emily Burd 97045, ORNurse Practitioner1386136463
Lacey Kay Wilson 97801, ORNurse Practitioner1720455660
Karleena Twitchell 84790, ORNurse Practitioner1679939755
Julie M Wheaton 97236, ORNurse Practitioner1174006878
Jeremy C Hollingsead 97470, ORNurse Practitioner1376000232
Dean Robins Wentworth 97388, ORNurse Practitioner1528268034
Kansys Clouse 97146, ORNurse Practitioner1497249007
Maggie Ankeny 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1265899710
Gayla Joy Beyer 97213, ORNurse Practitioner1235360678
Emily Eileen Scotland 97051, ORNurse Practitioner1417388521
Alexander Phan 97230, ORNurse Practitioner1952749087
Sheila M Smith 97132, ORNurse Practitioner1053379479
Sarah Kuppenbender Kong 97219, ORNurse Practitioner1013434646
Julie E Chaney 97071, ORNurse Practitioner1174042824
Encore Wellness 4 Life Llc 99336, ORNurse Practitioner1821653106
Roy Lee Harrell 30324, ORNurse Practitioner1407254022
Roberta Marie Bell 97501, ORNurse Practitioner1891928495
Nichole Slykhous 97209, ORNurse Practitioner1811354871
Mark Daniels 97439, ORNurse Practitioner1245649029
Erin E Bjorklund 97301, ORNurse Practitioner1952342354
Sean C Elliott 97301, ORNurse Practitioner1528267374
Empowerment Clinic Inc 97211, ORNurse Practitioner1447490073
Chelsea Ann Jennings 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1386111227
Alba Schultz 97405, ORNurse Practitioner1801164926
Ember Shyamala Moore 03756, ORNurse Practitioner1528578473
Tabitha Ann Childers 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1811268154
Jennifer J Armstrong 97882, ORNurse Practitioner1427054600
Katherine Amara Ouzounian 97209, ORNurse Practitioner1699192138
Elizabeth Ballard Elliott 97123, ORNurse Practitioner1477087823
Betty Goracke Olguin 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1710473541
Amy Pandorf 80120, ORNurse Practitioner1245742824
Kristen Pittman 97045, ORNurse Practitioner1720279110
Nathan Patrick Johnson 97302, ORNurse Practitioner1952754442
Ashlee Tubb 98664, ORNurse Practitioner1487032520
Jonathan Hubert Aebischer 97027, ORNurse Practitioner1639546203
Susan Michelle Rugh 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1659770576
Havilah Noel Brodhead 97701, ORNurse Practitioner1841584844
Lindsay Tucker 34677, ORNurse Practitioner1871016451
Deborah A. Loewer 97005, ORNurse Practitioner1235136615
Michael Patrick Smith 97301, ORNurse Practitioner1518401611
Nissa Loving Kisler 98038, ORNurse Practitioner1457837486
Chandra Lynn White 55746, ORNurse Practitioner1558618884
Bethany Joy Bivin 97068, ORNurse Practitioner1023678224
Southern Oregon Orthopedics Inc 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1518093376
Tricia Kellie Schroffner 97401, ORNurse Practitioner1902907801
Elizabeth Ann Alston 97210, ORNurse Practitioner1205348539
Linda Mcintyre 97405, ORNurse Practitioner1437510765
Cassandre Piersol 97062, ORNurse Practitioner1407141765
Cassandra Stell 97080, ORNurse Practitioner1598951501
Brianna Michele Wright 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1790334019
Lisa Wall 97015, ORNurse Practitioner1699255109
Courtnie Michelle Arnell 96001, ORNurse Practitioner1427545482
Kirsten Emily Teixeira 97338, ORNurse Practitioner1023531126
Sydney Elizabeth Thompson 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1750788113
Jodi Michelle Bostwick 97526, ORNurse Practitioner1649821216
Sydney Kiker 23235, ORNurse Practitioner1083160618
Audrey Eden 76508, ORNurse Practitioner1609247972
Haley Riggs-gilman 97124, ORNurse Practitioner1326514100
Laura Dillard 97086, ORNurse Practitioner1083036990
Margaret Pullen Ngai 98662, ORNurse Practitioner1467794602
Connie Buck 97365, ORNurse Practitioner1760859995
Hiroe Toyama 97477, ORNurse Practitioner1225041338
Myra Deline 97424, ORNurse Practitioner1689149361
Alan Joseph Garcin 97477, ORNurse Practitioner1063849024
Wade Jason Brandt 14513, ORNurse Practitioner1629070297
Donna Brunson 89117, ORNurse Practitioner1710434055
Angela A. Andalcio 14210, ORNurse Practitioner1124235890
Laurie B Dahl 14210, ORNurse Practitioner1881087245
Naomi Elizabeth Shantz 97330, ORNurse Practitioner1316503774
Tina Marie Reynolds 14210, ORNurse Practitioner1023273232
Beth Lyn Vaccarelli 14210, ORNurse Practitioner1003073115
Naomi G Suhler 97220, ORNurse Practitioner1154354579
Amy Stivers 97045, ORNurse Practitioner1366867293
Denise Lee Griffiths 97739, ORNurse Practitioner1639450471
Kelli S Landrum 99611, ORNurse Practitioner1437526894
Wendy Zamora 97005, ORNurse Practitioner1881927549
Scott Alan Kristie 85701, ORNurse Practitioner1548576838
Emily M Mcwaters 98225, ORNurse Practitioner1902941222
Kathryn A Warner 97504, ORNurse Practitioner1053557413
Julie A Proctor 97030, ORNurse Practitioner1346340361
Courtney Margaret Craigan 97239, ORNurse Practitioner1487127676


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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