Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carolyn Stahlhut 19446, PANurse Practitioner1003811670
Michelle Buffalini 15212, PANurse Practitioner1881691426
Lynn Phillips 18017, PANurse Practitioner1629074927
Susan Elizabeth Bull 15009, PANurse Practitioner1164910469
Christine Shea 19090, PANurse Practitioner1811980881
Barbara E Kocher 18235, PANurse Practitioner1326034091
Maryann Marakowitz Shatz 19001, PANurse Practitioner1083603930
Heather Christine Kratz 19462, PANurse Practitioner1073503066
Meghan O. Coleman 19090, PANurse Practitioner1447249347
Lisa Bauer 15857, PANurse Practitioner1568450435
Sara A Miller 17325, PANurse Practitioner1770561029
Karen C Cerinetti 13902, PANurse Practitioner1508836495
Angelita Crystal Zechman 21613, PANurse Practitioner1396719233
Margaret A Bisceglia 29902, PANurse Practitioner1942260153
Erin Regan Kennedy-ripley 18015, PANurse Practitioner1043737521
Cassie A Morris 15717, PANurse Practitioner1083089023
Stacey Ann Connell 18071, PANurse Practitioner1992753065
Matthew Thomas Hendell 17345, PANurse Practitioner1538196902
Mary E Wolff 18101, PANurse Practitioner1043249600
Cynthia Lee Blevins 17601, PANurse Practitioner1447293253
Caitlyn M Moore 19107, PANurse Practitioner1194275354
Caitlin Giovanetti 92868, PANurse Practitioner1023483179
Brittany Veltri 15801, PANurse Practitioner1811486707
Stephanie Wallbillich 18104, PANurse Practitioner1619405289
Christine Nieroda Clancy 19107, PANurse Practitioner1487677084
Diane Tumolo 19026, PANurse Practitioner1902340813
Jennifer Richie 33563, PANurse Practitioner1063930121
Aura Mercedes Moreno 19006, PANurse Practitioner1891807665
Jennifer Christine Stoepfel 16214, PANurse Practitioner1730272105
North Penn Comprehensive Health Services 16901, PANurse Practitioner1912093576
Angel F Gressel 16403, PANurse Practitioner1578026456
Toba L Spector 19104, PANurse Practitioner1497800924
Megan Englehart 19104, PANurse Practitioner1487169587
Dolores Dwyer 19426, PANurse Practitioner1285706515
Amanda Mcnicholas 19611, PANurse Practitioner1104993443
Jodylynn Mill 19611, PANurse Practitioner1699842807
Nancy Eleanor Villanueva 19140, PANurse Practitioner1457417768
Anna Brown Simon 18018, PANurse Practitioner1124170410
Elizabeth A Decicco 16201, PANurse Practitioner1467501205
Janice A Stout 18104, PANurse Practitioner1679640882
Christine Upchurch 19107, PANurse Practitioner1831237908
Jameela Williams 19147, PANurse Practitioner1053879155
Lauren Cowan 15642, PANurse Practitioner1881138022
Teresa Kathryn Mcdonald 19342, PANurse Practitioner1538384383
Caron Beden Hyman 19096, PANurse Practitioner1003020405
Alicia Travis Rengert 27519, PANurse Practitioner1225307689
Maria Steuer Phillips 19611, PANurse Practitioner1083873459
Kathleen Henderson 19111, PANurse Practitioner1477759264
Juliann Romasco 15022, PANurse Practitioner1073728986
Nicholas Monaco 19468, PANurse Practitioner1962973750
Alicia Berger 97477, PANurse Practitioner1891153912
Miranda L Parsons 18960, PANurse Practitioner1104008796
Kathe S. Hefner-erickson 19702, PANurse Practitioner1366626301
Phebe Cole 14905, PANurse Practitioner1447415682
Michelle Lynn Fanning-hursh 16801, PANurse Practitioner1124395215
Jennifer Ann Ligas 17050, PANurse Practitioner1316214521
Lauren Keldie Pitel 19027, PANurse Practitioner1144530734
Emily L Missimer 20105, PANurse Practitioner1801031828
Sybil Jill Mudloff 78258, PANurse Practitioner1922310416
Jessica L Myers 17601, PANurse Practitioner1316228646
Amy Renee Swiatkowski 32080, PANurse Practitioner1790005452
Grace Paik 19107, PANurse Practitioner1689970014
Tahira Dockery 19053, PANurse Practitioner1427342781
Gwendolyn Nita Merchant 19079, PANurse Practitioner1578844601
Brianna E Holland 17033, PANurse Practitioner1275045775
Mark Wells 15601, PANurse Practitioner1497905061
Jennifer Maddaloni 18104, PANurse Practitioner1174854939
Amy Huang 19102, PANurse Practitioner1326358953
Lisa Marie Smith 17331, PANurse Practitioner1679728703
Michele Grocki Anglisano 19010, PANurse Practitioner1033353867
Lori Griffith 16001, PANurse Practitioner1609171792
Nicole M Ross 19111, PANurse Practitioner1790057677
Rosie L Honer 18104, PANurse Practitioner1518101260
Stacy Miller Wenzel 17601, PANurse Practitioner1760763213
Theresa Ann Case Hollander 19001, PANurse Practitioner1124253992
Leni S.g Mampallil 19063, PANurse Practitioner1922558741
Robin Lynn Daller 15212, PANurse Practitioner1487954400
Tracy L Rockefeller 18765, PANurse Practitioner1346472057
Julia Newbold 19128, PANurse Practitioner1225545106
Theresa Michelle Ramella 16001, PANurse Practitioner1811152085
Elizabeth A Jordan 19136, PANurse Practitioner1336428176
Sabrina Sonia Yoder 99654, PANurse Practitioner1851532576
Amy Taylor Avery 17013, PANurse Practitioner1972747848
Dana Rae Draina 18706, PANurse Practitioner1407162274
Andrea R Dean 19702, PANurse Practitioner1699065466
Sarah Jane Daukaus 19140, PANurse Practitioner1760626725
Amy Lynn Young 16001, PANurse Practitioner1588991053
Bernadette Fulweiler 19803, PANurse Practitioner1356862247
Kristy Lynn Washinger 17011, PANurse Practitioner1447580873
Barbara Ann Allwes 15317, PANurse Practitioner1053618769
Parminder Bath Sohal 08080, PANurse Practitioner1043593999
Sandra Cooper 44195, PANurse Practitioner1417104209
Laura Lee Yoder 17042, PANurse Practitioner1730433426
Alexandra M Pendrak 19104, PANurse Practitioner1427302892
Erin E Dugan 19611, PANurse Practitioner1285979146
Rachel Lee Boyd 15824, PANurse Practitioner1508101452
Lorrie Dilucente 26330, PANurse Practitioner1821177122
Sarah Baker 21209, PANurse Practitioner1861754830
Lindsay Madeline Dicker 01960, PANurse Practitioner1023354198
Jessica Marie Johnson 15025, PANurse Practitioner1407197734
Bryan Thomas King 80045, PANurse Practitioner1629319165
Jennifer Obana 92123, PANurse Practitioner1114368628
Navy Sen 17602, PANurse Practitioner1144656547
Daphne Tonie Alexis 19355, PANurse Practitioner1275955015
Lawrence Scott Spector 17603, PANurse Practitioner1659797207
Heather Alexas Hills 16601, PANurse Practitioner1568878486
Timothy D Schrank 17401, PANurse Practitioner1225438054
Heidi Marie Kling-newnam 17602, PANurse Practitioner1164828935
Marika Josianne Vermeersch 18052, PANurse Practitioner1942698584
Natalie S Hladio 17519, PANurse Practitioner1912315839
Kristen Caldwell 18949, PANurse Practitioner1437556628
Alexandra Nichole Milnes 72114, PANurse Practitioner1831578129
Tessa Agbonifioror 19107, PANurse Practitioner1679952253
Jacklyn Delprete 18337, PANurse Practitioner1295102101
Sarah Elyse Thornburg 19123, PANurse Practitioner1386011716
Naoko Fushimi 19114, PANurse Practitioner1699180430
Marjorie Patricia Maine-nyarko 18301, PANurse Practitioner1952704215
Tatiana Kisluk 18923, PANurse Practitioner1649673641
Nicole Griffin 18073, PANurse Practitioner1578960118
Bernadette Sherman 15601, PANurse Practitioner1275882292
Megan Muscarnera 19611, PANurse Practitioner1710357082
Noele Myers 19111, PANurse Practitioner1083020515
Jungyoon Ro 19140, PANurse Practitioner1770964546
Lynne Parker 19002, PANurse Practitioner1700135332
Rachel Gennaoui Abad 08043, PANurse Practitioner1497093595
Jeanine Marianne Albert 27106, PANurse Practitioner1841661832
Sarah M Dean 49444, PANurse Practitioner1235529769
Diane M Woodford 19140, PANurse Practitioner1295090074
Michele Butler 19141, PANurse Practitioner1841788957
Alison Pasierb 18103, PANurse Practitioner1083036289
Sarah Wittig Riley 15213, PANurse Practitioner1730520479
Sandra L Cohen 19119, PANurse Practitioner1457562936
Lauren Gordon 19056, PANurse Practitioner1992139125
Jessica Leigh Paulus 19301, PANurse Practitioner1538533120
Bridget Ethamma Vincent 19104, PANurse Practitioner1417140765
Joseph L Costa 17701, PANurse Practitioner1578802864
Jennifer Feldbauer 15801, PANurse Practitioner1063828952
Jennifer Karla Kabir 19401, PANurse Practitioner1609242940
Michael M Yori 18711, PANurse Practitioner1952786295
Jennifer L Schell 18701, PANurse Practitioner1063895431
Brandi Barrick 17104, PANurse Practitioner1770994923
Bessie Difilippo 19107, PANurse Practitioner1659769016
Stephanie K Bartlett 26505, PANurse Practitioner1285055392
Caitlin J Dougherty 19104, PANurse Practitioner1952651556
Lisa A Rios- Buemi 19096, PANurse Practitioner1346684065
Sheena Rene Gonzalez 30344, PANurse Practitioner1154745545
Lori Beth Bellizzi 21201, PANurse Practitioner1225433352
Laura Mary Eccles 19010, PANurse Practitioner1427317114
Jessie Fuentes Leonard 17404, PANurse Practitioner1487087664
Diane Blackman 18923, PANurse Practitioner1750784971
Terry Jean Nesmith 16630, PANurse Practitioner1780026385
Carrie Beth Ent 21204, PANurse Practitioner1134503170
Nancy Gordon 19355, PANurse Practitioner1962822726
Arlene Abelard-daniel 19104, PANurse Practitioner1639599764
Nicole Leigh Newingham 15213, PANurse Practitioner1063833887
Rebecca Keuch 19107, PANurse Practitioner1750756540
Kristin E Druien 19107, PANurse Practitioner1639613540
Lenise Murphy-thomas 16121, PANurse Practitioner1467904664
Brittany Rae Bixler 19010, PANurse Practitioner1407370299
Amanda A Yost 17603, PANurse Practitioner1518485200
Christian Bernard Mikesell 27710, PANurse Practitioner1669982039
Marissa Decesaris 19129, PANurse Practitioner1427569706
Catherine Dimotsis-schaefer 19046, PANurse Practitioner1760993893
Carmen Myers 17201, PANurse Practitioner1881009264
Lori B Layton 17602, PANurse Practitioner1447608799
Margarita Yoder 17043, PANurse Practitioner1790157386
Paula Ochs 18201, PANurse Practitioner1861858169
Stephanie Messaad 19422, PANurse Practitioner1861937781
Anamaria De Nardo 19144, PANurse Practitioner1043673593
Kristine Susan Cloonan 15206, PANurse Practitioner1619323292
Rebecca Ann Neri 19522, PANurse Practitioner1205363306
Kaci Leigh Birosik 18705, PANurse Practitioner1467982876
Dawn Renee Landeck 16686, PANurse Practitioner1720505795
Christina Joanne Stapelfeld 16646, PANurse Practitioner1265959225
Ryan Edward Ward 17104, PANurse Practitioner1871003038
Russell Earl Bohner 17756, PANurse Practitioner1245740356
Patricia Linnus 19001, PANurse Practitioner1336686567
Diana Lopes London 19090, PANurse Practitioner1770024895
Evelyn Unangst 18052, PANurse Practitioner1396264206
Miki Suk Hwang 19023, PANurse Practitioner1588183800
Shelley Therese Kumer Chaffins 15025, PANurse Practitioner1427562164
Kenyatte Zabre Canidate 17104, PANurse Practitioner1427562701
Sheila Cummings 08033, PANurse Practitioner1447763156
Elianne Josel 19072, PANurse Practitioner1699281238
Anna Paula Torres 19107, PANurse Practitioner1437665502
Janet B Eisele 18472, PANurse Practitioner1194932483
Maureen Conlon Krepps 17847, PANurse Practitioner1275524464
Lee Mcdonald Defazio 18436, PANurse Practitioner1346439981
Hajar Muhammad 19355, PANurse Practitioner1992107056
Lesia Aungst 17543, PANurse Practitioner1316349947
Cara Gouldey 19133, PANurse Practitioner1659893006
Chelsea Bohenick 19044, PANurse Practitioner1386016756
Courtney Kunkel 15213, PANurse Practitioner1609234350
Tammy Lynne Miceli 17112, PANurse Practitioner1740721208
Julie Palmer 15317, PANurse Practitioner1336662154
Mercy Management Of Sepa 19023, PANurse Practitioner1396261764
Stephanie Grace Frederick 18102, PANurse Practitioner1992216758
Rachel Monica Reis 19103, PANurse Practitioner1912427527
Miaoping Lou 19001, PANurse Practitioner1538672308
Victoria Kim Leri 19107, PANurse Practitioner1023514981


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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