Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Leonard Joffe 85712, AZOphthalmology1952304073
Reid F Schindler 85712, AZOphthalmology1285637306
Denis M Carroll 85710, AZOphthalmology1396748406
Cameron G Javid 85710, AZOphthalmology1518960632
April Harris 85710, AZOphthalmology1316940422
Harry D Schlosser 85712, AZOphthalmology1841292042
Michael Lee Ham 86314, AZOphthalmology1750385647
Bertram T Matsumoto 85282, AZOphthalmology1477557494
Robert Stephen Lewis 85282, AZOphthalmology1881698827
Alma Irma Murphy 85711, AZOphthalmology1669476644
Paul R. Horwitz 85743, AZOphthalmology1508861063
Gary Mackman 85014, AZOphthalmology1326044108
Sam Edwin Sato 85719, AZOphthalmology1831196427
Jonathon Lober Gross 85704, AZOphthalmology1356348528
Lisa Ann Mansueto 85282, AZOphthalmology1396742797
M Kent Moore 85201, AZOphthalmology1801894662
Thomas Francis Moore 85012, AZOphthalmology1932107729
Thomas Glendon Moody 85282, AZOphthalmology1003815705
Lucia Tredici 85224, AZOphthalmology1467451625
Ricardo A Aviles 85635, AZOphthalmology1205837010
Jeffrey S Felter 85635, AZOphthalmology1710988522
Gholam A Peyman 85375, AZOphthalmology1225038946
Donald W Park 85014, AZOphthalmology1073515854
Thomas E Rodcay 85635, AZOphthalmology1205828266
Charles Sanford Gannon 85712, AZOphthalmology1053303024
Alan J Gordon 85020, AZOphthalmology1518959287
Joseph Shepard Bryan 85020, AZOphthalmology1881686558
Michael A Pachtman 85206, AZOphthalmology1104819804
Yuri F Mckee 85206, AZOphthalmology1154313989
Sharam Danesh 85050, AZOphthalmology1003808809
Daniel B Feller 85054, AZOphthalmology1033103106
Robert R Mcculloch 85054, AZOphthalmology1245224211
Patrick D Aiello 85364, AZOphthalmology1235124744
Farshid Paydar 86336, AZOphthalmology1376538678
Ann Bullington 85018, AZOphthalmology1225023369
Robert H Bullington 85018, AZOphthalmology1134114275
Aileen F Villareal 85018, AZOphthalmology1003802604
James J Koster 85012, AZOphthalmology1851387344
Steven B. Perlmutter 85021, AZOphthalmology1225024375
Leslie A Kanda 85012, AZOphthalmology1265426951
Mikel W Lo 85741, AZOphthalmology1578557914
Chaman L Luthra M.d. And Adarsh Luthra M.d., P.c. 85364, AZOphthalmology1013905090
Melvin Jerome Clark 85016, AZOphthalmology1093704751
Aasim Kamal 85306, AZOphthalmology1902895931
Lisa C Lane 85710, AZOphthalmology1801877014
Richard A Isenberg 85020, AZOphthalmology1669453452
Jason M Levine 85710, AZOphthalmology1225019904
Eva-marie Bee Chun Chong 85258, AZOphthalmology1700867009
Raymond Joseph Zimmerman 85013, AZOphthalmology1639152911
J Bruce Stadwiser 85013, AZOphthalmology1265415558
George M Yanik 85013, AZOphthalmology1205819489
Steven Chen 85308, AZOphthalmology1043201999
Sean Mccafferty 85710, AZOphthalmology1609857812
Lisa Dianne Mihora 85032, AZOphthalmology1639168255
Lee Sa B. Jackson 85206, AZOphthalmology1306837042
Byron R Tabbut 60187, AZOphthalmology1245229145
Karen T Robertson 85028, AZOphthalmology1184614885
James W Oneil 85006, AZOphthalmology1669462347
James L Plotnik 85006, AZOphthalmology1013907716
Mark I Salevitz 85206, AZOphthalmology1902896442
Amy A. Leverant 85308, AZOphthalmology1770573289
Chaman L Luthra 85364, AZOphthalmology1851389803
Michael J Depenbusch 85224, AZOphthalmology1003897794
John P Creasman 85259, AZOphthalmology1508849357
Jack A Aaron 85715, AZOphthalmology1043293566
Todd W Altenbernd 85711, AZOphthalmology1841273356
Richard P Marcello 85715, AZOphthalmology1205810322
Marc Harlow Brooks 85257, AZOphthalmology1134108152
Matthew C Ziemianski 85020, AZOphthalmology1730169764
Scott Harrison 85351, AZOphthalmology1841270295
Robert Rubenzik 85306, AZOphthalmology1407826480
Grant W Heinz 85206, AZOphthalmology1730169608
Warren Harvey Heller 85003, AZOphthalmology1255314191
Frank P Caserta 85282, AZOphthalmology1053396937
Gerald P Ford 85282, AZOphthalmology1972588804
Thomas J. Mcphee 85251, AZOphthalmology1649240391
Pamela Williams 85351, AZOphthalmology1376513879
Craig C Suiter 85251, AZOphthalmology1346210085
Joseph Peter Aiello 85251, AZOphthalmology1801866553
Jerry B. Wurster 85251, AZOphthalmology1902877244
William A. Woolf 85213, AZOphthalmology1659341964
Stephen S Hwang 85251, AZOphthalmology1598735813
Jon N. Astle 85251, AZOphthalmology1831169168
Curtis R. Winkler 85251, AZOphthalmology1841261864
Eric B Farber 85364, AZOphthalmology1053383349
Wendy Wootton 85206, AZOphthalmology1558333740
Samuel A Mcconkey 85251, AZOphthalmology1427020411
Duane L. Mitzel 85251, AZOphthalmology1750353439
James A Tammaro Md Pc 86403, AZOphthalmology1194797795
Luca Brigatti 85711, AZOphthalmology1588636021
Harry Carrozza 85711, AZOphthalmology1801869367
Lansing Brown 85711, AZOphthalmology1902879133
Brian Thomas Rose 85283, AZOphthalmology1851364723
Brendan P Cassidy 85006, AZOphthalmology1992779425
Ophthalmic Surgeons & Physicians Ltd 85282, AZOphthalmology1689648925
Alyssa Kim 85206, AZOphthalmology1689648875
R Stuart Eason 85234, AZOphthalmology1205800331
Desert Vista Eyewear 85234, AZOphthalmology1952375099
Lawrence Stephen Kahn 85234, AZOphthalmology1083688113
Norman Charles Ahl 85711, AZOphthalmology1144296278
Jeffrey S Tennant 85364, AZOphthalmology1396713251
Craig R Cassidy 85201, AZOphthalmology1063480119
Sanford L Moretsky 85201, AZOphthalmology1457329666
Carol S. Lee-faust 85283, AZOphthalmology1306815220
Raldon Hugh Retter 85251, AZOphthalmology1598734782
James W Shafer 85201, AZOphthalmology1811956071
Valley Eye Specialists P L C 85201, AZOphthalmology1013985274
Christopher M Seniw 85741, AZOphthalmology1669445987
David S Deutch 86326, AZOphthalmology1124091251
Steven Worthen Mortenson 86301, AZOphthalmology1962473595
James Brayshaw Arthur 86305, AZOphthalmology1487625679
Jerald P Underdahl 85006, AZOphthalmology1043284581
Timothy L. Hodges 85716, AZOphthalmology1437124161
James A Hiatt 85206, AZOphthalmology1467424655
Stephen A.m. Desouza 85020, AZOphthalmology1548232820
Richard L Golub 85308, AZOphthalmology1154395424
Elyssa Peters Rosenthal 85037, AZOphthalmology1225007560
Diego H. Calonje M.d. Pc 85712, AZOphthalmology1740259142
Christopher M Seniw Md Pc 85718, AZOphthalmology1124091996
Todd A Lefkowitz 85254, AZOphthalmology1649248709
Ofer N Eytan 85023, AZOphthalmology1306806732
Gabriel J Perry 85255, AZOphthalmology1558322255
Errol R Sweet 85023, AZOphthalmology1760443550
Robert Wickert Snyder 85712, AZOphthalmology1275597981
Ajay Sanan 85741, AZOphthalmology1295799369
Karl Alfons Rosen 85715, AZOphthalmology1982669933
Daniel C Schickner 86442, AZOphthalmology1467418194
Scott Arnold Glesmann 86442, AZOphthalmology1770549222
Ronald W Barnet 85016, AZOphthalmology1033175427
Warren H Victor 85351, AZOphthalmology1770549719
Robert L Mahanti 86001, AZOphthalmology1730146499
John Harold Rummel 86301, AZOphthalmology1932167632
Robert Willard Preston 86301, AZOphthalmology1669430369
Charles Joseph Hofer 85381, AZOphthalmology1710945936
Rummel Eye Care, P.c. 86301, AZOphthalmology1225086291
Robert Mark Rummel 86301, AZOphthalmology1033167093
Jung T Dao 85032, AZOphthalmology1427007202
Joseph Alan Rappazzo 85048, AZOphthalmology1972552453
George R Reiss 85306, AZOphthalmology1619927969
Regina Y. Najera 85718, AZOphthalmology1407808660
Whitney Allan Lynch 85710, AZOphthalmology1437101219
Brandon K Suedekum 85032, AZOphthalmology1033162581
Kianoush Kian 85234, AZOphthalmology1962456590
Advanced Laser &eye Center Of Arizona Pc 85234, AZOphthalmology1245284934
Luna Eye Centers Of Phoenix Az Pc 85008, AZOphthalmology1265486872
Anish A Kadakia 85351, AZOphthalmology1932161486
Jonathan G Stock 85201, AZOphthalmology1356394712
George S. Novalis 85704, AZOphthalmology1821046251
Egbert Saavedra 85710, AZOphthalmology1518925858
Emilio M Justo 85351, AZOphthalmology1407812647
Derek Y. Kunimoto 85014, AZOphthalmology1558329847
Richard A Isenberg Md Pllc 85260, AZOphthalmology1659325835
Jay Lawrence Schwartz 85260, AZOphthalmology1730134867
Dustin Michael Heringer 85712, AZOphthalmology1124074190
Samuel L Pallin 87109, AZOphthalmology1629015284
Robert W Snyder Md Phd Pc 85712, AZOphthalmology1659319622
Mark F Johnson 85375, AZOphthalmology1861432973
Camille M Hylton 85282, AZOphthalmology1629019732
Louis J Rosenbaum 85032, AZOphthalmology1104868363
Jonathan B. Kao 85206, AZOphthalmology1295779684
Yuma Eye Associates, P.c. 85364, AZOphthalmology1942245410
Jeremy J. Van Buren 85014, AZOphthalmology1689610800
Renee Mccoy 85283, AZOphthalmology1700813433
Daniel James Briceland 85375, AZOphthalmology1154350817
Arizona Foundation For The Changing Eye, Inc. 85016, AZOphthalmology1639108335
Banner University Medical Group 85012, AZOphthalmology1508809427
Carol Ann Ling 85018, AZOphthalmology1023059458
William M Mcleish, Md, Llc 85006, AZOphthalmology1477590297
Jaime R Gaitan 85020, AZOphthalmology1275580573
Phoenix Ophthalmologists Pa 85014, AZOphthalmology1356377873
Anika S. Goodwin 85755, AZOphthalmology1285672345
Edward John Quinlan 85014, AZOphthalmology1053358978
Retinal Consultants Of Arizona Ltd 85014, AZOphthalmology1700823051
Janette De Block 85375, AZOphthalmology1134152598
Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation 86045, AZOphthalmology1548294424
Ramin Schadlu 85021, AZOphthalmology1962428276
Mohave Eye Centers Ltd 86401, AZOphthalmology1063438257
Arizona Pediatric Eye Specialists, Plc 85202, AZOphthalmology1477573913
Cornea & Cataract Consultants Of Arizona Pc 85032, AZOphthalmology1780605808
Eamon W Leung 85351, AZOphthalmology1275547200
James Moss Goldman 85251, AZOphthalmology1528075702
David Wayne Day 85712, AZOphthalmology1093722878
Corey Hochman 85037, AZOphthalmology1538176243
Howard K Chen 85395, AZOphthalmology1295745610
L. Allan Eisner M.d., Llc 85050, AZOphthalmology1497765390
Mark Blake Horton 85016, AZOphthalmology1376556985
Jon S Jacobson Md 85381, AZOphthalmology1134233273
Gerald J. Hobson 40065, AZOphthalmology1104842517
Kathleen Marie Duerksen 85712, AZOphthalmology1417966607
Arizona Ophthalmology Specialists, Plc 85206, AZOphthalmology1427078906
Sushma Rai 85016, AZOphthalmology1528072741
Max Chung Ho Kim 85050, AZOphthalmology1851300461
Strato3 Health Llc 85741, AZOphthalmology1215426200
Jon S Jacobson 85251, AZOphthalmology1558475681
Millennium Vision Inc 85054, AZOphthalmology1184730251
Robin Demi Ross 85254, AZOphthalmology1114951506
Mary Kathleen Carriker 85018, AZOphthalmology1831206408
Teresa M Pavese 85044, AZOphthalmology1689781502
Thomas R Wolf 85016, AZOphthalmology1760590285
Chrysanne Rinderknecht 85381, AZOphthalmology1558479972


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