Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Todd M Kopczynski 28105, NCObstetrics gynecology1649273673
Kelly E Meek 28277, NCObstetrics gynecology1184627119
David W Mcallister 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1245233279
Phillip R Harston 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1497758411
John H Culp 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1609879626
Larry W Craddock 28105, NCObstetrics gynecology1356344394
Gerianne C Geszler 28303, NCObstetrics gynecology1396748562
Anessa J Lewis 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1477556611
Robert E Meeks 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1134122385
Stuart H Jordan 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1871596031
David M Stamilio 27514, NCObstetrics gynecology1861495616
Phoenix Obstetrics gynecology Llc 33316, NCObstetrics gynecology1285637066
Williamston Clinic Corp 27892, NCObstetrics gynecology1811990443
Donna White Bass 28403, NCObstetrics gynecology1790788024
Joe W Hardison 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1518969807
Stephen Gooding 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1285636571
Vicki E Clark 28360, NCObstetrics gynecology1609878800
Stuart D Shelton 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1881696037
Cumberland County Hospital System, Inc 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1497757785
Diane Alane Semer 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1245234004
Joan M Baker 28504, NCObstetrics gynecology1417951187
Hugh Judd Grant 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1194729772
Connie Miller Freeman 28360, NCObstetrics gynecology1912909128
Jennifer Beachum Linfert 29169, NCObstetrics gynecology1184628125
Wilfredo Rodriguez-falcon 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1366444515
Susan Kady Wilson 28462, NCObstetrics gynecology1093719726
Larry Lee Wilson 28462, NCObstetrics gynecology1356345094
James Arthur Mong 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1114922580
Andrea Decsi Roche 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1477558849
Jean Whitmore Carter 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1386649754
Ann Michele Martin 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1194720565
Marvin L Hage 28401, NCObstetrics gynecology1811992290
Laif B Lofgren 28401, NCObstetrics gynecology1972508216
Victoria Edwards Smith 28422, NCObstetrics gynecology1336144518
Tammy L. Hilbert 27614, NCObstetrics gynecology1669477691
William Michael Lindel 27103, NCObstetrics gynecology1558366278
Gregory L Woodfill 28401, NCObstetrics gynecology1477558724
Charles Arthur Peach 28054, NCObstetrics gynecology1750385282
Schubert Dean Mcphail 27025, NCObstetrics gynecology1427053008
Lee Ann Roberts 27612, NCObstetrics gynecology1114923679
John Davis Hepler 28358, NCObstetrics gynecology1861498354
Bradley Edgar Jacobs 27103, NCObstetrics gynecology1194721498
Alyse Kelly-jones 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1558367680
Christopher John Danner 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1588660625
John W. Tidwell 28211, NCObstetrics gynecology1790781805
William Edward Verross 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1518963651
Charles A. Porter 28211, NCObstetrics gynecology1730185851
Louise Cree Rogers 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1619973732
Carrol Wendall Ellison 28655, NCObstetrics gynecology1912903774
Gordon Bruce Kuttner 28226, NCObstetrics gynecology1255337069
Druery R Devore 27030, NCObstetrics gynecology1730185315
James G Arnold 27030, NCObstetrics gynecology1215933809
Kenneth D Gitt 27030, NCObstetrics gynecology1902802598
Timothy Freeman Edwards 28546, NCObstetrics gynecology1962408591
Philip John Rosenow 27215, NCObstetrics gynecology1073510665
Nicole Annette Hagedorn 28546, NCObstetrics gynecology1619973997
Walter Neal 28358, NCObstetrics gynecology1417954025
Contance Ann Kincius 27215, NCObstetrics gynecology1073510525
Myra C Dove 27408, NCObstetrics gynecology1124025655
Cynthia D Barker 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1659378156
Enrique J Tomeu 28349, NCObstetrics gynecology1821095332
Amy L Blumenthal 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1306843719
Robert Warren Van Dalen 27215, NCObstetrics gynecology1386641777
Robert Paul Harris 27215, NCObstetrics gynecology1013914415
Vickie West Lovin 28602, NCObstetrics gynecology1295732394
Mark M Pasquarette 28401, NCObstetrics gynecology1780681841
Daniel Michael Strickland 28643, NCObstetrics gynecology1992703607
John L Powell 28401, NCObstetrics gynecology1164420212
Joseph C Webster 28301, NCObstetrics gynecology1912905001
S R Evans 28655, NCObstetrics gynecology1477551026
Premiere Perinatal Associates, Pa 33316, NCObstetrics gynecology1386643187
William E Porter 28210, NCObstetrics gynecology1750380549
Lydia N Wright 28403, NCObstetrics gynecology1891794558
Melissa Greene 27892, NCObstetrics gynecology1093714610
Teri J Herman 28602, NCObstetrics gynecology1154320844
Charles Lomax 27408, NCObstetrics gynecology1760481295
Nasser A Askary 28379, NCObstetrics gynecology1386643559
Edgar John Jimenez 28792, NCObstetrics gynecology1073512042
Robin Kay Emanuel 28372, NCObstetrics gynecology1952300980
Lara Lee Fisher 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1386644060
Richard Ivan Hayes 27609, NCObstetrics gynecology1386644912
Eric Rappaport 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1326048869
Windsor Austin Holt 27609, NCObstetrics gynecology1023018173
Joseph Davis Campbell 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1932109089
Robin Dempsey Matthews 28721, NCObstetrics gynecology1912908971
Takey Crist 28546, NCObstetrics gynecology1871594713
Michael Thomas Mcnamara 27260, NCObstetrics gynecology1760482145
Brent D Wright 28422, NCObstetrics gynecology1992704712
Ariel David Arus 27262, NCObstetrics gynecology1942200597
Ruthann A Heron-davis 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1790784569
Rufus Henry Temple 28401, NCObstetrics gynecology1588662308
Angela Ann Doty 28078, NCObstetrics gynecology1831198308
Raymond A Dombroski 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1225039928
William H Cooper 28401, NCObstetrics gynecology1154322709
Tommy Lambros Megremis 28104, NCObstetrics gynecology1538160023
James Michael Meek 28277, NCObstetrics gynecology1992706386
Sharrol Elizabeth Barnes 28277, NCObstetrics gynecology1609877091
Sarah Nalle Morris 28277, NCObstetrics gynecology1144221540
Carole S Saltzman 28803, NCObstetrics gynecology1659372894
Philip Jay Solomon 28277, NCObstetrics gynecology1801897087
Stacy D Travis 28803, NCObstetrics gynecology1154322295
Biltmore Ob gyn, Pa 28803, NCObstetrics gynecology1891796942
Amy W Vance 28801, NCObstetrics gynecology1982606091
Larry Allen Nance 20155, NCObstetrics gynecology1104828045
George C. Andrinopoulos 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1376545137
Cynthia Brewer Saacks 27609, NCObstetrics gynecology1376545970
Kei Nakanishi 33316, NCObstetrics gynecology1285636811
Presbyterian Regional Healthcare Corporation 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1215939947
Sheppard Allen Mckenzie 27609, NCObstetrics gynecology1609878297
Stacey A Wood 28204, NCObstetrics gynecology1679575203
Brian Edmond Bass 27609, NCObstetrics gynecology1144222787
Paul Burt Harden 27609, NCObstetrics gynecology1033111679
Peggy Lanier Jones 28546, NCObstetrics gynecology1871595470
Rick Rande Kamm 27609, NCObstetrics gynecology1326040957
Michael David Smith 27609, NCObstetrics gynecology1992707533
James J Hardy 28204, NCObstetrics gynecology1023010493
Gregory D Parker 28204, NCObstetrics gynecology1588666952
Midtown & Gynecology Associates P.a. 28204, NCObstetrics gynecology1710979802
Anton Van Duuren 28779, NCObstetrics gynecology1154313112
Piedmont Healthcare, P.a. 28625, NCObstetrics gynecology1912999897
Philip William Dehoff 28204, NCObstetrics gynecology1043202963
Andrea Karen Dickerson 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1255323176
Hamid A Hadi 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1932191749
Lakshmi Vadlamudi Gordon 28304, NCObstetrics gynecology1053303891
Todd M Beste 28401, NCObstetrics gynecology1427040104
Clifford C Hayslip 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1992797682
Thomas Christopher Morris 28204, NCObstetrics gynecology1689666380
Howard D Homesley 27858, NCObstetrics gynecology1942292644
Christy M Isler 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1841282415
Michelle L Grewal 27408, NCObstetrics gynecology1407848930
Richard M Holland 27408, NCObstetrics gynecology1952393407
David C Lowe 27408, NCObstetrics gynecology1770575227
John S Mccomb 27408, NCObstetrics gynecology1689666133
Phillip R Goodson 28677, NCObstetrics gynecology1245222751
William Ronald Neal 27408, NCObstetrics gynecology1760474217
Edwin M. Fulghum 28625, NCObstetrics gynecology1013909571
James E Tomblin 27408, NCObstetrics gynecology1518959055
Navin Chandru Bhojwani 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1316939705
Laurie May Marston 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1669474268
Paul F Williams 28540, NCObstetrics gynecology1891796561
Julie Ann Farrow 28741, NCObstetrics gynecology1447243142
Gail M Griffin 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1073515748
Stacy Ann-marie Dehal 20155, NCObstetrics gynecology1922009265
Lisa A. Fair 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1982696407
Stephen C Green 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1770575581
Michael Avery Kepley 28677, NCObstetrics gynecology1316939036
Arthur J Greenwood 23665, NCObstetrics gynecology1922091966
Julius Q Mallette 27889, NCObstetrics gynecology1700879699
Heather Robertson White 28204, NCObstetrics gynecology1740282383
Cathryn L Crosland 28207, NCObstetrics gynecology1477547412
Frank E Long 28025, NCObstetrics gynecology1851385934
William Troy Turlington 27577, NCObstetrics gynecology1386638260
Thomas Brian Truluck 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1083608921
Lindian J Swaim 28462, NCObstetrics gynecology1902890874
Jeffrey Alan Michelson 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1689668295
Keith H Nelson 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1235123787
Ronnie Stephen Joyner 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1275527855
Chris Elizabeth Morgan 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1073507695
Dennis Keith Martin 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1720072309
Rolvix Harlan Patterson 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1073507687
Edward R Newton 27834, NCObstetrics gynecology1881688398
Robert E Hassler 28462, NCObstetrics gynecology1861487332
Walter V Meadors 28677, NCObstetrics gynecology1871588962
Claire H Harraghy 28602, NCObstetrics gynecology1932194743
Fred S Gachet 28601, NCObstetrics gynecology1811982622
F Alice Bishopric 28601, NCObstetrics gynecology1225024532
Steven R Merta 28601, NCObstetrics gynecology1982690186
Benton S Satterfield Md Pa 27607, NCObstetrics gynecology1417943788
John C Rozier 28358, NCObstetrics gynecology1649266891
Robert D Boyd 28602, NCObstetrics gynecology1083600134
Cynthia P Romine 27408, NCObstetrics gynecology1811983901
Laura M Faruque 28602, NCObstetrics gynecology1902892045
Virginia Taylor Floyd 27030, NCObstetrics gynecology1932195062
Steven Mark Hults 27520, NCObstetrics gynecology1598751406
James Curtis Jacobs 27262, NCObstetrics gynecology1124015862
Ronda Snow White 27262, NCObstetrics gynecology1033106778
Elisabeth Marie Stambaugh 27262, NCObstetrics gynecology1366438152
Michael E O'keeffe 27262, NCObstetrics gynecology1174519961
Donald E Brown 28337, NCObstetrics gynecology1346236148
George Edward Adcock 28054, NCObstetrics gynecology1447246228
John L Washington 33027, NCObstetrics gynecology1912993726
Christine Marie Mellon 28358, NCObstetrics gynecology1063409613
Ramada Sherice Smith 28054, NCObstetrics gynecology1619964046
Richmond Ob Gyn Pa 28379, NCObstetrics gynecology1457348732
Richard Eli Hedrick, Jr 27103, NCObstetrics gynecology1518955251
John Hinnes Tinga 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1720072689
Melinda Barefoot Michelson 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1609860550
Charles Lawrence Parker 28562, NCObstetrics gynecology1255325866
Lisa Anne Jackson-moore 27514, NCObstetrics gynecology1104812932
Eileen Keppler 28792, NCObstetrics gynecology1801882220
Eleanor Elaine Greene 27265, NCObstetrics gynecology1992790968
James Holman 28803, NCObstetrics gynecology1164418760
Faith D. Daggs 27519, NCObstetrics gynecology1821082280
Anthony Leonard Masciello 27103, NCObstetrics gynecology1699763045
Christopher Aaron Thompson 27103, NCObstetrics gynecology1952399305
Richard Gene Reuhland 27103, NCObstetrics gynecology1891783247
Dennis Edward Mccunniff 27103, NCObstetrics gynecology1518955962
Kerri Rene Scherer 27103, NCObstetrics gynecology1962490318
Michael Greg Kelly 27157, NCObstetrics gynecology1477541399
Jacqueline Heder Mims 27103, NCObstetrics gynecology1154310043


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