Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Auther Adams 93706, CAObstetrics gynecology1609858257
Jessica Reid 97239, CAObstetrics gynecology1447615315
Kathleen Anne Davis 92705, CAObstetrics gynecology1427035344
James M Tsai 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1356329494
Jigisha D Upadhyaya 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1427036565
Wendy C Crenshaw 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1205814340
Gregory R Klis 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1508844648
Tillaikarasi Kannappan 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1598743635
Marietta Marzan-tan 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1336127372
Jose T Aranez 91505, CAObstetrics gynecology1740255330
John Paul Cardin 90806, CAObstetrics gynecology1467411744
Tina C Mason 94590, CAObstetrics gynecology1457301301
Janice L. Hull 90305, CAObstetrics gynecology1841248820
James J Ingaglio 93030, CAObstetrics gynecology1124006838
Providence Medical Institute 90503, CAObstetrics gynecology1356394175
Dominique M Shaw 10026, CAObstetrics gynecology1871544536
Lisa Susan Lipschitz 92113, CAObstetrics gynecology1649208711
Mary Alice Acevedo 92115, CAObstetrics gynecology1528004975
Andrea Mendelssohn 94549, CAObstetrics gynecology1144275264
Laura Heying Boston 91910, CAObstetrics gynecology1174553259
Johanna Jetton 94541, CAObstetrics gynecology1114430105
Jan Todd Rydfors 94063, CAObstetrics gynecology1508810763
Katherine Amelia Overton 93227, CAObstetrics gynecology1902836893
Carol June Koeble 27610, CAObstetrics gynecology1033159710
Lynn Gretkowski 93454, CAObstetrics gynecology1619083250
Rovena R Reagan 92111, CAObstetrics gynecology1619980521
Michael Thomas Margolis 94010, CAObstetrics gynecology1467475046
Luz Mery Sarria 90250, CAObstetrics gynecology1194747030
Ricardo E Huete 90745, CAObstetrics gynecology1184630683
St Joseph Heritage Healthcare 92868, CAObstetrics gynecology1871607762
Larry J Lo 95376, CAObstetrics gynecology1205850864
Susan Wilson 94118, CAObstetrics gynecology1952329567
Shannon Maclaughlan 60612, CAObstetrics gynecology1720001894
Leslie Katherine Drummond-hay 94520, CAObstetrics gynecology1558474536
George Gilson 88005, CAObstetrics gynecology1588677751
Jeffrey Stuart Illeck 92648, CAObstetrics gynecology1013920958
Adobe Medical Group Inc. 92701, CAObstetrics gynecology1063523538
Liautaud Morin Prophete 93635, CAObstetrics gynecology1134219264
Jacqueline Ava Williams-olango 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1134219686
William I Han 92708, CAObstetrics gynecology1043300114
Richard Moris Ingle 96067, CAObstetrics gynecology1164523072
Noel G Del Mundo 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1245319805
Yvonne Celeste Goff 92123, CAObstetrics gynecology1669556460
Obstetrics & Gynecology Surgical Associates 91942, CAObstetrics gynecology1497839211
Maureen Ellen Mulvihill 90710, CAObstetrics gynecology1497866909
Malini Anand Nijagal 94110, CAObstetrics gynecology1043322233
Mohammed H Emamian 90813, CAObstetrics gynecology1780780577
Rabin Mizrahi 91405, CAObstetrics gynecology1124124920
Heather I Terbell 93105, CAObstetrics gynecology1316043300
Rumiko Harkness 92056, CAObstetrics gynecology1487785093
George M Savage 95341, CAObstetrics gynecology1063577823
Karen Chu 94109, CAObstetrics gynecology1053436899
Stephanie Noi Ling Chun 94109, CAObstetrics gynecology1285750943
Rachel Huchung Shu 94109, CAObstetrics gynecology1942358577
Amy Murtha 94143, CAObstetrics gynecology1013066034
Karim A. Soliman 91801, CAObstetrics gynecology1669506226
Robert S.y. Cheng 91775, CAObstetrics gynecology1851463178
Kaitlin Hoff 93534, CAObstetrics gynecology1841665650
Cindy Margarita Jaime 92113, CAObstetrics gynecology1568655785
Allison Melanie Loeffler 92113, CAObstetrics gynecology1700073962
Tatyana Shereshevsky 95540, CAObstetrics gynecology1609043835
Sandra Marissa Cervantes 92113, CAObstetrics gynecology1073701041
Jennifer Janine Winesburg 92113, CAObstetrics gynecology1811162456
Kirthi Reddy Inukonda 95032, CAObstetrics gynecology1336310515
Sarah Jane Turner 28547, CAObstetrics gynecology1720240096
Khalil Jamal Carter 92113, CAObstetrics gynecology1225231582
Naghma Aftab Farooqi 79430, CAObstetrics gynecology1649479767
San Francisco Women's Healthcare, Inc. 94109, CAObstetrics gynecology1912027632
Arij Faksh 92121, CAObstetrics gynecology1912166737
Kakkis Medical Group Inc 90803, CAObstetrics gynecology1356557060
Karen Naomi Kobayashi 91911, CAObstetrics gynecology1497929517
Eric Tabas Md Inc 94108, CAObstetrics gynecology1063719722
Melissa Georgenson Drake 93105, CAObstetrics gynecology1710277462
Prardhana Challapalli Burbano De Lara 92113, CAObstetrics gynecology1447578182
Taylor J Brueseke 92868, CAObstetrics gynecology1821304882
Rocio Lopez 92130, CAObstetrics gynecology1396053369
Tara Dale Hulbert 95065, CAObstetrics gynecology1366734774
Colleen Cabrey Denny 10016, CAObstetrics gynecology1518233709
Jacqueline Parchem 77030, CAObstetrics gynecology1649595752
Amandeep Singh Mahal 68114, CAObstetrics gynecology1588983266
Monica Hannon 94132, CAObstetrics gynecology1033435904
Sahag A Arslanian Md, A Medical Corporation 91205, CAObstetrics gynecology1871890160
Mary Loraine Sullivan 92020, CAObstetrics gynecology1588893564
Zaid Chaudhry 91790, CAObstetrics gynecology1740509728
Mystical Rose Obstetrics And Gynecology 92028, CAObstetrics gynecology1851521231
Joe Mawad 92411, CAObstetrics gynecology1003140948
Nicole K Sahasrabudhe 90242, CAObstetrics gynecology1982982286
Rose Michaelena Monardo 94597, CAObstetrics gynecology1407142250
Kathryn Jones Sharma 93036, CAObstetrics gynecology1053620880
Fataneh Amidi 90242, CAObstetrics gynecology1134357981
Anne Narayan 92648, CAObstetrics gynecology1851544100
Candice Shirin Daneshvar 90048, CAObstetrics gynecology1841550597
Serene Mahima Alexander 95341, CAObstetrics gynecology1841555109
Callie Rose Blair 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1932444239
Jennifer Lynn Beeckman 94804, CAObstetrics gynecology1174729271
Tiare Nicole Evans 92354, CAObstetrics gynecology1073856712
Nazaneen Homaifar 94110, CAObstetrics gynecology1922441930
Nathalie Nguyen 91206, CAObstetrics gynecology1164866901
Malcolm William, George Hardy 99362, CAObstetrics gynecology1790120145
Bonnie Lesley Zell 94612, CAObstetrics gynecology1528465192
Baychildren's Physicians 94705, CAObstetrics gynecology1912447137
Sarah Elizabeth Paraghamian 27514, CAObstetrics gynecology1487066387
Emily Ruth Howell 07601, CAObstetrics gynecology1114328390
Jennifer M Chen 90210, CAObstetrics gynecology1932587201
Kendra Baker 92618, CAObstetrics gynecology1609295096
Cindy Tsai 90503, CAObstetrics gynecology1063807311
Jill Tseng 92868, CAObstetrics gynecology1265759807
My-linh Thi Nguyen 94598, CAObstetrics gynecology1790173292
William D Winkelman 02138, CAObstetrics gynecology1316289440
Jessica Lee Iwalani Johns 94597, CAObstetrics gynecology1841634342
Marron Cathleen Wong 94538, CAObstetrics gynecology1871859843
Ashish Premkumar 60611, CAObstetrics gynecology1215279344
Yekaterina A Bakhta 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1164784195
Courtney Lee Amerin 80229, CAObstetrics gynecology1568880698
Behnam Kashanchi, M.d. Inc. 91436, CAObstetrics gynecology1316374598
Ginni S. Rosenfeld, Md Inc 90301, CAObstetrics gynecology1396145116
Etta Evans 73507, CAObstetrics gynecology1073877460
Rebecca K Jones 93454, CAObstetrics gynecology1093823700
Deanna Young 92057, CAObstetrics gynecology1619232642
Ob 24 Medical Group, Inc. 93030, CAObstetrics gynecology1255714671
Kristen Misiak Everett 94577, CAObstetrics gynecology1770858904
Jennifer Leah Mcnally 94143, CAObstetrics gynecology1699054718
Homa Karimi-noori 95688, CAObstetrics gynecology1093073231
Bethany Conly 93901, CAObstetrics gynecology1700129525
Kristen Buono 95051, CAObstetrics gynecology1245573039
Dr Praveen Gupta A Medical Corporation 90232, CAObstetrics gynecology1891295408
Carla Spades 90036, CAObstetrics gynecology1265810907
Los Angeles Reproductive Center 91436, CAObstetrics gynecology1235646985
Iris Orbuch 10012, CAObstetrics gynecology1063435022
Enloe Medical Center 95926, CAObstetrics gynecology1023420726
Vanessa Isiaka 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1316336969
Valley Women's Healthcare Medical Group, Inc 93720, CAObstetrics gynecology1154873230
Power Healing Medical Center, Inc. 90247, CAObstetrics gynecology1568985463
Anh Thuy Do 94598, CAObstetrics gynecology1548362122
Century Women Medical Group, Inc. 90035, CAObstetrics gynecology1093834533
Andrew Awadalla 90720, CAObstetrics gynecology1548503246
Maria Siu 91767, CAObstetrics gynecology1144513862
Rahima Sanya 93311, CAObstetrics gynecology1619319407
Olivia Muramoto 90048, CAObstetrics gynecology1548667546
Trisha Mendoza Lopez 90027, CAObstetrics gynecology1063867158
Baychildren's Physicians 94597, CAObstetrics gynecology1851892459
Cornerstone Women's Healthcare A Medical Corp 92562, CAObstetrics gynecology1427194802
Maria Siu Apc 91767, CAObstetrics gynecology1760977060
Thomas John Cachur 92882, CAObstetrics gynecology1225037047
Elizabeth Grace Wilkinson 91208, CAObstetrics gynecology1770098378
Her Wellness, Inc. 91505, CAObstetrics gynecology1750866679
Melissa K Owens 94597, CAObstetrics gynecology1568607414
Oroma Beatrice Afiong Nwanodi 92262, CAObstetrics gynecology1922021914
Geraldine Anne Loughran-beutler 92646, CAObstetrics gynecology1255809000
Melissa Marie Mccormack 93534, CAObstetrics gynecology1992932149
Sharon K. Knight 94118, CAObstetrics gynecology1538195367
Michael L Cogan 90813, CAObstetrics gynecology1609889815
Medi Medi Community Health Center 90061, CAObstetrics gynecology1154892875
Sahar Doctorvaladan 95405, CAObstetrics gynecology1285957936
Paige Dermer Kendall 60611, CAObstetrics gynecology1356794457
Spyridon I Marinis 16001, CAObstetrics gynecology1487622239
Yen Hoang Chan 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1417006701
Anna Frick 94609, CAObstetrics gynecology1104956408
New World Multispecialty Medical Group, Inc. 90026, CAObstetrics gynecology1265656904
Adriana Piazza 98112, CAObstetrics gynecology1245658343
Lisa Chang 91754, CAObstetrics gynecology1437314218
Lois Barnes 93003, CAObstetrics gynecology1134233521
Kaylene R Carr 92411, CAObstetrics gynecology1497046361
Craig A Mayr 59101, CAObstetrics gynecology1437487238
Sonia A Rebeles 90503, CAObstetrics gynecology1881891026
Neha Talreja Sudol 92806, CAObstetrics gynecology1891055075
Priyal Pragnesh Dholakiya 95816, CAObstetrics gynecology1912165259
Rebecca Mia Sauer 92868, CAObstetrics gynecology1083973283
Anne Kristen Kennard 93454, CAObstetrics gynecology1689969412
Isaias Claudio Coelho 37411, CAObstetrics gynecology1578583092
Angel Tabuyo-martin 33136, CAObstetrics gynecology1003293523
Amanda Lee-ying Chu 17033, CAObstetrics gynecology1235523416
Hyunkyo Park 95128, CAObstetrics gynecology1699869743
Erica Joan Kreller 68106, CAObstetrics gynecology1679867469
Marian Pak 90027, CAObstetrics gynecology1790128841
Heidi A Gage 80138, CAObstetrics gynecology1154336683
Peyman Saadat 90069, CAObstetrics gynecology1699823682
Lloyd James Lee 95350, CAObstetrics gynecology1336134303
Pooja Shah Vyas 60637, CAObstetrics gynecology1306342159
Rebecca Post 92868, CAObstetrics gynecology1558755934
Chelsea Virginia Salyer 94564, CAObstetrics gynecology1265826135
Allison Margaret Saiz 60611, CAObstetrics gynecology1174910657
Cholene Danielle Espinoza 90048, CAObstetrics gynecology1609312149
Anna Buchsbaum 94109, CAObstetrics gynecology1689806317
Lisa Carey Grossman Becht 92663, CAObstetrics gynecology1306089057
David Anthony Mclean 32608, CAObstetrics gynecology1447282074
Gloria Margaret Sanchez 91763, CAObstetrics gynecology1104998152
Sarah Nichole Watson 52242, CAObstetrics gynecology1548657745
Diana Peta-gay English 33606, CAObstetrics gynecology1932357241
Candice Becker-schwarm 93003, CAObstetrics gynecology1710039680
Kristina Hagopian 90211, CAObstetrics gynecology1174999015
Kayvahn Pierce Steck-bayat 93003, CAObstetrics gynecology1649512864
Katherine T Hsiao 94118, CAObstetrics gynecology1437237674
Madeline Graber Hellendag 55402, CAObstetrics gynecology1912396615
Christina Pyo 93405, CAObstetrics gynecology1285974287
Theresa Daley 95991, CAObstetrics gynecology1750670477
Stephanie Ho 94602, CAObstetrics gynecology1124406608
Stacy Marie Yadava 95204, CAObstetrics gynecology1154689677
Laurin Marine Weisenthal Cristiano 92354, CAObstetrics gynecology1548674773
Nina Hooshvar 90602, CAObstetrics gynecology1669852802


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