Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Connie M Hoppe 54612, WINurse Practitioner1992700421
Heidi Blair 32301, WINurse Practitioner1295736148
Cheryl Ann Pucci 54904, WINurse Practitioner1518952829
Lourdes T Robles 53204, WINurse Practitioner1174099063
Wanda Boyer 94143, WINurse Practitioner1588655229
Laura Beeson 54016, WINurse Practitioner1326592502
Barbara J Stafslien 54601, WINurse Practitioner1356310361
Julie Anne Meyer 55303, WINurse Practitioner1528011848
Elizabeth Mattes 53215, WINurse Practitioner1205886173
Marie Therese Ustruck 53005, WINurse Practitioner1518441898
Lisa Valiquette 54911, WINurse Practitioner1023053626
Jessie M Grasse 54914, WINurse Practitioner1447280714
Beverly Felten 53218, WINurse Practitioner1366470130
Christine A Yeomans 53215, WINurse Practitioner1881707867
Susan Raquel Eckwright 54729, WINurse Practitioner1245245778
Duane H Otten 55433, WINurse Practitioner1093822488
Laura B. Rohowetz 53226, WINurse Practitioner1750460994
Jodi Fields 53963, WINurse Practitioner1942653811
Suzanne Wolf 54868, WINurse Practitioner1710086137
Vickie J Woelfel 54301, WINurse Practitioner1144337999
Cathy A Beck 53142, WINurse Practitioner1801940861
Rebecca Massart 53222, WINurse Practitioner1497815237
Evelyn Lauren Andersen 54986, WINurse Practitioner1295262772
Russell W. Creel 54401, WINurse Practitioner1134265739
Tina M Rentmeester 53226, WINurse Practitioner1336204908
Donna Colleen Johnson 68516, WINurse Practitioner1346312105
Melissa A. Johnson 53963, WINurse Practitioner1134306160
Debra Marie Pendergast 53132, WINurse Practitioner1992976286
Jennifer L Reichardt 54915, WINurse Practitioner1811188683
Kendra Niemuth 54165, WINurse Practitioner1407384241
Sarah Jean Tuohy 60674, WINurse Practitioner1699960088
Cassandra Toeppler 54915, WINurse Practitioner1356864201
Suzanne Anderson 55811, WINurse Practitioner1386838712
Christine Marion Dressler 53821, WINurse Practitioner1053636068
Laura L Baehnman 54982, WINurse Practitioner1700195567
Staci L Rose 54937, WINurse Practitioner1750611448
Sandra A. Boerner 53012, WINurse Practitioner1093099269
Carolyn J Klotz 53005, WINurse Practitioner1871728253
Lauren A Kelly 23235, WINurse Practitioner1568793057
Michelle M Hermes 54915, WINurse Practitioner1396049649
Anne Catherine Abresch 53202, WINurse Practitioner1578867479
Jessica L. Wirkus 54115, WINurse Practitioner1376772061
Bethaney Anne Kaye 55404, WINurse Practitioner1528363173
Terry Marie Zacharias 53051, WINurse Practitioner1730497785
Amy C Nowak 54241, WINurse Practitioner1912426925
Gina E Ramthun 54401, WINurse Practitioner1033428271
Cheryl L Mabry 54481, WINurse Practitioner1891931440
Coby Lynn Somsen 54020, WINurse Practitioner1629363429
Susan P Lee 34238, WINurse Practitioner1093957920
Jenna L Jozwik 53226, WINurse Practitioner1063725760
Rebecca K Richards-hack 50401, WINurse Practitioner1548492135
Elizabeth A. Schroeder 54401, WINurse Practitioner1225296635
Brenda Blunt 53110, WINurse Practitioner1174878839
Nina Sebastian Bredehorn 53092, WINurse Practitioner1144570433
Linae Marie Hicks 54840, WINurse Practitioner1841470689
Stefanie M Zuleger 54911, WINurse Practitioner1346672888
Kristi R Pennenberg 54301, WINurse Practitioner1619306297
Rebecca Rose Hoerth 54901, WINurse Practitioner1215336730
Karla Zilinski 53226, WINurse Practitioner1043690399
Julie Driscoll 53213, WINurse Practitioner1083012025
Kylie Elizabeth Berger 54665, WINurse Practitioner1861874067
Chelsi S Weber 54301, WINurse Practitioner1881079960
Katie Eisele 53226, WINurse Practitioner1528435369
Aimee Schmitt 53005, WINurse Practitioner1598132896
Jessica E Radtke 54911, WINurse Practitioner1427421783
Stephanie Lynn Hayes 54313, WINurse Practitioner1144654120
Nina Malm 55904, WINurse Practitioner1336562172
Molly Ries 56265, WINurse Practitioner1992129811
Cheryl Kaminski 53022, WINurse Practitioner1215325873
Neil C. Johnson 53589, WINurse Practitioner1689922890
Kristine M Doemel 54729, WINurse Practitioner1972925170
Michael F Duckwall 49801, WINurse Practitioner1568870004
Angela Denise Lentz 55101, WINurse Practitioner1639576994
Laura Brantman-johnson 53182, WINurse Practitioner1417337247
Patricia Ann Kender 53045, WINurse Practitioner1548659725
Tamara Insteness 54615, WINurse Practitioner1295143394
Claudia M Rodriguez 53233, WINurse Practitioner1760882211
Sarah J Escareno 53092, WINurse Practitioner1861737108
Erika J Rouleau 53226, WINurse Practitioner1669722526
Barbra A Nevala 54806, WINurse Practitioner1568882736
Kelly S. Rasmussen 61104, WINurse Practitioner1023328226
Lynne Nevers-hoeft 53154, WINurse Practitioner1417234428
David L Mischel 54806, WINurse Practitioner1811329006
Kari Megan Dyer 53132, WINurse Practitioner1689189482
Sadat Abiri 53714, WINurse Practitioner1609290949
Brittney Wanless 54401, WINurse Practitioner1689050213
Shannon Walowski 53226, WINurse Practitioner1073056909
Kathleen M Erdahl 54911, WINurse Practitioner1043748189
Angela Meg Montague 53073, WINurse Practitioner1619476256
Jolene Sara Josphine Finger 54401, WINurse Practitioner1063912384
Lacey Jean Kumar 53226, WINurse Practitioner1396142253
Kristin K Lundine 54913, WINurse Practitioner1316336811
Karen M Kroll 54313, WINurse Practitioner1306221619
Brittany R Burg 54956, WINurse Practitioner1154780922
Teraya Renai Franklin 53158, WINurse Practitioner1881056471
Jessica Barto 56303, WINurse Practitioner1225576598
Ellie E Mercado-schoessow 54301, WINurse Practitioner1780137737
Angela Sue St. Onge 54801, WINurse Practitioner1982152393
Julia Bachmaga 53226, WINurse Practitioner1811414022
Michele Duda 53233, WINurse Practitioner1023543865
Anna M Guerrero 53215, WINurse Practitioner1144742750
Rachel M Novotny 54911, WINurse Practitioner1063935450
Sarah Tybring 53226, WINurse Practitioner1518486174
Brittany N Vanden Heuvel 53916, WINurse Practitioner1881103893
Molly Mae Williams 53226, WINurse Practitioner1366968810
Catherine M Shield 53226, WINurse Practitioner1437665791
Strategic Physicians Llc 28451, WINurse Practitioner1518479625
Mh Health Care Services, Pc 53020, WINurse Practitioner1356856074
Anne Mutitu 53051, WINurse Practitioner1093220360
Jake E Kendall 54911, WINurse Practitioner1295104305
Megan Elizabeth Kendall 54911, WINurse Practitioner1780127563
Lindsey D Baldwin 53226, WINurse Practitioner1447794318
Danielle E Greve 54911, WINurse Practitioner1396253118
Joy Nicole Blattner 53226, WINurse Practitioner1821598822
Grace Louise Van Valin 53226, WINurse Practitioner1396248084
Neelam S. Patel 54840, WINurse Practitioner1124578810
Elizabeth Levine 54304, WINurse Practitioner1750885448
Natalie Nicole Coorlas 53142, WINurse Practitioner1447774435
Jennifer J. Friday 54452, WINurse Practitioner1568750834
Melissa Dawn Belle 54556, WINurse Practitioner1053817056
Elizabeth D Morawski 53215, WINurse Practitioner1932601838
Inez Adams 53227, WINurse Practitioner1255877544
Susan L Magadan 89113, WINurse Practitioner1508929969
Joan Mezera 55109, WINurse Practitioner1376851741
Meagan Thielecke 53208, WINurse Practitioner1427416858
Nathan Neis 55404, WINurse Practitioner1043666530
Ilona Agata Pryomski 53406, WINurse Practitioner1891212163
Laura Swoboda 53051, WINurse Practitioner1063902054
Maryan D Torres 53214, WINurse Practitioner1376081158
Andrea Alexis Gordon 53143, WINurse Practitioner1306377023
Mai X Vang 53226, WINurse Practitioner1669911178
Karie P Schmidt 53226, WINurse Practitioner1679847347
Kathleen Marie Boettcher 54220, WINurse Practitioner1568838951
Kessa Ann Erickson 54481, WINurse Practitioner1700171857
Tara Marie Burich 54911, WINurse Practitioner1780044347
Molly M Schumacher 54911, WINurse Practitioner1922591221
Amanda Marie Vitovsky 54806, WINurse Practitioner1245768894
Kathryn Lynn Petersen 54301, WINurse Practitioner1235616269
Mary Teresa Falk 53211, WINurse Practitioner1871074385
Gina M Welch 53224, WINurse Practitioner1346721867
Apryl Weed 53226, WINurse Practitioner1699255166
Mary Beth Reynolds 54556, WINurse Practitioner1356824098
Kaitlin Meier 53143, WINurse Practitioner1194216168
Jodi L Debroux 54476, WINurse Practitioner1235440173
Rebecca Louise Formosa 98201, WINurse Practitioner1437602935
Shannon L Yow 53158, WINurse Practitioner1093292625
Susan Jeanette Greene 53566, WINurse Practitioner1609354679
Lori R Olson 54301, WINurse Practitioner1265919294
Natasha Garbe 54902, WINurse Practitioner1588155139
Lindsey Zwaschka 54701, WINurse Practitioner1477047363
Caroline Marie Brandt 53024, WINurse Practitioner1992215867
Sandra Renee Pelnar 54301, WINurse Practitioner1225587512
Laura Rose 53226, WINurse Practitioner1497236921
Sarah M Slivon 53143, WINurse Practitioner1568954337
Ashlee Q Hanford-longsine 54915, WINurse Practitioner1982184545
Gretchen Louise Grencer-liegel 53212, WINurse Practitioner1467922948
Melissa G Mccadden 54311, WINurse Practitioner1881170231
Krystal Alanna Schepp 54911, WINurse Practitioner1427477868
Deborah Lynn Young 53147, WINurse Practitioner1730615030
Kristina A. Phillips 53226, WINurse Practitioner1336619634
Lisa Ann Parker 53215, WINurse Practitioner1871066506
Jessica Anne Hoffman 49969, WINurse Practitioner1376056135
Becky Lee Nelson 53143, WINurse Practitioner1902102239
Jaime Lynn Kremer 53406, WINurse Practitioner1912413782
Benjamin David Bogle 54889, WINurse Practitioner1790137354
Sara Anderson 53226, WINurse Practitioner1699062042
Marcia A Ten Haken 54301, WINurse Practitioner1699882704
Jerri Solik-fifarek 53226, WINurse Practitioner1003362336
Ramon Vinicio Pena Galvan 93257, WINurse Practitioner1003394537
Sara Marie Hugoson 56031, WINurse Practitioner1194199752
Mitchell R Woldt 55082, WINurse Practitioner1215276407
Kaitlyn Scott 53132, WINurse Practitioner1235648072
Stacy Paula Cruz 53233, WINurse Practitioner1053886887
Kristen Josephs 19046, WINurse Practitioner1356868079
Amanda Larson 53226, WINurse Practitioner1154887453
Rebecca Lynne Gray 55092, WINurse Practitioner1962448969
Tracy A Bolton 53213, WINurse Practitioner1932682473
Jacquelyn Paradise 53226, WINurse Practitioner1669712535
Trang Vo 54911, WINurse Practitioner1619300027
Cassandra Marie Lovato 53593, WINurse Practitioner1225579691
Rachel Hildebrand 19134, WINurse Practitioner1528531258
Denise Mary Brilliant 54302, WINurse Practitioner1346314937
Ann Rojaz 54220, WINurse Practitioner1750866646
Marsha Correen Hansen 53012, WINurse Practitioner1841542636
Daniel R Wells 53215, WINurse Practitioner1982143426
Hazle Courtney Ballina 54017, WINurse Practitioner1740542794
Courtney Hanson 53226, WINurse Practitioner1033404496
Tosha Wright 54904, WINurse Practitioner1629547633
Dean Patrick Weycker 54301, WINurse Practitioner1366908923
Jill M Collier 54904, WINurse Practitioner1346335734
Julie Ann Lisa Reynolds 54913, WINurse Practitioner1497054464
Catharine Aune 54911, WINurse Practitioner1437573086
Sarah Jelinski 53211, WINurse Practitioner1659872984
Joy L. Amundson 92835, WINurse Practitioner1194073692
Roy Lee Harrell 30324, WINurse Practitioner1407254022
Ashley N Schumacher 54911, WINurse Practitioner1225413347
Elizabeth Driscoll 60077, WINurse Practitioner1578068664
Karli Ann Durski 53226, WINurse Practitioner1730641358
Jennifer L Nabong 60448, WINurse Practitioner1780912204
Rebekah R Vandewalle 54301, WINurse Practitioner1770030157


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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