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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark E Hollingshead IDOphthalmology1689670911
John L Stone TNOphthalmology1033115373
Raymond Demaio PAOphthalmology1457357790
Stuart Elovitz TXOphthalmology1366448540
Williamson Eye Center LAOphthalmology1972509156
Derek Peter Kuhl TXOphthalmology1629074844
Stephen Reeves Waltman ILOphthalmology1528064748
John Joseph Kupko COOphthalmology1518963743
David Milstein CAOphthalmology1205832474
Jehangir Durrani CTOphthalmology1083610323
Brian T Nolan KYOphthalmology1407852759
William H Ehlers CTOphthalmology1942206297
Richard M Evans TXOphthalmology1811993017
Mary Makar NJOphthalmology1982600367
Miguel A Busquets PAOphthalmology1427054808
Stephen F Bowen MOOphthalmology1518963701
David S Hemmings GAOphthalmology1376549469
Steven J Fisher TXOphthalmology1144226358
Jorge Jesus Rivera MAOphthalmology1053317263
Frederick S Miller MEOphthalmology1376549402
Robert Eric Warren TXOphthalmology1457357584
Imtiaz A Mehkri TXOphthalmology1104822246
Darmakusuma Ie NJOphthalmology1881690956
Garrick A Rettele KSOphthalmology1801892898
Armando Torres-vazquez PROphthalmology1033115126
Anthony John Terraciano NYOphthalmology1730185810
Theodore Edward Margo TXOphthalmology1780680892
Walter J Schuyler MEOphthalmology1457357519
Christopher Paul Fleming NCOphthalmology1346246360
Kong T Oh OHOphthalmology1164428199
Tac Zhun Lee OHOphthalmology1790781722
David R Benson WAOphthalmology1427054469
Henry P Nagelberg NJOphthalmology1952307969
Cary Layne Burton TXOphthalmology1366448375
John Reed Welch COOphthalmology1356347363
James P Richmond TNOphthalmology1184620288
Andrew Manongdo Wang MIOphthalmology1992701098
Jeffrey L Berman MEOphthalmology1407852528
Peter S Hedstrom MEOphthalmology1902802028
Ivan Horacio Garcia MDOphthalmology1629074745
Caldwell Withers Smith RIOphthalmology1538165659
Magdalena G Krzystolik RIOphthalmology1629074752
Linda K Morrison MEOphthalmology1023014198
Jeffrey Leonard Lipkowitz NJOphthalmology1659377729
Matthew J Uyemura COOphthalmology1386640456
Gerald M Olsen COOphthalmology1427054501
Randall W Smith COOphthalmology1649276627
Richard Clayton Cochrane CAOphthalmology1093711079
William W Stevens COOphthalmology1992701973
Michael Isserman MOOphthalmology1538165519
Brendon Delport MOOphthalmology1194721100
Paul Mitchell CTOphthalmology1467458497
J Harley Galusha OKOphthalmology1689670622
Dean Burgess MOOphthalmology1194721134
Christopher Kelly CTOphthalmology1396741344
Bruce A. Karmel NJOphthalmology1568468510
Luis R Hernandez-cott PROphthalmology1912903865
Norman L. Edelstein, M.d., P.c. PAOphthalmology1851397632
George David Hendricks TXOphthalmology1063418036
Harry M. Lawrence TNOphthalmology1053317925
Bernard H Chang TNOphthalmology1215933197
Erich B Groos TNOphthalmology1720084601
Paul L Treger Md A Medical Corporation CAOphthalmology1366448243
Complete Eye Care, Inc. MOOphthalmology1275539173
Robert E. Morrison PAOphthalmology1548266489
Paul B Greenberg RIOphthalmology1467458331
Michael Lee Stark OHOphthalmology1679579577
Robert Lamberg MOOphthalmology1811993710
Carl A Frankel PAOphthalmology1528064383
Stephen S Martin MEOphthalmology1588660542
Dwayne Lee Roberts TXOphthalmology1114923083
Ira A Shivitz TNOphthalmology1881690766
Jeffrey R Catlin FLOphthalmology1467458372
Kyle C Balch FLOphthalmology1376549287
Ronald Lee Freeman ILOphthalmology1508862384
Gary Mackman AZOphthalmology1326044108
Stephen Edward Webb TXOphthalmology1093711889
Frederick J Sauerburger Md Pa MDOphthalmology1588660385
Steven M Thomas TNOphthalmology1275539975
Steven Jay Grosser MNOphthalmology1134125859
Shann B Lin PAOphthalmology1316943053
Jing Cheng Zhao PAOphthalmology1619973302
Hugo E Martinez Rodriguez PROphthalmology1376549105
Eldi E Deschamps INOphthalmology1013913771
Robert David Ostrow MNOphthalmology1336145044
Angela Sue Oster MNOphthalmology1669478384
Mark Lee Sczepanski NDOphthalmology1295731040
Barrie Soloway NYOphthalmology1154327807
Robert Heidenry ILOphthalmology1912903691
Simon R Russin PAOphthalmology1407852049
G. Reed Failing, Jr, Md,pa MDOphthalmology1528064177
William T Kellogg PAOphthalmology1417953134
Anthony Musto CTOphthalmology1205832938
Richard Anthony Beller CAOphthalmology1396741005
Polly Love Mccormack MNOphthalmology1376549089
Solomon C Luo PAOphthalmology1447256169
Charles Michael Yancey MNOphthalmology1255337978
William David Irvine TNOphthalmology1760488498
Joan L Abernethy TXOphthalmology1871590471
Ming Lu TXOphthalmology1225035827
Asit Pruthi CAOphthalmology1770580375
Michael Joseph Yaros NJOphthalmology1154327708
Mehdi Vazeen NVOphthalmology1982600516
Vipin K Goyal PAOphthalmology1881690451
Mary Cathleen Schanzer TNOphthalmology1821094418
Milhim I Aswad MAOphthalmology1770589301
Charles D Mullenix ILOphthalmology1942206578
Paul J Driver PAOphthalmology1477550002
William R Penland INOphthalmology1518964188
Gerald R. Gaul NDOphthalmology1801893490
Gregory Shoou-ren Hsu NVOphthalmology1184620742
Maria E Barbe PAOphthalmology1699771279
Harvey S. Cheng PAOphthalmology1679579254
William A. Macilwaine VAOphthalmology1215934864
Mark A Gonce VAOphthalmology1295732840
Bruce M Schnall NJOphthalmology1154328748
Joseph E Frydman ILOphthalmology1144226762
Peter C Kohler MEOphthalmology1417954066
Ashley Hamilton Schauer VAOphthalmology1457358012
Paul Metz NYOphthalmology1356348916
William Grady Self COOphthalmology1710984380
Anthony Frank Grosso PAOphthalmology1396742979
Paul A Kuck WIOphthalmology1801892062
Daniel B Lange WIOphthalmology1730185869
Gary J Lenth WIOphthalmology1710983705
Jerry Neuwirth CTOphthalmology1992702526
Jackson Eye Associates Pllc MSOphthalmology1164428868
Baycare Clinic, Llp WIOphthalmology1730559014
Norman L Edelstein PAOphthalmology1275539926
David L Blandford KYOphthalmology1558367805
William J Curtis KYOphthalmology1871598672
Johannes C Evans KYOphthalmology1780689588
Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates Ophthalmology1659376226
Paul S Lee NYOphthalmology1881690022
Clifford M Terry CAOphthalmology1306842687
Vance Michael Thompson SDOphthalmology1073519989
Randall Vernon Wong MDOphthalmology1851397988
James R Ruppel ILOphthalmology1164427613
Ehsan Mozayan-isfahani CAOphthalmology1588924849
Jonathan P Shapiro NYOphthalmology1659377422
Charles M Zacks MEOphthalmology1790781839
Frederick H Reeser WIOphthalmology1093710741
George M Rajacich CAOphthalmology1962407593
Baron James Williamson LAOphthalmology1336145606
Marc L Abel OKOphthalmology1841296878
Phillip M Gendelman MAOphthalmology1427054576
Jonathan P Shapiro Md Pllc NYOphthalmology1699771568
Fernando Trujillo TXOphthalmology1033115647
Moiz M. Carim PAOphthalmology1720083330
Steven Myles Cohen FLOphthalmology1174529234
Randall L Funderburk TNOphthalmology1699771931
Robert S Cady MEOphthalmology1174529564
Jeffrey K Moore MEOphthalmology1518963677
Nicholas Engelbrecht MOOphthalmology1891791844
Desmond Edward Mcguire CAOphthalmology1881690634
Natan D Kahn MEOphthalmology1568468635
Richard A Bazarian MEOphthalmology1891791455
Scot A Wall GAOphthalmology1760487276
James Howard Abrams CAOphthalmology1912903329
Joseph Morris Googe TNOphthalmology1366448672
Nicholas Gray Anderson TNOphthalmology1972509297
Tod Alan Mcmillan TNOphthalmology1023014347
Michael Bernard Caplan TXOphthalmology1225034549
James Howard Miller TNOphthalmology1710983721
Stephen Lee Perkins TNOphthalmology1427054436
Reagan B Mcmillin TXOphthalmology1487650578
Victor Hugo Gonzalez TXOphthalmology1871599100
Vincent R Vann TXOphthalmology1952307209
Richard E Sievers TNOphthalmology1962407791
Joanne Fenderson Cochrane CAOphthalmology1487650560
Thomas W Stone KYOphthalmology1528064219
Glaucoma Laser Center Pc VAOphthalmology1891791521
Brian Edward Flowers TXOphthalmology1902802242
Mandi D Conway AZOphthalmology1598761330
John Anthony Parchue TXOphthalmology1811993934
Ben Bob Mahan TNOphthalmology1881690311
Avtar T Ghuman FLOphthalmology1801883822
Harold Arthur Woodcome RIOphthalmology1124024245
Leah R Wartluft PAOphthalmology1588669105
Stephen Andrew Wigginton CAOphthalmology1568468106
Mark A Rothstein MOOphthalmology1063417848
Paul F Nichols MOOphthalmology1144225947
James Gregory Kaufmann NCOphthalmology1083693527
Hosam Attia FLOphthalmology1790955094
Eye Surgical Associates, Llc NEOphthalmology1417952995
Ophthalmology Associates Of Mankato Pa MNOphthalmology1801892237
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. Ophthalmology1043794480
Eye Care Center Of Napa Valley A Medical Corporation Ophthalmology1790781409
Howard J Gross NJOphthalmology1104821610
Alvarado Eye Associates Med Clinic Inc CAOphthalmology1619973591
David Joseph Harris TNOphthalmology1356346910
Jason Abraham Ahee UTOphthalmology1457357881
Russell Philip Edwards CAOphthalmology1922003706
James P Dailey PAOphthalmology1194720714
Robert C Baldwin PAOphthalmology1215932843
Mark Harvey Nelson NCOphthalmology1417953654
Edward Alan Deglin PAOphthalmology1164428744
Gerald B Rosen NCOphthalmology1942206321
Philip C Smith MSOphthalmology1942206149
Ophthalmology Consulting Services, Pc NJOphthalmology1831195213


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