Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Philip C Nevin 14424, NYObstetrics gynecology1235132077
Myron O Luthringer 13215, NYObstetrics gynecology1851394811
Jennifer C Marziale 13215, NYObstetrics gynecology1578566436
Erin M Carroll 13202, NYObstetrics gynecology1063415024
James Okeeffe 12801, NYObstetrics gynecology1255334850
Philip Gerard Lauria 14127, NYObstetrics gynecology1134122773
Scott Jeffrey Zuccala 14127, NYObstetrics gynecology1487657094
Lawrence James Gugino 14219, NYObstetrics gynecology1770586372
Julie Anne Szumigala 14127, NYObstetrics gynecology1659374023
Michael Paul Grossman 12110, NYObstetrics gynecology1467455816
Joseph F Sclafani 11215, NYObstetrics gynecology1093718397
Sara Hope Koritz 14224, NYObstetrics gynecology1326041799
Sol Neuhoff 11230, NYObstetrics gynecology1205838521
Marie Sabatini 10956, NYObstetrics gynecology1972505287
Elizabeth Paskowski 10956, NYObstetrics gynecology1689676983
Melissa Weinstein 13210, NYObstetrics gynecology1194727271
Jaqueline Worth 10128, NYObstetrics gynecology1619971975
Betty Nyein 10013, NYObstetrics gynecology1366446155
Robert Alan Jason 11042, NYObstetrics gynecology1295739175
Kathryn Okeeffe 12801, NYObstetrics gynecology1023012788
Noelle Nielsen 12801, NYObstetrics gynecology1790789352
Kathryn Leopold 12801, NYObstetrics gynecology1912901588
Bernice Moeller-bloom 12866, NYObstetrics gynecology1639173255
Joanne Steele 12816, NYObstetrics gynecology1750385381
Cheryl Marino 12801, NYObstetrics gynecology1063416428
Maureen Roberts 12866, NYObstetrics gynecology1295739621
Peyman Zandieh, Md Pc 11714, NYObstetrics gynecology1437154747
Angelo Cumella 10509, NYObstetrics gynecology1154326197
Pedro Ramiro Segarra 10021, NYObstetrics gynecology1871598847
Nesim Contente 13202, NYObstetrics gynecology1811992621
Laura Carinci 11710, NYObstetrics gynecology1952306664
Lawrence Abraham Dolkart 14905, NYObstetrics gynecology1447255088
Robert M Pomeranz 11714, NYObstetrics gynecology1760487235
Ralph C Sperrazza 14226, NYObstetrics gynecology1609872134
Michael W Sullivan 14226, NYObstetrics gynecology1316943863
Elaine Sklar 11219, NYObstetrics gynecology1437155926
Gil Michael Farkash 14127, NYObstetrics gynecology1871599381
Igal Reizis 11219, NYObstetrics gynecology1750386264
Matthew Silverman 11219, NYObstetrics gynecology1003811522
Jack Troper 11219, NYObstetrics gynecology1437154952
Kent Crickard 14226, NYObstetrics gynecology1659377018
St Lukes Roosevelt Hospital Center 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1992701205
Infertility & Invitro Fertilization Medical Associates Of Wny Pllc 14226, NYObstetrics gynecology1669478046
Joseph Thomas Chambers 11201, NYObstetrics gynecology1881690196
Alan David Bolnick 14224, NYObstetrics gynecology1629074901
Leslie Breiten 13820, NYObstetrics gynecology1508862889
Marci Ostroff 11042, NYObstetrics gynecology1295731461
Moshe Schwartz 11219, NYObstetrics gynecology1932105079
Paula Ann Randolph 10022, NYObstetrics gynecology1326044405
Christine J. Duncan 11042, NYObstetrics gynecology1306842497
Marni Jae Sanders 11042, NYObstetrics gynecology1215933304
Nancy Ann Roberson Jasper 10022, NYObstetrics gynecology1801892880
Sophia Drosinos 10022, NYObstetrics gynecology1023014933
Perry Ave Family Medical Center Inc 10467, NYObstetrics gynecology1619973518
Melanie Lynn Marin 10022, NYObstetrics gynecology1861498834
Nancy E Zahn 12901, NYObstetrics gynecology1710983531
Diane T Cabana 12901, NYObstetrics gynecology1063418861
Arie Schwartz 11219, NYObstetrics gynecology1851397541
Susan A Rech 12901, NYObstetrics gynecology1558367367
Associates In Obstetrics & Gynecology, P.c. 12901, NYObstetrics gynecology1164428983
Mary Anne Carter 12901, NYObstetrics gynecology1093711764
John Curtis Hellriegel 14207, NYObstetrics gynecology1528064136
Edward Jerome Degnan 12159, NYObstetrics gynecology1023015625
Joseph Hochman 10016, NYObstetrics gynecology1477550085
Steven Pinheiro 12208, NYObstetrics gynecology1710984265
Janet A Rubinstein 11219, NYObstetrics gynecology1396742862
Jennifer A Mosmen 12208, NYObstetrics gynecology1659378107
Kenneth Joseph Baker 12159, NYObstetrics gynecology1760489157
David Jay Wolfson 11010, NYObstetrics gynecology1871590273
Clarissa S Westney 12309, NYObstetrics gynecology1508863770
Bhaskar Talacauvery Achar 14228, NYObstetrics gynecology1184621278
Nancy L King 14845, NYObstetrics gynecology1316944481
Mmc Obgyn Perinatal Diagnostic Ultrassound 11234, NYObstetrics gynecology1326045477
William I Anyaegbunam 12065, NYObstetrics gynecology1699772624
Phyllis Simon 11746, NYObstetrics gynecology1437156494
Edmund Tomlinson 11570, NYObstetrics gynecology1841297595
Grace G Jorgensen 12309, NYObstetrics gynecology1255338927
Radoslav Jovanovic 10021, NYObstetrics gynecology1851399521
Gerald M. Siegel 11746, NYObstetrics gynecology1235137910
Kevin Jovanovic 10021, NYObstetrics gynecology1417955980
Shashikant Lele 14263, NYObstetrics gynecology1053319681
Sungji Chai 14905, NYObstetrics gynecology1245238674
Evan Bruce Shapiro 11362, NYObstetrics gynecology1164420493
Akiva D Abraham 12065, NYObstetrics gynecology1609874742
Bassam Nicola Aldaia 11228, NYObstetrics gynecology1407854565
Martha Lynn Pisaniello 13368, NYObstetrics gynecology1043218951
Usha H Bakhru 12110, NYObstetrics gynecology1740289461
Katja Elizabeth Bock 12866, NYObstetrics gynecology1255330916
Carolyn Jean Slatch 12208, NYObstetrics gynecology1265431951
Amy Eileen Knoeller 12866, NYObstetrics gynecology1063411718
Myrtle Street Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pc 12866, NYObstetrics gynecology1033118708
Theresa A Jones-kingman 12801, NYObstetrics gynecology1740289420
Eva Chalas 11501, NYObstetrics gynecology1376542829
Ann Buhl 11580, NYObstetrics gynecology1710986278
Kent Chan 11501, NYObstetrics gynecology1497754964
Annette Baggott 11570, NYObstetrics gynecology1417956806
Michael L. Pearl 11790, NYObstetrics gynecology1043219512
Charles William Lasky 12866, NYObstetrics gynecology1629077292
Amos Baruch Cutler 12866, NYObstetrics gynecology1952300527
Jerry Ninia 11776, NYObstetrics gynecology1457350795
David Khodadadian 11221, NYObstetrics gynecology1821097080
Thaddeus Wojcik 14760, NYObstetrics gynecology1508865601
Jessica R Jacob 11042, NYObstetrics gynecology1871592972
Katherine Lammers 14626, NYObstetrics gynecology1760481675
Frederick Sengstacke 13202, NYObstetrics gynecology1154320083
Timothy Rydell 10941, NYObstetrics gynecology1508866096
Seongpan Si 11220, NYObstetrics gynecology1164422838
Linda Mahler 11787, NYObstetrics gynecology1578563003
Santha Kamineni 11375, NYObstetrics gynecology1750381174
Dennis Perenyi 13850, NYObstetrics gynecology1154321529
Jerome Rosenstein 13790, NYObstetrics gynecology1669472932
Ernest Menaldino 11355, NYObstetrics gynecology1215937495
Canandaigua Medical Group, P.c. 14424, NYObstetrics gynecology1669472973
Chuck Wing Lee 10013, NYObstetrics gynecology1417957523
Daniel Evan Stein 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1851391981
Martin David Keltz 10577, NYObstetrics gynecology1750381877
Sidney S Wu 10022, NYObstetrics gynecology1588664569
James Gerald Quirk 11794, NYObstetrics gynecology1497756423
Andrew Elimian 10532, NYObstetrics gynecology1386645315
Paul Ogburn 11777, NYObstetrics gynecology1992706923
Julia D Melanson 14221, NYObstetrics gynecology1982605879
Lisa Dabney 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1578564266
Barbara Deli 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1487655171
Robert Wallach 10016, NYObstetrics gynecology1356342133
Ann Marie A Bentsi-addison 10941, NYObstetrics gynecology1871594515
David Fishman 10016, NYObstetrics gynecology1225039951
Ilan Zedek 12775, NYObstetrics gynecology1609877331
Advanced Ob Gyn, Pllc 13215, NYObstetrics gynecology1801897574
Steven R Goldstein 10016, NYObstetrics gynecology1558362210
Annette L Bond 10580, NYObstetrics gynecology1467453159
Shonda Marcia Corbett 10024, NYObstetrics gynecology1336140029
Vanessa Nicola Dinnall 10591, NYObstetrics gynecology1922009513
Samantha Beth Feder 10023, NYObstetrics gynecology1467453050
Martin S Palmer 10940, NYObstetrics gynecology1982605580
Wesley S Blank 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1861493405
Margie Dawn Campbell 10025, NYObstetrics gynecology1689675225
Allegra A Cummings 10025, NYObstetrics gynecology1497756035
Michelle Yvette Francis 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1801897442
Marc S Behar 11530, NYObstetrics gynecology1730180365
Stephen L Kessler 12953, NYObstetrics gynecology1922009174
Renuka D. Paka 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1033110531
Stephanie Alice Pollitz 10025, NYObstetrics gynecology1558362053
Vivian Edith Roston 11106, NYObstetrics gynecology1992706493
Kathryn Peck Rutenberg 10023, NYObstetrics gynecology1700887205
Beth Jennifer Simon 10528, NYObstetrics gynecology1972504132
Harry Sing Lee 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1396746566
Jason Nick Kanos 10010, NYObstetrics gynecology1326049859
Juanita Jenyons 10024, NYObstetrics gynecology1457352833
Gila Aaron 10023, NYObstetrics gynecology1457352965
Eric Michael Ganz 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1346241858
Edward Jew 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1962403485
Stephanie Blank 10016, NYObstetrics gynecology1043211626
Irving Buterman 10028, NYObstetrics gynecology1801897277
Anne Hardart 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1104827583
Jacques L. Moritz 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1407857907
Jacob Esses 10460, NYObstetrics gynecology1518968924
Lois Eileen Brustman 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1649271057
Barak Meir Rosenn 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1275534687
Anna Jeong Eun Rhee 10024, NYObstetrics gynecology1366443798
Robert James Gibson Soper 10025, NYObstetrics gynecology1407857717
Charles Bruno 11040, NYObstetrics gynecology1124029434
Dawn F Torre 11530, NYObstetrics gynecology1700887270
Frederick Friedman 11229, NYObstetrics gynecology1871594960
John Curtin 10016, NYObstetrics gynecology1528060639
Amy R Harrington 14618, NYObstetrics gynecology1437151354
Suburban Women's Healthcare Pc 14150, NYObstetrics gynecology1225030943
Scott Cameron Dexter 12110, NYObstetrics gynecology1952393183
Joanne P Middleton 11694, NYObstetrics gynecology1346242708
Lee Guiok Lim 11218, NYObstetrics gynecology1386636546
Boston Children's Health Physicians, Llp 10532, NYObstetrics gynecology1467454967
Juan E Yara 10459, NYObstetrics gynecology1043212442
Stephen Mark Cohen 13210, NYObstetrics gynecology1275535734
Myron Gordon 12208, NYObstetrics gynecology1932191004
Woman's Healthcare Group 12309, NYObstetrics gynecology1073505194
Norma Perez Veridiano 11229, NYObstetrics gynecology1669464541
Meera I Prabhat 11355, NYObstetrics gynecology1144212036
Carol J Cooper-baucicot 10473, NYObstetrics gynecology1194717009
Complete Women's Care Of Clifton Park Pllc 12065, NYObstetrics gynecology1821080664
Frederick Feiner 10941, NYObstetrics gynecology1427040047
Kimberly Estler 10941, NYObstetrics gynecology1992797500
Teresita Rona Silverio 12601, NYObstetrics gynecology1700878345
Scott Berman 11790, NYObstetrics gynecology1093707572
Randolph Cohen 10941, NYObstetrics gynecology1710979299
Samuel S Badalian 13203, NYObstetrics gynecology1407848906
Chang N. Yoon 12601, NYObstetrics gynecology1710979232
Shing Hong Lu 07514, NYObstetrics gynecology1285626721
Richard Alan Patterson 13501, NYObstetrics gynecology1386636637
A Thomas Pulvino 14513, NYObstetrics gynecology1326030636
Karin Dibari 14830, NYObstetrics gynecology1790778066
Kitti Loychusuk 11772, NYObstetrics gynecology1184617326
Lora Lynn Papandrea 13501, NYObstetrics gynecology1235122532
Valerie Cucco 11501, NYObstetrics gynecology1609869734
Elana Kastner 11501, NYObstetrics gynecology1992798037
Genevieve Sicuranza 11501, NYObstetrics gynecology1174516215
Alan Garely 10029, NYObstetrics gynecology1891788931
Adam Flisser 11501, NYObstetrics gynecology1487647525
Fredric Moon 11501, NYObstetrics gynecology1104819242
Mary R Kriner 11501, NYObstetrics gynecology1740273887
Carmen M Todoro 14224, NYObstetrics gynecology1245223437
Brynne Patrice Love 10566, NYObstetrics gynecology1568455756


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