Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jose Sia Kua 90723, CAObstetrics gynecology1861495855
Linda H Chung 92653, CAObstetrics gynecology1053314211
Mohsin M Ali 90703, CAObstetrics gynecology1811990708
Lorenzo Lopez 93611, CAObstetrics gynecology1578566246
Lura Justice Reddington 93711, CAObstetrics gynecology1447253158
Hsin-pei Liu 95112, CAObstetrics gynecology1093718678
Ronald Ainsworth 95969, CAObstetrics gynecology1750384301
Melissa Larsen 93940, CAObstetrics gynecology1831192418
Mapitiyage N Wijesinghe 92805, CAObstetrics gynecology1922001346
Sidney Evan Wanetick 94546, CAObstetrics gynecology1508869868
Chrysten Elizabeth Cunningham 92037, CAObstetrics gynecology1265435606
Jeffrey P Ruderman 95815, CAObstetrics gynecology1497757686
Donald E Lindblad 93111, CAObstetrics gynecology1821090887
Dennis James Chamberlain 95019, CAObstetrics gynecology1437153335
Thomas Joseph Murphy 91942, CAObstetrics gynecology1982608881
Paul Arthur Pyka 91942, CAObstetrics gynecology1417951310
Christal J Duncan 96097, CAObstetrics gynecology1669476578
Carol Susannah Ashe 91345, CAObstetrics gynecology1720082654
Ana M. Sanchez 92868, CAObstetrics gynecology1871597690
Drummond Medical Group, Inc 93555, CAObstetrics gynecology1841294634
Michael C. Wong 92117, CAObstetrics gynecology1033113600
Claire L Templeman 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1063416493
Alice M Stek 90015, CAObstetrics gynecology1689678013
Lynda D Roman 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1386649713
Thomas M Goodwin 90015, CAObstetrics gynecology1770588899
Robert Alfred Reid 93105, CAObstetrics gynecology1043215171
Rigoberto Gutierrez 95966, CAObstetrics gynecology1124023254
Ming-yi Yen 90723, CAObstetrics gynecology1730184755
Annie A Yessaian 91356, CAObstetrics gynecology1457356578
Laurie Reynard 90404, CAObstetrics gynecology1144225913
Marilyn Masten Honegger 94563, CAObstetrics gynecology1376548156
Julie Kim 92653, CAObstetrics gynecology1689679417
Iheanacho Emeruwa 92503, CAObstetrics gynecology1609871227
Judith Reichman 90067, CAObstetrics gynecology1396740908
Stuart James Fischbein 90025, CAObstetrics gynecology1063417590
Amelia A. Erickson 90815, CAObstetrics gynecology1326044769
Lifelong Medical Care 94710, CAObstetrics gynecology1720084163
Bruce W Kovacs 90602, CAObstetrics gynecology1629074976
Sung Park 95969, CAObstetrics gynecology1396741518
Bobby Ray Miller 93555, CAObstetrics gynecology1730185992
Shahim Essaid 93291, CAObstetrics gynecology1710983770
James Helfrich Mcmillan 93534, CAObstetrics gynecology1245236025
George Sylvester Weinberger 90025, CAObstetrics gynecology1285630038
Ronald Bruce Johnson 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1013913722
Ziyad Hannon 94132, CAObstetrics gynecology1942206560
Rodolfo E Saenz 92507, CAObstetrics gynecology1538165196
Robert L Mcghie 93454, CAObstetrics gynecology1730184367
Judith J Burichin 93555, CAObstetrics gynecology1336145739
Neuva Wellness Medical Group 93301, CAObstetrics gynecology1689158743
Shakti Ava Mahapatra 92262, CAObstetrics gynecology1104822055
Stuart M Kalmanowitz 92780, CAObstetrics gynecology1609873223
Les J. Gurwitt 92270, CAObstetrics gynecology1487651790
E Laurence Spencer-smith 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1770580979
Leroy A. Reese 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1477550614
Howard Clayton Mandel 90025, CAObstetrics gynecology1245237437
Chasity Jennings-nunez 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1245237445
Jessica Lynn Schneider 90025, CAObstetrics gynecology1063419273
Kim Warner 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1568469781
Kathryn Shaw 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1316944457
Cinna Wohlmuth 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1124025275
Nilima B Parekhji 95032, CAObstetrics gynecology1386641371
Robert Fulmer 96122, CAObstetrics gynecology1720085426
Jason A Rothbart 90025, CAObstetrics gynecology1316944200
Mary Kelly Shanahan 96150, CAObstetrics gynecology1588661359
Phu Thien Nguyen 92843, CAObstetrics gynecology1386642866
Magnolia Women's Center 92503, CAObstetrics gynecology1912905191
Serafin Salazar 92506, CAObstetrics gynecology1538167713
Nayeema Ahmed 92503, CAObstetrics gynecology1063410280
Chieh Tsai 95348, CAObstetrics gynecology1497753024
Barbara Ann Peters 94040, CAObstetrics gynecology1417955741
Paulus L. Santoso 92506, CAObstetrics gynecology1154329373
Alan Dang 92708, CAObstetrics gynecology1043217359
Mary Jo Vita Urso 92543, CAObstetrics gynecology1386642783
Gregory Lynn Davis 95926, CAObstetrics gynecology1497752877
Ok Suk Kim 92503, CAObstetrics gynecology1376542852
Petre P Motiu 95252, CAObstetrics gynecology1417956004
Carmen Virginia Brown 85013, CAObstetrics gynecology1477552792
Shermilla Shunmugham 95204, CAObstetrics gynecology1437158706
Nicole Tate 95240, CAObstetrics gynecology1962401901
Peter G Hickox 95203, CAObstetrics gynecology1962401810
Vincent P Pennisi 95204, CAObstetrics gynecology1487653341
Cheryl A Serr 96001, CAObstetrics gynecology1831199744
Rubina Khilnani 94402, CAObstetrics gynecology1750381638
Lisa A Nicholas 90095, CAObstetrics gynecology1750380648
William Jack Copeland 93534, CAObstetrics gynecology1942200506
George Toshinori Matsuda 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1144220815
James Armen Macer 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1134129711
Judith M Vanden Branden 94566, CAObstetrics gynecology1891795332
Morongo Basin Ob/gyn 92284, CAObstetrics gynecology1992705370
Jan Segnitz 95124, CAObstetrics gynecology1497755672
Judine Jacobs 92220, CAObstetrics gynecology1457351694
Witoon S Krailas 92703, CAObstetrics gynecology1265432207
Douglas Alan Helm 93701, CAObstetrics gynecology1649270653
Tricia E Markusen 93940, CAObstetrics gynecology1912908955
Norman Charles Nasise 96080, CAObstetrics gynecology1902807951
Kenneth W Fogelberg 93454, CAObstetrics gynecology1801897764
Wilbert James Henneberg 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1265433155
Harold Felix Grooms 93720, CAObstetrics gynecology1205837192
Vilma Gonzalez-barreto 90301, CAObstetrics gynecology1720089642
Laura L Sirott 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1659372530
Latonya Burnell 91331, CAObstetrics gynecology1124029947
Nasser Baradaran 91340, CAObstetrics gynecology1942201769
Wade Alden Dickinson 93703, CAObstetrics gynecology1104827922
Virginia Dungo Fonte 93701, CAObstetrics gynecology1417958315
Elissa Einhorn 91340, CAObstetrics gynecology1376544197
Katrin Elizabeth Massoudian 90248, CAObstetrics gynecology1295734622
Marcia Brenta 95501, CAObstetrics gynecology1710355607
G. Thomas Ruiz 92708, CAObstetrics gynecology1518967330
Gary Steven Bernard 95991, CAObstetrics gynecology1558360032
Parampal K Gill 95240, CAObstetrics gynecology1417957887
Zelda Sarmiento De La Cruz 94402, CAObstetrics gynecology1376543256
Fe A Navarrez 91331, CAObstetrics gynecology1538160320
Fe Leilani Garcia Oquindo 91355, CAObstetrics gynecology1356342141
Mansour Raji 91340, CAObstetrics gynecology1114928819
Darlene Marie Walters 91331, CAObstetrics gynecology1902807605
Riverside Medical Clinic,inc. 92506, CAObstetrics gynecology1730180415
Eghbal E Zomorrodi 92123, CAObstetrics gynecology1295736965
Alice L Yun 91208, CAObstetrics gynecology1831190099
Camilla Louise Marquez 93711, CAObstetrics gynecology1457352866
Damrong Pattanumotana 93701, CAObstetrics gynecology1578564902
Donelle A Laughlin 93940, CAObstetrics gynecology1336140656
Christopher Meilleur 90301, CAObstetrics gynecology1174524383
Lisa K Banh 92503, CAObstetrics gynecology1922009067
Thomas Wayne Moxley 93306, CAObstetrics gynecology1033110184
Terence Alon Heath 92055, CAObstetrics gynecology1316949241
Tahira Akram 91767, CAObstetrics gynecology1942202825
Aaron D. Kromhout 93401, CAObstetrics gynecology1093717472
Arthur I Segal 93405, CAObstetrics gynecology1790787174
Womens Healthcare Specialists Of San Luis Obispo Inc 93405, CAObstetrics gynecology1326040718
Valerie Phillips Myers 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1396747754
Anthony P. Kosinski 94954, CAObstetrics gynecology1588656631
Freydoun Alavi 92123, CAObstetrics gynecology1205828167
Bichvan Phan 95116, CAObstetrics gynecology1093707085
Kathleen Marie Fennelly 93405, CAObstetrics gynecology1649262429
Margaret Mary Juarez 91007, CAObstetrics gynecology1093707788
Pankaj D Thaker 95204, CAObstetrics gynecology1396737037
Sudevi P Thaker 95204, CAObstetrics gynecology1932191673
Azadeh Nezhat 94304, CAObstetrics gynecology1396737003
Ebenezer O. Ajilore 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1891787537
Melissa M. Grier 91105, CAObstetrics gynecology1861484420
Raquel Franco Enriquez 90022, CAObstetrics gynecology1831181395
Robert J Semo 92161, CAObstetrics gynecology1326030669
William David Koltun 92108, CAObstetrics gynecology1124010483
John Artenos 91206, CAObstetrics gynecology1538152715
Catherine Chong-ae Kim 93065, CAObstetrics gynecology1972596120
James Glenn Bradley 93111, CAObstetrics gynecology1912990219
Gerald L Murphy 93065, CAObstetrics gynecology1023001286
John Jung Gill Koh 93065, CAObstetrics gynecology1841283009
Elsagav S Shaham 90029, CAObstetrics gynecology1386636611
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAObstetrics gynecology1992798912
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CAObstetrics gynecology1750374815
Friendly Ob Gyn Medical Group Inc 92553, CAObstetrics gynecology1821081647
Pellegrin Broad Morse & Moy Mds & Do 95030, CAObstetrics gynecology1558354373
Michelle Franke 90042, CAObstetrics gynecology1134112964
John F Cabrera 91204, CAObstetrics gynecology1992798730
Sudhakar Dixit 92553, CAObstetrics gynecology1518950377
James Michael Pellegrin 95030, CAObstetrics gynecology1649263484
Karamitsos & Wiltchik, A Medical Corp 93454, CAObstetrics gynecology1033102736
Carol A. Karamitsos 93454, CAObstetrics gynecology1760475453
Paula Bernstein 90048, CAObstetrics gynecology1891788501
Urmila (umi) Mukherjee 91331, CAObstetrics gynecology1386637031
Ron Lichtenstein 93701, CAObstetrics gynecology1447243191
Stacy Turner 93454, CAObstetrics gynecology1841283371
Elisa E. Horta 95616, CAObstetrics gynecology1013900653
Darush Lawrence Mohyi 92037, CAObstetrics gynecology1912908369
Robert Ellsworth Young 95642, CAObstetrics gynecology1790777662
Seung Nam Kim 93611, CAObstetrics gynecology1134112154
Chunjai Powell Clarkson 92083, CAObstetrics gynecology1487646857
Kerri S Wiltchik 93454, CAObstetrics gynecology1043203730
Min Seuk Park 90006, CAObstetrics gynecology1962495572
Marta Cheatham-lott 92373, CAObstetrics gynecology1992706451
Gunjan Bhatnagar 92604, CAObstetrics gynecology1962403667
Justin Bradley Nast 94535, CAObstetrics gynecology1669465449
Heidi M. Freeman 93405, CAObstetrics gynecology1629070008
Axminster Medical Group 90503, CAObstetrics gynecology1629079181
P. Gill Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Group, Inc. 95240, CAObstetrics gynecology1386636165
Jeffrey R Richardson 93003, CAObstetrics gynecology1568454171
Mahnee L Dinsmore 95945, CAObstetrics gynecology1336132273
Choon Won Koo 92882, CAObstetrics gynecology1457345894
Anthony Hammond King 94558, CAObstetrics gynecology1225022601
Elisa E. Horta, M.d.,m.p.h. A Professional Medical Corporation 95616, CAObstetrics gynecology1942294285
Albert T Liu 95817, CAObstetrics gynecology1407840705
Jose Meliton Medrano 91505, CAObstetrics gynecology1801880786
Steven John Herron 93465, CAObstetrics gynecology1831183805
Danielle Naegle 90502, CAObstetrics gynecology1295729002
Christie M. Cooksey 94611, CAObstetrics gynecology1689668386
Ann Aiko Terai Escamillo 91706, CAObstetrics gynecology1992799639
David Glenn Holst 96067, CAObstetrics gynecology1164416764
Visith Priromprintr 92557, CAObstetrics gynecology1013901552
Leslie J Andrews 96067, CAObstetrics gynecology1104810712
Dominique Lanelle Luckey 90033, CAObstetrics gynecology1326033804
Ayesha Shaikh 93105, CAObstetrics gynecology1033104591
James Sandidge Dunn 95602, CAObstetrics gynecology1093700528
Katrina Dionne Baker 93534, CAObstetrics gynecology1538154836
Marsha L Hartberg 95823, CAObstetrics gynecology1386639649
Karen Kay House 95823, CAObstetrics gynecology1396730602
Christine Louise Griswold 92270, CAObstetrics gynecology1083609390
Leonard Sunil Kurian 93534, CAObstetrics gynecology1730174004
Rajini Iyer 92882, CAObstetrics gynecology1689669962
Melissa E. Gardner 95823, CAObstetrics gynecology1740275700


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