Providers with Taxonomy: Obstetrics gynecology in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Obstetrics gynecology
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
George M Grunert 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1396748349
Bao Quoc H La 77082, TXObstetrics gynecology1578566501
Gary Ryan 79930, TXObstetrics gynecology1225031248
James R Gullett 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1811990864
Diane Hughes 77338, TXObstetrics gynecology1649273806
Richard E Staerkel 73701, TXObstetrics gynecology1982607982
Donald Chad Simmons 75230, TXObstetrics gynecology1427051416
Dawn Dickson Black 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1710980909
Jonathan R. Russell 77070, TXObstetrics gynecology1336142553
Michelle G Barcio 77070, TXObstetrics gynecology1851394068
Jeff Livingston 75062, TXObstetrics gynecology1518960764
Stephen Peter Sakovich 75062, TXObstetrics gynecology1508869769
Julie A Bernell 77339, TXObstetrics gynecology1184627341
Christopher W Serrano 78258, TXObstetrics gynecology1740283886
Kenneth Max Talkington 76012, TXObstetrics gynecology1659374783
Noel C Boyd 77339, TXObstetrics gynecology1568465615
Patrice D Firpo 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1982607032
Maryam H Baird 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1063415255
Stephen Mark Cone 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1912900184
Jason E Cooper 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1326041484
Pamela A Mcquillin 79761, TXObstetrics gynecology1811990088
Randall C Dunn 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1124021373
Mark David Vaughn 75460, TXObstetrics gynecology1972506608
Robert Frischer 76306, TXObstetrics gynecology1609879154
Dagoberto Martinez 78520, TXObstetrics gynecology1689677171
Philip Don Abbott 76180, TXObstetrics gynecology1811990401
Jeff Gunne Orton Barnes 78332, TXObstetrics gynecology1265435747
Ivor L Safro 77024, TXObstetrics gynecology1073516464
Carol E Wratten 78217, TXObstetrics gynecology1548263874
Michelle Villa-olvera 78258, TXObstetrics gynecology1932102266
Carolyn Wilson Quist 76104, TXObstetrics gynecology1649272972
Jacqueline E Brown 77021, TXObstetrics gynecology1861494130
Marilyn J Vanover 78258, TXObstetrics gynecology1265434575
Shelly L Leeds-richter 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1861494171
Melanie Alice Collins 78758, TXObstetrics gynecology1407858707
Tara Ann Mills 78758, TXObstetrics gynecology1891797197
Leroy J Leeds 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1578565883
Carlos C Ramos 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1841292117
Geffrey H Klein 77598, TXObstetrics gynecology1124020433
Kristie R Wilburn Wren 75390, TXObstetrics gynecology1295738615
Ana Morales-amaya 77546, TXObstetrics gynecology1619979903
James Paul Carleo 75062, TXObstetrics gynecology1750384228
Arturo Romero 76549, TXObstetrics gynecology1275536781
Timberland Medical Group 76086, TXObstetrics gynecology1528061157
Martha Martinez 78520, TXObstetrics gynecology1205839776
Enrique M Ortega 77076, TXObstetrics gynecology1174525455
Barbara C Schroeder 77024, TXObstetrics gynecology1750383014
Mohammed W Kabir 77450, TXObstetrics gynecology1861494122
Byron Gallaway Darby 78758, TXObstetrics gynecology1417959669
Eberhard C Lotze 77024, TXObstetrics gynecology1336141639
Laura Ann Meritt 78758, TXObstetrics gynecology1316949605
Sherry Lamar Neyman 78758, TXObstetrics gynecology1770585069
Mary T Neal 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1326040601
Debra Williams 78258, TXObstetrics gynecology1609870930
Amy C Plummer 77339, TXObstetrics gynecology1871595140
Cecilia T Valdes 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1013919356
Sharon K Zavala 77339, TXObstetrics gynecology1609878842
Debra C Gunn 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1093717225
Patricia A Smith 77030, TXObstetrics gynecology1497757611
Keith R Storts 76014, TXObstetrics gynecology1184626137
Obstetrical And Gynecological Associates, Pllc 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1891797999
Jeffery L Morgan 76014, TXObstetrics gynecology1609878651
David Hillel Janowitz 77076, TXObstetrics gynecology1811991839
Roxanna V Doucet 78412, TXObstetrics gynecology1346244316
Jose Alberto Garcia 78207, TXObstetrics gynecology1972507945
Charles E White 75230, TXObstetrics gynecology1295739183
Clint M Cormier 77030, TXObstetrics gynecology1861496770
Sandra Ivonne Noriega 78412, TXObstetrics gynecology1811991888
Barbara Rose Fogiel 77024, TXObstetrics gynecology1134123169
Shawn Marie Strain 78412, TXObstetrics gynecology1871597823
Leo Rodriguez 78405, TXObstetrics gynecology1174527006
Magdalena Ramirez 79924, TXObstetrics gynecology1306840970
John A Pickel 76014, TXObstetrics gynecology1447252408
Rakesh Mangal 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1588666879
Peter M Lotze 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1639171903
Chau Dang-thi Nguyen-tran 77479, TXObstetrics gynecology1568464840
Ivonne E Smith 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1609878941
David Edward Rogers 75390, TXObstetrics gynecology1558365510
Kimberly R Miller-miles 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1003818394
Leah M Schenk 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1699777953
Cristina P Simpson 78205, TXObstetrics gynecology1710989983
Ricardo Munoz 78258, TXObstetrics gynecology1306848585
Alka Arya-degaetano 78258, TXObstetrics gynecology1295737450
Mary Van Sickle 77074, TXObstetrics gynecology1376545616
Mary S Alvarado 76710, TXObstetrics gynecology1962404194
Moshin Kapasi 78211, TXObstetrics gynecology1649272733
Dorothy J Roach 77384, TXObstetrics gynecology1649274390
William J Crowley 77979, TXObstetrics gynecology1609870161
Tracy Pipkin 75460, TXObstetrics gynecology1073517488
Harvey Huddleston 79830, TXObstetrics gynecology1588668966
Screven T Edgerton 78758, TXObstetrics gynecology1033114376
Teresa N. Hill, M.d., P.a. 76234, TXObstetrics gynecology1578568754
Margaret M Thompson 78758, TXObstetrics gynecology1699770834
Rose Gowen 78526, TXObstetrics gynecology1912902032
Michael Demetrius Karagas 78410, TXObstetrics gynecology1578568408
Maria Delos Angeles Pizarro 78412, TXObstetrics gynecology1740285675
Pairoj Pratumrat 75401, TXObstetrics gynecology1598760449
Teri Lynne Baumgartner 75751, TXObstetrics gynecology1831194836
Women's Health Specialists, P.a. 78550, TXObstetrics gynecology1407851447
Suvij Upatham 75401, TXObstetrics gynecology1861497703
Neil Marshal Lewis-levine 79912, TXObstetrics gynecology1275538266
Stephenville Medical And Surgical Clinic Pa 76401, TXObstetrics gynecology1912902826
Melissa H Miskell 78130, TXObstetrics gynecology1811992589
Joy Paul Leblanc 77598, TXObstetrics gynecology1003811282
Susan D Hunter 78550, TXObstetrics gynecology1477558401
Rhonda Burd 76401, TXObstetrics gynecology1588669675
Joseph P Bruner 79761, TXObstetrics gynecology1659376937
David Doerrfeld 75605, TXObstetrics gynecology1801891635
Patricia Marie Davis 79938, TXObstetrics gynecology1023012556
Theresa Marie Labbe' 78418, TXObstetrics gynecology1356346134
Harvey G Van Dell 75022, TXObstetrics gynecology1417952060
Charles Richard Mabray 77904, TXObstetrics gynecology1255336798
Lendol L. 'tad' Davis 78704, TXObstetrics gynecology1255336855
Healthtexas Provider Network 75050, TXObstetrics gynecology1528063146
Ruben Davila Martinez 78550, TXObstetrics gynecology1144225715
Brenham Clinic Assn 77418, TXObstetrics gynecology1780680280
Que Tranvan 77002, TXObstetrics gynecology1528063047
Janie Mcmillion 76401, TXObstetrics gynecology1073519427
Sharon Grimes Bakos 75246, TXObstetrics gynecology1639175847
Bobby Eugene Donohue 76401, TXObstetrics gynecology1225034515
Timothy J Rost 76051, TXObstetrics gynecology1275539439
Benjamin D Supnet 78412, TXObstetrics gynecology1508862723
Sasikala Hemkumar 78745, TXObstetrics gynecology1336145564
Frederick B Brown 78207, TXObstetrics gynecology1578569752
Nancy D Bryant 78207, TXObstetrics gynecology1477559656
Donald Paul Long 77642, TXObstetrics gynecology1295731487
Angelo C Mendez 76051, TXObstetrics gynecology1144226242
Troy G New 76051, TXObstetrics gynecology1962408062
Lubna Chohan 77030, TXObstetrics gynecology1124024252
Planned Parenthood Association Of Cameron & Willacy Counties, Inc. 78521, TXObstetrics gynecology1003812165
Brenham Clinic Assn 77833, TXObstetrics gynecology1255337325
Robert E. White 75246, TXObstetrics gynecology1508862582
Gregory S Neal 78229, TXObstetrics gynecology1821094798
Steven Amir Farzam 76033, TXObstetrics gynecology1629074265
Jenifer Arlene Broderick-thomas 75093, TXObstetrics gynecology1457357279
Alvin Thomas Hyslop 75390, TXObstetrics gynecology1770589509
Julie Pao 75251, TXObstetrics gynecology1275539025
Michael A Rodriguez 77375, TXObstetrics gynecology1215933064
Marie T Sohner 77375, TXObstetrics gynecology1285630871
Priti Schachel 77003, TXObstetrics gynecology1952307555
Elcy Mathai John 77375, TXObstetrics gynecology1083611628
Nabil El Milady 78414, TXObstetrics gynecology1225035819
Tuesday L Chadwick 75460, TXObstetrics gynecology1649277286
Healthtexas Provider Network 75246, TXObstetrics gynecology1760488936
Healthtexas Provider Network 75034, TXObstetrics gynecology1003811639
Luis A Garcia-arecha 78220, TXObstetrics gynecology1770588261
Raymond C Jess 77566, TXObstetrics gynecology1336145390
Phyllis J Gee 75035, TXObstetrics gynecology1417953241
Barbara Marie Stubee 77640, TXObstetrics gynecology1316942873
Doreen A Moser 76051, TXObstetrics gynecology1194721944
Charles Rurangirwa 78520, TXObstetrics gynecology1285630004
Joseph E Martin 78229, TXObstetrics gynecology1710983994
Joseph Leonard Tadvick 79601, TXObstetrics gynecology1205832524
Gregory P Kroeger 75167, TXObstetrics gynecology1346246667
Tomball Womens Health Care Center P.a. 77375, TXObstetrics gynecology1457358004
Roland R Garza 77868, TXObstetrics gynecology1275530768
Shana L Yeager 77388, TXObstetrics gynecology1689671059
Romulo Corrada 78412, TXObstetrics gynecology1114924446
Eugenia V Jacobs 77479, TXObstetrics gynecology1679570949
Felipe A. Garcia-ghinis 78215, TXObstetrics gynecology1275530412
Srinivasachari Vatsala 77030, TXObstetrics gynecology1104823483
Van Van Nguyen 77090, TXObstetrics gynecology1023015203
Wesley Anne Brady 75231, TXObstetrics gynecology1558368647
Mary Gail Miesch 75460, TXObstetrics gynecology1972500098
John Paul Roberts 75093, TXObstetrics gynecology1629076336
Rosamma G Parangimalil 75501, TXObstetrics gynecology1770580433
Randy Wallace Smith 77845, TXObstetrics gynecology1235136938
David Solomon Libson 79761, TXObstetrics gynecology1558368324
Michele Leanne Garant-smotherman 77845, TXObstetrics gynecology1154328862
Randall James Burt 75093, TXObstetrics gynecology1518965219
South Austin Ob gyn 78745, TXObstetrics gynecology1013914993
Darrell Edward Robins 75093, TXObstetrics gynecology1710984653
Healthy Woman Pa 78215, TXObstetrics gynecology1144227034
Wendy D Phipps 79902, TXObstetrics gynecology1700883519
East Desert Ob gyn Associates Pa 79935, TXObstetrics gynecology1730186461
Bennett Scott Zivney 77845, TXObstetrics gynecology1366449092
George Sanmiguel 79902, TXObstetrics gynecology1033117767
Steven R Macdonald 75093, TXObstetrics gynecology1124025036
Jose Aun 79902, TXObstetrics gynecology1083612758
Charles Raymond Anderson 77845, TXObstetrics gynecology1518965078
Alberto Enrique De La Guardia 78405, TXObstetrics gynecology1740288141
Jorge A Saldivar 75115, TXObstetrics gynecology1285632851
Chet Edward Wells 75093, TXObstetrics gynecology1801894415
Comprehensive Obstetrics And Gynecology Of Granbury, P.a. 76048, TXObstetrics gynecology1710985221
Michael Gregory Schaffer 79902, TXObstetrics gynecology1962400465
Roy Ivy Jr Associates 79902, TXObstetrics gynecology1457359879
Juan C Rolon 79902, TXObstetrics gynecology1225036692
Roy Ivy 79902, TXObstetrics gynecology1306844774
Rebecca Montes 79902, TXObstetrics gynecology1609874098
Michael Foster Neel 76801, TXObstetrics gynecology1114925401
Catherine L Karmel 77004, TXObstetrics gynecology1104824408
Rio Grande Ob Gyn Group, Pa 79902, TXObstetrics gynecology1336147644
Sasikala Hemkumar M D P A 78745, TXObstetrics gynecology1912905233
Kevin B. Davis 78589, TXObstetrics gynecology1265430482
Bradley P Axline 75028, TXObstetrics gynecology1538167374
J E Mendez 78645, TXObstetrics gynecology1477550242
Khalid Kayani 77706, TXObstetrics gynecology1588662902
Bernard L. Rosenfeld 77054, TXObstetrics gynecology1023016706
James L Wilder 78258, TXObstetrics gynecology1982602173
Michael Anthony Magliolo 77058, TXObstetrics gynecology1801894928


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