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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapy:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark Allen Eames IDOccupational Therapy1891842878
Margaret Punsel WIOccupational Therapy1184771289
Mary D Huszcza FLOccupational Therapy1760539878
Kimberly S Dugas TXOccupational Therapy1043367048
Patty Ann Johnson WIOccupational Therapy1548317514
Mirline Jolin NYOccupational Therapy1881741510
Joanne Marie Laurienzo NYOccupational Therapy1255488797
Paula Jean Amyx CAOccupational Therapy1760530364
Sondra Kay Lippert IDOccupational Therapy1871641225
Venessa Cunningham ALOccupational Therapy1487702155
Emilie I. Clark OHOccupational Therapy1780732487
Sarah Silvino Laborde TNOccupational Therapy1407904568
Courtney Leigh Schell TNOccupational Therapy1942358361
Marion Sharon Clark AZOccupational Therapy1275681124
Augustus Caesar Fatardo Sese CAOccupational Therapy1033267646
Tina Warnock OHOccupational Therapy1083762850
Joy Susanne Moody AROccupational Therapy1124177217
Debra F Bauer PAOccupational Therapy1942359179
Gina M Sian CAOccupational Therapy1407905664
Sara Marie Moore TXOccupational Therapy1497804348
Prevention Work, Inc INOccupational Therapy1235288119
Teresa Frances Roberts NCOccupational Therapy1124177886
Javier Alvarez WIOccupational Therapy1619027166
Sandy Chotiner PAOccupational Therapy1073662581
Jill L Koehn WIOccupational Therapy1932259496
Joann Mary Grinwald WIOccupational Therapy1184773616
Diane Carol Abel OROccupational Therapy1801945456
Jody J Jimenez AZOccupational Therapy1407906951
Toddlers Choice Inc. INOccupational Therapy1376693739
Juan Z Evans MSOccupational Therapy1871643965
Yung S Kim GUOccupational Therapy1336299312
Debbie Olerud-curley WAOccupational Therapy1043360183
Elizabeth Thornton WIOccupational Therapy1235289497
Rosie Cuyler MSOccupational Therapy1275683450
John Michael Kane MAOccupational Therapy1285784223
Valley bay Therapy Inc. Occupational Therapy1720138514
Margaret H Reed MAOccupational Therapy1376693929
Jay Evan Walker MSOccupational Therapy1306996996
Laurie Ann Vogl CTOccupational Therapy1891845533
Jill Bonapace CTOccupational Therapy1710037312
Charlotte Boutillette MAOccupational Therapy1629129234
Alan M Bryant MSOccupational Therapy1376693127
Martin John Proulx MAOccupational Therapy1316097959
Melissa Linda Vernon MAOccupational Therapy1295885846
Lori Ann King WIOccupational Therapy1699826222
Jacqueline Susan Ness WIOccupational Therapy1336299965
Martha Ann Disch TNOccupational Therapy1548311178
Diane L Buckley WIOccupational Therapy1780735019
Jessica Ann Beatty INOccupational Therapy1912058264
Ann P Larson MNOccupational Therapy1619028867
Leann Kalcum WVOccupational Therapy1972654788
Katy Lynn Yessa WIOccupational Therapy1093866964
Joseph F. Erler FLOccupational Therapy1194877860
Karen Marie Hubbard- Immerman NYOccupational Therapy1275685752
Maureen P Mcmann NYOccupational Therapy1588716989
Theresa Kathleen Andrews OROccupational Therapy1487706560
Kenneth L Dzialak NYOccupational Therapy1003968397
Idomenee Medy NYOccupational Therapy1750433751
Rhonda Marie Winner-dodzweit NYOccupational Therapy1033261854
Juanita Delgado NYOccupational Therapy1265584114
Jacquelyn A Mahrt WAOccupational Therapy1770636326
Yvonne Aterine Francis NYOccupational Therapy1346393410
Deborah Ann Rolan AZOccupational Therapy1700939808
Erin Elizabeth Sheeley INOccupational Therapy1962555250
Pauline Denise Owens-baker TNOccupational Therapy1356494603
Farrah Ferretti Didio FLOccupational Therapy1528111796
Dawn Marie Harvey MIOccupational Therapy1417000936
Emily Rae Sevier AZOccupational Therapy1477607265
Shawn C Cole MNOccupational Therapy1356495154
Angela D. Thruman VAOccupational Therapy1467506279
Kenneth Wade Wilson MSOccupational Therapy1205980141
Paul Kroh Inc OHOccupational Therapy1972657815
Beth Mae Sellers OHOccupational Therapy1487708269
Melissa C Ludwig MNOccupational Therapy1629122304
Kathleen Ann Carleton CAOccupational Therapy1891849436
Ascent Aquisition Corp Psc AROccupational Therapy1255485827
Velma D Grinnell NYOccupational Therapy1801941760
Bryan Raymond AROccupational Therapy1750435012
Sarah Stephens NCOccupational Therapy1912052424
Kurt Lammers NVOccupational Therapy1114072717
Diana Marie Nyren AZOccupational Therapy1487709952
Scott Badeaux TXOccupational Therapy1124174230
Marvin Ira Green CAOccupational Therapy1053467035
Vicky Post FLOccupational Therapy1326194440
Ann Marie Fouts INOccupational Therapy1689720682
Melissa Aguayo Salazar TXOccupational Therapy1003962101
Natasha Morgan NCOccupational Therapy1295881084
Michael F Mcadams RIOccupational Therapy1902952468
North Spokane Physical And Sports Therapy Llc WAOccupational Therapy1558417998
Bonnie Langan PAOccupational Therapy1013063858
Carol Bagent WVOccupational Therapy1124174834
Sherri M. Wiley MOOccupational Therapy1629124383
Rachael Joy Parish TNOccupational Therapy1457407827
Awilda Lima Beltran PROccupational Therapy1326194952
Jan S Keith WYOccupational Therapy1417003161
Belinda Rodriguez Avila TXOccupational Therapy1164578472
Georgette Cummins KSOccupational Therapy1619023801
Loretta J. Nameth OHOccupational Therapy1093851222
Lindsay Dara Jenkins ALOccupational Therapy1053457200
Nikki Lynn Hengst PAOccupational Therapy1275679284
Sheila Steen Ballard MSOccupational Therapy1811033988
Janet Lynn Malik TXOccupational Therapy1720124480
Sharon Hynson FLOccupational Therapy1245376045
Coleen Mary Crawford Occupational Therapy1083750897
Aida Iris Soto FLOccupational Therapy1720124514
Amanda Rae Thomas TNOccupational Therapy1265578108
Celia Molano TXOccupational Therapy1053457812
Nicole Mckenzie Donaberger PAOccupational Therapy1902942493
Pamela Gordon NYOccupational Therapy1003952474
Michelle M Rueger WIOccupational Therapy1356487755
Jody Usenick WVOccupational Therapy1689710964
Peri Jo Bozdech MOOccupational Therapy1215074554
Wendi A Doszak WIOccupational Therapy1629114160
Robin K Johnson-pierre WIOccupational Therapy1497891857
Lisa M Mehrens WIOccupational Therapy1568508935
Pamela J Sondalle WIOccupational Therapy1598801904
Kelley A Mohney PAOccupational Therapy1538205976
Rehab For Life, Llc Occupational Therapy1932246063
Patricia A Marohl WIOccupational Therapy1790821155
Sharon R Pieper WIOccupational Therapy1568508950
Sharon Wolf TXOccupational Therapy1306982707
Jennifer J Torres FLOccupational Therapy1780721662
Margo Delaine East AROccupational Therapy1669519591
Brandie Lea Cleveland NEOccupational Therapy1891832515
Erin Margaret Neugebauer PAOccupational Therapy1528105467
Sergio P Longoria TXOccupational Therapy1073650594
Valrie May Boothe NYOccupational Therapy1184761611
Lana Denise Varnado MSOccupational Therapy1750429114
Monica Gorman Varner MOOccupational Therapy1972641173
Allyson Kay Fairchild AROccupational Therapy1407994858
Leila Kay Cross TNOccupational Therapy1003954918
Lorrie Lee Higgs INOccupational Therapy1194863118
Chasity H. George MSOccupational Therapy1326186123
George Vigil NMOccupational Therapy1295873040
Yvonne Kathryn Armijo NMOccupational Therapy1225176092
April B. Depoyster MSOccupational Therapy1134267925
Ngoc K Servis KSOccupational Therapy1538207386
Mary Elizabeth Raiford MSOccupational Therapy1245378025
Julie Ann Scott MIOccupational Therapy1437297231
Shawnna L Bosse IAOccupational Therapy1073651758
Karen Ann Devereaux SCOccupational Therapy1578601142
Bruce Autry MOOccupational Therapy1295873743
Martha Ann Cisco MOOccupational Therapy1689712135
Jennifer Mary Sofia NYOccupational Therapy1578602926
Joseph Michael Houston ILOccupational Therapy1508905084
Dianne L. Overton TNOccupational Therapy1790824019
Andrea Sjaardema WIOccupational Therapy1104965474
Kimberly Ann Macdonald AZOccupational Therapy1740328228
Donald Keith Harris CAOccupational Therapy1154460442
Tish Tena NMOccupational Therapy1902945769
Anne Rose Mccord AROccupational Therapy1134268865
Amy Whisenhunt TXOccupational Therapy1861531774
Laura Jane Peterson MDOccupational Therapy1982743738
Lima Therapy Group Of Palm Beach, Inc. Occupational Therapy1295874964
Edgar D Prater INOccupational Therapy1083753099
Darlene Guerriero MAOccupational Therapy1184764300
Lima Therapy Group Of Broward FLOccupational Therapy1487794665
Vickilynn Maul MOOccupational Therapy1376683508
Renee Ortega NYOccupational Therapy1538209788
Martha Kay Lowe TNOccupational Therapy1396885869
Genesys Regional Medical Center MIOccupational Therapy1972643146
Melina Renee Allen OROccupational Therapy1407996499
Ab&m Therapy Services NCOccupational Therapy1467592402
Kari Demaris Eicens FLOccupational Therapy1841330461
Barbara Lynn Bennett NYOccupational Therapy1427198944
Jelena L. Gomes PAOccupational Therapy1942340740
Deborah D Barnhart PAOccupational Therapy1568502433
Alison R Hospelhorn PAOccupational Therapy1144360934
Mary Jane Audia-vallier MIOccupational Therapy1558401422
Juliette P Bryan NYOccupational Therapy1255471942
Joann Mae Rebuck PAOccupational Therapy1063552933
Emily Sarah Merkley NYOccupational Therapy1558402040
Shellie E Pitman MTOccupational Therapy1669513867
Debra Eve Decker ILOccupational Therapy1457492787
Clara Richards SCOccupational Therapy1689715153
Tammy Ann Neuman NYOccupational Therapy1932240488
Jose Delfin Herrera NMOccupational Therapy1578604039
Diane Joy Clopper PAOccupational Therapy1013058577
Michelle Musselman PAOccupational Therapy1831230390
Donna Lee Martin PAOccupational Therapy1134260615
Connie Sue Brown ILOccupational Therapy1174664122
Eloy V. Silva MSOccupational Therapy1205978905
Stacia Day Martinez TNOccupational Therapy1770625519
Lorraine Jo Pratt AZOccupational Therapy1982746764
Onslow County Schools NCOccupational Therapy1306988753
Rick L Fienhage INOccupational Therapy1790827012
Kelly Quezada NYOccupational Therapy1306988597
Katherine Kimberly Bell- Braziel MIOccupational Therapy1326180340
Amy Kathleen King MAOccupational Therapy1346382371
Christine Marie King MAOccupational Therapy1407999238
Elaine Detweiler PAOccupational Therapy1346383072
Breaking Ground Landscape Design, Inc. Occupational Therapy1679616510
Alexis Dobbins MOOccupational Therapy1053454785
Carrie Lorraine Thurston CAOccupational Therapy1639212251
Susan Michele Clancy NYOccupational Therapy1003959255
Linda Corcoran DEOccupational Therapy1720121262
Diana Lee Ressler NYOccupational Therapy1770626210
Jill Fuller MNOccupational Therapy1114060134
Sarah Melissa Quirk MDOccupational Therapy1124161401
Virginia Frances Vanderpool PAOccupational Therapy1760525927


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