Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Rhode Island

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Rhode Island:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Karla Vanessa Miralles 30068, RINurse Practitioner1568450161
Jennifer Bernache 06239, RINurse Practitioner1619494945
Jacqueline M Joubert 02904, RINurse Practitioner1447221668
Mary R Dias-regus 02747, RINurse Practitioner1326015496
Jennifer H Cavage 14618, RINurse Practitioner1245209824
Debra A Karinski 02905, RINurse Practitioner1598722605
Lauren E Marvell 02840, RINurse Practitioner1740216381
Victoria Vamos 11741, RINurse Practitioner1083669915
Bernadette Hart 02720, RINurse Practitioner1568572915
Lynn E Morriseau 01757, RINurse Practitioner1891855391
Laurie Tina Anderson 02917, RINurse Practitioner1497870612
Kristen Rose Wojewudski 02903, RINurse Practitioner1376008706
Leanne Elizabeth Flynn 02905, RINurse Practitioner1912122607
Maeve Harkins Dargush 12208, RINurse Practitioner1447419437
Martha J Mance 02906, RINurse Practitioner1083811376
Shandrea Rodriguez 02904, RINurse Practitioner1629278379
Mohini Ireland Yalanis 02919, RINurse Practitioner1255652681
Kerri Ann Nethercote 02155, RINurse Practitioner1700153285
Maeve Debra Bennett 03452, RINurse Practitioner1114204278
Jennifer Virginia Barone 02919, RINurse Practitioner1437465622
Kathleen Fava 02903, RINurse Practitioner1053682765
Sarah Rose M Lamport 02915, RINurse Practitioner1205145240
Heather Anne Remy 06360, RINurse Practitioner1427208255
Phyllis D Kelliher 02914, RINurse Practitioner1598101925
Scholastica Chimdimma Nwadiugwu 02780, RINurse Practitioner1194141788
Matthew Richard James 02906, RINurse Practitioner1538548383
Teresa Garris 02828, RINurse Practitioner1699194746
Ntaobasi Patrick Udeh 21163, RINurse Practitioner1578990693
Modupe S Akinfolarin 02917, RINurse Practitioner1871899773
Alfredo Axtmayer 06510, RINurse Practitioner1104210491
Aletheia Yuri Miyake Shen 02915, RINurse Practitioner1386159069
Mandy Demerchant 06511, RINurse Practitioner1366994956
Paula Holmes Constantine 02915, RINurse Practitioner1063940062
David Sanchez 02740, RINurse Practitioner1790131894
Ivy Kwanor Opoku-mensah 02171, RINurse Practitioner1609234533
Lynn Tardie 02895, RINurse Practitioner1366979627
Michael Pacheco 02864, RINurse Practitioner1396274494
Diana Suk Wah Lam 02919, RINurse Practitioner1326557521
Uchenna Oluchi Ugochukwu 77479, RINurse Practitioner1821412073
Christine Omerhi Pincince 02879, RINurse Practitioner1134638000
Danielle Anne Giorgi 02818, RINurse Practitioner1811485345
Darryle Steinberg 02886, RINurse Practitioner1184179814
Beth Fitzgerald 02780, RINurse Practitioner1053836957
Romelyn Briggs 80909, RINurse Practitioner1548700370
Ellen Frances Brady 02917, RINurse Practitioner1578080909
Gerda Newcomb 02860, RINurse Practitioner1417331521
Laima M. Karosas 06067, RINurse Practitioner1356343099
David Allen Gardner 02903, RINurse Practitioner1427537604
Cara Scarpato 11215, RINurse Practitioner1477037620
Kellyann G. Florentino 02886, RINurse Practitioner1649703547
Patricia Cavanaugh 06340, RINurse Practitioner1245738269
Timothy Luke Pierson 02115, RINurse Practitioner1407300510
Ifeoma Alexandria Obiora 02124, RINurse Practitioner1649626847
Paula Joyce Demello 02904, RINurse Practitioner1790955391
Valerie A Hamel 02904, RINurse Practitioner1457781619
David Davis 02841, RINurse Practitioner1962958157
Meghan Keady 02903, RINurse Practitioner1669948659
Taryn K Bishop 02891, RINurse Practitioner1942736293
Vanessa M Ventura 02908, RINurse Practitioner1720526270
Melissa-jean M Suttmeier 02921, RINurse Practitioner1467925842
Jillian P Clifford 02886, RINurse Practitioner1366937849
Martha Charley 01566, RINurse Practitioner1609368919
Olivia Macaskill 02879, RINurse Practitioner1831683432
Maria Javier Raj 27519, RINurse Practitioner1821441775
Whitney Ogbo 02920, RINurse Practitioner1265985840
Rachel R Pawlenko 34986, RINurse Practitioner1336598101
Paulina Lacossade 06510, RINurse Practitioner1932579281
Laila Aziz 02886, RINurse Practitioner1558924688
Misty Choate Soto 70125, RINurse Practitioner1306349428
Jamie Larson 87112, RINurse Practitioner1043619919
Kristen Paulette Burke 02806, RINurse Practitioner1407312192
Elizabeth Ashley Bellini 02893, RINurse Practitioner1285016329
Tracy Jill Marino 02053, RINurse Practitioner1750822680
Lauren Marie Gallagher 02920, RINurse Practitioner1558612051
Benjamin R Velardi 01069, RINurse Practitioner1386142040
Alex Jacob Weiner 02860, RINurse Practitioner1679129738
Michelle Kristen Finkelman 02914, RINurse Practitioner1811557317
Sara Meyer 06067, RINurse Practitioner1659748028
Jennifer S Cellar 02904, RINurse Practitioner1598953010
Kristine E Batty 21044, RINurse Practitioner1548362320
Compassionate Health Care Group Llc 02571, RINurse Practitioner1457845653
Jenna Spinelli 02906, RINurse Practitioner1497028419
Bridget Watts 01805, RINurse Practitioner1902385099
Angela Dziok 02903, RINurse Practitioner1861953564
Jessica Ventura 02777, RINurse Practitioner1669800322
Robin G Fletcher Depree 02571, RINurse Practitioner1538684998
Ashley Folgo 02852, RINurse Practitioner1174966964
Dayna Eveyln Orourke 02859, RINurse Practitioner1053488379
Margaret Mary Taylor Watts 02906, RINurse Practitioner1457902421
Jeremy Dylan Freund 01581, RINurse Practitioner1588621122
Michaela Ann Maynard 02904, RINurse Practitioner1083090849
Maryann Abney 02879, RINurse Practitioner1770564106
Ashley Mary Baldwin 02903, RINurse Practitioner1457756488
Jill Ann Vaughn 04401, RINurse Practitioner1265816961
Miranda Mitchell 02903, RINurse Practitioner1083154850
Carissa Colleen Foley 01581, RINurse Practitioner1114393865
Elizabeth C O'doherty 01581, RINurse Practitioner1720397755
Sandra J Kindness 45242, RINurse Practitioner1396069860
Michelle F Debest 01581, RINurse Practitioner1538252093
Jessica Holley Tweedy 17110, RINurse Practitioner1356341366
Jedediah Joel Holland 01581, RINurse Practitioner1982976775
Kathleen Anne Benoit 01581, RINurse Practitioner1912214800
Santina M Salerno 02908, RINurse Practitioner1356740112
Emily Daniell 02908, RINurse Practitioner1134657505
Lindsey Champa 02903, RINurse Practitioner1174909428
Christina Paula Botelho 02865, RINurse Practitioner1699107565
Julie M Wilson 02860, RINurse Practitioner1497789069
Joanne Lamantia Watts 60563, RINurse Practitioner1396992962
Megan Gernt 02903, RINurse Practitioner1558778050
Susan M Bordonaro 02842, RINurse Practitioner1366547358
Meghan Grafton King 02842, RINurse Practitioner1457783904
April Bell Brosnan 02842, RINurse Practitioner1649746421
Pamela Gadbaw 02842, RINurse Practitioner1730744483
Nicole Lynn Rayta 02903, RINurse Practitioner1689027542
Peter Ameck 02888, RINurse Practitioner1679622989
Roseanne C Dolan 02905, RINurse Practitioner1801904263
Cheryl Pappas 06360, RINurse Practitioner1548636673
Joan M Mchugh 02842, RINurse Practitioner1366524696
Jennifer Helen Sweeney 02893, RINurse Practitioner1609357250
Amy A Buzzi 05602, RINurse Practitioner1619915568
Donna P Hampton 02747, RINurse Practitioner1740282706
Dee Anne Bates 02842, RINurse Practitioner1912979774
Jamie Folan 02302, RINurse Practitioner1962954560
Dania Alexa Wilson 06320, RINurse Practitioner1164856035
Samantha Hassett Turmenne 02886, RINurse Practitioner1881216893
Katherine P Obara 02886, RINurse Practitioner1669787073
Allison K Seelig 02903, RINurse Practitioner1942542469
Wanda K Pothier 02886, RINurse Practitioner1508817545
Raissa Mutuyimana 02886, RINurse Practitioner1902442874
Brown Medicine 02903, RINurse Practitioner1689626764
Grace Watson 94070, RINurse Practitioner1235507245
Colleen Planchon 02903, RINurse Practitioner1497183446
Melissa Ferdinandi 02919, RINurse Practitioner1740230630
Annabell Tagoe 02860, RINurse Practitioner1558999706
Kristina Wallace Barbone 02189, RINurse Practitioner1538715206
Omolara Y Okunfolami 55343, RINurse Practitioner1144525924
Wendy Marie Carlson 02779, RINurse Practitioner1891158564
Edmundo Smith 02919, RINurse Practitioner1710384896
Miriannys Rivas 02903, RINurse Practitioner1790240141
Silver Spring Health Care Management, Inc. 02879, RINurse Practitioner1861561193
Maxwell Hogue 02915, RINurse Practitioner1235789231
Elizabeth Noreen Mintzes 02903, RINurse Practitioner1568878627
Brent Medeiros 02720, RINurse Practitioner1598362311
Kelli Elizabeth Hicks 02818, RINurse Practitioner1114573110
Eucharia Ibeh 02906, RINurse Practitioner1194326991
Jason S. Morin 01605, RINurse Practitioner1477099190
John C Champion 29483, RINurse Practitioner1548253644
Celia Gomes Mcgillivray 01655, RINurse Practitioner1598166936
Benjamin S. Simms 01605, RINurse Practitioner1437558913
Elizabeth Da Silva 02904, RINurse Practitioner1982208484
Mara Joy 02129, RINurse Practitioner1043736663
Jennifer Ashley Pinto 02903, RINurse Practitioner1295389161
Elizabeth Louise Howland 02903, RINurse Practitioner1316466527
Sarah Pagliarini 02906, RINurse Practitioner1023535010
Minh Lang 01655, RINurse Practitioner1700349362
Emily Kennedy 92316, RINurse Practitioner1578128773
Katherine Elizabeth Loffredo 02920, RINurse Practitioner1750992319
Mary Schwartz Mumford 02831, RINurse Practitioner1306995675
Jo-ann M Moore 02896, RINurse Practitioner1104134113
Jena Mcclure Richter 02818, RINurse Practitioner1164972139
Yaa Acheampong 30024, RINurse Practitioner1134710460
Celina L Cardenas 06374, RINurse Practitioner1780948596
Lee Elizabeth Myers 02860, RINurse Practitioner1902427685
Catherine Leigh Calandra 02903, RINurse Practitioner1487014114
Marilynn Parker 60613, RINurse Practitioner1366670341
Jessica Lawler 02895, RINurse Practitioner1427676709
Mary B Dromgoole 02903, RINurse Practitioner1790231736
Irene Gianiotis 02301, RINurse Practitioner1831590595
Becket Academy, Inc. 03909, RINurse Practitioner1336614478
Ariana Ann Carvajal 02903, RINurse Practitioner1912438581
Jessica B Barra 94404, RINurse Practitioner1114406519
Katie Thayer 02886, RINurse Practitioner1215562566
Holly C Komar 02842, RINurse Practitioner1184216137
Lindsay Elizabeth Leddy 02886, RINurse Practitioner1346691631
Tracy Lynn Carraggi 02896, RINurse Practitioner1831743095
Jill Ann Berk 02840, RINurse Practitioner1821415225
Stephanie Ann Clifford 02747, RINurse Practitioner1598309536
Karen Ann Rugg 02818, RINurse Practitioner1730408220
Virginia Pierce 02818, RINurse Practitioner1730313180
Frances J Weller 75038, RINurse Practitioner1932458254
David Selasi Kwami 02908, RINurse Practitioner1407351257
Karen Christine Pacheco 02920, RINurse Practitioner1770180499
Marie Olivette Woolery 02879, RINurse Practitioner1912550054
Silver Spring Health Care Management, Inc. 02879, RINurse Practitioner1306365812
Veronica R. Seippel 02886, RINurse Practitioner1043696685
Falashade F Adewuyi 02906, RINurse Practitioner1871963678
Camille M Moonsammy 02879, RINurse Practitioner1639540826
Ingrid Leon 02818, RINurse Practitioner1063964559
Heather Losee 02903, RINurse Practitioner1467754333
Veronica Marquis 02302, RINurse Practitioner1538519673
James Vincent Lemieux 02886, RINurse Practitioner1538766415
Samira Ouklilane 02904, RINurse Practitioner1265048250
Elizabeth Ricci 02886, RINurse Practitioner1265458020
Kaneisha Rae Deburgo 02720, RINurse Practitioner1952955023
Laura Peri Gurten 19047, RINurse Practitioner1578831053
Andrew Chapman Sackett-taylor 01062, RINurse Practitioner1780121780
Megan Thaw Gaynor Charette 02905, RINurse Practitioner1609992197
Recover Together, Inc. 26104, RINurse Practitioner1346736758
Nicole D. Burns 02905, RINurse Practitioner1235597139
Anna M Bunch 06226, RINurse Practitioner1336149459


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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