Providers with Taxonomy: Occupational Therapy in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapy
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lydia Noel Hyslop 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1114463734
Marlene L Kupper 73104, OKOccupational Therapy1386121143
Linna Marie Barry 73139, OKOccupational Therapy1588607865
Cecilia Bonifield 72952, OKOccupational Therapy1356370548
Jennifer King 73572, OKOccupational Therapy1265817498
Jordan Medlock 73521, OKOccupational Therapy1407398795
Amanda Reyes 74055, OKOccupational Therapy1427567155
Jacqueline Manus 74464, OKOccupational Therapy1083085377
Cynthia Lumsden 73448, OKOccupational Therapy1275644262
Beckey Plumley 74701, OKOccupational Therapy1891806808
Tricia Hartzell 74701, OKOccupational Therapy1437260411
Jennifer Lee Malone 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1043321045
Alecia Wyrick 74701, OKOccupational Therapy1639280563
Patricia A Berry 73104, OKOccupational Therapy1760580195
Jim Edward Mcgee 73104, OKOccupational Therapy1821197468
Cynthia Rollins 73008, OKOccupational Therapy1053410035
Karen Sue Sandefur 73104, OKOccupational Therapy1821198367
Red River Rehabilitation Inc 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1972695039
Kari Renee Dahlke 73071, OKOccupational Therapy1285720359
Diane Elaine Howard 74501, OKOccupational Therapy1730665019
Home Therapy Resources, Inc. 74145, OKOccupational Therapy1265515647
Marna Lynn Schank 73112, OKOccupational Therapy1427515105
Stacy James Rendon 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1629100524
Terrie Lee Wagoner 74136, OKOccupational Therapy1194849919
Cheryl Renee Patrick 74136, OKOccupational Therapy1326162074
Geneva Fern Craig 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1104940428
Cody Lynn Elliott 73112, OKOccupational Therapy1053438382
Michael Allie 73533, OKOccupational Therapy1295852945
Catherine Horton 73086, OKOccupational Therapy1699299446
Stacey Denean Colemanhughes 73501, OKOccupational Therapy1366564049
Amy Elizabeth Steele 74136, OKOccupational Therapy1164544334
Andrea Marie Rendina 73568, OKOccupational Therapy1437372596
Shannon Ashley Newberry 74136, OKOccupational Therapy1326266123
Julie A Streapy 74037, OKOccupational Therapy1245458074
Gail A Piraino 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1346469046
Dee Ann Garcia 74136, OKOccupational Therapy1669693818
Susan Antoinette Dezso 74401, OKOccupational Therapy1750503777
Kristen Harriss 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1427270255
Hermine Carrell Nichols 73521, OKOccupational Therapy1780897231
Karna Robyn Parker 73521, OKOccupational Therapy1285848663
Lesta K Cheek 74020, OKOccupational Therapy1265646160
Shannon Dee Rineer 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1043427214
Rebecca Ann Wade 74743, OKOccupational Therapy1346459914
Shana S Ramirez 73501, OKOccupational Therapy1487865440
Lindsay Harcourt 73112, OKOccupational Therapy1700088374
Steven Scott Collins 72956, OKOccupational Therapy1851597694
Sarah Lynn Brown 74006, OKOccupational Therapy1902003270
Shelly Ranae Waddle 73170, OKOccupational Therapy1730386756
Carrie Matthews 73165, OKOccupational Therapy1407054018
Karen Ruth Wiechman 73020, OKOccupational Therapy1053510412
Kristine A Sisk 74055, OKOccupational Therapy1942409032
Sherry Whisman 74079, OKOccupational Therapy1649463654
Sarah Renee Morrison 73099, OKOccupational Therapy1962696385
Courtney Ellen Poplin 73112, OKOccupational Therapy1851585509
Robin Freeman 73505, OKOccupational Therapy1700071073
Holistic Therapy, Pllc 73012, OKOccupational Therapy1528254711
Brenda Gay Storm 74401, OKOccupational Therapy1376731950
Casey Louise Denton 73010, OKOccupational Therapy1073792487
Marilyn Joyce Avery 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1033390448
Jamie Raylene Hooper 73701, OKOccupational Therapy1518149863
Sonya Alecia Arnold 73071, OKOccupational Therapy1386826998
Therawest 73601, OKOccupational Therapy1457534240
Jennifer Marie Watkins 73096, OKOccupational Therapy1275717480
Ellen Marie Williams 74136, OKOccupational Therapy1649454737
Robert Zafar Lafleur 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1063680601
Debra Gail Crowder 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1144498783
Virgilio Pasa Querubin 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1396913935
Helen Marie Clark 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1841468485
Carolyn Ann Barrera 73112, OKOccupational Therapy1942472345
Barbara Gayle Martin 73071, OKOccupational Therapy1659543999
Danielle S Sachetti 74135, OKOccupational Therapy1164696175
Brian Christopher Lee 73064, OKOccupational Therapy1205002086
Lou Ann Short 74135, OKOccupational Therapy1134396559
Brenda K Woodford 73701, OKOccupational Therapy1457511347
Kristina Ann Berry 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1407017296
Kyle Dean Cottrell 73071, OKOccupational Therapy1609031517
Jason Christopher Ross 73521, OKOccupational Therapy1952581860
Nancy Ray Bugbee 73401, OKOccupational Therapy1952884231
Myra E Martin 74344, OKOccupational Therapy1164678876
Tara Amber Kirby 73112, OKOccupational Therapy1568618205
Tammy Phillips-brookshire 73149, OKOccupational Therapy1871741587
Locka Ladena Keith 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1235388737
Patricia Gay Block 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1144470261
Curtis Aaron Spivey 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1376795856
Lyndee Black 74820, OKOccupational Therapy1891940862
Margaret Jean Madere 74301, OKOccupational Therapy1609013044
Lori Leroy Wyssmann 73104, OKOccupational Therapy1790922490
Carol Lynn Peters 74301, OKOccupational Therapy1467699009
Joy Hill 73401, OKOccupational Therapy1164662359
Donna Gail Mayes 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1699915884
Jamie Leigh Navarez 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1598905788
Libia Esther Pevey 73446, OKOccupational Therapy1225278419
Emily Rae Pannell 73071, OKOccupational Therapy1881836898
Candice Rae Carney 74135, OKOccupational Therapy1730315516
Leah Carter 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1144459579
Lisa Janell Smith 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1790918902
Zack Wesley Smith 76302, OKOccupational Therapy1548595473
Caleb Reed 73071, OKOccupational Therapy1346577285
Sharon Rene Savage 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1871820639
Sherry Whidden 33613, OKOccupational Therapy1023335809
Stefany Lynn La Fay 33711, OKOccupational Therapy1679891386
Billy Isaac Martin 28761, OKOccupational Therapy1750609061
Jacqueline Jo Adams 74022, OKOccupational Therapy1356661375
Therapy Valley Services, Inc. 73075, OKOccupational Therapy1083921829
Cindy E. Durr, D.o., Inc., P.c. 74403, OKOccupational Therapy1295044253
Dale Brian Mangus 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1629370085
Deandra L Mcdonald 74047, OKOccupational Therapy1205139052
Kathleen L Plummer 73106, OKOccupational Therapy1184928087
Tabatha M Rubino 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1750688081
Fairland Public Schools 74343, OKOccupational Therapy1114217429
Leah Welch 74820, OKOccupational Therapy1588956734
Tiffany Amber Barnes 73068, OKOccupational Therapy1356634158
Breanna Dawn Stice 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1316231988
Linda Schaffer 32128, OKOccupational Therapy1447548201
Barbara S. Oliver 74105, OKOccupational Therapy1144597220
Lucy Harris 73112, OKOccupational Therapy1699044198
Chelsea K.dawn Wood 73505, OKOccupational Therapy1366712416
Nancy J Thompson 73112, OKOccupational Therapy1700157559
Angela Lynn Averill 74136, OKOccupational Therapy1720351331
Joshua Appollo Craig 74006, OKOccupational Therapy1366715880
Peggy M Kline 74701, OKOccupational Therapy1992070544
Mason James Smith 73009, OKOccupational Therapy1578938288
Brian Carrigan 73103, OKOccupational Therapy1720581754
Lorissa King 73086, OKOccupational Therapy1528582376
Mindee Freeman 73086, OKOccupational Therapy1679097430
Misty Crowell 73086, OKOccupational Therapy1851815658
Lindsay Gaylor 73086, OKOccupational Therapy1689198491
Nicole Gray 73086, OKOccupational Therapy1992229728
Leah Flowers 73086, OKOccupational Therapy1235653064
Marjorie Parker 73086, OKOccupational Therapy1659895498
Amy Gariepy 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1386163897
Elisa M James 74070, OKOccupational Therapy1831605609
Tomih Ann Noley 73071, OKOccupational Therapy1407347115
Linda Fowler 73104, OKOccupational Therapy1073099305
Amanda Martinez 73159, OKOccupational Therapy1649758574
Haley Payne 76273, OKOccupational Therapy1831670884
Glenda Darlene Dearman 73086, OKOccupational Therapy1023374592
William Randal Byars 73072, OKOccupational Therapy1073873170
Michelle Anne Lee 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1811250103
Donna G Parsons 74133, OKOccupational Therapy1255696118
Michael Strauss 73103, OKOccupational Therapy1396090304
Michelle R Peeples 74135, OKOccupational Therapy1699020487
Jamie Suzette Stevens 74501, OKOccupational Therapy1841548294
Tina Morris 73103, OKOccupational Therapy1730439993
Latonya Denise Roberson 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1164773057
Timmori Jade Ferrell 73701, OKOccupational Therapy1922350420
Joshua Collins 74055, OKOccupational Therapy1306190822
Paulette Audie Marie Wells 74037, OKOccupational Therapy1780928341
Lorie Leann Wheeler 74011, OKOccupational Therapy1578807004
Leslyn Ann Sutton 74021, OKOccupational Therapy1770828295
Kari Dawn Tanner 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1558607804
Kelly Rae Hale 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1982940052
Shila Stone 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1295071157
Francis Deason 73103, OKOccupational Therapy1366789836
Timothy Douglas Miller 74017, OKOccupational Therapy1780922658
Geneva Molder 73119, OKOccupational Therapy1902145121
Crystal Lynn Cook 74523, OKOccupational Therapy1174865083
Ashley Voss 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1033552989
Claudia Williams 74017, OKOccupational Therapy1336582956
Tracy Laeger 74017, OKOccupational Therapy1790128304
Jennifer Dae Arvizu 74079, OKOccupational Therapy1548603855
Daniel L Neal 74012, OKOccupational Therapy1801231667
Kimberly Anne Dyer 73159, OKOccupational Therapy1790121440
Stacy Leigh Hutchison 73728, OKOccupational Therapy1457798555
Sally Cookson 74136, OKOccupational Therapy1467890236
Taran Marie Kaltenbaugh 74354, OKOccupational Therapy1457788879
Abrina Marie Kneeland 73116, OKOccupational Therapy1467880708
Amy Lynn Woods 74115, OKOccupational Therapy1649600511
Bernardine Kay Baxter 74344, OKOccupational Therapy1831513878
Jennifer Hughes 73013, OKOccupational Therapy1235554254
Rebecca Snyder 73521, OKOccupational Therapy1962828228
Michelle Jones 74055, OKOccupational Therapy1942629506
Paula Oast 74604, OKOccupational Therapy1154736221
Terri Collins 73533, OKOccupational Therapy1215345616
Katie Farrow 74523, OKOccupational Therapy1194133249
Dawn Ross 74066, OKOccupational Therapy1649672296
Charles Judy 74019, OKOccupational Therapy1396147955
Lisa Carrasco 74136, OKOccupational Therapy1073917167
Eclipse Healthcare, L.l.c. 74119, OKOccupational Therapy1225433725
Darlene Reynolds 73717, OKOccupational Therapy1801293790
Tim Henslee 74604, OKOccupational Therapy1043617723
Green Country Rehabilitation, Llc 74119, OKOccupational Therapy1225436371
Mandy Degiacomo 74701, OKOccupational Therapy1285032300
Suzanne Denise Suddath 73108, OKOccupational Therapy1922496512
Katie A Johnson 74134, OKOccupational Therapy1033507306
Stacey Renee Wells 73108, OKOccupational Therapy1538558705
Brandon Bryant 74066, OKOccupational Therapy1356731285
Jessica Dawn Hunt 73139, OKOccupational Therapy1629468129
Jill Eddings 74501, OKOccupational Therapy1447640933
John Jacob Florer 74401, OKOccupational Therapy1922498443
Aubrey Corlette Mentis 74604, OKOccupational Therapy1629460241
Patricia Lynn Beckers 73071, OKOccupational Therapy1538551973
Amanda Arrington 73099, OKOccupational Therapy1770977159
Amber Dawn Carter 74135, OKOccupational Therapy1811382211
Amanda Barnes 74134, OKOccupational Therapy1174919773
Kathy Kincheloe Greer 74135, OKOccupational Therapy1104212224
Rachel Yates 73112, OKOccupational Therapy1760869788
Tanya Loree Pancoast 73064, OKOccupational Therapy1497132856
Pediatric Therapy Solutions 74006, OKOccupational Therapy1790166296
Jaimie Leigh Wardlaw 73142, OKOccupational Therapy1275966194


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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