Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Krystyna Soltysiak 98188, WANurse Practitioner1376543918
Joey L Laske 98499, WANurse Practitioner1427040138
Sandra Leigh Schilling 99208, WANurse Practitioner1104811033
Jacquelyn Lou Banasik 99202, WANurse Practitioner1174518021
Carrie Eb Holliday 99206, WANurse Practitioner1558356485
Shawna Olson Smith 98424, WANurse Practitioner1053307926
Jaime N Crocker 99216, WANurse Practitioner1053306456
Soumya Donohoe 98104, WANurse Practitioner1275510109
Susan Carroll Hill 98274, WANurse Practitioner1124002563
Gloria Youngju Nam 98003, WANurse Practitioner1609836717
Debra Ann Freund 99203, WANurse Practitioner1134192107
Bettina Ryan 98801, WANurse Practitioner1407330764
Karen Louise Huisinga 98110, WANurse Practitioner1114980828
Richard Francis Hefner 98431, WANurse Practitioner1578511002
Michele E. Acker 98105, WANurse Practitioner1720019094
Cynthia Jensen 98493, WANurse Practitioner1932149937
Eleanor Rayshan Lee 98006, WANurse Practitioner1427094556
Rosson W Wiebe 34997, WANurse Practitioner1659707354
Katherine K Schultz 98107, WANurse Practitioner1841205556
Jonathan Louis Wolman 98292, WANurse Practitioner1164445607
Caryn C Young 98201, WANurse Practitioner1376575621
Jennifer S Nielsen 98104, WANurse Practitioner1669497798
Lorena G Boyd 98802, WANurse Practitioner1205860079
Joni Ghormley 98104, WANurse Practitioner1649293267
Donna L Poole 98311, WANurse Practitioner1578670303
Tracy K Takara 98122, WANurse Practitioner1780769497
Elizabeth Marie Portelance 97239, WANurse Practitioner1962807917
Ronnie Okialda 98270, WANurse Practitioner1265513451
Kelly A Welz 98201, WANurse Practitioner1699855544
Geraldine Jennifer Lee 98115, WANurse Practitioner1265582480
Christian Family Care Inc 98003, WANurse Practitioner1528196052
Rachel S Fenimore 98103, WANurse Practitioner1427174416
David L Caulfield 98532, WANurse Practitioner1851446553
Lisa Lynette Miller 48640, WANurse Practitioner1003970856
Victoria L. Sanchez 30339, WANurse Practitioner1972773331
Manami Furuya 97035, WANurse Practitioner1396935870
Aileen Leslie Wedvik 98499, WANurse Practitioner1346443413
Deidre Anne Mchugh 98101, WANurse Practitioner1639365901
Debra Rice 98902, WANurse Practitioner1053782102
Michael Jacobus Van Gelder 99201, WANurse Practitioner1841480761
Deborah M Rogers 99352, WANurse Practitioner1831356765
Josue B Reyes 99362, WANurse Practitioner1649411729
Nam Ry Kim 98104, WANurse Practitioner1164659595
Lori Ann Drews 98926, WANurse Practitioner1922336932
Asefeh Faraz 92345, WANurse Practitioner1447402516
Diane Demeter Knight 99362, WANurse Practitioner1851535470
Brandy Lee Wiltermuth 98072, WANurse Practitioner1285865402
Wendy Anne Lendrum 98195, WANurse Practitioner1487925301
Cheryl Anne Hahn 98104, WANurse Practitioner1821320938
John H Kabosky 99109, WANurse Practitioner1427328731
Colleen Virginia Worth 92101, WANurse Practitioner1285875427
Sean Michael Burson 98274, WANurse Practitioner1922312453
Mary Christine Decker 34744, WANurse Practitioner1043517808
Kathleen Anne Wirtz 98632, WANurse Practitioner1801100201
Laura C Donnell 98109, WANurse Practitioner1952691651
Caitlin Anne Hill 94558, WANurse Practitioner1184904013
Loretta Denise Wood-steenvoorden 99204, WANurse Practitioner1285962860
Karen S Casseday 98310, WANurse Practitioner1487936241
Linsey Branson 83201, WANurse Practitioner1770939084
Joseph Wilmhoff 98102, WANurse Practitioner1760631469
Sonya Beth Starr 98204, WANurse Practitioner1528377991
Laura Campbell 28204, WANurse Practitioner1013291491
Barbara A. Fallin 98101, WANurse Practitioner1730476169
Geoffrey Fong 98112, WANurse Practitioner1376885590
Celeste A Jorgensen 98506, WANurse Practitioner1366628802
Kimberly Scaia 98101, WANurse Practitioner1700136462
Yasmine S Lee 97239, WANurse Practitioner1134475148
Melissa Y Covenant 04950, WANurse Practitioner1194162925
Andrea M Strid 98632, WANurse Practitioner1609208537
Ellen Connolly Paget 98104, WANurse Practitioner1790106813
Emily Anne James 98201, WANurse Practitioner1437599404
Jean Baumgardner 59802, WANurse Practitioner1346654258
Elizabeth Pilar Liu 98661, WANurse Practitioner1821408386
Rachel Erin Gaspard 98848, WANurse Practitioner1720499445
Kelli Kraft 98241, WANurse Practitioner1568846558
Susan Elizabeth Steadman 99223, WANurse Practitioner1184090078
Sarah Cohen 98115, WANurse Practitioner1497190896
Jill Renee Bradley 98686, WANurse Practitioner1568961100
Grace Miran Park 98003, WANurse Practitioner1811363195
Vicki Lynn Schaub 98104, WANurse Practitioner1811388325
Andrew Hilty 04240, WANurse Practitioner1568846236
Morgan Mccrea 98107, WANurse Practitioner1003290529
Sarah Huntington 98506, WANurse Practitioner1831531821
Genene K Eriksen 68131, WANurse Practitioner1740346568
Cheryl Eloise Suttles 35242, WANurse Practitioner1952640690
Wendy Janelle Chandler 80914, WANurse Practitioner1033507991
Amy Tierra 98104, WANurse Practitioner1053658724
Kathryn Jensen 98012, WANurse Practitioner1205222429
Jason Kent Noles 97239, WANurse Practitioner1598135782
Fred Michael Itveldt 99206, WANurse Practitioner1619393204
Shawn Marie Fox 97365, WANurse Practitioner1154737534
William Brenton 98225, WANurse Practitioner1154706190
Jeanine L Yates 85014, WANurse Practitioner1275874927
Tom Sutherland 98801, WANurse Practitioner1619390648
Kathy T Kinderman 99201, WANurse Practitioner1730551201
Joseph Francis Tkacik 99208, WANurse Practitioner1457693558
Al Jerome Crisologo Cruz 98003, WANurse Practitioner1932585585
Angela Joyce Tefft 98335, WANurse Practitioner1770971855
Travis Adam Day 97501, WANurse Practitioner1912333451
Dana Mcbride Jackson 98201, WANurse Practitioner1780070748
Cheryl Ann Bailey 99205, WANurse Practitioner1831257153
Arianne Parkinson 98405, WANurse Practitioner1295071124
Constance Marie Wilson 80525, WANurse Practitioner1861732612
Melissa Yen-ching Lo 98109, WANurse Practitioner1003161498
Chastity Kolb 99202, WANurse Practitioner1801209929
Amy Lynn Vanhorne 56201, WANurse Practitioner1457749426
Michelle Simmons 97220, WANurse Practitioner1447644349
Kelsey Grace Moore 98003, WANurse Practitioner1679084305
Leilani De Jong 98033, WANurse Practitioner1619376530
Larena Lynn Walshe 98057, WANurse Practitioner1992178057
Cecelia Watson 98405, WANurse Practitioner1669911137
Susan Sieg 84113, WANurse Practitioner1568907418
Danielle Norris 98003, WANurse Practitioner1255856464
Kristi Haldeman 98122, WANurse Practitioner1326566274
Jessie Aileen Bernard 98405, WANurse Practitioner1437660321
Kelsey W Hobbs 98107, WANurse Practitioner1174989321
Bridget Knight 97701, WANurse Practitioner1386091734
Ashley Mcginnis 98002, WANurse Practitioner1962855197
Charitey Lee Robar 98195, WANurse Practitioner1538612627
Joseph Hans Kohn 98541, WANurse Practitioner1083141105
Misty L Smith 98105, WANurse Practitioner1336695311
Kathleen Elizabeth Johnson 98012, WANurse Practitioner1871010306
Whitney Ann Eng 98405, WANurse Practitioner1538678206
Candace M Hart 98686, WANurse Practitioner1720528698
Melissa Rene Czapka 99328, WANurse Practitioner1376072553
Family Medical Care Clinics Corporation A Professional Association 83835, WANurse Practitioner1942730775
Poot Counseling, Llc 98092, WANurse Practitioner1255845939
James Patrick Ronan 98501, WANurse Practitioner1881792455
Jennifer Shannon Niemi 98036, WANurse Practitioner1598054249
Mary Kathryn Stark 83703, WANurse Practitioner1871629055
Katherine Parikh 98104, WANurse Practitioner1154843530
Chelsea Bean Karchon 98516, WANurse Practitioner1700305893
Braden Carl Andersen 98030, WANurse Practitioner1598292120
Tarasue C Maness 83687, WANurse Practitioner1386191500
Endrias Tafese Abera 98195, WANurse Practitioner1275064107
Tiffani Buck 98504, WANurse Practitioner1609398346
Birth And Family Midwifery, Llc 98632, WANurse Practitioner1316466709
Kimbra Lynn Willings-orozco 98072, WANurse Practitioner1427501519
Sarah Dalton Bloom 98686, WANurse Practitioner1538656442
Megan Jane Melvin 98104, WANurse Practitioner1407352503
Tia Ramirez 98310, WANurse Practitioner1619481421
Jared Dudley 99208, WANurse Practitioner1417459850
Jacob Camilo Franco 99202, WANurse Practitioner1407378540
Edward Rosanski 98662, WANurse Practitioner1841366036
Melissa Koll 98105, WANurse Practitioner1114118908
Aleksandr Torchilo 98188, WANurse Practitioner1942707781
Norma Vestal 97239, WANurse Practitioner1285093591
Celso E Tumulak 78504, WANurse Practitioner1720494503
Adeline Rosemary Kline 96701, WANurse Practitioner1487912689
Christina Lorene Wolf 98229, WANurse Practitioner1639676992
Bethany Rena Smith 98208, WANurse Practitioner1073033320
Ee Hoon Ong 98052, WANurse Practitioner1013400589
Shannon T. Thom 98201, WANurse Practitioner1316175037
Violet Robb 98034, WANurse Practitioner1760994131
Amy Nichole Ryll 98684, WANurse Practitioner1588112056
Jill E Faccia 98664, WANurse Practitioner1174952139
Gayle K. Juenemann 20001, WANurse Practitioner1548613730
Jina Marie Taub 98195, WANurse Practitioner1588912059
Elizabeth Ann Jones 98087, WANurse Practitioner1952844987
Corinne Arlene Worth 28203, WANurse Practitioner1659852028
Vanessa Lewinger Dunleavy 98104, WANurse Practitioner1467980276
Shawta Sackett 98837, WANurse Practitioner1073099875
Joy Williams 61944, WANurse Practitioner1083080899
Katherine Mccusker 98201, WANurse Practitioner1386170694
Jeremy R King 98223, WANurse Practitioner1073000345
Wing Nga Yu 98188, WANurse Practitioner1063997807
Tracy Ray Astleford 99205, WANurse Practitioner1285179671
Sammy Gathiru 98499, WANurse Practitioner1609368737
Mariah Schreven 99218, WANurse Practitioner1649755711
Tess Dominique Sorbo 98005, WANurse Practitioner1841713641
Erin Gilmer 98902, WANurse Practitioner1184105694
Maria Socorro Miranda Gandara 98501, WANurse Practitioner1366625717
Amber J Madani 99344, WANurse Practitioner1225503311
Jillian Lozanoff 84041, WANurse Practitioner1679975700
Christine Eyler 98004, WANurse Practitioner1720553613
Matthew Timothy James Luce 98632, WANurse Practitioner1144748815
Washington Gastroenterology Pllc 98405, WANurse Practitioner1306364401
Nina Reiss 98901, WANurse Practitioner1114391786
Magdalena J Haigh 99019, WANurse Practitioner1952879397
Erika Valtinson 83814, WANurse Practitioner1770760118
Rosemary Royce 90245, WANurse Practitioner1396799706
Audry Gorman 35233, WANurse Practitioner1902828155
Lucy Chege 98204, WANurse Practitioner1336511575
Barbara E Beckford 90245, WANurse Practitioner1437167913
Kristen Connelly 15203, WANurse Practitioner1124572540
Leigh Anne Collins - Vazquez Atecas 98520, WANurse Practitioner1437645892
Jenna Marie Amos 23320, WANurse Practitioner1740632769
Emily Farnham Krengel 98122, WANurse Practitioner1013493287
Angela D. Franke 98273, WANurse Practitioner1366700825
Janna Cuneo 98104, WANurse Practitioner1528451192
Alexandra Farnsworth 97838, WANurse Practitioner1508269655
Sarah Christine Gregg 97850, WANurse Practitioner1881159754
Innovative Mental Health & Pain Care, Llc 98335, WANurse Practitioner1326495490
Andrea Catrell 98402, WANurse Practitioner1740763994
Lorena Barajas 98208, WANurse Practitioner1073064077
Christina Sujin Theis 98012, WANurse Practitioner1205302478
Julie M Wheaton 97236, WANurse Practitioner1174006878
Heather Engelsman 98006, WANurse Practitioner1639566979
Kiira M Tietjen 99207, WANurse Practitioner1366992091
Ji-young Kim 98275, WANurse Practitioner1164974978


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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