Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William Geyman Black 70403, LAObstetrics gynecology1861495665
Glenda Johnson 71111, LAObstetrics gynecology1679576243
Samuel Richard Staggers 70403, LAObstetrics gynecology1104829613
Charles Markham Berry 70403, LAObstetrics gynecology1740283258
William Felder Beacham 70403, LAObstetrics gynecology1194728600
Dellie H Clark 71291, LAObstetrics gynecology1417950734
Won S Lee 71201, LAObstetrics gynecology1285637587
William B Belsom 71201, LAObstetrics gynecology1588667802
Jason B Wilson 71203, LAObstetrics gynecology1235132531
Tonya H Hunter 71201, LAObstetrics gynecology1770586067
Peyton R Hall 71291, LAObstetrics gynecology1508869801
David G Bryan 71201, LAObstetrics gynecology1396748604
Dawn W Pennebaker 71291, LAObstetrics gynecology1447253745
Terence R Tugwell 71201, LAObstetrics gynecology1437152741
Melanie Weaver 70570, LAObstetrics gynecology1184628968
Adrienne M Williams 71201, LAObstetrics gynecology1760486567
Paul Khaled Dibbs 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1689678153
David Lee Spence 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1588669956
Stephanie Ann Sockrider 71115, LAObstetrics gynecology1952306177
Jason D. Adams 70737, LAObstetrics gynecology1942205174
Martin Aviles 71457, LAObstetrics gynecology1417952102
Eugene Fontenot 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1275538993
Antonio R Pizarro 71101, LAObstetrics gynecology1053316570
George Vincent Bailey 70546, LAObstetrics gynecology1467458414
Barry J Bieber 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1750387650
William Edwin Roniger 70005, LAObstetrics gynecology1740286343
Dwan Shirmelle Mabry 70403, LAObstetrics gynecology1104822782
Susan Marie Shattuck 71115, LAObstetrics gynecology1962409508
Timothy J Mooney 70403, LAObstetrics gynecology1295732774
James R Rudd 70634, LAObstetrics gynecology1750388856
Hubert E Kleinpeter 70634, LAObstetrics gynecology1043217144
Jonathan Mack Barham 71203, LAObstetrics gynecology1992702641
James Theogene Riley 70002, LAObstetrics gynecology1821095514
Leslie Robin Coffman 71291, LAObstetrics gynecology1568469450
David L Jones 70634, LAObstetrics gynecology1114924826
George H Fuller 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1992703649
Anthony Collins Thibodeaux 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1336147081
Landon Craig Smith 71270, LAObstetrics gynecology1790783322
Rachelle Meaux 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1497753388
Holly C Provost 70570, LAObstetrics gynecology1356349245
Paula E Rembert 71105, LAObstetrics gynecology1508863556
John Anthony Gonzalez 70526, LAObstetrics gynecology1861490542
Michelle Mcdaniel Owens 70526, LAObstetrics gynecology1669470373
Gwenn V Jackson 71291, LAObstetrics gynecology1578560850
Frank C Caillet 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1245238021
David Charles Mcalpine 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1831198134
Mark G Newman 70815, LAObstetrics gynecology1386643609
Charles M Stedman 70815, LAObstetrics gynecology1194724559
Vu Anh Vuong 70056, LAObstetrics gynecology1194724336
Edward Bernard Darby 70663, LAObstetrics gynecology1245239482
Phillip Rye 70448, LAObstetrics gynecology1104826874
Donald Edmond Mickal 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1306846902
Mika Marlaine King 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1053311563
Monique Michelle Monteilh 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1013917533
Floyd Michael Hindelang 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1740280262
Lewis Wayne1 Hill 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1205836723
Michael Wilfred Prosper Boos 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1932109451
John Fuselier 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1669472189
Truman Post Hawes 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1811997331
Robert William Kelly 70005, LAObstetrics gynecology1821098393
Evelyn K Hayes 70809, LAObstetrics gynecology1770583130
Peter Lu 70448, LAObstetrics gynecology1689674046
Andrew Montz 70448, LAObstetrics gynecology1013917475
Richard Dickey 70448, LAObstetrics gynecology1104826577
Heber E Dunaway 70448, LAObstetrics gynecology1013917350
Steven Taylor 70448, LAObstetrics gynecology1922008267
William Farrell 70448, LAObstetrics gynecology1831199173
Jerome Michael Broussard 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1699775783
Lisa Crawford Gautreau 70815, LAObstetrics gynecology1083614101
Charles Houston Lawler 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1609876721
Jane Barclay Peek 70809, LAObstetrics gynecology1215937339
Jeffrey L Janies 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1003816133
Ferney Adams Moore 70815, LAObstetrics gynecology1194725226
Threvia West 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1255330353
Marshall S Stamant 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1649279969
Shawn Christopher Kleinpeter 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1538169677
Belinda Marascalco Sartor 70448, LAObstetrics gynecology1437151404
Andre Georges Guette 70001, LAObstetrics gynecology1427040583
Frederick John Kinder 71118, LAObstetrics gynecology1326030016
Mohammad Sarfraz 71446, LAObstetrics gynecology1770575375
John Liebert Colligan 70601, LAObstetrics gynecology1295727550
Donald R. Parker 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1205829231
John S. Ziegler 71220, LAObstetrics gynecology1669465316
Daniel R Bourque 70503, LAObstetrics gynecology1952393084
Darrell B Sandifer 71115, LAObstetrics gynecology1124013479
John D Haynes 71115, LAObstetrics gynecology1578558722
John W Waterfallen 71105, LAObstetrics gynecology1164417309
O Allen German 71118, LAObstetrics gynecology1124013818
James F Donnell 70360, LAObstetrics gynecology1528054731
Lisa Marie Peacock 70115, LAObstetrics gynecology1295721462
Lydia F Sims 70809, LAObstetrics gynecology1295722643
James Scott Robertson 71111, LAObstetrics gynecology1669469961
Edwin H Byrd 71115, LAObstetrics gynecology1508851833
Warren C West 71115, LAObstetrics gynecology1629063359
Russell T. Phelps 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1356337422
Kenneth W. Christrup 70503, LAObstetrics gynecology1871588590
Peter Hertzak 70458, LAObstetrics gynecology1740278134
Ramon Alberto Aizpurua 70806, LAObstetrics gynecology1417945452
Michael L Kudla 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1821087339
Rodney Allen Armand 71111, LAObstetrics gynecology1962491233
Vernon J Carriere 70001, LAObstetrics gynecology1013906320
Jamie W Wright 71457, LAObstetrics gynecology1174514244
William Denzil Long 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1598756702
Alton Romero 70548, LAObstetrics gynecology1710968797
Cynthia Jean Scott 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1275514804
Gary Paul Manuel 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1376525469
Vincent Vincent 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1356323497
Martin Bryan Tanner 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1275515355
Benjamin Ray Spruill 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1831171917
Joel Christopher Hall 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1982686986
Damon T Cudihy 70503, LAObstetrics gynecology1720078520
Diana K. Clavin 70458, LAObstetrics gynecology1669463915
Janos I Voros 70056, LAObstetrics gynecology1124001185
David N Curole 70001, LAObstetrics gynecology1912980772
Natchez Joseph Morice 70380, LAObstetrics gynecology1326022252
Troy Ulrich Drewitz 70056, LAObstetrics gynecology1184608010
Ann Roussel Lobello 70458, LAObstetrics gynecology1710962816
Jacque T Labarre 71115, LAObstetrics gynecology1639154693
Timothy G Andrus 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1568447365
Debra A Baehr 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1245215052
William D Binder 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1013992825
Sarah C Davis 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1437135068
Wendy Holden-parker 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1861478406
Debra P Cline 71115, LAObstetrics gynecology1811973431
Sharon Lee 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1578549093
Carol R Ridenour 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1790761211
Kirk Rousset 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1407832926
Julius H Mullins 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1912983438
Christina Lynn Goodridge 70006, LAObstetrics gynecology1033195375
Karen Kay Solar 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1548246994
James R Stenhouse 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1205812658
Curtis J Solar 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1578549929
Joseph N Broyles 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1235115486
Nicolle L Hollier 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1366428534
Steven D Feigley 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1376529529
Frank W Breaux 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1720064975
Randall L Brown 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1184600330
Charles W Aycock 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1609852730
Michael T Perniciaro 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1790761757
Michael C Schexnayder 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1528044476
Amy E. Babin 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1972581973
Edan Damian Moran 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1568440550
Howard M Stelly 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1306825112
Glenn R Aucoin 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1316926280
Sheryl Elaine Rodts-palenik 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1528048642
Perry Scott Barrilleaux 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1174503569
Peter R Lafuria 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1417937681
Armand C. Grimshaw 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1235119405
James Milton Brown 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1730159807
Ronald Anders 71270, LAObstetrics gynecology1235109315
James R Mcwhorter 71270, LAObstetrics gynecology1467422295
Ashley Cowart 70815, LAObstetrics gynecology1366428997
James L Gates 26452, LAObstetrics gynecology1184603052
Gisele Mckinney 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1932182557
Jan Benanti 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1235114042
Jack J Wilson 23226, LAObstetrics gynecology1851378145
Robert Harper 71270, LAObstetrics gynecology1154391605
Neil Wolfson 70002, LAObstetrics gynecology1407827595
John Edward Guillory 70433, LAObstetrics gynecology1275505596
David Paul Darbonne 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1366414666
Shailaja G. Raj 70002, LAObstetrics gynecology1669444600
Beatrice S. Desper 70471, LAObstetrics gynecology1689647430
Robert Mark Auburn 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1033182738
Steven Jay Alevizon 70360, LAObstetrics gynecology1932174083
Henry L Rosenberg 70053, LAObstetrics gynecology1124094586
Elizabeth N Blanton 70053, LAObstetrics gynecology1740256106
Carlos A Sirven 70053, LAObstetrics gynecology1245206614
Sergio F Castillo 70053, LAObstetrics gynecology1043286347
Monique Pierce-hamilton 70121, LAObstetrics gynecology1346219375
Jerry J. St. Pierre 70121, LAObstetrics gynecology1144299736
Gaylon Daigle 71118, LAObstetrics gynecology1083683627
George Brazil Morris 70121, LAObstetrics gynecology1659340883
Johnny William Swiger 70433, LAObstetrics gynecology1700855962
Kim Anthony Hardey 70503, LAObstetrics gynecology1639138753
Jose Nelson Dorta 70586, LAObstetrics gynecology1982663068
Louis A Kerkhoff 70570, LAObstetrics gynecology1841259959
Kathryn G Wild 70006, LAObstetrics gynecology1750341939
Edison James Foret 70360, LAObstetrics gynecology1053371997
Katherine M Swing 70115, LAObstetrics gynecology1902866106
Robin B Bone 70115, LAObstetrics gynecology1972563088
Donald W Barnes 70535, LAObstetrics gynecology1992778799
Kathleen Therese Sullivan 70115, LAObstetrics gynecology1649230756
Bradley C. Colvin 71118, LAObstetrics gynecology1710956255
Milton Giles Fort 70817, LAObstetrics gynecology1861460297
Tricia N Guidry 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1336109057
Stanley R Kordisch 70605, LAObstetrics gynecology1326008038
Jennifer Wright 71101, LAObstetrics gynecology1508826041
Gordon Sewell Bowers 71301, LAObstetrics gynecology1588625941
Raul Llanos 70002, LAObstetrics gynecology1497716419
Michael Jordan Caire 71201, LAObstetrics gynecology1538120183
Wayne Paul Daigle 70503, LAObstetrics gynecology1669434189
John Michael Storment 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1184686776
Albert I Tydings 70433, LAObstetrics gynecology1952364705
Oscar M Mendez 70447, LAObstetrics gynecology1174586812
James Louis Zehnder 70508, LAObstetrics gynecology1750345138
Patricia S Braly 70433, LAObstetrics gynecology1457316283
Damian Badeaux 70570, LAObstetrics gynecology1710942651
Benton Cason Dela Houssaye 70526, LAObstetrics gynecology1487610234
James C Bellina 70056, LAObstetrics gynecology1609832443
Susan R Hemelt 70114, LAObstetrics gynecology1053377895


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