Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Fereydoon Adibi 18951, PAObstetrics gynecology1023011293
Elizabeth Hamilton 18951, PAObstetrics gynecology1477556629
Linda Dunn 19118, PAObstetrics gynecology1326041583
Angela Boylan 18951, PAObstetrics gynecology1982607024
Serdar Ural 17033, PAObstetrics gynecology1912900812
Katherine Scruggs 15090, PAObstetrics gynecology1528061470
John N. Boll 17701, PAObstetrics gynecology1073516944
Jeffrey Blatt 19422, PAObstetrics gynecology1194728519
Rand S Himes 16127, PAObstetrics gynecology1467455857
William Calvin Dundore 16127, PAObstetrics gynecology1083617476
Laura J Siems 16693, PAObstetrics gynecology1467456202
Kimberly Nguyen 17403, PAObstetrics gynecology1952836421
Joseph Louis Castelli 19406, PAObstetrics gynecology1811991276
Patricia Janine Williams 19406, PAObstetrics gynecology1841294212
Adib Najib Khouzami 15905, PAObstetrics gynecology1710982178
Hoon Yoo 18431, PAObstetrics gynecology1255336624
Catalina Dinu 18301, PAObstetrics gynecology1730184110
Arthur Francis Caputo 18105, PAObstetrics gynecology1750386959
Timothy Guy Grube 17931, PAObstetrics gynecology1194720870
Robert Mucciola 15904, PAObstetrics gynecology1003811704
Susan Angelisanti 19530, PAObstetrics gynecology1891790572
Tonia L Skakalski 16146, PAObstetrics gynecology1013911411
David Paul Krewson 17901, PAObstetrics gynecology1134124811
William F Ballay 19111, PAObstetrics gynecology1649275199
Richard A Carapellotti 19111, PAObstetrics gynecology1770588246
Richard John Burns 18503, PAObstetrics gynecology1861498321
Robert Seidel Weinstein 19102, PAObstetrics gynecology1326043837
Robert I Michaelson 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1760488100
Thomas O'malley 19047, PAObstetrics gynecology1447256813
Alice K Roberts 19044, PAObstetrics gynecology1285630665
Jimmy Joseph Ruiz 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1962408351
Sarah Warsetsky 19044, PAObstetrics gynecology1982600292
Maritza Martinez 19044, PAObstetrics gynecology1043216377
Denise L Hartman 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1215933312
Phyllis M Briggs 19111, PAObstetrics gynecology1073519179
Walter R Cox 15063, PAObstetrics gynecology1093711145
William H Pfeffer 19010, PAObstetrics gynecology1770589459
John J Orris 19010, PAObstetrics gynecology1487650214
Michael J Glassner 19010, PAObstetrics gynecology1740286426
Heinz O Osterholzer 17822, PAObstetrics gynecology1417953225
William Leo Frangipane 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1316942832
David S Tannenbaum 19047, PAObstetrics gynecology1043216443
Stacy Waltsa Lexow 19111, PAObstetrics gynecology1629074109
Amy Mackey 19001, PAObstetrics gynecology1942206040
Theresa Dugan 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1427054725
Nancy Galella 19044, PAObstetrics gynecology1295730729
Mary Theresa Greybush 19111, PAObstetrics gynecology1942206495
Joseph C Maloney 19111, PAObstetrics gynecology1851397954
William Arthur Prin 33076, PAObstetrics gynecology1154327682
Michael E Abdul-malak 16148, PAObstetrics gynecology1053317990
Robert Miles Zimmerman 17901, PAObstetrics gynecology1174529457
Rebecca G. Burdette 17403, PAObstetrics gynecology1699772798
Nancy L King 14845, PAObstetrics gynecology1316944481
Tuan A Le 18901, PAObstetrics gynecology1932106721
Vivian W Yeh 18901, PAObstetrics gynecology1316944291
Peter T. Yaswinski 18301, PAObstetrics gynecology1780681601
Edwin W. Cheek 15010, PAObstetrics gynecology1457358277
Michael J Chmielewski 18960, PAObstetrics gynecology1659378388
Fredericka Sawyer Heller 19611, PAObstetrics gynecology1326046954
Jean O Fitzgerald 18901, PAObstetrics gynecology1801894456
Carolyn E Ianieri 18901, PAObstetrics gynecology1972501377
Nicholas O Lindberg 18960, PAObstetrics gynecology1831197128
Stephen Kupersmith 18960, PAObstetrics gynecology1093713380
Mary E Pagan 18960, PAObstetrics gynecology1700884095
Paul N Cervone 15063, PAObstetrics gynecology1821096272
Charles Edmund Mangan 19106, PAObstetrics gynecology1356348056
Beth A Maxwell 15650, PAObstetrics gynecology1689671422
Greg S Whorral 15650, PAObstetrics gynecology1902803836
Robert L Donley 15650, PAObstetrics gynecology1669479481
Thomas Patrick Orndorf 17201, PAObstetrics gynecology1881691012
Yvette Michelle Brown 17201, PAObstetrics gynecology1144227943
Kristen Stone Mulhern 18015, PAObstetrics gynecology1104824457
James C Xenophon 17901, PAObstetrics gynecology1265430334
Saul Reuel Berg 15238, PAObstetrics gynecology1912905738
David William Doupe 16428, PAObstetrics gynecology1831198589
Rajnikant N Popat 15401, PAObstetrics gynecology1215936679
Michael Francis Mccollum 19023, PAObstetrics gynecology1922007301
Marc Alan Landsberg 19115, PAObstetrics gynecology1770582900
Catherine S Smith 18510, PAObstetrics gynecology1477553378
Charles V Touey 19464, PAObstetrics gynecology1295735934
Maria A Tucker 19464, PAObstetrics gynecology1730189473
Elisa K Ross 19464, PAObstetrics gynecology1164422804
Won Khill Yun 17042, PAObstetrics gynecology1366442121
Chang Wha Oh 17046, PAObstetrics gynecology1336149103
Lee S Zelley 19464, PAObstetrics gynecology1073513768
Robert Greene 15401, PAObstetrics gynecology1386644623
James Joseph Garver 15212, PAObstetrics gynecology1972503225
Richard Tomczyk 17815, PAObstetrics gynecology1881694099
Steven Herbert Golde 15212, PAObstetrics gynecology1770583916
John C. Wright 15009, PAObstetrics gynecology1295735215
Margot E Watson 21044, PAObstetrics gynecology1538160569
Daniel Nahhas 15401, PAObstetrics gynecology1477553493
Jangwoo Lee 17901, PAObstetrics gynecology1346241270
Anton J. Kleiner 19611, PAObstetrics gynecology1558362418
Saul Jeck 19131, PAObstetrics gynecology1770584450
Lawrence E Rogina 17268, PAObstetrics gynecology1306847082
Lisa Dabney 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1578564266
Barbara Deli 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1487655171
Christopher Joseph Palombo 15010, PAObstetrics gynecology1639179039
William P. Rumbaugh 15010, PAObstetrics gynecology1730189010
Patricia Nicholette Vigder 15010, PAObstetrics gynecology1114926979
Paula S. Youngdahl 15010, PAObstetrics gynecology1053311449
Lashauna Mcintosh 19805, PAObstetrics gynecology1457350654
Jean V Lessard 17268, PAObstetrics gynecology1457351173
Lisa M Hughes 15212, PAObstetrics gynecology1336140367
Robert N Neilson 19464, PAObstetrics gynecology1255331989
Robert Leon Collins 16148, PAObstetrics gynecology1013917137
John J Scaffidi 18104, PAObstetrics gynecology1861491193
Richard Clayton Miller 18202, PAObstetrics gynecology1548269020
James Joseph Bonner 19604, PAObstetrics gynecology1578564209
Anne M Sterlin 15905, PAObstetrics gynecology1669473302
Patricia M. Hoyne 16601, PAObstetrics gynecology1659372316
Liang R. Bartkowiak 16601, PAObstetrics gynecology1144221813
Ryan J. Zlupko 16601, PAObstetrics gynecology1477554145
Samantha Beth Feder 10023, PAObstetrics gynecology1467453050
Wesley S Blank 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1861493405
Allegra A Cummings 10025, PAObstetrics gynecology1497756035
Michelle Yvette Francis 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1801897442
David R. Lee 16601, PAObstetrics gynecology1891796421
Ronald Michael Vrablik 16335, PAObstetrics gynecology1477554715
David Binder 19115, PAObstetrics gynecology1487655734
Renuka D. Paka 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1033110531
Kathryn Peck Rutenberg 10023, PAObstetrics gynecology1700887205
Nestor I Sendzik 18901, PAObstetrics gynecology1518968064
Eric Michael Ganz 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1346241858
Edward Jew 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1962403485
Gregory T Hebrank 15601, PAObstetrics gynecology1255332623
Jacques L. Moritz 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1407857907
Lois Eileen Brustman 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1649271057
Barak Meir Rosenn 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1275534687
Melissa L Delaney 19380, PAObstetrics gynecology1316948748
Anna Jeong Eun Rhee 10024, PAObstetrics gynecology1366443798
Arthur Lete Balcita 15068, PAObstetrics gynecology1912908377
Kelly Duffy-mcknight 15601, PAObstetrics gynecology1306847769
S. Bruce Rubin 19115, PAObstetrics gynecology1396746699
Marc F Rosenn 19001, PAObstetrics gynecology1184625485
John Joseph Eichenlaub 17603, PAObstetrics gynecology1073514535
Irene C Magran 19046, PAObstetrics gynecology1073514287
Swati Saraiya 21044, PAObstetrics gynecology1043211287
Stuart Weiner 19107, PAObstetrics gynecology1093716201
Patrick J Becher 19046, PAObstetrics gynecology1588666580
Dwayne L Platt 15558, PAObstetrics gynecology1912908047
Gretchen M Platt 15552, PAObstetrics gynecology1730180860
Jeanine G Devlin 19152, PAObstetrics gynecology1356343354
Stephen J Smith 19001, PAObstetrics gynecology1255333225
Frank J Craparo 19001, PAObstetrics gynecology1871595991
Peter A. Schwartz 19611, PAObstetrics gynecology1508868175
John Roizin 18017, PAObstetrics gynecology1063414431
Constantine Nicholas Kralios 16046, PAObstetrics gynecology1396747713
Vincenzo Berghella 19107, PAObstetrics gynecology1013919570
John J Deeney 19046, PAObstetrics gynecology1124020680
Laurie Powell Gerstein 18901, PAObstetrics gynecology1598757627
Althea J. Jackson 46825, PAObstetrics gynecology1306838321
Howard Weinblatt 19027, PAObstetrics gynecology1194717124
Margaret M Fillinger 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1811989031
Caroline Ruth Heise 18901, PAObstetrics gynecology1467444596
Scott Andrew Dinesen 18901, PAObstetrics gynecology1508858614
Lane Moskoff 18960, PAObstetrics gynecology1063404093
Christopher Craig Custer 17837, PAObstetrics gynecology1871585190
Jennifer Mae Landes 18951, PAObstetrics gynecology1437142460
Timothy J Weibel 16507, PAObstetrics gynecology1518950435
Andres Ramos 19422, PAObstetrics gynecology1740273705
Sherry L Blumenthal 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1003809815
Grace Laast Adofo 19406, PAObstetrics gynecology1457344269
Nancy Taylor Cicak 17013, PAObstetrics gynecology1316930084
Lesley Jaye Sweeney 19601, PAObstetrics gynecology1932192473
Cathy Lynn Saunders 15009, PAObstetrics gynecology1164424602
Joanne Finn 16507, PAObstetrics gynecology1215920145
Stuart Z Dershaw 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1306848304
John M Stack 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1831181056
Vahideh T Ameri 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1043212574
Joel R Kramer 19152, PAObstetrics gynecology1568464568
Richard P Baker 18018, PAObstetrics gynecology1831181262
Christopher R Mann 18042, PAObstetrics gynecology1740272145
Lee S Halpern 19047, PAObstetrics gynecology1629070164
Daniel Schwartzman 18101, PAObstetrics gynecology1659364966
Sandra M Rappe 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1548253362
Vivian N. Greenberg 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1689667487
Karin Dibari 14830, PAObstetrics gynecology1790778066
Christine Shea 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1811980881
Dinah Gonzalez-braile 19154, PAObstetrics gynecology1326040767
Carolyn A Piccone 19090, PAObstetrics gynecology1780677500
Robyn Beth Faye 19422, PAObstetrics gynecology1356343297
Richard A Latta 19001, PAObstetrics gynecology1528069861
James Downey Long 17011, PAObstetrics gynecology1134112527
Barbara Plucknett 18510, PAObstetrics gynecology1518950914
Mark B. Vizer 18960, PAObstetrics gynecology1760476097
Christina K Brown 16507, PAObstetrics gynecology1558355867
Ronald P Clauhs 19380, PAObstetrics gynecology1851385975
Concepcion Tan Yen 18104, PAObstetrics gynecology1093709719
Steven Block 18951, PAObstetrics gynecology1033103593
Radhika Prasad Kakarla 19087, PAObstetrics gynecology1487648069
Margaret M Hawn 17111, PAObstetrics gynecology1114912672
Kenneth J Oken 17111, PAObstetrics gynecology1043205503
Emma G Cargado-leynes 17111, PAObstetrics gynecology1447245907
Parul Krishnamurthy 17111, PAObstetrics gynecology1548255011
Andrzej Josef Lysikiewicz 10019, PAObstetrics gynecology1366437766
Akram A Zalatimo 18702, PAObstetrics gynecology1437144839
Delbert Lynn Yoder 15905, PAObstetrics gynecology1457346736
Douglas H Mackay 15317, PAObstetrics gynecology1700871027


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