Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Thomas Clifton Pitman 35613, ALObstetrics gynecology1902807878
Rosa Yareli Flores 33609, ALObstetrics gynecology1467420489
Rodney Kirk Edwards 73104, ALObstetrics gynecology1932145117
Tomeka Roberts 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1619921509
Hugh W Bailey 35802, ALObstetrics gynecology1649212358
Julian Edward Mcintyre 36116, ALObstetrics gynecology1366464216
George Vernon Pegram 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1699888008
Patricia Darlene Elliott 34110, ALObstetrics gynecology1962512798
Kyle Parke Christenberry 35901, ALObstetrics gynecology1699845172
Cecil Long 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1922175322
Davis Lee Sullivan 35010, ALObstetrics gynecology1790852465
Sylacauga Obstetrics And Gynecology, Pc 35150, ALObstetrics gynecology1639372907
Ameshia D Bush Taylor 36603, ALObstetrics gynecology1164729406
Sonja Sanae Howard 10037, ALObstetrics gynecology1083879548
Gretchen Nicole Mccreless 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1225265275
Taylor Mcpherson Banahan 39581, ALObstetrics gynecology1649563271
Laura Michelle Divine 75246, ALObstetrics gynecology1255659173
Jared Michael Roberts 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1164659389
Phoenix Womens Health Llc 35802, ALObstetrics gynecology1649559931
Phoenix Womens Health Llc 35802, ALObstetrics gynecology1891079968
Allison Casey Calhoun 32503, ALObstetrics gynecology1215374590
Justin Aldred 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1124439146
Mishanta Reyes 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1336408830
Cheryl A Zimmerman 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1922186873
Sarah Beth Anderson 80909, ALObstetrics gynecology1821316902
Roosevelt Mccorvey 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1093825127
Victor E Pena 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1003994948
America Institute Of Reproductive Medicine Alabama Llc 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1043734619
Ivf Alabama 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1508375825
L&m Surgery Center, Llc 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1255840674
Taylor Brian Turner 83712, ALObstetrics gynecology1700176567
Dermatology Associates Of Dothan, Llc 36301, ALObstetrics gynecology1255466330
Ludwig Ivan Francillon 35235, ALObstetrics gynecology1720408453
Krishna K Kakani 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1568456655
Emily F Evitt 37363, ALObstetrics gynecology1548319734
Elise Rebecca Clem 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1386038214
Rubymel Jijon Knupp 35294, ALObstetrics gynecology1366837247
Sima Baalbaki 10461, ALObstetrics gynecology1659767796
Shequita Madry Bridgeforth 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1760848972
Ronishia D Thomas 30060, ALObstetrics gynecology1114140639
Jaclyn A Wall 35249, ALObstetrics gynecology1588059257
Jessica Lynn Rodriguez 35007, ALObstetrics gynecology1588824676
Duncan Harmon 97239, ALObstetrics gynecology1295122232
Cassidy Dawn Quimby 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1740814441
William Marc Boyd 32503, ALObstetrics gynecology1770581456
University Of South Alabama 36617, ALObstetrics gynecology1700241015
Heather Skanes-devold 35211, ALObstetrics gynecology1760878136
Alabama Center For Reproductive Medicine Pllc 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1255950929
Kara Macneil Conti 35007, ALObstetrics gynecology1861665291
James Morgan Tucker Iii 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1437443108
Robin Grimes Otte 35630, ALObstetrics gynecology1093085268
Anna Krueger Melnikoff 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1083078307
Erica Pacoli Manogue 29303, ALObstetrics gynecology1366676231
Anne Siegel 20037, ALObstetrics gynecology1831532126
Talelia Spence House 77339, ALObstetrics gynecology1548623499
William E. Somerall 35223, ALObstetrics gynecology1780683011
Brentley Smith 30060, ALObstetrics gynecology1841633757
Richard Craig Brown 36535, ALObstetrics gynecology1235428772
After Ours Gyn, Llc 35243, ALObstetrics gynecology1841805652
Crandall Menton Chambers 31904, ALObstetrics gynecology1831238427
Elizabeth Bates Ausbeck 28204, ALObstetrics gynecology1548478019
Christian Tyler Kirkland 28207, ALObstetrics gynecology1760879472
Geami Britt 28210, ALObstetrics gynecology1578958443
Natalie Lynn Bott 28215, ALObstetrics gynecology1255794574
David Mcnease George 28207, ALObstetrics gynecology1598175382
Joann Csakany 29414, ALObstetrics gynecology1851300420
Lorie Michelle Harper 78705, ALObstetrics gynecology1871613786
Cartney Michelle Kesten 98837, ALObstetrics gynecology1619591468
Lindsay Speros Robbins 35249, ALObstetrics gynecology1063823722
Imc North Baldwin Physician Group Llc 36507, ALObstetrics gynecology1619473766
Anesha Maxwell Gray 32216, ALObstetrics gynecology1831455682
Emerald Lovely 30043, ALObstetrics gynecology1417213109
David Bryan Engle 38120, ALObstetrics gynecology1487611760
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36603, ALObstetrics gynecology1043794480
Tennessee Valley Gynecologic Oncology, Pc 35805, ALObstetrics gynecology1023098571
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36603, ALObstetrics gynecology1679532303
Bhc Princeton Ob/gyn 35218, ALObstetrics gynecology1083678130
Bhc James Belyeu 35007, ALObstetrics gynecology1588628689
Essential Health, Pc 35806, ALObstetrics gynecology1508823055
Sharp & Stone Ob/gyn, P.c. 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1538126636
Jefferson Clinic, P.c. 35233, ALObstetrics gynecology1124086509
Ob gyn South, P.c. 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1689637431
Tomeka Roberts, M.d., P.c. 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1619922630
Brewton Medical Center, Llc 36426, ALObstetrics gynecology1336196856
Medical Park Obgyn Pc 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1447291190
Ob/gyn Sub speciality Center,pc 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1609818301
Imc Mobile Bay Obgyn Center Pc 36607, ALObstetrics gynecology1730124504
Gulf Health Hospitals, Inc. 36507, ALObstetrics gynecology1134164924
Talladega Ob gyn Associates, P C 35160, ALObstetrics gynecology1366471567
Eastside Women's Specialists, P.c. 35235, ALObstetrics gynecology1679503460
Marshall D Shoemaker Md Pc 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1124044326
Imc obstetrics & Gynecology Associates, P.c. 36607, ALObstetrics gynecology1982620431
Marla J. Gleason, Md 36507, ALObstetrics gynecology1548282593
Obstetrics Gynecology Associates Of Phenix City Pa 36867, ALObstetrics gynecology1992710735
Women's Medical Center, Pc 36301, ALObstetrics gynecology1568470896
Ob gyn Associates Of Alabama P C 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1346250537
Providence Healthcare Services 36608, ALObstetrics gynecology1508878083
Decatur Physicians For Women, P.c. 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1154434660
Eastern Obstetrics And Gynecology, P.c. 35235, ALObstetrics gynecology1154435584
United Womens Healthcare Pc 36801, ALObstetrics gynecology1831103704
Henderson & Walton Womens Center Pc 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1578572632
Birmingham Obstetrics Gynecology, P.c. 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1740390640
A Woman's Choice, P.c. 36608, ALObstetrics gynecology1184726630
The Center For Reproductive Medicine 36607, ALObstetrics gynecology1881799088
Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates Of Northwest Alabama, P.c. 35630, ALObstetrics gynecology1578669081
Enterprise Women's Center, Llc. 36330, ALObstetrics gynecology1922190479
Sparks & Favor Pc 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1336233543
Alabama Women's Health Care P.c. 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1902988751
The Women's Wellness Center 36535, ALObstetrics gynecology1306929104
South Baldwin Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.c. 36535, ALObstetrics gynecology1043395676
Ob gyn Associates Of Montgomery, P.c. 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1932278652
Obstetrics & Gynecology Of Dothan Inc 36303, ALObstetrics gynecology1114021409
Braden Richmond, Md,pc 36207, ALObstetrics gynecology1275626988
Diegmann And Henderson Obgyn Pc 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1649367228
Alabama Obgyn Specialists 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1326112038
Dothan Obgyn, Inc. 36301, ALObstetrics gynecology1427122514
Robert C. Brown, M.d. P.c. 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1215005434
Decatur Ob Gyn Physicians, Pc 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1194885699
Eli L Brown M D P C 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1376607606
Azalea Physicians For Women, P.c. 36360, ALObstetrics gynecology1356490627
Scottsboro Ob Gyn Specialists Llc 35768, ALObstetrics gynecology1972658300
Aldridge & Keith, P.c. 35660, ALObstetrics gynecology1245378645
Azalea City Physicians For Women,pc 36608, ALObstetrics gynecology1528107000
Shelby Ob Gyn, P.c. 35007, ALObstetrics gynecology1770627929
Russellville Hospital Llc 35653, ALObstetrics gynecology1033253141
Billue And Holley Pc 35976, ALObstetrics gynecology1689700965
Alabama Womens Specialists Pc 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1053439067
Belinda Maples M.d., P.c. 35611, ALObstetrics gynecology1346318474
Afs, Pc 35223, ALObstetrics gynecology1184792756
Tennessee Valley Ob gyn Clinic Pc 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1376678854
Southland Total Healthcare Systems, Inc. 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1356464036
A Horton Smith Md, Pc 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1013136118
Catherine A. Skinner, Md, Llc 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1154543809
Providence Healthcare Services 36608, ALObstetrics gynecology1013113760
Diagnostic & Medical Oncology Pc 36604, ALObstetrics gynecology1285833863
Mobile Reproductive Endocrinology And Infertility Center, P.c. 36609, ALObstetrics gynecology1730389867
Rachel Rockman Petersen, Md Pc 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1598965113
Leon W. Lewis M.d., P.c. 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1831382258
Imc Mobile Ob/gyn Ctr Pc 36607, ALObstetrics gynecology1952596975
Turning Leaf Medical, Inc. 36701, ALObstetrics gynecology1336336452
Center For Womens Health And Reproductive Medicine Llc 36701, ALObstetrics gynecology1568659704
Ob gyn Associates Of Baldwin County, P.c. 36535, ALObstetrics gynecology1093903627
Farinna Willis Md Pc 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1114115243
Premier Women's Care, Pc 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1982893111
John P Cimino Md, Pc 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1306027289
Jean A Sansaricq Md Pc 36617, ALObstetrics gynecology1720261266
Alabama Ob/gyn Assoiciates, P.c. 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1467635540
Earl W. Stradtman Jr., M/d. Pc 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1548444383
Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology Pc 35611, ALObstetrics gynecology1912185513
Greater Mobile Physicians For Women Pc 36612, ALObstetrics gynecology1033387436
Obgyn Associates 35010, ALObstetrics gynecology1780853697
Covington Gynecology, P.c. 36420, ALObstetrics gynecology1518137694
Womens Wellness Pc 35235, ALObstetrics gynecology1053581843
Russellville Physician Practices Llc 35653, ALObstetrics gynecology1649442369
Providence Healthcare Services 36526, ALObstetrics gynecology1164683595
Marion Regional Medical Center Inc. 35570, ALObstetrics gynecology1649433350
Carolyn H. Ringhoffer, Md Pc 36608, ALObstetrics gynecology1881858454
Brookwood maternal Fetal Medicine, L.l.c. 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1346405263
Baldwin Ob gyn Pc 36535, ALObstetrics gynecology1295940674
St. Vincent's East 35235, ALObstetrics gynecology1235307604
Baptist Health Centers, Llc 35160, ALObstetrics gynecology1285808584
Sand Mountain Ob/gyn Associates, Inc. 35957, ALObstetrics gynecology1467609420
Marshall Medical Center North 35976, ALObstetrics gynecology1023267929
Decatur General Hospital 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1255583324
Parkway Medical Clinic Inc 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1811138431
Decatur General Hospital 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1972744084
Princeton Womens Care 35211, ALObstetrics gynecology1083841043
Womens Healthcare Center Llc 36420, ALObstetrics gynecology1124257209
Franklin Primary Health Center Inc 36609, ALObstetrics gynecology1154551703
Ferguson Aesthetic Care And Enhancement Clinic 36301, ALObstetrics gynecology1528298924
North Baldwin Physicians For Women, Pc 36507, ALObstetrics gynecology1174753552
Franklin Primary Health Center Inc 36607, ALObstetrics gynecology1487988499
Gulf Health Hospitals, Inc. 36507, ALObstetrics gynecology1760717870
Women Taking Care Of Women Plus, Llc 36106, ALObstetrics gynecology1003141649
Alabama Gynecology Associates 36116, ALObstetrics gynecology1114253085
Montgomery Women's Primary Care Center, Llc 36116, ALObstetrics gynecology1295061059
Yolanda Alamilla Jones Pc 36535, ALObstetrics gynecology1528395845
Women's Health At Water's Edge 36854, ALObstetrics gynecology1821328741
Marshall Medical Center North 35976, ALObstetrics gynecology1093045742
Houston County Healthcare Authority 36301, ALObstetrics gynecology1235469669
Dale Medical Center 36360, ALObstetrics gynecology1033449467
Troy Health Services Llc 36081, ALObstetrics gynecology1609199421
Womens Health Partners Llc 35903, ALObstetrics gynecology1851617997
Mibella Gynecology, Llc 35242, ALObstetrics gynecology1720393606
Alabama Women's Wellness Center, P.c. 36801, ALObstetrics gynecology1780999425
Franklin Primary Health Center Inc 36535, ALObstetrics gynecology1932416195
Blue Bayou Services Group Inc 35203, ALObstetrics gynecology1598073868
Marble City Family Care And Obstetrics, Pc 35150, ALObstetrics gynecology1194025346
Crenshaw Family Care Center Llc 36049, ALObstetrics gynecology1285934315
St. Vincent's Mso, Llc 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1851694376
Brookwood Womens Health Pc 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1417250663
Providence Healthcare Services 36542, ALObstetrics gynecology1801188503
Troy Regional Physicians Inc 36081, ALObstetrics gynecology1568741627
Stephen Keith Md 35660, ALObstetrics gynecology1275817694
Martha Aldridge Md 35660, ALObstetrics gynecology1053695478
Women's Wellness Center Of Dothan, Llc 36303, ALObstetrics gynecology1003191933
Crenshaw Family Care Center, Llc 36049, ALObstetrics gynecology1154606861
Ronishia Thomas, Md, Pc 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1801171178
Melvin D Thornbury Jr Md Pc 35957, ALObstetrics gynecology1740567486
Women's Health Options 35661, ALObstetrics gynecology1124305438


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