Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert W Kelty 12159, NYObstetrics gynecology1619937174
Devon Jacobson 06260, NYObstetrics gynecology1750797379
Eric Siegel 12180, NYObstetrics gynecology1205010642
Amanda Michelle Stahl 12208, NYObstetrics gynecology1942479019
Nani Phillips Moss 60076, NYObstetrics gynecology1730574807
Meredith Chan 55337, NYObstetrics gynecology1578907820
Haritha Sishtla 92505, NYObstetrics gynecology1124412002
Tara Streich-tilles 45229, NYObstetrics gynecology1619396579
Kelsey Kredentser 11040, NYObstetrics gynecology1003279712
Yiwen Cui 53226, NYObstetrics gynecology1861856734
Richard Eric Kittle 12159, NYObstetrics gynecology1881616217
Samaritan Hospital Of Troy, New York 12180, NYObstetrics gynecology1538606181
Sarah G Cagino 12208, NYObstetrics gynecology1356735716
Vincent Augustine Corcoran 12065, NYObstetrics gynecology1053378729
Christopher P Plummer 17101, NYObstetrics gynecology1538107644
Kenneth Joseph Baker 12159, NYObstetrics gynecology1760489157
Alexander N Eswar 14221, NYObstetrics gynecology1679714562
James Cristopher Izzano 12095, NYObstetrics gynecology1033475215
Lana Rayev 11411, NYObstetrics gynecology1144479502
James A. Gohar 11375, NYObstetrics gynecology1952614042
Walk In Gyn Care, Pc 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1780138461
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai 11572, NYObstetrics gynecology1417449976
Esha Behl 14621, NYObstetrics gynecology1760610943
Christian B Dolensek 14222, NYObstetrics gynecology1043454333
Louise Carroll 14621, NYObstetrics gynecology1609222470
Kaitlin Nicholson 02215, NYObstetrics gynecology1669907861
Joseph Robert Koka 11501, NYObstetrics gynecology1972689503
Christine A Martorana 11733, NYObstetrics gynecology1205045820
Anna Priscila Dominguez Espaillat 33176, NYObstetrics gynecology1003136946
Izuka P Udom 11434, NYObstetrics gynecology1639134588
Henny Liwan 11718, NYObstetrics gynecology1376855007
Sheena Mary Stanard 14626, NYObstetrics gynecology1740457563
Elizabeth Kermis 14569, NYObstetrics gynecology1962814434
Paul Anthony Cabral 14621, NYObstetrics gynecology1205949476
Laura Callanan 14621, NYObstetrics gynecology1558740993
Sarah S Kim 06902, NYObstetrics gynecology1093895427
Jeny Ghartey 78705, NYObstetrics gynecology1235306713
Zitao Liu 10019, NYObstetrics gynecology1275709479
Mara Rosner 21236, NYObstetrics gynecology1831392992
Sorana Vrabie-wolf 10467, NYObstetrics gynecology1962700872
Jenny Tam 60657, NYObstetrics gynecology1184990343
Ingrid Liff 10461, NYObstetrics gynecology1972840510
Leora Joel 10601, NYObstetrics gynecology1083053979
Monica Vielman Quevedo 10801, NYObstetrics gynecology1174927008
Puneet Bhullar 98506, NYObstetrics gynecology1184910861
Joseph Pincus 60201, NYObstetrics gynecology1952715898
Julia Gabriela Vasquez Lopez 56501, NYObstetrics gynecology1952740623
Mengyang Sun 10461, NYObstetrics gynecology1184966475
Ekaterina Chadwick 11206, NYObstetrics gynecology1891195293
Jennifer Rose Jorgensen 06030, NYObstetrics gynecology1023368370
Beiyu Liu 11354, NYObstetrics gynecology1205210382
Vanessa Alexandra Arguello Zambrano 10940, NYObstetrics gynecology1336515709
Devin Tatcher Miller 30912, NYObstetrics gynecology1942567482
Samantha Gonzalez 78224, NYObstetrics gynecology1699157495
Sonata Faith Cooper 10457, NYObstetrics gynecology1881950558
Irina Mikheyeva 11229, NYObstetrics gynecology1245411354
Demetrius Leon Woods 30060, NYObstetrics gynecology1124399423
Fangyin Meng 90503, NYObstetrics gynecology1720399769
Julian Gingold 10530, NYObstetrics gynecology1346634433
Vanitha Banajjar Revanasiddappa 95341, NYObstetrics gynecology1669856217
Alice Chen 30322, NYObstetrics gynecology1679929434
Sinmisola Hassanat Ewumi 10037, NYObstetrics gynecology1326401027
Barrie Suskin 06904, NYObstetrics gynecology1720376494
David Samuel 33136, NYObstetrics gynecology1609239003
Lauren B Turker 19096, NYObstetrics gynecology1205179611
Gabrielle Simone Alexander 97213, NYObstetrics gynecology1124480413
Jessica Arendal 08060, NYObstetrics gynecology1538502588
Maria Isabel Pachon Romero 95341, NYObstetrics gynecology1538541339
Ava Ricka Leegant 10457, NYObstetrics gynecology1598892945
Sydney Chang 10065, NYObstetrics gynecology1831568971
Mary M Gratch 10016, NYObstetrics gynecology1174611826
Heather A Smith 02905, NYObstetrics gynecology1023209145
Thomas Joseph Rubeo 75062, NYObstetrics gynecology1770572232
Kazunari Kuno 80910, NYObstetrics gynecology1790721199
Jonathan Lanzkowsky 10128, NYObstetrics gynecology1780697961
Victor M Grazi 10128, NYObstetrics gynecology1992819031
Andrew Ronald Kramer 10128, NYObstetrics gynecology1770695132
Xiangna Tang 14621, NYObstetrics gynecology1790181030
Victor M. Grazi, M.d., Andrew R. Kramer, M.d., Jonathan Lanzkowsky, M. 10128, NYObstetrics gynecology1821252842
Elizabeth Marie Oshea Speed 02649, NYObstetrics gynecology1598928178
Nadia M Pile 33704, NYObstetrics gynecology1992019822
David Baruch Lubell 10128, NYObstetrics gynecology1841501822
Evgenia Polosina 95667, NYObstetrics gynecology1962817270
Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed 14642, NYObstetrics gynecology1366770554
Kathleen Perez Zafra 11219, NYObstetrics gynecology1366709487
Alexis Xiaowei Tuck 99352, NYObstetrics gynecology1205279809
Jesse Rose Eisenberg 10305, NYObstetrics gynecology1982044202
Alvin Strasburger 28779, NYObstetrics gynecology1629466453
Alessia Perry 29118, NYObstetrics gynecology1811374101
Albert Joseph Palileo 11219, NYObstetrics gynecology1700278223
Michelle Romanelli 11209, NYObstetrics gynecology1114332517
Whitney Elena Lieb 10029, NYObstetrics gynecology1487031498
Jennie Garcia 94538, NYObstetrics gynecology1245618115
Jill Skoczylas 11209, NYObstetrics gynecology1306286299
Jennifer M Walia 10028, NYObstetrics gynecology1508109620
Christine Cheng 11220, NYObstetrics gynecology1023437969
Wyckoff Professional Medical Services, Pc 11237, NYObstetrics gynecology1659710796
Alana Niedermaier 10305, NYObstetrics gynecology1962899260
Angela Yang 21157, NYObstetrics gynecology1710491477
Juan Sandoval 11236, NYObstetrics gynecology1770563272
Enas E Hanna 11207, NYObstetrics gynecology1548329493
Louis Erwin Lerebours 11225, NYObstetrics gynecology1699722587
Richard Thomas Rindfuss 11220, NYObstetrics gynecology1619035862
Chima Obianujunwa Ndubizu 33136, NYObstetrics gynecology1194142000
Sara M Slatky 10012, NYObstetrics gynecology1942687629
Nisha Raj Sh Raikar 21204, NYObstetrics gynecology1487037933
Ying Chan 11355, NYObstetrics gynecology1174557979
Christopher Hughes Federico 07002, NYObstetrics gynecology1881861433
Violetta Lozovyy 75034, NYObstetrics gynecology1134432867
Aviv Tarrab Herzlich 11201, NYObstetrics gynecology1588040794
Berk Tolga Suntay 92056, NYObstetrics gynecology1841429974
Kristen Parrish Zeligs 10029, NYObstetrics gynecology1578792503
Elana Peck 06902, NYObstetrics gynecology1043669955
Danilo Alejandro Acosta Diaz 20037, NYObstetrics gynecology1861855926
Karli Provost Goldstein 10065, NYObstetrics gynecology1164765038
Tal Sarig-meth 10032, NYObstetrics gynecology1285084673
Marieme Mbaye 11102, NYObstetrics gynecology1154771764
Tse Medical Pllc 11220, NYObstetrics gynecology1780298281
Stacy Ann Henigsman 92708, NYObstetrics gynecology1699827162
Tatyana Zubkina 11797, NYObstetrics gynecology1649634676
Sumit Sajjan Saraf 29203, NYObstetrics gynecology1619132446
George Guirguis 07030, NYObstetrics gynecology1407087711
Peggy Estime Roberts 11040, NYObstetrics gynecology1013444637
Kathleen D. O'connor 11714, NYObstetrics gynecology1588608418
Tatiana Ricketts 11714, NYObstetrics gynecology1972843944
Yevgeniya Osipova 11220, NYObstetrics gynecology1720492796
Kari Ema Hacker 11220, NYObstetrics gynecology1649561457
Adam Wing 89128, NYObstetrics gynecology1649703828
Sarah Yu 10075, NYObstetrics gynecology1033475645
August A Bruno 14221, NYObstetrics gynecology1013996131
Tova Ablove 14203, NYObstetrics gynecology1497714968
Angelle Brebnor 33308, NYObstetrics gynecology1013234590
University Gynecologists & Obstetricians,inc. 14203, NYObstetrics gynecology1154354140
Joseph A De Nagy 14203, NYObstetrics gynecology1982867941
Faye Elizabeth Justicia-linde 14203, NYObstetrics gynecology1821110263
James Brian Szender 78229, NYObstetrics gynecology1245473149
Shaveta Malik 14225, NYObstetrics gynecology1154632966
Ariel Jaleigh Ansley 28677, NYObstetrics gynecology1265844211
Kristina Janea Warner 60611, NYObstetrics gynecology1346695509
Rachelle M St.onge 14642, NYObstetrics gynecology1154709046
Farkad Balaya 14224, NYObstetrics gynecology1285679621
Chandra Leah Spring-robinson 92037, NYObstetrics gynecology1659781789
Yao Wang 58801, NYObstetrics gynecology1245627629
Brittanny Jo Keeler 14224, NYObstetrics gynecology1164789210
Ngoc Yen Pham 14220, NYObstetrics gynecology1902286230
Ruchi Kumari Wadhwa 33065, NYObstetrics gynecology1295172690
Dana Cleason 14221, NYObstetrics gynecology1588050397
Violet Maldonado 79938, NYObstetrics gynecology1235584210
Blaise Milburn 43952, NYObstetrics gynecology1902244627
Ryan C. Arnold 54548, NYObstetrics gynecology1598089278
Sarah Belliotti 14051, NYObstetrics gynecology1801258769
Elspeth Spaulding Call Lukasik 14209, NYObstetrics gynecology1013259514
Michael Shu 14221, NYObstetrics gynecology1245692078
Jenna Leigh Studer 85712, NYObstetrics gynecology1790139418
Marc Joseph Fawal 29488, NYObstetrics gynecology1497119911
Paul Ogburn 14221, NYObstetrics gynecology1992706923
Majid Shaman 48202, NYObstetrics gynecology1689814501
Ethan Gable 16915, NYObstetrics gynecology1891138863
Carthage Area Hospital, Inc. 13619, NYObstetrics gynecology1528279817
Kristen Lynn Smyers 14304, NYObstetrics gynecology1063652972
Genevieve St. Hilaire 11217, NYObstetrics gynecology1821483736
Samaritan Hospital Of Troy, New York 12144, NYObstetrics gynecology1124502182
Peter A Mroz 14607, NYObstetrics gynecology1144585068
Mohamad Mahmoud 14617, NYObstetrics gynecology1639203847
Maggie D. Vill 14621, NYObstetrics gynecology1437178431
Neelam Sharma 14513, NYObstetrics gynecology1578711214
Mary Robin Macintyre 14621, NYObstetrics gynecology1144217134
Corinne D Martin 14626, NYObstetrics gynecology1104908391
Charles Lawrence Katz 14513, NYObstetrics gynecology1356653794
Carol Elizabeth Rodriguez 14621, NYObstetrics gynecology1376939942
Alexandre Andreitchouk 14513, NYObstetrics gynecology1952585044
Rehan Bin Asif 14621, NYObstetrics gynecology1801093505
Julie Ann Pudil 10001, NYObstetrics gynecology1609904317
Shilpa Gowda Kabbli 13203, NYObstetrics gynecology1518255710
Family Health Network Of Central New York, Inc. 13077, NYObstetrics gynecology1043374853
Alan Stewart Penzias 02451, NYObstetrics gynecology1497701866
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine 11570, NYObstetrics gynecology1336616549
Safa Lohrasbi 14048, NYObstetrics gynecology1790180479
Taechin Yu 19046, NYObstetrics gynecology1104865294
Dimitri P Lopez Linnikov 33027, NYObstetrics gynecology1548539000
Sauhang Baldev Patel 93311, NYObstetrics gynecology1457624033
Sarah Tran 11749, NYObstetrics gynecology1184041030
Deborah Davenport 11733, NYObstetrics gynecology1679659346
Diana Leon 11733, NYObstetrics gynecology1649538554
Jenna Kaiserman 11733, NYObstetrics gynecology1881004141
Philip Schoenfeld 11733, NYObstetrics gynecology1104903293
Chris Raju 11733, NYObstetrics gynecology1992119812
Catherine Beecher 11733, NYObstetrics gynecology1164841151
Mary J Cunningham 13210, NYObstetrics gynecology1902902760
Carla Liberatore 13066, NYObstetrics gynecology1518931567
Mary Geiss 13203, NYObstetrics gynecology1508205980
Aviva Kamienny 08003, NYObstetrics gynecology1831469360
Sharon Ruth Gerber 10029, NYObstetrics gynecology1518227099
Jonathan Cha 11355, NYObstetrics gynecology1548201817
Michele Germain 11375, NYObstetrics gynecology1689872749
Marianne Davis 13790, NYObstetrics gynecology1669504122
Shinelle Caldwell 07503, NYObstetrics gynecology1952705709
Susan H Lee 11374, NYObstetrics gynecology1720030042
Victoria Vallejo 10459, NYObstetrics gynecology1982004172
Molly Mcbride 10017, NYObstetrics gynecology1326136524


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