Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cheryl Denise Rudnicke 37203, TNNurse Practitioner1134122187
Nathan W Russell 37075, TNNurse Practitioner1992708911
Kay P Murphy 37098, TNNurse Practitioner1174526115
Kathy Y White 38109, TNNurse Practitioner1184627192
Eleanor Hess 24210, TNNurse Practitioner1982607099
Tammy Monk 37620, TNNurse Practitioner1558364620
Cynthia Mcglothlin 37620, TNNurse Practitioner1477556397
Kathryn Backus 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1508869348
Peggy Staton 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1497758163
Diane Ress 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1508869306
Linda W Mcmillan 37076, TNNurse Practitioner1801899729
Delia Grace Rhinehart 38201, TNNurse Practitioner1821091505
Janet Cradic 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1497758551
Jennifer Hurlow 38139, TNNurse Practitioner1548263296
Mary Catherine Dunn 37204, TNNurse Practitioner1073516779
Meike Alexandra Bridgeman 38201, TNNurse Practitioner1962405373
Myra Watts 37663, TNNurse Practitioner1417959727
Whitney Hatfield 37813, TNNurse Practitioner1588019210
Hugh Harold Jarnagin 37919, TNNurse Practitioner1801349626
Rina Marie Prosser 38242, TNNurse Practitioner1083617641
Nan M. Gaylord 37915, TNNurse Practitioner1013911007
Sarah Jocelyn Greene 37232, TNNurse Practitioner1659375509
Catherine H Powers 37618, TNNurse Practitioner1891799631
William Clever 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1982608758
Kimberly Sturgill 37620, TNNurse Practitioner1568466399
Nancy Pace 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1508860297
Linda Qualls 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1477557015
Andrea Lynn Hardison 37204, TNNurse Practitioner1003266867
Hospice Advantage Eamc Llc 36830, TNNurse Practitioner1043760481
Mitzi Daniela Musick 37919, TNNurse Practitioner1780686865
Candace Susanne Brown 38105, TNNurse Practitioner1023012663
Melissa A Robbins 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1184628612
Catherine M Raff 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1578567004
Melissa Geist 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1093719452
Pamela L. Greer 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1598769903
Sarah E. Belcher 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1245234657
Leigh Ann Ray 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1205831526
Scott M Lamb 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1053316448
Marcus D Webb 37687, TNNurse Practitioner1952306359
Linda S Morelock 37857, TNNurse Practitioner1558366963
Helen Redding 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1831194059
James N Brenner 37205, TNNurse Practitioner1013912310
Lisa Ann Weaver 38478, TNNurse Practitioner1134124902
Toni B Ryan 37421, TNNurse Practitioner1801891999
Phyllis C Fisher 37650, TNNurse Practitioner1114922937
Julie Ellen Dalehite-stringfellow 38053, TNNurse Practitioner1841295854
Karen Chaffin 37043, TNNurse Practitioner1871958694
Kimberly Lynn Farley 37067, TNNurse Practitioner1780689612
M Stephanie Moore 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1942205083
Agnes Shirley Parker 38116, TNNurse Practitioner1124023932
Linda Susan Gourley 37814, TNNurse Practitioner1508860917
Wendy L Dusenbury 38104, TNNurse Practitioner1447255526
Lisa Renee Cook 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1538163076
Janice H Tillman 37687, TNNurse Practitioner1144225954
Advantage Family Healthcare, Pllc 37934, TNNurse Practitioner1184629735
Elizabeth A Park 37885, TNNurse Practitioner1447255096
Rose Dawn Widener 37055, TNNurse Practitioner1083610547
Kimberly R Ferguson 37869, TNNurse Practitioner1316943814
Robert M Martin 37934, TNNurse Practitioner1922004159
Joann A Ferland 37172, TNNurse Practitioner1124024344
Jacquelyn Delois Kimball 38116, TNNurse Practitioner1902802556
Julie A Mcmillan 37916, TNNurse Practitioner1790781458
Catherine Jean Hellmann 37748, TNNurse Practitioner1295731099
Jan Allison Sims 38024, TNNurse Practitioner1205832920
Candice D Scharklet 37075, TNNurse Practitioner1639442056
Tonya Henry Wilson 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1225034721
Erin E Edwards 42701, TNNurse Practitioner1366893224
Martha W Clinton 37862, TNNurse Practitioner1245237726
Katrina H Denegri 38104, TNNurse Practitioner1003813023
Linda V Curry 38112, TNNurse Practitioner1902803927
Carol L. White 37404, TNNurse Practitioner1558369116
Angela C Hammond 38114, TNNurse Practitioner1326046707
Janis D Ebolum 37160, TNNurse Practitioner1710985072
Cheryl Lynne White 38118, TNNurse Practitioner1760480040
Mary C Russell 37709, TNNurse Practitioner1447258652
Penelope Lynn Neal 37771, TNNurse Practitioner1730187956
Patsy Elaine Crihfield 38024, TNNurse Practitioner1386642429
Kim K. Smith 37620, TNNurse Practitioner1194723130
Kelly Alexandria Harden 38059, TNNurse Practitioner1194723056
Judith Berner Brittingham 38115, TNNurse Practitioner1275531246
Cathy E Ammerman 37075, TNNurse Practitioner1124025747
Katherine Marie Jett 39202, TNNurse Practitioner1407854938
Deborah Blakney Martin 38654, TNNurse Practitioner1144228669
Ericka Sullivan 45209, TNNurse Practitioner1063999126
Natalie Studdard 37236, TNNurse Practitioner1861948762
Timothy Alan Fox 37934, TNNurse Practitioner1437158961
Misty M Parker 38024, TNNurse Practitioner1396744710
Marsha Renae Cagle 37874, TNNurse Practitioner1013916691
Cleveland Medical Clinic Inc 37311, TNNurse Practitioner1457350951
Tracey Kizer 38261, TNNurse Practitioner1124027560
Portia S Hutchinson 37830, TNNurse Practitioner1336148519
Wallis H Martz 37404, TNNurse Practitioner1154320422
Joey Todd Parker 37923, TNNurse Practitioner1427057652
Susan B. Gain 37403, TNNurse Practitioner1477552347
Renea L Nagel-terrell 38261, TNNurse Practitioner1619977584
Christopher Mccloud 37203, TNNurse Practitioner1346249224
Barbara Jean Smith 37760, TNNurse Practitioner1033119557
Tarra L Eubanks 38138, TNNurse Practitioner1871593111
Tracy J Tidwell 38103, TNNurse Practitioner1619977964
Kimbra L Lingerfelt 37404, TNNurse Practitioner1285635268
Sandra Coffey 37852, TNNurse Practitioner1457352460
Parkway Regional Medical Clinic Inc 42041, TNNurse Practitioner1659370153
Shari P Tidwell 38024, TNNurse Practitioner1912906421
Rebecca Lillian Long 38008, TNNurse Practitioner1366984239
Kathleen Marie Ouzts 36535, TNNurse Practitioner1942200290
Rhonda Lynn Renfro 37412, TNNurse Practitioner1710361480
Emily V Gillespie 38469, TNNurse Practitioner1174522007
Linda Jane Parimore 38019, TNNurse Practitioner1568462182
Patricia B Hess 38105, TNNurse Practitioner1740280924
Natalie Signaigo 37072, TNNurse Practitioner1295228914
Elizabeth A Paton 38105, TNNurse Practitioner1962402388
Jill Cameron 37917, TNNurse Practitioner1043219744
Kristen Renae Tabor 37821, TNNurse Practitioner1639633191
Evanston Clinic Corp 82930, TNNurse Practitioner1013916519
Dana Lea De Moss 37205, TNNurse Practitioner1346241130
Jennifer L Mabry 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1982605382
Timothy Ruskey 37642, TNNurse Practitioner1588665848
Pamela J Sykes 38104, TNNurse Practitioner1831191915
Syble S Carter 38024, TNNurse Practitioner1891797924
Cecile Anne Marie Muller 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1073515136
Christy A Rabetoy 37686, TNNurse Practitioner1508868480
Lisa D Fletcher 38261, TNNurse Practitioner1932101839
Carmen W Glezer 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1457353393
Laura L Porter 37404, TNNurse Practitioner1881696417
William T Fryar 38549, TNNurse Practitioner1043212491
Susan Kay Pennypacker 37615, TNNurse Practitioner1194717157
Melissa Dawn Venoy 37615, TNNurse Practitioner1639161722
Dewayne Scott Steffey 37615, TNNurse Practitioner1548252638
Lillian T Robertson 35870, TNNurse Practitioner1053303230
Carey L. Barr 38401, TNNurse Practitioner1720070949
Denise D Macleod 37211, TNNurse Practitioner1891787750
Jean L. Markie 37203, TNNurse Practitioner1821080607
Sallyanne M. Meier 37205, TNNurse Practitioner1538151311
Regents Medical Center Pc 37146, TNNurse Practitioner1194718346
Judy Lynn Walton 37620, TNNurse Practitioner1497748321
Vickie Karon Lewis 37620, TNNurse Practitioner1699768564
Edward Patrick Houser 77802, TNNurse Practitioner1366435133
Nettie Sue Hurst 38080, TNNurse Practitioner1689667305
Richard Peter Henighan 37864, TNNurse Practitioner1417940164
Shanna Joy Gaither 37232, TNNurse Practitioner1912990540
Amy Cone Kimble 38105, TNNurse Practitioner1851384374
Wendy Hyche Vogel 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1497748362
Greta Sue Minton 37110, TNNurse Practitioner1114928363
Julie Sue Wood 38401, TNNurse Practitioner1255323721
Mary K Volner 38128, TNNurse Practitioner1245232263
Sharon Fran West 38120, TNNurse Practitioner1164414587
Carla Renee Cheek 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1275525354
Monica Lynne Means 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1063404846
Diane L Smith 37388, TNNurse Practitioner1417940784
Mary Nell Phillips 38138, TNNurse Practitioner1164414504
Michelle L Scroggins 38138, TNNurse Practitioner1215939350
Sound Physicians Palliative Care Of Maryland, P.c. 20850, TNNurse Practitioner1487189122
April Ann Smith 37932, TNNurse Practitioner1790109502
Janet L Kubas 29203, TNNurse Practitioner1679575559
Michelle Lee Brown 37130, TNNurse Practitioner1609860097
Jane Smith Dubose 37214, TNNurse Practitioner1720072770
Jane Audrey Graf Robison 37040, TNNurse Practitioner1114911138
Crossroads Physicians Corp 62864, TNNurse Practitioner1508850520
Lisa Castellaw Hunt 38059, TNNurse Practitioner1023002631
Edna R Leitherland 38330, TNNurse Practitioner1942294574
Marcia Maria Deleonard 37027, TNNurse Practitioner1265426779
Maria Elizabeth Holmes 37923, TNNurse Practitioner1629062146
Kristin Lynn Mix 37909, TNNurse Practitioner1730173261
Laura Elizabeth Odom 37909, TNNurse Practitioner1295720720
Erin Christine Shankel 37064, TNNurse Practitioner1568457026
Darrell G Dobbins 37909, TNNurse Practitioner1821082348
Karen Prince Roden 37909, TNNurse Practitioner1225023781
Angela J Singley 40701, TNNurse Practitioner1487649950
Paula S Sparkman 37909, TNNurse Practitioner1952396426
Mary Rose Steiner 37862, TNNurse Practitioner1356336820
Jeannie H Noblitt 37064, TNNurse Practitioner1255326740
Pamela J Brown 37909, TNNurse Practitioner1528053022
Melanie Coleen Mixon 37909, TNNurse Practitioner1699760199
Pamela Wayne Wright 37909, TNNurse Practitioner1376538892
Jennifer A Sternberg 37211, TNNurse Practitioner1932194388
Amy Leanne Lewis 37232, TNNurse Practitioner1427043892
Irene Bean 37115, TNNurse Practitioner1245225564
Carla London 38105, TNNurse Practitioner1194710376
Mary Bedwell 38106, TNNurse Practitioner1497740674
Linda P Anderson 37203, TNNurse Practitioner1912992926
Kelly Elizabeth Earnest 37916, TNNurse Practitioner1366437238
Eric Laurence Koster 37174, TNNurse Practitioner1831184662
Sondra Michelle Thompson 37215, TNNurse Practitioner1164417903
Jenny B. Jones 37615, TNNurse Practitioner1811983455
Rebecca Jane Hamilton 37660, TNNurse Practitioner1245226737
Kirksville Clinic Corp 63501, TNNurse Practitioner1538155817
Naudia James 38118, TNNurse Practitioner1326034455
Cynthia L Jones 37122, TNNurse Practitioner1265428338
Linda Mosby 38109, TNNurse Practitioner1578559605
Kimberley X. Hickok 37211, TNNurse Practitioner1508852369
Janette R. Peterson 37604, TNNurse Practitioner1811983844
Diane Pace 38103, TNNurse Practitioner1518953553
Alice Myers 37601, TNNurse Practitioner1679560312
Jonna Rice Mccracken 37205, TNNurse Practitioner1902892722
Jami D England 37879, TNNurse Practitioner1861488504
Debbie Wells-good 37601, TNNurse Practitioner1982690657
Joseph C Archer 38501, TNNurse Practitioner1033105713
Tamera Morris Pace 37203, TNNurse Practitioner1427045897
Daniela Vavra 37215, TNNurse Practitioner1598752958
Codye D Singleton 37072, TNNurse Practitioner1073500377


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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