Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lorena S. Walker 79935, TXNurse Practitioner1871022137
Lynn Ann Outlaw 79602, TXNurse Practitioner1861400608
Shannon Elizabeth Boyd 79563, TXNurse Practitioner1245668425
Pearl Valentina Guerrero Wagley 79601, TXNurse Practitioner1063997187
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Son 79404, TXNurse Practitioner1346348463
Silvia Cortes 79928, TXNurse Practitioner1023596939
Stacey Rebecca Davidson 79606, TXNurse Practitioner1740743939
Ethel Olivia King 76932, TXNurse Practitioner1932443835
Amanda Jean Sherley 79606, TXNurse Practitioner1386106615
Boyce Neal Tankersley 79605, TXNurse Practitioner1568517910
Patricia G Schroeder 54911, TXNurse Practitioner1629354634
Wanda Hilliard 24151, TXNurse Practitioner1942503834
Tabitha Callaway 79607, TXNurse Practitioner1730796566
Anthony James Pfister 34984, TXNurse Practitioner1760797633
Lauren Jade Crawford 79602, TXNurse Practitioner1891356879
Amber Alred 75204, TXNurse Practitioner1467805168
Gwendolyn Brown 75240, TXNurse Practitioner1497835722
Peggy Sue Wright 75240, TXNurse Practitioner1750554994
Christina D Benge 99801, TXNurse Practitioner1376038752
Trace Lawrence Alexander 75024, TXNurse Practitioner1952307845
Tla Health Services 75024, TXNurse Practitioner1275924680
Courtney Donielle Unkefer 76226, TXNurse Practitioner1184110256
Margaret Anne Jones 75070, TXNurse Practitioner1215542014
Elaine Loretta Zamora 78233, TXNurse Practitioner1497156566
Anita M Novak 87106, TXNurse Practitioner1770590739
Sarah Katherine Morey 76008, TXNurse Practitioner1992216733
Chelsea Lewis 76132, TXNurse Practitioner1295206100
Ronald Wayne Midyett 78418, TXNurse Practitioner1013401488
Deborah Susan Skoruppa 78380, TXNurse Practitioner1053501379
Elva B Torres 78332, TXNurse Practitioner1710093513
Cecilia Yvonne Rios 78102, TXNurse Practitioner1972732733
Ofilia Castillo Canales 78332, TXNurse Practitioner1326149378
Whitney Donanne Stacy 78341, TXNurse Practitioner1932444809
Caroline Nelson Garcia 78411, TXNurse Practitioner1508302852
Hope Abrego 78404, TXNurse Practitioner1689179087
Jacqueline Lizardo Guzman 85012, TXNurse Practitioner1497949499
Loreta Pytka 75034, TXNurse Practitioner1437673480
Iris Tafoya 75034, TXNurse Practitioner1801365572
Evelyn Mcclinton 89052, TXNurse Practitioner1700144409
Ashley Sweeney Weathersby 75070, TXNurse Practitioner1972021673
Elizabath Remy George 76107, TXNurse Practitioner1972067379
Dawn Marie Morgan 75088, TXNurse Practitioner1013492610
Summer Urbanczyk 78664, TXNurse Practitioner1013469147
Naila Kabani 75390, TXNurse Practitioner1619568623
Texas Partners Healthcare Group, Pa 75034, TXNurse Practitioner1689119463
Sara Guidetti 88001, TXNurse Practitioner1427420223
Alyssa Frey 30117, TXNurse Practitioner1801356027
Ruth W Day 77539, TXNurse Practitioner1780928671
Bridget Jeanne Heard 77338, TXNurse Practitioner1295110575
Kiawana Nashae Priestley 77591, TXNurse Practitioner1144502410
Kaila Saxe 77059, TXNurse Practitioner1336491737
Daunay Terra Senna Willis 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1104169580
Krislyn Boswell 77573, TXNurse Practitioner1255899399
Amanda Jennings 77546, TXNurse Practitioner1528563848
Gail T Wells 77065, TXNurse Practitioner1417938879
Compass Point Emergency Physicians Pllc 77354, TXNurse Practitioner1760970560
Derek C Bonn 77573, TXNurse Practitioner1720555097
Kathy Ann Ford 79107, TXNurse Practitioner1285633305
Lauren Brooke Jones 79045, TXNurse Practitioner1003394560
Luann B Meyer 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1255509246
Martha E Flores 79121, TXNurse Practitioner1003073750
Elizabeth Stiles Rogers 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1023280419
Shayne R Teichelman 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1619454394
Kansuz Marie Mangelsdorf 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1457791824
Hoang Kim Petersen 80015, TXNurse Practitioner1780989590
Cherity Gwen Mays 79121, TXNurse Practitioner1578921102
Angela Ruth Sanchez 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1881104537
Andrew Elliott Blakley 96913, TXNurse Practitioner1992288989
Christy Danielle Hernandez 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1053819797
Amber Wray 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1912484239
Kayla Williamson 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1982076923
Amanda Rene Lacy 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1255996104
Hayley Herring Gibson 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1265085666
Kristen Hitz Shults 79065, TXNurse Practitioner1134599988
Blanca Rangel 79107, TXNurse Practitioner1043766272
Abigail Edith Pitt 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1710475090
Melanie Jones 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1275184947
Ryan Dane Teichelman 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1750574372
Lannie Larose Thomas 76012, TXNurse Practitioner1831730027
Adam Graves 79118, TXNurse Practitioner1154787398
Shelly Lynn Ann Seth 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1073684353
Deni Berry 79102, TXNurse Practitioner1629590161
William Bowman 79107, TXNurse Practitioner1245796911
Osaretin Okoro 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1013561216
Abdul Negedu Baba 85283, TXNurse Practitioner1114440401
Fmc Medical Foundation, Inc. 79101, TXNurse Practitioner1679920763
Carisa R Sullivan 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1326418658
Maricella Strowd 79109, TXNurse Practitioner1932640091
Katy Frances Reid 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1467907600
Angela Paulette Muniz 79107, TXNurse Practitioner1952896995
Mary Ruth Anderson 79124, TXNurse Practitioner1093092926
Renea Krtalic 79121, TXNurse Practitioner1538539994
Thelma Hortelano Semilla 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1821632712
Edith K Mcguire 87401, TXNurse Practitioner1376105817
Michelle Smith 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1023640356
Lexie Dawn Smith 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1790262798
Lloyd Ehigie Esene 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1013542158
James Rosson 79015, TXNurse Practitioner1043820830
Lisa Johnson 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1255776969
Tonya Marea Fields 79102, TXNurse Practitioner1699093625
Lourie Lea Winegar 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1578021523
Toni Sorensen 76502, TXNurse Practitioner1770035941
Robin Birch 79124, TXNurse Practitioner1144822453
Celestina Afulenu Nwosu 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1871138677
Belinda Diaz 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1861973968
Lezlie Harris 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1275865255
Dorothy Elizabeth Walker 94143, TXNurse Practitioner1265709034
Melissa Trimmier 79109, TXNurse Practitioner1841689320
Sarah Jane Fisk 79119, TXNurse Practitioner1902414998
Terra Shea Gearn 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1124537741
Holly Johnson 94404, TXNurse Practitioner1881070902
Samantha Jo Haley 79109, TXNurse Practitioner1285281758
Kate Dolezal 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1225613862
Dena M Williams 75701, TXNurse Practitioner1316239452
Kate R Bridges 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1134667033
Connie B Mccoy 79121, TXNurse Practitioner1063980316
Brittany R Sessions 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1932579554
Tina J Spohn-ledford 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1881064749
Jennifer Kathryn Carreon 79107, TXNurse Practitioner1760030100
Christi Morris 77514, TXNurse Practitioner1225512973
Ofonime Ntia 77459, TXNurse Practitioner1720529910
Amanda Rian Mcdaniels 75076, TXNurse Practitioner1295378966
Nithin Thomas Koshy 75010, TXNurse Practitioner1538782883
Ashly Marie Medeiros 05201, TXNurse Practitioner1194366161
Natasha Suzanne Smithey 76226, TXNurse Practitioner1972138691
Carrleigh Paige Abernathy 76137, TXNurse Practitioner1851872501
Michelle White 75028, TXNurse Practitioner1326669532
Sharyn Renee Flippo 75080, TXNurse Practitioner1801973284
Erika Monique Mcdaniel 75601, TXNurse Practitioner1508340837
Abigail C Dym 76180, TXNurse Practitioner1821397316
Christian Hobbs 75235, TXNurse Practitioner1598283855
Mylisa Mueller 76063, TXNurse Practitioner1174974240
Elias Alharari 76248, TXNurse Practitioner1588104541
Gary Lee Barnes 75240, TXNurse Practitioner1467470187
Shawnda R Pointer 75240, TXNurse Practitioner1689104143
Darshawnda Sharraine Wilson 75240, TXNurse Practitioner1275675324
Robin Shanta Williams-bailey 76011, TXNurse Practitioner1073022158
Stella Okeke 76013, TXNurse Practitioner1750860920
Trinh Phuong Tran 75062, TXNurse Practitioner1619466265
Mary Thi Huynh 76015, TXNurse Practitioner1124583679
Sara Jo Harbison 43212, TXNurse Practitioner1104345578
Sheelarani Joseph 76105, TXNurse Practitioner1184019929
Kristen Osterman Gayle 76063, TXNurse Practitioner1669974515
Vanessa Marie Mcdaniel 76017, TXNurse Practitioner1962947283
Maura E. Randle 76104, TXNurse Practitioner1043677180
Kimberley Ellen Cleaves 76104, TXNurse Practitioner1023515046
Euginia Agbatekwe 76022, TXNurse Practitioner1376065490
Huong My Ngo 76014, TXNurse Practitioner1770094468
Huong M. Ngo, Fnp bc, Pllc 76014, TXNurse Practitioner1952892143
Aimee Theresa Dunnam 76051, TXNurse Practitioner1649232802
Raven Modisette 76018, TXNurse Practitioner1225580293
Kimberley Shenee Player 75243, TXNurse Practitioner1003062928
Rodel Celso Aguirre 75235, TXNurse Practitioner1184131021
Eunice Onyinye Nsofor 75201, TXNurse Practitioner1821577354
Gideon Ofisi 76179, TXNurse Practitioner1760034672
Tammy Annette Fluker 76016, TXNurse Practitioner1417514571
Lavea Anmarie Landrum 75115, TXNurse Practitioner1457703779
Demishe Fontenot 76017, TXNurse Practitioner1154707560
Shawna Jae Rubalcaba 75116, TXNurse Practitioner1609418045
Oluyemi Sholebo 75080, TXNurse Practitioner1497120265
Shamika Brooks 98225, TXNurse Practitioner1639564172
Tambra B Guinn 76119, TXNurse Practitioner1558884809
Hamida Jindani 75023, TXNurse Practitioner1215406707
Nadja Jovon Nelson 76028, TXNurse Practitioner1538595285
Lisa F Smith 75006, TXNurse Practitioner1043519747
Maria Moreno 75006, TXNurse Practitioner1952910333
Robert Lionel Lewis 75701, TXNurse Practitioner1407285513
Marifi Guardiola 76126, TXNurse Practitioner1770978736
Jaceelli Healthcare 76065, TXNurse Practitioner1649811316
Kelmed Health & Wellness Clinic Pllc 76651, TXNurse Practitioner1376901561
Monique Ladonna Simmons 76017, TXNurse Practitioner1700136009
Dung Thuy Pham 76248, TXNurse Practitioner1730782392
Gladys Chinwendu Anukam 76107, TXNurse Practitioner1811519457
Yonah Knuckles 75038, TXNurse Practitioner1609198936
Primecare Family Practice 76012, TXNurse Practitioner1013475979
Vaughn Anthony Brozek 76053, TXNurse Practitioner1801889894
Brenda R Matheus 75231, TXNurse Practitioner1669918058
Katherine Lindsey Blalock 76063, TXNurse Practitioner1639771330
Campbell Rae Hy 76012, TXNurse Practitioner1902405798
Amber Boguski 76063, TXNurse Practitioner1629659982
Lakesha Sawyer-strickland 76132, TXNurse Practitioner1013503804
Anita Alaniz 75006, TXNurse Practitioner1205973377
Robbin Renee Langston 75751, TXNurse Practitioner1295936664
Jennifer Harwell 76710, TXNurse Practitioner1649685462
Christian Garrett 75701, TXNurse Practitioner1235685538
Brandi Jones 75751, TXNurse Practitioner1255988937
Matt Allred 75503, TXNurse Practitioner1700064789
Lynette Bell 75034, TXNurse Practitioner1790274892
Devon Marie Gomperts 75071, TXNurse Practitioner1558914507
Allen Health Systems Pllc 76201, TXNurse Practitioner1447769203
Florence Chesimet 75038, TXNurse Practitioner1598246563
Mundi L Gutierrez 75038, TXNurse Practitioner1366060758
Giselle Boigha Wirlen 76227, TXNurse Practitioner1841801867
Kendra Lewis 78613, TXNurse Practitioner1891166278
Sherry Kamali Fulmer 78759, TXNurse Practitioner1427512367
Hannah Marburger 78681, TXNurse Practitioner1629510219
Ijeoma Cedar Nwankwo 77074, TXNurse Practitioner1316330236
Trang Thien Kay 92111, TXNurse Practitioner1750419552
Andree Marcelle Nolen 03060, TXNurse Practitioner1821163890
Amy Christine Eckerman 78746, TXNurse Practitioner1982886081


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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