Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Constance D Cooper 36603, ALObstetrics gynecology1164425310
Howard Douglas Woodford 35630, ALObstetrics gynecology1952305799
Kenneth Carl Brewington 36607, ALObstetrics gynecology1639174014
Asha Voss 36303, ALObstetrics gynecology1962407577
Latoya Walton-torrence 36303, ALObstetrics gynecology1841295458
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36603, ALObstetrics gynecology1043794480
Antonio R Gonzalez-ruiz 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1326044231
Sylvia A P Subong-chambers 35233, ALObstetrics gynecology1891791620
Shannon M Gilmore 36609, ALObstetrics gynecology1689673006
Thomas Clifton Pitman 35613, ALObstetrics gynecology1902807878
Theodore N Catranis 36607, ALObstetrics gynecology1942201223
Michael A. Wells 36420, ALObstetrics gynecology1205838927
Jim E Speed 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1053313668
Anne Marie Reidy 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1902890387
Sharon L Callison 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1013901107
Krishna K Kakani 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1568456655
Rachel Rockman Petersen 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1780679183
Frank J. Kelly 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1306831243
Steven F. Madden 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1013903939
David Beeson Partlow 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1427044346
Karl Walter Harbin 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1295721157
Charles John Mentel 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1154317014
James Edward Poist 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1093701955
Marla Jean Gleason 36507, ALObstetrics gynecology1093702458
Eric A Tallent 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1801883715
John Thomas Mcdonald 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1073501326
Kimberly Hoover 35249, ALObstetrics gynecology1013906445
William L Lenahan 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1487643748
Womens Care Specialists 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1174514905
Elizabeth A Barron 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1912998253
Karla G Kennedy 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1720079908
Cynthia K Mccaleb 35213, ALObstetrics gynecology1306837588
Janet A Davis 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1124019302
Daphne L Jones 35653, ALObstetrics gynecology1881675965
Deborah Anne Delk 36362, ALObstetrics gynecology1184605701
Ronald Vance Beck 36867, ALObstetrics gynecology1245211861
James Dunbar Pollard 36330, ALObstetrics gynecology1104808237
Warren R Banach 36330, ALObstetrics gynecology1144202284
Bradley Kent Heim 36330, ALObstetrics gynecology1316929466
Charles Alexander Leath 35249, ALObstetrics gynecology1255313193
Kari Marie Kubik 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1508848540
Eduardo Lorenzo Santiago 35653, ALObstetrics gynecology1609858174
Larry Braden Richmond 36207, ALObstetrics gynecology1023091436
Stuart T May 36116, ALObstetrics gynecology1437132420
Lisa Malone 36330, ALObstetrics gynecology1588647523
Gerry Francis Ellis 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1043295181
Jeanine Marie Loncar 35758, ALObstetrics gynecology1700861713
Michael J Conrad 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1790760452
John P Cimino 35096, ALObstetrics gynecology1578548244
Thomas Clifford Ray 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1689659534
Michael C Allemand 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1164408688
Kirby Lamar Hart 36301, ALObstetrics gynecology1295711760
Amy Franklin 36303, ALObstetrics gynecology1710963756
Paul Jacob Megehee 35768, ALObstetrics gynecology1275511784
Ivonne Vargas-sanchez 35768, ALObstetrics gynecology1790763209
Jerry D Pierce 35768, ALObstetrics gynecology1922086453
Joseph E. Browning 36420, ALObstetrics gynecology1316925613
Leon Wrensford Lewis 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1740260744
Tennessee Valley Gynecologic Oncology, Pc 35805, ALObstetrics gynecology1023098571
Lewis Robert Schulman 35243, ALObstetrics gynecology1265412415
William Edward Beasley 35611, ALObstetrics gynecology1891765863
Daniel M Avery 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1649240300
Dana Figueroa Marzilli 35249, ALObstetrics gynecology1114997566
Raymond L Sheppard 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1619949054
Joseph A Fiore 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1982675336
David S Gams 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1245202902
James Victor Hamilton 35010, ALObstetrics gynecology1679545131
Patricia A Miller 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1134192347
James J Walker 36426, ALObstetrics gynecology1962475749
Ahmet Helvacioglu 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1093788705
Andrew Jason Harper 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1215901194
Robert S Cleveland 36303, ALObstetrics gynecology1942274998
Scott A Gilchrist 36303, ALObstetrics gynecology1437123692
Eli Lenoir Brown 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1629042452
James W. Mullis 36207, ALObstetrics gynecology1447225511
Charles Euguene Sharp 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1215903810
Timothy Lynn Stone 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1932175437
Robert Patten Goolsby 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1720054224
Larry C Stutts 35660, ALObstetrics gynecology1063488922
Colbert Ob Gyn 35660, ALObstetrics gynecology1467428334
Amanda L Murner 35660, ALObstetrics gynecology1497722383
Jerry Nolan Gurley 35160, ALObstetrics gynecology1881661130
Dennis Frank Dase 35160, ALObstetrics gynecology1013984368
Horace Byron Phillips 35160, ALObstetrics gynecology1871561878
Barbara Louise Moersch 36207, ALObstetrics gynecology1437127867
Byron P Lawhon 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1760450944
Ralph M Garrard 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1063481083
Randy James Yarbrough 35058, ALObstetrics gynecology1134197361
William Alton Newman 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1114995214
Winston M Ashurst 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1396714176
William Andrew Lemons 35242, ALObstetrics gynecology1679542294
Katharine R Cooper 35010, ALObstetrics gynecology1821057845
Karen G Raiford 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1164481073
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36603, ALObstetrics gynecology1679532303
Charles Lee Mccain 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1114986791
Mitchell W Schuster 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1245299874
Susan Goldby 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1295794824
Charles W Robinett 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1669431037
Mark T Purvis 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1326007725
William F Huggins 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1326007733
John A Shannon 35601, ALObstetrics gynecology1437118825
Samuel E Gray 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1689633091
David L Spangler 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1093774309
Margaret F Carter 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1396705554
Donald Glenn Aulds 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1912967696
William E Thomas 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1508827882
Charles Gregory Banks 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1912960527
Christy James Guepet 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1821051434
William S Mckenzie 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1346203387
Nathan Michel Ross 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1902869845
Ob gyn South, P.c. 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1689637431
Lance Eric Radbill 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1740244383
Joseph A Ferlisi 36108, ALObstetrics gynecology1891759445
Sandra L. Mcmichael 35203, ALObstetrics gynecology1710941349
Jon Michael Adcock 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1184688582
Alex Joseph Childs 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1790749141
Bhc Princeton Ob/gyn 35218, ALObstetrics gynecology1083678130
Bhc James Belyeu 35007, ALObstetrics gynecology1588628689
George Clifton Pitts 35211, ALObstetrics gynecology1962467852
Whitney Elise Dunham 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1528024973
Michael Jeffrey Belmont 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1093771214
Dean Veren 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1588620645
Henry Crommelin 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1275599268
Michele Christine 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1134185143
David S Mckee 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1962469973
John David Wheeler 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1780641795
Lewis Jeffers Fowlkes 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1174580062
Ronald Wayne Orso 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1689631574
Charles Franklin Warren 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1447217351
James R Light 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1184681611
Lori Smith 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1598722373
David L Rushing 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1760449540
Essential Health, Pc 35806, ALObstetrics gynecology1508823055
Gregg Arthur Delisle 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1104883800
Amy Marie Takacs 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1629035118
David Edward Green 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1710944236
Rufus Clyde Smith 36305, ALObstetrics gynecology1083671317
Christopher E Nicholls 36305, ALObstetrics gynecology1528025855
Robert M Hagler 36305, ALObstetrics gynecology1255398582
Ben R Martin 36305, ALObstetrics gynecology1164489498
James S Butler 36305, ALObstetrics gynecology1417914748
Brian M Casey 35294, ALObstetrics gynecology1851358329
Richard Alvin Roh 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1013974484
Dylan Robert Wells 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1487611950
David B Engle 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1487611760
Kristine R. Graettinger 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1003873399
Sharp & Stone Ob/gyn, P.c. 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1538126636
Marc Quentin Sonnier 35406, ALObstetrics gynecology1154389070
Jefferson Clinic, P.c. 35233, ALObstetrics gynecology1124086509
Philip M Dozier 36305, ALObstetrics gynecology1518925197
Herbert H Gannon 36305, ALObstetrics gynecology1356309942
Fred Ferris Diegmann 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1720046204
Mary Dunlap Wells 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1487612966
Gary Wayne Nelson 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1093773574
Judson Wayne Smith 35501, ALObstetrics gynecology1720037450
Evelyn Ann Leonard 35501, ALObstetrics gynecology1114976859
Marshall Dean Shoemaker 36532, ALObstetrics gynecology1659321065
Mack N Barnes 35223, ALObstetrics gynecology1033168547
Donald F Slappey 35957, ALObstetrics gynecology1235188764
Susan Baker 36604, ALObstetrics gynecology1538118997
Dee Rodrick Denson 35211, ALObstetrics gynecology1356391783
Anna Malgorzata Lewak Flinn 92134, ALObstetrics gynecology1205886645
Woodrow W Herring 35501, ALObstetrics gynecology1952350506
Larry C Kilgore 35233, ALObstetrics gynecology1265482921
Tyler O'neal Kirby 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1427008184
Monica Clark Taylor 36544, ALObstetrics gynecology1518918820
Melissa Lynn Heath 36426, ALObstetrics gynecology1134170095
Edward E Partridge 35249, ALObstetrics gynecology1841241601
Roy Lee Sims 35501, ALObstetrics gynecology1427009224
Lloyd Robert Wade 36502, ALObstetrics gynecology1447201116
Steven J. Coulter 35968, ALObstetrics gynecology1689626046
Rodney P Rocconi 36640, ALObstetrics gynecology1730131210
Eniola O Fagbongbe 36451, ALObstetrics gynecology1790737807
John M Straughn 35233, ALObstetrics gynecology1043262777
Earl Wimberly Stradtman 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1508819145
Jacquline A Tessen 36207, ALObstetrics gynecology1376595082
Lisa M Christian 35660, ALObstetrics gynecology1467405787
Sheila Dawn Henderson 36420, ALObstetrics gynecology1174576565
Beth Anne Malizia 35223, ALObstetrics gynecology1740233352
Warren W. Scott 35968, ALObstetrics gynecology1053364877
John Blakely Isbell 35968, ALObstetrics gynecology1487608204
Dent Williams 36117, ALObstetrics gynecology1134173164
Tomeka Roberts 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1619921509
Farinna Latisia Willis 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1861446734
Paul David Mozley 36535, ALObstetrics gynecology1124073036
William W Andrews 35233, ALObstetrics gynecology1841245453
Botros M Rizk 36604, ALObstetrics gynecology1851346183
Pamela J Blake 35249, ALObstetrics gynecology1770538977
Tomeka Roberts, M.d., P.c. 35209, ALObstetrics gynecology1619922630
James Maxwell Austin 35233, ALObstetrics gynecology1417902602
Richard E Blackwell 35233, ALObstetrics gynecology1851346910
Deann Miller Green 35401, ALObstetrics gynecology1982659207
Walter L Hogan 36604, ALObstetrics gynecology1245285220
Almoth Horton Smith 35801, ALObstetrics gynecology1013963867
Kenneth Eugene Farmer 36301, ALObstetrics gynecology1962458380
Joshua Johannson 36205, ALObstetrics gynecology1619924594
Simon williamson Clinic, P.c. 35211, ALObstetrics gynecology1497702344
Ashley Przybysz 35205, ALObstetrics gynecology1215984034
Thomas M. Chase 36801, ALObstetrics gynecology1386691970
Joel C. Pittard 36801, ALObstetrics gynecology1851348528


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