Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Utah

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Utah:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Margaret K Batson 84102, UTNurse Practitioner1437127735
William John Self 84121, UTNurse Practitioner1346721891
Margaret Moses 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1386691434
Jason Welch Egan 84113, UTNurse Practitioner1528524030
Shannon Lyons Boffeli 89102, UTNurse Practitioner1861582447
Julie Bylund Luckart 84106, UTNurse Practitioner1831296508
Elizabeth Greene 84041, UTNurse Practitioner1528414232
Amy Jean Bleak 84721, UTNurse Practitioner1194239053
Bradley D Workman 84106, UTNurse Practitioner1881764835
Joylyn Cluny 84096, UTNurse Practitioner1578603932
Michelle D Smith 84057, UTNurse Practitioner1538234158
Kevin Dale Newbold 84403, UTNurse Practitioner1366917577
Gina Coccimiglio 92270, UTNurse Practitioner1659751451
Martha Fern Southwick 84088, UTNurse Practitioner1568685550
Shelley A Day 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1235352188
Janet Mckay 84058, UTNurse Practitioner1316233232
Todd Hamblin 84341, UTNurse Practitioner1093092678
Amy Arreaza 93304, UTNurse Practitioner1265684914
Nancy Stone Duncan 31314, UTNurse Practitioner1871878652
Wayne Berg 84102, UTNurse Practitioner1851813299
Stephanie Boisvert Canal 17102, UTNurse Practitioner1255697561
Jan Clements 84121, UTNurse Practitioner1124449285
Mahealani N Serra 84403, UTNurse Practitioner1245629229
Tyree Denece Romero 84143, UTNurse Practitioner1538562657
Susan M Naylor 84041, UTNurse Practitioner1245580661
Jessica Madsen 84113, UTNurse Practitioner1619358611
Georgia Russell 84532, UTNurse Practitioner1073785408
Carol Joy Bender 92101, UTNurse Practitioner1689004327
Sharon Begin 80918, UTNurse Practitioner1356565733
Jennifer Nicole Griswold 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1275971483
Valynn Christina Haslam 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1093220386
Kristy Martin 84120, UTNurse Practitioner1790152973
Katie Margaret Stokes 84095, UTNurse Practitioner1740729839
Benjamin Russel Stuart 97624, UTNurse Practitioner1114448529
Tia Marie Brinkerhoff 84113, UTNurse Practitioner1629589080
Christopher George Lamb 84770, UTNurse Practitioner1093226938
Tiffany Brook Noyes 84501, UTNurse Practitioner1225576267
Traci Naylor 84058, UTNurse Practitioner1821453200
Christopher Michael Williams 84020, UTNurse Practitioner1518402841
Jared S Gates 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1275986952
Kurtis Hinderman 84050, UTNurse Practitioner1518400720
Jeremy Ratliff 84096, UTNurse Practitioner1295255701
Jane Kofford Ford 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1396262424
Marie Carmichael 84044, UTNurse Practitioner1588174650
Natalie Lois Jensen 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1477085090
Anna Vladimirovna Kasabyan 84112, UTNurse Practitioner1063934784
Jorge Arturo Delgadillo 84057, UTNurse Practitioner1023530854
Carlos Eduardo Bonilla 84057, UTNurse Practitioner1174032122
Heather Lynn Farnsworth 84770, UTNurse Practitioner1831615145
Douglas Earl Farley 84074, UTNurse Practitioner1427561737
Joan M Collett 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1164703328
Jennifer Robinson 84113, UTNurse Practitioner1598275547
Rachel Alexandra Decker 32204, UTNurse Practitioner1437684461
Amanda Michelle Legg 84790, UTNurse Practitioner1245721737
Brooks Wiley 84790, UTNurse Practitioner1003267923
Stacy J. Welker 84790, UTNurse Practitioner1417441247
Stefanie K Anderson 84096, UTNurse Practitioner1225523673
Alisha Wursten 84121, UTNurse Practitioner1457847675
Stacey A Flint 84401, UTNurse Practitioner1427593722
Thomas Chan 98007, UTNurse Practitioner1043663446
Rebekah Leigh Bracken 84790, UTNurse Practitioner1154800761
Allyx Bowthorpe 84405, UTNurse Practitioner1033509989
Sydnie M Hobbs 83254, UTNurse Practitioner1033603345
Shannon Walker 84067, UTNurse Practitioner1891289427
Susi C Dalanhese 84143, UTNurse Practitioner1477764843
Kristie Christensen 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1407373574
Jennifer Irene Stringer 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1063908606
Hannah Beate Thomsen 84341, UTNurse Practitioner1942789433
Levi Richard Kohler 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1841748258
Jillian Lozanoff 84041, UTNurse Practitioner1679975700
Anne Hollingsworth Roberts 84070, UTNurse Practitioner1740759984
Stephan Michael Moss 84302, UTNurse Practitioner1063906857
Maria Guadalupe Cruz 84102, UTNurse Practitioner1538598065
Andrea Marie Martinez 84121, UTNurse Practitioner1417427626
Jennifer Morgan Ellefsen 84058, UTNurse Practitioner1902371826
William C Caplin 84770, UTNurse Practitioner1801393236
Mindy Rae Gurley 46845, UTNurse Practitioner1053899690
Sommer Korth 84078, UTNurse Practitioner1598117434
Natasha Nicolle Peterson 84098, UTNurse Practitioner1972069532
Kristen Mari Brown 84047, UTNurse Practitioner1699121913
Lindsay Leigh Bryant 97006, UTNurse Practitioner1871010140
Jennifer Carter Mosteller 84332, UTNurse Practitioner1801356530
Axial im 84096, UTNurse Practitioner1740843697
Melanie Morgan 84043, UTNurse Practitioner1306252366
Vanessa May Dexter 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1063975613
Diane Young 84109, UTNurse Practitioner1194122788
Linsey Beth Broadbent 84060, UTNurse Practitioner1780240374
Andrew Decker 84128, UTNurse Practitioner1548829336
Keira Elaine Toone 20165, UTNurse Practitioner1780092130
Stephanie Harrison 84037, UTNurse Practitioner1730748963
Utah Cancer Specialists Pc 84106, UTNurse Practitioner1619925369
Ellois Wilson Bailey 84096, UTNurse Practitioner1639432461
Julie Anne Frenette 98812, UTNurse Practitioner1518190628
Jared Ormon Price 84003, UTNurse Practitioner1568941284
Emily Dawn Bankhead 84041, UTNurse Practitioner1851874184
Jacqueline Xs Lagana 93101, UTNurse Practitioner1508122755
Mina L Wayman 83254, UTNurse Practitioner1386829687
Lillian Farris 84117, UTNurse Practitioner1720433196
Erin Ellsworth Falor 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1588217723
Sara Ameli 85205, UTNurse Practitioner1356853758
Josh Hooton 84653, UTNurse Practitioner1306272471
Heather Garrett 84403, UTNurse Practitioner1720508336
Elizabeth Anne Elliott 84113, UTNurse Practitioner1861047334
Mandy Pattillo 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1336662519
Lisa Richards Toone 84405, UTNurse Practitioner1295381853
Brittany Talbot 84148, UTNurse Practitioner1164816922
Angela Hall Birkeland 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1811544604
Lindsey Rux 84501, UTNurse Practitioner1477105856
Ian Michael Troesoyer 84341, UTNurse Practitioner1841859501
Paige Shelton 84403, UTNurse Practitioner1245614866
Sara Marie Hooper 84113, UTNurse Practitioner1932758935
Lorraine Davis England 84025, UTNurse Practitioner1801247333
Roberta Ann Lucas 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1568538528
Shanell N Rich 84120, UTNurse Practitioner1083278717
Shamis Tate 84123, UTNurse Practitioner1447891676
Jessinna Nielson 84025, UTNurse Practitioner1700427382
Gessner Peterson House Calls Inc 84321, UTNurse Practitioner1982246047
Lori Mayfield 84770, UTNurse Practitioner1760966501
Stephen Andre Childs 78701, UTNurse Practitioner1366914236
Life Tree Pllc 84653, UTNurse Practitioner1982135265
Kindra Backman Celani 84790, UTNurse Practitioner1639609357
Laura K Rollins 84132, UTNurse Practitioner1023468808
Lisa Ann Ostrander 84119, UTNurse Practitioner1104398361
Ann Pennington Marsh 84124, UTNurse Practitioner1770140790
Christina Renee Martin 97504, UTNurse Practitioner1528532108
Lisa Ann Johnson 87048, UTNurse Practitioner1396840211
Utah Behavior Services, Inc. 84123, UTNurse Practitioner1104119619
Christina Gail Morales 89134, UTNurse Practitioner1750781753
Lisa Peterson Stevens 84124, UTNurse Practitioner1619519469
Judicial Supervision Services, Llc 84123, UTNurse Practitioner1487294252
Melisa S Steele 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1003923988
Aragon Medical 84070, UTNurse Practitioner1588228811
Laura Gleed 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1821640665
Ruth Blair 86004, UTNurse Practitioner1982953782
Dara Anderson 83713, UTNurse Practitioner1558921429
Scott K Summers 84003, UTNurse Practitioner1174808596
Ryan Paul Thurston 84653, UTNurse Practitioner1932752615
Natalie Tollison 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1447505904
Tomeika Ulett-garcia 84003, UTNurse Practitioner1780027722
Hayley Lundeen 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1316477342
Natalie Jean Gibson 84332, UTNurse Practitioner1528419330
Traci Michelle Allison 84067, UTNurse Practitioner1801448790
Drake Scott Mason 84754, UTNurse Practitioner1194131516
Hailey Lynn Seedall 59601, UTNurse Practitioner1689658510
Rosanne Johnson Oliver 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1073903720
Kierstin Petersen 84651, UTNurse Practitioner1295106581
Nicole L Rawle 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1669777314
Ann Rogerson 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1770953317
Morgan Ann Bateman 84043, UTNurse Practitioner1639648660
Cameran Rachelle Wilson 84405, UTNurse Practitioner1730734203
Ashleigh D Rousseau 84403, UTNurse Practitioner1518515188
Kevin Johnson 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1770124687
Joni Michelle Jones 84067, UTNurse Practitioner1699261081
Orrin Blake Hansen 84003, UTNurse Practitioner1104916543
Edward Parry 84604, UTNurse Practitioner1104370436
Taylor Lyman Beatty 84745, UTNurse Practitioner1841766201
Rachel Jenkins-lloyd 84129, UTNurse Practitioner1205237799
Marianne Haines, Pllc 84043, UTNurse Practitioner1841764560
Marianne Haines 84043, UTNurse Practitioner1851585988
Jennifer Ann Karr 84057, UTNurse Practitioner1417272170
Annamarie Irene Breen 84067, UTNurse Practitioner1720442775
Anna J'nett Miller 84770, UTNurse Practitioner1376044297
Drew Willmore 84790, UTNurse Practitioner1588299838
Lisa O'donnal 84601, UTNurse Practitioner1124584867
Tod Michael Morrison 84341, UTNurse Practitioner1134567282
Stephanie Michelle Sampson 84341, UTNurse Practitioner1215596192
Jacob Douglas Anderson 84341, UTNurse Practitioner1316329220
Patricia H Berry 55413, UTNurse Practitioner1114017746
Caren D Erekson 84117, UTNurse Practitioner1952929895
Ann Marie Ahee 84790, UTNurse Practitioner1417575564
Aaron Ray Jackman 76708, UTNurse Practitioner1285191635
Megan Leann Nelson 84102, UTNurse Practitioner1184285769
Adrianne F Shewell 84102, UTNurse Practitioner1467062570
Christopher G Rogers 84790, UTNurse Practitioner1730799214
Kortney Mcmullin 70570, UTNurse Practitioner1497100580
Archana A Patel 84124, UTNurse Practitioner1659925915
Heidi S Vawdrey 84065, UTNurse Practitioner1184144594
Sarah Elaine Figorski 84119, UTNurse Practitioner1669959094
Anneliesa Allred 84040, UTNurse Practitioner1972979300
Lisa Marie Mrzena 99654, UTNurse Practitioner1053645770
Catherine Collins 84057, UTNurse Practitioner1568960250
Aspen Health, Llc 84043, UTNurse Practitioner1801352729
Valarie D Jacobs 84014, UTNurse Practitioner1912480567
Darin Ashton Principe 84101, UTNurse Practitioner1619390218
Michael Charles Desjardins 84020, UTNurse Practitioner1801924766
Mindworks Clinic, Pllc 84101, UTNurse Practitioner1538667415
Amanda J Bruce 29526, UTNurse Practitioner1588800890
Karl Tucker 84663, UTNurse Practitioner1932693587
Angela Mercier 80538, UTNurse Practitioner1952712473
Jennifer Lynn Castillo 84317, UTNurse Practitioner1386251742
Jared Petrick 83814, UTNurse Practitioner1932114618
Jenna Lee Hendrickson 27705, UTNurse Practitioner1669875811
Cassandra J. Garcia 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1871138313
Karissa Keagan Jackson 84107, UTNurse Practitioner1164055109
Brooke Ludwig 84005, UTNurse Practitioner1134750110
Darryl Turner 37232, UTNurse Practitioner1982986279
Katelyn Siano 84663, UTNurse Practitioner1780209668
Emily Kristen Van Os 84109, UTNurse Practitioner1437406329
Kilhyo Baek 92084, UTNurse Practitioner1053776914
Ryan Dennis Church 84124, UTNurse Practitioner1912909714


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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