Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Eleanor Hess 24210, VANurse Practitioner1982607099
Cynthia Dean 24282, VANurse Practitioner1023011814
Dolores Steinglass 20176, VANurse Practitioner1962405662
Susan Harwood Kissell 24112, VANurse Practitioner1386647832
Cindy Lynn Zerfoss 24179, VANurse Practitioner1184627606
Ellen Hodges 22306, VANurse Practitioner1376546689
Carol Baker O'leary 22630, VANurse Practitioner1184627424
Joylyn Marie Grant 22306, VANurse Practitioner1962404277
Patricia Porter Adams 22308, VANurse Practitioner1982607248
Tammy Jibben Wingo 23901, VANurse Practitioner1639172182
Chanda R Athale 22003, VANurse Practitioner1407858608
Kathleen Anne Malliarakis 22207, VANurse Practitioner1053313189
Sandra Akiko Troeschel 23606, VANurse Practitioner1902800279
Gloria Just 24523, VANurse Practitioner1770587024
Diane Whitney Walker 22601, VANurse Practitioner1467454553
Rita H Pickler 23219, VANurse Practitioner1922002294
Cynthia N Trent 23464, VANurse Practitioner1609870625
Sara N Gillis 24013, VANurse Practitioner1508860289
Pamela R Webb 22560, VANurse Practitioner1013911684
Quin E Chadwick 23924, VANurse Practitioner1629072293
Roberta Proffitt Lavin 20889, VANurse Practitioner1184628687
Jennifer Lynn Crockford 23502, VANurse Practitioner1023012531
Ann May 24426, VANurse Practitioner1740284116
Suzanne Obrien 20164, VANurse Practitioner1831194117
Jan W Cantrell 20164, VANurse Practitioner1386649663
Deborah C. Hawkins 22901, VANurse Practitioner1790780856
Deborah J Dougherty 22180, VANurse Practitioner1760487821
Janet Hudgins Dehoux 23061, VANurse Practitioner1215932025
Marjorie Rose Piorkowski 20889, VANurse Practitioner1821093543
Margaret Riggan Light 20191, VANurse Practitioner1578568788
Robbie Casper 23502, VANurse Practitioner1508861170
Jacquelin S Daniel 23974, VANurse Practitioner1083619563
Vonda T Stanley 23970, VANurse Practitioner1982609475
Lorretta R Holland 23320, VANurse Practitioner1609871110
Judith S Anderson 24577, VANurse Practitioner1609871128
Kimberly A Scott 23320, VANurse Practitioner1104822295
Kimberly A Heath 23666, VANurse Practitioner1457357444
Angela D Maher 23502, VANurse Practitioner1437155579
Linda C Sawyer 23502, VANurse Practitioner1841296746
Audrey M Walker 23502, VANurse Practitioner1528064334
Judith Thompson Gore 20110, VANurse Practitioner1821095498
Irene Parrish 23970, VANurse Practitioner1639174113
Miriam S New 23188, VANurse Practitioner1659377612
Christianne Nesbitt 23507, VANurse Practitioner1417921867
Cori O Damuth 23502, VANurse Practitioner1295731180
Peter Hill 22827, VANurse Practitioner1134126626
Patrice Chance Malena 23602, VANurse Practitioner1508863853
Jane T. Settle 23298, VANurse Practitioner1811994882
Violet P. Esposito 24557, VANurse Practitioner1841297678
Soeria Damirchi Sanderford 23229, VANurse Practitioner1679570550
Mary Choisser Langford 22033, VANurse Practitioner1992702617
Laura Sue Steelman 23230, VANurse Practitioner1265439046
Margaret Mountcastle 23141, VANurse Practitioner1497753032
Robert Powell 23970, VANurse Practitioner1104824382
Anne L Stephens 23320, VANurse Practitioner1427056704
Maryellen C Remich 23320, VANurse Practitioner1386642668
Barbara K. Gilbert 24641, VANurse Practitioner1972501062
Ginger F Beecher 22150, VANurse Practitioner1497753529
Lisa Degilio 22033, VANurse Practitioner1710985775
Tracy Kennedy 24450, VANurse Practitioner1730187709
Alice Greenbaum Coakley 22305, VANurse Practitioner1518965417
Kathy S. Worley 24557, VANurse Practitioner1750388674
Renae Mason 23453, VANurse Practitioner1548267701
Debra C Welk 24486, VANurse Practitioner1588662795
Dora Lavalle Livingston 23456, VANurse Practitioner1194723783
Patricia H Hayes 24121, VANurse Practitioner1386642403
Ann Murray 22903, VANurse Practitioner1790782795
Bonnie L. Breneman 22060, VANurse Practitioner1134127145
Lane S Raker 23320, VANurse Practitioner1689672453
Jennifer Crowe Schutte 24153, VANurse Practitioner1164421566
Lynn Ellen Valentine 22902, VANurse Practitioner1952300352
Kim Louise Parks 23801, VANurse Practitioner1245239763
Vicki B Parker 23421, VANurse Practitioner1013916113
Virginia Pender Michel 22902, VANurse Practitioner1558360651
Amy Elizabeth Mcdonnell 22902, VANurse Practitioner1770582702
Donna Hartnett Smith 22902, VANurse Practitioner1396744231
Cynthia W. Almarode 22801, VANurse Practitioner1902806334
Barbara R Miller 24060, VANurse Practitioner1992705941
Judy C Broughton 24541, VANurse Practitioner1184624207
Nancy B English 20165, VANurse Practitioner1619978665
Evelyn Crotty 23803, VANurse Practitioner1295735264
Pamela Ann Tetro 22902, VANurse Practitioner1245230721
Tara Lynne Kiser 22033, VANurse Practitioner1407209307
Diane Cree Williams 23606, VANurse Practitioner1104826106
Charles Benford Sauls 22968, VANurse Practitioner1548269889
Mary C Koogler 24441, VANurse Practitioner1912908468
Vicki Ann Watson 22401, VANurse Practitioner1487656898
Mark A Mollner 23604, VANurse Practitioner1417949447
Gail Frances 22314, VANurse Practitioner1962494849
Patricia Lea Crain 22314, VANurse Practitioner1790777597
Stephanie Baldwin Herndon 23229, VANurse Practitioner1992797476
Nancy G Willard 22401, VANurse Practitioner1932191210
Kathy Lynne Sharp 24201, VANurse Practitioner1225021199
Janet Braidwood Costello 22601, VANurse Practitioner1134112857
Rebecca E Ewald 24354, VANurse Practitioner1255324919
Jane Quinan Thompson 20190, VANurse Practitioner1477546919
Susan M Furr 20132, VANurse Practitioner1902899420
Hope Ann Marshall 20165, VANurse Practitioner1831182484
Aubrey Christine Goodwin 20176, VANurse Practitioner1215920731
Mary Lynette Thomas 24018, VANurse Practitioner1871594986
Dianne L Locke 23249, VANurse Practitioner1871585117
Jennifer Field Brown 23451, VANurse Practitioner1063405686
Malinda Bridges Whitfield 22801, VANurse Practitioner1942293998
Annivy Gyaamea Acheampong 23693, VANurse Practitioner1174000822
Deborah Thomson 20110, VANurse Practitioner1730181678
Joy Ann Saari 20176, VANurse Practitioner1174516686
Nicole Kathleen Woodley 20176, VANurse Practitioner1669465175
Paula Maria Kukulich 20176, VANurse Practitioner1821081332
Melissa Milburn Hebert 20176, VANurse Practitioner1548253057
Sharon Kay Corriveau 20176, VANurse Practitioner1568455087
Susan Ernst Weiner 20147, VANurse Practitioner1578557930
Kelly Barnhart Welstead 20147, VANurse Practitioner1730172164
Rebecca Harriet Ford-ringwood 20151, VANurse Practitioner1407840796
Sarah Meany Baxter 20109, VANurse Practitioner1689668972
Kathryn Ruth Mcgill 20147, VANurse Practitioner1437143740
Robin Susan Woyach 20176, VANurse Practitioner1598759425
Kathleen Mcewan Pelkofski 20176, VANurse Practitioner1073507034
Debra Lee Bright 24175, VANurse Practitioner1104811520
Linda Moore Bronfin 22180, VANurse Practitioner1245225747
Jennifer S O'connors 23321, VANurse Practitioner1447245782
Tammy Hedspeth 23413, VANurse Practitioner1649265992
Danielle Ann Cote 22901, VANurse Practitioner1215922455
Matthew J Sykes 24210, VANurse Practitioner1023003266
Judith Anne Derrico 20164, VANurse Practitioner1386639144
Angela Renee Starkweather 23233, VANurse Practitioner1134114069
Marissa Koch 20032, VANurse Practitioner1558356113
Rachel R Colquitt 20148, VANurse Practitioner1184610594
Sharon Mcneal Yuras 20191, VANurse Practitioner1548256894
Suzanne Marie Wall 23691, VANurse Practitioner1275529570
Emalene C Cook 24609, VANurse Practitioner1194711473
Jane Jernigan Miller 22908, VANurse Practitioner1952397234
Isabelle T Amann 22401, VANurse Practitioner1134115892
Stephanie Boyce Weeks 23226, VANurse Practitioner1639165327
Reena Cherian 23229, VANurse Practitioner1073509774
Jeanne Moore 22192, VANurse Practitioner1073500658
Nancy D Davidson 24314, VANurse Practitioner1982691382
Kathleen Mary Dickman 20165, VANurse Practitioner1306833728
Carol Ballard 24060, VANurse Practitioner1437146818
Laurie Powell Burke 23112, VANurse Practitioner1013904374
Robin L Howell 23220, VANurse Practitioner1568459675
Ruth H Robertson 24551, VANurse Practitioner1467449587
Robert Benjamin Davis 22903, VANurse Practitioner1083601017
Jane Colleran Taylor 20906, VANurse Practitioner1164419024
Eileen B Vernon 23188, VANurse Practitioner1295723039
Elizabeth A Bowers 23236, VANurse Practitioner1497743926
Lisa Erin Keel 21287, VANurse Practitioner1093701757
Sherrie Jeaniene Doss 24350, VANurse Practitioner1285628834
Michelle Jeanne Yelland 20189, VANurse Practitioner1700870052
Maria Mcfarlane Briscoe 24210, VANurse Practitioner1376539866
Paula Kaye Wright 24210, VANurse Practitioner1669468815
Kimberly Phillips 22015, VANurse Practitioner1285157396
Candyace A Dunn 55346, VANurse Practitioner1306834999
Judith A Collins-cox 24142, VANurse Practitioner1437147055
Bridgette Olinger Smith 24236, VANurse Practitioner1427045384
Jessica Anne Scalzo 20105, VANurse Practitioner1689668469
Marilyn J Wiseman 20176, VANurse Practitioner1881682482
Elizabeth Perkinson Adams 23236, VANurse Practitioner1578551016
Patricia Peck 20176, VANurse Practitioner1336137587
Laura L Young Ligon 24541, VANurse Practitioner1831187095
Catrina M Ratliff 24211, VANurse Practitioner1558350322
Katherine Hooker Boaz 24112, VANurse Practitioner1952390791
Meryia D Throop 20064, VANurse Practitioner1437148160
Megan Mckewan 24142, VANurse Practitioner1447249024
Deborah Cofield Forrest 22835, VANurse Practitioner1730178773
Brenda Jessee 24266, VANurse Practitioner1457340598
Ann Elizabeth Shoemaker 23604, VANurse Practitioner1326037318
Lisa Gail Brewer 23604, VANurse Practitioner1932199932
Shelley B. Woodley 23059, VANurse Practitioner1477543387
Melanie Jean Smith 24504, VANurse Practitioner1073503686
Lydia Dunaway Shelton 24541, VANurse Practitioner1154311520
Julie P Dicerbo 22060, VANurse Practitioner1528058914
James Arthur Nolte 22060, VANurse Practitioner1366432874
Darla A. Anderson 22030, VANurse Practitioner1487644886
Kathleen Ann Paulter 20110, VANurse Practitioner1245220516
Pamela S Mccullough 22407, VANurse Practitioner1649260035
Barbara Claire Saladino 22031, VANurse Practitioner1154311587
Michelle S. Earnest 22401, VANurse Practitioner1982694204
Rose Marie Lilly 23666, VANurse Practitioner1851381172
Bronwen Berliner 22031, VANurse Practitioner1912997065
Victor C Browne 23604, VANurse Practitioner1851382782
Kathleen Bernice Mitchell 23801, VANurse Practitioner1366433344
Diane R Fenlason 22025, VANurse Practitioner1639160344
June Bohrer 23801, VANurse Practitioner1134110737
Charlotte Lee Hough 22060, VANurse Practitioner1497746093
Edward Eugene Yackel 23604, VANurse Practitioner1073504718
Stephen Paul Boychuck 23801, VANurse Practitioner1275524860
Patricia Lynn Maggard 24641, VANurse Practitioner1104817543
Carolyn D L'heureux 22980, VANurse Practitioner1477544708
Stephani C Lowery 22401, VANurse Practitioner1003807371
Carol Cecilia Gibson 22211, VANurse Practitioner1053302349
Hannelore Barbara Mancil 23805, VANurse Practitioner1184605321
Cristina W Trout 24060, VANurse Practitioner1669453734
Anna Barbette Patton 24641, VANurse Practitioner1295716405
Monica Grace Richardson 23604, VANurse Practitioner1750362851
Jean Marie Black 24091, VANurse Practitioner1417938416
Ramona E Smith 23604, VANurse Practitioner1285615203
Gil P Binarao 24333, VANurse Practitioner1356322085
Edythe Anne Browne 23602, VANurse Practitioner1992786719
April L Wilson 24141, VANurse Practitioner1265413892
Jill Suzanne Matney 24641, VANurse Practitioner1962483339


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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