Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mary Gail Miesch TXObstetrics gynecology1972500098
Rebecca G. Burdette PAObstetrics gynecology1699772798
Lisa J Wasemiller-smith OKObstetrics gynecology1417954504
Hubert E Kleinpeter LAObstetrics gynecology1043217144
Manuel A. Penalver FLObstetrics gynecology1821095829
Bhaskar Talacauvery Achar NYObstetrics gynecology1184621278
Cinna Wohlmuth CAObstetrics gynecology1124025275
Michael Kiken VAObstetrics gynecology1972500031
Mark M Pasquarette NCObstetrics gynecology1780681841
Nancy L King NYObstetrics gynecology1316944481
Jana Kenaan FLObstetrics gynecology1952308025
Nilima B Parekhji CAObstetrics gynecology1386641371
Maureen H. Carson ILObstetrics gynecology1134126154
Robert A Saretsky AZObstetrics gynecology1194722116
William I Anyaegbunam NYObstetrics gynecology1699772624
Robert R Taylor NJObstetrics gynecology1629075593
David H Tullis OHObstetrics gynecology1477550432
Phyllis Simon NYObstetrics gynecology1437156494
Tuan A Le PAObstetrics gynecology1932106721
Daniel Michael Strickland NCObstetrics gynecology1992703607
John Paul Roberts TXObstetrics gynecology1629076336
Regis J Weiss ILObstetrics gynecology1588661318
Edmund Tomlinson NYObstetrics gynecology1841297595
Rosamma G Parangimalil TXObstetrics gynecology1770580433
Thad R Denehy NJObstetrics gynecology1912904756
Craig Anthony Hartman NVObstetrics gynecology1366449100
Jonathan Mack Barham LAObstetrics gynecology1992702641
Edward Paul Hagen WIObstetrics gynecology1689671331
James Theogene Riley LAObstetrics gynecology1821095514
Stephen K Stewart COObstetrics gynecology1881691582
Randy Wallace Smith TXObstetrics gynecology1235136938
Grace G Jorgensen NYObstetrics gynecology1255338927
Ralph Lewis Kramer VAObstetrics gynecology1235136920
David Solomon Libson TXObstetrics gynecology1558368324
Charles Albin Tietz MNObstetrics gynecology1861499584
Tracey N Jones VAObstetrics gynecology1427056183
Douglas L Stanford IAObstetrics gynecology1811995517
Michael J Coyle FLObstetrics gynecology1548268246
Mary Frances F Woods IDObstetrics gynecology1528066222
Randall James Burt TXObstetrics gynecology1518965219
Donald Wilbern Parker WYObstetrics gynecology1811995533
Balasubramaniam Chitrabanu OHObstetrics gynecology1700883675
Stephen R Marks ARObstetrics gynecology1134126006
Vivian W Yeh PAObstetrics gynecology1316944291
Phillip R Alston ARObstetrics gynecology1295732170
Suzana Marcella Samuel AZObstetrics gynecology1356348239
Leslie Robin Coffman LAObstetrics gynecology1568469450
Tauhni Tee Hunt IAObstetrics gynecology1962409862
Neha N Amin ILObstetrics gynecology1619974532
Scott M. Pierce ILObstetrics gynecology1467459305
Darrell Edward Robins TXObstetrics gynecology1710984653
Jason A Rothbart CAObstetrics gynecology1316944200
David W Oberkrom MOObstetrics gynecology1043217938
Richard C Huddleston TNObstetrics gynecology1891792784
Angela J. Aldrich IAObstetrics gynecology1679570576
Peter T. Yaswinski PAObstetrics gynecology1780681601
Julie A Welsh NEObstetrics gynecology1952308892
Ernest K Bussinger NEObstetrics gynecology1497752331
Kathryn L Painter NEObstetrics gynecology1851398796
Mary M Tompkins NEObstetrics gynecology1760489603
Paul Joseph Eastman IAObstetrics gynecology1295732139
Wendy D Phipps TXObstetrics gynecology1700883519
Rebecca L Weber ILObstetrics gynecology1548267354
Edwin W. Cheek PAObstetrics gynecology1457358277
Jane Ruth Arbuthnot ILObstetrics gynecology1760489587
Dorisa L Polk NEObstetrics gynecology1205833027
Mary Kelly Shanahan CAObstetrics gynecology1588661359
Jose Reyes CTObstetrics gynecology1104823897
David L Jones LAObstetrics gynecology1114924826
Thaddeus Anderson IAObstetrics gynecology1487651105
Bennett Scott Zivney TXObstetrics gynecology1366449092
George Sanmiguel TXObstetrics gynecology1033117767
Jose Miguel Galvez ILObstetrics gynecology1487652129
Steven R Macdonald TXObstetrics gynecology1124025036
George H Fuller LAObstetrics gynecology1992703649
Anthony Collins Thibodeaux LAObstetrics gynecology1336147081
Juaquita D Callaway GAObstetrics gynecology1629075544
William S Grizzard VAObstetrics gynecology1710985478
Radoslav Jovanovic NYObstetrics gynecology1851399521
Jose Aun TXObstetrics gynecology1083612758
Brett R Richman IAObstetrics gynecology1598763286
Charles Raymond Anderson TXObstetrics gynecology1518965078
Charles W Smith VAObstetrics gynecology1972501443
Kevin Jovanovic NYObstetrics gynecology1417955980
Phu Thien Nguyen CAObstetrics gynecology1386642866
Michael Theodore Kicenuik NJObstetrics gynecology1487652988
Alberto Enrique De La Guardia TXObstetrics gynecology1740288141
Jorge A Saldivar TXObstetrics gynecology1285632851
Chet Edward Wells TXObstetrics gynecology1801894415
Debra S Ganter COObstetrics gynecology1841298460
Sarah Peyton Ellis COObstetrics gynecology1821096447
Heather Schoen COObstetrics gynecology1184622706
William H Katz MDObstetrics gynecology1255339875
Richard Alan Bennett TNObstetrics gynecology1801894431
Robert A Brown ILObstetrics gynecology1346248978
Kenneth M Palmer MNObstetrics gynecology1255339883
Landon Craig Smith LAObstetrics gynecology1790783322
Fredericka Sawyer Heller PAObstetrics gynecology1326046954
Jean O Fitzgerald PAObstetrics gynecology1801894456
David G Holdt NEObstetrics gynecology1538167184
Craig Cole Anderson TNObstetrics gynecology1972501534
Louis Fernandez ILObstetrics gynecology1760480362
Tony Joseph Lemanski AZObstetrics gynecology1427056035
Gerard Patrick Connor IDObstetrics gynecology1669470274
Benito Hernandez PRObstetrics gynecology1477551984
Brad L Epstein ILObstetrics gynecology1699773101
Christopher S Michael ILObstetrics gynecology1770581282
Michael Gregory Schaffer TXObstetrics gynecology1962400465
John Tucher AZObstetrics gynecology1811995335
Luis E. Mendez FLObstetrics gynecology1730187287
Paul J Coppola CTObstetrics gynecology1598763997
Carolyn E Ianieri PAObstetrics gynecology1972501377
Patrick James Leary VAObstetrics gynecology1588662910
Juan C Rolon TXObstetrics gynecology1225036692
Roy Ivy TXObstetrics gynecology1306844774
Rebecca Montes TXObstetrics gynecology1609874098
Michael Foster Neel TXObstetrics gynecology1114925401
Nicholas O Lindberg PAObstetrics gynecology1831197128
Manorama Zachariah OHObstetrics gynecology1659379949
Stephen Kupersmith PAObstetrics gynecology1093713380
Dou Kyung Chai MEObstetrics gynecology1629076914
Mary E Pagan PAObstetrics gynecology1700884095
Kathryn P Hebenstreit COObstetrics gynecology1215935515
Catherine L Karmel TXObstetrics gynecology1104824408
Francis Ernest Bruno FLObstetrics gynecology1326046764
Pamela J Hyde OKObstetrics gynecology1295733632
Eva J Salamon FLObstetrics gynecology1124026570
Paul N Cervone PAObstetrics gynecology1821096272
Stephen Randolph Rauls ARObstetrics gynecology1346248671
Donald M Dedonato ILObstetrics gynecology1114925450
Steven A Kooperman ILObstetrics gynecology1225036577
Earle M Pescatore FLObstetrics gynecology1336147693
Peter B Geittmann ILObstetrics gynecology1164420410
Carl Brady Edwards ARObstetrics gynecology1265430581
Kenneth R Herr NHObstetrics gynecology1164420485
Deanne K Bolhuis IAObstetrics gynecology1184622425
Jamie L. Puckett MOObstetrics gynecology1164420477
Dawn L Sadowski ILObstetrics gynecology1396743647
Evelyne G Schuetz MOObstetrics gynecology1700884012
Randall G. Friesen MOObstetrics gynecology1437157740
James Keith Mitchell ARObstetrics gynecology1942208277
Thom L. Tyler, FLObstetrics gynecology1780682054
Roshinder Padda OHObstetrics gynecology1932107117
Jimmy C Chang ARObstetrics gynecology1285632463
Maria Rhee CTObstetrics gynecology1518965888
Richard Ohanesian AZObstetrics gynecology1699773978
Katie Michele Campuzano AZObstetrics gynecology1144228420
John L Powell NCObstetrics gynecology1164420212
Megan Elaine Breen DCObstetrics gynecology1053319103
John Buek DCObstetrics gynecology1871591925
Thomas D Shipp MAObstetrics gynecology1114925211
Marc F Leclair NHObstetrics gynecology1285632380
Akiva D Abraham NYObstetrics gynecology1609874742
Mercedes F. Carrion-castro PRObstetrics gynecology1952309197
Jody L Kelly ILObstetrics gynecology1932107208
William Kenan Rand VAObstetrics gynecology1578561841
Kevin B. Davis TXObstetrics gynecology1265430482
Robert John Karmy VAObstetrics gynecology1003814237
Serafin Salazar CAObstetrics gynecology1538167713
John L Austin TNObstetrics gynecology1508864737
Luis E Ugarte ILObstetrics gynecology1629076781
Carolyn Zelop CTObstetrics gynecology1376541458
Joseph C Webster VAObstetrics gynecology1912905001
Richard Norman Willard VAObstetrics gynecology1538167796
Jeanne Bamrick Debono MIObstetrics gynecology1447258512
John Thomas Anstey MOObstetrics gynecology1669470878
Robert D. Phillips TNObstetrics gynecology1275531303
Jean Bolan DCObstetrics gynecology1265430318
Nayeema Ahmed CAObstetrics gynecology1063410280
Jeffrey Thomas Osburn AZObstetrics gynecology1457359572
Willard Aaron Barnes DCObstetrics gynecology1629076765
Kelly Flynn MAObstetrics gynecology1831197896
Lara Burrows OHObstetrics gynecology1578561635
Michelle Ann Herman MIObstetrics gynecology1902804966
Manocher Lashgari CTObstetrics gynecology1235137290
John Robert Ameen TNObstetrics gynecology1245238112
Kimberly M Johnson TNObstetrics gynecology1942208954
Allan John Hedges ORObstetrics gynecology1881692630
Sylvia L Beimfohr KYObstetrics gynecology1174521157
Caroline A. Beliveau MAObstetrics gynecology1255339248
Kirsten Kerrigan CTObstetrics gynecology1841298841
Royice Bert Everett OKObstetrics gynecology1235137191
James Robert Thomas SDObstetrics gynecology1659379527
Charles A Wilkes VAObstetrics gynecology1295733244
Glenn T. Foust COObstetrics gynecology1366440315
Elizabeth Sanchez Mateos INObstetrics gynecology1790783637
Bassam Nicola Aldaia NYObstetrics gynecology1407854565
Paul Hakim MIObstetrics gynecology1851399919
Christine Francis Colie DCObstetrics gynecology1588662647
Howard Andrew Shaw CTObstetrics gynecology1023016086
Walter Trymbulak CTObstetrics gynecology1104824168
Rachelle Meaux LAObstetrics gynecology1497753388
Holly C Provost LAObstetrics gynecology1356349245
Bradley P Axline TXObstetrics gynecology1538167374
Cynthia S Fernandez GAObstetrics gynecology1598762908
Montgomery Edward Thorne GAObstetrics gynecology1588661946
Loren L Faaborg AZObstetrics gynecology1659378479
Bruce A Jasper ILObstetrics gynecology1073511309
Sudha P Shah ILObstetrics gynecology1497753511
C David Stephenson ILObstetrics gynecology1538167895


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