Providers with Taxonomy: Occupational Therapy in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapy
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anthony Matthew Fattori 08837, NJOccupational Therapy1841719168
Brenton Gray 08831, NJOccupational Therapy1639608326
Krizia G. Carpo 10014, NJOccupational Therapy1821583691
Elbaliz Mendez Valentin 07719, NJOccupational Therapy1790223626
Ku Rehab And Fitness Llc 08873, NJOccupational Therapy1518319722
Mary Patricia Murphy 10605, NJOccupational Therapy1316323660
Shifra Joseph 08701, NJOccupational Therapy1487113544
Marilyn Iacoviello 07079, NJOccupational Therapy1205280831
Michael Gabrian 07960, NJOccupational Therapy1508472895
Linda Jean Harris 18040, NJOccupational Therapy1760608103
Rachael Avery Burgess 10460, NJOccupational Therapy1023614252
Hemani Patel 07960, NJOccupational Therapy1760066617
Margaret Johnston 07960, NJOccupational Therapy1467023440
Orquidania Guevara 75033, NJOccupational Therapy1710421441
Valerie Garris 10310, NJOccupational Therapy1598364572
Catherine B Almazora 07009, NJOccupational Therapy1215602594
Kepler Jocelyn 08873, NJOccupational Therapy1326715327
Occupational Training Center Of Burlington County Inc. 08053, NJOccupational Therapy1841471505
Advance Therapy Services, Inc 08054, NJOccupational Therapy1730358839
Reliable Health Care Llc 07603, NJOccupational Therapy1396995304
Bergen Pediatric Therapy Center 07675, NJOccupational Therapy1205060589
Total Body Physical Therapy Llc 07071, NJOccupational Therapy1821329814
First Rehab Group Llc 08884, NJOccupational Therapy1417278003
Therapeutic Outreach For Children, Inc 08555, NJOccupational Therapy1962742189
First Care Rehab Services 08701, NJOccupational Therapy1922426972
Imperial Vista Care Inc 08810, NJOccupational Therapy1457732281
Imperial Vista Health Care Staffing, Llc 07644, NJOccupational Therapy1003211152
Mosaic Impex Inc 08824, NJOccupational Therapy1073032363
Pops Therapeutics,llc 07044, NJOccupational Therapy1770051559
Sunrise Therapy Ct Llc 08701, NJOccupational Therapy1255983144
Smb Healtcare And Business Consulting Servicesllc 08824, NJOccupational Therapy1700428943
Tools For Healing Llc 08003, NJOccupational Therapy1699319467
Springpoint At Monroe Village, Inc. 08831, NJOccupational Therapy1275930752
Springpoint At Monroe Village, Inc. 08831, NJOccupational Therapy1942830989
Jersey Shore Home Rehabilitation Llc 08234, NJOccupational Therapy1730797259
Choice Rehab, Inc. 08053, NJOccupational Therapy1205952074
Cooper Bone And Joint Institute 08103, NJOccupational Therapy1649391988
Advantage Rehabilitation Services Llc 07662, NJOccupational Therapy1477756963
Jewish Home Assisted Living 07675, NJOccupational Therapy1548875172
Bakhru Occupational Therapy And Wellness, Llc 08817, NJOccupational Therapy1437745742
Healthspan Healthcare Services Llc 08873, NJOccupational Therapy1639762024
Adela Merida 07093, NJOccupational Therapy1811405244
Adina Forster 08701, NJOccupational Therapy1578147096
Agnes Roszkowski 07726, NJOccupational Therapy1891252359
Ahuva Feintuch 08701, NJOccupational Therapy1477157741
Aida E. Mendez-boud 07081, NJOccupational Therapy1023624798
Alexandra Cristina Davidson 07760, NJOccupational Therapy1982920245
Alexis Butler 08034, NJOccupational Therapy1538735741
Alexis Danielle Corralizza 07728, NJOccupational Therapy1093374563
Alicia O'neill 07960, NJOccupational Therapy1336714047
Alicia Redfern 08043, NJOccupational Therapy1215477401
Alison Gerlitz 07480, NJOccupational Therapy1235552803
Alison R Koch 08002, NJOccupational Therapy1922211168
Allison Rose Estell 10040, NJOccupational Therapy1770096315
Altagracia Ramirez 07735, NJOccupational Therapy1427458082
Amani Canaan 08505, NJOccupational Therapy1629674874
Amar Tereef Thomas 08852, NJOccupational Therapy1538650965
Amber Hrbek 08043, NJOccupational Therapy1427422591
Amidatu Seidu 07036, NJOccupational Therapy1821505926
Amy Groome 07110, NJOccupational Therapy1245653765
Amy Michelle Lilly 08360, NJOccupational Therapy1215353487
Amy Welsh 08043, NJOccupational Therapy1750703369
Anastasiya Kanbur 08520, NJOccupational Therapy1417426776
Andrea Shepanski 08226, NJOccupational Therapy1306973953
Angela Nicole Bussi 07405, NJOccupational Therapy1659720076
Angela Mcdonald 08043, NJOccupational Therapy1053717512
Angela O'leary 08527, NJOccupational Therapy1740672948
Angela Verdi 08865, NJOccupational Therapy1679073175
Angela Visconti 08002, NJOccupational Therapy1417124603
Angelica Nicole Wein 08831, NJOccupational Therapy1699379859
Angelique Marie Amador 08865, NJOccupational Therapy1154761427
Ann Miller 08201, NJOccupational Therapy1508259177
Ann Marie Palmateer 08520, NJOccupational Therapy1568974178
Anna Bauer 08831, NJOccupational Therapy1447844782
Anna Joo 10452, NJOccupational Therapy1386225480
Annette Cynthia Schunk 08066, NJOccupational Therapy1285757682
Annette Sestito 08086, NJOccupational Therapy1164766523
Annie Ko 07647, NJOccupational Therapy1891269353
Anthony Ifeanyi Oleka 07111, NJOccupational Therapy1407409790
Antoinette June Haight 08360, NJOccupational Therapy1457471997
Apexa Rana 07012, NJOccupational Therapy1003384900
April Johnson 08520, NJOccupational Therapy1285304493
Ariela S Warburg Harcsztark 07666, NJOccupational Therapy1255606117
Ashley Alicia Clayborn 08057, NJOccupational Therapy1588259121
Ashley Evering 07011, NJOccupational Therapy1578005666
Asia Monique Cummings 08054, NJOccupational Therapy1225615842
Aviva M Jeremias 08527, NJOccupational Therapy1902277304
Barbara J Case 07860, NJOccupational Therapy1740304096
Barbara Daciuk 10591, NJOccupational Therapy1942490347
Batsheva Friedman 08701, NJOccupational Therapy1649765496
Beatrice Jasmine Gonzalez 07601, NJOccupational Therapy1285264283
Benedict Varghese 07652, NJOccupational Therapy1184260911
Benita Simpson 08332, NJOccupational Therapy1780193029
Bernadette Singleton 07083, NJOccupational Therapy1588049001
Bertha Elsa Cohen 08527, NJOccupational Therapy1629360177
Blake Schicker 07860, NJOccupational Therapy1841667508
Bonnie Ball 08085, NJOccupational Therapy1023308533
Bonnie Lee Berg 08016, NJOccupational Therapy1760505424
Bonnie Hull 07851, NJOccupational Therapy1053780346
Brandon Vaccaro 08016, NJOccupational Therapy1952985236
Brenda Davis 21014, NJOccupational Therapy1275039000
Brenda Lynne Almonte Ferreras 08558, NJOccupational Therapy1295208197
Brennan Burditt 08071, NJOccupational Therapy1043612948
Brian Freeman Hall 08016, NJOccupational Therapy1275796427
Brian Meyers 07860, NJOccupational Therapy1023566759
Brianna Boyance 08723, NJOccupational Therapy1386005833
Brittany Lynn Merkle 08043, NJOccupational Therapy1366067688
Brooke Hope Fullerton 07446, NJOccupational Therapy1609457035
Caitlyn Nicole Barba 07876, NJOccupational Therapy1316302706
Carl R. Pauline 08830, NJOccupational Therapy1447605779
Carla Ann Smith 08244, NJOccupational Therapy1326318429
Carlene Dennis 07026, NJOccupational Therapy1912546805
Carol H Hutchinson 07863, NJOccupational Therapy1134565773
Carolyn Kline 07757, NJOccupational Therapy1992994834
Carrie Ann Powers 07974, NJOccupational Therapy1053519124
Casey Zbierski 07675, NJOccupational Therapy1053829036
Catherine Lordi Cash 07730, NJOccupational Therapy1477829869
Catherine Magarelli 07860, NJOccupational Therapy1336527282
Catherine A. Zambito 07065, NJOccupational Therapy1871854117
Celeste Maquiling 07901, NJOccupational Therapy1235731118
Chana Kaplinsky 08701, NJOccupational Therapy1205486974
Chana Mincer 08701, NJOccupational Therapy1770007239
Charlene Fernandez 07093, NJOccupational Therapy1952885477
Charles Cuttler 07647, NJOccupational Therapy1770977720
Chava B Rubin 08527, NJOccupational Therapy1487222402
Chelsea Estinville 19115, NJOccupational Therapy1396233458
Cheryl Rodgers 07753, NJOccupational Therapy1427622620
Christa Spence 08043, NJOccupational Therapy1992106801
Christian Urbina 10701, NJOccupational Therapy1386295806
Christina Miranda 07757, NJOccupational Therapy1598951097
Christine Pappas 07420, NJOccupational Therapy1457768632
Christine Monique Stein 07410, NJOccupational Therapy1639495864
Christopher Miller 07420, NJOccupational Therapy1114256617
Cindi Mcdonald 08016, NJOccupational Therapy1689020042
Cindy Nguyen 08028, NJOccupational Therapy1790354553
Claudia Pinto 07481, NJOccupational Therapy1568706224
Cliodhna Margaret Savage 07054, NJOccupational Therapy1144884081
Colette Dawn Gandolfo 07009, NJOccupational Therapy1184743114
Connie Schneider 07860, NJOccupational Therapy1427467810
Corinne Lantieri 07960, NJOccupational Therapy1073287256
Cortney Greenwell 08012, NJOccupational Therapy1356685168
Courtney Critelli 07666, NJOccupational Therapy1497422133
Courtney Marie Lyons 08816, NJOccupational Therapy1255713962
Crystal Yanez 07860, NJOccupational Therapy1326269788
Crystalene Joy F Marchut 07981, NJOccupational Therapy1619512902
Cynthia T Blauvelt 07107, NJOccupational Therapy1538420492
Cynthia Ann Couillard 07825, NJOccupational Therapy1700122330
Cynthia Jean Eicher 10591, NJOccupational Therapy1740465269
Cynthia Lim Go 07960, NJOccupational Therapy1497247936
Cynthia Mandarakas 07003, NJOccupational Therapy1699039131
Cynthia Ann Therrien 08043, NJOccupational Therapy1992035539
Dana Latoya Glaspy 07050, NJOccupational Therapy1225404858
Dana Lashendock 07032, NJOccupational Therapy1740767821
Danna Lynn Carlton 07726, NJOccupational Therapy1700427895
Danna Ferrer 08043, NJOccupational Therapy1265950992
Danna Segala 07604, NJOccupational Therapy1760971758
Daria Korobova 08852, NJOccupational Therapy1154725018
Dave Onofre 07104, NJOccupational Therapy1437620960
David Charneco 08902, NJOccupational Therapy1386000214
David Stanley 08204, NJOccupational Therapy1609272798
Dawn Fasano-hicks 07006, NJOccupational Therapy1043369184
Dawn Smith 07470, NJOccupational Therapy1427428648
Deborah Grabbe 08332, NJOccupational Therapy1487071072
Debra Ann Gallagher 08876, NJOccupational Therapy1588805519
Delma N Punzalan 07081, NJOccupational Therapy1265074819
Delmaliz Rodriguez 07621, NJOccupational Therapy1386890317
Denise A Knapp 08003, NJOccupational Therapy1134346190
Denise Kristine Skroskis 08205, NJOccupational Therapy1588870927
Denver Dizon 07306, NJOccupational Therapy1285294371
Devora Jakob 08701, NJOccupational Therapy1003211376
Diana Milena Arenas Pelepako 07631, NJOccupational Therapy1396090205
Diana Lynne Bonzulak Anweiler 07039, NJOccupational Therapy1972714061
Diana V. Hohmann 07832, NJOccupational Therapy1912313917
Diana L Holmes 08226, NJOccupational Therapy1609905108
Diana L Laudati 07013, NJOccupational Therapy1417214495
Diane Marie Zagacki 07047, NJOccupational Therapy1497948673
Dianne D Chase 07481, NJOccupational Therapy1316141120
Dina Comparetto 07446, NJOccupational Therapy1013456607
Dina Ogingo 07039, NJOccupational Therapy1538753405
Dominick D Cataudella 07950, NJOccupational Therapy1487262317
Donna Clee 08043, NJOccupational Therapy1255565297
Dulce Jane Solomon 08234, NJOccupational Therapy1619361854
Eboni Cave 07666, NJOccupational Therapy1093264244
Eder Charles 07108, NJOccupational Therapy1689078313
Edmond Bernard Bock 08004, NJOccupational Therapy1932221108
Eduardo Rivero Correa 08536, NJOccupational Therapy1023562477
Edwin Rafael Fernandez Grullon 07002, NJOccupational Therapy1912469321
Eidelheide Batane Cobcobo 07604, NJOccupational Therapy1801350855
Eileen Boyce 08724, NJOccupational Therapy1356735567
Eileen Faith Flax 08062, NJOccupational Therapy1427209824
Ejiroghene R Okieruovo 07108, NJOccupational Therapy1235781139
Eleonora Sholomova 07010, NJOccupational Therapy1447495395
Eliane Pascali 07430, NJOccupational Therapy1336799543
Elizabeth Arendt 08724, NJOccupational Therapy1346575115
Elizabeth Grace Berrue 08873, NJOccupational Therapy1841530581
Elizabeth Grace Demaria 08723, NJOccupational Therapy1760052120
Elizabeth Anne Skonicki 08034, NJOccupational Therapy1790919835
Elizabeth Tiberio 08721, NJOccupational Therapy1720291313
Elizabeth Tozzi 08619, NJOccupational Therapy1669890992
Elizabeth Ariel Wojcik 07823, NJOccupational Therapy1407224900


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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