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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John A. Mccrary TXOphthalmology1548265382
Jeffrey William Grisham OKOphthalmology1871598011
Trung Minh Nguyen CAOphthalmology1316941966
Edward P Franks NYOphthalmology1578568556
Roger C. Husted NYOphthalmology1679577191
Lorin Robert Press NJOphthalmology1720082159
Jeffrey B Crowder GAOphthalmology1528063781
Diane J. Kraus NYOphthalmology1144224668
Alden Kirk Haun TNOphthalmology1316941842
Philip D Campbell TNOphthalmology1821092560
David Locke Cooke MIOphthalmology1942205315
Ronald L. Mckey MIOphthalmology1700881166
David Neal Brown MIOphthalmology1265437370
Charles A Garcia TXOphthalmology1821093626
William Stuart Epstein OROphthalmology1740285667
Gilberto Aguirre TXOphthalmology1437154168
Amos J Willis VAOphthalmology1528062015
Scott Eugene Pautler FLOphthalmology1114922366
Gerard D'aversa NYOphthalmology1548265523
Eric D Donnenfeld NYOphthalmology1891790770
Russell G Fumuso NYOphthalmology1750386736
Robert Broderick NYOphthalmology1275537656
Jack Oats NYOphthalmology1114921558
Glenn L Stoller NYOphthalmology1558366526
Richard T Sturm NYOphthalmology1669477626
Michael Swerdin NYOphthalmology1295730273
John R Wittpenn NYOphthalmology1154326122
Peter J Wong NYOphthalmology1215931670
Thomas A Browning TNOphthalmology1467457804
Ronald Caronia NYOphthalmology1720082118
Karina Billiris Findlay FLOphthalmology1336144575
John James Dagianis MAOphthalmology1972508026
Ramana S Moorthy INOphthalmology1902800493
Rodney Scott Bucher INOphthalmology1639173131
Prince D Samuel INOphthalmology1295730299
William Bradford Priester TNOphthalmology1093710857
Ricky D. Isernhagen KYOphthalmology1700881919
William J. Wood KYOphthalmology1326043100
Jon Michael Adleberg NCOphthalmology1710981246
Mid Michigan Eye Care Center, Pc Ophthalmology1649275041
Bradford C Liva NJOphthalmology1669477485
Todd Dana Severin CAOphthalmology1144225343
Timothy R Byrnes VAOphthalmology1245234715
James M Doyle NYOphthalmology1407851389
Joseph I Maguire PAOphthalmology1275538902
Edwin H. Donnelly GAOphthalmology1053315457
Martha F Jay WIOphthalmology1003810458
Russell Philip Edwards CAOphthalmology1922003706
Mark A Rothstein MOOphthalmology1063417848
Clifton Saunders Otto HIOphthalmology1538164322
Richard L. Jahnle PAOphthalmology1083619878
Paul F Nichols MOOphthalmology1144225947
Peter Vincent Palena PAOphthalmology1881699619
Charles Hamilton Williamson LAOphthalmology1396740122
Jonathan M Hershey WIOphthalmology1811992563
Michael Richard Hee CAOphthalmology1801891551
Donald Richard Unwin ILOphthalmology1407851157
Christopher James Patitsas PAOphthalmology1831194497
Michael A Novak OHOphthalmology1265437867
Robert C Baldwin PAOphthalmology1215932843
Patrick Gerard Brannac PAOphthalmology1689679235
Everett Albert Moody TXOphthalmology1154326726
Steven P Koenig NYOphthalmology1720083306
Myron Eugene Bodnar OHOphthalmology1457356032
Pioneer Valley Eye Associates, Pc Ophthalmology1750386298
Edmund L Wilkins KYOphthalmology1699770206
Michael D. Cefaratti PAOphthalmology1447255062
Leah R Wartluft PAOphthalmology1588669105
Robert D Stratton PAOphthalmology1578568192
James P Dailey PAOphthalmology1194720714
Henry D Perry NYOphthalmology1811992365
Robert R Anderson CAOphthalmology1760487227
Doreen T Fazio CAOphthalmology1831194398
Paul R. Horwitz AZOphthalmology1508861063
David Joseph Harris TNOphthalmology1356346910
Essene C. Bell TXOphthalmology1700881372
Joseph N Blustein WIOphthalmology1164427738
Carla M Krebs OHOphthalmology1487659066
Temidayo Adekoyejo Olurin DEOphthalmology1093710691
Charles K Koster OHOphthalmology1407851017
Roger John Gstalder FLOphthalmology1891790366
Eye Surgical Associates NEOphthalmology1417952995
Brad Anstadt ILOphthalmology1235134727
Cory Lynne Brame CAOphthalmology1821093311
Richard Nauheim NYOphthalmology1063417566
James Alan Nesper PAOphthalmology1376548875
Pamela J Poland OKOphthalmology1285639781
Randall Patkin MAOphthalmology1366447864
Bradley C Black INOphthalmology1356347884
Barry David Galman NJOphthalmology1073519500
Michael A Holy LAOphthalmology1932105483
George Kneisser NJOphthalmology1982600433
Carl F Clavenna MIOphthalmology1003812561
Gregory Bernard Fitzgerald MIOphthalmology1992701452
Samuel Balana Luague VAOphthalmology1760488233
Brent Randall Mcqueen TXOphthalmology1043216534
John Frederick Saunders TXOphthalmology1821094319
Martin J Rosenberg MDOphthalmology1386640803
Ralph Gordon Berkeley TXOphthalmology1447256961
Scott C Claycomb AROphthalmology1083610505
Howard J Gross NJOphthalmology1104821610
Roger D Lieberman NJOphthalmology1376548883
Richard E Carlson VAOphthalmology1720083249
Edward A. Curran CTOphthalmology1265437784
Howard Lyle Friedberg NJOphthalmology1164427696
A R Srikantiah OHOphthalmology1114923646
Andrea Friedberg NJOphthalmology1922004456
Curtis A Jordan INOphthalmology1477559904
Debra M. Prieto NJOphthalmology1639175169
Chet E Reistad COOphthalmology1629074083
Martin Lipson MDOphthalmology1164428520
Randal Paul KYOphthalmology1780680207
Patrick D Arnold COOphthalmology1225034671
Mary Susan Napoleon NYOphthalmology1003812454
Gary J Foster COOphthalmology1730185182
Richard M Susel MDOphthalmology1952307373
Kent R Crews COOphthalmology1831195288
Karl E Olsen COOphthalmology1275539629
Carl W Marquess KYOphthalmology1619973062
Alfred David Deramus AKOphthalmology1336145788
Matthew J Robinson COOphthalmology1154327500
William A Shachtman COOphthalmology1609872068
Jerome Ross MDOphthalmology1093711418
Jeffrey L Wexler MDOphthalmology1568468999
Jason Abraham Ahee UTOphthalmology1457357881
Ophthalmology Associates Of Mankato Pa MNOphthalmology1801892237
Ronald Lee Snow UTOphthalmology1447256870
Herbert Dean Feidler NEOphthalmology1407852866
Matthew Lloyd Burman MIOphthalmology1427054899
Saul Ullman FLOphthalmology1881690253
Lawrence Laray Gipson PAOphthalmology1770589103
Berkeley Eye Liberty, Lp Ophthalmology1205832649
Berkeley Eye Institute, Pa Ophthalmology1740286186
Sharon Dyckman PAOphthalmology1801892278
Daniel V Zimmer PAOphthalmology1265438634
Jennifer Wentworth KYOphthalmology1033115431
Linder Earl Wingo FLOphthalmology1699771907
Groden Eye Care Pc MAOphthalmology1962408278
Sedalia Eye Associates, P.c. MOOphthalmology1154327567
Sharath C Raja WIOphthalmology1417953829
Bernd Michael Kutzscher CAOphthalmology1891791133
John J Costello NYOphthalmology1487650743
Michael John Fischer NVOphthalmology1588660815
Bart Aaron Jones ILOphthalmology1447256797
Bryan J Phillips ILOphthalmology1114923497
Richard James Piccione LAOphthalmology1700882917
William David Boothe TXOphthalmology1205832425
Kenneth O Green ILOphthalmology1780680900
Robert Ian Noble MTOphthalmology1124024351
Douglas William Marx AROphthalmology1437155686
Cokingtin Eye Center Pa KSOphthalmology1497751648
Ning Lin CAOphthalmology1821094012
Brian Proctor ILOphthalmology1649276833
Bruce Markovitz PAOphthalmology1144226523
Gerald Rosen NCOphthalmology1942206321
Brian H Jewart PAOphthalmology1811993207
John P Nairn PAOphthalmology1528064912
Frank Wildman Read MEOphthalmology1295731677
Ophthalmology Consulting Services, Pa PAOphthalmology1831195213
Lisa M Cibik PAOphthalmology1477559854
Thomas Nicholas Fleming ILOphthalmology1730185117
Aziz Samir Abdul-rahim TXOphthalmology1881690279
Connie M Mcrill MDOphthalmology1235135625
John Charles Hoskins TNOphthalmology1205832615
Jason A Ahee Md Pc UTOphthalmology1649276957
Paul Remer NJOphthalmology1902802283
Associates In Ophthalmology Ltd PAOphthalmology1639175045
Todd James Lumsden MOOphthalmology1689670887
Janet Andrene Lindsey TXOphthalmology1790781029
Clifton D Cokingtin KSOphthalmology1427054758
John Reck Kinder MOOphthalmology1487650685
Robert O May MSOphthalmology1104822303
Philip C Smith MSOphthalmology1942206149
Jason D Burns TXOphthalmology1679579874
Daniel Edward Bruhl TXOphthalmology1033115357
Mark E Hollingshead IDOphthalmology1689670911
John L Stone TNOphthalmology1033115373
Raymond Demaio PAOphthalmology1457357790
Stuart Elovitz TXOphthalmology1366448540
Williamson Eye Center LAOphthalmology1972509156
Lawrence Carol Taylor FLOphthalmology1699771873
Derek Peter Kuhl TXOphthalmology1629074844
Stephen Reeves Waltman ILOphthalmology1528064748
John Joseph Kupko COOphthalmology1518963743
David Milstein CAOphthalmology1205832474
Jehangir Durrani CTOphthalmology1083610323
Brian T Nolan KYOphthalmology1407852759
William H Ehlers CTOphthalmology1942206297
Richard M Evans TXOphthalmology1811993017
Mary Makar NJOphthalmology1982600367
Miguel A Busquets PAOphthalmology1427054808
Stephen F Bowen MOOphthalmology1518963701
David S Hemmings GAOphthalmology1376549469
Steven J Fisher TXOphthalmology1144226358
Jorge Jesus Rivera MAOphthalmology1053317263
Frederick S Miller MEOphthalmology1376549402
Robert Eric Warren TXOphthalmology1457357584
Imtiaz A Mehkri TXOphthalmology1104822246
Darmakusuma Ie NJOphthalmology1881690956
Garrick A Rettele KSOphthalmology1801892898


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