Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles Benford Sauls 22968, VANurse Practitioner1548269889
Deborah Thomson 20110, VANurse Practitioner1730181678
Mary Cox 24084, VANurse Practitioner1669976205
Michele L. Nelson 23235, VANurse Practitioner1285694539
Valerie Hill Neal 23667, VANurse Practitioner1710944582
Marie F Gerardo 23227, VANurse Practitioner1699738468
Laurie H Hudson 22601, VANurse Practitioner1073567269
Patricia Anne Kinser 23230, VANurse Practitioner1073550620
Melissa P. Clarke 23116, VANurse Practitioner1366473605
Meghan K. Casey 23298, VANurse Practitioner1104858919
Ekaterina Wood 22655, VANurse Practitioner1083198170
Debra M. Baer 20176, VANurse Practitioner1841209707
Carolyn Walter 24073, VANurse Practitioner1104846948
Barton T Bobb 23298, VANurse Practitioner1700805272
Michelle Wagner Mcnally 22908, VANurse Practitioner1609389568
Sandra E Arnold-harris 22802, VANurse Practitioner1821021734
Tracy Diane Lynde 22042, VANurse Practitioner1952772519
Kathy Shea 23185, VANurse Practitioner1699700633
Beth Lawhorne Cullen 24555, VANurse Practitioner1801909734
Jung Mi Kim 20152, VANurse Practitioner1114497351
Tamera S Krukiel 23227, VANurse Practitioner1871512459
Cynthia Frances Byrkeland 23227, VANurse Practitioner1447361878
Debra Castner 23413, VANurse Practitioner1134212939
Helen S. Lamberta 23294, VANurse Practitioner1952490005
Beverly Hoehing 23298, VANurse Practitioner1356422539
Cheryl Lumbard 23321, VANurse Practitioner1841381019
Elizabeth A Lamb 23219, VANurse Practitioner1306936034
Teresa Tyson 24230, VANurse Practitioner1013011337
Rita J Brown 24263, VANurse Practitioner1578601837
Felicia Harrell 28204, VANurse Practitioner1497130306
Pamela Ann Ruppel 24018, VANurse Practitioner1992868657
Tami Collins 22939, VANurse Practitioner1740614825
James Lee Poindexter 37043, VANurse Practitioner1407044670
Stephanie R Glasser 23235, VANurse Practitioner1205090545
Teddie Joe Snodgrass 96817, VANurse Practitioner1821272923
Kimberly Shawn Fields 23223, VANurse Practitioner1528238458
Julia Lea King 23502, VANurse Practitioner1659548253
Stephanie I. Beske 20176, VANurse Practitioner1538348487
Donna L Snyder 23114, VANurse Practitioner1114952827
Mary Kathryn Lilly 32504, VANurse Practitioner1669992830
Jessica Lee Wester 23219, VANurse Practitioner1629229133
Kimberly L Applegate 22601, VANurse Practitioner1326313701
Stacy Ann Brinkley 23837, VANurse Practitioner1235449497
Haley Margaret Hendrix 93702, VANurse Practitioner1598907255
Emily M Benton 80045, VANurse Practitioner1316243348
Megan Stark 55441, VANurse Practitioner1154796811
Paige Irene Shabro 23462, VANurse Practitioner1902335847
Sheila Ann Gent 22408, VANurse Practitioner1912229212
Kibble Harris Kessick 23452, VANurse Practitioner1700168275
Debra G Overton 23667, VANurse Practitioner1275787012
Wendy-lucy N Ngassa 22033, VANurse Practitioner1215212709
Jaime Kemp 52001, VANurse Practitioner1962706192
Brittney Elizabeth Dodt 23236, VANurse Practitioner1104199744
Stephanie Gail Metzger 23298, VANurse Practitioner1891028502
Jemina M Liverman 23875, VANurse Practitioner1073889697
Karen Ortolani 84148, VANurse Practitioner1164770285
Rebekah Hannay Jordan 20147, VANurse Practitioner1659618049
Adrian Marie Krutz 98664, VANurse Practitioner1245674498
Kyle Tow 23505, VANurse Practitioner1215358288
Nichole E Nassif 85226, VANurse Practitioner1699109645
Lisa Brownlee Johnson 23227, VANurse Practitioner1841690344
Meghann Bowyer 24501, VANurse Practitioner1114328200
Donald Todd Smith 45365, VANurse Practitioner1043615420
Madeleine Margaret Gillwald 22042, VANurse Practitioner1518384809
Elaine Inman-williamson 24011, VANurse Practitioner1225421472
Jatori Lii Robinson 23298, VANurse Practitioner1306265053
Kara Haladyna 06106, VANurse Practitioner1144698960
Atalie Maureen Doyle 23227, VANurse Practitioner1912251968
Cary Spiers Oaster 23298, VANurse Practitioner1952740714
Karen Artis-bacote 29501, VANurse Practitioner1083156350
Angella M.a. Russell 23227, VANurse Practitioner1245637818
Veronica Mary Malone 23435, VANurse Practitioner1235575895
Betsy Giannuzzi 22191, VANurse Practitioner1164553442
Ashley Hedspeth Alexander 23851, VANurse Practitioner1891033213
Candice Nicole Gardner 23298, VANurse Practitioner1881063972
Margaret May Mcburney Koes 94305, VANurse Practitioner1265836191
Caroline Leigh Bergstresser 21702, VANurse Practitioner1902201692
Karen Elizabeth Hart 24651, VANurse Practitioner1134543911
Dabney White Dunning 24502, VANurse Practitioner1659754935
David A. Starling 23298, VANurse Practitioner1376919720
Katiemarie C Gagnon 23298, VANurse Practitioner1396188306
Suzanne N. West 23235, VANurse Practitioner1639666191
Allison Howell Briley 24014, VANurse Practitioner1538411780
Levan N Zhang 22202, VANurse Practitioner1629329586
Joseph Francis Tkacik 99208, VANurse Practitioner1457693558
Mistie Hagaman 37660, VANurse Practitioner1760861140
Carman Hunter Henderson 23227, VANurse Practitioner1699184788
Ashley Blair Wiley 23235, VANurse Practitioner1487080040
Donna Hayden 23230, VANurse Practitioner1548636574
Dana Anaya 23462, VANurse Practitioner1063884658
Shelly Montante 23226, VANurse Practitioner1043755861
Leigh Ann Breckenridge 23219, VANurse Practitioner1477800092
Whitnei S Fulgham 23435, VANurse Practitioner1356756092
Prithvi Bhattarai 20877, VANurse Practitioner1861844540
Vickie Lee Doscher 23320, VANurse Practitioner1932442522
Amy W. Hobbs 23847, VANurse Practitioner1407367071
Susan C Herndon 22560, VANurse Practitioner1114432812
Christopher O Hucks 23936, VANurse Practitioner1619412426
Dwayne Dunkerson 24211, VANurse Practitioner1235667205
Amy M Clements 23320, VANurse Practitioner1174051148
Sasha Geathers Morton 30068, VANurse Practitioner1518488972
Jennifer Anne Buda 23320, VANurse Practitioner1215437348
Emily Nobles 23452, VANurse Practitioner1659871713
Thomas Cyril Brunner 23219, VANurse Practitioner1750809471
Rebekah A Kaska 23298, VANurse Practitioner1457879769
Ashley N/a Lans 23704, VANurse Practitioner1215448261
Emily Rice 20007, VANurse Practitioner1578923132
Dana E Stallings 23435, VANurse Practitioner1770021545
Leslie Ellen Peterson 23230, VANurse Practitioner1891155636
Patricia Moore 22401, VANurse Practitioner1336699800
Porcha Mosley 20151, VANurse Practitioner1508393711
Amanda Kathleen Watson 45219, VANurse Practitioner1982152302
Tamika N. Brown 23227, VANurse Practitioner1780118000
Patrick Bruce Hill 22560, VANurse Practitioner1427571439
Sarah Somers 21037, VANurse Practitioner1134643539
Susan Lee Mcfall 43212, VANurse Practitioner1669992822
Somer Anne Randall 23181, VANurse Practitioner1699292508
Catherine Mary Emerick 23314, VANurse Practitioner1821514829
Shelby Kaubris 20151, VANurse Practitioner1386161933
Kelly Lakis 23454, VANurse Practitioner1639696867
Ashley White Broyles 23113, VANurse Practitioner1790202828
Africa Wanyett Humphrey 20472, VANurse Practitioner1396254827
Jennifer Chen 90292, VANurse Practitioner1366952608
Shradha Pandey 20165, VANurse Practitioner1194235242
Megan Anne Grizzard 23298, VANurse Practitioner1407366404
Ciara Pruitt 44017, VANurse Practitioner1053847608
Jaqueta Antanina Williams 92508, VANurse Practitioner1952830168
Christin Elledge Clark 24016, VANurse Practitioner1053841965
Erin Theresa White 23229, VANurse Practitioner1386166288
Juanita Parker 23707, VANurse Practitioner1114440484
Ana Snow Wiley 23235, VANurse Practitioner1750803961
Vivian Endoso Buenafe 22401, VANurse Practitioner1184138745
Angelica Fernandez Dizon 20036, VANurse Practitioner1023522638
Rena Patierno 22304, VANurse Practitioner1265930051
Lawrence Ray Palmiter 23452, VANurse Practitioner1770095580
Kimberly Michelle Crain 23451, VANurse Practitioner1669726659
Ashley M. Shoultz 23298, VANurse Practitioner1023249851
Deborah Paige Quinn 23502, VANurse Practitioner1700028628
Colin Brett Weigel 23298, VANurse Practitioner1093189417
Jeanne Pryor 23219, VANurse Practitioner1720502438
Britton Balzhiser 22031, VANurse Practitioner1023563285
Sheila Broughton 23298, VANurse Practitioner1215459045
Shawn Pennetti 22901, VANurse Practitioner1013436476
Kiniya Chantera Church 20191, VANurse Practitioner1215352554
Rebecca Beecroft 23219, VANurse Practitioner1124483235
Lyudmyla S Tsikholska 44070, VANurse Practitioner1215456884
Lauri Shebesh 75092, VANurse Practitioner1558870790
Shirley Constantino 23227, VANurse Practitioner1477099430
Melissa B. Scott-doney 23298, VANurse Practitioner1528240918
Audrey Humphrey 22407, VANurse Practitioner1922461573
Millicent Elizabeth Pyka 23454, VANurse Practitioner1770070195
Katelyn Spitler 24251, VANurse Practitioner1952851784
Np Geriatric Adult Care Llc 24609, VANurse Practitioner1336636265
Teresa Pennington 24609, VANurse Practitioner1417453515
Christine Klam 20176, VANurse Practitioner1336684729
Pamela R Clarke 23834, VANurse Practitioner1518483023
Afua Biyah Addo 22031, VANurse Practitioner1629598289
Shalini Gehani 20032, VANurse Practitioner1164970281
Sherry W. Love 24354, VANurse Practitioner1194104976
Helene M. Holbrook 37604, VANurse Practitioner1972597151
Mary Garretson Mcclain 24211, VANurse Practitioner1548247208
Adrienne Michelle Lomaglio 22033, VANurse Practitioner1144713470
Itamar Simhon 20740, VANurse Practitioner1548774524
Kelly K Niermeier 29169, VANurse Practitioner1861855645
Jameese Ynez Sykes 60621, VANurse Practitioner1447761002
Melodie Christina Wuorinen 22033, VANurse Practitioner1598250532
Michele Tabaie 20036, VANurse Practitioner1073974077
Sonica Mahat 22191, VANurse Practitioner1316432164
Margaret Ann Markie 20147, VANurse Practitioner1770079857
Michelle A Rosen 22031, VANurse Practitioner1184117376
Nancy Keohane 23298, VANurse Practitioner1508226150
Michelle Talbert 22207, VANurse Practitioner1225477540
Robert Rutherford 37660, VANurse Practitioner1427461755
Colene M Smith 23116, VANurse Practitioner1730665670
Shannon Green Johnston 24970, VANurse Practitioner1427544089
Bethany Gibson Frank 22311, VANurse Practitioner1043797129
Lisa Carol Feagan 24501, VANurse Practitioner1467930032
Oluwakemi Olubunmi Osidele 21702, VANurse Practitioner1649649468
Lori Palcic 23455, VANurse Practitioner1427474014
Adele Hagen 20878, VANurse Practitioner1386993640
Jennifer Vannoy 23175, VANurse Practitioner1356880041
Caitlin Chantal Lugo 23462, VANurse Practitioner1376068650
Wendy Jean Hendrick 23229, VANurse Practitioner1033699293
Sandra Ann Farnum 22939, VANurse Practitioner1710343199
Milissa Diane Smith 24060, VANurse Practitioner1760853477
Kristy Lynn Diffley 22015, VANurse Practitioner1154828150
Kathy Green 23188, VANurse Practitioner1295287639
Keisha Monique Baxter 23452, VANurse Practitioner1013422302
Martha Reilley 21224, VANurse Practitioner1003381997
Gerlene Sherard 23226, VANurse Practitioner1649722505
Tracie Hampton 24055, VANurse Practitioner1841666237
Tennille C Curtis 24141, VANurse Practitioner1689140972
Sarah Papola 20007, VANurse Practitioner1144639139
Harriet Taylor Vincent 23901, VANurse Practitioner1407377070
Vibeke B Green 23502, VANurse Practitioner1093281057
Crystal B Moring 23510, VANurse Practitioner1609383629
Ashley Noel Smith 23601, VANurse Practitioner1568986180
Caroline Hughes 23233, VANurse Practitioner1851867691
Deborah Jian Yuan 22192, VANurse Practitioner1356823215
Jaime R. Callaghan 05495, VANurse Practitioner1982029542


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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