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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert Mark Currier MIOphthalmology1093717191
Scott Andrew Strelow VAOphthalmology1043214315
Robert M Fisch NYOphthalmology1861496143
Chad Albright VAOphthalmology1447254701
Jon Philip Brisley VAOphthalmology1356345615
Frank Cotter VAOphthalmology1932101037
James R Putnam MEOphthalmology1235131285
John J Antalis OHOphthalmology1689676777
Gary I Povill NYOphthalmology1801898978
Sujote David KSOphthalmology1891797965
David A Kinsler VAOphthalmology1063416337
William S Belmont FLOphthalmology1306840673
Cornelius H Halvey FLOphthalmology1730183005
Alma Irma Murphy AZOphthalmology1669476644
Merrill M Knopf CAOphthalmology1841294733
Michael Lee Ham AZOphthalmology1750385647
Bertram T Matsumoto AZOphthalmology1477557494
George Scott Sawyer TXOphthalmology1750385712
Scott A Murphy MOOphthalmology1174527147
Deborah E Zuckerman MAOphthalmology1609870674
The Retinal Institute Of Louisiana LAOphthalmology1992709885
Angela Faye Crisp NYOphthalmology1376547273
Salvatore Desimone PAOphthalmology1083618029
Marc G Rubinstein NYOphthalmology1821092800
Ricardo Brasiliano Akstein GAOphthalmology1740284736
Thomas M Allison ALOphthalmology1558365544
Leland Michael Garrison CAOphthalmology1134123128
David V Poer INOphthalmology1043214034
Timothy A Kisla ILOphthalmology1477557445
David Atteberry Nethery TXOphthalmology1548264443
Stephan K Cooper LAOphthalmology1407850316
John Matthew Boozan NJOphthalmology1265436174
Richard B Wise NJOphthalmology1619971520
Clifford Neil Share FLOphthalmology1427052331
Barbara J Arnold, Md, Inc CAOphthalmology1043214075
Jay S Wallshein FLOphthalmology1669476693
Terry Bruce Rothstein KSOphthalmology1922002955
Edward J Goldman MDOphthalmology1285638213
Brian D. Dudenhoefer MIOphthalmology1518961556
Robert Stephen Lewis AZOphthalmology1881698827
Neil Chesen PAOphthalmology1801890843
Richard G Shugarman FLOphthalmology1336143387
David Henry Saunders TXOphthalmology1518961572
William Wynn Mcmullen TXOphthalmology1013911072
Jason Scot Brody GAOphthalmology1427052497
Frederick J Sauerburger MDOphthalmology1538163514
Michael P Schneider PAOphthalmology1881698728
Sharon L Taylor PAOphthalmology1679577514
Geoffrey W Garrett LAOphthalmology1710981659
John Robert Wood VAOphthalmology1568466423
John Newkirk Giesel INOphthalmology1538163407
John D Hinrichsen LAOphthalmology1255335121
Mitchell Vogel NJOphthalmology1891799771
Gary B Weiner KSOphthalmology1336143213
Brian H Strange KSOphthalmology1285638064
Alan B Richards LAOphthalmology1992709745
Keith A. Kobet, M.d., P.c. MIOphthalmology1750385506
Charles Mark Millsap KYOphthalmology1932103736
Troy Lee Haleman KYOphthalmology1578567376
Dennis K Ryan WIOphthalmology1821092628
Daniel Isser Goldman TXOphthalmology1255335055
Mcdonald Eye Services, Pa AROphthalmology1407850217
Steven Barry Cohen NJOphthalmology1235133000
Julie Chi-lung Tsai TXOphthalmology1861496630
Andrew Joseph Odwyer VAOphthalmology1386648053
Brian D Salmenson GAOphthalmology1255335923
Charles Earl Jones IAOphthalmology1295739977
Rachael A Greenberg ILOphthalmology1467456145
Gary M Keoleian MIOphthalmology1538163217
Shobana Murali MNOphthalmology1447254123
Jason Jonathan Jones IAOphthalmology1922002872
Daniel John Robinson INOphthalmology1457355307
Tom Smith Maddox KYOphthalmology1083618938
James Edward Mcdonald AROphthalmology1518961465
Francis Falck CTOphthalmology1255335113
Paul Anthony Frascella INOphthalmology1417951377
Great Lakes Eye Care Pc MIOphthalmology1922002708
Mcdonough Eye Associates Pc ILOphthalmology1144224924
Victor A Holmes CAOphthalmology1568466381
David Luigi Manzo MIOphthalmology1386648103
Maxwell Greenman NCOphthalmology1184628901
John Dail Matthews NCOphthalmology1659375483
Amos J. Willis, M.d., Pc VAOphthalmology1952305625
Richard E Johns WVOphthalmology1942204615
Ambrose Updegraff FLOphthalmology1336143015
Robert Thomas Clark MIOphthalmology1386648087
James M. Harrison ALOphthalmology1467456160
Milam A Brantley TNOphthalmology1215931928
Medical Eye Services, Ltd ILOphthalmology1396749008
Ophthalmology Pa MNOphthalmology1114921996
Alfred Leon Humphrey TXOphthalmology1164426946
Kent G Leavitt WAOphthalmology1528062320
Ivan Richard Jacobs CAOphthalmology1093719858
Michael Gray Nunley WVOphthalmology1548264302
Curtis Mcvay Graf ALOphthalmology1316941016
Donald J. Priour TXOphthalmology1659375350
Siskiyou Eye Center, Medical Group, Pc OROphthalmology1275537987
Gary Neil Dolin FLOphthalmology1619971330
David John Barrett MIOphthalmology1982608634
Linda Kathleen Katz KYOphthalmology1053315705
Paul Hong-dze Chen CAOphthalmology1760486419
Kurt W Guelzow VAOphthalmology1295739852
Ricki D Dobbs ALOphthalmology1467456020
Stephen J Brubaker WIOphthalmology1962406520
Daniel S Durrie KSOphthalmology1952305526
Roy Whitaker NCOphthalmology1285638866
Darell R Lumaco OROphthalmology1770587362
Edward Leslie Colloton ILOphthalmology1023012614
Ronald N Brown OHOphthalmology1386648970
Mary P Defrank OROphthalmology1184628778
Paul E Finley OROphthalmology1073517660
Elmer Theodore Sornson OROphthalmology1518961119
Elizabeth K Donohue OROphthalmology1316941917
Thomas R Stevens OROphthalmology1770587370
David Franklin Westfall NYOphthalmology1811991433
Ernest Ronald Salvitti PAOphthalmology1124022769
Daniel Douglas Brownstone ILOphthalmology1942204599
James Harold Krause TXOphthalmology1801890553
Kirk A Murdock NCOphthalmology1164426730
Daniel Ricardo Elizondo TXOphthalmology1417951088
Andreas Rauer DEOphthalmology1184628760
Ralph F Helzerman OROphthalmology1235133810
Robert Earl Tibolt OROphthalmology1467456061
Elizabeth A Ault-brinker WIOphthalmology1528060738
Christopher P Born WIOphthalmology1134123805
Kristie K Shappell WIOphthalmology1013911981
Matthew R Runde WIOphthalmology1619979663
Louis J Schott OHOphthalmology1386646545
William Lipsky TXOphthalmology1407850464
John E Meehan MAOphthalmology1316941990
Joseph F Burke MAOphthalmology1194729764
Marcin Marek Zygawski NYOphthalmology1396747556
Amy M Moschell WIOphthalmology1679575823
George Leonard Cooper NCOphthalmology1851395602
Richard D Davenport WIOphthalmology1811999063
Cesar T Chavez CAOphthalmology1720082563
Paul Victor Kowalski ILOphthalmology1740282797
Larry Parker Jenkins NCOphthalmology1356345169
John Mark Michael INOphthalmology1578567426
John Robert Bierly TNOphthalmology1831193515
Edward Andrew Peterson TNOphthalmology1679577324
Irene F Sasaki CAOphthalmology1245234178
Eye Treatment Center, An Incorporated Medical Group, Inc CAOphthalmology1427052190
Robert W Higginbotham CAOphthalmology1609878834
Ahmad A Amir CAOphthalmology1851393086
Craig A Merrill CAOphthalmology1528060746
Michael Patrick Varley OHOphthalmology1154325983
Grossnickle Eye Center, Inc. INOphthalmology1265436125
Frank C Young ALOphthalmology1376547075
Jeffrey L Bezier PAOphthalmology1396747523
David Howard OHOphthalmology1972507838
Christopher Tobin Taylor TNOphthalmology1013911791
Michael Todd Griffeth UTOphthalmology1891799839
Stephen Ambrose Updegraff FLOphthalmology1245232446
Mary Beth Kansora NCOphthalmology1881698645
Southeast Eye Specialists Pllc Ophthalmology1518961176
Alexander Rudolf Gaudio CTOphthalmology1467454728
Kelly R Everman KYOphthalmology1730181090
Kevin J Blinder MOOphthalmology1669476560
Christopher J Devine OHOphthalmology1205838562
Michael E Daun OHOphthalmology1457353708
Samuel Chung-hang Lo HIOphthalmology1609870666
Eric David Kanter NJOphthalmology1558365411
David W Kozy OHOphthalmology1750383964
Timothy L Gard AKOphthalmology1659375244
Min-kyu Han ILOphthalmology1912901877
Richard Mark Hatfield KYOphthalmology1316941297
Robert F Dundervill WVOphthalmology1497759229
David J Hunt WVOphthalmology1740284579
Mark Lawrence Mazow TXOphthalmology1639173669
Todd A Goodglick MDOphthalmology1053315036
Rowland S. Hawkins TNOphthalmology1285638882
Mary Frances Kerr TNOphthalmology1083618680
Thomas Anthony Ciulla INOphthalmology1770585838
Andrew Joseph Levada CTOphthalmology1215931829
Rajendra S Apte MOOphthalmology1528062411
David Michael Loewy FLOphthalmology1679575831
Mark A Cepela KYOphthalmology1730181009
Saif Jaweed KYOphthalmology1255333472
Jean M Noll KYOphthalmology1760484935
Gregory T Clariday TXOphthalmology1689678641
Timothy Tamim Khater TXOphthalmology1669476255
Vittone Eye Surgical Associates Pc Ophthalmology1003346016
James Lawrence Jackson MIOphthalmology1427052091
Leslie B Cunningham TNOphthalmology1073517728
Charles J Breen KYOphthalmology1437151719
William Glenn Davis TNOphthalmology1942204805
Vickas Khemsara NCOphthalmology1477557023
Catharine Jean Crockett ILOphthalmology1295739746
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. Ophthalmology1003810557
Scott Merrill Pinter ILOphthalmology1174527626
James Christopher Dean CTOphthalmology1083618532
Neal A Tolchin OHOphthalmology1902800642
James G Ravin OHOphthalmology1437153178
Julius Shulman NYOphthalmology1841294584
Melissa Leung NYOphthalmology1982608444
Ronald E Warwar OHOphthalmology1881698363
Boaz J Lissauer NYOphthalmology1639173123
James Alan Fountain INOphthalmology1447254933
Yosef Gindzin MIOphthalmology1477557973


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