Providers with Taxonomy: Occupational Therapy in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapy
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Luke A Nelson 48036, MIOccupational Therapy1962750745
Sarah M Steiner 48221, MIOccupational Therapy1366972986
Seth Buckman 49221, MIOccupational Therapy1174024863
Melissa Jewell 48103, MIOccupational Therapy1861993461
Wendy Rochelle Moreno 49503, MIOccupational Therapy1871097881
Kathy Watson 48801, MIOccupational Therapy1699020453
Lisa Marie Shimp 49503, MIOccupational Therapy1154896827
Reanna L Dawson 49546, MIOccupational Therapy1477028827
Terri Baughman-stephenson 49546, MIOccupational Therapy1598230419
Trisha Ann Meier 48624, MIOccupational Therapy1154882199
Natalie Elizabeth Wempa 48871, MIOccupational Therapy1538622931
Amy Walton 49085, MIOccupational Therapy1912550864
Dustin White 49068, MIOccupational Therapy1023405735
Ashleigh Nicole Miling 49505, MIOccupational Therapy1003462995
Jasmine Marie Eddins 48162, MIOccupational Therapy1386095966
Caroline Justine Eastman 49512, MIOccupational Therapy1699237792
Teresa Deyoung 49002, MIOccupational Therapy1043668247
Sherrie Lynn Morgan 49601, MIOccupational Therapy1023642972
Amanda Lynnette Mitchell 48420, MIOccupational Therapy1215566484
Dawn M White 48131, MIOccupational Therapy1083203236
Rehabilitation Masters 48197, MIOccupational Therapy1578968269
Chitter Chatter P.c. 48124, MIOccupational Therapy1609135748
Great Lakes Therapy House Calls Pc 49684, MIOccupational Therapy1649480674
Parisa K Anahid 48073, MIOccupational Therapy1144660234
Total Education Solutions, Inc. 48084, MIOccupational Therapy1194145342
Total Education Solutions, Inc. 48084, MIOccupational Therapy1891309829
Demond Johnson 48103, MIOccupational Therapy1528735594
Genesys Regional Medical Center 48439, MIOccupational Therapy1972643146
Total Rehab Services, Inc. 48035, MIOccupational Therapy1720207079
Central Rehabilitation, Inc. 48076, MIOccupational Therapy1568678324
Reliable Rehabilitation 48044, MIOccupational Therapy1548493661
Lisa Hurst,cota,llc 48197, MIOccupational Therapy1043548605
Family Orthopedic Associates P L C 48420, MIOccupational Therapy1881969343
Family Orthopedic Associates,plc 48446, MIOccupational Therapy1124360102
Family Orthopedic Associates,plc 48430, MIOccupational Therapy1891037768
Oakland Therapy Llc 48322, MIOccupational Therapy1760926679
Rww Outpatient Rehab Services, Llc 48183, MIOccupational Therapy1851947105
Up Rehab Services Llc 49802, MIOccupational Therapy1821148529
Infinity Physical Therapy 48185, MIOccupational Therapy1710456421
Cycle Of Life Llc 49548, MIOccupational Therapy1881106177
Cycle Of Life Llc 49548, MIOccupational Therapy1598318560
Mi Rehab Solutions Llc 49435, MIOccupational Therapy1346880507
Optimal Recovery & Therapy Pllc 48067, MIOccupational Therapy1366907339
Remedy Home Health, Inc. 48042, MIOccupational Therapy1104386143
Rehabpointe Llc 48188, MIOccupational Therapy1023053915
Genesys Therapy Services, Inc. 48604, MIOccupational Therapy1225259534
Willowbrook Rehabilitation Services, Llc 48116, MIOccupational Therapy1346375201
Wellness Touch 49006, MIOccupational Therapy1609475912
Aaron Romig 49002, MIOccupational Therapy1376972828
Abby Letts 49849, MIOccupational Therapy1518394303
Adam John Williams 48315, MIOccupational Therapy1861637696
Aime Johnston 49068, MIOccupational Therapy1124457783
Aimee Althouse 40299, MIOccupational Therapy1801277306
Aletha Marie Harris 48021, MIOccupational Therapy1578852323
Alethia Stern 48208, MIOccupational Therapy1093908972
Alexandra K Whitcomb 48033, MIOccupational Therapy1801350210
Ali Raza 48139, MIOccupational Therapy1316488919
Alicia Jean Sheeran 49506, MIOccupational Therapy1679820757
Allison Clare Jasch 49506, MIOccupational Therapy1225668296
Alyssa Guyett 48313, MIOccupational Therapy1396218749
Alyssa Plouffe 48386, MIOccupational Therapy1043797640
Alyssa Voiland 48036, MIOccupational Therapy1609179696
Aman Mawri 48126, MIOccupational Therapy1114536042
Amanda Glaske 48170, MIOccupational Therapy1487928362
Amanda Kornelson 48315, MIOccupational Therapy1942889043
Amanda Marshall 48507, MIOccupational Therapy1558950089
Amanda Marie Perez 49512, MIOccupational Therapy1568923100
Amanda Pickford 48159, MIOccupational Therapy1093198806
Amanda Kay Weersma 49348, MIOccupational Therapy1104026764
Amber Lynn Becker 48726, MIOccupational Therapy1164851879
Amber Bemis 49079, MIOccupational Therapy1649782418
Amber Sharee Bernard 48036, MIOccupational Therapy1962825901
Amber Brown 48858, MIOccupational Therapy1083284764
Amber Michelle De Angelo 40222, MIOccupational Therapy1144660580
Amber Scheps 49849, MIOccupational Therapy1255739819
Amber Therrien 49686, MIOccupational Therapy1932654233
Amber Triggs 49221, MIOccupational Therapy1992134985
Amy Katherine Lazar 48073, MIOccupational Therapy1629571245
Amy Rowe 49783, MIOccupational Therapy1255728267
Andrea Morrison 48503, MIOccupational Therapy1871089151
Andrea Trim 49417, MIOccupational Therapy1952527988
Andrea Leigh Yeiter 48823, MIOccupational Therapy1760996243
Angela Jean Benefield 48083, MIOccupational Therapy1225539505
Angela Hollandsworth 49346, MIOccupational Therapy1740629179
Angela Keezer 48867, MIOccupational Therapy1164848990
Angela Kay Shanks 40222, MIOccupational Therapy1386994796
Anh Que Nguyen 48315, MIOccupational Therapy1093954026
Anna Rogers 49780, MIOccupational Therapy1720618002
Anna Ronk 49079, MIOccupational Therapy1760726863
Anna Wrobel 48315, MIOccupational Therapy1699059014
Anton Ivezaj 48316, MIOccupational Therapy1871066407
April N Vanbeek 49412, MIOccupational Therapy1881939221
Arnita A Flowers 48124, MIOccupational Therapy1780157537
Ashley Laqua Armstrong 48035, MIOccupational Therapy1558633537
Ashley L Gehring 49304, MIOccupational Therapy1821573494
Ashley Sue Guzowski 49920, MIOccupational Therapy1174783443
Ashley Havemeier 49512, MIOccupational Therapy1336637503
Ashley Jones 49735, MIOccupational Therapy1053740605
Ashley Mahaffy 48602, MIOccupational Therapy1942797576
Ashley Martindale 48064, MIOccupational Therapy1396981056
Ashley Nemeth 48867, MIOccupational Therapy1952790990
Ashley Zika 49304, MIOccupational Therapy1649755653
Audra Lou Kuperus 49546, MIOccupational Therapy1225503501
Audrey Thelen 48917, MIOccupational Therapy1063842946
Autumn Rae Brown 49426, MIOccupational Therapy1023571585
Ava Maria Bell 48170, MIOccupational Therapy1265576730
Barbara Spaniola 49423, MIOccupational Therapy1790114957
Barbette Dawn Sawyer 40222, MIOccupational Therapy1467705343
Becky Lynn Colter 49331, MIOccupational Therapy1558824920
Becky Lynne Kortman 49401, MIOccupational Therapy1780192948
Beth Fleury 48446, MIOccupational Therapy1073985917
Beth Steiner 49006, MIOccupational Therapy1528481074
Bethany Diane Hampton-green 48381, MIOccupational Therapy1639420284
Beverly Knapp 49252, MIOccupational Therapy1588214654
Billie Jean Bentley 54157, MIOccupational Therapy1275799611
Bonnie L Locke 76707, MIOccupational Therapy1174795702
Bonnie Jean Mcmillan 48094, MIOccupational Therapy1336797570
Brandon Edwards 48084, MIOccupational Therapy1700354792
Brenda Sue Brockmeyer 32817, MIOccupational Therapy1073729752
Brenda L Byl 49307, MIOccupational Therapy1295062479
Brenda Sue Vandenberg 49418, MIOccupational Therapy1669803094
Brenda Kay Wagner 49283, MIOccupational Therapy1992937585
Brenna Gwen Finegan 48315, MIOccupational Therapy1336732031
Brett Davis 48038, MIOccupational Therapy1447825229
Brianna Mckee 48331, MIOccupational Therapy1700205309
Bridgitte Ann Murphy 48336, MIOccupational Therapy1679046262
Brienne Welch 48331, MIOccupational Therapy1780936245
Brigitte Doxtator 48912, MIOccupational Therapy1902360803
Britny Barnes 49525, MIOccupational Therapy1699127944
Brittany Arraut 49009, MIOccupational Therapy1962899492
Brittany Renee Rappas 48507, MIOccupational Therapy1710584990
Brittany A Rubey 48532, MIOccupational Therapy1508415654
Brook Keller 48415, MIOccupational Therapy1215565445
Bryan James Roberts 48642, MIOccupational Therapy1003128174
Canyalle Pilate 48185, MIOccupational Therapy1790333011
Carissa Alexander 53203, MIOccupational Therapy1295164051
Carlene Grace Dardas 48661, MIOccupational Therapy1851891394
Carly Cleveland 49519, MIOccupational Therapy1689225062
Carly Karen Hickey 48315, MIOccupational Therapy1487899456
Carly Gail Wagonschutz 48823, MIOccupational Therapy1225566003
Carmen Bendrey 49423, MIOccupational Therapy1386073401
Carol Helen Marie O'connell 48198, MIOccupational Therapy1538478128
Carol Ann Sherwood 48035, MIOccupational Therapy1356675649
Carol Timothy 48170, MIOccupational Therapy1306217849
Carolyn Tenbroeke 49348, MIOccupational Therapy1811450364
Carrie Germain 48734, MIOccupational Therapy1922403351
Carrie Youssef 48858, MIOccupational Therapy1659785160
Carrie Zehfus 46614, MIOccupational Therapy1730386921
Caterina Anna Krencicki 48017, MIOccupational Therapy1255981262
Catherine Landa 48035, MIOccupational Therapy1821239757
Cayce Marie West 49866, MIOccupational Therapy1740616762
Chandra Hunt 48036, MIOccupational Therapy1538595392
Charish Johnson 48124, MIOccupational Therapy1992110068
Cheng Cha 30680, MIOccupational Therapy1831413178
Chere Kratz 40222, MIOccupational Therapy1831512144
Cheryl A Leonard 48125, MIOccupational Therapy1801168588
Cheryl Lynn Patchett 49006, MIOccupational Therapy1598195406
Cheyenne Dingler 48858, MIOccupational Therapy1558925867
Chloe Lynn Zwart 40299, MIOccupational Therapy1093269201
Chris Groulx 48315, MIOccupational Therapy1811210321
Chrishaun Harris 48235, MIOccupational Therapy1467794172
Christina Lynn Beeksma 49938, MIOccupational Therapy1124286257
Christina Goshorn 49068, MIOccupational Therapy1689233934
Christina Lynn Knickerbocker 48348, MIOccupational Therapy1104174390
Christine Theresa Beard 48201, MIOccupational Therapy1578577003
Christine M Deyoung 49525, MIOccupational Therapy1780182642
Christine Annette Jeffery 48043, MIOccupational Therapy1437378023
Christine Parrott 48532, MIOccupational Therapy1053960146
Christine Szczepanski 48075, MIOccupational Therapy1184126708
Christopher Mitchell 48430, MIOccupational Therapy1265845580
Christy Egan 40299, MIOccupational Therapy1104277755
Ciara Powell 48033, MIOccupational Therapy1962953992
Cindy Blazonin-niemi 49938, MIOccupational Therapy1649563149
Cindy Lynn Krakowski 40222, MIOccupational Therapy1467700625
Cindy Sue Laman 49423, MIOccupational Therapy1356770689
Cindy Spalding 48005, MIOccupational Therapy1689837973
Claudia Jeanne Perry 48323, MIOccupational Therapy1659985513
Clint M Northrop 48823, MIOccupational Therapy1013485184
Colleen Sue Boyd 49037, MIOccupational Therapy1649834391
Colleen Patricia Lassen 48198, MIOccupational Therapy1649581885
Constance Sue Moug 48198, MIOccupational Therapy1669781126
Cora Ann Farrish 49331, MIOccupational Therapy1003379470
Corrine Hoetger 49107, MIOccupational Therapy1891124558
Courtney Hickman 49735, MIOccupational Therapy1861805715
Courtney Millard 49503, MIOccupational Therapy1659844736
Courtney Stumpf 48312, MIOccupational Therapy1083149082
Courtney Vanderhaegen 48044, MIOccupational Therapy1922600527
Courtney Catherine Zary 48038, MIOccupational Therapy1134882459
Craig Douglas Morea 48911, MIOccupational Therapy1992127898
Crystal Stotz 49221, MIOccupational Therapy1730680505
Cynthia Ann Faraji-tajrishi 48315, MIOccupational Therapy1790920767
Cynthia Kay Hildebrandt 49106, MIOccupational Therapy1700032695
Cynthia Yuritzi Lamas-navarro 49546, MIOccupational Therapy1992265276
Cynthia Shaw 48035, MIOccupational Therapy1942490958
Damian Villarreal 48180, MIOccupational Therapy1467937797
Dana Salter 48451, MIOccupational Therapy1144838533
Daniel Mallory 48329, MIOccupational Therapy1568861078
Daniel Turner 49855, MIOccupational Therapy1851697882
Danielle Finn 48036, MIOccupational Therapy1629522651
Danielle Matson 48811, MIOccupational Therapy1487217402


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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