Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Linh T. Hoang CAObstetrics gynecology1417184649
Olivia Butt CAObstetrics gynecology1730320763
Rajendra Manoharan Ratnesar CAObstetrics gynecology1104031376
Sophia K. Grabenstatter CAObstetrics gynecology1740368240
Zarghoona Rahim CAObstetrics gynecology1720166598
Arnold Jacobson CAObstetrics gynecology1528109311
Dan Chuba CAObstetrics gynecology1538430095
Dennis Randall CAObstetrics gynecology1568540623
Edward Baker CAObstetrics gynecology1053586396
John T. Husokowski CAObstetrics gynecology1235217001
Richard Allen Kaplan CAObstetrics gynecology1376969774
Otero County Medical Group Obstetrics gynecology1376978577
Otero County Medical Group Obstetrics gynecology1437584059
Otero County Medical Group Obstetrics gynecology1558797746
Womens Health Center P.c. NMObstetrics gynecology1548207046
Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center NMObstetrics gynecology1396880084
Donald Henry Montoya NMObstetrics gynecology1992702401
Guillermo Robles NMObstetrics gynecology1831202670
Gurdial Dhillon NMObstetrics gynecology1578904504
John Arthur Mcandrew NYObstetrics gynecology1962454850
Larry Hugh Batty KSObstetrics gynecology1710087705
Norman D. Lindley NMObstetrics gynecology1063639409
Ruthven N Sampath NMObstetrics gynecology1851484570
Scott Shin AZObstetrics gynecology1184794349
Lutheran Hospital Association Of The San Luis Valley Obstetrics gynecology1720269434
Lutheran Hospital Association Of The San Luis Valley Obstetrics gynecology1073791125
Lutheran Hospital Association Of The San Luis Valley Obstetrics gynecology1063690600
Lutheran Hospital Association Of The San Luis Valley Obstetrics gynecology1851579262
Lutheran Hospital Association Of The San Luis Valley Obstetrics gynecology1184866410
Planned Parenthood Of The Rocky Mountains Obstetrics gynecology1073159554
Amy Robertson COObstetrics gynecology1609197763
Bethany Lynn Kolb NMObstetrics gynecology1164621801
Carmelo Abel Hernandez NCObstetrics gynecology1437154382
Jacqueline M Garrard COObstetrics gynecology1528279064
Kathryn M Hoch COObstetrics gynecology1639268642
Samuel Cole Smith COObstetrics gynecology1245213768
Sarah Lewing WAObstetrics gynecology1003161324
Pamela M Richard-torke GAObstetrics gynecology1073618245
Gary Andrew Aisenbrey NMObstetrics gynecology1609845320
Kent Frank Argubright NMObstetrics gynecology1497724116
Linda Dominguez NMObstetrics gynecology1265491146
Firstcare Medical Foundation Obstetrics gynecology1740216498
Mcginnis Womens Medical Care, Pc NYObstetrics gynecology1194746941
Albany Obstetrics & Gynecology Pc Obstetrics gynecology1487662227
Upstate Ob/gyn Associates,p.c. Obstetrics gynecology1053425231
Robert H Dropkin Md Laura A Costello Md Ob gyn Llp Obstetrics gynecology1972618494
Drs Adams & Woods Md, Llc Obstetrics gynecology1811099757
The Veranda, Pc Obstetrics gynecology1841350063
Katy Irani Pc NYObstetrics gynecology1942360722
Albany Ob gyn Llc GAObstetrics gynecology1598975542
Premier Obgyn, Inc. Obstetrics gynecology1558559732
Albany Gynecology & Fertility NYObstetrics gynecology1275719064
Phoebe Women's Services Obstetrics gynecology1639338320
Clinton County Hospital Physician Group KYObstetrics gynecology1215198742
Saratoga Hospital NYObstetrics gynecology1033371166
Willie Adams Jr Md Obgyn Llc GAObstetrics gynecology1821230525
Louis P. Gagliardi M.d. P.c. Obstetrics gynecology1619274248
Albany General Hospital Obstetrics gynecology1508132150
Albany General Hospital Obstetrics gynecology1740546431
Albany General Hospital Obstetrics gynecology1336407121
Albany General Hospital Obstetrics gynecology1457610735
Central Albany Ob gyn, P.c. GAObstetrics gynecology1235489485
Albany Medical College Obstetrics gynecology1609110725
St Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, Pc Obstetrics gynecology1336484492
Joseph M Bied M D Llc Obstetrics gynecology1104164474
Saratoga Regional Medical , P.c Obstetrics gynecology1982094827
Albany General Hospital Obstetrics gynecology1548649734
Southwest Georgia Ob gyn, Pc GAObstetrics gynecology1871857011
Seton Health System Obstetrics gynecology1659744464
Seton Health System Obstetrics gynecology1700259512
Seton Health System Obstetrics gynecology1609249416
Seton Health System Obstetrics gynecology1619341252
Seton Health System Obstetrics gynecology1811447493
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, Pc Obstetrics gynecology1821535592
Seton Health System, Inc Obstetrics gynecology1477090025
Lee And Burack Ob/gyn, P.c. Obstetrics gynecology1801983788
Seton Health System, Inc NYObstetrics gynecology1811982911
Seton Health System, Inc. NYObstetrics gynecology1124458369
Seton Health System, Inc. Obstetrics gynecology1578604161
Veranda Medical Group, Llc Obstetrics gynecology1962034397
Albany Medical College Obstetrics gynecology1164456067
Albany Medical College Obstetrics gynecology1629008537
Albany Medical College Obstetrics gynecology1497921688
Woman's Healthcare Group Obstetrics gynecology1073505194
Albany Medical College Obstetrics gynecology1902836810
Agape A Womans Medical Place Pllc NYObstetrics gynecology1982791489
Summit Women's Care Of Albany Pc GAObstetrics gynecology1831227677
Fertility Enhancement Service NYObstetrics gynecology1306976394
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital Obstetrics gynecology1235252081
Community Care Physicians, Pc Obstetrics gynecology1417547613
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Obstetrics gynecology1427394675
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Obstetrics gynecology1881179646
Samaritan Hospital Of Troy, New York Obstetrics gynecology1124502182
Samaritan Hospital Of Troy, New York Obstetrics gynecology1538606181
St. Peter's Hospitalof The City Of Albany Obstetrics gynecology1386715621
St. Peter's Hospital Of The City Of Albany Obstetrics gynecology1548336936
St. Peter's Hospital Of The City Of Albany Obstetrics gynecology1689184830
St. Peter's Hospital Of The City Of Albany Obstetrics gynecology1861563116
St. Peter's Hospital Of The City Of Albany Obstetrics gynecology1982141537
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. Obstetrics gynecology1477176634
Ahad Makarachi NYObstetrics gynecology1114001989
Alicia Maren Wiczulis NYObstetrics gynecology1255656179
Alison A Bosko NYObstetrics gynecology1235170085
Alison K Davies NYObstetrics gynecology1629087697
Alyse Sherwin Blanchette NYObstetrics gynecology1720348402
Amanda Mcvay GAObstetrics gynecology1366673014
Amanda Michelle Stahl NYObstetrics gynecology1942479019
Andrea Mendelssohn CAObstetrics gynecology1144275264
Anna Natenzon Frega NYObstetrics gynecology1073893459
Annmarie Ceriello-gaetani NYObstetrics gynecology1033144613
April L Reese GAObstetrics gynecology1003809534
Asha Rijhsinghani IAObstetrics gynecology1679567101
Brandon-luke Labron Seagle GAObstetrics gynecology1609175272
Bruce A. Morris NYObstetrics gynecology1164587408
Carolyn Jean Slatch NYObstetrics gynecology1265431951
Chandra Renee Jones NYObstetrics gynecology1407056005
Charles D. South ORObstetrics gynecology1770528218
Cheryl B Burack NYObstetrics gynecology1013977123
Clarissa S Westney NYObstetrics gynecology1508863770
Corinne Mcleod NYObstetrics gynecology1043672371
Craig Michael Zelig NYObstetrics gynecology1194790527
Daniel James Dowswell ORObstetrics gynecology1912999236
Daniel C Kredentser NYObstetrics gynecology1588650287
Deborah C Cothran GAObstetrics gynecology1487842068
Devon Jacobson CTObstetrics gynecology1750797379
Dina Gottesman NYObstetrics gynecology1982009775
Donald Carter Jones NCObstetrics gynecology1912928623
Donna Graf GAObstetrics gynecology1013998277
Edgar S Henriques NYObstetrics gynecology1992845077
Edward Julius Jacobs NYObstetrics gynecology1770550154
Elizabeth Wolz Kelly Obstetrics gynecology1932543303
Eric Siegel VTObstetrics gynecology1205010642
Erin C Crosby NYObstetrics gynecology1487864880
Francis Kwarteng GAObstetrics gynecology1851551923
Franz Margono NYObstetrics gynecology1326080987
Fred C Storm NYObstetrics gynecology1497709232
Genevieve St. Hilaire Obstetrics gynecology1821483736
Grace G Jorgensen NYObstetrics gynecology1255338927
Hania W Stawowy NYObstetrics gynecology1609860089
Heidi Erika Godoy NYObstetrics gynecology1427211366
Helen H.t. Vu NYObstetrics gynecology1386638765
Irina Leonidovna Kiseleva ORObstetrics gynecology1952533317
Jaime K Nass NYObstetrics gynecology1053471755
Jeffrey Warren Ellis INObstetrics gynecology1093860090
Jennifer Lynn Massara WAObstetrics gynecology1174597165
Jennifer A Mosmen NYObstetrics gynecology1659378107
Johanna Cubelli Bringley NYObstetrics gynecology1811332927
John J Brosnan NYObstetrics gynecology1467446849
John Stephen Inman GAObstetrics gynecology1336132869
John Stephen Inman GAObstetrics gynecology1912991241
John H Malfetano NYObstetrics gynecology1861420911
John Ricketson GAObstetrics gynecology1710968979
Jonathan Paul Payne GAObstetrics gynecology1073792388
Josefina Vega Marin NYObstetrics gynecology1548357049
Joseph Michael Bied NYObstetrics gynecology1225121569
Jovana Yanique Martin NYObstetrics gynecology1366760282
Joyce N Barlin NYObstetrics gynecology1962553479
Judy Y Yeh CTObstetrics gynecology1043576747
Katherine Beditz Cartwright NYObstetrics gynecology1205247921
Katherine Husk NYObstetrics gynecology1437418662
Kenneth Joseph Baker NYObstetrics gynecology1760489157
Laura A Costello NYObstetrics gynecology1538178504
Lawrence J Parsley VTObstetrics gynecology1952368623
Leonel Armando Trujillo Obstetrics gynecology1285073338
Lindsay Raynard Cruel GAObstetrics gynecology1760494322
Lindsie Michelle Lincoln ORObstetrics gynecology1942841606
Margaret A. Hovey ORObstetrics gynecology1396787644
Margaret Teresa Oconnell NYObstetrics gynecology1912237355
Margaret E Priola NYObstetrics gynecology1609992478
Marla S Eglowstein NYObstetrics gynecology1922333640
Martha Dexter NYObstetrics gynecology1992134274
Mary Joyce Mcginnis NYObstetrics gynecology1962425561
Maureen E. Perdue MEObstetrics gynecology1699940072
Meghan Foley Zysik NYObstetrics gynecology1437579018
Michael Scott Edwards GAObstetrics gynecology1205822814
Moon Yun Chung GAObstetrics gynecology1548246465
Nani Phillips Moss ILObstetrics gynecology1730574807
Nicholas Kulbida NYObstetrics gynecology1801816665
Nicole D Coluccio NYObstetrics gynecology1760446744
Olga Timurovna Filippova NYObstetrics gynecology1891138632
Patrick F Timmins NYObstetrics gynecology1942297080
Paul R Osterdahl NYObstetrics gynecology1457345811
Paul Andrew Smurda GAObstetrics gynecology1053416511
Peter R. Cole NYObstetrics gynecology1740364678
Peter Namkoong NYObstetrics gynecology1154385649
Philip Carlisle Clements NYObstetrics gynecology1518030873
Rachel Flink-bochacki PAObstetrics gynecology1336438019
Rebecca Adler NYObstetrics gynecology1427443308
Regina Matties NYObstetrics gynecology1558405969
Renee Samelson NYObstetrics gynecology1831184555
Richard P Goyer NYObstetrics gynecology1558325043
Richard Eric Kittle NYObstetrics gynecology1881616217
Robert H Dropkin NYObstetrics gynecology1730198706
Robert W Kelty NYObstetrics gynecology1619937174
Rodney L. Wren ORObstetrics gynecology1598701161
Ronald Allan Cucina GAObstetrics gynecology1396738886
Sarah G Cagino NYObstetrics gynecology1356735716
Sean Lee NYObstetrics gynecology1457383838
Sedat Surmeli NJObstetrics gynecology1457306029
Shane Matthew Gjesdal ORObstetrics gynecology1164424586


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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