Providers with Taxonomy: Occupational Therapy in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapy
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jill Renee Bannister 37087, TNOccupational Therapy1093716516
Andrea Leigh Taylor 37067, TNOccupational Therapy1063896272
Ashley Renee Martin 38401, TNOccupational Therapy1235628108
Linda D Voorhies 38301, TNOccupational Therapy1609800317
Karen Varney 38555, TNOccupational Therapy1013927219
Jeremy Allen Scott 37887, TNOccupational Therapy1467922278
Amber Dawn Pace-joslin 37874, TNOccupational Therapy1952873085
Marcia Ann Krokowski 38343, TNOccupational Therapy1376651430
Cheryl Elaine Arnold 38305, TNOccupational Therapy1255443511
Julie Ann Adolphson 24201, TNOccupational Therapy1982709077
Angela Marie Smith 37934, TNOccupational Therapy1639275654
Crystal Marie Harrie 37934, TNOccupational Therapy1386741098
Jeraldine Grooms 30741, TNOccupational Therapy1902903735
Holly Renee Clifton 37055, TNOccupational Therapy1194822098
Judith Ann Upchurch 37601, TNOccupational Therapy1336248343
Sally Elizabeth Evenden 37934, TNOccupational Therapy1669572236
Janett Louise Dysinger 37404, TNOccupational Therapy1891896197
Pauline Kane Zale 37067, TNOccupational Therapy1609968403
Ilisha D Noe 37130, TNOccupational Therapy1922191261
Lynn Marie Murphy 38401, TNOccupational Therapy1316031867
Wendy Leanne Goldman 37067, TNOccupational Therapy1730274184
Michelle Leigh Michie 37067, TNOccupational Therapy1649364563
Dawn Renee Stowell 37203, TNOccupational Therapy1285721464
Audra Rochelle Lambers 37130, TNOccupational Therapy1922196419
Mandy Ann Andrews 38464, TNOccupational Therapy1629168364
Julie Leigh Brewer 38464, TNOccupational Therapy1780774158
Joanna B Dodson 37934, TNOccupational Therapy1811070659
Jacklon Williams Tate 38478, TNOccupational Therapy1437233244
Stephanie Carol Greene 38343, TNOccupational Therapy1932283116
Richard Hinson 38462, TNOccupational Therapy1821172867
Julie Lynn Calvin 37067, TNOccupational Therapy1013091891
Molly D Hale 38462, TNOccupational Therapy1922182807
Rosa Lynn Norvell 38019, TNOccupational Therapy1437235124
Kathryn J Cochran 37917, TNOccupational Therapy1639255102
Peggy Diaw Murray 37110, TNOccupational Therapy1346326709
Monica Lee Morris 37075, TNOccupational Therapy1073699435
Mattie Clyde Danaby 37205, TNOccupational Therapy1598841959
Amy Telett Austin Myers 37205, TNOccupational Therapy1699851055
John Kenn Ekundayo 37110, TNOccupational Therapy1497831853
Lindsay Brooke Sanchez 38478, TNOccupational Therapy1568548451
Beth Mason 38478, TNOccupational Therapy1932286291
Joann Maria Pitti 38506, TNOccupational Therapy1912076340
Deborah Mize Knight 37934, TNOccupational Therapy1952471195
Cynthia Debruyn Smith 37172, TNOccupational Therapy1669562005
Georgina Brooks 38632, TNOccupational Therapy1548734676
Brandy Jean Dickson 37725, TNOccupational Therapy1104380666
Aleisha Diane Wilson 37804, TNOccupational Therapy1619431103
Carisa Jane Gulledge 38329, TNOccupational Therapy1710060777
Joni Lea Taylor 37203, TNOccupational Therapy1902978547
Suzanne Snyder Asher 37934, TNOccupational Therapy1376616474
Jennifer Kiser Williams 37203, TNOccupational Therapy1407920879
Daniel Wayne Moore 38375, TNOccupational Therapy1568538486
Alison Marie Lawrence 37130, TNOccupational Therapy1659447779
Amy Cheryl Fox 37110, TNOccupational Therapy1760559702
Mallory Kay Krogmeier 37130, TNOccupational Therapy1285700393
Byron K Ledbetter 38501, TNOccupational Therapy1073681987
Laura Fleischer Jones 38501, TNOccupational Therapy1124196035
Donna Marie Clifton 38506, TNOccupational Therapy1609934405
Dinah Zhu Ramsay 37091, TNOccupational Therapy1164580627
Karissa Nicole Faye Miley 37203, TNOccupational Therapy1902965023
Scott Alan Robertson 37130, TNOccupational Therapy1609936780
Regine Alvares 37072, TNOccupational Therapy1942361357
Anna M Sherwood 37110, TNOccupational Therapy1912068636
Selene W Dismukes 38464, TNOccupational Therapy1982767356
Donna Marie Colavecchio 30504, TNOccupational Therapy1881758969
Sarah Silvino Laborde 37067, TNOccupational Therapy1407904568
Martha Ann Disch 37055, TNOccupational Therapy1548311178
Pauline Denise Owens-baker 38016, TNOccupational Therapy1356494603
Rachael Joy Parish 37055, TNOccupational Therapy1457407827
Amanda Rae Thomas 37055, TNOccupational Therapy1265578108
Leila Kay Cross 38242, TNOccupational Therapy1003954918
Dianne L. Overton 37774, TNOccupational Therapy1790824019
Martha Kay Lowe 37043, TNOccupational Therapy1396885869
Stacia Day Martinez 37207, TNOccupational Therapy1770625519
Barbara Davis 38501, TNOccupational Therapy1649314709
Betty W Lewis 37166, TNOccupational Therapy1932237062
Stacie R Campbell 38464, TNOccupational Therapy1568593341
Sherri Lynn Stubblefield 38363, TNOccupational Therapy1629101266
Brian Randolph Woodard 37660, TNOccupational Therapy1376677781
Sandra Lea Owens Toombs 38401, TNOccupational Therapy1740304120
Tammy Fleming Berry 37130, TNOccupational Therapy1437274172
Matthew Cecilio 37043, TNOccupational Therapy1770969289
Kateryna Kucherenko 38305, TNOccupational Therapy1962919761
Nancy Prather 38305, TNOccupational Therapy1063929743
Alexandra Smith 37918, TNOccupational Therapy1730695578
Allison Angela Davidson 37122, TNOccupational Therapy1831210970
Diana Marie Clarke 37130, TNOccupational Therapy1013039031
Andrea Leigh Young 37745, TNOccupational Therapy1164544870
Bonnie Lee O'hara 37203, TNOccupational Therapy1679696926
Tanya Wright 37203, TNOccupational Therapy1275656530
Sheila Taylor 38259, TNOccupational Therapy1801013982
Mary Beth Wylie 38310, TNOccupational Therapy1295954683
Sonja Mariana Michello 37129, TNOccupational Therapy1609096726
Gwen Elizabeth Potash 37129, TNOccupational Therapy1306066428
Ashley Danielle Jenkins 37912, TNOccupational Therapy1225259310
Melinda Gail Miner 37067, TNOccupational Therapy1154534956
Nicole M Lewis 37087, TNOccupational Therapy1770797102
Daniel A Crockett 38237, TNOccupational Therapy1073727871
Toni Burchett Edenfield 37934, TNOccupational Therapy1437366291
Karen M Riegal 37923, TNOccupational Therapy1629286828
Nancy Carolyn Monk 37745, TNOccupational Therapy1871704973
Gina Rosemary Motil 37064, TNOccupational Therapy1790996981
Kineka Alexander 37923, TNOccupational Therapy1083816110
Sherry W. Lewis 37745, TNOccupational Therapy1407058522
Leilani Beth Jones 37232, TNOccupational Therapy1891998605
Laura M Poe 38464, TNOccupational Therapy1902000243
Hollie Michelle Cochran 38301, TNOccupational Therapy1578768073
Marcia Skillern 38478, TNOccupational Therapy1912103243
Sally E Lindsey 37232, TNOccupational Therapy1043418486
Aleathia Dayette Howell 37072, TNOccupational Therapy1417155649
Michele Ann Vaughn 37232, TNOccupational Therapy1205034295
Julie Burnett 37160, TNOccupational Therapy1104026590
Jonathan Wash 37403, TNOccupational Therapy1023209103
Sherrie Billings Shaw 05701, TNOccupational Therapy1114113875
Wendell Aaron Cornett 37043, TNOccupational Therapy1518154913
Richard Lawrence Klopfenstein 38506, TNOccupational Therapy1205025210
Jill Kay Stokes 37398, TNOccupational Therapy1083895205
Rebecca Sue Mcafee 37744, TNOccupational Therapy1083896609
Magan Renee Brissel 37040, TNOccupational Therapy1710169347
Sandi Peterson 38343, TNOccupational Therapy1962685024
Virginia Mcbride Cook 37172, TNOccupational Therapy1740458165
Stephanie Paige King 38501, TNOccupational Therapy1972772267
Garnet R Newman 37129, TNOccupational Therapy1558531269
Tammy James Parker 37774, TNOccupational Therapy1790957579
Margaret Elia Booth 38464, TNOccupational Therapy1386817799
Stephanie Dawn Estes 38501, TNOccupational Therapy1326211368
Carolyn Beth Knowlton 37917, TNOccupational Therapy1144495755
Kelly Ann Duff 38401, TNOccupational Therapy1699940098
Theresa Morgan 37221, TNOccupational Therapy1306011663
Nancy Jo Flaherty 37604, TNOccupational Therapy1710153267
Debra Lynn Littrell 38242, TNOccupational Therapy1225295942
Brandy Richardson 37172, TNOccupational Therapy1407013881
Brittany Nicole Harris 37027, TNOccupational Therapy1407014608
Julie Elizabeth Grisham 37030, TNOccupational Therapy1811150295
Jennifer Fay Bean Bradford 37398, TNOccupational Therapy1497918643
Joan Charlene Dewey 38008, TNOccupational Therapy1104080407
Maria B Fisher 30582, TNOccupational Therapy1750546560
Karen M Snyder 62223, TNOccupational Therapy1013131762
Sheron Ford 37205, TNOccupational Therapy1811447998
Cassie Morgan Taylor 38583, TNOccupational Therapy1366946162
Jordyn Potter 38138, TNOccupational Therapy1538643556
Alicia Kurth 37122, TNOccupational Therapy1962987305
Linda Baird 37122, TNOccupational Therapy1962987230
Hollie Ragland 37122, TNOccupational Therapy1134604317
Maddie Rosemary Wood 37076, TNOccupational Therapy1578033601
Julie Saucier 01776, TNOccupational Therapy1902377328
Aundrea Johnson 37327, TNOccupational Therapy1932670114
Courtney Wall 37130, TNOccupational Therapy1598237273
Deonna Deanna Turner 38578, TNOccupational Therapy1609348853
Kara Walls 38225, TNOccupational Therapy1225501141
Deborah Bash 37862, TNOccupational Therapy1821561705
Laken N Ingle 37660, TNOccupational Therapy1912470378
Emily Boling 37862, TNOccupational Therapy1477026581
Kelly J Slay 37932, TNOccupational Therapy1689148736
Rachel Nicole Spivey 37643, TNOccupational Therapy1225502115
Joyce K Arthur 49546, TNOccupational Therapy1619441821
Rachel Diane Ward 37917, TNOccupational Therapy1922562792
Lisa Coulson 37804, TNOccupational Therapy1407310998
Penny Sluss 37909, TNOccupational Therapy1245794536
Mary Elizabeth Knott 37076, TNOccupational Therapy1215492517
Cynthia Ann Gibson 37110, TNOccupational Therapy1730344896
Sheila Ann Perkins 38135, TNOccupational Therapy1518123033
Donald Alfred Wylie 38506, TNOccupational Therapy1518123157
Barbara B Lyle 38119, TNOccupational Therapy1578719464
Bonnie Jean Cardwell 37803, TNOccupational Therapy1528215308
Peter Gicheru 38018, TNOccupational Therapy1124275003
Mary Brinkley 38008, TNOccupational Therapy1134376957
Linda Grace Stewart 37917, TNOccupational Therapy1639326473
Nikki Cook Tolliver 37917, TNOccupational Therapy1053568717
Richard Allen Walker 37803, TNOccupational Therapy1285881631
Karen Marie Delmont 38225, TNOccupational Therapy1942457395
Paulette Marie Brown 37803, TNOccupational Therapy1275780637
Amber Shonesy Sponaugle 37774, TNOccupational Therapy1023266400
Amy E May 38305, TNOccupational Therapy1457509846
Tracey Leigh Hunt 37129, TNOccupational Therapy1386898195
Christina Rachelle Schmitt 38242, TNOccupational Therapy1477707529
Cindy Rae Vincent 38138, TNOccupational Therapy1225276538
Kelly M Wright 37934, TNOccupational Therapy1609014356
Kimberley Ann Adams 37211, TNOccupational Therapy1174762710
Joy Bishop 32746, TNOccupational Therapy1740429927
Lyle Foster Johnson 37323, TNOccupational Therapy1831339589
Rebecca Diane Hall 38237, TNOccupational Therapy1568605392
Elisabeth Kate Berg 37403, TNOccupational Therapy1831332550
Whitney Brooke Rose 38261, TNOccupational Therapy1356576086
Douglas Morgan 38002, TNOccupational Therapy1649406539
Pauline Evans 37411, TNOccupational Therapy1689803843
Deanna N Mclain 38464, TNOccupational Therapy1114158243
Vanessa Lynn Hanson 38464, TNOccupational Therapy1528290632
Buffy L Cox 37924, TNOccupational Therapy1689907982
Shawana Canty 38401, TNOccupational Therapy1366777427
Jessica Lee Adcock 37043, TNOccupational Therapy1699002279
Michelle L Lowe 37601, TNOccupational Therapy1194052126
Leroy Talbert Altman 37404, TNOccupational Therapy1164750881
Lauren Elaine Henson 37404, TNOccupational Therapy1366772469
Alexis Leann German 38351, TNOccupational Therapy1053635672
Arletha S Thompson 38125, TNOccupational Therapy1114244662
Ubolwan Waynick 37040, TNOccupational Therapy1760709539
Nicka S. Wheat 37716, TNOccupational Therapy1780903385
Chelsea Rhea Kibert 37934, TNOccupational Therapy1134431695
Sharon Bogard 37067, TNOccupational Therapy1841503810


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