Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Osvaldo Aviles 00623, PRObstetrics gynecology1053313353
Fernando Rivera 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1861495186
Rafael E Vicens 00791, PRObstetrics gynecology1639173677
Roberto F Lopez-rosario 00966, PRObstetrics gynecology1841294642
Advanced Professional Ob/gyn, Psc 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1760486575
Juan Carlos Rivera-concepcion 00736, PRObstetrics gynecology1902800709
Jesus M. Seda 00959, PRObstetrics gynecology1487659546
Juan Castaner 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1669477642
Jose A Garcia-vicario 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1285630749
Alfonso Serrano 00754, PRObstetrics gynecology1285630350
William Henry Castro 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1083610042
Benito Hernandez 00960, PRObstetrics gynecology1477551984
Mercedes F. Carrion-castro 00914, PRObstetrics gynecology1952309197
Ramon C Serrano-medina 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1922007780
Leticia Dolz Sanchez 00703, PRObstetrics gynecology1013916741
Jose Huerta 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1407856446
Angel Luis Fraguada 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1447251285
Jose Daniel Cruz-santiago 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1649271891
Ailed Gonzalez-recio 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1275534695
Salvador Rouria Martino 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1720070717
Lizzie Alfonzo-sarnelli 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1548253099
Sonia Esther Diaz Perez 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1568463180
Ramon E Mendez 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1457345886
Natalio P. Bayonet 00910, PRObstetrics gynecology1992799803
Wilfred Webster 00791, PRObstetrics gynecology1427042332
Luis R Correa-jimenez 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1316931991
Angel L Canino 00685, PRObstetrics gynecology1881689164
Samuel D. Silva 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1245225523
Nestor S Rivera-cottes 00960, PRObstetrics gynecology1932194156
Irma I Pena Ortiz 00987, PRObstetrics gynecology1851386916
Instituto Gineco obstetrico De Caguas Csp 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1942296546
Jose J Valdes 00923, PRObstetrics gynecology1427046218
Susana Schwarz 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1043208762
Caribbean Obgyn Institute, Psc 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1942656129
Francisco J Zamora Echevarria 00676, PRObstetrics gynecology1225024623
Hector G Zavala 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1508851262
Jose R Cruz Cruz 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1295723252
Edwin David Vega-feliciano 00928, PRObstetrics gynecology1467441386
Floren E Perez 00736, PRObstetrics gynecology1043209935
Intermed Ob Gyn Group 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1255320792
Hector Rene Aponte-rivera 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1295724532
Gustavo A Cruzado 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1609866417
Julio A Gonzalez 00783, PRObstetrics gynecology1598755118
Francisco J. Del Olmo 00765, PRObstetrics gynecology1386634970
Raul G Silva-fort 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1063402212
Jose R Cintron-villaronga 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1275523433
Rafael Jose Albandoz 00925, PRObstetrics gynecology1316938194
Victor J Ramos-torres 00705, PRObstetrics gynecology1023009628
Victoriano Quintana 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1730170200
Maria I Carrera Baquero 00738, PRObstetrics gynecology1003807389
Edilberto Martinez 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1073594404
Luis R Miranda-iglesias 00784, PRObstetrics gynecology1326029653
Carlos Manuel Davila 00912, PRObstetrics gynecology1831171594
Alfonso R Alemany Gonzalez 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1396727855
Enrique Carbonell 00681, PRObstetrics gynecology1023090545
Celia G Mendez 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1174506398
Luis G. Flores-rivera 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1669455721
Sistema Integrado De Salud Del Oeste, Llc 00662, PRObstetrics gynecology1972952760
Sigfredo Santana Morales 00784, PRObstetrics gynecology1609857002
Enrique Rodriguez Declet 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1720069370
Antonio Ramos-barroso 00937, PRObstetrics gynecology1598748238
Luis Alberto Rodriguez 00698, PRObstetrics gynecology1891779237
Dora Isella Pedrosa 00959, PRObstetrics gynecology1518941749
Pedro Baltazar Gonzalez Pantaleon 00612, PRObstetrics gynecology1205810363
Jorge A. Martinez Colon 00716, PRObstetrics gynecology1528042462
Rayda E Ortiz Sancho 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1881678514
Henry A Rodriguez-ginorio 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1366427833
Edgardo Gonzalez Romero 00685, PRObstetrics gynecology1417932617
Miguel A Urena Cruz 00612, PRObstetrics gynecology1780669895
Efrain D Gonzalez Droz 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1316922115
Nelson Velez Martinez 00698, PRObstetrics gynecology1801872536
Herminio Velez Rodriguez 00637, PRObstetrics gynecology1568448868
Rohel Pascual-villaronga 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1942286323
Gaspar Lugo Perez 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1538145545
Angel Daniel Velez 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1396721304
Juan Luis Salgado 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1104802180
Jesus Gonzalez 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1205812278
Daisy Vazquez Dubeau 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1427035963
Santos Santiago Medina 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1255318598
Ivan Guzman-ortiz 00736, PRObstetrics gynecology1568441574
Armando James Collazo Leandry Csp 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1265412118
Lissette Gutierrez 00734, PRObstetrics gynecology1962482885
Tomas Hernandez 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1265412720
Jose E Lozada 00983, PRObstetrics gynecology1720063050
Angel M Aviles Aviles 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1225016132
Edwin Candelario-torres 00659, PRObstetrics gynecology1164406815
Carlos Rafael Sierra 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1700865268
Instituto Uro ginecologico Obstetrico Del Sur, P.s.c. 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1780660738
Lauren Lynch 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1487630646
Pedro Luis Parrilla Padilla 00959, PRObstetrics gynecology1770560898
Francisco Jose Pla Morales 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1396716478
Jorge Martir Pellot 00678, PRObstetrics gynecology1861465130
Carlos Juan Marrero 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1467426874
Luis A Acosta Garcia 00731, PRObstetrics gynecology1083688154
Enrique Segura Nieves 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1265406128
Orlando Campoamor Redin 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1437124179
Carlos Ferrer Ferrer 00960, PRObstetrics gynecology1811962186
Juan G Figueroa Longo 00920, PRObstetrics gynecology1336115906
Gerhardt O Rivera 00791, PRObstetrics gynecology1205802519
Eric Fernando Odiot 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1306812755
Jorge A. Ostolaza-bey 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1831165075
Enrique Ramos-umpierre 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1154397180
Daniel Diaz-garcia 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1639146806
Diana J Casanova Cruz 00983, PRObstetrics gynecology1053388249
Francisco Javier Quintana 00784, PRObstetrics gynecology1164490108
Antonio C Pou Martinez 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1760450795
Emilio Jimenez 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1255309134
Eduardo Ivan Torres 00960, PRObstetrics gynecology1457329252
Luis Rosario-vargas 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1609844406
Carlos R Laguillo 00613, PRObstetrics gynecology1063480614
Hector R Marrero Luna 00769, PRObstetrics gynecology1629046172
Carlos E Rivera-perez 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1144298696
Mercedes Lopez Taveras 00638, PRObstetrics gynecology1972571396
Antonio Cortes 00923, PRObstetrics gynecology1508835539
Jorge A. Otero-quintana 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1225006307
Cesar Berrios 00919, PRObstetrics gynecology1558339697
Policlinica Las Americas Medical Center, Inc. 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1386613446
Edwin Baez Montalvo 00959, PRObstetrics gynecology1194794255
Manuel Velilla Iglesias 00912, PRObstetrics gynecology1861461261
Miguel A Pereira 00732, PRObstetrics gynecology1316916687
Jose L. Morales Alvarado 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1790754042
Loida Viera 00726, PRObstetrics gynecology1053370718
Pedro Angel Diaz-bretana 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1043279334
Rodrigo Diaz 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1659330900
Alfredo A Bravo Colon 00716, PRObstetrics gynecology1164482220
Antonio Juan Rodriguez Mimoso 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1912967993
Nicolas Argelio Malaga 00705, PRObstetrics gynecology1497728885
Jose A. Bermudez 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1346215936
Leonardo Torres-rodriguez 00960, PRObstetrics gynecology1245208891
Luis A. Fernandez-sifre 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1801862040
Hector M Rosario Reyes 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1023077575
Carlos A Roure Llompart 00919, PRObstetrics gynecology1346200235
Los Angeles Medical Clinic Corp 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1912970351
Armando James Collazo Leandry 32164, PRObstetrics gynecology1598736555
Maria M Roman Lopez 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1629038427
Roberto Oliveras Marquez 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1134189582
Herminio J Olivero 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1588625545
Javier Rafael Correa 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1770544660
Domingo Gutierrez 00720, PRObstetrics gynecology1992766653
Carlos Pacheco 00791, PRObstetrics gynecology1255394565
Angel Tomas Nolasco 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1952364093
Heberto R Diaz-otero 00602, PRObstetrics gynecology1750344602
Antonio Radames Alvarez 00716, PRObstetrics gynecology1003879883
Barbara Rysz 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1720045404
Nicolas C Casellas Castillo 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1770540304
Roberto R Martinez-maldonado 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1619935392
Ivan Eugenio Del Toro Martinez 00726, PRObstetrics gynecology1780632505
Jesus Manuel Alvarez Ruiz 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1346298775
Leonardo Molina-millet 00969, PRObstetrics gynecology1548218076
Hector Luis Sanchez Rivera 00791, PRObstetrics gynecology1164470886
Luis Eduardo Pardo Toro 00738, PRObstetrics gynecology1700834439
Manuel Angel Navas Micheo 00738, PRObstetrics gynecology1790733426
Nilda M Vazquez 00960, PRObstetrics gynecology1144270190
Juan F Bonano 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1851341630
Joaquin A Laboy Torres 00732, PRObstetrics gynecology1063463180
Cristobal Jimenez-gonzalez 00738, PRObstetrics gynecology1730133349
Edgardo Rivera 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1306890157
Elena M De Jesus 00949, PRObstetrics gynecology1003873969
Owen Gerard Connelly 00936, PRObstetrics gynecology1154388742
Rafael Negron 00969, PRObstetrics gynecology1639124019
Luis Ortiz 00969, PRObstetrics gynecology1407801764
Edwin Rovira-irizarry 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1861447922
Ronald Alexis Rodriguez 00716, PRObstetrics gynecology1134167380
Ramon Perez 00739, PRObstetrics gynecology1558309302
Miriam J Ramirez 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1285673475
Jorge Alberto Negron 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1003855123
Noel Roderick Morales 00693, PRObstetrics gynecology1760421226
Gilberto Marrero Pagan 00976, PRObstetrics gynecology1386684090
Rem Ob Gyn Services, P.s.c. 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1790727006
Frances C Baerga 00669, PRObstetrics gynecology1568404507
Juana I. Rivera-vinas 00935, PRObstetrics gynecology1205879004
Ricardo Moscoso 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1710921333
Hector L. Cintron Principe 00959, PRObstetrics gynecology1528004835
Monserrate Pabon Lopez 00705, PRObstetrics gynecology1952347247
Carmen J Sierra 00919, PRObstetrics gynecology1972539054
Pedro Laracuente 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1902832843
Laura C Rios Carrion 00659, PRObstetrics gynecology1013944768
Jose Ramon Cruz 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1568490696
Antonio Martinez 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1326077686
Arsenio C Comas 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1497784409
Jose Manuel Correa Suarez 00694, PRObstetrics gynecology1407886013
Jorge Gandia 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1407886880
Hector Ivan Diaz Lopez 00780, PRObstetrics gynecology1578595385
Anabelle Ortiz-rivera 00716, PRObstetrics gynecology1891736377
Policlinicas Medicas Asociadas, Inc. 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1629009527
Antonio Dominguez Romero 00925, PRObstetrics gynecology1487682340
Francisco Carballo-collazo 00935, PRObstetrics gynecology1760412142
Annette Perez-delboy 00902, PRObstetrics gynecology1528097615
Jose L. Padilla 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1740229459
Mildred Ivette Velez Ortiz 00925, PRObstetrics gynecology1235161134
Equipo Ginecologico Y Obstetrico De Salud,p.s.c. 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1821021213
Alba Biaggi-lugo 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1770516841
Nestor Luis Carmona-torres 00959, PRObstetrics gynecology1811921877
Aurelio Miro Rosado 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1417982554
Francisco A Matos 00603, PRObstetrics gynecology1366477077
Linda R. Laras 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1538184908
Raul F Pena Valdivia 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1962421545
Luis A Arroyo Aguirrechea 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1710906037
Ob/gyn Community Services 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1861412454
Miguel Angel Luis Vazquez Guzman 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1922028158


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