Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Marc Alan Michelson 35205, ALOphthalmology1720081961
Michael Richard Bernstein 35216, ALOphthalmology1508869355
Mark Jason Douglas 36606, ALOphthalmology1679576516
Richard Joseph Duffey 36606, ALOphthalmology1053314997
Stuart Furtwangle Ball 36606, ALOphthalmology1548263577
Mark Gregory Bearman 35235, ALOphthalmology1932102480
James Bernard Kelly 35235, ALOphthalmology1295738748
Frederick John Elsas 35205, ALOphthalmology1225031743
Robert Lewis Phillips 35205, ALOphthalmology1134122658
John Alva Long 35205, ALOphthalmology1861495384
Virginia Ruth Lolley 35233, ALOphthalmology1477556991
Matthew Gerard Vicinanzo 35205, ALOphthalmology1740283266
Charles D Woods 35601, ALOphthalmology1396748786
Thomas M Allison 35205, ALOphthalmology1558365544
James M. Harrison 36608, ALOphthalmology1467456160
Frank C Young 36111, ALOphthalmology1376547075
Curtis Mcvay Graf 36608, ALOphthalmology1316941016
Ricki D Dobbs 36111, ALOphthalmology1467456020
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36603, ALOphthalmology1043794480
Priscilla G Fowler 35233, ALOphthalmology1851398093
Jay Andrew Brown 36606, ALOphthalmology1538167143
Khalid Latif Khan 35160, ALOphthalmology1538168810
Elmar M Lawaczeck 35216, ALOphthalmology1053310094
R Wyatt Feagin 35216, ALOphthalmology1710986674
Britton B Carter 35216, ALOphthalmology1790784684
Darrell Scott Prestridge 35124, ALOphthalmology1376543801
Wayne Paris Hyatt 35235, ALOphthalmology1548261498
John Stanley Morgan 35235, ALOphthalmology1134120876
Thomas D Mckinnon 35216, ALOphthalmology1477555001
Jeffrey J Fuller 35209, ALOphthalmology1356343917
Charles Stebner Mosteller 36608, ALOphthalmology1235121492
Matthew Wooley Mosteller 36608, ALOphthalmology1134112139
William Fitzhugh Murrah 36606, ALOphthalmology1255324240
Lawrence Thomas Jehle 36112, ALOphthalmology1700879400
Gregory Nelson Joy 36535, ALOphthalmology1023002193
Henry Christopher Semple 36606, ALOphthalmology1790779486
Charles Robert Salisbury 36608, ALOphthalmology1881688455
Ronald Leon Gross 36532, ALOphthalmology1902890544
Joseph Hare Sugg 36301, ALOphthalmology1538154968
Rollins Lynne Tindell 36606, ALOphthalmology1033104500
Valerie Lanette Vick 36606, ALOphthalmology1093700569
David Sidney Lewis 36207, ALOphthalmology1003801473
Andrew Pope Terry 36608, ALOphthalmology1154316321
Tom Morrow Walker 36606, ALOphthalmology1407841687
Claude Morris Warren 36608, ALOphthalmology1841285020
Premier Health Management, Inc. 36606, ALOphthalmology1538154760
John Kevin Schweninger 35758, ALOphthalmology1487640934
Michael R Ursic 35406, ALOphthalmology1649266867
Michael A Callahan 35233, ALOphthalmology1902892151
Brenda C Miller Edmonson 35801, ALOphthalmology1336135268
Wilfred W Yeargan 35406, ALOphthalmology1376531152
Bry Henry Coburn 35205, ALOphthalmology1831171024
Andrew Wilfred Everett 35233, ALOphthalmology1821070764
Warren A Thompson 36303, ALOphthalmology1962484790
Patricia Massengill Mccoy 35806, ALOphthalmology1205819265
Robert Keith Stevens 35801, ALOphthalmology1689659294
John L Swan 36106, ALOphthalmology1336124742
In C Shin 36106, ALOphthalmology1245215656
Sanders M Benkwith 36106, ALOphthalmology1144205550
Tom L Mitchell 36106, ALOphthalmology1013992239
Michael R Ursic Md Pc 35406, ALOphthalmology1114902194
Denise Renee Barefield Pendleton 35209, ALOphthalmology1811972813
John O Mason 35233, ALOphthalmology1336124015
Martin L Thomley 35233, ALOphthalmology1679558357
Michael A Albert 35233, ALOphthalmology1730165325
Richard M Feist 35233, ALOphthalmology1114903556
Benjamin W Roberts 35233, ALOphthalmology1649256819
Perin Keith Thompson 35630, ALOphthalmology1669458725
Donald Joseph Derivaux 35801, ALOphthalmology1538145594
Jeffrey Curtis Hindman 35801, ALOphthalmology1235115296
William E Holcomb 35058, ALOphthalmology1427037605
Thomas Berton Friman 36532, ALOphthalmology1821078973
James Waid Blackstone 35150, ALOphthalmology1477523090
Charles Frederick Jones 36695, ALOphthalmology1891766572
Wonsuck Kim 35630, ALOphthalmology1538130166
Lewis Keith Fraser 35630, ALOphthalmology1982675583
Michael Kevin Gray 35630, ALOphthalmology1457322877
Michael L Brummitt 35630, ALOphthalmology1992776397
Mark Scott Brown 36695, ALOphthalmology1114999729
Saunders L Hupp 36695, ALOphthalmology1154393726
Leonard S Rich 36695, ALOphthalmology1295708402
Yaffa K Weaver 36695, ALOphthalmology1588637649
Richard C Childs 36532, ALOphthalmology1457324188
Price M Kloess 35213, ALOphthalmology1427022789
Dr James R Veal Jr And Associates Pa 35058, ALOphthalmology1356377766
Danny Kim Lee 35801, ALOphthalmology1851350995
Herbert Horton Bowden 35802, ALOphthalmology1740249564
Walter John Hubickey 35801, ALOphthalmology1316906969
Bruce Shelby Eich 35211, ALOphthalmology1679536288
James Ross Veal 35058, ALOphthalmology1760445092
David A Skier Md Facs Pc 35205, ALOphthalmology1700840311
Mark A Kassels 35660, ALOphthalmology1437114055
Tarek Omar Persaud 35801, ALOphthalmology1073578589
James Morris Lewis 35203, ALOphthalmology1821054511
Alabama Eye Surgery Pc 35211, ALOphthalmology1184680647
Keith A. Williamson, Md, Llc 35160, ALOphthalmology1740247261
Jefferson Clinic, P.c. 35233, ALOphthalmology1124086509
Mark Reid Tucker 35010, ALOphthalmology1427006717
Eric B. Sputh 35406, ALOphthalmology1427007525
Robert Clayton Maynor 35801, ALOphthalmology1497704175
William Nathan Mitchell 35801, ALOphthalmology1720037401
Alan Jay Franklin 36606, ALOphthalmology1366492365
Jeff Chaiprakob 35235, ALOphthalmology1134179013
Darrell S. Prestridge, Do, Pc 35124, ALOphthalmology1508817198
University Of Alabama Ophthalmology Services Foundation 35233, ALOphthalmology1265485999
Vision Partners Llc 36695, ALOphthalmology1225081797
Retina Consultants Of Alabama P.c. 35233, ALOphthalmology1588610968
Eye Health Partners Of Alabama Inc 35209, ALOphthalmology1619923745
S J Hays Md Pc 35209, ALOphthalmology1023065166
Ronald Alvin Braswell 35233, ALOphthalmology1336196260
Simon williamson Clinic, P.c. 35211, ALOphthalmology1497702344
Sam Hutson Hay 35801, ALOphthalmology1588602387
Peter Zloty 36606, ALOphthalmology1467490086
John Skelton Owen 35209, ALOphthalmology1992744718
Michael Lee Roh 92647, ALOphthalmology1386684629
Sarah Jablecki Hays 35209, ALOphthalmology1962442707
Allan Jeffrey Kelley 36305, ALOphthalmology1487695458
Jimmy M Carter 36305, ALOphthalmology1295776268
Alabama Ophthalmology Associates, P.c. 35205, ALOphthalmology1366484941
Gregg Philip Moody 35613, ALOphthalmology1982647731
Logan Smith 35213, ALOphthalmology1356385777
Martin Steven Cogen 35233, ALOphthalmology1952345134
Retina Specialists Of Alabama In Montgomery Llc 36111, ALOphthalmology1851336226
Scott Edward Dorin 35630, ALOphthalmology1588609960
Retina Specialists Of North Alabama Llc 35801, ALOphthalmology1194760652
Mathew Ryan Sapp 35205, ALOphthalmology1720023153
Retina Specialists Of Alabama Llc 35205, ALOphthalmology1437194867
Christopher Anthony Girkin 35233, ALOphthalmology1891730073
Philip Henry Scharper 36111, ALOphthalmology1346285426
Gregg P. Moody, Pc 35611, ALOphthalmology1902841059
Wilson Guinn Paulk 36117, ALOphthalmology1295771509
Robert Jeffery Crain 35233, ALOphthalmology1295771699
D Wade Joiner 35216, ALOphthalmology1144257726
Lanning B Kline 35233, ALOphthalmology1841227477
Edgar Lowndes Ready 35801, ALOphthalmology1932136355
Nancy Eileen Medeiros 35801, ALOphthalmology1427086404
James Brennen Byrne 35801, ALOphthalmology1831128388
Edward Scott Parma 36111, ALOphthalmology1740219294
Michael Paige Massey 36111, ALOphthalmology1659300101
Samuel Wayne Taylor 35401, ALOphthalmology1568491017
Robert Edward Morris 35205, ALOphthalmology1477582922
Clark Douglas Witherspoon 35294, ALOphthalmology1386673838
James Allen Kimble 35205, ALOphthalmology1285663732
Mamta D Somaiya Md Pc 35209, ALOphthalmology1265461305
Marnix E Heersink 36301, ALOphthalmology1598794273
Jorge L Arango 36303, ALOphthalmology1295764983
John K Wallace 36305, ALOphthalmology1992735302
Zsolt C Bansagi 32405, ALOphthalmology1366472383
Henry Wade Faulkner 36606, ALOphthalmology1578593653
Wade Faulkner, Md, Pc 36606, ALOphthalmology1740210822
Andrew F Dannemann 36305, ALOphthalmology1396776944
Irene H Ludwig 36301, ALOphthalmology1831120492
Eye Partners Pc 36301, ALOphthalmology1902837453
Sputh Center For Sight, Llc 35406, ALOphthalmology1710918289
William L Bennett 36301, ALOphthalmology1831120443
Southern Retina Llc 35209, ALOphthalmology1013949890
Darrell E Wolfley 35209, ALOphthalmology1275564072
Roswell Robert Pfister 35216, ALOphthalmology1891727335
Darrell E Wolfley Md Pc 35209, ALOphthalmology1134151517
Vision Professionals 36301, ALOphthalmology1700819240
Russell W Read 35233, ALOphthalmology1770518474
Juli Merrill Dean 35209, ALOphthalmology1891712352
Harold Skalka 35233, ALOphthalmology1174541114
John Byron Cox 35801, ALOphthalmology1477572063
Carol E Rosenstiel 35233, ALOphthalmology1023038619
Scott W. Lecroy 35211, ALOphthalmology1376563585
Jason Clint Swanner 35233, ALOphthalmology1679593719
Eastern Medical Eye Center P C 35235, ALOphthalmology1578586459
Andrew Joseph Velazquez 35213, ALOphthalmology1013930825
Richard Bryant 36301, ALOphthalmology1578586327
E. M. Brendan Wyatt 36701, ALOphthalmology1538173646
Catherine Elizabeth Coward 36535, ALOphthalmology1902820111
Retina Associates Of Alabama, Inc 36303, ALOphthalmology1124042601
James John Corbett 39216, ALOphthalmology1013921618
Invision Ophthalmology Pc 35209, ALOphthalmology1063730596
James Randall Pitts 35007, ALOphthalmology1952317364
Jeffrey L Yee 35233, ALOphthalmology1235146523
James D Izer 36106, ALOphthalmology1861400418
Charles N Robbins 36106, ALOphthalmology1376551929
Thomas Griffin Lamkin 35216, ALOphthalmology1417965120
Phillip L Saunders 35801, ALOphthalmology1891703682
Levene, Joiner, & Mays P.c. 35216, ALOphthalmology1699784322
Andrew J Mays 35233, ALOphthalmology1699784678
Roy T Hager 36106, ALOphthalmology1548270143
Eye Center Surgeons & Assoc Llc 35801, ALOphthalmology1497765721
Institute For Total Eye Care 36106, ALOphthalmology1417968389
Bertrand Marquess Anz 36801, ALOphthalmology1598778912
Medical Arts Eye Clinic Pc 36801, ALOphthalmology1316950736
Gregory John Sepanski 36830, ALOphthalmology1295748614
Drs. Lawaczeck, Mckinnon, Feagin, Carter , Gee, & Dahl, P.c. 35216, ALOphthalmology1104939008
Samuel F Hollingsworth 35501, ALOphthalmology1790890986
John S Parker 35233, ALOphthalmology1114033016
James Wynn Jacobs 35976, ALOphthalmology1902914708
Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center Pc 35801, ALOphthalmology1659489409
Jean Guy Fortin 36301, ALOphthalmology1205945276
Michael A Mcewen 35903, ALOphthalmology1023127982
Alabama Eye Center, Pc 35501, ALOphthalmology1740399013
Daniel John Wenzl 35661, ALOphthalmology1912016163
Michael A Mcewen, M.d., P.a. 35903, ALOphthalmology1770692659
Rita Jane Armitage 35022, ALOphthalmology1093827354


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