Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jennifer P Logan 80525, COOphthalmology1427051671
William J. Waterhouse 81505, COOphthalmology1275536138
Harrison Frensley Hayes 80126, COOphthalmology1083617443
John D Kirk 80538, COOphthalmology1255336392
Thomas P Campbell 80033, COOphthalmology1952306912
David Jacob Singer 81611, COOphthalmology1902801806
Carl B Tubbs 80134, COOphthalmology1033114335
Richard A Levinson 80220, COOphthalmology1861496226
Chet E Reistad 80525, COOphthalmology1629074083
Patrick D Arnold 80525, COOphthalmology1225034671
Gary J Foster 80525, COOphthalmology1730185182
Kent R Crews 80525, COOphthalmology1831195288
Karl E Olsen 80525, COOphthalmology1275539629
Matthew J Robinson 80525, COOphthalmology1154327500
William A Shachtman 80525, COOphthalmology1609872068
John Joseph Kupko 80840, COOphthalmology1518963743
John Reed Welch 80631, COOphthalmology1356347363
Matthew J Uyemura 80631, COOphthalmology1386640456
Gerald M Olsen 80525, COOphthalmology1427054501
Randall W Smith 80525, COOphthalmology1649276627
William W Stevens 80525, COOphthalmology1992701973
William Grady Self 80031, COOphthalmology1710984380
Jerry Kirk Popham 80218, COOphthalmology1588661920
Stephen T Petty 80210, COOphthalmology1518964675
Mimi Liu 80210, COOphthalmology1568469625
Kenneth R Hovland 80210, COOphthalmology1245237395
George A Moo-young 80210, COOphthalmology1831196989
Scott Alan Czarnecki 81501, COOphthalmology1811994825
John D Zilis 80210, COOphthalmology1518964246
Curtis L Hagedorn 80205, COOphthalmology1508863382
William L Hines 80210, COOphthalmology1356349369
Alan Gary Palestine 80045, COOphthalmology1992702708
Stephen C. Maher 80045, COOphthalmology1578561726
Leslie B Moskowitz-elfenbein 81230, COOphthalmology1851398895
Mark Packer 80302, COOphthalmology1205834439
Dave H Lee 80920, COOphthalmology1366441206
Nieca Diane Caltrider 80920, COOphthalmology1144229147
Michael Prochoda Md Pc 80517, COOphthalmology1770584336
Melinda C Orourke 80033, COOphthalmology1386646370
Andrew M Norris 80528, COOphthalmology1487656070
John Russell Wright 80909, COOphthalmology1972595403
Patrick Kevin Canon 80907, COOphthalmology1467445726
Kim Burrell 80016, COOphthalmology1053304089
David William Himel 80026, COOphthalmology1235122045
Stephan Lance Forstot 80120, COOphthalmology1881687432
Robert Lloyd Shields 80045, COOphthalmology1659373561
Robert W Enzenauer 80045, COOphthalmology1154313419
Ronald E Wise 80202, COOphthalmology1386636843
Michael Prochoda 80517, COOphthalmology1679565600
Richard E Damiano 80109, COOphthalmology1992798540
Holly D Kent Md Pc 80210, COOphthalmology1457344830
Repine Vision And Laser Professional Llc 80120, COOphthalmology1548254881
Karen M Repine 80120, COOphthalmology1295729549
Joel H Goldstein 80246, COOphthalmology1700870458
Joel H. Goldstein Md Pc 80246, COOphthalmology1952395600
James B Fowler 81003, COOphthalmology1912991514
Holly Doris Kent 80210, COOphthalmology1700873288
Larry D Underwood 80033, COOphthalmology1366439838
Angela J Mortland 80840, COOphthalmology1821082629
David A Davis 80919, COOphthalmology1447246517
Mark Wayne Weber 81201, COOphthalmology1972591261
Jason Matthew Jacobs 80210, COOphthalmology1750379954
Stuart Alan Lewis 80246, COOphthalmology1700874765
Michael G. Haas 80919, COOphthalmology1184614190
Michael Mines 80913, COOphthalmology1548250046
Roy M Wilson 80045, COOphthalmology1932190782
Paul David Balstad 80012, COOphthalmology1578544805
Sheron Buckland Marshall 80909, COOphthalmology1669462164
Michael Mccracken 80134, COOphthalmology1043291701
Robert G Fante 80210, COOphthalmology1932190121
Todd A Theobald 80026, COOphthalmology1720077993
Walter Jay Hoffman 81501, COOphthalmology1124019112
Diana Reeves 80246, COOphthalmology1386625044
Charles Dewey Mcmahon 80910, COOphthalmology1639168735
Mary Beth Lansing 80027, COOphthalmology1528059573
Ken Kreidl 80304, COOphthalmology1942284500
Todd L Maus 80401, COOphthalmology1437134038
Vicki L Coulter 80401, COOphthalmology1326023912
Larry W Kreider 80401, COOphthalmology1124003710
Delvin L Zopf 80401, COOphthalmology1396720991
Donald Mccormack 80304, COOphthalmology1275518482
Rajiv Kumar 80401, COOphthalmology1851376966
Carl Dwayne Hanson 80218, COOphthalmology1720065055
Elaine V Foe 80634, COOphthalmology1740267632
Jennifer Diane Cecil 80538, COOphthalmology1437138179
Jeffrey B Weeks 80634, COOphthalmology1780663435
Douglas B Carter 80634, COOphthalmology1053390674
Ronald W Pelton 80903, COOphthalmology1144209404
Michael J Crews 80634, COOphthalmology1104805225
Michael J Hawes 80210, COOphthalmology1699754069
Kevin Herbert Cuevas 80303, COOphthalmology1265418438
Jonathan Gerald Williams 80909, COOphthalmology1508840059
Mark E. Chittum 80909, COOphthalmology1518942572
James K Luu 80909, COOphthalmology1174508071
Denver Eye Surgeons, P.c. 80401, COOphthalmology1770567364
Minadeo Eye Center Pllc 75455, COOphthalmology1457334039
Jack Anderson Zamora 80209, COOphthalmology1609852441
Chester Thomas Roe 80246, COOphthalmology1114997913
John G Petty 81321, COOphthalmology1881665263
Clifton Stever Slade 80913, COOphthalmology1164494795
Robert Alan Dragoo 80913, COOphthalmology1285607408
Alpine Eye Clinic Pc 81321, COOphthalmology1932172897
John C Adams 80634, COOphthalmology1407829179
Mark E Reynolds 80913, COOphthalmology1386612331
Carolyn Denise Quinn 80026, COOphthalmology1487621405
Colorado Eye Associates, P.c. 80907, COOphthalmology1336117548
William S. Buchanan 80751, COOphthalmology1255300273
John E. Elliff 80751, COOphthalmology1295704765
Peter G Hovland 80210, COOphthalmology1720047210
Steven Dewey 80909, COOphthalmology1144296922
Malik Kahook 80045, COOphthalmology1578537122
Nancy A Houlder Md Llc 80033, COOphthalmology1174585350
Robert Pegg 80210, COOphthalmology1619930997
Annie Chang 80005, COOphthalmology1699738336
Stuart Henry Frankel 80246, COOphthalmology1871557215
Rebecca J Brock 80246, COOphthalmology1952365397
Spivack Vision Clinic Pc 80112, COOphthalmology1588629257
Lawrence D Spivack 80112, COOphthalmology1730144932
H Randolph Frank 80918, COOphthalmology1427013358
Daniel B Thatcher 80907, COOphthalmology1043276801
James Gregory Baron 80907, COOphthalmology1780640011
Dennis J O'connell, Do, Pc 80112, COOphthalmology1669438669
Aurora Eye Physicians Pc 80011, COOphthalmology1720044746
James Russell Burcham 80011, COOphthalmology1013974260
Cynthia Noelle Tarkanian 80005, COOphthalmology1699732750
Jan Harris Stahl 80401, COOphthalmology1841258704
Eric E Blom 81001, COOphthalmology1295784916
John Andrew Duvall 80005, COOphthalmology1174572515
Benton F Murphy 81001, COOphthalmology1194775213
Paul D Rastrelli 81001, COOphthalmology1366492480
Patricia Durkin Stepp 82001, COOphthalmology1609826726
Dale S. Johnson 80501, COOphthalmology1235189143
Michael W Coatney 81001, COOphthalmology1164473682
Donald A Schlomer 81001, COOphthalmology1700836210
Lynn F Greenlee 81212, COOphthalmology1326099870
Alan J Margolis Md Pc 80124, COOphthalmology1427000868
Mountain View Medical Group, Pc 80919, COOphthalmology1295787703
Brian Nichols 80303, COOphthalmology1699727172
Glaucoma Consultants Of Colorado, Pc 80134, COOphthalmology1447201009
Ronald E Wise Md Pc 80202, COOphthalmology1467405928
Lance P Steahly 80913, COOphthalmology1770534919
Robert J Foerster 80909, COOphthalmology1457317208
Scott M Smetana 80909, COOphthalmology1336105105
Gregory A Kouyoumdjian 80227, COOphthalmology1548219934
Nancy A Houlder 80210, COOphthalmology1184686081
John Robert Burroughs 80907, COOphthalmology1003866484
Neil D Wainwright 81001, COOphthalmology1184674434
Michael L Murphy 81611, COOphthalmology1205893880
Brian C Joondeph 80230, COOphthalmology1932151230
Eye Associates Of Colorado Springs, Pc 80909, COOphthalmology1982655767
Michelle H White 80111, COOphthalmology1003877234
Alan E Kimura 80230, COOphthalmology1851343214
Rocky Mountain Eye Center Inc A Colorado Provider Network 81001, COOphthalmology1073567459
Summit Eye Center Pc 80538, COOphthalmology1548215346
Douglas R Pechette 80439, COOphthalmology1730134537
Rochelle Jean Brotsky 80631, COOphthalmology1649226739
Nicholas Garitty Cole 80246, COOphthalmology1215974928
Donald Joseph Keller 80303, COOphthalmology1275570038
Charles Floyd Palmer 80634, COOphthalmology1215976071
Samuel M Jeng 80631, COOphthalmology1558301721
Robert Bruce Keyser 80210, COOphthalmology1881634301
William E Richheimer 80210, COOphthalmology1376583575
John Gerard Oster 81505, COOphthalmology1295775195
John Timothy Ammons 80210, COOphthalmology1386687390
James Arthur Patterson 80210, COOphthalmology1396788493
Laura A Cannavo 80210, COOphthalmology1538103650
Christopher Scott Allen 80840, COOphthalmology1326083585
Mohammad Karbassi, M.d., P.c. 80304, COOphthalmology1467497545
Eye Center Of Northern Colorado, P.c. 80525, COOphthalmology1073559605
William K Keats 80120, COOphthalmology1952347304
Colorado Eye Surgeons, P.c. 80210, COOphthalmology1578599114
Christopher S Huot 81401, COOphthalmology1740217991
James H Lee 80920, COOphthalmology1396772372
Neha Natu Patel 80120, COOphthalmology1831127695
Justin Thomas Cohen 80033, COOphthalmology1336177807
Ronald W Pelton Md Phd Pc 80909, COOphthalmology1306875455
Carl Starck Johnson 80134, COOphthalmology1851320485
Stuart L Fine 80045, COOphthalmology1871523969
Dale S Johnson M D Pc 80501, COOphthalmology1174555718
Dean William Carlson 80909, COOphthalmology1053357715
James Paul Barad 80909, COOphthalmology1619911393
Robert Cheek Gardner 80909, COOphthalmology1629012307
Mohammad Karbassi 80501, COOphthalmology1083659338
Robert C Kersten 80205, COOphthalmology1780611269
Colorado Springs Eye Clinic Pc 80909, COOphthalmology1033147004
Michael Scott Solomon 80206, COOphthalmology1891736633
Ramin Sarrafizadeh 80909, COOphthalmology1700813391
Children's Eye Physicians P.c. 80033, COOphthalmology1114962651
Christopher Gelston 80045, COOphthalmology1780611814
Peter R Andrews 80503, COOphthalmology1316984255
Robert Allen King 80033, COOphthalmology1154359628
Christopher Michael Bardorf 80033, COOphthalmology1053349530
Diana Marie Desantis 80033, COOphthalmology1952346249
Anna Lee Steele 80033, COOphthalmology1962430447
Linda Rose 81301, COOphthalmology1699703611
Kenneth Kauvar Md 80206, COOphthalmology1568495844
David Drucker 80202, COOphthalmology1124052675
John M Williams 80921, COOphthalmology1548294069
Clarence E. Fogleman 80907, COOphthalmology1629096243
Peter Allan Schunk 80920, COOphthalmology1851310643


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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