Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Byc Healthcare Inc 01801, MAObstetrics gynecology1336504166
Michael W Groff 02115, MAObstetrics gynecology1710980370
Joseph M Heyman 01913, MAObstetrics gynecology1942203484
Nonnie Marie Estella 01863, MAObstetrics gynecology1568464881
Joseph S Betts 02740, MAObstetrics gynecology1003811357
Richard H Warburton 02740, MAObstetrics gynecology1851396956
Daniel J Schlitzer 02740, MAObstetrics gynecology1760487698
Jeffrey J Michaud 02740, MAObstetrics gynecology1083619928
Stacey N Knox 02747, MAObstetrics gynecology1346245297
Kerry P Gowell 02740, MAObstetrics gynecology1922003870
Christian S Pope 02747, MAObstetrics gynecology1558366419
Suzanne M Caron 02740, MAObstetrics gynecology1548265473
Elisa Adriana Gianferrari 06012, MAObstetrics gynecology1649275348
Women's Health Associates Of Western Ma Inc. 01085, MAObstetrics gynecology1043215619
Robert S Wool 01085, MAObstetrics gynecology1568467132
James Kuo Chang Wang 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1144226382
Karen L Smith 02747, MAObstetrics gynecology1316943798
Bernard Dale Magee 01545, MAObstetrics gynecology1962408153
Joanne L Dalpe 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1699771402
Myer S Bornstein 02780, MAObstetrics gynecology1639175243
Judith A Hondo 02026, MAObstetrics gynecology1386641835
Henry Roque 02492, MAObstetrics gynecology1578560991
Elizabeth A Foley 02026, MAObstetrics gynecology1538166921
Marcia Waitzman 01440, MAObstetrics gynecology1639176910
Mary Baker-berzansky 01830, MAObstetrics gynecology1790782852
Steven Mollov 01830, MAObstetrics gynecology1295732287
Jane Kerr-fernandez 01830, MAObstetrics gynecology1295732279
Arlan F Fuller 01890, MAObstetrics gynecology1942207774
William Driscoll 01830, MAObstetrics gynecology1639177306
Paul J Coppola 06443, MAObstetrics gynecology1598763997
Paul J. Coppola, Md, Pc 06443, MAObstetrics gynecology1922006311
Rio Grande Ob Gyn Group, Pa 79902, MAObstetrics gynecology1336147644
Mark X Lowney 02720, MAObstetrics gynecology1962400200
Lilibeth K Denham 01605, MAObstetrics gynecology1649278821
John Buek 20007, MAObstetrics gynecology1871591925
Thomas D Shipp 02445, MAObstetrics gynecology1114925211
Carolyn Zelop 02215, MAObstetrics gynecology1376541458
Jean Bolan 20007, MAObstetrics gynecology1265430318
Hani N Haddad 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1265430375
Willard Aaron Barnes 20007, MAObstetrics gynecology1629076765
Kelly Flynn 02119, MAObstetrics gynecology1831197896
Caroline Beliveau, Md, Inc. 02720, MAObstetrics gynecology1235137225
Caroline A. Beliveau 02720, MAObstetrics gynecology1255339248
Christine Francis Colie 20007, MAObstetrics gynecology1588662647
Bryann Bromley 02445, MAObstetrics gynecology1104825959
Celeste Royce 01830, MAObstetrics gynecology1700884517
Highland Obstetrics And Gynecology, Inc. 02720, MAObstetrics gynecology1184623928
Susan Newhouse 01830, MAObstetrics gynecology1740288539
Lois S. Goodman 02493, MAObstetrics gynecology1497754055
June S Chun 02081, MAObstetrics gynecology1912906223
Charles L Blander 01907, MAObstetrics gynecology1114926441
N Luisa Kontoules 01960, MAObstetrics gynecology1164421533
Peabody Obgyn, Llc 01960, MAObstetrics gynecology1831198217
Yelena Mikich 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1306845672
Debra A. Disandro 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1043219397
Nasser A Askary 28379, MAObstetrics gynecology1386643559
Joseph Collea 20007, MAObstetrics gynecology1184623357
Charles W. Cahill 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1366441602
Thomas J Doney 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1922007293
Helain Landy 20007, MAObstetrics gynecology1588663744
Arpana M Shah 01915, MAObstetrics gynecology1619976610
Marian Wulf-gutierrez 20007, MAObstetrics gynecology1174522247
Michael Udwin 20007, MAObstetrics gynecology1932108800
Stuart George Pesin 01890, MAObstetrics gynecology1699775544
Cynthia Carroll Maclachlan 02382, MAObstetrics gynecology1265432728
Brian M Clark 01605, MAObstetrics gynecology1437159795
Gretchen E Loebel 01060, MAObstetrics gynecology1518967991
Dedham Medical Assoc Inc 02026, MAObstetrics gynecology1366442436
Linda H Leavenworth 01720, MAObstetrics gynecology1053311076
Scott D Dreiker 02346, MAObstetrics gynecology1811998727
Brenda Eze 01608, MAObstetrics gynecology1356342067
Kimberly A Dever 02189, MAObstetrics gynecology1265433973
Metrosouth Obstetrics & Gynecology, Inc. 02382, MAObstetrics gynecology1346241098
Cindy Munro Popovic 01757, MAObstetrics gynecology1427059021
Western Mass Physician Associates Inc 01040, MAObstetrics gynecology1922009547
Steven B Blumberg 02601, MAObstetrics gynecology1205837473
Debra Gail Knee 01890, MAObstetrics gynecology1881695294
Donald J Druga 01890, MAObstetrics gynecology1114928405
Shannon Dee Fullerton 02189, MAObstetrics gynecology1821099110
Nancy O'rourke 01655, MAObstetrics gynecology1366443418
Irina G Natapov 01901, MAObstetrics gynecology1619979408
Mitchell J Levine 02138, MAObstetrics gynecology1407858913
Avra Jordano-alter 01742, MAObstetrics gynecology1104818392
Sandra Fleming 02026, MAObstetrics gynecology1972595171
Concord Ob/gyn Associates Pc 01742, MAObstetrics gynecology1114919313
Jamie Bond 01742, MAObstetrics gynecology1730171943
Vlassis Travias 01742, MAObstetrics gynecology1992797195
Devon C Foulks 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1255323150
Ricardo G Gutierrez 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1942292842
Heidi Moskovitz 01060, MAObstetrics gynecology1417949322
Kermit Kenler 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1447242094
Lgh Physician Associates, Inc 01852, MAObstetrics gynecology1972596146
Sue Yeun Kim 01810, MAObstetrics gynecology1629061247
Kathleen Murphy Marc 02493, MAObstetrics gynecology1205829678
Peter K. Zucker 01960, MAObstetrics gynecology1881688224
Robert Barbieri 02115, MAObstetrics gynecology1548253958
Cindy A Shiro 01550, MAObstetrics gynecology1104810977
Mark J Simonelli 01550, MAObstetrics gynecology1598759334
Cristina Josefa Diaz 02026, MAObstetrics gynecology1144214867
Josee Laplante 02176, MAObstetrics gynecology1265426878
Daniel John Witkowski 02176, MAObstetrics gynecology1235123845
Elizabeth Obber Bettencourt 02176, MAObstetrics gynecology1366436974
Brian William Oconnor 02176, MAObstetrics gynecology1912991522
Community Physicians Assoc Inc 02186, MAObstetrics gynecology1538154869
Donald James Desio 01608, MAObstetrics gynecology1043205230
Eric B. Miller 01841, MAObstetrics gynecology1336134550
Lucy A Bayer-zwirello 02135, MAObstetrics gynecology1376538355
Katherine Marshall 02135, MAObstetrics gynecology1598750242
Isabel R Morais 02458, MAObstetrics gynecology1619963279
Zwi Hoch 02301, MAObstetrics gynecology1023004595
Brien Patrick Daly 02493, MAObstetrics gynecology1174519599
Michael A Steller 02135, MAObstetrics gynecology1346236767
Nakhle A Tarazi 02062, MAObstetrics gynecology1396731659
Phillip D Mccrary 02481, MAObstetrics gynecology1861488967
Ronee Ann Skornik 02481, MAObstetrics gynecology1124014212
Paul David Gaither 02481, MAObstetrics gynecology1568458651
Halina Wiczyk 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1194711374
Karen Jean Poley 02135, MAObstetrics gynecology1477549368
Paul Arthur Richer 02481, MAObstetrics gynecology1487640413
Donald P Goldstein 02115, MAObstetrics gynecology1689660532
Carl Lopkin 02446, MAObstetrics gynecology1598751364
Byungyol Chun 01801, MAObstetrics gynecology1356337141
Fernando Mauel Romero 01844, MAObstetrics gynecology1245226943
Heywood Medical Group Inc. 01440, MAObstetrics gynecology1699762286
Alice Il Shen 02062, MAObstetrics gynecology1457348948
Paul C Staffier 01757, MAObstetrics gynecology1275520546
Christine A Carey 01550, MAObstetrics gynecology1740277813
Samuel Chow-ern Pang 02421, MAObstetrics gynecology1508853581
Pei-li Huang 02026, MAObstetrics gynecology1245227206
Jeffrey D. Blake 01440, MAObstetrics gynecology1992792980
George M Flesh 02467, MAObstetrics gynecology1174510226
Isaac Glatstein 02421, MAObstetrics gynecology1669469649
Andrea M. Damour 01440, MAObstetrics gynecology1740277730
Carol Anania 02026, MAObstetrics gynecology1124015029
Cindy G. Kobelin 02339, MAObstetrics gynecology1740277524
Nancy Graham 02540, MAObstetrics gynecology1609864479
Gautam B Parikh 02301, MAObstetrics gynecology1568450336
Marjorie A. Green 02138, MAObstetrics gynecology1871581546
Melissa Lynn Palma 01701, MAObstetrics gynecology1952399537
Bernard Logan 02155, MAObstetrics gynecology1336137660
Lucia Cagnes Cagnes 02601, MAObstetrics gynecology1730177957
Sarah Hougen Poggi 20007, MAObstetrics gynecology1417945585
Mary Helen Darcy 02155, MAObstetrics gynecology1316935455
Hampden County Physician Associates, Llc 01107, MAObstetrics gynecology1992794770
Mercy Inpatient Medical Associates Inc. 01104, MAObstetrics gynecology1407845282
James Adam Greenberg 02130, MAObstetrics gynecology1962491456
Michael J Grossman 01845, MAObstetrics gynecology1831188218
David H Richman 02148, MAObstetrics gynecology1285623645
Karen R Crowley 02148, MAObstetrics gynecology1487643755
Marina A Rabin 02124, MAObstetrics gynecology1649269838
Danielle Vitiello 01867, MAObstetrics gynecology1992794085
Veena B Desai 01089, MAObstetrics gynecology1609865856
Sandra S Chenkin 02301, MAObstetrics gynecology1851381552
Ronald E Iverson 02118, MAObstetrics gynecology1942290796
Annekathryn Goodman 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1699765255
Rebecca Kolp 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1104816834
Kristen Politica Eckler 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1851381545
Laura Elizabeth Riley 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1861482333
Jeffrey Lawrence Ecker 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1770573115
Marcela G Delcarmen 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1215927678
Isaac Schiff 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1821088196
Bernadette Chan 02155, MAObstetrics gynecology1235129750
Alessandra Peccei 02151, MAObstetrics gynecology1689664138
Austin Wertheimer 02446, MAObstetrics gynecology1972593259
Thuytien Thi Ly 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1467442764
Aaron K Styer 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1063402360
Frances Josephine Hayes 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1528058856
Martha A Pizzarello 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1154311314
Alison Swift Packard 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1174513337
Craig L. Best 01608, MAObstetrics gynecology1801886106
Sara J Newmann 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1275523458
Jeffrey Edward Katz 02445, MAObstetrics gynecology1174513261
Michael Furman Greene 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1376533406
Lisa B Baute 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1881684967
Stanislava Portnoy 01701, MAObstetrics gynecology1922098003
Betsy S August 01970, MAObstetrics gynecology1346231271
Berkshire Faculty Services 01201, MAObstetrics gynecology1265423008
Pramila Rajni Yadav 02445, MAObstetrics gynecology1386635886
William Henry Barth 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1144211715
Frederick H Sillman 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1114918679
Allan Steven Nadel 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1063403574
Anne Maria Althausen Plante 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1265423719
John O Buoni 01201, MAObstetrics gynecology1053302505
Jane A. Molinari 01545, MAObstetrics gynecology1417948720
Tiffany A. Moore-simas 01605, MAObstetrics gynecology1124019435
Abraham N Morse 02481, MAObstetrics gynecology1467443770
June R O'connor 01604, MAObstetrics gynecology1336130657
Barbara D. Jones 01020, MAObstetrics gynecology1780675926
Machelle M Seibel 01605, MAObstetrics gynecology1407847643
Patricia K. Aronson 01605, MAObstetrics gynecology1710978085
Annette H Chen 01605, MAObstetrics gynecology1215928593
Paul S. Dunn 01545, MAObstetrics gynecology1013908391
Mary M. Herlihy 01605, MAObstetrics gynecology1679564967
Thomas Louis Toth 02114, MAObstetrics gynecology1407847700
Steven J Dakoyannis 02151, MAObstetrics gynecology1013908318
Harrison G. Ball 01605, MAObstetrics gynecology1336130509
Herbert M Kantor 01201, MAObstetrics gynecology1548251721
Cassandra V Service 01201, MAObstetrics gynecology1528059706
Robert R Benner 01201, MAObstetrics gynecology1346231529
Dawn S Mullins 02155, MAObstetrics gynecology1568453728


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