Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Vermont

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Vermont:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mariel K Hess 05839, VTNurse Practitioner1225094113
Wayne Miller Powell 02832, VTNurse Practitioner1336392679
Jessica M Terrien 05661, VTNurse Practitioner1518216928
Mary Anne Kohn 05401, VTNurse Practitioner1639521412
Sarah Rani Tandan 05401, VTNurse Practitioner1194144741
Kate Wageman 05602, VTNurse Practitioner1891190203
Richard William Gallagher 05450, VTNurse Practitioner1467976381
Margaret Terrien 05401, VTNurse Practitioner1205298015
Kathryn Lynn Abraham Carpenter 03756, VTNurse Practitioner1891227583
Ashley Elizabeth Leamon 04105, VTNurse Practitioner1992245567
Amy Pfenning 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1295246379
Ayla Lewis Carr 05775, VTNurse Practitioner1699141259
Samantha O'sullivan Cooney 05478, VTNurse Practitioner1891288486
Brianna Durkin 05478, VTNurse Practitioner1689160889
Brianna Lu Seaver 03431, VTNurse Practitioner1902074677
Julia A Frankel 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1023543725
Brenda Neff 05602, VTNurse Practitioner1497210959
Penny Fossman 05060, VTNurse Practitioner1891117545
Erin Margaret Berg 05401, VTNurse Practitioner1063838845
Rebecca Brooklyn 05495, VTNurse Practitioner1073911947
Jamie D Bariteau 05602, VTNurse Practitioner1750819371
Caroline Connolly 05661, VTNurse Practitioner1508328436
Nicole Hadeka 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1407231590
Abigail Stanton Wikoff 05733, VTNurse Practitioner1831565597
Diana Leah Ricitelli 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1790014884
Clare Conner 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1578943916
Shauna Mckeon 05491, VTNurse Practitioner1104145069
Christine Lynne Burke 05201, VTNurse Practitioner1528613155
Linda F Davidson 28792, VTNurse Practitioner1659367944
Sarah Davis 05403, VTNurse Practitioner1649443508
Sarah F Bache 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1700344629
Anna Gluckman 05819, VTNurse Practitioner1811554801
Jessica White 05486, VTNurse Practitioner1164078796
Elizabeth Richard 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1831524230
Meagan Goodwin 12901, VTNurse Practitioner1770062523
Jessica L Wood 02905, VTNurse Practitioner1467974873
Cristin Craft 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1578989240
Cara Dimasi 05403, VTNurse Practitioner1639614613
Alison L Cannon 21204, VTNurse Practitioner1124268727
Kristina Myrtis Unikewicz Duprat 05488, VTNurse Practitioner1598315236
Sally J Beayon 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1124672340
Kari Ann Frederick 12901, VTNurse Practitioner1952809949
Flora E Jestice 05819, VTNurse Practitioner1952736209
Jaime Mclure 05346, VTNurse Practitioner1942730478
Jordice B Corey 05602, VTNurse Practitioner1982984316
Melanie Keiffer 48322, VTNurse Practitioner1407031321
Brent Robert Braswell 05851, VTNurse Practitioner1316556921
At Your Service Psychiatry, Pllc 60108, VTNurse Practitioner1740836980
Allison A Sikorsky 60108, VTNurse Practitioner1609152842
Minta Trivette 05060, VTNurse Practitioner1992354112
Lauren Phyllis Rodier 03561, VTNurse Practitioner1912993916
Kathy A. Elliott 05301, VTNurse Practitioner1821160862
Jodi L Hyndman 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1225050255
Danielle Warneau 03104, VTNurse Practitioner1407334253
Hella Douglas 05452, VTNurse Practitioner1043409675
Connie Fisk 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1508297599
Cheryl Underwood 05495, VTNurse Practitioner1669979068
Courtney Marie Gandee 05149, VTNurse Practitioner1356951669
Nicole Hoyt 47401, VTNurse Practitioner1063807121
Jeniffer Tobon 05604, VTNurse Practitioner1679768758
Maria Delia Crosby 10459, VTNurse Practitioner1013513217
Adam M Boise 03756, VTNurse Practitioner1124371299
Katrina Marie Prive 05301, VTNurse Practitioner1679170922
Kaitlin P Kessler 03756, VTNurse Practitioner1730674185
John-paul Cloutier 05661, VTNurse Practitioner1205492196
Zoe Rhea Rechter 29201, VTNurse Practitioner1245764729
Patience Ann Nelson 94404, VTNurse Practitioner1134514771
Kayla N Webster 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1801357603
Danielle M Robillard 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1346703360
Charly P Darius 05301, VTNurse Practitioner1790117075
Anne Lowery 05301, VTNurse Practitioner1619519048
Kari Joan Mckinley 05468, VTNurse Practitioner1225477615
Leah Mariette Macaulay 05403, VTNurse Practitioner1124357215
Mohamad Moussawi 05478, VTNurse Practitioner1831438233
Madeline B Mann 05468, VTNurse Practitioner1003075508
Courtney A Walker 05408, VTNurse Practitioner1457767410
Nicole M Barossi 08210, VTNurse Practitioner1316243322
Sherry L Barnard 05060, VTNurse Practitioner1073798666
Jessica Jawidzik 05495, VTNurse Practitioner1235790874
Britney Bigelow 03561, VTNurse Practitioner1497344055
Audrey Johnston 03756, VTNurse Practitioner1225526940
Lili Cargill 03774, VTNurse Practitioner1417906496
Kerin D Vadnais 03756, VTNurse Practitioner1336722131
Kelly Hensley 05201, VTNurse Practitioner1265708713
Grace Mikhaila Kozik 05040, VTNurse Practitioner1396243762
Shannon Campbell 32224, VTNurse Practitioner1780050419
Kathryn Ridgely Applegate 05403, VTNurse Practitioner1285216408
Connie Beiro Freeman 18103, VTNurse Practitioner1114206042
Lauren E Reck 03766, VTNurse Practitioner1598343626
Ania Mortier 05753, VTNurse Practitioner1487052593
Kristen Marie Sheehan 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1396219580
Sarah Margaret Colson 03756, VTNurse Practitioner1063678159
Lake Champlain Gynecologic Oncology, Pc 05403, VTNurse Practitioner1164418455
University Of New England 04005, VTNurse Practitioner1699752055
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 80537, VTNurse Practitioner1770026940
Center For Integrative Medicine,pllc 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1477621282
Nancy Scattergood Donavan Md 05201, VTNurse Practitioner1538221502
Suzanne Carlisle Stebenne 05001, VTNurse Practitioner1083135461
Bradford Psychiatric Associates. Llc 05033, VTNurse Practitioner1184747339
Vizuri Health Center Pc 05495, VTNurse Practitioner1871708354
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 54915, VTNurse Practitioner1386155216
Hella S Douglas Pllc 05495, VTNurse Practitioner1356598742
Paul Rogers Md 05656, VTNurse Practitioner1578797882
Mid Vermont Healthcare 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1427283282
Ernest D. Lapierre, M.s., L.l.c 05661, VTNurse Practitioner1235403452
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 80634, VTNurse Practitioner1407396377
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 81637, VTNurse Practitioner1437699329
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 81650, VTNurse Practitioner1326563271
Mh 102, Pc 05759, VTNurse Practitioner1346683562
Mh 102, Pc 05255, VTNurse Practitioner1053754275
Mh Nursing Of Indiana, Pc 46750, VTNurse Practitioner1962837393
Green Mountain Family Medicine 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1851712657
Mh Health Of Kansas, Pa 66219, VTNurse Practitioner1184037509
University Of Vermont Nursing And Health Sciences Practice Group 05408, VTNurse Practitioner1679986327
Hawthorn Recovery Center Pllc 05201, VTNurse Practitioner1659785186
Trillium Integrative Medicine 05403, VTNurse Practitioner1578955761
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 19426, VTNurse Practitioner1073906400
Green Mountain House Calls, Llc 05255, VTNurse Practitioner1316332075
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 83221, VTNurse Practitioner1134508443
Caroline Tassey Plc 05408, VTNurse Practitioner1619214574
Marathon Health, Inc. 72160, VTNurse Practitioner1558730648
Mh Health Of Kansas, Pa 66061, VTNurse Practitioner1801268404
Marathon Health, Inc. 97401, VTNurse Practitioner1013389931
Marathon Health, Inc. 72335, VTNurse Practitioner1699149559
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 80701, VTNurse Practitioner1598125262
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 79045, VTNurse Practitioner1861841686
Mh 101, Pc 56007, VTNurse Practitioner1669821484
Marathon Health, Inc 33966, VTNurse Practitioner1972051167
Marathon Health, Inc 45858, VTNurse Practitioner1043769722
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 77021, VTNurse Practitioner1508303363
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 80538, VTNurse Practitioner1043750920
Marathon Health Llc 33948, VTNurse Practitioner1497295604
Mh 102, Pc 20186, VTNurse Practitioner1689177040
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 53020, VTNurse Practitioner1356856074
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 18202, VTNurse Practitioner1780119628
Vermont Holistic Health Pllc 05255, VTNurse Practitioner1326594359
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 81601, VTNurse Practitioner1760907612
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 80911, VTNurse Practitioner1124543087
Marathon Health, Llc 33431, VTNurse Practitioner1952827818
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 27703, VTNurse Practitioner1144746017
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 54729, VTNurse Practitioner1063923993
Mh 102, Pc 30308, VTNurse Practitioner1720599657
Minds Over Matter, Pc 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1346769668
Marathon Health Llc 34237, VTNurse Practitioner1235634700
Marathon Health Llc 33716, VTNurse Practitioner1487151155
Marathon Health Llc 49001, VTNurse Practitioner1104318369
Mh 102, Pc 30680, VTNurse Practitioner1811476286
Mh 102, Pc 24011, VTNurse Practitioner1629557004
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 79705, VTNurse Practitioner1881173151
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 80521, VTNurse Practitioner1154896736
Marathon Health, Llc 33647, VTNurse Practitioner1053886630
Mh 102, Pc 22801, VTNurse Practitioner1285105171
Marathon Health, Llc 72762, VTNurse Practitioner1639640527
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 18853, VTNurse Practitioner1629549522
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 81501, VTNurse Practitioner1053884411
Mh Health Of Kansas, Pa 66612, VTNurse Practitioner1780157149
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 61107, VTNurse Practitioner1184288664
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 53562, VTNurse Practitioner1073177564
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 53222, VTNurse Practitioner1538723044
Marathon Health, Llc 63901, VTNurse Practitioner1417511924
Mh 102, Pc 30458, VTNurse Practitioner1861056376
Mh Nursing Of Indiana, Pc 47933, VTNurse Practitioner1093370454
Mh Health Of Kansas, Pa 67801, VTNurse Practitioner1205497054
Marathon Health, Llc 65340, VTNurse Practitioner1093376840
Genesis Eldercare Physician Services Llc 05701, VTNurse Practitioner1477576304
Mh Health Of Kansas, Pa 66212, VTNurse Practitioner1235784208
Mh Medical Services, Pc 27560, VTNurse Practitioner1396110151
Marathon Health, Llc 45640, VTNurse Practitioner1932755956
Nc Medical Of Ny Pc 10013, VTNurse Practitioner1992219091
Nc Medical Of Ny Pc 10017, VTNurse Practitioner1669839437
Nc Medical Of Ny Pc 10036, VTNurse Practitioner1992257034
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 02155, VTNurse Practitioner1699316752
Marathon Health, Llc 32405, VTNurse Practitioner1598306656
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 61114, VTNurse Practitioner1760023162
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 77079, VTNurse Practitioner1902448210
Mh Medical Services, Pc 28463, VTNurse Practitioner1992347157
Mh Medical Services, Pc 27105, VTNurse Practitioner1053957118
Mh Medical Services, Pc 27565, VTNurse Practitioner1851937916
Mh Medical Services, Pc 27103, VTNurse Practitioner1659917615
Mh Medical Services, Pc 27101, VTNurse Practitioner1912543976
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 38141, VTNurse Practitioner1629614680
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 37040, VTNurse Practitioner1265078224
Mh Medical Services, Pc 24050, VTNurse Practitioner1487290201
Jennifer Brennan, Aprn, Pllc 05401, VTNurse Practitioner1356988828
Marathon Health, Llc 84047, VTNurse Practitioner1376083071
Marathon Health Llc 21076, VTNurse Practitioner1235760653
Marathon Health Llc 70123, VTNurse Practitioner1750912176
Marathon Health Llc 68522, VTNurse Practitioner1215560297
Marathon Health Llc 88210, VTNurse Practitioner1942833934
Marathon Health Llc 36303, VTNurse Practitioner1568095446
Marathon Health Llc 36346, VTNurse Practitioner1700419686
Marathon Health Llc 64507, VTNurse Practitioner1992338982
Marathon Health Llc 44122, VTNurse Practitioner1790318772
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 29201, VTNurse Practitioner1245864321
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 75056, VTNurse Practitioner1316571490
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 76244, VTNurse Practitioner1306470489
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 01730, VTNurse Practitioner1821622911
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 16625, VTNurse Practitioner1205460300
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 42141, VTNurse Practitioner1497389506
Mh 102, Pc 31405, VTNurse Practitioner1174157218


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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