Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Leslie Kyrin Dunston 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1154324853
Donald E Shackleford 31314, GAObstetrics gynecology1871596486
Hidden Valley Medical Center Inc 30513, GAObstetrics gynecology1073516621
Blossom Women's Health Center 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1811467970
Haley Seifert 31909, GAObstetrics gynecology1790261055
Carlo C Lee 31093, GAObstetrics gynecology1083619779
Monte D Slater 31036, GAObstetrics gynecology1225033913
Alan L Joffe 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1538165352
Kenneth Wendell Healey 31709, GAObstetrics gynecology1467457010
Michael E Crowe 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1821093428
Obstetric & Gynecologic Associates Of Columbus, P.c. 31904, GAObstetrics gynecology1962409458
Benjamin H Cheek 31904, GAObstetrics gynecology1093712598
Daniel Joseph Eikelberry 31904, GAObstetrics gynecology1982601480
Susan L Epley 31904, GAObstetrics gynecology1356348767
Juaquita D Callaway 30033, GAObstetrics gynecology1629075544
Cynthia S Fernandez 31904, GAObstetrics gynecology1598762908
Montgomery Edward Thorne 31904, GAObstetrics gynecology1588661946
Precious L Braswell 30344, GAObstetrics gynecology1942207881
Kristan V. Adams 30309, GAObstetrics gynecology1730188541
Southcoast Medical Group, Llc 31406, GAObstetrics gynecology1467451922
Leah Deneen Lowman 30606, GAObstetrics gynecology1831198282
Steven L Saltzman 30312, GAObstetrics gynecology1164421384
James A. Mac Rill 31314, GAObstetrics gynecology1730188772
Roland P Matthews 30303, GAObstetrics gynecology1366442253
Thermutus Mckenzie 30308, GAObstetrics gynecology1194725085
Jose Enrique Melendez 31314, GAObstetrics gynecology1063412898
Roland A Pattillo 30303, GAObstetrics gynecology1306846845
Mindy I Fine 30080, GAObstetrics gynecology1689674640
Dnyce L Williams 30303, GAObstetrics gynecology1245231166
Sholah P Pittman 30236, GAObstetrics gynecology1083614259
Marion Gerald Hood 30268, GAObstetrics gynecology1467451724
Sharon Lynette Aldrich 29212, GAObstetrics gynecology1548260946
Scott Thomas Miles 31558, GAObstetrics gynecology1073512125
Franklyn H Geary 30303, GAObstetrics gynecology1346249273
Ngozi Felicia Anachebe 30318, GAObstetrics gynecology1558361774
Pushpa Lalaji 30044, GAObstetrics gynecology1013918721
Eva Takacs-dilorenzo 31558, GAObstetrics gynecology1225039985
Barbara Bostwick Williams 30458, GAObstetrics gynecology1609877059
Lucretia Renee Barker 31023, GAObstetrics gynecology1003817172
Brian A Levitt 30078, GAObstetrics gynecology1285636977
John Barr Pugh 30309, GAObstetrics gynecology1316939499
Haleh P. Hamidi 30078, GAObstetrics gynecology1215929161
Michael Stephen Mojcik 30078, GAObstetrics gynecology1548252489
Gary Leonard Walker 30078, GAObstetrics gynecology1003808718
Mary Lynn Campbell 30078, GAObstetrics gynecology1801888516
Traci Coleman Johnson 30078, GAObstetrics gynecology1255323960
Alan N Gordon 31201, GAObstetrics gynecology1932191582
Maureen N. Muoneke 30094, GAObstetrics gynecology1033101654
Hossam Eldin Fadel 30901, GAObstetrics gynecology1558353193
Debra Jeinine Ware 30901, GAObstetrics gynecology1821080342
Anthony Britt Adams 30349, GAObstetrics gynecology1982696241
Stephanie H Gordon 30094, GAObstetrics gynecology1407849722
Andre L Denis 30328, GAObstetrics gynecology1740273036
Lisa A Hasty 30328, GAObstetrics gynecology1912990292
George Alban Palmer 30458, GAObstetrics gynecology1194718080
Joseph F Pohl 30046, GAObstetrics gynecology1033102850
Susan Ellen Carpenter 30328, GAObstetrics gynecology1831182658
James P Toner 30328, GAObstetrics gynecology1285627000
Ronald Allan Cucina 31701, GAObstetrics gynecology1396738886
Steven E Kitchen 31701, GAObstetrics gynecology1740273267
John Stephen Inman 31707, GAObstetrics gynecology1336132869
Melissa Cameron Parker 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1568464055
Richard Brian Robbins 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1225039332
Janet Elaine Davis 30901, GAObstetrics gynecology1417949066
Richard Charles Zane 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1982605002
John Levie Lee 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1780685883
Nahed Elgammal 30078, GAObstetrics gynecology1245222199
Louis R Fernandez 30635, GAObstetrics gynecology1548253651
Roslyn C Banks-jackson 31314, GAObstetrics gynecology1134112618
Jeffrey Alan Marcus 30068, GAObstetrics gynecology1851393482
John William Donnelly 30068, GAObstetrics gynecology1346242823
Heath Ross Graham 30068, GAObstetrics gynecology1104828698
Julianne Adams Birt 30012, GAObstetrics gynecology1073506549
Robert Joseph Hirsch 30068, GAObstetrics gynecology1376545996
Bamp Clinics Georgia, Llc 30064, GAObstetrics gynecology1982108098
Clyde Tyrone Jacob 30097, GAObstetrics gynecology1972504488
William Mose George 31707, GAObstetrics gynecology1558354076
April L Reese 31707, GAObstetrics gynecology1003809534
William M Sewell 31707, GAObstetrics gynecology1720071269
Denise B Pecht 30045, GAObstetrics gynecology1043204498
Michelle M Fischer 30045, GAObstetrics gynecology1609860063
John Stephen Inman 31707, GAObstetrics gynecology1912991241
Jordan S Rush 30114, GAObstetrics gynecology1811981756
Edward Daniel Biggerstaff 31405, GAObstetrics gynecology1255325148
Goodman Basil Espy 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1720072499
Gerald M Rehert 30312, GAObstetrics gynecology1962496513
Douglas Womens Center Pc 30122, GAObstetrics gynecology1407840069
Kendall M Handy 31901, GAObstetrics gynecology1316931975
Jacquelyn Elaine Roberts 31768, GAObstetrics gynecology1801880497
Tracy D Bland Dubose 30058, GAObstetrics gynecology1952395535
Michlene Broadney 30214, GAObstetrics gynecology1629062153
Raymond A Lawhead 30033, GAObstetrics gynecology1922093350
Raymundo V Teheng 30417, GAObstetrics gynecology1467446997
Dominique J. Smith 30058, GAObstetrics gynecology1700871241
Cherise Melanie James 30315, GAObstetrics gynecology1881689271
Allison M Ward 30143, GAObstetrics gynecology1295720498
Eleanor Glaspy-benton 30134, GAObstetrics gynecology1730174905
Suzanne Jeanette Palmer 31061, GAObstetrics gynecology1457346660
Michael Scott Edwards 31701, GAObstetrics gynecology1205822814
Evan C Bahr 30904, GAObstetrics gynecology1033105416
Charles Frederick Brown 31061, GAObstetrics gynecology1073509279
John Henry Oliver 30904, GAObstetrics gynecology1003802117
Harvey Burton Roddenberry 31217, GAObstetrics gynecology1841286978
William C Tippins 30084, GAObstetrics gynecology1194711093
Alan Jay Pomerance 30084, GAObstetrics gynecology1366438251
Stephanie C Carmichael 30030, GAObstetrics gynecology1649266552
George Allen Williams 30022, GAObstetrics gynecology1417943374
William Cottles Shirley 31217, GAObstetrics gynecology1568458289
Michelle Shelnutt Dodder 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1134115967
Leslie A Pope 30084, GAObstetrics gynecology1861488629
Alice M Shin 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1316933039
John Eric Roddenberry 31217, GAObstetrics gynecology1992791628
Leslie Andrew Wilkerson 30501, GAObstetrics gynecology1457348120
Hubert Mccrary Suber 30474, GAObstetrics gynecology1093702540
H Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Life Time Cancer Scrn Ctr Inc 33612, GAObstetrics gynecology1306833595
Michael Ralph Wolfson 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1114914116
Laura C Cauthen 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1881681880
Brian A Glass 30720, GAObstetrics gynecology1265429146
Ouanza Adiki Puplampu 30606, GAObstetrics gynecology1932196813
Christopher David Marine 30315, GAObstetrics gynecology1992792865
Andre Damian Williams 30035, GAObstetrics gynecology1356338297
Noah E Wills 30035, GAObstetrics gynecology1124015938
Elizabeth A Street 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1841288503
Laurie Leigh Robbins 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1477541134
Lisa Ortenzi 30122, GAObstetrics gynecology1538153101
Neale P Freeman 30093, GAObstetrics gynecology1508851924
George Edgar Anderson 30265, GAObstetrics gynecology1033102454
Stephen M. Ayres 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1265428379
James Keller Harper 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1407842271
Jeanette Durea Leader 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1962498758
John Gammon Moore 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1629065628
Stephen Alan Rosenberg 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1235125709
Katia Castillo 30338, GAObstetrics gynecology1598759110
Charles Daniel Allen 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1225024250
Susan Stephen Glander 30068, GAObstetrics gynecology1932195013
Vincent G Molinari 30143, GAObstetrics gynecology1649264177
Stuart J Pancer 30317, GAObstetrics gynecology1124014022
Angela Faye Falany 30188, GAObstetrics gynecology1780670554
Angela Walker 30041, GAObstetrics gynecology1487642278
Arthur Gumer 30068, GAObstetrics gynecology1346238037
Dale Mitchell Bearman 30068, GAObstetrics gynecology1457348377
Gary Roy Bodner 30327, GAObstetrics gynecology1841286648
Jacqueline Mache Walters 30096, GAObstetrics gynecology1285628891
Ronald Edward Trescot 31768, GAObstetrics gynecology1639163371
Meera Srinivasan Garcia 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1912994021
Albert Scott 30030, GAObstetrics gynecology1306839808
Linda Cheryl Woughter 30542, GAObstetrics gynecology1790773273
Edouard Jean Servy 30904, GAObstetrics gynecology1043208226
Jeanmarie Householder 72901, GAObstetrics gynecology1659369973
Erica N Horn 72901, GAObstetrics gynecology1548258874
Cheng Hsiung Lin 31533, GAObstetrics gynecology1730177882
Aprile Darlene Melton 30904, GAObstetrics gynecology1265421176
Juel Pate Borders 30314, GAObstetrics gynecology1508855172
Elinor Maria Benson 30314, GAObstetrics gynecology1588653133
Frederick Bright 30303, GAObstetrics gynecology1457340754
Thomas Neil Trevett 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1528057734
Asher B Galloway 30134, GAObstetrics gynecology1316936305
Gregory Doyle Perry 30606, GAObstetrics gynecology1205825205
Cary Cunningham Perry 30606, GAObstetrics gynecology1639168644
Cynthia Ann Mercer 30606, GAObstetrics gynecology1124017116
James Leon Smith 30606, GAObstetrics gynecology1467442327
Lynn D Kunkel 30106, GAObstetrics gynecology1477543320
Gina Castro 30106, GAObstetrics gynecology1548250491
Ellen Coggeshall 30106, GAObstetrics gynecology1952391807
Saleem N Malik 30106, GAObstetrics gynecology1215927165
Robert C Mulliniks 30106, GAObstetrics gynecology1912997784
Melissa M Yung 30068, GAObstetrics gynecology1598755241
David H Montaldi 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1225028947
Karen S Weldon 30106, GAObstetrics gynecology1689664856
Julia A Jimenez 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1497745673
Harry T Harvin 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1326038472
John R Wyant 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1790776615
Harold L Mclendon 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1467443408
Joe M Phillips 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1902897945
Clarisa Genay Haugabrook 30281, GAObstetrics gynecology1255322053
James A Sutherland 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1568453009
Min Kyo Lee 30312, GAObstetrics gynecology1841281169
Deborah Elaine Haynes 30281, GAObstetrics gynecology1104807395
Steven Lopatine 30281, GAObstetrics gynecology1275514465
Pam Garrett 30281, GAObstetrics gynecology1649251844
John Ricketson 31701, GAObstetrics gynecology1710968979
Jeffery Lovinger 30281, GAObstetrics gynecology1871574061
Laura Redden 31082, GAObstetrics gynecology1013998871
Shobha C Rao 30281, GAObstetrics gynecology1861473613
Laxman Ramani 30281, GAObstetrics gynecology1447231204
Gregory Robert Moore 30332, GAObstetrics gynecology1497737993
Sherry Pittman Taylor 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1518940915
Barry Jay Goldsmith 30909, GAObstetrics gynecology1477536696
William Pershing Byars 30909, GAObstetrics gynecology1508849720
Erna Anita Waxman 30909, GAObstetrics gynecology1487637617
Katherine E. Klemann 30909, GAObstetrics gynecology1073596201
Premier Care For Women Pc 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1386632651
James Stewart Smeltzer 30060, GAObstetrics gynecology1689664393
Anissa Ahuja Durairaj 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1609865179
Michael Daniel Echemendia 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1255320719
Jenny Grossman 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1932198413
Hilton Kit Howard 30005, GAObstetrics gynecology1548259443
Bret Cameron Lewis 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1912980392
Lori Anne Marshall 30342, GAObstetrics gynecology1720077118
Finda L Guyton 30535, GAObstetrics gynecology1255322582


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