Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Chesterfield Clinic Corp 29520, SCObstetrics gynecology1376546903
Michael Bruce Gentry 29649, SCObstetrics gynecology1730182064
James Leonard Hubbard 29732, SCObstetrics gynecology1457355497
Jennifer Beachum Linfert 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1184628125
Glenn Allin Raymond 29732, SCObstetrics gynecology1437153483
Kathryn Manning Hargrove 29414, SCObstetrics gynecology1184628935
Cynthia Anne Dodd 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1790789519
David Emil Bersinger 29520, SCObstetrics gynecology1154325728
Three Rivers Ob/gyn Associates, Pa 29201, SCObstetrics gynecology1598760951
Thomas Scott Jennings 29407, SCObstetrics gynecology1316942857
Ward A Katsanis 29407, SCObstetrics gynecology1659377851
Christian Smith Cook 29464, SCObstetrics gynecology1861499295
Thomas M Roesch 29650, SCObstetrics gynecology1447257712
Obstetrics & Gynecological Associates, Pa 29303, SCObstetrics gynecology1669470357
Berniece E Redmond 29902, SCObstetrics gynecology1366441123
Cindy Crittendon 29512, SCObstetrics gynecology1023017506
Marlboro Clinic Corp 29512, SCObstetrics gynecology1043219637
Eau Claire Cooperative Health Center, Inc. 29204, SCObstetrics gynecology1346249430
Sharon Lynette Aldrich 29212, SCObstetrics gynecology1548260946
Nancy Quintero Windham 29501, SCObstetrics gynecology1770584799
Marie C Smith 29201, SCObstetrics gynecology1104827807
Clyde H Climer 29678, SCObstetrics gynecology1063413565
Jillian Browning Claire 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1518450618
Jay Randall Erickson 29646, SCObstetrics gynecology1558363077
Drs Hutchinson & Hanna P A 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1073505863
Milford Berten Hutchinson 29078, SCObstetrics gynecology1497747141
John H. Hanna 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1174515647
Natashia A Jeter 29379, SCObstetrics gynecology1295727717
Richard E Townsend 29720, SCObstetrics gynecology1144213919
Brent J Baroody 29505, SCObstetrics gynecology1558355958
Dianna D Ravenell 29204, SCObstetrics gynecology1891789624
Cindy G Besson 29801, SCObstetrics gynecology1265426019
Robert L Ridgeway 29102, SCObstetrics gynecology1881689305
Todd Lantz 29607, SCObstetrics gynecology1114913324
G. Martin French 29607, SCObstetrics gynecology1972599173
Stephanie Berlet-dach 29607, SCObstetrics gynecology1376539585
Tiffany Rhodes 29607, SCObstetrics gynecology1174519383
Edmund Rhett 29464, SCObstetrics gynecology1831185990
Hugh Northcutt 29732, SCObstetrics gynecology1952332959
James O Merritt 29572, SCObstetrics gynecology1174519011
Ronnie Alan Brockway 29678, SCObstetrics gynecology1801883848
Jonathan David Parker 29621, SCObstetrics gynecology1518954551
Judith L Botcher-hoover 29803, SCObstetrics gynecology1992792857
Janet C Poole 29577, SCObstetrics gynecology1396732111
Iacob Marcovici 29572, SCObstetrics gynecology1063400240
Susan Annette West Hallman 29801, SCObstetrics gynecology1235128141
Easley Ob Gyn Associates Pa 29640, SCObstetrics gynecology1720077282
Maggie L Ray 22192, SCObstetrics gynecology1790775625
Cary Nelson Davis Fishburne 29485, SCObstetrics gynecology1285624031
Melvin Hank Seid 29662, SCObstetrics gynecology1336139971
Palmetto Preferred, Ob/gyn, Llc 29720, SCObstetrics gynecology1942290036
Lafloyd Hueston Hobbs 29642, SCObstetrics gynecology1083605620
Charles T Milano 29577, SCObstetrics gynecology1326039835
Michael Robert Hoffman 29615, SCObstetrics gynecology1114908142
Gasnel E Bryan 29801, SCObstetrics gynecology1235110701
Sidney Terrell Smith 29210, SCObstetrics gynecology1265414593
James A Williams 29210, SCObstetrics gynecology1528040854
Gregory E. Lyman 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1528040375
Darlene Carolyn Bernard 29485, SCObstetrics gynecology1457333114
Gaffney Hma Physician Management, Llc 29340, SCObstetrics gynecology1720061278
Emory Levon Eastin 29307, SCObstetrics gynecology1861475402
Joyce A Noriega 29414, SCObstetrics gynecology1881677326
Marjorie A Chorness 29650, SCObstetrics gynecology1790760379
Nita W Rana 29615, SCObstetrics gynecology1568447837
Freddie Reynolds 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1417932351
Francis Akom 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1790761385
Stuart H Shippey 23601, SCObstetrics gynecology1447236906
James Michael Davidson 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1164408605
Clifford Dale Lusk 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1508842055
Paul Evest Chandler 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1932185485
Stacy L Smithson, Md 29072, SCObstetrics gynecology1063499895
Elaine Eustis 29466, SCObstetrics gynecology1659358976
Nancy B Stroud 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1053398420
Sentinel Health Partners, Pa 29020, SCObstetrics gynecology1033196282
John R Nobles 29512, SCObstetrics gynecology1912985219
William Clarence Boggs 29208, SCObstetrics gynecology1194704726
Richard P Day 29425, SCObstetrics gynecology1659350056
Martin Augustus Allen 29678, SCObstetrics gynecology1033199831
Grantham Dewitt Warren 29303, SCObstetrics gynecology1073583241
Woman's Wellness Center, Pc 29526, SCObstetrics gynecology1750361986
Hugh W Barrow 29303, SCObstetrics gynecology1083684195
Susan Adams Marik 29303, SCObstetrics gynecology1043280050
Susan K. Connor 29118, SCObstetrics gynecology1487624292
Eric Steven Spotts 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1689644221
Douglas M Addy 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1942270590
Thomas Cole Austin 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1710958020
J Wyman Frampton 29414, SCObstetrics gynecology1801867759
Elsa C Caire 29414, SCObstetrics gynecology1013988963
Jack W Simmons 29414, SCObstetrics gynecology1487625240
Julie A Reed 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1316918709
Deborah J Davis 29204, SCObstetrics gynecology1598737678
Charles R Tatum 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1558333278
Christopher J. Robinson 29466, SCObstetrics gynecology1750353355
Mcleod Physician Associates Ii 29536, SCObstetrics gynecology1033182571
Cynthia Givens Bindner 29576, SCObstetrics gynecology1942273420
Gayle Serafini Richmond 29576, SCObstetrics gynecology1144292624
Carolina Ob gyn Llc 29576, SCObstetrics gynecology1508838095
Christopher N Shaw 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1881666451
Christine S Gerber 29585, SCObstetrics gynecology1174595656
Lisa Renee Maselli 29576, SCObstetrics gynecology1346212834
Lori A Campbell 29485, SCObstetrics gynecology1740252253
Valerie Annick Lasry 29576, SCObstetrics gynecology1750353272
Mcleod Physician Associates Ii 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1043283591
Gary H Emerson 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1770556169
Cynthia Kolb 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1598738619
John Browning 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1548233547
Mcleod Physician Associates Ii 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1770556714
Cynthia Marie Pridgen 29201, SCObstetrics gynecology1487627436
James K Crane 60625, SCObstetrics gynecology1821061870
Chris S Mccauley 29569, SCObstetrics gynecology1356315212
Christopher R Accetta 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1407820384
Christine L Hunter 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1093789976
Michael W Prystowsky 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1851365746
Heather Schwartzberg 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1932173820
Rebecca Hamilton Miller 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1336113232
Martha R Green 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1043284946
William M Reeves 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1396719126
James Thomas Martin 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1659345494
Ronnie M Givens 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1063486751
Aimee Christina Duffy 29678, SCObstetrics gynecology1528033081
Chad Emmett Hudson 29407, SCObstetrics gynecology1205801743
Charles Joseph Carter 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1013982412
Tatiana Vu-molaschi 29572, SCObstetrics gynecology1386619690
Rachel Elizabeth Hall 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1366417404
Rachel Setzler Brown 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1396710430
Audrey F Miller 29212, SCObstetrics gynecology1063487999
Lilly Stern Filler 28203, SCObstetrics gynecology1912974882
Stephanie D Singleton 29464, SCObstetrics gynecology1164499703
Robert Craig Mcclelland 29732, SCObstetrics gynecology1669449070
Ronald Dew 29201, SCObstetrics gynecology1265409734
Christopher B Benson 29902, SCObstetrics gynecology1598732901
Joe C Robinson 29732, SCObstetrics gynecology1548237027
Barbara L Rowland 29732, SCObstetrics gynecology1437126844
Roy Norman Taylor 29732, SCObstetrics gynecology1396712345
Gregory A Miller 29902, SCObstetrics gynecology1740257799
George W Watt 29036, SCObstetrics gynecology1700854551
James A Scardo 29303, SCObstetrics gynecology1639147432
Andrea M Pezzella 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1730157058
Lauren Jones Painter 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1467420521
Kimberlee Torlanda Goode 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1376511436
Lewis William Goldstein 29501, SCObstetrics gynecology1558339721
Jennifer M Risinger 29212, SCObstetrics gynecology1225006372
Sharon Inabinet Eden 29118, SCObstetrics gynecology1689642746
Women Physicians Associates Obgyn Pa 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1720057680
Janis E Keeton 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1518936392
Mojmir J Sonek 29201, SCObstetrics gynecology1174592885
Steven A Mclees 29414, SCObstetrics gynecology1770552572
Oconee Ob gyn Associates, P.a. 29678, SCObstetrics gynecology1225007958
Jonathan O Nwanagu 29201, SCObstetrics gynecology1023087756
Stephen T. Vermillion 29303, SCObstetrics gynecology1730158338
Advanced Women's Care, Pa 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1285603845
Charles F Shipley 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1265401772
Pauline Mary Anderson 29102, SCObstetrics gynecology1174592471
Tuomey Obgyn Services Llc 29150, SCObstetrics gynecology1518936822
Barney L Williams 29150, SCObstetrics gynecology1548229735
Sumter Obgyn Pa 29150, SCObstetrics gynecology1528037850
John J Britton 29150, SCObstetrics gynecology1801865167
Helen D Latham 29150, SCObstetrics gynecology1831168129
Steven B Tollison 29102, SCObstetrics gynecology1861461188
Thomas James Carzoli 29201, SCObstetrics gynecology1528027679
Thomas W Hepfer 29150, SCObstetrics gynecology1811956915
Michael R Watkins 29303, SCObstetrics gynecology1548229412
George M Smith 29150, SCObstetrics gynecology1053370155
Samuel M Riddle 29150, SCObstetrics gynecology1134188238
Jane Timberlake Helwig 29720, SCObstetrics gynecology1528027638
Rebecca G Baird 29405, SCObstetrics gynecology1558320374
William Stanley Ottinger 29405, SCObstetrics gynecology1184683914
Denise H Devine 29405, SCObstetrics gynecology1801855614
Alison E Dillon 29405, SCObstetrics gynecology1326007170
Phillip & Coker Ob gyn Llc 29505, SCObstetrics gynecology1285693606
Thomas Rivers 29414, SCObstetrics gynecology1598725756
Michael L Ervin 29169, SCObstetrics gynecology1720048929
Clovis Pierce 29615, SCObstetrics gynecology1619937810
Robert B Flowers 29403, SCObstetrics gynecology1477513638
Lauren F Hamilton 29405, SCObstetrics gynecology1245290410
Todd Allen 29488, SCObstetrics gynecology1063492494
Thomas Phillips 29505, SCObstetrics gynecology1649230343
Barbara Head 29425, SCObstetrics gynecology1295795854
Low Country Women's Specialists 29406, SCObstetrics gynecology1811957491
Low Country Women's Specialists 29485, SCObstetrics gynecology1609836287
Low Country Women's Specialists 29461, SCObstetrics gynecology1053371633
Jocelyn Kehinde Ajala 32212, SCObstetrics gynecology1518928696
Lynn W Crymes 29464, SCObstetrics gynecology1720049414
Caroline J Felty 29650, SCObstetrics gynecology1336100031
Carolina Health Centers, Inc. 29646, SCObstetrics gynecology1518929835
Peter Arnold Sereque 29303, SCObstetrics gynecology1285696690
Desiree Monique Mccarthy-keith 30303, SCObstetrics gynecology1063474856
Palmetto Women's Care, Llc 29505, SCObstetrics gynecology1609838374
A Woman's Place, Llc 29506, SCObstetrics gynecology1205898988
Southlake Obgyn Llc 29072, SCObstetrics gynecology1841252509
Louis Palles 29505, SCObstetrics gynecology1417919192
Augustine Health Group Llc 29203, SCObstetrics gynecology1821051392
Kenneth J Baker 29720, SCObstetrics gynecology1871556084
Granger Christian Osborne 29464, SCObstetrics gynecology1477516607
Angela Marie Savatiel 29425, SCObstetrics gynecology1336102581
Carium Joseph 29407, SCObstetrics gynecology1770546624
Mary Theresa Joseph 29464, SCObstetrics gynecology1396708145
Katharine Schuh White 29464, SCObstetrics gynecology1598728362
Lara Corbett Wilson 29464, SCObstetrics gynecology1649233412
Terry B Levenson 29526, SCObstetrics gynecology1902869696


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