Providers with Taxonomy: Occupational Therapy in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Occupational Therapy
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Brenda Betancourt 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1841779261
Jillian A Douglas 76513, TXOccupational Therapy1881069193
Gloria Yvette Revilla 78363, TXOccupational Therapy1659851244
Kayla Christina Lynn Widener 76306, TXOccupational Therapy1881175214
Beatriz Perez-tienda 78577, TXOccupational Therapy1306348255
Biju Jacob 75115, TXOccupational Therapy1184105470
Dody Renee Mcgrew 76028, TXOccupational Therapy1699896662
Ashley Marie Via 32825, TXOccupational Therapy1104098524
Maria Adina Santillan 78550, TXOccupational Therapy1255510954
Maria Lydia De Leon 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1346573714
Gentry Rose Drenth 60477, TXOccupational Therapy1275851479
Michelle L Kebr 75231, TXOccupational Therapy1215418322
Rosie Isela Vallejo 78501, TXOccupational Therapy1023245297
Betty Ramirez 78577, TXOccupational Therapy1801110341
Lauren Ingram 75001, TXOccupational Therapy1508378506
Yesica Devora 77346, TXOccupational Therapy1881109197
Diana Imelda Reyna 78041, TXOccupational Therapy1891108585
Chelsea White 75212, TXOccupational Therapy1700367182
Stella M Cervantez 79403, TXOccupational Therapy1033690193
Christina Porras 75803, TXOccupational Therapy1427446582
Sandra Verastegui 78229, TXOccupational Therapy1760964241
Carlos Brito 78576, TXOccupational Therapy1427281997
Veronica Martinez 79925, TXOccupational Therapy1568849677
Maycrystal Gay 79936, TXOccupational Therapy1952866188
Seth Hilburn 76712, TXOccupational Therapy1639543101
Brandi Havard 75702, TXOccupational Therapy1568789907
Katherine N Mccardle 39437, TXOccupational Therapy1700049319
Lauren Warren 75605, TXOccupational Therapy1285980227
Joann Catherine Gronstal 77346, TXOccupational Therapy1770084287
Stacie Deleon Arevalo 76058, TXOccupational Therapy1669993234
David Mercado 78577, TXOccupational Therapy1639671480
Roel Reyna 78577, TXOccupational Therapy1073015830
Megan Sendejo 78230, TXOccupational Therapy1013416767
Whitney Havins 75964, TXOccupational Therapy1467954602
Alondra Marie Tellis 77515, TXOccupational Therapy1568967743
Lori Gonzalez Vasquez 78539, TXOccupational Therapy1336626084
Rolando Javier Renteria 78577, TXOccupational Therapy1790263002
Karina Solis 78577, TXOccupational Therapy1821576836
Melissa Deanne Loven 75020, TXOccupational Therapy1891274247
Kathy Ann Tienda 78041, TXOccupational Therapy1487133674
Jessica Gonzalez 78582, TXOccupational Therapy1518446608
Thalia Alvardo 78582, TXOccupational Therapy1346729431
Yesenia Falcon 78503, TXOccupational Therapy1962981969
Laura De Leon 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1356820310
Araceli Sanchez 78582, TXOccupational Therapy1386123289
Talina Gomez 78539, TXOccupational Therapy1780163311
Julia Lisa Guerrero 78520, TXOccupational Therapy1922588359
Andrea Borders 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1275944324
Evalina Kin Ramos 78040, TXOccupational Therapy1619456951
Bridget Shayann Goodwin 75028, TXOccupational Therapy1861972929
Stephanie Marie Banuelos 79927, TXOccupational Therapy1528548534
Nykida Bulhire 77087, TXOccupational Therapy1013497882
Patricia Cervantes 78501, TXOccupational Therapy1326528191
Monica Gonzalez 78041, TXOccupational Therapy1275992554
Trissha Belle Balangue Bautista 75119, TXOccupational Therapy1851872519
Daisy B Ruiz 78582, TXOccupational Therapy1386124824
Ericka Paige Hartford 79927, TXOccupational Therapy1437516713
Windy House 76712, TXOccupational Therapy1811478423
Lacy Marie Beach 78016, TXOccupational Therapy1881175305
Rachel Nicole Yero 79705, TXOccupational Therapy1194206649
Quynh Doan 77550, TXOccupational Therapy1316427891
Sandy Rodriguez 78539, TXOccupational Therapy1487156386
Frances Reese 78245, TXOccupational Therapy1508347691
Ricardo Llanes 75140, TXOccupational Therapy1295216257
Andrea Wisinski 76504, TXOccupational Therapy1891277562
Jackie Dee Marquez 78332, TXOccupational Therapy1194207555
Victoria Lynn Anderson 79316, TXOccupational Therapy1750863718
Amy Lynn Johnson 78251, TXOccupational Therapy1740763408
Lyndsey Jean May 75165, TXOccupational Therapy1376026807
Monica Roshawn Williams 78208, TXOccupational Therapy1497238828
Claudia Garcia 78577, TXOccupational Therapy1093293144
Eunice Mukami Ngiri 77478, TXOccupational Therapy1083197198
James Dodson 75401, TXOccupational Therapy1598249427
Jorge Alberto Ruiz 78501, TXOccupational Therapy1487042404
Lorena Ruiz 78577, TXOccupational Therapy1013492495
Dawn Root 76901, TXOccupational Therapy1891270245
Heather Ann Leblanc 75231, TXOccupational Therapy1982171575
Donnal Blake Goodwin 77351, TXOccupational Therapy1730650615
Sonia Medina 78576, TXOccupational Therapy1457824641
Roxann Breidenbach 78006, TXOccupational Therapy1487118246
Laura Margarita Walston 77327, TXOccupational Therapy1891259453
Brooke Elizabeth Paulsen 77024, TXOccupational Therapy1134684319
Oluwatoyin Omotanwa Solabi 77494, TXOccupational Therapy1326549353
Prasanna P Nair 77459, TXOccupational Therapy1912462607
Brooke Nicole Barnett 75013, TXOccupational Therapy1528525714
Rosanna N Honeycutt 78758, TXOccupational Therapy1043722200
Christina Marie Dilley 78041, TXOccupational Therapy1811476765
Marian Yusuf 77055, TXOccupational Therapy1699337626
Erin L Nichols 76086, TXOccupational Therapy1356993588
Landry David Setliff 76821, TXOccupational Therapy1104471358
Sophie Amayaka 77493, TXOccupational Therapy1669027751
Harold Douglas Delaney 75080, TXOccupational Therapy1467007286
Savannah Catherine Kenendy 76502, TXOccupational Therapy1285283341
Christy Davila 75001, TXOccupational Therapy1609417542
Lisa Marie Young 75090, TXOccupational Therapy1629614342
Calli Guentert 78934, TXOccupational Therapy1376104729
Noelle Grinage 71082, TXOccupational Therapy1902427313
Sandra Renee Perkins 78738, TXOccupational Therapy1023627379
Katherine Lundgren 75013, TXOccupational Therapy1245392372
Lindsay Michaela Coulter 75503, TXOccupational Therapy1629536743
Cameron Jeffrey Kothman 78064, TXOccupational Therapy1417561093
Veronica Vasquez 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1437758513
Ann Marie Rivera 78501, TXOccupational Therapy1376934786
Meggan L. Muniz 78230, TXOccupational Therapy1922446202
Michiko Navarra 77053, TXOccupational Therapy1063018026
Jbra Llc 78596, TXOccupational Therapy1902360498
Samantha Jade Cheney 03054, TXOccupational Therapy1295119527
Crispin Saenz 79928, TXOccupational Therapy1649855537
Babel Therapy, Pllc 77433, TXOccupational Therapy1477941532
Kathryn Ann Scott 77566, TXOccupational Therapy1073166211
Wykeia Monique Sanders 87301, TXOccupational Therapy1467934646
Rosina Elizabeth Benade 78209, TXOccupational Therapy1720651003
Ashley Donye Robertson 63042, TXOccupational Therapy1124594908
Destination Life Llc 76018, TXOccupational Therapy1114328416
Jennifer Maraga 76205, TXOccupational Therapy1104122381
Rolando Cuellar 78520, TXOccupational Therapy1174890834
Megan Elizabeth Gammill 75034, TXOccupational Therapy1770074155
Shannon Attebery 75254, TXOccupational Therapy1487166377
Julian Paul Carranza 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1245632421
Teresa Ta 77584, TXOccupational Therapy1669134151
Sonia Lizbeth Ruiz 78582, TXOccupational Therapy1568126373
Walk And Talk Therapeutic Services, Pllc 78045, TXOccupational Therapy1205320710
Harris County Department Of Education 77067, TXOccupational Therapy1487699344
Lisa Harris, Otr, Pc 78745, TXOccupational Therapy1114931086
Countryside Therapy Group, Inc 76401, TXOccupational Therapy1710999289
Elsa Therapy & Wellness Center, Inc. 78543, TXOccupational Therapy1780619031
Leaps & Bounds Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1245331396
Qtp Ii Inc 78570, TXOccupational Therapy1174627772
Neuroperformance Physical Therapy, Llc 78238, TXOccupational Therapy1821107467
Moulton Isd 77975, TXOccupational Therapy1639205644
Shiner Ind School Dist 77984, TXOccupational Therapy1225164700
The Hand Clinic Of Austin, P.c. 78704, TXOccupational Therapy1023238912
Progressive Rehabilitation, Inc. 78732, TXOccupational Therapy1891915369
All 4 1 Therapy 78572, TXOccupational Therapy1689830887
Houston Pediatric Therapy 77401, TXOccupational Therapy1780811497
Full Spectrum Healing Pllc 78620, TXOccupational Therapy1609009042
Bridges Rehabilitation 77070, TXOccupational Therapy1215268107
Vallecare, L.l.c. 78251, TXOccupational Therapy1386957751
Panda's Therapy 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1407161425
Absolute Prn Staffing 76078, TXOccupational Therapy1386953982
Montfair Medical Staffing 77385, TXOccupational Therapy1700171832
Edinburg Professional Rehabilitation Center, Llc 78539, TXOccupational Therapy1689956732
Houston Therapy Consult 77063, TXOccupational Therapy1649557802
Trurhythm Therapy For Kids Pllc 78735, TXOccupational Therapy1366797540
Wilson Therapeutics 78539, TXOccupational Therapy1962747477
More Joy Therapy Services, Llc 75601, TXOccupational Therapy1356682462
The Chatterbox Speech And Language Therapy 78045, TXOccupational Therapy1518200187
Michael Morin Therapy Services, Pc 77018, TXOccupational Therapy1952744583
Thrive Therapy Llc 75234, TXOccupational Therapy1639599350
Paso Del Norte Children's Development Center 79902, TXOccupational Therapy1578976163
Neurology And Sleep Specialists, P.a. 77024, TXOccupational Therapy1962818310
Bubbles Pediatric Therapy 78043, TXOccupational Therapy1154739589
Cloud&carpenter Pediatric Home Health Services 77089, TXOccupational Therapy1437553815
Pinwheel Therapy Llc 85258, TXOccupational Therapy1851798193
Solaris Pediatric Therapy 77006, TXOccupational Therapy1518358761
Therapy Space Pllc 78043, TXOccupational Therapy1730573742
Open Door Pediatric Therapy, Llc 77070, TXOccupational Therapy1467849505
Martin's Academy For The Energized And Talented 77048, TXOccupational Therapy1174999742
Pediatric Therapy Works, Llc 76513, TXOccupational Therapy1831574185
Urock Healthcare Services 77036, TXOccupational Therapy1629436126
Express Yourself Clearly Llc 77074, TXOccupational Therapy1760826747
Cfr Group Llc 77386, TXOccupational Therapy1871044172
Progressive Milestones Corporation 77040, TXOccupational Therapy1992969133
Kidzone Therapy Pllc 75459, TXOccupational Therapy1790237758
O'neal Specialty Therapies And Rehabilitation Services, Pllc 77706, TXOccupational Therapy1881948024
Trc Home Health Services, Llc 75206, TXOccupational Therapy1568446185
The Behavioral Effect Llc 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1578083937
Therapy Scholars, Llc 75023, TXOccupational Therapy1033693072
Ability And Beyond 77384, TXOccupational Therapy1700353885
Z enterprizes 76021, TXOccupational Therapy1891353652
Monkey Say Monkey Do Therapy Pllc 77375, TXOccupational Therapy1366007585
Limitless Pt Llc 76244, TXOccupational Therapy1255985453
Fly Away Therapy Corp 78577, TXOccupational Therapy1093358038
Lubbock Hand Therapy Pllc 79424, TXOccupational Therapy1891845376
F.i.t.s. fundamental Intervention Therapy Services 78541, TXOccupational Therapy1992347686
Achievement Balance Llc 76262, TXOccupational Therapy1972135473
Active Therapy Intervention 75904, TXOccupational Therapy1548896194
Allee Therapy, Llc 75956, TXOccupational Therapy1194354548
Wonder Kids Therapy And Wellness Services 77092, TXOccupational Therapy1336769991
No Limits Staffing Services 76028, TXOccupational Therapy1427678689
Growing Speech, Pllc 77441, TXOccupational Therapy1376053264
Rehabme Mpleasant Llc 75455, TXOccupational Therapy1811510969
Top Caregivers Llc 77584, TXOccupational Therapy1174149165
Reliant Therapy, Lp 75093, TXOccupational Therapy1881643229
Haywood Services L.l.c. 75645, TXOccupational Therapy1700805959
Chatter Box #2 Speech Therapy Services 78504, TXOccupational Therapy1750494860
Qtp Inc 78570, TXOccupational Therapy1942311501
Pasadena Independent School Distric 77502, TXOccupational Therapy1518036771
Joseph Chanoi & Associates, Llc 79902, TXOccupational Therapy1861560153
Matisse Investment Group 78572, TXOccupational Therapy1770624496
Hallettsville Isd 77964, TXOccupational Therapy1497880264
Cuero Isd 77954, TXOccupational Therapy1356476188
Ezzell Isd 77964, TXOccupational Therapy1659406403
Nordheim Isd 78141, TXOccupational Therapy1154457034
Stambush Staffing 77478, TXOccupational Therapy1043349020
Vysehrad Isd 77964, TXOccupational Therapy1720114689
Yoakum Isd 77995, TXOccupational Therapy1639205578
Sweet Home Isd 77987, TXOccupational Therapy1235265711
Westhoff Isd 77994, TXOccupational Therapy1336275890
Nursery Isd 77976, TXOccupational Therapy1467588947


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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