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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
N Donald Diebel FLObstetrics gynecology1265436182
Leo Rodriguez TXObstetrics gynecology1174527006
Robert Alan Jason NYObstetrics gynecology1295739175
Thomas Dolnicek MIObstetrics gynecology1366446247
Acadiana Midwifery Associates LAObstetrics gynecology1871597658
Christina Marie Di Maggio MIObstetrics gynecology1740284561
Howard Douglas Woodford ALObstetrics gynecology1952305799
Joan M Baker NCObstetrics gynecology1417951187
John Morin Harpenau AZObstetrics gynecology1215931985
Rafael N Mendoza AZObstetrics gynecology1992709687
John Mccauley TNObstetrics gynecology1982608675
Michael H. Heit INObstetrics gynecology1336143031
Carol Ann Graham MOObstetrics gynecology1669476370
Paul D Silva WIObstetrics gynecology1326042201
Joseph C Gass KYObstetrics gynecology1467456251
Advanced Professional Ob/gyn, Psc PRObstetrics gynecology1760486575
Laura J Siems PAObstetrics gynecology1467456202
Marnique H Jones FLObstetrics gynecology1154325926
Lorraine M Brimer WIObstetrics gynecology1386648038
Kathryn Okeeffe NYObstetrics gynecology1023012788
Jerry Wittingen MIObstetrics gynecology1477557031
Noelle Nielsen NYObstetrics gynecology1790789352
Robert Deal CTObstetrics gynecology1134123797
Magdalena Ramirez TXObstetrics gynecology1306840970
Michael C. Wong CAObstetrics gynecology1033113600
Zbigniew Jan Kula ARObstetrics gynecology1386648954
Kathryn Leopold NYObstetrics gynecology1912901588
Hugh Judd Grant NCObstetrics gynecology1194729772
Allan R Mayer CTObstetrics gynecology1437153012
Christopher Clark ORObstetrics gynecology1326042912
Donald Paul Snyder INObstetrics gynecology1962406553
Lawrence Jacob Lo INObstetrics gynecology1295739886
Mary Ann Ahmed ORObstetrics gynecology1265436851
Jane A Howell ORObstetrics gynecology1871597484
Gerald G Barker IAObstetrics gynecology1407850027
Alvina A Driscoll IAObstetrics gynecology1912901539
Arthur Hunter Wilson OHObstetrics gynecology1104820737
Owen M Mccarron IAObstetrics gynecology1003810649
John Kennedy Olson IAObstetrics gynecology1447254081
Joy L Olson IAObstetrics gynecology1336143973
Jerry L Rozeboom IAObstetrics gynecology1780688325
Gilbert R Wessel IAObstetrics gynecology1386648921
James F Patten IAObstetrics gynecology1235133885
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. Obstetrics gynecology1689678237
Michael L Weeks ORObstetrics gynecology1346244910
Keith Wilson CAObstetrics gynecology1730183344
Kansas City Ob gyn Physicians,p.c. Obstetrics gynecology1962406587
Oncology Hematology Care, Inc. Obstetrics gynecology1063416808
Dana M Benden WIObstetrics gynecology1184628042
Shannan K Stephens WIObstetrics gynecology1295739084
Jan K. Siebersma WYObstetrics gynecology1952303216
Theodore M Peck WIObstetrics gynecology1093717332
Marilyn K. Laughead AZObstetrics gynecology1023012796
Charles W Schauberger WIObstetrics gynecology1740284322
John A Pickel TXObstetrics gynecology1447252408
Noel Magno Anupol VAObstetrics gynecology1902808264
Rakesh Mangal TXObstetrics gynecology1588666879
Peter M Lotze TXObstetrics gynecology1639171903
Chau Dang-thi Nguyen-tran TXObstetrics gynecology1568464840
Ivonne E Smith TXObstetrics gynecology1609878941
David Edward Rogers TXObstetrics gynecology1558365510
Kimberly R Miller-miles TXObstetrics gynecology1003818394
Leah M Schenk TXObstetrics gynecology1699777953
David Emil Bersinger SCObstetrics gynecology1154325728
Dom Terrone NJObstetrics gynecology1750383048
Edward Wolf NJObstetrics gynecology1881696185
Richard Miller NJObstetrics gynecology1548262819
Andrea C Wolfe MIObstetrics gynecology1043214794
David Spence Texada LAObstetrics gynecology1932103918
Deepali Kothary VAObstetrics gynecology1437153111
Gail I Van Wingerden Dons ILObstetrics gynecology1598767741
Bernice Moeller-bloom NYObstetrics gynecology1639173255
Robert L Brooks AZObstetrics gynecology1609870385
Daphne B Schalau TNObstetrics gynecology1497759112
Edward Stanton Shoemaker TXObstetrics gynecology1437153400
Amanpreet S Bhullar FLObstetrics gynecology1336143270
Jeffrey E Rodzak WIObstetrics gynecology1104828151
Cristina P Simpson TXObstetrics gynecology1710989983
Ricardo Munoz TXObstetrics gynecology1306848585
Alka Arya-degaetano TXObstetrics gynecology1295737450
Margaret E Gustafson MIObstetrics gynecology1366446130
Mark Stephen Mctammany FLObstetrics gynecology1265434211
Connie Miller Freeman NCObstetrics gynecology1912909128
Michelle A Klyn MIObstetrics gynecology1235133992
Michael L Lewis FLObstetrics gynecology1265434542
Kimberly Nguyen PAObstetrics gynecology1952836421
Jennifer Beachum Linfert SCObstetrics gynecology1184628125
Mary Van Sickle TXObstetrics gynecology1376545616
Adrienne M Williams LAObstetrics gynecology1760486567
Donna Jensen OHObstetrics gynecology1689676736
Mary S Alvarado TXObstetrics gynecology1962404194
Mary Jane Davis INObstetrics gynecology1942204532
Robert Gerald Dodds MIObstetrics gynecology1952305765
Wilfredo Rodriguez-falcon NCObstetrics gynecology1366444515
Larson F Langschwager MIObstetrics gynecology1073515128
Russell D Burlison LAObstetrics gynecology1073517975
Wilbur C Hitt ARObstetrics gynecology1598767725
Haley Seifert GAObstetrics gynecology1790261055
Juan Carlos Rivera-concepcion PRObstetrics gynecology1902800709
Franklin Medical Group, Pc Obstetrics gynecology1780686964
Tammy A Bull ORObstetrics gynecology1689678278
Marc Merrick Dean GAObstetrics gynecology1821092669
Courtney A. Hunt AZObstetrics gynecology1902800675
Moshin Kapasi TXObstetrics gynecology1649272733
Thomas Martin Jones INObstetrics gynecology1952305583
Joanne Steele NYObstetrics gynecology1750385381
Gerald J Shirk IAObstetrics gynecology1396749933
Sunny H Zhang IAObstetrics gynecology1568466118
Karen M Kemp-glock IAObstetrics gynecology1285638734
Susan Kady Wilson NCObstetrics gynecology1093719726
Larry Lee Wilson NCObstetrics gynecology1356345094
Jodi Robinson MIObstetrics gynecology1962406603
James E Mullins MIObstetrics gynecology1871597518
Stephanie Skelly ILObstetrics gynecology1649274382
Dorothy J Roach TXObstetrics gynecology1649274390
William J Crowley TXObstetrics gynecology1609870161
Maternal Fetal Medicine Of Acadiana LAObstetrics gynecology1770587248
Paul Khaled Dibbs LAObstetrics gynecology1689678153
Stephen M Gordon KSObstetrics gynecology1023012523
Colleen M Maynard MOObstetrics gynecology1538163035
Summit Physician Services Obstetrics gynecology1306840814
Bonnie J Nesbitt WIObstetrics gynecology1851395370
Richard Scott Holman MOObstetrics gynecology1548264070
Melinda C Hansen IAObstetrics gynecology1831193374
James N. Alleyn FLObstetrics gynecology1669476107
Thomas L. Meyer MIObstetrics gynecology1487658829
Diane Hibbs AZObstetrics gynecology1265436604
Joseph Louis Castelli PAObstetrics gynecology1811991276
Cheryl Marino NYObstetrics gynecology1063416428
Wayne S. Blocker FLObstetrics gynecology1649274127
Tamara Jean Sleeter WAObstetrics gynecology1992709315
Shannon Lee Bailey WAObstetrics gynecology1265436687
Claire L Templeman CAObstetrics gynecology1063416493
Charles Eugene Cook KYObstetrics gynecology1871597203
Alice M Stek CAObstetrics gynecology1689678013
Lynda D Roman CAObstetrics gynecology1386649713
Edouard Feghali OHObstetrics gynecology1447255872
Patricia Janine Williams PAObstetrics gynecology1841294212
Turlock Womens Med Grp Inc CAObstetrics gynecology1386648780
Tracy Pipkin TXObstetrics gynecology1073517488
Harvey Huddleston TXObstetrics gynecology1588668966
Richard W Langert AZObstetrics gynecology1013911429
Maureen Roberts NYObstetrics gynecology1295739621
Kerrin Courtney Dunn INObstetrics gynecology1649275082
Adib Najib Khouzami PAObstetrics gynecology1710982178
Eric L. Jenison WIObstetrics gynecology1669477071
Elizabeth A Fox VAObstetrics gynecology1518962877
Judith P. Fischer TNObstetrics gynecology1205831567
David Lee Spence LAObstetrics gynecology1588669956
Bayside Health Association DEObstetrics gynecology1538164918
Vijit Nopkhun OHObstetrics gynecology1386649648
Mystie L Johnson AZObstetrics gynecology1467457747
Carrie Rose Soder OHObstetrics gynecology1538164926
Newell R Washburn DEObstetrics gynecology1619972007
Murray Woman's Clinic Pllc Obstetrics gynecology1205831690
Steven Berlin DEObstetrics gynecology1932104320
James Arthur Mong NCObstetrics gynecology1114922580
Andrea Decsi Roche NCObstetrics gynecology1477558849
Jean Whitmore Carter NCObstetrics gynecology1386649754
Ann Michele Martin NCObstetrics gynecology1194720565
Hoon Yoo PAObstetrics gynecology1255336624
Barry Jason Fish OHObstetrics gynecology1437154770
Charles Richard Hill KYObstetrics gynecology1538164884
Lavena Morgan-jahanshir ORObstetrics gynecology1760487037
Heather Michelle Metchick FLObstetrics gynecology1144225541
Patrick M Finnegan COObstetrics gynecology1689679086
Kevin Joseph Hackett OHObstetrics gynecology1497750897
Amy Rahl OHObstetrics gynecology1437154846
Randee Lea Masciola OHObstetrics gynecology1982609301
Three Rivers Ob/gyn Associates, Pa SCObstetrics gynecology1598760951
Catalina Dinu PAObstetrics gynecology1730184110
Marvin L Hage NCObstetrics gynecology1811992290
Kenneth Carl Brewington ALObstetrics gynecology1639174014
Leo H Eschbach DEObstetrics gynecology1194720581
Susan Ferguson R OHObstetrics gynecology1649275033
Troy D Eckman ILObstetrics gynecology1073518304
Laila I Muderspach CAObstetrics gynecology1306841648
Screven T Edgerton TXObstetrics gynecology1033114376
Joseph S Betts MAObstetrics gynecology1003811357
Joe P Merritt OKObstetrics gynecology1922003268
Laif B Lofgren NCObstetrics gynecology1972508216
Edward H Temple WAObstetrics gynecology1275538563
Peyman Zandieh, Md Pc NYObstetrics gynecology1437154747
Thomas Green KYObstetrics gynecology1821093030
Marilyn M Mahan INObstetrics gynecology1881699098
Carol C Borden INObstetrics gynecology1689679896
Mark T Karnes MIObstetrics gynecology1013912237
Stephanie Ann Sockrider LAObstetrics gynecology1952306177
Jill E Davidson WIObstetrics gynecology1427053651
Francis Charles Salisbury AZObstetrics gynecology1275538456
Regional Care Physicians Group, Inc. AZObstetrics gynecology1033114210
Frederick C Hartley TNObstetrics gynecology1760487946
Teresa N. Hill, M.d., P.a. TXObstetrics gynecology1578568754
Michael D Wood ARObstetrics gynecology1922003102
Edward M Fidalgo FLObstetrics gynecology1376548560
Jorge E Mendia FLObstetrics gynecology1982609178
Oscar Osorio FLObstetrics gynecology1346245644
Guy D Silva INObstetrics gynecology1003811217
Krista Hopkins WVObstetrics gynecology1124023346
Jacqueline H Riely INObstetrics gynecology1396740510


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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