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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapy:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jordan Boediarto CAOccupational Therapy1508473737
Katherine Ruedas CAOccupational Therapy1790452753
Kenneth David Morrison CAOccupational Therapy1114165974
Kenny Lam CAOccupational Therapy1811565443
Lauren Ridgway CAOccupational Therapy1093205577
Lindsey Aphessetche Occupational Therapy1629579198
Longkim Luong CAOccupational Therapy1437526928
Lori Ann Millerick CAOccupational Therapy1174641609
Mackenzie Fritz CAOccupational Therapy1710323472
Maria Liza Cabrea CAOccupational Therapy1285023861
Michael Mayo CAOccupational Therapy1619539293
Nadine Angulo CAOccupational Therapy1578230439
Nancy Salazar CAOccupational Therapy1275991770
Nasym Emami CAOccupational Therapy1801152475
Nazakath Kargar CAOccupational Therapy1306235296
Nuno Meneses CAOccupational Therapy1063800233
Peggy Jeu CAOccupational Therapy1760666978
Sandra Barrera Mendez CAOccupational Therapy1003548504
Stacy Mary Gabor NVOccupational Therapy1477057438
Stephanie Menendez CAOccupational Therapy1003551003
Sul Cho CAOccupational Therapy1124647219
Theresa Wahlenmaier CAOccupational Therapy1720476286
Thomas Fogarty CAOccupational Therapy1932783701
Tram Anh Nguyen CAOccupational Therapy1477298487
Jesse Clark Occupational Therapy1699323931
Amy Terese Lipchik Occupational Therapy1558895540
Christin Hronek AKOccupational Therapy1770903361
Elaine Carol James AKOccupational Therapy1447684790
Jack Lipchik Occupational Therapy1407350044
Janelle Lugar AKOccupational Therapy1962932442
Katelyn Elizabeth Mcquate AKOccupational Therapy1356778062
Kathryn Lynn Cantrell TXOccupational Therapy1497262059
Katrina L Pitre Occupational Therapy1952983900
Kristen Weieneth Musser AKOccupational Therapy1376935999
Kristine Blankenship Occupational Therapy1487727509
Michael Shane Williams AKOccupational Therapy1619294436
Renee Kotva AKOccupational Therapy1245755263
Anderson Physical Therapy SCOccupational Therapy1043368467
Aghtan Jeffcoat SCOccupational Therapy1801531397
Alicia Hunsberger SCOccupational Therapy1134877483
Amy Marie Fricks SCOccupational Therapy1275633828
Amy Beth Ward SCOccupational Therapy1710084637
Ashley Elisabeth Nalley SCOccupational Therapy1841562790
Bonnie Diane Maybin SCOccupational Therapy1073614061
Carole Patrice Harkness SCOccupational Therapy1194038034
Charlene L Shelton SCOccupational Therapy1275965527
Chavis Arron Little INOccupational Therapy1487102117
Christina Dufour SCOccupational Therapy1205229507
Cierra Mickens INOccupational Therapy1558852616
Connie Jo Sears INOccupational Therapy1588986384
Crystal Stubblfield SCOccupational Therapy1366991481
Crystal Marie Wiles SCOccupational Therapy1699047647
Danette Nadle MOOccupational Therapy1063615193
Deborah Michelle Ritter SCOccupational Therapy1255894770
Elizabeth Glover SCOccupational Therapy1265532774
Heather Adams SCOccupational Therapy1497969521
Heather G Mclean Occupational Therapy1124154406
Jera Gentile Occupational Therapy1255821914
John M Gardner SCOccupational Therapy1558473207
Julie Elizabeth Dixon SCOccupational Therapy1801135132
Kiera Smalls SCOccupational Therapy1609373257
Kimberly A Poore Occupational Therapy1396871729
Kinetria Jovon White INOccupational Therapy1659781359
Kori Diane Graham SCOccupational Therapy1740378256
Lacrease Geer SCOccupational Therapy1558954438
Linda Marie Defrahn SCOccupational Therapy1194826172
Margaret Trotter SCOccupational Therapy1457588436
Melissa Anne Smith CAOccupational Therapy1508168287
Scott R. Bradbury SCOccupational Therapy1831381250
Sherry A Reynolds INOccupational Therapy1245543156
Stacey A Mcdaniel Occupational Therapy1588793863
Tina Marie White INOccupational Therapy1316272214
Trey Allen Wilson INOccupational Therapy1265839153
Veronica Aurelia Gambreall SCOccupational Therapy1073103743
Beth Ann Martin TNOccupational Therapy1619528668
Alexandra Alicia Soule MAOccupational Therapy1811173164
Alicia Bliss Cappello CTOccupational Therapy1275878811
Angela Ruiz MAOccupational Therapy1609990803
Anna Dartanyan MNOccupational Therapy1609279116
Audrey Diane Macleod MAOccupational Therapy1417386327
Bethany L Bruesehoff MNOccupational Therapy1730524224
Brandy Lynn Wallace KSOccupational Therapy1447370416
Brianna Lee Lowden Occupational Therapy1003375601
Corrina Lea Hein KSOccupational Therapy1942647441
Crystal Ann Marie Yaekel MNOccupational Therapy1811395759
Daniel Moore NHOccupational Therapy1033487681
Debbie Cunningham Lester NYOccupational Therapy1134154990
Diane E Bousquet VTOccupational Therapy1003092768
Diane Marie Gallant MAOccupational Therapy1023672086
Eileen Duly MAOccupational Therapy1831513258
Elaine Richards Occupational Therapy1184791428
Gloria Jean Rowe OHOccupational Therapy1467665422
Jaclyn Fitzpatrick MAOccupational Therapy1871250738
Janel D Slaughter KSOccupational Therapy1275664997
Jennifer Joy Logan KSOccupational Therapy1578871836
Jocelyn Guild MAOccupational Therapy1720693237
Kara Lynn Schmidt KSOccupational Therapy1215369012
Karen Cheever MAOccupational Therapy1386068898
Kathleen L Mccracken NHOccupational Therapy1447535935
Kathy Deyoung Wyss SCOccupational Therapy1780875302
Kayla Martel Occupational Therapy1881255297
Kelli J Mcvay KSOccupational Therapy1881083970
Kelsey Jorgensen MNOccupational Therapy1538580444
Kimberly Marie Wisnyai OHOccupational Therapy1639389000
Marie Jennie O'connor MAOccupational Therapy1861602138
Marisha Aileen Land NCOccupational Therapy1205020872
Paula Renee Mackay MAOccupational Therapy1124327580
Ricardo Diaz MAOccupational Therapy1477848281
Rita Villarreal KSOccupational Therapy1275113359
Shelley Stowers OHOccupational Therapy1285007211
Tanya Tanner Duwell MNOccupational Therapy1073050514
Tracey Olenik PAOccupational Therapy1194196915
Caitlyn Ruch PAOccupational Therapy1831510122
Melissa Lynn Hunsicker PAOccupational Therapy1598337685
Christy D Simpson INOccupational Therapy1720428378
Donna Beth Omalley Occupational Therapy1265180517
Jessica Leigh Miller NCOccupational Therapy1376815050
Joyce Elaine Oppy INOccupational Therapy1902200215
Julie Mcnamara NCOccupational Therapy1013313543
Karly Davis Mainguy Kremer NCOccupational Therapy1083344261
Paul Judson Kinsland NCOccupational Therapy1720597131
Sonda Young INOccupational Therapy1669875076
Laine Whited NCOccupational Therapy1306257589
Alondra Marie Tellis TXOccupational Therapy1568967743
Christina Farley TXOccupational Therapy1538545074
Clarence Sales TXOccupational Therapy1083212310
Cynthia Meier Occupational Therapy1720477490
Darcy Boston TXOccupational Therapy1649800137
Godwin Onwordi Elumelu TXOccupational Therapy1407313604
Jennifer Teresa Morrison Occupational Therapy1669952131
Nicole Pitzer TXOccupational Therapy1932682218
Ashley Marie Hartman INOccupational Therapy1598069569
Emily Shamp MIOccupational Therapy1528362837
Gina Marie Rasler INOccupational Therapy1679703573
Brooke Ann Goldsmith IAOccupational Therapy1336540947
Caroline Lee Stevens IAOccupational Therapy1104430842
Jennifer Rye Brown IAOccupational Therapy1366830192
Jessica L Herrick IAOccupational Therapy1124307830
Jessica Ann Kauzlarich IAOccupational Therapy1184924367
Stephanie Lynn Magner IAOccupational Therapy1902405525
Tammy Lynn Miller IAOccupational Therapy1710137526
Demond Johnson Occupational Therapy1528735594
Faith Howard MIOccupational Therapy1356769756
Melissa Jewell MIOccupational Therapy1861993461
Brandon Boley TXOccupational Therapy1669127619
Kim Yvette Hunter TXOccupational Therapy1265913685
Angela R Trial VAOccupational Therapy1376896209
Colleen Marie Heino MNOccupational Therapy1548431877
Debra Ann Gallagher NJOccupational Therapy1588805519
Kathy Jane Vetter MNOccupational Therapy1245478890
Lauren Gail Blenker MNOccupational Therapy1346900164
Mollie Kamerow VAOccupational Therapy1003263286
Patricia Tobar Mazariegos VAOccupational Therapy1518627199
Shannon Shun MNOccupational Therapy1982995627
Shauna Marie Paler MNOccupational Therapy1326485947
Silvia Carolina Chavez VAOccupational Therapy1760838320
Viola Faye Bertram MNOccupational Therapy1538823745
Amanda Perry MDOccupational Therapy1275953580
Amanda Margaret Schultz MDOccupational Therapy1922694264
Barbara Weller MDOccupational Therapy1205229085
Carrie Frances Thomas MDOccupational Therapy1780848184
Erika Garrett MDOccupational Therapy1851842967
Giesela Inez Simmons MDOccupational Therapy1073929931
Grace Ann Aumiller MDOccupational Therapy1174948863
Karen Dell MDOccupational Therapy1003940370
Margaret Magill MDOccupational Therapy1962896001
Nicole Diana Frazier Occupational Therapy1659838019
Nicole Milliken MDOccupational Therapy1427568377
Russell Alan Wright Occupational Therapy1750952735
Shania Byler MDOccupational Therapy1386016335
Barry Edward Dunston ALOccupational Therapy1215465984
Chelyndria Shanay Scott Young ALOccupational Therapy1639600810
David Patrick Odell ALOccupational Therapy1609435130
Jeremy Edison ALOccupational Therapy1720565088
Jessica Desiree Gardner ALOccupational Therapy1659808178
Kimberly D Snider ALOccupational Therapy1376070284
Mary T Coyle TXOccupational Therapy1609017169
Steven Blake Junior ALOccupational Therapy1407321268
Venessa Cunningham ALOccupational Therapy1487702155
Katie Crine PAOccupational Therapy1588076368
Kylee Moyers Occupational Therapy1588258800
Alyssa Jacqueline Bovy Occupational Therapy1104463264
Jill Fuller MNOccupational Therapy1114060134
Jodi Jenson MNOccupational Therapy1487811717
Katherine Mary Mcauliffe CTOccupational Therapy1891991378
Erica Withrow WVOccupational Therapy1538287594
Kiley Michelle Price WVOccupational Therapy1013140433
Natosha Wilson WVOccupational Therapy1689111247
Sandra Sue Campbell WVOccupational Therapy1114043494
Brittany Clorenda Chapin CAOccupational Therapy1558820639
Jennifer Wade AZOccupational Therapy1487996104
Melissa Lee Mc Naughton AZOccupational Therapy1992924476
Laura Mcniece NMOccupational Therapy1780005785
Eric Keith Tischendorf WIOccupational Therapy1831222116
Jessica Duncan Occupational Therapy1073191151
Lynn Kathryn Duley WIOccupational Therapy1134395361
Tessa Kitzman WIOccupational Therapy1043774748
Trina Wendt WIOccupational Therapy1255783452
Abigail A Waters ILOccupational Therapy1790923530
Amber Sevier-hunt TNOccupational Therapy1033582986


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