Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Stuart R Winthrop 93103, CAOphthalmology1356344485
Adam Martidis 93003, CAOphthalmology1881697910
Patrick J Caskey 95403, CAOphthalmology1164425914
Robert S Herrick 92376, CAOphthalmology1902809817
Rex Chen Hsei 95065, CAOphthalmology1285637157
Craig Blackwell 95065, CAOphthalmology1326041195
Stephen S. Bylsma 93454, CAOphthalmology1265435325
Christen Allaman 95065, CAOphthalmology1649273475
William Larry Adams 95065, CAOphthalmology1205839941
Sanford Chen 92705, CAOphthalmology1427051994
Timothy T You 92705, CAOphthalmology1326041880
Wayne B Isaeff 92324, CAOphthalmology1770586232
Olivia Choon Ong 91016, CAOphthalmology1124021688
Kimber Lee Schneider 92324, CAOphthalmology1023011582
David Alan Wallace 90025, CAOphthalmology1679576276
Stephen Meffert 95403, CAOphthalmology1609879105
John Burley Cotter 93401, CAOphthalmology1124021746
James Tidwell 91941, CAOphthalmology1114920600
Bradley Jay Sandler 94533, CAOphthalmology1932102415
Robert Richard Elliston 94010, CAOphthalmology1386647824
Louis P Kartsonis 92109, CAOphthalmology1285637702
Charles Edward Whisler 93940, CAOphthalmology1073516597
Robert C Fox 96001, CAOphthalmology1508869819
Eric James Poulsen 93720, CAOphthalmology1003819301
David Bruce Mark 94087, CAOphthalmology1912900218
Larry Ray Lawrence 93720, CAOphthalmology1164425468
Shahriar Rami Zarnegar 93454, CAOphthalmology1790788008
Jeffrey P Winick 92028, CAOphthalmology1285637652
Denise Kayser 95403, CAOphthalmology1134122633
Ramin Monshizadeh 91730, CAOphthalmology1578566030
Merrill M Knopf 90813, CAOphthalmology1841294733
Victor A Holmes 93555, CAOphthalmology1568466381
Ivan Richard Jacobs 90211, CAOphthalmology1093719858
Paul Hong-dze Chen 92009, CAOphthalmology1760486419
Cesar T Chavez 92243, CAOphthalmology1720082563
Irene F Sasaki 90807, CAOphthalmology1245234178
Robert W Higginbotham 93401, CAOphthalmology1609878834
Ahmad A Amir 93454, CAOphthalmology1851393086
Craig A Merrill 93449, CAOphthalmology1528060746
David Gordon Feil 93291, CAOphthalmology1164427597
H D Hoskins 94105, CAOphthalmology1346244738
Stanley Harrison Feil 93291, CAOphthalmology1942205240
Ethan Matthew Kutzscher 94598, CAOphthalmology1700881661
Joshua N. Babad 95062, CAOphthalmology1902801939
Irvin Jack Cowley 96097, CAOphthalmology1295730927
Edward L Feldman 95405, CAOphthalmology1699770396
John M Maggiano 92705, CAOphthalmology1750386546
Sanford Lewis Severin 94583, CAOphthalmology1063417814
Trung Minh Nguyen 92708, CAOphthalmology1316941966
Todd Dana Severin 94583, CAOphthalmology1144225343
Michael Richard Hee 94015, CAOphthalmology1801891551
Robert R Anderson 94904, CAOphthalmology1760487227
Doreen T Fazio 91405, CAOphthalmology1831194398
Cory Lynne Brame 92660, CAOphthalmology1821093311
Bernd Michael Kutzscher 94015, CAOphthalmology1891791133
Ning Lin 93637, CAOphthalmology1821094012
David Milstein 91405, CAOphthalmology1205832474
Richard Clayton Cochrane 95966, CAOphthalmology1093711079
Richard Anthony Beller 94558, CAOphthalmology1396741005
Asit Pruthi 93901, CAOphthalmology1770580375
Clifford M Terry 92835, CAOphthalmology1306842687
Ehsan Mozayan-isfahani 92024, CAOphthalmology1588924849
George M Rajacich 91405, CAOphthalmology1962407593
Desmond Edward Mcguire 92705, CAOphthalmology1881690634
James Howard Abrams 94066, CAOphthalmology1912903329
Joanne Fenderson Cochrane 95966, CAOphthalmology1487650560
Stephen Andrew Wigginton 90813, CAOphthalmology1568468106
Russell Philip Edwards 92103, CAOphthalmology1922003706
Matthew Jones 93901, CAOphthalmology1225035793
Richard U Kim 93901, CAOphthalmology1770580243
Stuart R Paul 93901, CAOphthalmology1063419539
Henry E. Ullman 90211, CAOphthalmology1689671950
Nualhathai Priscilla Songsanand 92395, CAOphthalmology1497752778
Timothy Young 95422, CAOphthalmology1710984422
Robert Brian Neves 94583, CAOphthalmology1245238682
Tay Justin Weinman 90731, CAOphthalmology1972501237
William Weng Ping Ko 91776, CAOphthalmology1548268873
Sherman A Robins 90008, CAOphthalmology1750389839
Barry A Mcnamara 94015, CAOphthalmology1922006071
Richard Grady Carriker 93465, CAOphthalmology1134126543
Rose Maria Cunningham-ahumada 92704, CAOphthalmology1811996523
Jeffrey Merrick Sage 90017, CAOphthalmology1114926730
John Lawrence Garwood 90404, CAOphthalmology1427057959
Charles Crapotta 94533, CAOphthalmology1932108362
Joseph Kerendian 91325, CAOphthalmology1386643815
Andrew Cu-unjieng 92103, CAOphthalmology1164421400
Louise Anne Minor 95501, CAOphthalmology1740289081
David Jerry Woods 95969, CAOphthalmology1225038185
Fang Tan 94538, CAOphthalmology1811997646
Raghu C. Murthy 90210, CAOphthalmology1194725390
James Daniel Boyce 92843, CAOphthalmology1457351652
Ninh H Tran 94070, CAOphthalmology1962402966
Norman Hontin Liu 92843, CAOphthalmology1861492860
Ronald Jerome Goldman 91910, CAOphthalmology1114928082
Calvin Eng 91754, CAOphthalmology1225039092
Wonkyu Pak 90004, CAOphthalmology1376542894
Daniel J Buckley 94015, CAOphthalmology1013916733
Jonathan Lewis Savell 94566, CAOphthalmology1124027495
Thomas G Chu 90017, CAOphthalmology1760482806
Jennifer P Wang 94040, CAOphthalmology1003817776
Randall L Nguyen 90807, CAOphthalmology1750382008
Fox Morgan Boswell 90807, CAOphthalmology1467453910
Anne E Fung 94115, CAOphthalmology1588665939
Karen W Oxford 94115, CAOphthalmology1396746749
Stuart R Seiff 94115, CAOphthalmology1114928561
Azhar I Salahuddin 93720, CAOphthalmology1801897194
Arthur W Allen 94115, CAOphthalmology1255332334
David Heiden 94115, CAOphthalmology1053312108
August Reader 94115, CAOphthalmology1053312157
Floyd Arthur Doughty 92101, CAOphthalmology1437150562
Wayne E Fung 94115, CAOphthalmology1154323079
James W Knapp 94115, CAOphthalmology1962404806
Danny Y Lin 94115, CAOphthalmology1871595710
Stanley Carson 90807, CAOphthalmology1750383659
Jacqueline Koo 94401, CAOphthalmology1528060308
Ronald J Smith 90073, CAOphthalmology1649272436
John Mcbeath 90807, CAOphthalmology1124020888
Peter S. Spiegel 92260, CAOphthalmology1457353823
Colin B Arnold 95823, CAOphthalmology1316949779
Thomas Boo-hun Choi 90241, CAOphthalmology1477555985
Kenneth Brinsko 92055, CAOphthalmology1831191352
Lori L. Kirshner 92260, CAOphthalmology1134121692
Lawrence Alvin Wood 92055, CAOphthalmology1326030008
Roger E. Atkins 94115, CAOphthalmology1487646188
Irene Chennell 92025, CAOphthalmology1225020803
Jose Ivan Quiceno 92037, CAOphthalmology1093707580
Andrew Chang 91325, CAOphthalmology1003808494
Daniel A. Brinton 94609, CAOphthalmology1114919495
Jose Cabrera Briones 91740, CAOphthalmology1508859828
Keith E Kenyon 90057, CAOphthalmology1386637528
Robert Evan Feinfield 91505, CAOphthalmology1013900182
Suhas Wasnik Tuli 91505, CAOphthalmology1528051604
Alan Mitchell Berg 91505, CAOphthalmology1992798920
Harvey Henoch Silverberg 91423, CAOphthalmology1114910106
Charlotte Nagel 94520, CAOphthalmology1457344335
Gustavo Alejandro Gonzalez 93940, CAOphthalmology1558354332
Eugene S. Lit 94609, CAOphthalmology1336132919
Frank W Hull 94533, CAOphthalmology1720071327
Gerald R Schultz 92284, CAOphthalmology1942293543
Gary C Graham 95340, CAOphthalmology1710970264
Everett Ai 94115, CAOphthalmology1235130618
Randall Goodman 93454, CAOphthalmology1891788436
Michael Khanh Tran 92683, CAOphthalmology1801888110
Soon T Lee 94609, CAOphthalmology1952394553
Jeremiah Tao 92697, CAOphthalmology1841292257
Lee Kenneth Schwartz 94115, CAOphthalmology1174525851
Roger L Novack 90017, CAOphthalmology1104828706
Martin Rajsbaum 91911, CAOphthalmology1912999400
Kevin John Denny 94102, CAOphthalmology1427040732
Asha S.d. Nuthi 92056, CAOphthalmology1851393243
Mithlesh C. Sharma 95815, CAOphthalmology1528052719
Andrew Henrick 92653, CAOphthalmology1700870821
Paul L. Prendiville 92653, CAOphthalmology1073507190
Gregory Allen Stainer 93308, CAOphthalmology1295729465
Holly Marie Spanggord 92653, CAOphthalmology1346234465
Daniel H Chang 93309, CAOphthalmology1184618266
Gulzar Singh Johl 95991, CAOphthalmology1174517957
Edwin E Boldrey 94040, CAOphthalmology1801880745
Sterling J Haidt 94040, CAOphthalmology1801880729
Linda Huang 92586, CAOphthalmology1407841935
Marc A Lowe 93105, CAOphthalmology1821083395
Firooz Rezazadeh Oskooi 92660, CAOphthalmology1114912615
Jesus Luigi Borrillo 94040, CAOphthalmology1861487100
Bryan Glenn Crum 96002, CAOphthalmology1902891385
Sandra Jean Sofinski 91763, CAOphthalmology1578558771
Sheldon Jay Nankin 92868, CAOphthalmology1235124322
Bruce Edward Silverstein 96002, CAOphthalmology1255326476
Shi-hwa William Chang 95350, CAOphthalmology1477548667
Ronald Arthur Kalayta 95991, CAOphthalmology1316932452
Daniel Bruce Lensink 96001, CAOphthalmology1235124835
Rulon Deem Beesley 93534, CAOphthalmology1902892441
Robert Grinnell Trent 96002, CAOphthalmology1114913761
Randall E Woesner 95482, CAOphthalmology1679569933
William H Bartlett 95401, CAOphthalmology1881680171
Claudia Susana Pinilla 94526, CAOphthalmology1598751638
Paul L Archambeau 95401, CAOphthalmology1376539296
Joseph F Fleming 95437, CAOphthalmology1053307983
Rupinder K Mann 94526, CAOphthalmology1770579443
David Philip Simon 94535, CAOphthalmology1114913829
Steven W Dixon 93436, CAOphthalmology1740277235
Harvey Abraham Fishman 94301, CAOphthalmology1639166838
Clement Jackson Cheng 95065, CAOphthalmology1629065826
Alejandra Uchio 90640, CAOphthalmology1144217191
Henry T Noguchi 90503, CAOphthalmology1770571382
Padma Nanduri 92121, CAOphthalmology1528054640
Mark R Wieland 94040, CAOphthalmology1134114382
James D Palmer 94040, CAOphthalmology1053306381
Michael Yang 90211, CAOphthalmology1043206022
Richard A Weise 91203, CAOphthalmology1285622662
Robert E Engstrom 91436, CAOphthalmology1689663395
Melvin Jerome Clark 85016, CAOphthalmology1093704751
Sandy Y. Lee 91436, CAOphthalmology1831188341
Rangram Chandran 95356, CAOphthalmology1194714642
Anthony James Guida 95350, CAOphthalmology1346239803
Sharon Lee Lutosky 95350, CAOphthalmology1972592434
Christian L. Serdahl 95819, CAOphthalmology1740279710
Dan R Lightfoot 95404, CAOphthalmology1023008075
Sandy Li-fan Chen 95117, CAOphthalmology1285624213
David V Lightfoot 95404, CAOphthalmology1649260696
David D. Richardson 91108, CAOphthalmology1578553921


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