Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Richard A. Boothby FLObstetrics gynecology1376548354
Samuel V Lewis TNObstetrics gynecology1386649119
Grover E May TNObstetrics gynecology1497750657
Jill R Talley-horne TNObstetrics gynecology1477558690
Suzanne M Caron MAObstetrics gynecology1548265473
Laurie Reynard CAObstetrics gynecology1144225913
Richard A. Real FLObstetrics gynecology1174528236
Lenore Cappelluti NJObstetrics gynecology1588669923
Thomas W Jernigan TNObstetrics gynecology1528063245
Kent Hjerpe TNObstetrics gynecology1669477022
Marcia M Sentell TNObstetrics gynecology1104821347
James Samuel Buck KYObstetrics gynecology1164427555
Dawn Deeter KYObstetrics gynecology1154326502
Adam Brett Alperin AZObstetrics gynecology1588669584
Paul Sk Tamanaha AZObstetrics gynecology1649275645
Women's Care Of Wisconsin S.c. WIObstetrics gynecology1003811993
Marley L. Kercher WIObstetrics gynecology1992700918
Michelle M. Koellermeier WIObstetrics gynecology1871598813
Eric G Eberts WIObstetrics gynecology1790780708
Kristin L. Clark WIObstetrics gynecology1710982756
Dana Michelle Moulton OHObstetrics gynecology1396740742
Monica Wendy Atkinson WAObstetrics gynecology1093710212
Scott E Gray MOObstetrics gynecology1235134453
Steven P Breaux ILObstetrics gynecology1154326437
Michael M Fiegen SDObstetrics gynecology1467457549
Costa H Sousou MNObstetrics gynecology1225032857
Robert Welch MIObstetrics gynecology1578567053
Paul Sc Lin CAObstetrics gynecology1083619100
John Michael Woods MDObstetrics gynecology1821093691
Deborah Kay Lehmann TXObstetrics gynecology1700881489
Gregory L Woodfill NCObstetrics gynecology1477558724
Marilyn Masten Honegger CAObstetrics gynecology1376548156
Theresa Marie Labbe' TXObstetrics gynecology1356346134
Charles C Watson OHObstetrics gynecology1861497695
Julie Kim CAObstetrics gynecology1689679417
Michael J Pelletier TNObstetrics gynecology1841295672
Christine Da Silva FLObstetrics gynecology1366447195
Cynthia T Woollen MOObstetrics gynecology1275538001
Thalia J Lopez KSObstetrics gynecology1073518825
Romeo Degracia FLObstetrics gynecology1306841150
Rhea A Rogers KSObstetrics gynecology1881699643
Barbara J. Patridge OHObstetrics gynecology1760487409
Patrick St. George Anderson NJObstetrics gynecology1376548925
Harvey G Van Dell TXObstetrics gynecology1417952060
Robert C Squatrito VAObstetrics gynecology1740285303
Channing B. Coe FLObstetrics gynecology1780689349
Schubert Dean Mcphail NCObstetrics gynecology1427053008
Abbey Lin Crooks-babu MIObstetrics gynecology1598760183
Vijaya Lakshmi Gavini MIObstetrics gynecology1134124720
Cathleen Faris-guyol MOObstetrics gynecology1699770297
Michelle Devera MOObstetrics gynecology1952306557
Kathleen Hogan MOObstetrics gynecology1750386355
Stacey J Rogers VAObstetrics gynecology1760487318
Women's Health Associates Of Western Ma Inc. Obstetrics gynecology1043215619
Lawrence Abraham Dolkart NYObstetrics gynecology1447255088
Jersey Shore Monmouth County Associates NJObstetrics gynecology1053316695
Charles Richard Mabray TXObstetrics gynecology1255336798
Thomas Scott Jennings SCObstetrics gynecology1316942857
Lendol L. 'tad' Davis TXObstetrics gynecology1255336855
Heather Wuebker MOObstetrics gynecology1477558070
Marlynn Nunez FLObstetrics gynecology1649275249
Asha Voss ALObstetrics gynecology1962407577
Healthtexas Provider Network TXObstetrics gynecology1528063146
Iheanacho Emeruwa CAObstetrics gynecology1609871227
Daniel Albert Nord ILObstetrics gynecology1336144955
Walter Watson Randolph OHObstetrics gynecology1992700520
John A. Hucker ILObstetrics gynecology1477558922
William F Ballay PAObstetrics gynecology1649275199
Sarah L Hosford GAObstetrics gynecology1710982277
Rhonda C Latif GAObstetrics gynecology1861497331
Richard A Carapellotti PAObstetrics gynecology1770588246
Terry Ray Brown INObstetrics gynecology1700881364
Robert S Wool MAObstetrics gynecology1568467132
Ruben Davila Martinez TXObstetrics gynecology1144225715
Shonda Yvette Perry FLObstetrics gynecology1689679292
Judith Reichman CAObstetrics gynecology1396740908
Latoya Walton-torrence ALObstetrics gynecology1841295458
Robert M Pomeranz NYObstetrics gynecology1760487235
Ralph C Sperrazza NYObstetrics gynecology1609872134
John C Meyers FLObstetrics gynecology1366448805
Michael W Sullivan NYObstetrics gynecology1316943863
Richard John Burns PAObstetrics gynecology1861498321
Lee Ann Roberts NCObstetrics gynecology1114923679
Jose A Garcia-vicario PRObstetrics gynecology1285630749
James G Linn WIObstetrics gynecology1710983275
Douglas Michael Bourque MDObstetrics gynecology1427054907
Planned Parenthood Association Of Cameron & Willacy Counties, Inc. TXObstetrics gynecology1992701478
Elaine Sklar NYObstetrics gynecology1437155926
John Davis Hepler NCObstetrics gynecology1861498354
Richard L Damschroder OHObstetrics gynecology1548266034
Brenham Clinic Assn TXObstetrics gynecology1780680280
Womancare, P.c. Obstetrics gynecology1487650982
Errick Y Arroyo KSObstetrics gynecology1538165048
Gil Michael Farkash NYObstetrics gynecology1871599381
Renee Belieu KSObstetrics gynecology1598761009
Henry Bishop KSObstetrics gynecology1821094343
Randy Mccool KYObstetrics gynecology1093711517
Joseph A. Heit KSObstetrics gynecology1437155959
Robert Seidel Weinstein PAObstetrics gynecology1326043837
Igal Reizis NYObstetrics gynecology1750386264
Chik Amechi INObstetrics gynecology1578568085
Matthew Silverman NYObstetrics gynecology1003811522
Que Tranvan TXObstetrics gynecology1528063047
Jack Troper NYObstetrics gynecology1437154952
Antonio R Pizarro LAObstetrics gynecology1053316570
Giselle Barreau Ghurani FLObstetrics gynecology1982609418
Stuart James Fischbein CAObstetrics gynecology1063417590
Richard M Kishiue IAObstetrics gynecology1295731727
Clifton C Wheeler FLObstetrics gynecology1881690303
Laura S Finger TXObstetrics gynecology1629074042
Amelia A. Erickson CAObstetrics gynecology1326044769
Dr. Hands, P.a. Obstetrics gynecology1922004373
Janie Mcmillion TXObstetrics gynecology1073519427
Caren C Reaves TXObstetrics gynecology1932105459
Robert Cletis Trent KYObstetrics gynecology1396741716
Monica Popov TXObstetrics gynecology1922004340
Nancy Mcbride KSObstetrics gynecology1811993231
Joseph S Valenti TXObstetrics gynecology1235135658
Crystal Newby KSObstetrics gynecology1871599290
Lifelong Medical Care CAObstetrics gynecology1720084163
Kent Crickard NYObstetrics gynecology1659377018
Robert I Michaelson PAObstetrics gynecology1760488100
Thomas O'malley PAObstetrics gynecology1447256813
Marty H Thomas KSObstetrics gynecology1174529549
Catrina M. Funk WAObstetrics gynecology1811993298
St Lukes Roosevelt Hospital Center Obstetrics gynecology1992701205
Amy J. Ravin MOObstetrics gynecology1518963859
Carolyn A. Deshefy CTObstetrics gynecology1245236595
Jeanine Cherpack Mccleery COObstetrics gynecology1508862848
Bruce W Kovacs CAObstetrics gynecology1629074976
Wilfredo Lorenzo FLObstetrics gynecology1023014396
Guillermo E Calderon FLObstetrics gynecology1669478939
Sharon Grimes Bakos TXObstetrics gynecology1639175847
Nancy A Miller MOObstetrics gynecology1164428439
Julie A Martin KSObstetrics gynecology1427054790
Donald B Maier CTObstetrics gynecology1063418226
Sung Park CAObstetrics gynecology1396741518
Nancy Kalagher CTObstetrics gynecology1104822329
Anita L Pinc IAObstetrics gynecology1932105160
Elizabeth H Ottman Psc Obstetrics gynecology1558367797
Thomas Arthur Steed VAObstetrics gynecology1043216294
Renato O Flores MDObstetrics gynecology1750387908
Roy Alden Hart MIObstetrics gynecology1457357642
David Leslie Zisow MDObstetrics gynecology1124024500
Julie Mickelson WIObstetrics gynecology1356347744
Infertility & Invitro Fertilization Medical Associates Of Wny Pllc NYObstetrics gynecology1669478046
Alice K Roberts PAObstetrics gynecology1285630665
Jimmy Joseph Ruiz PAObstetrics gynecology1962408351
Robert Leroy True TXObstetrics gynecology1265438675
Renee M Caputo OHObstetrics gynecology1558367862
Nicole Helene Gueli FLObstetrics gynecology1184620452
George S Lewandowski OHObstetrics gynecology1720084130
Fayek Nicholas Shamma OHObstetrics gynecology1962408161
Elizabeth Hawkins Ottman KYObstetrics gynecology1770589970
Bobby Eugene Donohue TXObstetrics gynecology1225034515
Ralph M Neighbor WAObstetrics gynecology1497751788
Jorge Roberto Andrade MDObstetrics gynecology1619973914
Ramzi K Humsi VAObstetrics gynecology1568468718
Mu Rong Lee INObstetrics gynecology1902802150
Shelley M Shepard WYObstetrics gynecology1992701148
Bobby Ray Miller CAObstetrics gynecology1730185992
Timothy J Rost TXObstetrics gynecology1275539439
Sarah Warsetsky PAObstetrics gynecology1982600292
Joseph Thomas Chambers NYObstetrics gynecology1881690196
Robert Miles Zimmerman PAObstetrics gynecology1174529457
Leslie Breiten NYObstetrics gynecology1508862889
Ward A Katsanis SCObstetrics gynecology1659377851
James A Joki WAObstetrics gynecology1588660781
Cicely Monique Pickett MDObstetrics gynecology1932105145
Amy Boast Cahill ARObstetrics gynecology1407852734
Maritza Martinez PAObstetrics gynecology1043216377
Benjamin D Supnet TXObstetrics gynecology1508862723
Pamela P. Golden AZObstetrics gynecology1417953639
Sasikala Hemkumar TXObstetrics gynecology1336145564
Marci Ostroff NYObstetrics gynecology1295731461
Julie C Gelman COObstetrics gynecology1285630467
Julia Rivera-figueroa OKObstetrics gynecology1467458752
Bradley Edgar Jacobs NCObstetrics gynecology1194721498
Frederick B Brown TXObstetrics gynecology1578569752
Nancy D Bryant TXObstetrics gynecology1477559656
Donald Paul Long TXObstetrics gynecology1295731487
Bernard Dale Magee MAObstetrics gynecology1962408153
Catherine Gruchacz ORObstetrics gynecology1205832490
Bassam Nicholas Shamma WVObstetrics gynecology1326044413
Angelo C Mendez TXObstetrics gynecology1144226242
Troy G New TXObstetrics gynecology1962408062
Alyse Kelly-jones NCObstetrics gynecology1558367680
Christopher John Danner NCObstetrics gynecology1588660625
Moshe Schwartz NYObstetrics gynecology1932105079
Frank Edward Waechter TXObstetrics gynecology1073519138
Alfonso Serrano PRObstetrics gynecology1285630350
Paula Ann Randolph NYObstetrics gynecology1326044405
Rhonda G Wright KSObstetrics gynecology1083610075
Christine J. Duncan NYObstetrics gynecology1306842497
Marni Jae Sanders NYObstetrics gynecology1215933304
Denise L Hartman PAObstetrics gynecology1215933312
Phyllis M Briggs PAObstetrics gynecology1073519179
Michele D Brown CTObstetrics gynecology1124024237
Shakeela Tawwab FLObstetrics gynecology1679579783
Parul S Nguyen KSObstetrics gynecology1215933296


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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