Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Washington DC

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Washington DC:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anna Park 20010, DCOphthalmology1295730521
Martin P Kolsky 20010, DCOphthalmology1083611883
Andrew Jay Adelson 20036, DCOphthalmology1932107018
Howard Palmer Cupples 20007, DCOphthalmology1205834264
Jay Lustbader 20007, DCOphthalmology1720088545
Frank Anthony Spellman 20003, DCOphthalmology1174519615
Nancy Eve Thomas 20016, DCOphthalmology1366437964
Paul T Gavaris 20016, DCOphthalmology1104815794
Helfgott & Fine Md Pc 20036, DCOphthalmology1659357101
Kenyon Keith Kramer 20037, DCOphthalmology1659350197
William Glew 20010, DCOphthalmology1740260389
David M Bachman 20036, DCOphthalmology1528039401
Travis C Frazier 20015, DCOphthalmology1194790998
Frank S Ashburn 20016, DCOphthalmology1811965288
Melanie J Buttross 20016, DCOphthalmology1023086592
Eye Associates Of Washington, Dc Pc 20016, DCOphthalmology1750350583
Retina Consultants, P.c. 20817, DCOphthalmology1669432563
Salim I Butrus 20003, DCOphthalmology1275594970
Leonard M Friedman 20008, DCOphthalmology1790733145
Heidi M Bowie 20060, DCOphthalmology1952355513
Howard John Jacobson 20036, DCOphthalmology1205874641
Maryam Zamani 22003, DCOphthalmology1215979737
Medical Faculty Associates, Inc 20037, DCOphthalmology1417990581
Samuel Stoleru 20010, DCOphthalmology1275560575
Wanda Pak 20016, DCOphthalmology1609804293
Jeevan Mathura 20017, DCOphthalmology1861421521
Dipak Panigrahi 20010, DCOphthalmology1205866183
Rajiv Luthra 20037, DCOphthalmology1457381410
Bauman & Stoleru, M.d., P.c. 20010, DCOphthalmology1669402491
Washington Hospital Center Corp 20010, DCOphthalmology1710991583
Shirley Pauline Middleton 20037, DCOphthalmology1487668075
Wiley Andrew Chambers 20037, DCOphthalmology1770591711
Lauren Z Gavaris 20016, DCOphthalmology1770591505
Theodore A Gancayco 20017, DCOphthalmology1932217262
Leslie Stiff Jones 20060, DCOphthalmology1790894772
Don Elliot Schwartz 20037, DCOphthalmology1508976358
Eye One Surgical Assoc 20007, DCOphthalmology1720180276
William R. Rimm 20307, DCOphthalmology1952407587
Claude Lee Cowan 20007, DCOphthalmology1861598013
Daniel Pluznik 20036, DCOphthalmology1699871194
Helfgott, Hargett & Pluznik, M.d., P.c. 20036, DCOphthalmology1477659977
Maxwell A Helfgott 20036, DCOphthalmology1922104405
Newell A Hargett 20036, DCOphthalmology1831295328
Richard Hampden Birdsong 20307, DCOphthalmology1699871301
Alice True Gasch 20001, DCOphthalmology1144326158
I surgeons 20037, DCOphthalmology1861591190
Reginald Dacosta Barnes 20037, DCOphthalmology1053410142
Henok Araya 20037, DCOphthalmology1649379702
Mohammad Cameron Ghafouri 20017, DCOphthalmology1497855944
Kelly Hutcheson 20010, DCOphthalmology1053405944
David A Belyea 20037, DCOphthalmology1144315243
Craig E Geist 20037, DCOphthalmology1194810291
Nancy F Vilar 20037, DCOphthalmology1235225004
Gregory Butler, Md, Pc. 20002, DCOphthalmology1750477600
Marc Jay Holzman 20006, DCOphthalmology1033206586
Bogdan Florin Alexandrescu 20002, DCOphthalmology1073603973
John Frederic Moretti 20036, DCOphthalmology1083794119
Michele P. Maiberger 20422, DCOphthalmology1538249297
William E. Morris, M.d., Pc 20017, DCOphthalmology1023195682
Tadele Jembere 20017, DCOphthalmology1710064373
Greater North East Eye Care Ctn 20002, DCOphthalmology1194802199
Marlet G Bazemore 20010, DCOphthalmology1518044650
Marijean M Miller 20010, DCOphthalmology1902983968
Monira Maybodi 20010, DCOphthalmology1750468716
Richard D North 20001, DCOphthalmology1447329511
Mervin H. Zimmerman 20037, DCOphthalmology1700956083
William P Madigan 20010, DCOphthalmology1912078189
Roxanne Thais Woel 20009, DCOphthalmology1811062698
Washington Eye Specialists Llc 20017, DCOphthalmology1841366002
Ronald Lee Anderson 20020, DCOphthalmology1932267085
Wanda Pak, M.d., P.c. 20016, DCOphthalmology1700946431
Brian P Brooks 20010, DCOphthalmology1669532974
Jonathan Perry Kruger 20002, DCOphthalmology1538220041
Mohamad Sami Jaafar 20010, DCOphthalmology1851452247
Briggs B Bralliar 20002, DCOphthalmology1518027036
Ayman I Youssri 20037, DCOphthalmology1043370562
Gregory Scott Gertner 20002, DCOphthalmology1891857496
Andrew J Adelson, Md 20036, DCOphthalmology1700949021
Henry S Wicker 20011, DCOphthalmology1750448205
Jualenda Boschulte 20017, DCOphthalmology1912059445
Samuel Sheldon Stopak 20037, DCOphthalmology1669514428
Metropolitan Eye Care Center Associates 20002, DCOphthalmology1881736130
Roberto N Sunga 20037, DCOphthalmology1952431215
Vladimir S Yakopson 20307, DCOphthalmology1760506414
Jonathan Taylormoore 20010, DCOphthalmology1164540712
William E. Morris 20017, DCOphthalmology1841412319
Dermoptica Inc. 20037, DCOphthalmology1760685598
Marc Landon Berry 20017, DCOphthalmology1699971796
Salma K Chaudhri 20007, DCOphthalmology1962692236
Capitol Health Management Services, Llc 20017, DCOphthalmology1285823542
Martin P Kolsky Md Chartered 20010, DCOphthalmology1811177744
Gregory Butler 20002, DCOphthalmology1376726091
S.i. Butrus, M.d., P.c. 20003, DCOphthalmology1386812634
Drs Friedman And Plotsky Pc 20003, DCOphthalmology1629242565
Bethany A Karwoski 20010, DCOphthalmology1033385646
Nima S Moainie 20008, DCOphthalmology1740456920
C. Leticia Diaz-zimmerman 20037, DCOphthalmology1962661454
Shervin Alborzian 20002, DCOphthalmology1588825129
Bennett Jacob Oberg 20307, DCOphthalmology1336301902
Dev Nathan Kalyan 20011, DCOphthalmology1871755066
Tania Lamba 20037, DCOphthalmology1497911598
Sankara P Mahesh 20037, DCOphthalmology1912153834
Theresa Thu Thao Nguyen 20852, DCOphthalmology1427206093
Amy Lynn Nicholas-hwang 20010, DCOphthalmology1407081680
Frank A. Spellman, M.d., P.c. 20002, DCOphthalmology1316172265
Columbia Eye Associates, Pc 20037, DCOphthalmology1396975157
Laryssa Huryn 20010, DCOphthalmology1174857916
Ronald L Anderson, Md Pc 20020, DCOphthalmology1841520624
Michael Smith 20307, DCOphthalmology1538491311
Reginald D. Barnes Jr Md Pc 20037, DCOphthalmology1386960326
Saima M Qureshi 20060, DCOphthalmology1003137480
Shirley P. Middleton, M.d., P.c. 20037, DCOphthalmology1508166539
Metropolitan Pediatric Ophthalmology Llc 20769, DCOphthalmology1821396961
Lamise Zouka Rajjoub 20037, DCOphthalmology1225327240
Namratha Turlapati 20010, DCOphthalmology1861782781
Mitchell Elliott Davis 20012, DCOphthalmology1740576149
Jonca Camille Bull 20012, DCOphthalmology1750678413
Andrew Kolker 20037, DCOphthalmology1184912347
Benjamin Daniel Abramowitz 20010, DCOphthalmology1376800078
Frank S. Ashburn 20016, DCOphthalmology1538426051
Katrina C Chin Loy 20060, DCOphthalmology1871851188
Daphna Mezad Koursh 20010, DCOphthalmology1447518030
Andrea Karen Leung 20010, DCOphthalmology1215282355
Julia Marie Byrd 20010, DCOphthalmology1588007553
Samuel Christopher Faith 20037, DCOphthalmology1003251984
Leonard Kogan 20007, DCOphthalmology1689010779
Fiona Elizabeth Seager 20010, DCOphthalmology1275970428
Bilal Khan Yousufzai 20010, DCOphthalmology1023458916
Hari Mylvaganam 60612, DCOphthalmology1386062040
Shehzad Qayum 20037, DCOphthalmology1982023354
Naryan Singh Sabherwal 20037, DCOphthalmology1003227117
Diabetic Eye & Macular Disease Specialists Llc 20017, DCOphthalmology1225428865
Jacquelyn Daubert 20010, DCOphthalmology1730573049
Roxanne Woel Ophthalmology Pllc 20009, DCOphthalmology1598142184
Laura Kueny 20010, DCOphthalmology1093134355
Osama Sabbagh 20037, DCOphthalmology1548647928
Christopher Keith Burris 20003, DCOphthalmology1023247160
Howard University 20060, DCOphthalmology1033163597
Michael Gordon Garvey 20307, DCOphthalmology1477617892
Deborah Schumann 20009, DCOphthalmology1184764896
Andrew Hammer 20307, DCOphthalmology1720281181
Lindsay Smithen 20017, DCOphthalmology1932384559
Pavle Doroslovacki 20010, DCOphthalmology1508182346
Kevin Broderick 20003, DCOphthalmology1639449721
Wejdan Al-thawabieh 20010, DCOphthalmology1154718310
Shelly Hwang Watson 20037, DCOphthalmology1770930935
Shatha Alfreihi 20010, DCOphthalmology1316494305
Washington National Eye Center 20010, DCOphthalmology1437175684
Chad Zatezalo Md Llc 20852, DCOphthalmology1851838502
Musa R Abdelaziz 20110, DCOphthalmology1588906465
Visionary Eye Physicians Dc Inc 20008, DCOphthalmology1679088421
Sophia Siyun Wong 20037, DCOphthalmology1639468960
Juanita Sonya Bryant 20003, DCOphthalmology1235388679
Ovation Eye Institute, Llc 20003, DCOphthalmology1659899805


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