Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Dawn C Mills 29406, SCNurse Practitioner1518967058
Amy Joyce Grasman 31909, SCNurse Practitioner1720071079
Donna Boone Manuel 28012, SCNurse Practitioner1760477152
Mary Barnett Haselden 29609, SCNurse Practitioner1104801828
Stephanie B Atkinson 38801, SCNurse Practitioner1851350094
Gregory P Lonscak 29935, SCNurse Practitioner1386613172
Mary Ellen Groff 29909, SCNurse Practitioner1013986991
Sonya Maria Cook 29204, SCNurse Practitioner1154384378
Demerise Ott Minor 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1245296797
Donna Y. Marling 29640, SCNurse Practitioner1639126444
Rachel H Montjoy 29605, SCNurse Practitioner1720034903
Clare T Lee 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1235163882
Natalie R. Purdy 29605, SCNurse Practitioner1932551322
Judith Rita Hughes 29579, SCNurse Practitioner1366452427
Janice Everal Fischer 44702, SCNurse Practitioner1851488274
Laura J Dillon 28379, SCNurse Practitioner1497858732
Daniel Anthony Blaz 29152, SCNurse Practitioner1881786879
Coty L Campbell 29212, SCNurse Practitioner1265579106
Catherine Penny Langford 29042, SCNurse Practitioner1821145392
Carol Elizabeth Todd 92311, SCNurse Practitioner1447378757
Halle M Welch 29910, SCNurse Practitioner1609909977
Sally S Blake 29118, SCNurse Practitioner1750432985
Catherine Graves Humphreys 29307, SCNurse Practitioner1457526840
Kristen Louise Emptage 78735, SCNurse Practitioner1821270661
April Lynne Hutto 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1790956522
Susan Batchelor Towner 29841, SCNurse Practitioner1386845881
Develle B Williams 94580, SCNurse Practitioner1871709378
Gabriela Samantha Garshelis 91331, SCNurse Practitioner1508052515
Willetta Rozena Jacobs 29033, SCNurse Practitioner1033326590
Sharon Ross 29609, SCNurse Practitioner1437647633
Ann M. Peterson 29464, SCNurse Practitioner1154545465
Jennifer Kathleen Thompson 29605, SCNurse Practitioner1720275324
Courtney Louise Dubose 29464, SCNurse Practitioner1225268592
Mary Darnell 29483, SCNurse Practitioner1659523710
Sarah Marie Montavon 06708, SCNurse Practitioner1629213574
Christopher Alan Riggleman 29605, SCNurse Practitioner1811270291
Elizabeth Everette 29303, SCNurse Practitioner1407357478
Faye H Blaszak 29615, SCNurse Practitioner1932425139
Joanne Arevalo Crossan 29202, SCNurse Practitioner1255631123
Margaret Sexton Johnson 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1750535530
Mary Katherine Gillingham 29680, SCNurse Practitioner1154634061
Suzanne Simpson Wilkins 29935, SCNurse Practitioner1902034002
Melissa Ryan Palmer 29605, SCNurse Practitioner1881179067
Trudy Lovejoy 29631, SCNurse Practitioner1255589313
Rhoda Mae Ascanio 29425, SCNurse Practitioner1194014340
Alisha Ostermair 29609, SCNurse Practitioner1710119615
Julie Tompkins 29841, SCNurse Practitioner1699141788
Laura Kay Lybarger 29425, SCNurse Practitioner1649535626
Norma E. Sweet 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1093064826
Dominique Pinilla 30092, SCNurse Practitioner1124103965
Bonnie Glymph Treado 29605, SCNurse Practitioner1649611161
Amanda Grace Oswald Taylor 29464, SCNurse Practitioner1710329149
Carissa Burgess Parnell 29621, SCNurse Practitioner1861826190
Ashley Robinson Munn 29229, SCNurse Practitioner1669806493
Rory S. Brodie 29418, SCNurse Practitioner1538597455
Elizabeth Freund 48067, SCNurse Practitioner1881003564
Moneka Angilene Patterson 30319, SCNurse Practitioner1659779809
Pamela Sisk 29601, SCNurse Practitioner1659755585
Samantha C Willard 29536, SCNurse Practitioner1730562810
Ronande Berryl Creebsburg 29672, SCNurse Practitioner1225543242
Kari Lee Bradford 29601, SCNurse Practitioner1609280023
Valerie Bradley Dantzler 29072, SCNurse Practitioner1790178200
Malaika Oliver 20613, SCNurse Practitioner1558730820
Maria Floresca 29572, SCNurse Practitioner1821460346
Maribeth Reid 29588, SCNurse Practitioner1679088793
Robin Elizabeth Smith 47803, SCNurse Practitioner1477975290
Rachel Danford 29201, SCNurse Practitioner1508101163
Jennifer Alyssa Maclean 90027, SCNurse Practitioner1235565177
Robyn Surette Liao 29609, SCNurse Practitioner1316319213
Kari Akers 44667, SCNurse Practitioner1982009403
Colleen Horohoe Boyd 29461, SCNurse Practitioner1740524768
Candace Whitfield 29654, SCNurse Practitioner1710307103
Lindsay Marie Amerman 29425, SCNurse Practitioner1366801367
Stephanie Faith Crawford 29511, SCNurse Practitioner1487908406
Rebekah Ashley Beagles 30912, SCNurse Practitioner1861746992
Alisha N. Orage Freeman 29902, SCNurse Practitioner1891193371
Donna Wolff 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1558745588
Melissa Pacello 29732, SCNurse Practitioner1760899009
Elizabeth Corley Davenport-fox 29649, SCNurse Practitioner1619225430
Amy B Garrison 29634, SCNurse Practitioner1700291168
Hilary Erin Harris 29730, SCNurse Practitioner1225378672
Joy Elizabeth Britt 29841, SCNurse Practitioner1245660737
Emily N Mayer 29414, SCNurse Practitioner1558787275
Alison Towle Fogarty 29607, SCNurse Practitioner1235525585
Kelly Christina Burtch 29414, SCNurse Practitioner1407232978
Kimberly Marie Jackson 29526, SCNurse Practitioner1336682780
Bridget M Orlandi 29440, SCNurse Practitioner1871093773
Bettina Johnson 29607, SCNurse Practitioner1861811689
Kimberly Hunsucker 29526, SCNurse Practitioner1134656606
Lisa Fanning Etheridge 29118, SCNurse Practitioner1245784669
Melissa Jean Cardwell 29461, SCNurse Practitioner1831643675
Dorothy Ann Burkett 29601, SCNurse Practitioner1588173124
Misty Denise Burnett 29072, SCNurse Practitioner1306375829
Tamara S Riley 29075, SCNurse Practitioner1912426248
Melissa Cantrell Swofford 29303, SCNurse Practitioner1053837369
Kerri Barrineau Evans 29440, SCNurse Practitioner1326556176
Anne Louise Grogan-hanford 29212, SCNurse Practitioner1922511054
Alison Blount Powell 29841, SCNurse Practitioner1295833176
Mackey Family Practice, Pa 29720, SCNurse Practitioner1265426167
Mary Katherine Rockwell 31405, SCNurse Practitioner1780951301
Sandra Jean Wheaton 89502, SCNurse Practitioner1841220266
Paul Edmond Cowsar 25701, SCNurse Practitioner1245488410
Diane C. Smoak 31405, SCNurse Practitioner1255431417
Karen Mccomb Moses 31404, SCNurse Practitioner1093999054
Erica Lynn Mcelroy 31404, SCNurse Practitioner1962826636
Chasity Christina Tierney 30809, SCNurse Practitioner1811304744
Tiffany Kennedy 29729, SCNurse Practitioner1275923260
Ashley Nix 30809, SCNurse Practitioner1003298274
Melissa Dawn Vorpahl 29605, SCNurse Practitioner1619477833
Aaron Jones 31404, SCNurse Practitioner1578947529
Mikikia Woodard 29732, SCNurse Practitioner1871944629
Dee Anne Louise Griffin 29070, SCNurse Practitioner1518465210
Megan Jean Steljes 29526, SCNurse Practitioner1801169230
Karen Mccain 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1003363078
Gretchen Rochester Kaune 29063, SCNurse Practitioner1417485574
Leah Mitchell 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1174072755
Corie Olivia Dillon 29577, SCNurse Practitioner1215440185
Rachel Ann Gasque 29526, SCNurse Practitioner1619481397
Limitless Health Connections, Llc 29118, SCNurse Practitioner1225532476
Hadyn Stands Gause 29063, SCNurse Practitioner1376031393
Lauren Nickels Turner 29425, SCNurse Practitioner1659879401
Umg Prompt Care South Carolina, Llc 29841, SCNurse Practitioner1629462122
April L. Rivers 30024, SCNurse Practitioner1285159095
Nicole Megan Portela 29607, SCNurse Practitioner1255824611
Chelsea Gore Hardee 29506, SCNurse Practitioner1316451032
Mary Black Physician Services Llc 29334, SCNurse Practitioner1811950645
Vicki Harden-taylor 29303, SCNurse Practitioner1760853873
Provision Healthcare, Llc 29201, SCNurse Practitioner1669968152
April S Crawley 29550, SCNurse Practitioner1821459470
Shannon Jean Sozzi 29036, SCNurse Practitioner1538578232
Marcia Hindman Green 29036, SCNurse Practitioner1033651500
Anacorita Ellisor 29461, SCNurse Practitioner1205257730
Latasha Christa Turner 29613, SCNurse Practitioner1174000137
Tammy Adams Fox 29732, SCNurse Practitioner1033690706
Erinn Beasley 30809, SCNurse Practitioner1326498387
Michael Anthony Posada 29841, SCNurse Practitioner1730626508
Ashley Marie Yates 30906, SCNurse Practitioner1104337153
Julie A Oglesby 30906, SCNurse Practitioner1023528460
Brandi Nicole Pleming 29801, SCNurse Practitioner1992299150
Demonica Robinson Dunifer 29732, SCNurse Practitioner1881175487
Michele Reina 29732, SCNurse Practitioner1417430984
Ansleigh Claire Morrow 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1184140543
Melissa Ann Maxwell 29406, SCNurse Practitioner1518471192
Kristina Reich 29406, SCNurse Practitioner1316495542
Lori Kaye Ellenburg 29671, SCNurse Practitioner1043738057
Latoya Long-gregory 28036, SCNurse Practitioner1891151726
Kathryn Juanita Morrow 29657, SCNurse Practitioner1811476013
Jessica Graves Rivera 29631, SCNurse Practitioner1437598588
Natasha Thaisa Weathers 29425, SCNurse Practitioner1396236170
Alisa G. Whittington 29483, SCNurse Practitioner1447749015
Amanda Nicole Kralick 37027, SCNurse Practitioner1720464969
William Graham Robinson 29680, SCNurse Practitioner1992286876
Ashley Cox 29621, SCNurse Practitioner1750875217
Victoria Fenters 29072, SCNurse Practitioner1003295262
Sarah M Hawkins 29485, SCNurse Practitioner1942778964
Umg Prompt Care Llc 30813, SCNurse Practitioner1457759847
Holly Dunn Clardy 29118, SCNurse Practitioner1962972885
Valencia Arthiena Patterson 29150, SCNurse Practitioner1073043097
Jessy George 28211, SCNurse Practitioner1497222426
Christine Nicole Paschal Sierra 29585, SCNurse Practitioner1689100653
Benita H. Bizzell 30912, SCNurse Practitioner1891102687
Ashley Cannon Alexander 29579, SCNurse Practitioner1780185611
Jaclyn Blair Lucchese 29926, SCNurse Practitioner1255807087
Latasha Nicole Williams 29907, SCNurse Practitioner1669938999
Jennifer Lee Goldsmith 29680, SCNurse Practitioner1104002682
Precious Denyse Anne Goode 29301, SCNurse Practitioner1770859753
Heather Louise Evans 29560, SCNurse Practitioner1710305016
Hannah Henderson 29301, SCNurse Practitioner1255820981
Kathryn Kendall Huguley 29681, SCNurse Practitioner1427453091
Suzanne Finley Ulmer 29681, SCNurse Practitioner1144269762
Denise Williams 37379, SCNurse Practitioner1316461726
Rachel Annette Robinson 29621, SCNurse Practitioner1558829903
Tasha M Moore 29169, SCNurse Practitioner1114417789
La'kia Singleton 29072, SCNurse Practitioner1326411448
Brandon R Westmoreland 29646, SCNurse Practitioner1508396870
Mary Tabatha Simon 37604, SCNurse Practitioner1902282270
Heather Lynn Lejeune 29607, SCNurse Practitioner1700347374
Jasmine Vugrinac 43528, SCNurse Practitioner1780199984
Tammy L Medlin 29910, SCNurse Practitioner1346371663
Morgan Allen 29607, SCNurse Practitioner1881157667
Charise Ebersole 29651, SCNurse Practitioner1538564422
Emily Kate Jenkins 29440, SCNurse Practitioner1366905655
April Lynn Scata-penny 33019, SCNurse Practitioner1932658226
Jelinda Brianne Cummings 34105, SCNurse Practitioner1174902852
Mary Kathlyn Clark 29607, SCNurse Practitioner1699846436
Amanda Elizabeth Hare 29425, SCNurse Practitioner1245748029
Latoyha Tamara Green 29229, SCNurse Practitioner1255850392
Gail Elizabeth Kirby 29650, SCNurse Practitioner1760460869
Danielle Griffin 28655, SCNurse Practitioner1801366505
Georges P. Godfrin 29649, SCNurse Practitioner1184665861
Deanna Christine Harley 78759, SCNurse Practitioner1255997151
Svetlana Igorevna Besedina Skiles 29680, SCNurse Practitioner1306312087
Amy Ledford Strickland 29360, SCNurse Practitioner1508305186
Amanda Beck Bucao 29812, SCNurse Practitioner1235796871
Joseph Long 29579, SCNurse Practitioner1760922322
Melodie Graham Hanks 29203, SCNurse Practitioner1043752579
Amber Ward 29401, SCNurse Practitioner1053304451
Caitlin Bowen 29607, SCNurse Practitioner1891175634
Jessica Erin Smith 21784, SCNurse Practitioner1568897320
Jemetta S Harvey 29842, SCNurse Practitioner1962757302


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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