Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Luis A. Fernandez-sifre 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1801862040
Carlos A Roure Llompart 00919, PRObstetrics gynecology1346200235
Rosimar Torres 91320, PRObstetrics gynecology1548270705
Juan A Tosado Polanco 00784, PRObstetrics gynecology1285715326
Keimari Mendez 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1780884908
Lorna Malpica Torres 00617, PRObstetrics gynecology1346502614
Grace Cristel Cardona-roman 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1952740755
Ixaira C Colon Morales 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1356778468
Helen Oquendo Del Toro 87106, PRObstetrics gynecology1326302266
Angela M Miranda-rivas 00784, PRObstetrics gynecology1366859332
Pilar Elena Silva-melendez 00716, PRObstetrics gynecology1346592110
Keishla Marie Rios Cardona 00733, PRObstetrics gynecology1043703275
Dr. Javier O. Perez P.s.c 00646, PRObstetrics gynecology1053841924
Francisco Colon-rivera 00716, PRObstetrics gynecology1013316132
Lenny G Pagan Rodriguez 00624, PRObstetrics gynecology1255599122
Carlos Jose Olivares Almanzar 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1346641305
Stephanie Michelle Gonzalez Garcia 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1295219483
Luis Alberto Alvarado Hernandez 32159, PRObstetrics gynecology1265481733
Carlos Rafael Sierra 62526, PRObstetrics gynecology1700865268
Puerto Rico Community For Clinical Services, Research And Health 00925, PRObstetrics gynecology1396776472
Santos Garcia Hernandez 33614, PRObstetrics gynecology1518989714
Idelvais M Pinero 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1407110372
Nelly Rivera Ortiz 34748, PRObstetrics gynecology1104208107
Orlando Campoamor Redin 32448, PRObstetrics gynecology1437124179
Policlinica Las Americas Medical Center, Inc. 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1386613446
Barbara Reyes Talavera 00613, PRObstetrics gynecology1437553575
Mabel M. Bonilla 00602, PRObstetrics gynecology1396848537
Maritza Amaly Rivera Montalvo 87106, PRObstetrics gynecology1669807525
Mogic Ob gyn Psc 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1285928770
Janice Marie Vivaldi 79905, PRObstetrics gynecology1487101432
Ana Maria Fraguada 33613, PRObstetrics gynecology1710388814
Mariola Llinas Messeguer 00912, PRObstetrics gynecology1609282300
Alfonsina Maria Garcia-bracero 34109, PRObstetrics gynecology1649682345
Lillian J Vargas 33461, PRObstetrics gynecology1215216460
Clinica Las Americas Guaynabo, Inc 00959, PRObstetrics gynecology1326096058
Pamela Silen - Rivera 00935, PRObstetrics gynecology1497195853
Andrea Camarena Sainz 00736, PRObstetrics gynecology1780066316
Jose Nieves 32258, PRObstetrics gynecology1659772515
Fiorella Enid Reyes Baez 55905, PRObstetrics gynecology1669825717
Vivian M. Tamayo - Agrait 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1356452452
Jorge Luis Mejias Ramos 00927, PRObstetrics gynecology1659825164
Juan Luis Salgado-aviles 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1467003517
Jesus Rafael Alvarez-perez 07601, PRObstetrics gynecology1003009473
Valeria Munoz 00936, PRObstetrics gynecology1225565435
Instituto Gineco obstetrico De Caguas Csp 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1942296546
Caribbean Obgyn Institute, Psc 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1942656129
Sistema Integrado De Salud Del Oeste, Llc 00662, PRObstetrics gynecology1972952760
Instituto Uro ginecologico Obstetrico Del Sur, P.s.c. 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1780660738
Los Angeles Medical Clinic Corp 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1912970351
Rem Ob Gyn Services, P.s.c. 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1790727006
Policlinicas Medicas Asociadas, Inc. 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1629009527
Equipo Ginecologico Y Obstetrico De Salud,p.s.c. 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1821021213
Ob/gyn Community Services 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1861412454
Servicios Gineco obstetricos Del Norte Psc 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1033123476
Female Consultants Of Puerto Rico,csp 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1811000326
San Judas Medical Services 00985, PRObstetrics gynecology1619079944
Grupo Gineco obstetrico Del Norte Psc 00925, PRObstetrics gynecology1013013465
Advance Ob/gyn, P.s.c. 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1407955941
Doctors Delta Ob gyn Group Csp 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1447350384
Doctor Javier E Muskus And Associate C.s. P. 00614, PRObstetrics gynecology1568556850
Maes Development, Inc 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1679668776
Somohano Ob Gyn Services, Psc 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1386726842
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1689752461
Centro gineco Obstetrico Dr Luis E. Vazquez Zayas C.s.p. 00985, PRObstetrics gynecology1669562112
Advanced Ob gyn Psc 00736, PRObstetrics gynecology1144316803
San Juan Pelvic Medicine Center, P.s.c. 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1336210038
Doctoresramosfernandezostolazacsp 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1437203007
Maternidad Y Clinica Ginecologica 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1033265129
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1063865822
Centro Medico Del Turabo Inc 00738, PRObstetrics gynecology1205052248
Jose A Colon Martinez 00705, PRObstetrics gynecology1932301207
Primary Physicians Medical Services Psc 00687, PRObstetrics gynecology1922299148
Je Silva Ob gyn Services, P.s.c. 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1831378041
Alemany Centro De Ginecologia Csp 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1396915625
Policlinica Dr Marin Csp 00694, PRObstetrics gynecology1144491481
Policlinica Las Americas Center C.s.p. 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1699946871
Senorial Ob Gyn Group Psc 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1144497827
Instituto Gineco obstetrico De Barceloneta 00617, PRObstetrics gynecology1972766210
Centro Ginecoobstetrico Dr Cintron 00738, PRObstetrics gynecology1558525568
Dr. Eduardo F. Estella, Psc 00966, PRObstetrics gynecology1811152481
Ricmd Gyn Services P S C 00602, PRObstetrics gynecology1528269891
Cooperativa De Servicios Medicos De Puerto Rico 00603, PRObstetrics gynecology1225287394
Miramar Ob gyn Service Psc 00678, PRObstetrics gynecology1306091202
Ginecologos Asociados Del Oeste Psc 00660, PRObstetrics gynecology1205078508
Maternal Fetal Medicine & Ginecology Center 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1477797686
Denissejove Matos Gynecology Group 00612, PRObstetrics gynecology1477787497
Pedro Palou Bosh Ob gyn Psc 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1770712614
Centro Medico Del Turabo Inc 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1396977344
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00935, PRObstetrics gynecology1699008581
Instituto Gineco Obstetrico 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1578896924
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00984, PRObstetrics gynecology1043545312
Caribbean Urogynecology Associates Psc 00968, PRObstetrics gynecology1699004366
Intergyn Psc 00987, PRObstetrics gynecology1548590870
Centro De Ginecologia Y Obstetricia Dr. Carlos A. Fonseca Salgado, Csp 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1114258258
Senorial Obgyn 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1699091462
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00935, PRObstetrics gynecology1952627648
Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez Ob gyn Group Psc 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1679892038
Capital Ob gyn Group, P.s.c. 00928, PRObstetrics gynecology1669784245
Dra Barbara Rysz Ginecologa Obstetra Csp 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1609182930
Jms Ob gyn And Associates, P.s.c. 00959, PRObstetrics gynecology1750699609
Family Medicine Group Inc. 00985, PRObstetrics gynecology1265732184
Maternity, Obstetrics And Maternal fetal Medicine Services, Psc 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1811290208
Centro De Diagnostico Y Tratamiento Mpl Corozal 00783, PRObstetrics gynecology1326343385
Dra Celia G Mendez, Obgyn, Csp 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1619275609
Metropilitan Health Management 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1639477730
Living Healthy Psc 00921, PRObstetrics gynecology1922397223
Medical Pharmacy & Laboratory Administrative Services Corp 00923, PRObstetrics gynecology1427335413
Medical Pharmacy & Laboratory Administrative Services Corp 00920, PRObstetrics gynecology1982981973
Medical Pharmacy & Laboratory Administrative Services Corp 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1063799054
Victan Ob. Group, Corp 00738, PRObstetrics gynecology1225315575
Centro De Cuidado De La Mujer 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1356612444
Southern Obstetrics And Gynecologic Center, P.s.c. 00795, PRObstetrics gynecology1114206315
Dr Enrique Rodriguez Declet Llc 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1083163596
Cupey Obgyn Center,psc 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1568725117
Gybelle, Pc 00968, PRObstetrics gynecology1164771622
Instituto Gineco obstetrico Del Noroeste 00676, PRObstetrics gynecology1366786881
Jeffrey Greenberg,md Obgyn , P.s.c. 00979, PRObstetrics gynecology1275870248
Integrated Medical Services Inc 00984, PRObstetrics gynecology1366782070
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00935, PRObstetrics gynecology1932449063
Gladys E Negron, Md Psc 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1548603681
Family Ob gyn Group Psc 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1588094189
Dra. Irma Alvarado Torres, P.s.c. 00687, PRObstetrics gynecology1487077822
Grupo Ginecologico Santoro Vale 00966, PRObstetrics gynecology1710303433
Rosimar Torres Leon Md Psc 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1174949473
Man, Llc 00738, PRObstetrics gynecology1629488945
Family & Ob Gyn Health Care 00925, PRObstetrics gynecology1467866970
Centro Medico Del Turabo Inc 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1942614342
Cruzado Ramos Ginecology, Llc 00911, PRObstetrics gynecology1225442015
Crm Health Providers,lls 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1578979738
Egos Medical Group, Psc 00726, PRObstetrics gynecology1265841878
Roma Obgyn Services, P.s.c. 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1528469921
Olivero Ob gyn P.s.c 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1255739785
Instituto De Ginecologia Y Obstetricia Del Sur 00624, PRObstetrics gynecology1568853687
Abacoa Corporation Psc 00612, PRObstetrics gynecology1861870958
Centro Obstetricia Y Ginecologia 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1063891927
Carive Ob Gyn 00780, PRObstetrics gynecology1851778377
Cima Hmo Corp 00662, PRObstetrics gynecology1720455876
Gyn Oncology Group Psc. 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1952655268
Servicios Medicos Ginecologicos Crl 00682, PRObstetrics gynecology1598101834
Berrios Ob gyn, P.s.c. 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1811241128
Roig Health Care Management, Llc. 00693, PRObstetrics gynecology1043564156
Policlinica Dr. Radames Marin Inc 00698, PRObstetrics gynecology1215929005
Dr Juan C Ramos Y Dra Aleida G Nieves Medical Services Psc 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1679756449
North Borinquen Medical Group,corp. 00924, PRObstetrics gynecology1104128560
Gustavo R. Sanchez Md, Facog Csp 00784, PRObstetrics gynecology1033574405
Vrt Ob Gyn Group Psc 00705, PRObstetrics gynecology1467818088
Venus Obstetrics Gynecology Llc 00959, PRObstetrics gynecology1811359284
Metro Ob Gyn Psc 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1366804734
Also Ob gyn Psc 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1205290954
Servicios De Salud Del Norte 00612, PRObstetrics gynecology1285086199
Jose R.fernandez Md,llc 00738, PRObstetrics gynecology1053764498
Castaner & Pou Llc 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1215481007
Lastmp, Inc. 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1386190304
Innovative Gyn P.s.c. 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1578010187
Md.sgh.ob/gyn Psc 00676, PRObstetrics gynecology1215486048
Futucare, Llc 00968, PRObstetrics gynecology1457712036
Women's Health Institute, Psc 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1699216069
Caribbean Womens Health Institute Csp 00731, PRObstetrics gynecology1730637471
Maga Martinez Psc 00646, PRObstetrics gynecology1356875926
Administracion De Servicios De Atencion Primaria 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1174049100
Advanced Anti Aging Llc 00907, PRObstetrics gynecology1093226995
Instituto Ginecologico Del Oeste Crl 00603, PRObstetrics gynecology1225542426
Centro De Cancer De La Universidad 00927, PRObstetrics gynecology1689836629
Perinatology Group Psc 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1164948766
Lauren Lynch Md Llc 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1609369065
Vip Healthcare Solutions Inc 00962, PRObstetrics gynecology1326533134
Ylc Migs cpp Specialist Llc 00917, PRObstetrics gynecology1518453299
Guaynabo Gynecological Clinic 00966, PRObstetrics gynecology1538634894
Arse Inc. 00791, PRObstetrics gynecology1184198152
Optimum Care, Llc 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1245799402
Advanced Prenatal Diagnosis Llc 00902, PRObstetrics gynecology1144788548
Idelvais M Pinero Melendez Obstetrics & Gynecology Psc 00929, PRObstetrics gynecology1396206686
Centro Clinico Ginecologico Del Sur 00784, PRObstetrics gynecology1225695489
West Gyn Services Llc 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1023660453
South Prime Ob gyn Llc 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1023664042
Centro Ararat Inc 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1114577046
Optimal Care Gynecology Llc 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1538710686
Gynecology & Endometriosis Center Llc 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1861032104
Centro De Cancer De La Universidad 00927, PRObstetrics gynecology1215418751
Community Health Foundation Of Puerto Rico Inc. 00961, PRObstetrics gynecology1962035832
Policlinica Las Americas Medical Center Inc 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1578849048
Hera Ginecologia Y Obstetricia 00912, PRObstetrics gynecology1629559323
Phm Specialty Network Llc 00926, PRObstetrics gynecology1306471487
Dfem Llc 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1386265890
Nsm Ob gyn Medical Llc 00909, PRObstetrics gynecology1619422581
Centro De Bienestar Para La Mujer Llc 00969, PRObstetrics gynecology1942812904
Advanced Professional Ob/gyn, Psc 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1760486575
Intermed Ob Gyn Group 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1255320792
Armando James Collazo Leandry Csp 00717, PRObstetrics gynecology1265412118
Dr. Albin Martinez Lugo, Ginecologo obstetra, C.s.p. 00681, PRObstetrics gynecology1972617892
Centro De Cuidado Gineco Obstetrico 00918, PRObstetrics gynecology1225112691
Ceski, Inc. 00624, PRObstetrics gynecology1952483489
North Ob gyn Services, Psc 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1598841538
Maternity Gyn Inc 00674, PRObstetrics gynecology1134281926
Recinto De Ciencias Medicas 00984, PRObstetrics gynecology1134282858
Caribbean Gyn Care Center 00919, PRObstetrics gynecology1871648501
Grupo Obstetrico Ginecologico De Mayaguez 00680, PRObstetrics gynecology1629115183
Natural Obstetrics, Psc 00739, PRObstetrics gynecology1487792362
Centro Medico Al Cuidado De La Mujer, P.s.c. 00725, PRObstetrics gynecology1134263288
Grupo De Salud Primaria upr Rio Piedras 00931, PRObstetrics gynecology1710010996


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