Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Marc H Adelman 48098, MIObstetrics gynecology1295728202
Rainna Marie Furnari-brazil 48123, MIObstetrics gynecology1861489429
Jacqueline L Taylor 48071, MIObstetrics gynecology1972586113
Renee J Elderkin 49519, MIObstetrics gynecology1982694667
Jay Pravin Shah 92618, MIObstetrics gynecology1881665495
Erica Levack Canales 94801, MIObstetrics gynecology1154381234
Todd Allen 29488, MIObstetrics gynecology1063492494
Gary L Doublestein 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1760445571
Hurley Health Services 48420, MIObstetrics gynecology1558302497
Debra Beth Klueger 48084, MIObstetrics gynecology1881649390
Timothy F Murphy 49431, MIObstetrics gynecology1487681425
Kevin R Brader 49401, MIObstetrics gynecology1609807627
Amy Kristin Dziurman 48170, MIObstetrics gynecology1831112085
Jordan Wroblewski 49048, MIObstetrics gynecology1144648551
Bhanu J Shah 48310, MIObstetrics gynecology1295743896
Joseph Peter Talcott 49525, MIObstetrics gynecology1134220270
Ivana M Vettraino 63141, MIObstetrics gynecology1417007428
Djamilia Emilbekovna Kryukov 60169, MIObstetrics gynecology1588873756
Soyoung Bae 48071, MIObstetrics gynecology1841451085
Brad Alan Irving 49519, MIObstetrics gynecology1649491135
Joseph Talcott D.o., P.c. 49525, MIObstetrics gynecology1760689673
Kimberly Dwan Moore 48334, MIObstetrics gynecology1295957926
Janet C Mullings-britton 48075, MIObstetrics gynecology1902010085
Radwan Asaad 48382, MIObstetrics gynecology1578761037
Cassandra Wormack 48864, MIObstetrics gynecology1023217437
Ascension Genesys Hospital 48502, MIObstetrics gynecology1487873691
Julianna Marie Papez 59102, MIObstetrics gynecology1952531410
Kathryn Rose Kloss 48188, MIObstetrics gynecology1922236652
Anushka Magdalene Chelliah 77030, MIObstetrics gynecology1922304153
Danielle Schirm 55337, MIObstetrics gynecology1447513072
Jana Van Rybroek 52807, MIObstetrics gynecology1265877591
Adham Alsamsam 48075, MIObstetrics gynecology1578711636
Christopher Aaron Breed 98372, MIObstetrics gynecology1790077253
Michael Anthony Pammit 33607, MIObstetrics gynecology1194012732
Marwa Ieliya Ibrahim 48314, MIObstetrics gynecology1083908446
Stephanie Ann Sammons 64506, MIObstetrics gynecology1598026163
Jeffrey Donald Kendall 55060, MIObstetrics gynecology1750644589
Jacqueline F Witters 48840, MIObstetrics gynecology1144561317
Laterica Shavawn Barton 34208, MIObstetrics gynecology1568704732
Catriona Anne Macardle 48103, MIObstetrics gynecology1538401773
Jacqueline Guterman 10304, MIObstetrics gynecology1225371354
Jessica Marie Hemsoth 29303, MIObstetrics gynecology1902243389
Lynn Baca 48187, MIObstetrics gynecology1235578576
Maeve E Gleason 22554, MIObstetrics gynecology1811337298
Caitlyn Lee Klaska 48334, MIObstetrics gynecology1770997629
Rikki Desiree Baldwin 78629, MIObstetrics gynecology1164840955
Jessica Scholey 48054, MIObstetrics gynecology1639586910
Caitlin Callahan Parker 48197, MIObstetrics gynecology1780002568
Alex Wilfred Argyelan 48114, MIObstetrics gynecology1023436805
Dana Marie Scott 06030, MIObstetrics gynecology1831431220
Alexis Rae O'leary 59601, MIObstetrics gynecology1932523545
Jenifer Lynn Dankyi 53533, MIObstetrics gynecology1326458803
Katherine R Brady 55109, MIObstetrics gynecology1033524160
Claire Templin 99362, MIObstetrics gynecology1750795514
Linda Chacko Kuzhippala 30076, MIObstetrics gynecology1053725408
Caitlin M Brazda 49444, MIObstetrics gynecology1225474174
Sheiva Tsay 60615, MIObstetrics gynecology1700299195
Alicia Michelle Filler 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1306258587
David H Pyatt 48503, MIObstetrics gynecology1083660641
Adam Daniel Baruch 48108, MIObstetrics gynecology1518370139
Kimberly Michelle Biichle 32159, MIObstetrics gynecology1003228628
Alionye Usifoh 48201, MIObstetrics gynecology1386062099
Katherin May Seilhamer 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1124540398
James Denton Ward 97801, MIObstetrics gynecology1083962435
Mohammad Raqibul Islam 85259, MIObstetrics gynecology1306286158
Amine Khachani 60608, MIObstetrics gynecology1265745053
Kenan Asbahi 48360, MIObstetrics gynecology1053653204
Sina Abhari 93454, MIObstetrics gynecology1073955290
Michele L Ashton 46635, MIObstetrics gynecology1295763159
Sicily E Garvin 48230, MIObstetrics gynecology1427491752
Chiquita Lashane Berg 34683, MIObstetrics gynecology1184612814
Omar Ala Zwain 48075, MIObstetrics gynecology1477816890
Denise Sousa 60506, MIObstetrics gynecology1851709455
Gustavo Vilchez Lagos 64108, MIObstetrics gynecology1871872580
Rachel Cudworth 39440, MIObstetrics gynecology1194143974
Midmichigan Physicians Group 48670, MIObstetrics gynecology1689623506
Natasha Prince 49037, MIObstetrics gynecology1821331828
Helen Yang 90807, MIObstetrics gynecology1255629440
Lydia Anne Hostetler 80634, MIObstetrics gynecology1487097986
Aliya Ladha 20190, MIObstetrics gynecology1821302175
Husam Abed 48195, MIObstetrics gynecology1053332296
Susan K Hicks 49519, MIObstetrics gynecology1043201551
Jennifer Louise Yarger 59715, MIObstetrics gynecology1013133123
Brandon D Freel 49444, MIObstetrics gynecology1912261694
Jessica Kaye Cewe 99204, MIObstetrics gynecology1891135158
Anwar Davis Jackson 87106, MIObstetrics gynecology1689051666
Emily Henning 48840, MIObstetrics gynecology1205229176
Simisola Marie Caxton-idowu 48075, MIObstetrics gynecology1700268547
Joseph Michael Charles 87020, MIObstetrics gynecology1407805336
Timothy Brian Johnson 60805, MIObstetrics gynecology1982085247
Alisha Rockette 47905, MIObstetrics gynecology1295118792
Sara Robison 80918, MIObstetrics gynecology1427441229
Katie Marie Webb 32405, MIObstetrics gynecology1225417678
Sara Haidar 48066, MIObstetrics gynecology1679956999
Sonal Grover 56001, MIObstetrics gynecology1578850681
Jason B. Bennett 49301, MIObstetrics gynecology1295757631
Manasi Sanjay Patwardhan 29485, MIObstetrics gynecology1487846507
Jennifer Lichon 34239, MIObstetrics gynecology1588047203
Sarah Cortez 81505, MIObstetrics gynecology1508252958
Gonzalo J Rodriguez 45373, MIObstetrics gynecology1659351229
Kathryn Huber-keener 52242, MIObstetrics gynecology1457764730
Amanda Jane Stephens 32308, MIObstetrics gynecology1730446006
Vanessa Marie Canas 18104, MIObstetrics gynecology1932587474
Stephanie Pivik Mager 80634, MIObstetrics gynecology1093198608
Lydia Mayida 48201, MIObstetrics gynecology1992921894
Julia Agnes Deporre 48114, MIObstetrics gynecology1821432253
Cortney B Casper 83221, MIObstetrics gynecology1811331663
Omar Mostafa Abuzeid 46311, MIObstetrics gynecology1174900120
Christine Simone Armstrong 06708, MIObstetrics gynecology1467832675
Jodilyn Jelsema 35660, MIObstetrics gynecology1518195460
Brienne N Williford 43214, MIObstetrics gynecology1538457676
Madeleine Neri Guevara 54303, MIObstetrics gynecology1225254451
Adelina M Emmi 36607, MIObstetrics gynecology1164532685
Sara Cramton 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1033324702
Melissa F Halvorson 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1114994365
Sharon S Kelley 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1295703197
Nicole L Jamieson 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1689641763
Laura E Kelly 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1811965601
Alliance Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pllc 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1154398212
Leigh Behring 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1144532805
Diane Lynn Strachan 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1104900794
Renee J Stevens 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1457644635
Elizabeth Jane Thomas 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1356504039
Lakeeya K Tucker 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1902873151
Stacey Tanay 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1154398246
Jennifer Lynn Thomas 48823, MIObstetrics gynecology1669440459
Promedica North Physicians Corporation 49252, MIObstetrics gynecology1780228163
Mary Ann Hye Seung Son 79905, MIObstetrics gynecology1669812079
Rosalyn G Miller 77479, MIObstetrics gynecology1336358340
Jason P Wheatley 32209, MIObstetrics gynecology1417213596
Charles R Pattan 46845, MIObstetrics gynecology1003964784
Santos Garcia Hernandez 33614, MIObstetrics gynecology1518989714
Laura Anne Williams 32159, MIObstetrics gynecology1053329367
Katherine Riddle 06074, MIObstetrics gynecology1669866588
Recover Together, Inc. 26104, MIObstetrics gynecology1346736758
Youssef S. Derbala 48230, MIObstetrics gynecology1619239456
Mercy Specialty Services 49444, MIObstetrics gynecology1629010384
Mercy Urgent Care 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1861432692
Lakes Obgyn Specialist 49444, MIObstetrics gynecology1548570062
Aldo Rafael Nunez Hruska 48152, MIObstetrics gynecology1861877730
Carolyn M Johnston 32308, MIObstetrics gynecology1417040544
Christine Nkemeh 06030, MIObstetrics gynecology1841671542
Annalise J Boisvert 02747, MIObstetrics gynecology1689962623
Chadwick Miles Densley 84065, MIObstetrics gynecology1629430046
Natalie Hage 14221, MIObstetrics gynecology1205240595
Tracy Slone 40202, MIObstetrics gynecology1104878495
Ali Bazzi 48034, MIObstetrics gynecology1386094464
Kevin Blau 29909, MIObstetrics gynecology1356724025
Michigan Perinatal Associates Pc 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1386725091
American Center For Pain Management. Pllc 48075, MIObstetrics gynecology1538698378
Andrew Seungkyo Koo 20037, MIObstetrics gynecology1831540772
Joseph Roofeh 90277, MIObstetrics gynecology1033572854
Kaitlin Barabash 55092, MIObstetrics gynecology1366892937
Mia Elise Layne 60611, MIObstetrics gynecology1417210931
Audrey Ryann Hemmings 80027, MIObstetrics gynecology1043679103
Hamilton Community Health Network Inc. 48504, MIObstetrics gynecology1952569790
Christine Michael Pennesi 45229, MIObstetrics gynecology1629498985
Nayla George Kazzi 77030, MIObstetrics gynecology1316393721
Caitlyn Monks 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1558710590
Curtis R Cook 85224, MIObstetrics gynecology1851354211
Tristan Ross Peregrino Fowler 66211, MIObstetrics gynecology1881044006
University Physician Group 48201, MIObstetrics gynecology1447299797
Kavita Narang 55905, MIObstetrics gynecology1225412190
Samfee Doe 10034, MIObstetrics gynecology1740642958
Carol Elizabeth Rodriguez 14621, MIObstetrics gynecology1376939942
Logan Craig Walter 85122, MIObstetrics gynecology1750760187
Navleen K. Gill 42301, MIObstetrics gynecology1750630943
Rubin Raju 55905, MIObstetrics gynecology1972868495
Luis Alberto Gonzalez 46580, MIObstetrics gynecology1679660260
Krystal Bell 75028, MIObstetrics gynecology1619323557
Claire E Groskurth 67226, MIObstetrics gynecology1972985521
Kristen Duman Scholten 49007, MIObstetrics gynecology1689036733
Nancy J. Carlson 61103, MIObstetrics gynecology1326158502
Ashley M Lopez 33880, MIObstetrics gynecology1740663426
Ryan D Kuefler 54301, MIObstetrics gynecology1902210925
Kurt R Wharton 48073, MIObstetrics gynecology1558325092
Amy E Whitten 48025, MIObstetrics gynecology1710197397
Jennifer Christy Patchett 29505, MIObstetrics gynecology1255629275
Ali Alhousseini 48230, MIObstetrics gynecology1124225248
Eiliana Bitar 48126, MIObstetrics gynecology1770793416
Jill Ashley Gadzinski 48073, MIObstetrics gynecology1427376854
Zeynep Alpay Savasan 48025, MIObstetrics gynecology1881897403
Cheryl Gibson Fountain 48230, MIObstetrics gynecology1184612574
Ray O Bahado-singh 48025, MIObstetrics gynecology1134166200
Joseph Anthony Rakowski 48230, MIObstetrics gynecology1639389893
Richard Bronsteen 48025, MIObstetrics gynecology1477512226
Samuel Thomas Bauer 48085, MIObstetrics gynecology1487779807
Carly Higgins Davis 49009, MIObstetrics gynecology1417116062
Jennifer O'neill 49009, MIObstetrics gynecology1437545431
Megan Therese Amos 48152, MIObstetrics gynecology1457513574
Mary Lynne Barringer 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1952647083
Adam S Cooper 48152, MIObstetrics gynecology1811939762
Katherine E Betcher 49442, MIObstetrics gynecology1164862033
Rachel Zilles 55109, MIObstetrics gynecology1326495334
Phillis Cherie Mims 33609, MIObstetrics gynecology1144211756
Regina Dupe Nagy 43402, MIObstetrics gynecology1821351396
Adrienne M Stanley 48152, MIObstetrics gynecology1457393514
Sara H Garmel 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1285685503
David Moses 48124, MIObstetrics gynecology1952389231
Mayra Troya-nutt 48336, MIObstetrics gynecology1427084128


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