Providers with Taxonomy: Occupational Therapy in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapy
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Marissa Greene 18634, PAOccupational Therapy1568876365
Charise M Okonski 18702, PAOccupational Therapy1366566911
Jennifer S Albert 05641, PAOccupational Therapy1659602548
Laura Rice 19713, PAOccupational Therapy1801041579
Carrie Lynn Hixson 24540, PAOccupational Therapy1144674730
Michele Bobko 15301, PAOccupational Therapy1285143768
Michelle Eckert 16101, PAOccupational Therapy1962948786
Yvette Svoboda 32703, PAOccupational Therapy1437450319
Brianna Marie Bennici 18407, PAOccupational Therapy1427556133
Julia Dariychuk 01841, PAOccupational Therapy1093298317
Deitra Meaghan Hood 17042, PAOccupational Therapy1629544408
Nicole Rae Yuhas 15401, PAOccupational Therapy1467916122
Chelsea Lynn Haines 60026, PAOccupational Therapy1447724901
Meghin Uhl 18045, PAOccupational Therapy1861951774
Jillian Kathleen Farnan 18974, PAOccupational Therapy1346655263
Jennifer Smart 19355, PAOccupational Therapy1093376899
Penny Lynn Rowles 16833, PAOccupational Therapy1245871615
Christy Lautenslager 17201, PAOccupational Therapy1477967552
Stacey Linn Andrade 19348, PAOccupational Therapy1336783976
Tori Nicole Glisson 18848, PAOccupational Therapy1912542333
Christy Yingling 78234, PAOccupational Therapy1982035077
Karen Jo Reiner 17020, PAOccupational Therapy1982240198
Katrina Anderson 15825, PAOccupational Therapy1043779382
Alicia A Rhodes 17821, PAOccupational Therapy1689266769
Kaitlin Marie Titemore 17972, PAOccupational Therapy1437566304
Lauren Anne Wright 19014, PAOccupational Therapy1366058000
Katelyn Marie Mcclure 16602, PAOccupational Therapy1225500986
Janelle Wallace 16601, PAOccupational Therapy1871156794
Pottstown Hospital, Llc 19464, PAOccupational Therapy1093225369
Kirsten Faith Growden 32258, PAOccupational Therapy1790240703
Kayla Torrence 44512, PAOccupational Therapy1720433188
June Chang Ghil 15241, PAOccupational Therapy1235701459
Absolute Care 24/7 19018, PAOccupational Therapy1063993947
Central Pa Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 17061, PAOccupational Therapy1205888716
Core Network, Llc 15132, PAOccupational Therapy1871551028
Easter Seals Western And Central Pennsylvania 16602, PAOccupational Therapy1164517025
Leg Up Farm, Inc. 17347, PAOccupational Therapy1063748762
Rebecca's Place, Llc 17408, PAOccupational Therapy1316244494
Autism Center Of Pittsburgh 15237, PAOccupational Therapy1922439959
Acadia Acquisition Inc 17601, PAOccupational Therapy1477984300
Trinity Health Solutions, Llc. 15204, PAOccupational Therapy1922476696
Capable Kids Llc 16148, PAOccupational Therapy1386079200
Austill's Rehabilitation Services, Inc. 19341, PAOccupational Therapy1649594003
Easter Seals Western And Central Pennsylvania 16602, PAOccupational Therapy1851738363
Grand Therapy Services, Llc 19027, PAOccupational Therapy1144737040
Vibrant Rehabilitation Llc 19122, PAOccupational Therapy1316307192
My Child's Therapy, Inc 19053, PAOccupational Therapy1518524420
Specialty Physical Therapy Llc 18644, PAOccupational Therapy1013548379
Acadia, Inc. 17601, PAOccupational Therapy1629075791
Rivera Physical Therapy, Pc 17601, PAOccupational Therapy1801813233
Easter Seals Central Pa 16602, PAOccupational Therapy1588795769
Penn Rehab Network, Inc. 15063, PAOccupational Therapy1962520056
Keystone Service Systems, Inc 16801, PAOccupational Therapy1285755728
Dubois Regional Medical Center 15767, PAOccupational Therapy1952917981
Neil's Rehab And Fitness, Pllc 18974, PAOccupational Therapy1699361907
Playfull Therapy 19355, PAOccupational Therapy1194318899
Sn Kentuckiana Rehab, Llc 40243, PAOccupational Therapy1497228886
Aaron Joseph Eichhorn 15227, PAOccupational Therapy1790801009
Aaron Scott Lanzendorfer 15906, PAOccupational Therapy1518587062
Abby Marie Lewis 18634, PAOccupational Therapy1326604042
Abby Lou Smith 17847, PAOccupational Therapy1639296791
Abigail Rose Mosemann 19344, PAOccupational Therapy1396413902
Abigail Rutter 17578, PAOccupational Therapy1952506735
Abigail Murlea Tuke 19348, PAOccupational Therapy1841442696
Acacia M Lucas 17745, PAOccupational Therapy1184130437
Ada L. Jackson 78218, PAOccupational Therapy1093878969
Adrienne Wenrick 17015, PAOccupational Therapy1043622947
Aida A Marron 77380, PAOccupational Therapy1659550432
Aileen Marie Keiper 17745, PAOccupational Therapy1093221566
Aimee E Land 29678, PAOccupational Therapy1912036211
Alan Funk 18103, PAOccupational Therapy1215915541
Alecia Buss 18080, PAOccupational Therapy1205278249
Alecia Rae Townsend-hutchinson 19348, PAOccupational Therapy1205376175
Aleksandra Wilkowski 19046, PAOccupational Therapy1194365528
Alex Roseman 19104, PAOccupational Therapy1013470269
Alexandra M Miller 17055, PAOccupational Therapy1174994297
Alexandra Standish 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1942402680
Alexis Johnson 18944, PAOccupational Therapy1669052643
Alice R. Matthews 30350, PAOccupational Therapy1528241874
Alicia M Colonie 17857, PAOccupational Therapy1053984096
Alicia O'neill 07960, PAOccupational Therapy1336714047
Alicia Oris 19115, PAOccupational Therapy1386044030
Alicia Marie Todd 18509, PAOccupational Therapy1710296314
Alisha Lenae Clements 32714, PAOccupational Therapy1477958619
Alisha Marie Nesmith 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1912260241
Alison Burke 18901, PAOccupational Therapy1811235377
Alison R Hospelhorn 17201, PAOccupational Therapy1144360934
Alison Jordan 18064, PAOccupational Therapy1003023136
Alissa Lynne Matechak 19010, PAOccupational Therapy1306176821
Allante D. Piner 19087, PAOccupational Therapy1235424789
Allison Burdge 17102, PAOccupational Therapy1851842546
Allison Kaye Law 15201, PAOccupational Therapy1477980076
Allison Marie Mcguigan 15237, PAOccupational Therapy1821255506
Allison Orlando 19464, PAOccupational Therapy1922386978
Allison Schall 19046, PAOccupational Therapy1417583113
Allison Weber 17578, PAOccupational Therapy1477919538
Allison Zimmerman 19055, PAOccupational Therapy1932524170
Alyssa Jones 15132, PAOccupational Therapy1205367224
Alyssa Jean Machmer 18201, PAOccupational Therapy1265935019
Alyssa Miller 21093, PAOccupational Therapy1538711569
Alyssa Rose 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1366671760
Alyssa Seidel 18049, PAOccupational Therapy1336422518
Alyssa Turner 16406, PAOccupational Therapy1215401054
Amanda Annarelli 15101, PAOccupational Therapy1003209578
Amanda Argento 18062, PAOccupational Therapy1306085287
Amanda Michelle Ayala 19145, PAOccupational Therapy1043642291
Amanda Brown 19040, PAOccupational Therapy1952537334
Amanda Carnes 19526, PAOccupational Therapy1427558683
Amanda Gsell 21742, PAOccupational Therapy1871066522
Amanda Marie Guenther 15102, PAOccupational Therapy1457503096
Amanda Holloway 19002, PAOccupational Therapy1487181640
Amanda Lebe 15425, PAOccupational Therapy1477931350
Amanda Lee Mast 18610, PAOccupational Therapy1598155624
Amanda Mccusker 22603, PAOccupational Therapy1912373572
Amanda Marie Mclean 19348, PAOccupational Therapy1730520982
Amanda Morris 18201, PAOccupational Therapy1316310618
Amanda Scott 15234, PAOccupational Therapy1427270677
Amanda D Shore 15024, PAOccupational Therapy1619408382
Amanda M Wardlaw 29672, PAOccupational Therapy1053441253
Amanda Monique Waters 15205, PAOccupational Therapy1093093270
Amanda Lynn Williams 19508, PAOccupational Therapy1679910707
Amanda Renee Williams 15825, PAOccupational Therapy1235730045
Amber Faith Buck 19115, PAOccupational Therapy1295317279
Amber Le Fryer 17837, PAOccupational Therapy1598310963
Amber Grimes 17042, PAOccupational Therapy1255614319
Amber Rae Horn 17042, PAOccupational Therapy1124595905
Amber Keisel 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1942530340
Amber Kolb 19146, PAOccupational Therapy1558892703
Amber Dawn Malanosky 15120, PAOccupational Therapy1669741948
Amber E Wells 19401, PAOccupational Therapy1649779414
Ammie Davidheiser 18015, PAOccupational Therapy1245592740
Amy Kay Altomari 15613, PAOccupational Therapy1134634439
Amy Beth Aubin 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1508131434
Amy Jolene Bryan 17777, PAOccupational Therapy1346369949
Amy Carolyn Bullard 28115, PAOccupational Therapy1932533387
Amy Marie Elizabeth Burkhart 15108, PAOccupational Therapy1609106046
Amy Chalot 16901, PAOccupational Therapy1144650607
Amy J Dorsey 15857, PAOccupational Therapy1063558815
Amy Dziadik 15010, PAOccupational Therapy1841620457
Amy Faust 19533, PAOccupational Therapy1063927283
Amy Lynn Fitsko 15074, PAOccupational Therapy1609387851
Amy Fleming 17222, PAOccupational Therapy1194163543
Amy Lynn Garris 19426, PAOccupational Therapy1538500673
Amy L Hannah 15825, PAOccupational Therapy1518392539
Amy S Hiler 17036, PAOccupational Therapy1558656611
Amy Hudkins 15132, PAOccupational Therapy1740814508
Amy M Knoess 17202, PAOccupational Therapy1689149908
Amy B Kupstas 68154, PAOccupational Therapy1073804704
Amy Lavina 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1508036930
Amy Mazaleski 19446, PAOccupational Therapy1184164485
Amy Elizabeth Mozzocchi 15108, PAOccupational Therapy1730725821
Amy O'brien 19047, PAOccupational Therapy1760807739
Amy L Proctor 17325, PAOccupational Therapy1124590435
Amy T Roberts 15601, PAOccupational Therapy1790978369
Amy Marie Shipton 17701, PAOccupational Therapy1508999103
Amy Louise Showalter 16662, PAOccupational Therapy1518348820
Amy Kathryn Thomas 17325, PAOccupational Therapy1982809406
Amy Beth Weaver 17013, PAOccupational Therapy1972914802
Anastasia Bouillon 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1245552280
Anastasia Laird 17701, PAOccupational Therapy1114425766
Andrea Amanda Bodnari 18020, PAOccupational Therapy1114446275
Andrea Sue Dineen 15227, PAOccupational Therapy1740429653
Andrea Nicole Frey 17313, PAOccupational Therapy1073751269
Andrea Lynn Gochnauer 18087, PAOccupational Therapy1831650522
Andrea Grunberg 18017, PAOccupational Therapy1497906572
Andrea Karoscik 17042, PAOccupational Therapy1265677413
Andrea Lynn Levan 17016, PAOccupational Therapy1114185600
Andrea Rupnik 15221, PAOccupational Therapy1043713563
Andrea Shepanski 08226, PAOccupational Therapy1306973953
Andrew Harold Ambrus 93534, PAOccupational Therapy1497206437
Andrew Glaz 19348, PAOccupational Therapy1760933105
Andrew Jason Hostler 17201, PAOccupational Therapy1790906956
Angel Monique Boatwright 19348, PAOccupational Therapy1801188206
Angela M Baiano 19050, PAOccupational Therapy1225280860
Angela M Brown 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1194970970
Angela Chavando 78664, PAOccupational Therapy1003978172
Angela Cipparone 16105, PAOccupational Therapy1134664246
Angela Michelle Joseph 17026, PAOccupational Therapy1801912670
Angela Marie Rice 17603, PAOccupational Therapy1447815154
Angela Sinatore 18064, PAOccupational Therapy1922567163
Angela Testa 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1760501589
Angelina Finlaw 15401, PAOccupational Therapy1962975391
Angelique Marie Amador 08865, PAOccupational Therapy1154761427
Angella Gordon-white 19152, PAOccupational Therapy1699165001
Anita Josefa Swisher 17601, PAOccupational Therapy1740319557
Anita Trask 16735, PAOccupational Therapy1013309699
Anita Turner 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1952532210
Ann M Frehulfer 18360, PAOccupational Therapy1750684833
Ann Y Grimes 17102, PAOccupational Therapy1760705743
Ann Louise Hoover 17847, PAOccupational Therapy1245357383
Ann L Yeager 15650, PAOccupational Therapy1447579776
Ann Marie Norder 19462, PAOccupational Therapy1306063698
Anna Angle 17201, PAOccupational Therapy1275934234
Anna Dvorchak 15218, PAOccupational Therapy1356859045
Anna Fusco 18976, PAOccupational Therapy1790021129
Anna Joy King 18013, PAOccupational Therapy1194290130
Anna Riley 19390, PAOccupational Therapy1043718455
Anna Siwek 19342, PAOccupational Therapy1871803098
Annalisa Stief 15010, PAOccupational Therapy1790115319
Annamarie Scheidell 19040, PAOccupational Therapy1578231775


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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