Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Marshall W Stepanian 44512, MIObstetrics gynecology1528061678
Botsford General Hospital 48336, MIObstetrics gynecology1609311794
Margaret J. Byers 48824, MIObstetrics gynecology1811999048
Anthony Edward Boutt 48075, MIObstetrics gynecology1710981071
Ronald Pluszczynski 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1952303919
Mary Joy Gootjes 49423, MIObstetrics gynecology1427052455
John Patrick Lagrand 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1972507911
Robert Gerald Dodds 48334, MIObstetrics gynecology1952305765
Peter Marks 49546, MIObstetrics gynecology1811991581
David J Clarke 48152, MIObstetrics gynecology1699779512
Thomas Dolnicek 48334, MIObstetrics gynecology1366446247
Christina Marie Di Maggio 48152, MIObstetrics gynecology1740284561
Andrea C Wolfe 49525, MIObstetrics gynecology1043214794
Margaret E Gustafson 49431, MIObstetrics gynecology1366446130
Michelle A Klyn 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1235133992
Jerry Wittingen 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1477557031
Jodi Robinson 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1962406603
James E Mullins 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1871597518
Thomas L. Meyer 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1487658829
Robert Welch 48201, MIObstetrics gynecology1578567053
Janice L Mcdonald 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1508861717
Mark T Karnes 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1013912237
Tony Gale Butto 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1447255658
Michiana Hematology Oncology Of Michigan, P.c. 49120, MIObstetrics gynecology1235134461
Patricia Ann Ferguson 48025, MIObstetrics gynecology1790780864
Sherri Lynn Graf 48034, MIObstetrics gynecology1063417137
Milton Gary Robertson 49417, MIObstetrics gynecology1841295839
Susan Johnson Taylor 49417, MIObstetrics gynecology1821093816
Jennifer Cohn 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1386649135
Abbey Lin Crooks-babu 48152, MIObstetrics gynecology1598760183
Vijaya Lakshmi Gavini 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1134124720
Fayek Nicholas Shamma 48197, MIObstetrics gynecology1962408161
Zeeland Community Hospital 49426, MIObstetrics gynecology1154327104
Zeeland Community Hospital 49426, MIObstetrics gynecology1508862558
William Sanford Floyd 48084, MIObstetrics gynecology1376549188
Mark Edward Ohm 48084, MIObstetrics gynecology1245236058
Beata Kostrzewa Weiermiller 48084, MIObstetrics gynecology1972509784
Marlene Beth Seltzer 48084, MIObstetrics gynecology1669478475
Awoniyi O Awonuga 48034, MIObstetrics gynecology1437156064
James Reginald Williams 49202, MIObstetrics gynecology1104823541
Kristina Lauren Schmitt 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1689165292
Darlene Francis Daly 48455, MIObstetrics gynecology1093712457
Brian C Krauss 49015, MIObstetrics gynecology1992702229
William B Blessed 48075, MIObstetrics gynecology1235136599
Jennifer Ilene Kaplan 48377, MIObstetrics gynecology1750388930
Robert Alan Long 48912, MIObstetrics gynecology1942207097
Jeanne Bamrick Debono 48377, MIObstetrics gynecology1447258512
Michelle Ann Herman 48377, MIObstetrics gynecology1902804966
Paul Hakim 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1851399919
Laura L Schultz 48911, MIObstetrics gynecology1841298783
Aspirus Ironwood Hospital & Clinics, Inc. 49938, MIObstetrics gynecology1992704753
Prime Garden City Medical Group 48135, MIObstetrics gynecology1598179954
Duane B Heilbronn 48602, MIObstetrics gynecology1417956186
James R Hines 48602, MIObstetrics gynecology1215936794
Julia M Walter 48602, MIObstetrics gynecology1588663066
Angie F Domingo 48602, MIObstetrics gynecology1396744876
Jeffrey D. Postlewaite 49548, MIObstetrics gynecology1043219561
Vinay Kumar Malviya 48034, MIObstetrics gynecology1184623514
Alan Bryan Newman 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1518966951
Sharon Miller 48334, MIObstetrics gynecology1619976065
Bruce E West 48034, MIObstetrics gynecology1629077763
Timothy Lee Geerlings 49464, MIObstetrics gynecology1780683680
Rebecca J Williams 48025, MIObstetrics gynecology1275533101
Michelle Janeen Reinke-young 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1972503670
Elizabeth Gail Blunden 48081, MIObstetrics gynecology1134129588
Benjamin S. Chen 48066, MIObstetrics gynecology1245230457
Soheyla Pezeshki 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1265432397
Appleview Women's Health Care, P.c. 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1134129299
Veena Kalra 48532, MIObstetrics gynecology1942200977
Alvin Mark Schoenberger 48377, MIObstetrics gynecology1295736221
Nadine Weisser 49015, MIObstetrics gynecology1902807837
Jeanette Thai 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1912908898
Margot G Abundis 48066, MIObstetrics gynecology1396746194
Dannie Joe Gentry 49431, MIObstetrics gynecology1982605648
Lester James Voutsos 48377, MIObstetrics gynecology1659372118
Jeremiah Whittington 48334, MIObstetrics gynecology1477554939
Sheela A Dharmani 48307, MIObstetrics gynecology1770584179
Jouhaina Maleh 48126, MIObstetrics gynecology1356342596
John Robert Clark 49091, MIObstetrics gynecology1457353575
Jennifer Krista Smith 48185, MIObstetrics gynecology1558363424
Brigitte Lorenz 48307, MIObstetrics gynecology1235131160
Bronson Lakeview Hospital 49079, MIObstetrics gynecology1235131137
Carrie Lynn Speier Schafer 48334, MIObstetrics gynecology1144222985
Kristen S Lawrence 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1669464731
Donald R Bradley 49677, MIObstetrics gynecology1841282944
Gustav K Barkett 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1962494005
David Cree 49444, MIObstetrics gynecology1023000189
Chandrika Joshi 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1992797757
David Lipschutz 48377, MIObstetrics gynecology1265424949
Melissa Marback 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1083606586
Michelle Leigh Becher 48811, MIObstetrics gynecology1518959022
Guy Michael Boike 48602, MIObstetrics gynecology1366434722
Marc H Adelman 48098, MIObstetrics gynecology1295728202
Brett Thomas Zimmerman 49424, MIObstetrics gynecology1770576571
Constantine Raphtis 48080, MIObstetrics gynecology1558354159
Kami Michele Kveton 48080, MIObstetrics gynecology1982697454
Graciano Figueras Singson 48080, MIObstetrics gynecology1932192424
Michelle Ann Konieczny 48093, MIObstetrics gynecology1609869015
Michelle Backus-walzer 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1124011531
Brenda L Moskovitz 48083, MIObstetrics gynecology1568455970
Mary Margaret Yenchick 48066, MIObstetrics gynecology1649263047
Lynda J Wolf 48084, MIObstetrics gynecology1649264938
Amy Wright 48326, MIObstetrics gynecology1740274737
Valerie Payne-jackson 48307, MIObstetrics gynecology1942294947
Julie G Masters 48307, MIObstetrics gynecology1073507059
Kristen Roy 48307, MIObstetrics gynecology1699769661
Vickie B Mello 48602, MIObstetrics gynecology1013901610
Dana Therese Virgo 49201, MIObstetrics gynecology1659366110
Carter Lomax 49007, MIObstetrics gynecology1851386197
Karol L Otteman 48377, MIObstetrics gynecology1740275130
Helene Lacoste 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1629063029
Wendy Bauer 49007, MIObstetrics gynecology1164417416
Marijo Snyder 49007, MIObstetrics gynecology1881689123
Joseph Riethman 49007, MIObstetrics gynecology1477548725
Marcia Johnson 49007, MIObstetrics gynecology1881689149
Neil A Brickman 48322, MIObstetrics gynecology1518952894
Lawrence B Prussack 48322, MIObstetrics gynecology1962497248
Mitchell P Dombrowski 48236, MIObstetrics gynecology1396730255
Minuchehr Kashef 48236, MIObstetrics gynecology1255326013
Shyla R Vengalil 48236, MIObstetrics gynecology1295720001
Michael F Prysak 48236, MIObstetrics gynecology1275528077
Anne M Schneider 48236, MIObstetrics gynecology1083609887
Brigitte Masengu Ngoyi 48236, MIObstetrics gynecology1053306886
Brian A Mason 48236, MIObstetrics gynecology1952396780
Cassie Laasch 48236, MIObstetrics gynecology1427043264
Joanne A Sandler-goldberg 48322, MIObstetrics gynecology1801881404
Harold R Leach 48322, MIObstetrics gynecology1437144045
Deborah A Charfoos 48322, MIObstetrics gynecology1154316776
Lenny J Hutton 48322, MIObstetrics gynecology1891781365
Steven A Migdal 48322, MIObstetrics gynecology1437145901
Lawrence A Robillard 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1396731790
John F Itnyre 49601, MIObstetrics gynecology1710973045
Travis D Terrell 49015, MIObstetrics gynecology1891781944
William M Long 49601, MIObstetrics gynecology1558357608
Alan David Goldsmith 48323, MIObstetrics gynecology1891781795
Michael S Salesin 48323, MIObstetrics gynecology1497741300
Donald S. Shin 48135, MIObstetrics gynecology1831185560
David A Bailey 48054, MIObstetrics gynecology1235126954
Rainna Marie Furnari-brazil 48123, MIObstetrics gynecology1861489429
Ingrid N. Wilson 48135, MIObstetrics gynecology1659368009
Royal Oak Ob Gyn Pc 48314, MIObstetrics gynecology1275520777
Elisabeth Dunning Tucker 49930, MIObstetrics gynecology1497742977
Steven Jay Friedman 48382, MIObstetrics gynecology1801883145
Lon Eric Katz 48323, MIObstetrics gynecology1992792212
Donna M Lyons Goldsmith 48323, MIObstetrics gynecology1356338677
Renita B Barge 48214, MIObstetrics gynecology1720075898
Soudabeh Ahadi 48162, MIObstetrics gynecology1174510275
Hamid Sanjaghsaz 48127, MIObstetrics gynecology1780671776
Metro Partners In Womens Health, Pc 48374, MIObstetrics gynecology1083601082
James Ewell Graham 48503, MIObstetrics gynecology1891782736
Earl F Elowsky 48763, MIObstetrics gynecology1821086661
Judy E Herbolsheimer 48763, MIObstetrics gynecology1861480600
John A Lieberman 48640, MIObstetrics gynecology1912995762
Douglas Jay Saylor 48706, MIObstetrics gynecology1437147287
Thomas Scott Markus 48706, MIObstetrics gynecology1962490722
William John Vandenbelt 48706, MIObstetrics gynecology1831187608
Veena B Chari Hedni 48081, MIObstetrics gynecology1922096700
John M. Hobbs, Jr., M.d., P.c. 48820, MIObstetrics gynecology1841288594
Todd K Vanheest 49464, MIObstetrics gynecology1679561229
Richard J Colman 48093, MIObstetrics gynecology1427046176
Mohinder Pal Singh-sandhu 48183, MIObstetrics gynecology1619965035
Cheryl Gibson Fountain 48230, MIObstetrics gynecology1184612574
Jeffrey Gillum 48201, MIObstetrics gynecology1790773091
Rajan A Pastoriza 49201, MIObstetrics gynecology1407844541
Thomas R Hartzell 48044, MIObstetrics gynecology1619966256
Christine M Slotta 44094, MIObstetrics gynecology1700875465
Munther K Alaiwat 48195, MIObstetrics gynecology1972592582
Theodore K Graham 48214, MIObstetrics gynecology1679562292
Sarah Vyskocil 48038, MIObstetrics gynecology1578552196
William Luke Jordan 48237, MIObstetrics gynecology1497744932
Rhonda L Kobold 48044, MIObstetrics gynecology1356330526
Jennifer Kuzel 48081, MIObstetrics gynecology1902895014
Sheryl Lynn Parks 49930, MIObstetrics gynecology1669462693
Christine H Matoian 48025, MIObstetrics gynecology1376533323
Deborah L Mikula 48317, MIObstetrics gynecology1407846462
Anan A Abdelrahman 48341, MIObstetrics gynecology1760472740
Ann R Mcreynolds 48081, MIObstetrics gynecology1114917077
Joann M Smith 48304, MIObstetrics gynecology1548250400
Chadi G. Haddad 48127, MIObstetrics gynecology1750371621
Elie Banna 48312, MIObstetrics gynecology1154311983
Robin K Thompson 49091, MIObstetrics gynecology1356331169
Michael S Mcdonnell 49201, MIObstetrics gynecology1164412961
Jane K Cottingham 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1467442053
Andrew J Vanslooten 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1811987597
David A Kreuze 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1184614836
Stephen F Rechner 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1407846165
Darla M Olson 49464, MIObstetrics gynecology1114917887
Renee J Elderkin 49519, MIObstetrics gynecology1982694667
Russel D Jelsema 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1588654263
Jeffrey J Dood 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1174513865
Fred A Rohn 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1134119720
Susan L Vandenbosch 49503, MIObstetrics gynecology1265422653
Millard R Golusin 48315, MIObstetrics gynecology1235129768
Kala Gopal Reddy 48307, MIObstetrics gynecology1760472963
Donald James Mckeel 49037, MIObstetrics gynecology1194715250
Ronald Roger Joanette 49660, MIObstetrics gynecology1548250673
Mary K Alani 48301, MIObstetrics gynecology1750372678
Jacalyn A Mccloskey 48009, MIObstetrics gynecology1629069646
Kathleen Davis Huston 48009, MIObstetrics gynecology1326039348
Andres G Santiviago 48093, MIObstetrics gynecology1457342149


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