Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Scott Paris 98391, WANurse Practitioner1679576672
Alexandra C. Hunt 98281, WANurse Practitioner1629071477
Karen L Wollenberg 99204, WANurse Practitioner1720081979
Emily Carol Fischer 98270, WANurse Practitioner1982607313
Carolyn A Searles 98101, WANurse Practitioner1770585002
Michael A Gregory 98274, WANurse Practitioner1598768897
Ron Whitten-bailey 99336, WANurse Practitioner1063415644
Audrey Kay Warolin 98274, WANurse Practitioner1235133570
Randall Gray Griffith 98372, WANurse Practitioner1073517793
Sue H Oshiro-zeier 98683, WANurse Practitioner1982608923
John A Zeier 98663, WANurse Practitioner1013911080
Cherie L Smith 98465, WANurse Practitioner1700880432
James William Hartley 98274, WANurse Practitioner1972508836
Mary-jo Renz 98133, WANurse Practitioner1457356222
Sharon K Jung 98405, WANurse Practitioner1699770628
Rae Boyd 98274, WANurse Practitioner1144225236
Debbie C Gaebler 98032, WANurse Practitioner1669477451
Kimberley Anne Burns 98405, WANurse Practitioner1023012416
Agnes Shirley Parker 38116, WANurse Practitioner1124023932
Lindsey Marie Parden Anagnostopoulos 98108, WANurse Practitioner1477921617
Leigh A Harkcom 99202, WANurse Practitioner1285639500
Terry A Patterson 99202, WANurse Practitioner1265437453
Loretta J Pinter 99202, WANurse Practitioner1902801194
Mark Michael Abrams 98493, WANurse Practitioner1306841804
Margaret Julie Koepping 99040, WANurse Practitioner1134125594
Laurie Dempsey 98133, WANurse Practitioner1578569836
Bobbie Katherine Fletcher 98390, WANurse Practitioner1487650784
Jane E Mckee 98070, WANurse Practitioner1386640639
Vinetta A Macpherson 99201, WANurse Practitioner1306842596
James H. Swegle 98274, WANurse Practitioner1700882875
Denise Marie Halasz 98431, WANurse Practitioner1841296886
Linda K. Johnston 98632, WANurse Practitioner1376549337
Melinda Lee Poso 98499, WANurse Practitioner1235135013
Lyndel Cubberley 98493, WANurse Practitioner1063418739
Claudette Thuman Krell 98112, WANurse Practitioner1568468783
Karen Boudour 98371, WANurse Practitioner1255337762
Kimberlee Elizabeth Poole 98837, WANurse Practitioner1275539256
Michael L Huggins 98122, WANurse Practitioner1952308520
Linda Susan Dahl 98362, WANurse Practitioner1720084676
Susan E Ferreira 98431, WANurse Practitioner1205832839
Francine G Buckner 98188, WANurse Practitioner1669479002
Debbie C. Anderson 98632, WANurse Practitioner1104823699
Maria P. Magnuson 98632, WANurse Practitioner1396742540
Sandra K Schorzman 99161, WANurse Practitioner1871590141
Lynn Louise Albertson 98072, WANurse Practitioner1366449381
Millicent Lanegraff 98072, WANurse Practitioner1710984737
Denise R Cummings 98373, WANurse Practitioner1851398739
Diane C Hawkins 98632, WANurse Practitioner1275530024
Ellen M Hanisch 98332, WANurse Practitioner1346248754
Margene Deann Fields 98548, WANurse Practitioner1205834520
Silvia Tina Fradkin 98466, WANurse Practitioner1083612279
Tammy Renee Barrett 98004, WANurse Practitioner1346248192
Ellen Johnston 98226, WANurse Practitioner1730187725
Diana Eugenia Moser 98840, WANurse Practitioner1154329555
Marilee M. Jensen 98122, WANurse Practitioner1215935960
Rosa M Johnson 98133, WANurse Practitioner1063410181
Glee Lyon 98466, WANurse Practitioner1184621831
Illa Hilliard 99202, WANurse Practitioner1275531196
Elizabeth A Hadland 98042, WANurse Practitioner1225037831
John A. Cranton 98597, WANurse Practitioner1326047986
Jeff L Ramirez 99202, WANurse Practitioner1811996390
Peggy Kibbel 98004, WANurse Practitioner1871592014
Jennifer Patricia Caso 99362, WANurse Practitioner1396744322
Jean M Colombo 99362, WANurse Practitioner1306845268
Steven Charles Felton 98115, WANurse Practitioner1851391668
Reba Mcgear 98405, WANurse Practitioner1184624447
Shauna R Weatherby 98405, WANurse Practitioner1790785764
Terry M Silvestrin 98405, WANurse Practitioner1174523138
Heidi Rosemarie Graf 98277, WANurse Practitioner1376543397
Mary Lou Zozaya-monohon 98506, WANurse Practitioner1811998735
Jeannette Delrene Davis 98506, WANurse Practitioner1043211915
Rebecca M Bodle-shingu 98506, WANurse Practitioner1558362368
Lisa J Kent-abel 98004, WANurse Practitioner1609875855
Cheryl R Axford-lockhart 98029, WANurse Practitioner1447259692
Patricia J Cox 98405, WANurse Practitioner1942200530
Krystyna Soltysiak 98188, WANurse Practitioner1376543918
Kathryn Ann Willits 76102, WANurse Practitioner1245230028
Erin Alane Jacobson 98499, WANurse Practitioner1033118344
Amber L Gauthier 98532, WANurse Practitioner1821534801
Terri Leigh Squires 98122, WANurse Practitioner1811997935
Danielle Vidal Riggs 99201, WANurse Practitioner1063414043
Victoria Dawn Paulus 98662, WANurse Practitioner1851392963
Susan E. Baran 99204, WANurse Practitioner1326040130
M Jean Crutch 98405, WANurse Practitioner1255333969
Cynthia Grace Meinecke 98008, WANurse Practitioner1215939921
Jennifer L Coles 99202, WANurse Practitioner1861494320
Margaret E Collyer 99202, WANurse Practitioner1841292208
Laura Janelle Wills 99204, WANurse Practitioner1265424402
Patsy E Crevensten 98055, WANurse Practitioner1457343493
Barbara L Golay 98055, WANurse Practitioner1437141470
Debra K Macdonald 99352, WANurse Practitioner1033101209
Jennifer R Frost 99202, WANurse Practitioner1578555413
Tracy Lee Hesler Lind 99040, WANurse Practitioner1457343287
Gail Johns Springer 99202, WANurse Practitioner1346232030
Rebecca G Gallaway 99203, WANurse Practitioner1831181510
Kristen K. Doerr 98801, WANurse Practitioner1649262122
Lynda Ann Bishop 98362, WANurse Practitioner1558353805
Nancy Louise Stokley 98116, WANurse Practitioner1558353888
Phiroce Ishaque 98499, WANurse Practitioner1528051893
Denise R Ogorek 99202, WANurse Practitioner1295728517
Holly Beth Pena 99204, WANurse Practitioner1548253867
Tatiana N Ponomarenko 99202, WANurse Practitioner1619960937
Jeanne M Robison 99204, WANurse Practitioner1710970843
Carol A Rudy 99218, WANurse Practitioner1356334486
Joshua Michael Webb 98087, WANurse Practitioner1063405017
Michel Martin Couret 98126, WANurse Practitioner1699768648
Janet K Russell 99204, WANurse Practitioner1699768606
Mary E Brennan 98632, WANurse Practitioner1861485872
Linda Gay Lepape 98466, WANurse Practitioner1043203185
Andrea Lynn Friesen 98087, WANurse Practitioner1750374799
Teri A Tupper 99208, WANurse Practitioner1932192002
Gregory Alan Lind 98087, WANurse Practitioner1962495903
Rebecca M Mckanna 98004, WANurse Practitioner1336132307
Georgia Ann Mohler 98499, WANurse Practitioner1134112071
Carolyn Mary Freed 98270, WANurse Practitioner1962495929
Karen Rongren 98028, WANurse Practitioner1598758328
Robin L Hoeniges 98531, WANurse Practitioner1578556320
Kristie K Marbut 98466, WANurse Practitioner1225021934
Anne Breen Becker 98568, WANurse Practitioner1619960382
Susan D Frankovich 99202, WANurse Practitioner1174516702
Christopher Earle Pamp 98133, WANurse Practitioner1891788238
Patricia Lynn Dykstra 99022, WANurse Practitioner1821081308
Christiian T Lewis 99204, WANurse Practitioner1568454999
Nancy Hamlin 98201, WANurse Practitioner1336132778
Joey L Laske 98499, WANurse Practitioner1427040138
Renata K Riley 99202, WANurse Practitioner1427041813
Barbara J. Bjeletich 98195, WANurse Practitioner1669465027
Janice Linehan 99109, WANurse Practitioner1912991332
Sharon Mack Derstine 98362, WANurse Practitioner1104810480
Theresa Wiederhold 99208, WANurse Practitioner1255325460
Roberta Barnes 99205, WANurse Practitioner1386638591
Beverly M Search 98611, WANurse Practitioner1962496083
Mary Elizabeth Davis 98112, WANurse Practitioner1780678292
Margaret Auld Bruya 99201, WANurse Practitioner1295720126
Janet Purath 99207, WANurse Practitioner1902891856
Robert T Smithing 98031, WANurse Practitioner1023004611
Madeline D Wiley 98031, WANurse Practitioner1932195526
Judith Lynn Unger 98027, WANurse Practitioner1720074321
Robin Coutant Gregory 99204, WANurse Practitioner1750377180
Laurinda Rae Elgin 98502, WANurse Practitioner1316933666
Christine A Acker 99336, WANurse Practitioner1023004256
Jean Carson Fletcher 98331, WANurse Practitioner1659367860
Brent Arliss Francisco 98632, WANurse Practitioner1568458842
Marcia L Bentley 98632, WANurse Practitioner1518953587
Kathleen Greenhalgh 98438, WANurse Practitioner1083600068
Tina M Taylor 98632, WANurse Practitioner1306832274
Kathleen F Kleiver 98031, WANurse Practitioner1447247069
Ann D Barshney 98274, WANurse Practitioner1043207632
Sharon E Gottardi 98274, WANurse Practitioner1811984420
Deborah R Kearnes 98104, WANurse Practitioner1356338834
Olga Voloshina 98104, WANurse Practitioner1265429740
Melody A Music 98104, WANurse Practitioner1225025794
Carolyn J Burkhart 98104, WANurse Practitioner1275520744
Michelle Marie Hayes 98499, WANurse Practitioner1275520405
Shirley M Pryor 98624, WANurse Practitioner1083601264
Lynn M Handy 98274, WANurse Practitioner1407843451
Joyce I Kulina 98201, WANurse Practitioner1265429062
Dee A Wildermuth 98225, WANurse Practitioner1538157276
Jeanne Battenburg 98339, WANurse Practitioner1700874575
Luanne J Gehrig 99218, WANurse Practitioner1316935968
Dawn L Lovelace 99133, WANurse Practitioner1295721058
Wendy A Hughes 99133, WANurse Practitioner1770570905
John Evans 99352, WANurse Practitioner1811981988
Karen Marie Ruhl 98003, WANurse Practitioner1700870946
Victoria A Rice 98632, WANurse Practitioner1225022270
Janis J Whitehead 99347, WANurse Practitioner1316930795
Ramona K Sherman 98632, WANurse Practitioner1033105036
Debra Gail Wong 98801, WANurse Practitioner1720074909
Sandra Jean Jones 97439, WANurse Practitioner1043203581
Lyndon Clarence Capon 98204, WANurse Practitioner1821083056
Andrea Balazs 99216, WANurse Practitioner1295721439
Linina Marie Zocchi 98686, WANurse Practitioner1073500260
Shelley D. Miksis 98104, WANurse Practitioner1396731980
Sandra Leigh Schilling 99208, WANurse Practitioner1104811033
Jacquelyn Lou Banasik 99202, WANurse Practitioner1174518021
Carrie Eb Holliday 99206, WANurse Practitioner1558356485
Kelsey Anne Brauer 98101, WANurse Practitioner1376057380
Jennifer Marie Tackitt 99119, WANurse Practitioner1730667833
Merry Armstrong Fougere 99201, WANurse Practitioner1780670117
Stephanie J Bennett 98683, WANurse Practitioner1376536706
Johanna Morison Taniguchi 98104, WANurse Practitioner1770936676
Shawna Olson Smith 98424, WANurse Practitioner1053307926
Leslie S Fifer 99201, WANurse Practitioner1366430977
Jaime N Crocker 99216, WANurse Practitioner1053306456
Linda M Fluke 98004, WANurse Practitioner1558359984
Jessie H. Ahroni 98208, WANurse Practitioner1467440693
Barbara A Wos Elledge 99114, WANurse Practitioner1730177841
Sara E Holt 99204, WANurse Practitioner1225026354
Sharon Lynn Taggart 98501, WANurse Practitioner1710975719
Joyce R Lingerfelt 99114, WANurse Practitioner1194713297
Marty R. Babcock 98144, WANurse Practitioner1003804055
Paula Cox-north 98104, WANurse Practitioner1699763573
Mary S. Eklund 98502, WANurse Practitioner1184613903
Lori A Nelson 98383, WANurse Practitioner1902895428
Gaylene Ann Adams 98006, WANurse Practitioner1417946955
Eugene W. Partridge 98022, WANurse Practitioner1396734695
Teresa A. Wolber 98125, WANurse Practitioner1942299052
Judith Day Hammer 98105, WANurse Practitioner1922098912
Marianne Abrams 98493, WANurse Practitioner1689664526
Shannon Marie Fitzgerald 98105, WANurse Practitioner1780674200


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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