Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of West Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of West Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tracie L. Dilliner 26101, WVNurse Practitioner1699778183
Lilia Ann Underwood 26105, WVNurse Practitioner1669475141
Martha Ulyssa Donahue 26003, WVNurse Practitioner1902809452
Shawn E Cline-riggins 25635, WVNurse Practitioner1245234228
Nancy Gregory 25401, WVNurse Practitioner1245234152
Rachel Leigh Stover 25635, WVNurse Practitioner1700880762
Ann May 24426, WVNurse Practitioner1740284116
Michael Shawn Stockman 25425, WVNurse Practitioner1326043365
Pamela Longmore 25401, WVNurse Practitioner1386649242
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1730183286
Marie Beaumont Zwick 25304, WVNurse Practitioner1144224643
Pamela Rice Jacobs 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1326044918
Barbara Fahey 26062, WVNurse Practitioner1689671703
Diana R Stotts 25504, WVNurse Practitioner1841297967
Donna Joyce Shanholtzer 25276, WVNurse Practitioner1497754766
Susan L Morgan 43935, WVNurse Practitioner1821098195
Teresa D Ritchie 26147, WVNurse Practitioner1033110077
Angela Thompson 26003, WVNurse Practitioner1679574420
Vera Ann Barton-caro 26003, WVNurse Practitioner1083615140
Teresa Ann Twohig 25504, WVNurse Practitioner1669465597
Margaret C Bruns 24901, WVNurse Practitioner1447243993
Linda S Scarborough 25840, WVNurse Practitioner1386637999
Crystal Gail Sheaves 25962, WVNurse Practitioner1811980378
Tamara Lynn Kessel 26757, WVNurse Practitioner1194726976
Tammy R Smith 25921, WVNurse Practitioner1548254097
Nancy Jean Wolverton 24701, WVNurse Practitioner1710971213
Judie A Hensler 26101, WVNurse Practitioner1649265042
Lisa G Bennett 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1760477947
Peggy S. Phillips 26537, WVNurse Practitioner1912993510
Debra D Miller-fike 26537, WVNurse Practitioner1295721397
Nancy D Davidson 24314, WVNurse Practitioner1982691382
Carla Robin Cox 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1356338461
Wendy D Leeber 25304, WVNurse Practitioner1134113962
Williamson Memorial Hospital Llc 25661, WVNurse Practitioner1275528614
Christine La Porte Palank 25443, WVNurse Practitioner1326036419
Marion Lorraine Culbertson 26104, WVNurse Practitioner1629067905
Pamela J Gavin 25401, WVNurse Practitioner1942290317
John Timothy Lewis 26651, WVNurse Practitioner1922080407
Faith Karen Moore 26287, WVNurse Practitioner1407839897
Deborah L Marra 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1700877644
Katherine Maria Owens 26330, WVNurse Practitioner1730652900
Janet S. Bennett 25309, WVNurse Practitioner1982687992
Lisa M Naegele 26149, WVNurse Practitioner1952385734
Kathryn Diane Morris 26651, WVNurse Practitioner1891770103
Barbara Jean Pellegrin 26101, WVNurse Practitioner1154307882
New Century Emergency Physician Of West Virginia Inc 25301, WVNurse Practitioner1154307205
Antoinette R Marascio 26301, WVNurse Practitioner1093791840
New Century Emergency Physician Of West Virginia Inc 25304, WVNurse Practitioner1225015571
New Century Emergency Physician Of West Virginia Inc 25302, WVNurse Practitioner1396722641
Radiology Inc 25705, WVNurse Practitioner1457339277
Kaye Miller 25311, WVNurse Practitioner1891774857
Linda Kay Gee 21502, WVNurse Practitioner1518946219
Rachel I Sigel Domenico 25428, WVNurse Practitioner1740269208
Tammy L Crookshanks 26105, WVNurse Practitioner1568442382
Kay Margocee 78748, WVNurse Practitioner1508842998
Susan Elaine Runyon 45638, WVNurse Practitioner1497731160
Margaret Mary Damia Hayman 45631, WVNurse Practitioner1477532679
Valley Health Systems Inc 25514, WVNurse Practitioner1083694756
Valley Health Systems, Inc 25570, WVNurse Practitioner1528038577
Betsy B Kanakanui 25917, WVNurse Practitioner1306816954
Barbara J Koster 25313, WVNurse Practitioner1518938679
Teresa H Poole 24901, WVNurse Practitioner1063483477
Laure Marino 25560, WVNurse Practitioner1568435972
John Paul Gee 21502, WVNurse Practitioner1720051675
Pamella Frye 25523, WVNurse Practitioner1902870595
Mona Stecker 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1831163633
Mary K Murphy 26241, WVNurse Practitioner1245205426
Patricia S Wright 25702, WVNurse Practitioner1033184171
Kathleen T Hasse 26104, WVNurse Practitioner1083681639
Martha Summers 26506, WVNurse Practitioner1871560805
Patricia Krauskopf 26836, WVNurse Practitioner1699744284
Barbara L Stagg 26362, WVNurse Practitioner1467421719
Heather R Aulick 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1073572897
Lynne Welch 25703, WVNurse Practitioner1316907611
Anne M Gharib 25702, WVNurse Practitioner1538129713
Ginger M Sims 25276, WVNurse Practitioner1902866866
Valley Health Systems Inc 25674, WVNurse Practitioner1720054489
Janice K Kaufman 25304, WVNurse Practitioner1013982495
Tina Hill 25702, WVNurse Practitioner1073989638
Karen Lee Fahey 26150, WVNurse Practitioner1003884842
Valley Health Systems Inc 45638, WVNurse Practitioner1629043708
Valley Health Systems Inc 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1932174851
Valley Health Systems Inc 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1710952031
Pamela S Courtney 26506, WVNurse Practitioner1992771414
Grand Central Family Medicine, P.l.l.c. 26101, WVNurse Practitioner1891756029
Gina Barcinas Greathouse 26505, WVNurse Practitioner1902867153
Mary M Gibbs 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1891756953
Brian J Loshbough 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1700847555
Cheryl Kay Payton 25271, WVNurse Practitioner1174585269
Teresa Sue Calhoun 25313, WVNurse Practitioner1427011527
Christy Paige Estep 25984, WVNurse Practitioner1326002619
Ann Mills Lilly 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1740244052
Carolyn Donovan 25425, WVNurse Practitioner1508820093
Joy B Groves 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1740244185
Susan K Fabry 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1902860158
James Alfred Horn 25313, WVNurse Practitioner1760446827
Susan Hager 25701, WVNurse Practitioner1568427102
David Kevin Gray 24740, WVNurse Practitioner1578528253
Andrea Bledsoe 25601, WVNurse Practitioner1861457160
Teresa Ann Mcneely 25601, WVNurse Practitioner1235194523
Rachel Sue Baisden 25669, WVNurse Practitioner1780649087
Veneta Rose Eggleton 25302, WVNurse Practitioner1770549644
Julie A Armistead 26505, WVNurse Practitioner1730145202
Mary Sheridan 25302, WVNurse Practitioner1790741775
Tara Lea Webb 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1659338028
Mary Ellen Pauley 25304, WVNurse Practitioner1841257227
Howard K Fletcher 25309, WVNurse Practitioner1568420982
Marlena Jo Harris 25311, WVNurse Practitioner1720036965
Sue A. Meadows 25271, WVNurse Practitioner1952352858
Wetzel County Hospital Association 26155, WVNurse Practitioner1699728337
Kathy Jo Hill 25130, WVNurse Practitioner1689628489
Jennifer Ann Lambert 26241, WVNurse Practitioner1790739464
Donna Beckett 24701, WVNurse Practitioner1891749693
Sherry L. Stewart 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1770532004
Jennifer Lynn Westfall 25304, WVNurse Practitioner1710940143
Kimberly A. Bird 25304, WVNurse Practitioner1508814518
Kathy G Esker 26101, WVNurse Practitioner1770540528
Vicki Lynn Hatfield 25661, WVNurse Practitioner1700839560
Jessica Lynn Taylor 26554, WVNurse Practitioner1225489438
Sheila R Snidow 24740, WVNurse Practitioner1578515805
Mallory Hoff-jones 26101, WVNurse Practitioner1336677608
Kasey Brown 25302, WVNurse Practitioner1962913038
Jessica Burkhart 25404, WVNurse Practitioner1942797816
Jane C Koch 26505, WVNurse Practitioner1396708236
Sharon Elizabeth Bostic 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1982659843
Kellie Beth Vaught 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1659326742
Linda J Shelek 26003, WVNurse Practitioner1578500351
Debra Galbreath 26003, WVNurse Practitioner1457399602
Greenbrier Emergency Services, Inc. 26624, WVNurse Practitioner1568401461
David P. Peasak 26301, WVNurse Practitioner1316987001
Maria Kitsmiller 26101, WVNurse Practitioner1902846611
Anna Marie Gibson 25705, WVNurse Practitioner1194766295
Jane W. Armstrong 25704, WVNurse Practitioner1265473334
Luella C Gillispie 25705, WVNurse Practitioner1891736807
Sara H Lowe 25705, WVNurse Practitioner1053352088
Sandra M. Wynn 24740, WVNurse Practitioner1013950823
Robert Eugean Wynn 24740, WVNurse Practitioner1972546794
Amy Muncy 41501, WVNurse Practitioner1518900570
Clara Rose Hale 25601, WVNurse Practitioner1467495473
Tammy F. Keaton 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1053354969
Shirley Elaine Repass 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1811930977
Mary Ann Whitehair 26764, WVNurse Practitioner1932143054
Shawn K Core 26155, WVNurse Practitioner1801831250
Mary Alice Milnes 26250, WVNurse Practitioner1255368031
Amy A. Summers 25301, WVNurse Practitioner1356378152
Roberta J Whetzel 26717, WVNurse Practitioner1205866639
Judith K. Mckinney 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1821029190
Nancy Katrina Clay 41564, WVNurse Practitioner1609807544
Lana M Ofat 43950, WVNurse Practitioner1073559431
Junemarie Williams 26335, WVNurse Practitioner1225072622
Tammie Sue Jones 25703, WVNurse Practitioner1134159734
Debra L Mcgraw 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1023045952
Julie M Budinger 25301, WVNurse Practitioner1508894320
Denise Walter 87301, WVNurse Practitioner1306211883
Nancy S Lynch 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1518900604
Lisa Michele Cottrill 26351, WVNurse Practitioner1013947894
Kristina M. Killen 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1194764415
Allison Dawn Waters 26354, WVNurse Practitioner1962874537
Primary Care At Home Of West Virginia, Llc 25309, WVNurse Practitioner1386163392
Karen Louise Mallow 26505, WVNurse Practitioner1396786034
Nancy C Bostar 25705, WVNurse Practitioner1063444313
Susan Trueblood 25438, WVNurse Practitioner1871526319
Jessica Sharp 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1295769578
Francis William Cuda 26241, WVNurse Practitioner1356376990
Mountain Emergency Physicians Llp 25301, WVNurse Practitioner1518982446
Hurricane Emergency Physicians, Llp 25526, WVNurse Practitioner1215952155
Kimberly Jo Kelly 25704, WVNurse Practitioner1679598916
Nicole Lynn Rood 25704, WVNurse Practitioner1497770085
Walter Wayne Mcdowell 25302, WVNurse Practitioner1851317069
William Shrewsberry 24801, WVNurse Practitioner1235155201
Barbara Mulich 26506, WVNurse Practitioner1265459069
Dianne T, Frye 25880, WVNurse Practitioner1285652727
The Center For Pain Relief Tri State Pllc 25309, WVNurse Practitioner1386662013
Tara Leigh Porter 25704, WVNurse Practitioner1528088945
Samantha Stacy Stone 25301, WVNurse Practitioner1801819503
Tamara L Rhodes 26101, WVNurse Practitioner1245253921
Bridgett L Cunningham 25702, WVNurse Practitioner1164446274
Cynthia Ann Smith 25303, WVNurse Practitioner1376557017
Michele M Sheetz 25401, WVNurse Practitioner1134135940
Sarah Crandall Fletcher 25304, WVNurse Practitioner1588672075
Vicki Bowers Kerwin 25962, WVNurse Practitioner1215946009
Stephanie Radabaugh 26506, WVNurse Practitioner1437169133
Jamie R Stoner 25703, WVNurse Practitioner1568472512
James R Ellis 25801, WVNurse Practitioner1285645374
Linda Mcpherson 26147, WVNurse Practitioner1275545378
Brenda Lou Keefer 25304, WVNurse Practitioner1003829532
Kathy Leyvonne Ross 26301, WVNurse Practitioner1487767646
Shelly E. Willham 25271, WVNurse Practitioner1578576807
Jennifer C. Simon 25271, WVNurse Practitioner1013920347
Kimberly Ann Holmes 26104, WVNurse Practitioner1285748103
Bluefield Emergency Physicians Inc 24701, WVNurse Practitioner1073627089
River Valley Emergency Physicians, Inc 25702, WVNurse Practitioner1649384660
Krista Cornelius 54166, WVNurse Practitioner1619082021
Sherry L Duvall 25813, WVNurse Practitioner1518073907
Michelle L. Kopf 25302, WVNurse Practitioner1174638787
Cindy Brown, Cnm, Llc 26537, WVNurse Practitioner1508972480
Delores A Lucky 26651, WVNurse Practitioner1528174331
Linda S Carson 26506, WVNurse Practitioner1184731606
Barbara Nightengale 26506, WVNurse Practitioner1780791152
Sandra L Cotton 26506, WVNurse Practitioner1639286255


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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