Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark S Gorovoy 33907, FLOphthalmology1043213051
Gorovoy M D Eye Specialists P A 33907, FLOphthalmology1568465573
Stacia H Goldey 32757, FLOphthalmology1033112156
Frank J Fischer 33881, FLOphthalmology1437152667
Keith C Charles 32757, FLOphthalmology1255334389
Jeffrey D Baumann 32757, FLOphthalmology1841293974
Raoul D Maizel 32757, FLOphthalmology1831192954
Robert I Schnipper 32204, FLOphthalmology1588667695
Gregory J Panzo 32757, FLOphthalmology1457354573
Mid Florida Eye Center Pa 32757, FLOphthalmology1710980883
Vision First Llc 33431, FLOphthalmology1073053203
Harry Brown Grabow 34233, FLOphthalmology1356344188
Jeffrey Alan Wipfli 34689, FLOphthalmology1093718058
Watson Clinic Llp 33805, FLOphthalmology1316940695
Stephen Ambrose Updegraff 33713, FLOphthalmology1245232446
Daniel Wayne Welch 33880, FLOphthalmology1265434427
David Michael Loewy 33880, FLOphthalmology1679575831
Stephen A Updegraff Md Pa 33713, FLOphthalmology1124020375
Timothy Luke Schneider 32250, FLOphthalmology1730181983
Scott Evan Klein 33880, FLOphthalmology1003818261
David P Campbell 34239, FLOphthalmology1285636365
William S Belmont 34236, FLOphthalmology1306840673
Cornelius H Halvey 34239, FLOphthalmology1730183005
Clifford Neil Share 32127, FLOphthalmology1427052331
Jay S Wallshein 33461, FLOphthalmology1669476693
Richard G Shugarman 33408, FLOphthalmology1336143387
Mary Beth Kansora 34103, FLOphthalmology1881698645
Ambrose Updegraff 33713, FLOphthalmology1336143015
Gary Neil Dolin 34205, FLOphthalmology1619971330
George Briton Fisher 34108, FLOphthalmology1225033608
Leonard R Cacioppo Md Pa 34613, FLOphthalmology1811992175
J Richard Susi 32822, FLOphthalmology1871598219
David T Casey 32501, FLOphthalmology1073518478
Scott P Durrett 34292, FLOphthalmology1558366898
Lawrence T. Reese 33180, FLOphthalmology1730184045
Karina Billiris Findlay 33711, FLOphthalmology1336144575
Janet A Betchkal 32204, FLOphthalmology1700881976
Marc Jeffrey Mallis 34652, FLOphthalmology1811992050
Scott Eugene Pautler 33607, FLOphthalmology1114922366
Walter R Gilbert 32204, FLOphthalmology1932104197
Gary Pearce 33852, FLOphthalmology1861497638
Francis Curie Skillling 32308, FLOphthalmology1881699510
Kenneth Pierce Kato 32308, FLOphthalmology1790780450
Tony Allen Weaver 32308, FLOphthalmology1760487433
Jerry Glen Ford 32308, FLOphthalmology1679578363
Hosam Attia 32308, FLOphthalmology1790955094
Neal A Honickman 33573, FLOphthalmology1912902487
Roger John Gstalder 33764, FLOphthalmology1891790366
Saul Ullman 32514, FLOphthalmology1881690253
Linder Earl Wingo 34471, FLOphthalmology1699771907
Lawrence Carol Taylor 33511, FLOphthalmology1699771873
Steven Myles Cohen 33756, FLOphthalmology1174529234
Randall Vernon Wong 22031, FLOphthalmology1851397988
Jeffrey R Catlin 32605, FLOphthalmology1467458372
Kyle C Balch 32605, FLOphthalmology1376549287
Avtar T Ghuman 33912, FLOphthalmology1801883822
Paul Edgar Runge 34239, FLOphthalmology1881691335
Neil E Kanterman 33324, FLOphthalmology1053318402
Ophthalmic Consultants Pa 34239, FLOphthalmology1073510517
Eye Associates Of Tallahassee, P.a. 32308, FLOphthalmology1750388203
Robert Keith Snyder 34239, FLOphthalmology1598762981
Bruce A Miller 33324, FLOphthalmology1548267941
Gary B Schemmer 33881, FLOphthalmology1265439517
Jonathan S Silbiger 33881, FLOphthalmology1174520423
Frank J Fischer 33881, FLOphthalmology1497752687
Laurie J Anglin 33511, FLOphthalmology1861499097
Morris E Guthrie 33176, FLOphthalmology1417954496
Robert Runyan Young 32114, FLOphthalmology1235136219
Stephen Mark Weinstock 33770, FLOphthalmology1841297686
Kevin Mcauliffe 32257, FLOphthalmology1831196575
Leonard Scott Kirsch 33770, FLOphthalmology1669479325
James W Harbour 33136, FLOphthalmology1740288455
David S Nichols 33511, FLOphthalmology1154328920
Howard C Lucas 33880, FLOphthalmology1508863416
Valerie Jean Crandall 33901, FLOphthalmology1962409896
Michael G Ort 33880, FLOphthalmology1194722959
Jeffrey Stephen Schwartz 33770, FLOphthalmology1700884350
Jose A Flores Guevara 34769, FLOphthalmology1922006337
Emanuel Newmark 33410, FLOphthalmology1659379063
Robert Jay Weinstock 33770, FLOphthalmology1376541664
Alexander Abraham Rappaport 33707, FLOphthalmology1467450791
Eric Richard Schaible 33952, FLOphthalmology1245238526
Barry S Taney 33308, FLOphthalmology1538167705
Richard Joseph Hairston 33770, FLOphthalmology1871591065
Retina Vitreous Consultants 33308, FLOphthalmology1699773796
William Scott Thompson 33308, FLOphthalmology1396743480
Ronald J Glatzer 33308, FLOphthalmology1922006196
Murray Lewis Friedberg 34208, FLOphthalmology1609874874
Lawrence S Halperin 33334, FLOphthalmology1801894977
Ahad Mahootchi 33542, FLOphthalmology1043218118
Patrick E Rubsamen 33308, FLOphthalmology1215935382
Philip Leroy Shettle 33770, FLOphthalmology1427056548
Philip Lee Shettle 33773, FLOphthalmology1023016243
Scott R Anagnoste 33308, FLOphthalmology1487652566
Aesthetic Center Of West Florida Llc 33770, FLOphthalmology1336147347
Mark Disclafani 34209, FLOphthalmology1649278656
Richard E Hector 34209, FLOphthalmology1073511077
William L Soscia 34201, FLOphthalmology1518965516
Eye Physicians Of Pinellas, Pa 33770, FLOphthalmology1114925153
Walter Enrique Moscoso 32763, FLOphthalmology1992703854
Antonio Prado 33614, FLOphthalmology1790783769
Harris Silverman 34209, FLOphthalmology1740288588
Scott Edward Silverman 34208, FLOphthalmology1912905910
Palm Beach Eye Center Inc 33461, FLOphthalmology1497753305
Robert Edward Edelman 34208, FLOphthalmology1790783553
Joseph William Spadafora 33952, FLOphthalmology1447258256
Norman Isaac Meyer 32958, FLOphthalmology1598764151
Jack Steven Daubert 34994, FLOphthalmology1790784270
Richard Michael Kadingo 33401, FLOphthalmology1326047895
Mark Steven Dresner 32940, FLOphthalmology1861491276
Lynn Kepple Byerly 34102, FLOphthalmology1205835618
Lester H Mclachlan Do Pa 33781, FLOphthalmology1740289321
Kurt Bryan Repke 34698, FLOphthalmology1275532772
Michael Mercandetti 34292, FLOphthalmology1669471959
Ranya Georgia Habash 33434, FLOphthalmology1053310391
Brent William Bellotte 33434, FLOphthalmology1942209283
Janis Dzelzkalns 33143, FLOphthalmology1801895172
Ann E Ballen 33183, FLOphthalmology1760481022
Eye Of Horus Pa 33434, FLOphthalmology1164421418
Fischer Schemmer & Silbiger Mdpa 33830, FLOphthalmology1053310193
Kenneth O. Karp 33029, FLOphthalmology1417956582
Eric Trevor Elmquist 33907, FLOphthalmology1861491979
Community Eye Center Pa 33952, FLOphthalmology1083613095
Marvin Gary Frank 34236, FLOphthalmology1184623019
Matthew D Kay 33428, FLOphthalmology1568462489
Elia C Mavrofrides 32746, FLOphthalmology1396745105
James A Staman 32216, FLOphthalmology1841290657
John P Sullivan 32256, FLOphthalmology1619977345
Patrick St John Oconnor 34103, FLOphthalmology1851391650
Raul J Moreno 32216, FLOphthalmology1932109659
James M Jochum 32763, FLOphthalmology1427058213
Thomas A Barnard 32746, FLOphthalmology1487654117
Harold C Ward 34448, FLOphthalmology1144220872
Dan P. Montzka 34668, FLOphthalmology1841290293
Central Florida Eye Institute Pl 34474, FLOphthalmology1609876986
Todd A Berger 33709, FLOphthalmology1205836418
William J Dunn 32114, FLOphthalmology1225038441
Jeffrey I Kasper 33709, FLOphthalmology1912907122
Martin Edward Orlick 33709, FLOphthalmology1003816018
Gabriel George Lazcano 33145, FLOphthalmology1699776534
John M Vassallo 32086, FLOphthalmology1346241221
Charles Richard Blake 32610, FLOphthalmology1386645224
Maria E. Formas 33134, FLOphthalmology1982605853
Arnulfo V. Mansur 33145, FLOphthalmology1497756365
David P. Tenzel 33351, FLOphthalmology1740281641
Karen L Chapman 34239, FLOphthalmology1275534182
Ross Allen Parks 34741, FLOphthalmology1447251277
John L Isler 32701, FLOphthalmology1013918614
Paul W Hund 32084, FLOphthalmology1750382487
Andres Enrique Cortes 33145, FLOphthalmology1851392591
Dale G. Davis 33134, FLOphthalmology1700887445
Alberto J. Aran 33134, FLOphthalmology1225039936
Andreina F Hurtado 33029, FLOphthalmology1417958166
Todd P Thompson 32084, FLOphthalmology1346241965
Frank W Bowden 32256, FLOphthalmology1952302523
Hector Laurencio 33134, FLOphthalmology1700887940
Joseph Carl Militello 34609, FLOphthalmology1275534398
Jonathan Marc Frantz 33907, FLOphthalmology1861494742
Wayne Franklin Bizer 33324, FLOphthalmology1558363291
Tirso Mark Lara 33351, FLOphthalmology1457353054
Elizabeth K Mcleod 32257, FLOphthalmology1518969112
Keith Andrew Skolnick 33324, FLOphthalmology1851393581
Stanley M. Rous 33324, FLOphthalmology1902808629
Paul V Jones 32204, FLOphthalmology1770585408
Ronald L Seeley 33607, FLOphthalmology1588666101
James Burns Creighton 33607, FLOphthalmology1063414688
Brian K Kritchman 33076, FLOphthalmology1437151065
James Harron Howitt 33161, FLOphthalmology1245232669
Dana M Deupree 33761, FLOphthalmology1083606198
Kevin Cecil Greenidge 33770, FLOphthalmology1174515118
Provision Laser Eye Center Pa 34292, FLOphthalmology1184616146
Robin Thad Goodwin 33919, FLOphthalmology1558353748
Tracey L Lewis 32159, FLOphthalmology1285626291
Roy Harris Schnauss 32204, FLOphthalmology1639161664
Peter J. Polack 34471, FLOphthalmology1821080771
Alan James Clark 34473, FLOphthalmology1659363539
Adam J Scheiner 33607, FLOphthalmology1396737201
Anna E Nogales 33607, FLOphthalmology1013909928
Gordon C. Schwenk 34471, FLOphthalmology1164414090
Centre For Eye Care & Surgery Inc 34952, FLOphthalmology1285626275
Richard C. Warren 34471, FLOphthalmology1487646329
William D Reynolds 33607, FLOphthalmology1114919974
Chander N. Samy 34474, FLOphthalmology1518959386
Timothy R Lorenzen 33607, FLOphthalmology1497747265
John S. Deaton 34471, FLOphthalmology1366434144
David H Leach 33607, FLOphthalmology1568454320
Mark A Jank 34471, FLOphthalmology1447242227
Michael Ralph Grimmett 33410, FLOphthalmology1083606750
Melbourne United Laser Vision Association Llc 32935, FLOphthalmology1891787446
Richard A Jablonski 32174, FLOphthalmology1760474399
Nathan Richard Emery 33707, FLOphthalmology1518959048
David Earl Hall 33707, FLOphthalmology1043202583
Silviano Jose Matamoros 34952, FLOphthalmology1235121591
Don Broderick Knapp 33710, FLOphthalmology1205828571
Thomas M. Kropp 32724, FLOphthalmology1245222686
Robert Cordero 32720, FLOphthalmology1861484206
Grimmett Eye Care Pllc 33410, FLOphthalmology1104819416
Orlick Berger Kasper & Patel Mds Pa 33709, FLOphthalmology1982697157
Joseph A Hegleh 33952, FLOphthalmology1386637387
Robert Sherwood Nelson 33701, FLOphthalmology1588657449


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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