Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark D Rader 15545, AZObstetrics gynecology1396734950
Amy Jo Williamson 85016, AZObstetrics gynecology1881656973
Susan Louise Vannucci 85260, AZObstetrics gynecology1255346938
Sonal Gandhi 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1467435891
Diana Tahereh Atashroo 94305, AZObstetrics gynecology1174722417
Gregory J Marchand 85209, AZObstetrics gynecology1891907119
Lisa Marie Cotten 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1548554470
Vinay Gunnala 85018, AZObstetrics gynecology1215227749
Obhg Arizona, P.c. 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1902188642
Craig Jason Wolf 58601, AZObstetrics gynecology1033558523
Kendra Gray 85006, AZObstetrics gynecology1477965218
Elizabeth Sadler 85205, AZObstetrics gynecology1528459781
Marchand Obgyn Pllc 85209, AZObstetrics gynecology1225374077
Samantha Paturu Nadella 90710, AZObstetrics gynecology1942597497
Emily Clair Mcclung 85724, AZObstetrics gynecology1851679765
Amanda Bujaucius 85364, AZObstetrics gynecology1891205134
First Image Prenatal Clinic 85302, AZObstetrics gynecology1215430269
Andrew Charles Villa 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1982681284
Monte Rajul Swarup 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1790762094
Celina Talea Reyes-hailey 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1336213248
Matthew David Moore 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1700076635
Pooja Doehrman 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1114212883
Aspen Leigh Bradley-wolfe 85048, AZObstetrics gynecology1861751067
Deandra L. Smith 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1700191426
Charles Brixner Boag 85048, AZObstetrics gynecology1790956027
Judith Anne Adams 85297, AZObstetrics gynecology1457644759
Karen Ann Ragaini 85048, AZObstetrics gynecology1831176270
Gerald Edward Pass 85222, AZObstetrics gynecology1326025792
Jaime R, Testa 85122, AZObstetrics gynecology1164544730
Theresa Chu 85297, AZObstetrics gynecology1700103371
Ernestine Bustamante 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1427030469
Star Clinic Llc 85381, AZObstetrics gynecology1932608106
Hemikaa Devakumar 85340, AZObstetrics gynecology1801213731
Adelante Healthcare, Inc. 85374, AZObstetrics gynecology1205994761
Desert Princess Medical Grp 85260, AZObstetrics gynecology1326493768
Richard Haines Demir 85226, AZObstetrics gynecology1255410791
Kristine M Miller 95817, AZObstetrics gynecology1912389156
Joseph Chen 75390, AZObstetrics gynecology1083092118
Amber Louise Vegh 85297, AZObstetrics gynecology1306933247
Shelly Sood 19107, AZObstetrics gynecology1639566888
Cortney Eakin 85008, AZObstetrics gynecology1851787238
Steven Cowles 84601, AZObstetrics gynecology1427436559
Elizabeth Malia Reynoso 85251, AZObstetrics gynecology1699961847
Christian Garcia 86409, AZObstetrics gynecology1215315353
John A Garbaciak 85028, AZObstetrics gynecology1811994726
Olivia Orlinda Cardenas-trowers 40202, AZObstetrics gynecology1215340336
Noor Hashim Zwayne 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1972896272
Adrian Garza-cavazos 21742, AZObstetrics gynecology1265839179
Carrie Noelle Aguilar 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1124292321
Claudia Suzette Chambers 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1881783744
John Hall Farley 85004, AZObstetrics gynecology1427034578
Melissa Parks 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1578981551
Justin Michael Gamez 19134, AZObstetrics gynecology1003296625
Kathleen Powers 85016, AZObstetrics gynecology1245610369
Stephanie Diane Henderson 84107, AZObstetrics gynecology1982997284
Maritza G Gonzalez 60637, AZObstetrics gynecology1154684728
Pavel Stoyanov Petkov 85122, AZObstetrics gynecology1194910570
Melissa Gioia Austin 85308, AZObstetrics gynecology1972793933
Jodi K Regan 44308, AZObstetrics gynecology1528059482
Debra A Guinn 85719, AZObstetrics gynecology1386627974
Sadikah Behbehani 92508, AZObstetrics gynecology1063937092
Laura T Mercer 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1083841969
Rebecca Ann Ludwig 85308, AZObstetrics gynecology1093193609
Gerardo Carlos 85614, AZObstetrics gynecology1831170570
Elizabeth Harper Juanillo 85374, AZObstetrics gynecology1558716571
Jose Gomez Cisneros 85017, AZObstetrics gynecology1023249174
Shaheedah Marie Imano 34205, AZObstetrics gynecology1285950931
Karline Paige Snyder 85037, AZObstetrics gynecology1104452028
Dionne K Mills 85225, AZObstetrics gynecology1932337938
Samar Nahas 92508, AZObstetrics gynecology1831478395
Michella J Switzer 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1376707638
Kameron Reza Firouzi 85308, AZObstetrics gynecology1437511276
Maria Daniela Weise-fleckenstein 80910, AZObstetrics gynecology1356729974
Karin K Braun 85234, AZObstetrics gynecology1194711069
Ealena S Callender 55379, AZObstetrics gynecology1851489793
Judith A Mead 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1942273156
Kaitlin Nelson Elsenheimer 85008, AZObstetrics gynecology1477915213
Terri Halverson 55805, AZObstetrics gynecology1962805549
Swathi Challa 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1285038059
Laura Wade 86046, AZObstetrics gynecology1801243902
Shareece Davis-nelson 92354, AZObstetrics gynecology1699980243
Edmond Lowe Baker 85015, AZObstetrics gynecology1235304171
Shaida Molloy 06611, AZObstetrics gynecology1487003638
Kathryn Reise 85308, AZObstetrics gynecology1093177156
Hetal C Shah 85031, AZObstetrics gynecology1750363255
Briana Truehill Wellington 86004, AZObstetrics gynecology1740409200
Beverly Ellen Tew 80129, AZObstetrics gynecology1669661062
Paul M Magtibay 85259, AZObstetrics gynecology1760467252
Jared Sander 58103, AZObstetrics gynecology1326497561
Kristina A Butler 85259, AZObstetrics gynecology1326169699
David A Pennington 86442, AZObstetrics gynecology1609941582
Lauren Rae Yanez 85392, AZObstetrics gynecology1073075123
Heather M Zechman 85006, AZObstetrics gynecology1649245762
Kelly H Roy 85006, AZObstetrics gynecology1891787693
Thomas J Waliser 85006, AZObstetrics gynecology1639190572
Kelly H. Roy, Md, Pc 85006, AZObstetrics gynecology1003099367
Allan R Hartsough 55337, AZObstetrics gynecology1265498331
Allison Amber Snyder 85032, AZObstetrics gynecology1316263585
Diane Goedecke 85741, AZObstetrics gynecology1205940293
Quiet Waters Maternity Spa, Pllc 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1568079572
Liani Kelly Mccline 85392, AZObstetrics gynecology1184243057
Chijioke Nnenna Soribe 85012, AZObstetrics gynecology1033392113
Sarah Helen Green 85012, AZObstetrics gynecology1326645318
Laura Matlock 85306, AZObstetrics gynecology1417342353
Healthcare Campus Llc 85206, AZObstetrics gynecology1205442704
Raja Sekar Mittapalli 46011, AZObstetrics gynecology1275610271
Bruce R. Eich 85283, AZObstetrics gynecology1083673941
Brittany Schulte 85283, AZObstetrics gynecology1598373995
Jolomi Naomi Iyoha 30060, AZObstetrics gynecology1679992002
Tuan Minh Vo 85714, AZObstetrics gynecology1518253491
Balance Midwifery And Women's Health 85234, AZObstetrics gynecology1346852241
Arvind Bakhru 85255, AZObstetrics gynecology1477689511
Dominique Michelle Barnes 79912, AZObstetrics gynecology1396184677
Jennifer Catherine Viner 33609, AZObstetrics gynecology1871073254
Vhc Iii Llc 86336, AZObstetrics gynecology1619441466
Maureen Lee 85297, AZObstetrics gynecology1124131248
Stephanie Chin 85712, AZObstetrics gynecology1417026188
Kimberly Ann Eckley 85635, AZObstetrics gynecology1235119421
Victor Th Chen 85741, AZObstetrics gynecology1356342901
Katherine L. Gillaspy 85741, AZObstetrics gynecology1174727754
Victoria R. Fewell 85741, AZObstetrics gynecology1972588960
Anna Christine Nelson-moseke 85741, AZObstetrics gynecology1518196443
Janet P Warner 85741, AZObstetrics gynecology1992706774
Marisa Kaiser 85712, AZObstetrics gynecology1558811471
Javier F Magrina 85259, AZObstetrics gynecology1265417075
Jose Rios 85714, AZObstetrics gynecology1124099940
Carol M Dehasse 85704, AZObstetrics gynecology1205811205
Emily Christina Culbert 89148, AZObstetrics gynecology1528181625
Kimberly Ann Washburn 81321, AZObstetrics gynecology1639315948
Cherrie A Andersen 95503, AZObstetrics gynecology1780672089
Katherine B Glaser 85724, AZObstetrics gynecology1134385156
Guadalupe Herrera Garcia 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1497073704
Francis J Martinez 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1053392670
Christopher N Eswar 10016, AZObstetrics gynecology1598907008
Linda Ruth Chambliss 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1457370595
Corenthian Jerome Booker 85258, AZObstetrics gynecology1740402007
John Palmer Elliott 85202, AZObstetrics gynecology1255300802
Jonathan E Franco 85304, AZObstetrics gynecology1699736371
Adam T Newman 75766, AZObstetrics gynecology1154310688
Valley View Physician Practices Llc 86426, AZObstetrics gynecology1386008506
Ravindu P. Gunatilake 85304, AZObstetrics gynecology1659561553
Kathleen A Kuhlman 85258, AZObstetrics gynecology1962468223
Stephanie Martin 85206, AZObstetrics gynecology1679537997
Hugh S Miller 85037, AZObstetrics gynecology1881774313
Chien C Oh 85258, AZObstetrics gynecology1427134071
Krunal Patel 85304, AZObstetrics gynecology1740558022
Avinash Shivaputrappa Patil 85258, AZObstetrics gynecology1720291024
Thomas Henry Strong 85304, AZObstetrics gynecology1851360317
Jessica Huard 98405, AZObstetrics gynecology1275888422
Mirna Demirdjian 92831, AZObstetrics gynecology1407085665
Payson Healthcare Management Inc 85541, AZObstetrics gynecology1093718694
A New Creation Womens Clinic Pc 85741, AZObstetrics gynecology1164425450
Advanced Fertility Care, Pllc 85258, AZObstetrics gynecology1114929205
Regional Care Physicians Group, Inc. 85222, AZObstetrics gynecology1033114210
Southwest Contemporary Women's Care, Pc 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1396746624
Horizon Ob gyn Plc 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1760474019
Marco Bailon Saucedo Md Pc 85621, AZObstetrics gynecology1003806787
Planned Parenthood Arizona 85014, AZObstetrics gynecology1083694160
Vhs Acquisition Company Number 1 Llc 85007, AZObstetrics gynecology1477530889
Copperstate Ob gyn Associates, Ltd 85712, AZObstetrics gynecology1992779326
Lesley Helen Johnstone Md Pc 85004, AZObstetrics gynecology1841266830
Oasis Obstetrics & Gynecology, Plc 85233, AZObstetrics gynecology1619944170
Canyonlands Community Health Care 86040, AZObstetrics gynecology1619945904
Canyonlands Community Health Care 86432, AZObstetrics gynecology1780653741
Integrated Medical Services Inc 85032, AZObstetrics gynecology1760441141
Edward D Szmuc, M.d., P.c. 85282, AZObstetrics gynecology1245290766
Carondelet Medical Group, Inc 85745, AZObstetrics gynecology1659326585
Southwest Women's Health, Llc 85122, AZObstetrics gynecology1881641751
Arizona Community Physicians Pc 85711, AZObstetrics gynecology1205871076
Mariposa Community Health Center 85621, AZObstetrics gynecology1417985474
Hetal C. Shah, M.d., P.c. 85031, AZObstetrics gynecology1437189404
Fountains Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ltd 85020, AZObstetrics gynecology1326078502
Arizona Family Care Associates, Inc. 85635, AZObstetrics gynecology1265462006
Schlotterer Gynecology Llc 85003, AZObstetrics gynecology1891150868
Banner University Medical Group 85012, AZObstetrics gynecology1508809427
Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation 86045, AZObstetrics gynecology1548294424
Bullhead City Clinic Corp 86442, AZObstetrics gynecology1962429878
Perry Y Lin Md Pc 86001, AZObstetrics gynecology1588681407
Mariposa Community Health Center 85624, AZObstetrics gynecology1003837618
James A Griggs Cochise Womens Care Pllc 85635, AZObstetrics gynecology1851312896
Bruce E Silva Md And Kenneth S. Kacenga Do Pllc 85635, AZObstetrics gynecology1932120870
Mountain States Neonatology, Inc. 83706, AZObstetrics gynecology1205850823
Corey S Bruce Md Ltd 85012, AZObstetrics gynecology1942216585
Obstetrix Medical Group Of Arizona, P.c. 85712, AZObstetrics gynecology1316961022
Center For True Harmony Wellness & Medicine Pc 85210, AZObstetrics gynecology1972614592
Samaritan Obstetrics & Gynecology Ltd 85202, AZObstetrics gynecology1407967391
Womens Medical Care Pc 86301, AZObstetrics gynecology1992800494
Garron R. Hale, M.d., P.c. 85260, AZObstetrics gynecology1679679856
Southeast Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology Plc 85206, AZObstetrics gynecology1427154442
Clinica Latina Healthcare Group Llc 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1356447387
Bruce R. Eich, Md Pc 85283, AZObstetrics gynecology1437256583
Perrin Ob/gyn, Pc 86001, AZObstetrics gynecology1548361041
Mariana Amaya M.d., P.c. 85013, AZObstetrics gynecology1447348362
Surendher Lokareddy Mdpc 85364, AZObstetrics gynecology1952490328
Canyonlands Community Health Care 86040, AZObstetrics gynecology1609966860
Melin S. Canez, M.d.,p.c. 85710, AZObstetrics gynecology1518042456
Stephen T. Linn Md Llc 86305, AZObstetrics gynecology1396822920
Catherine Westerband Md Pc 85704, AZObstetrics gynecology1720167414
Sonoran Medical Centers 85308, AZObstetrics gynecology1417053885
Phoenician Medical Center, Inc 85224, AZObstetrics gynecology1891895637


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