Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sheila Mcguckin Bradley 77042, TXNurse Practitioner1730182890
Kendra Lewis 78613, TXNurse Practitioner1891166278
Sharolyn K. Dihigo 75019, TXNurse Practitioner1366447211
Kenia Victoria Lee 78589, TXNurse Practitioner1598763450
Kimberly Anne Hansen 76301, TXNurse Practitioner1699774422
Kathryn Ann Willits 76102, TXNurse Practitioner1245230028
Kathy Ann Ford 79107, TXNurse Practitioner1285633305
Dorothy Grace Morrison 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1245239920
Elizabeth Gardner 76021, TXNurse Practitioner1295734333
Tiffany-roshel Moray Franklin 77581, TXNurse Practitioner1619443637
Erin Leigh Mcguire 76109, TXNurse Practitioner1740782069
Jamie Graham Parker 76015, TXNurse Practitioner1043795784
Grace W Gitau 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1245752815
Sherry Kamali Fulmer 78759, TXNurse Practitioner1427512367
Magdalena Amaya 79930, TXNurse Practitioner1215928809
Thomas Richard Yarber 98502, TXNurse Practitioner1962483305
Bonnie Pope 78640, TXNurse Practitioner1043737646
Susan Katherine Crosby 79606, TXNurse Practitioner1841274941
Jana Kimberlin 77845, TXNurse Practitioner1396126116
West Texas Medical Associates 76904, TXNurse Practitioner1457339525
Ronald Wayne Midyett 78418, TXNurse Practitioner1013401488
Barbara Jean Woo 77375, TXNurse Practitioner1194795351
Benancio Martinez 77055, TXNurse Practitioner1609381318
Natalie Roxanne Hopper 75093, TXNurse Practitioner1043738230
Monicke Magnon 79938, TXNurse Practitioner1447768783
Tawnya Anderson 77836, TXNurse Practitioner1376920041
Hannah Marburger 78681, TXNurse Practitioner1629510219
Georgia Dawn Day 76544, TXNurse Practitioner1750352001
Jacquelyn Phyllis Reyna-stovall 78218, TXNurse Practitioner1063787026
Ashly Dawn Fabian 76104, TXNurse Practitioner1942779368
Kristi Saxon 75605, TXNurse Practitioner1922068972
Mario Vela 88008, TXNurse Practitioner1023068012
Christine Danielle Stiles 77494, TXNurse Practitioner1386696367
Laredo Texas Hospital Company Lp 78041, TXNurse Practitioner1982653473
Jamie Valencia 78626, TXNurse Practitioner1669940268
Jessica Griffin 75149, TXNurse Practitioner1740733096
Judith Roman 79938, TXNurse Practitioner1386109635
Stephanie G Wesztergom 78418, TXNurse Practitioner1497715882
Amanda Brindley 78221, TXNurse Practitioner1801351226
Ashley Trowbridge 75020, TXNurse Practitioner1538526454
Kia J. Mccarthy 01772, TXNurse Practitioner1194770289
Chao-ying Wang 75217, TXNurse Practitioner1326078684
Nora Bolanos 77082, TXNurse Practitioner1578964177
Charlotte J Matthews 78207, TXNurse Practitioner1205364056
Jill Quimby 77833, TXNurse Practitioner1831570811
Minjung Kim 75074, TXNurse Practitioner1982150827
Thuy-van Thi Nguyen 77067, TXNurse Practitioner1962438333
Maria Sybil Gagliano 76132, TXNurse Practitioner1003160532
Brenda D Jackson 75075, TXNurse Practitioner1922042951
Jo Kutty Kurian 75390, TXNurse Practitioner1942773643
Pamela J. Hutcheson 75230, TXNurse Practitioner1871535211
Ann Jones 76801, TXNurse Practitioner1427532688
Rebecca Ann Redmond 75231, TXNurse Practitioner1568478568
Rhonda A Hunsucker 77494, TXNurse Practitioner1962415638
Taiwo Adeola Elemuren 90027, TXNurse Practitioner1215319983
Meredith N Eastin 71111, TXNurse Practitioner1295180578
Priscila Nakano 77021, TXNurse Practitioner1881193712
Christine Marie Turnbull 29605, TXNurse Practitioner1215969670
Julia Roxan Roland 75080, TXNurse Practitioner1194211805
Louisa Asare 77074, TXNurse Practitioner1598278756
Deloris L Schiller 75455, TXNurse Practitioner1164454468
Jacob Green 75455, TXNurse Practitioner1669921789
Gregory V Poulin 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1528077369
Tania Garcia 78541, TXNurse Practitioner1265547251
Lynette Bell 75034, TXNurse Practitioner1790274892
Anna Duong 77478, TXNurse Practitioner1376014662
Donnah V Nyaoke 77379, TXNurse Practitioner1821560749
Leslie Gutierrez 77024, TXNurse Practitioner1083151476
Eunice Ihaza 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1336173327
Maria Vogel 77494, TXNurse Practitioner1770663015
Pamela Sue Swope 77555, TXNurse Practitioner1841300514
Judith Ann Krupala 77954, TXNurse Practitioner1861595936
Lisa Guilford Foytik 77494, TXNurse Practitioner1801975230
Rosemary Uwaezuoke 77036, TXNurse Practitioner1194229922
Kimberly Brown 75701, TXNurse Practitioner1083084537
Jennifer Lee Savage 76133, TXNurse Practitioner1215444104
Stephanie A. Williams 77479, TXNurse Practitioner1457438400
Ughanmwan Efeovbokhan 78238, TXNurse Practitioner1649387630
Ronald Regala Cortez 78503, TXNurse Practitioner1659868958
Lauren Brooke Jones 79045, TXNurse Practitioner1003394560
Melanie Jo Frye 77098, TXNurse Practitioner1548347636
Ijeoma Cedar Nwankwo 77074, TXNurse Practitioner1316330236
Cathryn Lisa Garnett 78759, TXNurse Practitioner1417041401
Amber Alred 75204, TXNurse Practitioner1467805168
Sharyn Renee Flippo 75080, TXNurse Practitioner1801973284
Kristina Lee Murphy 77055, TXNurse Practitioner1760584940
Jamie Tamaron Steinert 76102, TXNurse Practitioner1528119831
Teresa Marie Harvatin 92354, TXNurse Practitioner1295862126
Susan Marie Pendergast 85020, TXNurse Practitioner1770659369
Virginia Evelyn Aguilar 78229, TXNurse Practitioner1467515403
Tammie Dee Franklin 76310, TXNurse Practitioner1356498331
Raquel Reyes 78251, TXNurse Practitioner1679620900
Anne M Vozza 78664, TXNurse Practitioner1699848853
Leonora Mary Meisenbach 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1922169515
Linda Susan Kouba 77494, TXNurse Practitioner1437215258
Trang Thien Kay 92111, TXNurse Practitioner1750419552
Jenny Bernier Fugere 76210, TXNurse Practitioner1679697627
Grace Theresa Riggins 78229, TXNurse Practitioner1437693801
Monica Ann Torres 78229, TXNurse Practitioner1538679998
Nicole Deann Sage 76710, TXNurse Practitioner1750892105
Corey Wayne Henry 76504, TXNurse Practitioner1356403075
Kimberly R. Hodgkinson 49037, TXNurse Practitioner1831253079
Barbara A Davis 76063, TXNurse Practitioner1114042975
Andree Marcelle Nolen 03060, TXNurse Practitioner1821163890
Dhruti Nishit Desai 75050, TXNurse Practitioner1043602238
Ashley Porter 30501, TXNurse Practitioner1932595261
Lauro Cerdan 77479, TXNurse Practitioner1922126002
Genice T Nelson 06030, TXNurse Practitioner1699816090
Patricia K. Mwanza 77054, TXNurse Practitioner1932698321
Cecilia Kwong-murphy 75080, TXNurse Practitioner1255802880
Ivory Roberts 77479, TXNurse Practitioner1881137990
Shirley Ann Levenson 77836, TXNurse Practitioner1578680815
Lori Jo Wingate 79762, TXNurse Practitioner1801090865
Ramani Rao 78240, TXNurse Practitioner1346420825
Karen G Donovan 06371, TXNurse Practitioner1154591394
Uselyn Theresa Deary 77479, TXNurse Practitioner1669693503
Juliette R. Broussard 77701, TXNurse Practitioner1871713073
Mechelle Elaine Williams 77494, TXNurse Practitioner1598986150
Amy Christine Eckerman 78746, TXNurse Practitioner1982886081
Myesha D Johnson 75061, TXNurse Practitioner1497906713
Michelle I Nicoletti 76712, TXNurse Practitioner1881713428
Keith Allen Wichinski 78212, TXNurse Practitioner1306046644
Krista Lanae Kellar 76502, TXNurse Practitioner1245420322
Soni Kaur Kohli 77494, TXNurse Practitioner1104081736
Bobbie Moore 78759, TXNurse Practitioner1659823516
Kristy Godbold 77082, TXNurse Practitioner1487153318
Cynthia Ann Chavez 79763, TXNurse Practitioner1912029448
Sandra Louise Martin 77339, TXNurse Practitioner1154507242
Evelyn George 75115, TXNurse Practitioner1184018707
Beena George 75039, TXNurse Practitioner1881069375
Luann B Meyer 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1255509246
Kelly Marcello 78753, TXNurse Practitioner1699270462
Caroline Miringu-ruitha 02904, TXNurse Practitioner1649788258
Shana S O'roark 75075, TXNurse Practitioner1093903270
Margaret Marie Wadas-enright 78411, TXNurse Practitioner1184805095
Amy Acker 78704, TXNurse Practitioner1578059135
Rosalia Zubia 79905, TXNurse Practitioner1326212754
Karen J. Moriarty 76367, TXNurse Practitioner1336358001
Kristen Elizabeth Padulsky 02135, TXNurse Practitioner1285940759
Olivia S. Hua 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1194903179
Andrea Denise Nemec 76712, TXNurse Practitioner1023276052
Advanced Health Services, Llc 75230, TXNurse Practitioner1598964751
Jacqueline Lizardo Guzman 85012, TXNurse Practitioner1497949499
Rebekah K Cook 75235, TXNurse Practitioner1447436050
Patricia Ann Roy 78229, TXNurse Practitioner1881815876
Denim Renee Ervin 75460, TXNurse Practitioner1679789291
Jonette P Albright 76655, TXNurse Practitioner1386838886
Martha E Flores 79121, TXNurse Practitioner1003073750
Marie E. Weidman-johnson 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1467664557
Juanita Agustin Mariano 77521, TXNurse Practitioner1447424650
Rekha Paul Thoppil 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1962863563
Elizabeth Stiles Rogers 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1023280419
Joye Lewis 77090, TXNurse Practitioner1689848418
Steven Ray Davis 77479, TXNurse Practitioner1336656735
Vincent Rebugio 78503, TXNurse Practitioner1194250928
Poornima Katta 78229, TXNurse Practitioner1588045900
Eleanor Margaret Wray Forbes 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1740489194
Aileen Hargroder Anglin 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1083886014
Linda Marion Stevenson 75204, TXNurse Practitioner1982852422
Maria Arellano Mendoza 79902, TXNurse Practitioner1417198524
Colette Danielle Blair Haigler 75237, TXNurse Practitioner1487981270
Angela D Helms 77090, TXNurse Practitioner1457583395
Alberto Jehu Gonzalez 78539, TXNurse Practitioner1588964621
Brie Elizabeth Alford 79902, TXNurse Practitioner1447546387
Adaora Augusta Ojukwu 76011, TXNurse Practitioner1730474305
Jessica Nicole Boniol 75093, TXNurse Practitioner1497034458
Marilyn M Miller 79106, TXNurse Practitioner1609141027
Mariezen V Bibal 77059, TXNurse Practitioner1063667442
Caroline Babirye Sebirumbi 76148, TXNurse Practitioner1144513532
Laura O Okolo 77004, TXNurse Practitioner1699054668
Glenda Fabiola Medina 77030, TXNurse Practitioner1790069748
Roxanne D. Dudley 75766, TXNurse Practitioner1922244904
Laura N Pedersen Foreman 77494, TXNurse Practitioner1265744361
Tanisha Lavelle Mangon 77494, TXNurse Practitioner1770896953
Jessica Michelle Markowski 17201, TXNurse Practitioner1073829370
Clara Lucia Lobo 75230, TXNurse Practitioner1699071464
Esther Wangari Mungai 75010, TXNurse Practitioner1003198284
Paula Josephine Worley 78130, TXNurse Practitioner1003064445
Beth Rogers 33606, TXNurse Practitioner1386884393
Lisa Marie Cleveland 78202, TXNurse Practitioner1457675068
Shawn Marie Tippitt 77598, TXNurse Practitioner1316224405
Dean Alan Cochran 75024, TXNurse Practitioner1003329814
Mallory L George 75024, TXNurse Practitioner1477066280
Tracy Lee Edwards 46601, TXNurse Practitioner1568753127
Uma Ganesan 75252, TXNurse Practitioner1518254721
Tori Alexander Clements 78701, TXNurse Practitioner1902035421
Ahnya M Booze-love 97401, TXNurse Practitioner1275799173
James Robert Quigley 77385, TXNurse Practitioner1477794675
Nefertiti Borton-may 78249, TXNurse Practitioner1013233329
Anita Faye Herrera 78665, TXNurse Practitioner1013295336
Patricia Fagan 75075, TXNurse Practitioner1356627996
Achamma Zacharia 75240, TXNurse Practitioner1942446653
Sharon Monica Quigley 78236, TXNurse Practitioner1679714802
Shannon O'neill 77042, TXNurse Practitioner1588960819
Lavon Williams 85248, TXNurse Practitioner1700113156
Kelly Darden 77706, TXNurse Practitioner1629342951
Christi Morris 77514, TXNurse Practitioner1225512973
Nicole Mcbryde 77657, TXNurse Practitioner1275033839
Teleshia Shanta Coleman 75455, TXNurse Practitioner1891005450
Patricia Kay Short 75460, TXNurse Practitioner1932336898


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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