Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Janet Cradic 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1497758551
Rina Marie Prosser 38242, TNNurse Practitioner1083617641
Diane L Smith 37388, TNNurse Practitioner1417940784
April Ann Smith 37932, TNNurse Practitioner1790109502
Jenny E Mullen 37130, TNNurse Practitioner1811982242
Phyllis Ann Taylor 38225, TNNurse Practitioner1003800616
Chered Pardue Pearson 37130, TNNurse Practitioner1194708578
Sarah Elizabeth Thompson 37214, TNNurse Practitioner1407214588
Erin Fennell 37055, TNNurse Practitioner1982674958
James Calvin Beasley 38119, TNNurse Practitioner1285019380
Mary Jane Minnick 37916, TNNurse Practitioner1194796557
Ashley Williford 38157, TNNurse Practitioner1205353224
Angela L Wood 37072, TNNurse Practitioner1053387977
Teresa A. Becker 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1144287616
Christopher L Hicks 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1548226376
John C Bailey 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1194781203
Eddie Grayson 37209, TNNurse Practitioner1548701881
William David Smith 37212, TNNurse Practitioner1538111406
Heena Patel 37938, TNNurse Practitioner1538104617
Bobbie Willis 38104, TNNurse Practitioner1720556061
Andrea Leann Nokes 37357, TNNurse Practitioner1306856414
Jodi Smith 37228, TNNurse Practitioner1760910749
Kayla Elizabeth Anderson 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1699167791
Charlotte Latrice Ellerby 37215, TNNurse Practitioner1174537294
Teresa G Palmer 37920, TNNurse Practitioner1538184270
Jennifer Marianne Rikard 38464, TNNurse Practitioner1740774025
Andrea L Pasqualini 37129, TNNurse Practitioner1164906616
Natalie Mcmeen Little 37211, TNNurse Practitioner1801339296
Elizabeth Kay Dolfie 50314, TNNurse Practitioner1578582730
Melissa G Youree 38242, TNNurse Practitioner1548289622
Kimberly Annette Nielsen 37643, TNNurse Practitioner1811918675
Gina B Graves 38401, TNNurse Practitioner1457430613
Leigh Gayle Powers 32536, TNNurse Practitioner1831280403
Shannon Lea Robbins 38555, TNNurse Practitioner1073046751
Richard W Green 38133, TNNurse Practitioner1366539728
Ronda M Worsham 37148, TNNurse Practitioner1396840476
Michael D Haight 42223, TNNurse Practitioner1083798169
Anne C. Williford 37204, TNNurse Practitioner1437252368
Robin L. Hensley 37212, TNNurse Practitioner1881852457
Wendy Lee Beck 37416, TNNurse Practitioner1851465439
Mike J Primeaux 32257, TNNurse Practitioner1003969627
Joseph Sanfilippo 37211, TNNurse Practitioner1629127303
Lori Shalane James 38401, TNNurse Practitioner1114065398
Ira G Hartman 37043, TNNurse Practitioner1093879207
Julia Brown Morris 37130, TNNurse Practitioner1114062197
Susan Michele Bruer 37040, TNNurse Practitioner1508920976
Callie H Duncan 37757, TNNurse Practitioner1760909816
Robert Willard Fortune 38138, TNNurse Practitioner1871638429
Amy B Wren 38301, TNNurse Practitioner1467524561
Jennifer B Fredrickson 38672, TNNurse Practitioner1689710402
Elizabeth Ann Swope 80905, TNNurse Practitioner1023144664
Gordon Scott Shafer 37830, TNNurse Practitioner1063567303
Jodi L Cressler 37212, TNNurse Practitioner1811198880
Tina M Todd 38117, TNNurse Practitioner1184832156
Jackie Susnne Winfrey 37211, TNNurse Practitioner1629271028
James Lee Poindexter 37043, TNNurse Practitioner1407044670
Sharon M Naylor 40484, TNNurse Practitioner1396921979
Sarah Ashley White 37909, TNNurse Practitioner1548445828
Shandra L Schaefer 37743, TNNurse Practitioner1982879938
Yvonne Creighton 37130, TNNurse Practitioner1043635592
Rosemary Jacobs 38053, TNNurse Practitioner1407026446
Rochelle L Aaser 37920, TNNurse Practitioner1306067921
Robin D Bell 33612, TNNurse Practitioner1609091172
Alexis Reddish Lee 37027, TNNurse Practitioner1770010456
Tara D Spurling 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1184823528
Jason Paul Peter 37421, TNNurse Practitioner1245717925
Renee Barbre Powell 37912, TNNurse Practitioner1013036961
Victoria M Swatzell 85251, TNNurse Practitioner1457544033
Sherry O Murray 37205, TNNurse Practitioner1124219969
Mary Elizabeth Tullos 38664, TNNurse Practitioner1639339682
Thomas Virgil Vertrees 37087, TNNurse Practitioner1356524839
Jennifer Williams 37015, TNNurse Practitioner1962686592
Starr Leigh Dunn 56073, TNNurse Practitioner1922211226
Keith L Kidd 37310, TNNurse Practitioner1811168941
Shannon N Emmert 37601, TNNurse Practitioner1538343678
Alice Nicole Kircher Uhlhorn 38138, TNNurse Practitioner1457505323
Mary Anne Taylor 37214, TNNurse Practitioner1699907451
Rachel N Seal 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1154603181
Lauren Shurson 85139, TNNurse Practitioner1376815753
Shelly Marie Hargrove 37091, TNNurse Practitioner1780961987
Kimberly Lynn Chambers 37804, TNNurse Practitioner1982977294
April R Downing 38305, TNNurse Practitioner1982843231
Polly Ann Scholze 38133, TNNurse Practitioner1134362452
Mary Ann Hammonds 37922, TNNurse Practitioner1346565009
Lindsey S Cunningham 37185, TNNurse Practitioner1346517927
Erin M. Peters 32610, TNNurse Practitioner1265766802
Elizabeth Culbreath Smith 37403, TNNurse Practitioner1669780805
Jodie Renee Combs 37421, TNNurse Practitioner1184929614
Jennifer Clark Riseden 37922, TNNurse Practitioner1104107507
Julia Conner-mendez 38654, TNNurse Practitioner1316191109
Eileen Jennifer Rogers Graham 22485, TNNurse Practitioner1376867960
Nelum Walker 30328, TNNurse Practitioner1740579887
Kristy Michelle Smith 37748, TNNurse Practitioner1427320472
Wardah Khan 37066, TNNurse Practitioner1063937670
Vikki Burleson-bryant 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1669626800
Heather Nicole Mangrum 37055, TNNurse Practitioner1013226026
Clarissa Givens Crunk 37209, TNNurse Practitioner1356581086
Katherine Wood Johnson 37179, TNNurse Practitioner1205101110
Devin Margaret Frost 37215, TNNurse Practitioner1821329657
Melinda S Maranto 38351, TNNurse Practitioner1831407485
Janet Lynn Stephens 37115, TNNurse Practitioner1144502337
Unyime Edet Eyoh 37167, TNNurse Practitioner1609189216
Mary Emma Carter 37027, TNNurse Practitioner1750520169
Candyce Poteet 37122, TNNurse Practitioner1609155761
April Carolyn Lankford 37862, TNNurse Practitioner1366757205
Emily Hensley Barnett 37821, TNNurse Practitioner1134605124
Gail Jean Cook 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1346524279
Trina D Ondrizek 37122, TNNurse Practitioner1700109550
Tracy Lynn Kouns 85012, TNNurse Practitioner1578716387
Tonya L Newsom 38138, TNNurse Practitioner1417256637
Jason Thomas Sasser 38111, TNNurse Practitioner1326335647
Aldridge Smith Westrich 38134, TNNurse Practitioner1316457179
Lori Ellen Rash 29631, TNNurse Practitioner1194049791
Vanessa Williams 38119, TNNurse Practitioner1548412505
Cameron S Wright 37064, TNNurse Practitioner1497056337
Miranda Swafford Noble 37404, TNNurse Practitioner1720394190
Leanna R Fendley 38120, TNNurse Practitioner1376823377
Crystal Renee Hill 38305, TNNurse Practitioner1750698205
Leah Marie Apalodimas 38105, TNNurse Practitioner1295018216
Ariel D Kappa 45219, TNNurse Practitioner1780985028
Carina Platner 37013, TNNurse Practitioner1407312812
Colleen Malone 37421, TNNurse Practitioner1154817658
Noelle Kiley 37130, TNNurse Practitioner1437476843
Tiffany B Gray 38375, TNNurse Practitioner1114201068
Latoya Latrece Royal 38126, TNNurse Practitioner1376827618
Connie M Lewis 37232, TNNurse Practitioner1144475708
Heather Collins Montgomery 37421, TNNurse Practitioner1629203310
April Antionette Taylor 37412, TNNurse Practitioner1144519612
Sheila R Blalock 38571, TNNurse Practitioner1952625030
Courtney Murphy 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1386988665
Yolanda Grant Holmes 35205, TNNurse Practitioner1922342641
James W Litton 38668, TNNurse Practitioner1801231956
Rachel Mccoy Jayroe 38120, TNNurse Practitioner1437574902
Edna Alvarez Thompson 37917, TNNurse Practitioner1477991669
Roslyn Green 77030, TNNurse Practitioner1386075125
Deborah Jean Jensen 38104, TNNurse Practitioner1659716249
Stephanie Michelle Green 37801, TNNurse Practitioner1962842278
Nicole Sparkman 37201, TNNurse Practitioner1437571353
Lachelle Parsons 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1831507045
Joan Anthony 38544, TNNurse Practitioner1639549421
Melanie Sophia Krishnamurthy 37067, TNNurse Practitioner1740678986
Anna K. Justice 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1194119404
Joy Brown 37421, TNNurse Practitioner1457738510
Kara A Dickerson 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1295158046
Kalie Foust 38024, TNNurse Practitioner1982008850
Mari Jordon Iezzi 38104, TNNurse Practitioner1306232459
Tracy Alison Robertson 37421, TNNurse Practitioner1033595111
Crissy Collins 37421, TNNurse Practitioner1508258328
Waeemany Nina Lowery 37115, TNNurse Practitioner1700275567
Carrie James Worsham 38632, TNNurse Practitioner1003291683
Emily Shaye Fitzpatrick 37083, TNNurse Practitioner1750766382
Leslie Lynette Myers 37388, TNNurse Practitioner1053780478
Melanie Dawn Calvarese 37377, TNNurse Practitioner1861899312
Monica Newton 38464, TNNurse Practitioner1164801924
Megan Green Parton 37388, TNNurse Practitioner1215291661
Adam Lee Boggs 37762, TNNurse Practitioner1336543875
Julie Humble Horton 37322, TNNurse Practitioner1437594983
Magnolia Pafford 37174, TNNurse Practitioner1659788750
Candace S Willis 38351, TNNurse Practitioner1659627388
Amanda R. Jackson 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1447658919
Jennifer Nowak 37917, TNNurse Practitioner1174936009
Leslie Walls Binford 37212, TNNurse Practitioner1992145577
Kami Meade 37684, TNNurse Practitioner1942695101
Roxanne F Underwood 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1982033163
Sarah Elizabeth Hatcher 37203, TNNurse Practitioner1871978213
Sheryl Blaiss Kirk 38018, TNNurse Practitioner1255670576
Ray Wakefield 38012, TNNurse Practitioner1184055345
Andrea Payne 37312, TNNurse Practitioner1831525245
Mollie E Tolan 37683, TNNurse Practitioner1558797399
Caremore Medical Group Of Tennessee Pc 38104, TNNurse Practitioner1265834048
Megan L Stanfill 38401, TNNurse Practitioner1386987634
Jayma Marie Clark 37388, TNNurse Practitioner1457831471
Christa Patton 37203, TNNurse Practitioner1952855710
Anita Carol Collins -mccullum 41858, TNNurse Practitioner1902248891
Ellen Ehleben 37067, TNNurse Practitioner1508243718
Amanda K Reichenbach 37683, TNNurse Practitioner1659709673
Annette Denise Caple 38116, TNNurse Practitioner1013250166
Dawn M Roy 37748, TNNurse Practitioner1003161068
Lisa Williams-gunter 37869, TNNurse Practitioner1881010908
Ryan Matthew Niswander 38464, TNNurse Practitioner1477890176
Jon Coomer 37203, TNNurse Practitioner1770913097
Ashley Pollock 38464, TNNurse Practitioner1235540022
Sarah Parker 37321, TNNurse Practitioner1811481633
Jessica Luanne Randolph 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1073954400
Jamie L Carpenter 38654, TNNurse Practitioner1114318987
Carole Michelle Cook 37211, TNNurse Practitioner1427214667
Haley Patton Dadd 30535, TNNurse Practitioner1811399520
April Nicole Walker 63830, TNNurse Practitioner1558887653
Kayla Exum 37402, TNNurse Practitioner1194148007
Lindsay Custer 37186, TNNurse Practitioner1518329325
Ryan E Stephens 38105, TNNurse Practitioner1093190365
Sheree Smith 38305, TNNurse Practitioner1164800629
Rachel Sanes 37075, TNNurse Practitioner1285052407
Hillary Nogradi 37934, TNNurse Practitioner1386047744
Amanda Leigh Scogin 37920, TNNurse Practitioner1891033395
Mercedes Kalt 37919, TNNurse Practitioner1730695180
Heath Devin Svoboda 37923, TNNurse Practitioner1831431071
Roslyn Hatchett-pope 37138, TNNurse Practitioner1821376724
Ashley Patton 37601, TNNurse Practitioner1326379322
Lori Rorrer Hagopian 37912, TNNurse Practitioner1356793053


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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