Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jose A Flores Guevara 34769, FLOphthalmology1922006337
James A Staman 32216, FLOphthalmology1841290657
Maria E. Formas 33176, FLOphthalmology1982605853
Dana M Deupree 33761, FLOphthalmology1083606198
Elizabeth K Mcleod 32257, FLOphthalmology1518969112
Peter A Rubin 33410, FLOphthalmology1639154727
Michael J Tolentino 33761, FLOphthalmology1639149313
Florida Eye Clinic P A 32806, FLOphthalmology1528032299
Gerald Hazouri 32601, FLOphthalmology1689635104
Osvaldo J. Caffa 33012, FLOphthalmology1295789626
Victor L Perez Quinones 27710, FLOphthalmology1790714327
Zachary Kaufman Segal 33143, FLOphthalmology1881630887
Nancy E Williams-wallace 34684, FLOphthalmology1184650970
Ronald Eric Prentis Frenkel 34994, FLOphthalmology1649280553
Katherine A Macoul 33761, FLOphthalmology1710071691
Gavin Carter Mcewan 32501, FLOphthalmology1871648741
East Florida Eye Institute Pa 34994, FLOphthalmology1184788283
Orest Michael Krajnyk 32141, FLOphthalmology1568624898
Roosevelt T Jackson 33404, FLOphthalmology1295951374
Sarah Elizabeth Eccles-brown 33907, FLOphthalmology1750542791
Oliver Li-wei Yeh 84102, FLOphthalmology1396035648
Klaus Freeland 66442, FLOphthalmology1407161771
Sarah J Kim 34474, FLOphthalmology1962836098
Nina Nguyen Nordgren 95207, FLOphthalmology1902125537
Austin Ryan Henkel 32541, FLOphthalmology1184966699
Ryan Jeffrey Smith 40508, FLOphthalmology1376980318
Fouad Fathi El Sayyad 63110, FLOphthalmology1396182242
Eric Daniel Medina 33409, FLOphthalmology1407269301
Natalia Fijalkowski Callaway 94303, FLOphthalmology1891109294
Satyesh Rana 34950, FLOphthalmology1093123739
Kyle Fitzgerald Cox 32174, FLOphthalmology1457794935
Kenzo James Paul Koike 32256, FLOphthalmology1053750794
Ilya Sluch 32720, FLOphthalmology1760828511
Dagny Zhu Luong 92835, FLOphthalmology1790044626
Dr Dan Plastic Surgery 33322, FLOphthalmology1760911796
Michelle Levin Od Pa 33013, FLOphthalmology1568905701
Joseph John Ross 34429, FLOphthalmology1780602482
Hari Vs Brundavanam 08638, FLOphthalmology1073791950
Adam Breunig 33881, FLOphthalmology1295999183
Omar Iqbal 71103, FLOphthalmology1508397613
Stanley S Park 73104, FLOphthalmology1730421983
Steven Williams 38119, FLOphthalmology1457685331
Orlando Eye Specialists, Pa 32825, FLOphthalmology1477981975
Mohammed Kamal El Mallah 34474, FLOphthalmology1730101973
Mittleman Eye Center Pa 33458, FLOphthalmology1437643343
Albert E Smolyar 33912, FLOphthalmology1194777185
Mark A Jank 34474, FLOphthalmology1447242227
John S. Deaton 34474, FLOphthalmology1366434144
Jodie A. Armstrong 32162, FLOphthalmology1003858903
Peter J. Polack 34474, FLOphthalmology1821080771
Hina N Ahmed 34474, FLOphthalmology1124009378
H. Michael Morris 34474, FLOphthalmology1275525057
Isaac Marco Chocron Kaswan 33321, FLOphthalmology1194138461
Brandon Eye Associates Pa 33511, FLOphthalmology1215969357
Stephen Reed O'connell 92118, FLOphthalmology1396835302
Sk Retina Llc 34239, FLOphthalmology1194170779
Laura Rubinate 33437, FLOphthalmology1093975336
David Wade Redick 33136, FLOphthalmology1770078859
Louis John Michaelos 33409, FLOphthalmology1326453267
Benjamin John Thomas 32216, FLOphthalmology1427290360
Abdallah Mohamed Jeroudi 32204, FLOphthalmology1730479650
Javier A Perez 32825, FLOphthalmology1609855089
Jonathan Maxwell Lam 19140, FLOphthalmology1962997619
Alexandros Pappas 32940, FLOphthalmology1992185474
Eye Centers Of Florida 33901, FLOphthalmology1831286202
Noy Ashkenazy 33136, FLOphthalmology1083009260
Nehemiah Ebenezer Spencer 33176, FLOphthalmology1528219292
Laura Jankiprasad 32205, FLOphthalmology1073048385
Tyson Kim 94143, FLOphthalmology1568881555
Ocala Eye Pa 34474, FLOphthalmology1588656433
Siddarth Rathi 33770, FLOphthalmology1063770469
Martine Catherine Domangue 70112, FLOphthalmology1649768516
Andrew Jacob Schneier 32751, FLOphthalmology1427211994
Osama Hassan Omar 32714, FLOphthalmology1639104318
Advanced Vision Institute, Pa 32714, FLOphthalmology1437347622
Douglas A. Freeley 34102, FLOphthalmology1699894493
Hernan J. Varela 33134, FLOphthalmology1306228655
Jacqueline Lenoci 11725, FLOphthalmology1114345147
Selina Jia-hwa Lin 33761, FLOphthalmology1356395487
Eric D. Medina Pllc 33498, FLOphthalmology1548819618
James Russell Keller Stackhouse 32034, FLOphthalmology1750517710
Steven J. Ryder 28211, FLOphthalmology1366732851
Hussain Elhalis 34474, FLOphthalmology1598086043
Harish Raja 33143, FLOphthalmology1811251853
Michelle Yeon Cho 32701, FLOphthalmology1730349192
Matthew James Gray 32605, FLOphthalmology1477789543
Aref Rifai 32504, FLOphthalmology1265428270
Florida Vision Institute Inc 34994, FLOphthalmology1083614366
Alexander Thien An Ngoc Nguyen 06708, FLOphthalmology1619316395
Central Florida Premier Eye Associates 32778, FLOphthalmology1700949104
Sapir Zahava Karli 34950, FLOphthalmology1538553862
Leder Retina 32258, FLOphthalmology1609398916
Sarah Avila 30322, FLOphthalmology1568824928
Donna M Corder 32504, FLOphthalmology1972599470
Henry Alexander Leder 32258, FLOphthalmology1275563652
Lawrence Carol Taylor 33511, FLOphthalmology1699771873
Neal A Honickman 33511, FLOphthalmology1912902487
Haroon Ilyas 33511, FLOphthalmology1477521052
Jennifer Sara Landy 33511, FLOphthalmology1386609329
George H Fisher 33511, FLOphthalmology1770859092
Michael Anthony Lopez 33701, FLOphthalmology1205192135
Marguerite Mary Kohlhepp 33511, FLOphthalmology1659371441
Sonali Dalal Talsania 10032, FLOphthalmology1881955276
Dan Hoffman Md Pa 33162, FLOphthalmology1902964604
Joseph Israel Hoffman 33162, FLOphthalmology1588658421
Alexander Katz, Md, Pa 34986, FLOphthalmology1700202918
Alexander Katz 34986, FLOphthalmology1164453981
George Brinnig Jastrzebski 34103, FLOphthalmology1356320048
Joaquin De Rojas 34285, FLOphthalmology1619387370
John P Fezza 34285, FLOphthalmology1184715187
Swati Agarwal-sinha 32610, FLOphthalmology1659578623
Casey Justin Beal 32610, FLOphthalmology1003120262
Charles Richard Blake 32610, FLOphthalmology1386645224
Jinghua Chen 32610, FLOphthalmology1912348624
Daniel Gaius Dawson 32610, FLOphthalmology1659310779
Eric J Grieser 32608, FLOphthalmology1407846330
Siva Subramaniam Iyer 32610, FLOphthalmology1831361690
Lauren Jeang 32610, FLOphthalmology1760800254
Syed Gibran Khurshid 32610, FLOphthalmology1720247752
Mario R. Del Cid 33308, FLOphthalmology1407037872
John T Livecchi 32610, FLOphthalmology1669434270
Ramak Roohipourmoallai 32605, FLOphthalmology1568095743
Ankit Anil Shah 32610, FLOphthalmology1629334065
Mark B Sherwood 32610, FLOphthalmology1528089299
Sonal S Tuli 32605, FLOphthalmology1114955796
Center For Sight, Pl 34285, FLOphthalmology1386718468
Rahul Singh Tonk 33136, FLOphthalmology1316207913
Nicholas Bottaro 34655, FLOphthalmology1396193611
South Florida Eye Institute, Inc. 33321, FLOphthalmology1073542650
Kakarla V Chalam 92354, FLOphthalmology1336112812
Moises Enghelberg 92354, FLOphthalmology1730570896
Scott M Fair 33409, FLOphthalmology1700278710
Ryan Drumright 37129, FLOphthalmology1689938060
Don Hershelson Noel 33136, FLOphthalmology1659998482
E Trevor Elmquist D O P A 33907, FLOphthalmology1750437786
Capritta Roberts 32034, FLOphthalmology1982099131
David Dawes Hessert 32508, FLOphthalmology1710966320
Karina Billiris Findlay 33607, FLOphthalmology1336144575
David A Eichenbaum 33711, FLOphthalmology1144251356
Scott Eugene Pautler 33607, FLOphthalmology1114922366
Steven Myles Cohen 33756, FLOphthalmology1174529234
Alfred Alfonzo White 33544, FLOphthalmology1952627796
Ashley M Crane 33607, FLOphthalmology1225460371
Thomas G Ward 34613, FLOphthalmology1609892595
Shamim Ahmed Haji 34741, FLOphthalmology1588994420
Erin Greenberg 33907, FLOphthalmology1477948883
Shani S Reich 33060, FLOphthalmology1144511288
Hershel R Patel 33880, FLOphthalmology1801216072
Khalil Antonio Harbie 78240, FLOphthalmology1912360926
George Brian Bartley 55905, FLOphthalmology1184614000
Gary Shienbaum 33024, FLOphthalmology1770781502
Eduardo Alejandro Bustamante 32746, FLOphthalmology1154711513
Sara Khandan 91911, FLOphthalmology1063850808
Richard D Tenhulzen 32224, FLOphthalmology1760432405
Karen S Shimshak 32207, FLOphthalmology1407931769
Timothy Alan Quinn 34114, FLOphthalmology1962453480
Kevin Cecil Greenidge 20715, FLOphthalmology1174515118
Gregory L Henderson 33511, FLOphthalmology1427055227
Eric Alexander Liss 33952, FLOphthalmology1225477748
Ronni M Chen 33511, FLOphthalmology1215973037
Dilip Rathinasamy 33511, FLOphthalmology1750594628
Robert Jordan Applebaum 33805, FLOphthalmology1700175304
Jason Lange 19063, FLOphthalmology1174937775
Fawzi Damin Abukhalil 33067, FLOphthalmology1881983773
Ridley Creek Retina Llc 19063, FLOphthalmology1417564592
Juan Pablo Fernandez De Castro 33134, FLOphthalmology1902062649
Casey Lowrance 37748, FLOphthalmology1578979712
Waldemar Torres 70006, FLOphthalmology1275528051
Frank Xavier Venzara 32953, FLOphthalmology1992965214
Westsite Management Llc 33458, FLOphthalmology1013548635
Courtney Elise Bovee 33618, FLOphthalmology1427346683
Jeffrey J Mattingly 37232, FLOphthalmology1972997153
Grace Angela Levy-clarke 33618, FLOphthalmology1437342847
David Shane Strickland 47130, FLOphthalmology1184999500
Eric Gavin Feinstein 32806, FLOphthalmology1720340136
William Jessup Carroll 32114, FLOphthalmology1891130829
Gokul Narayan Kumar 32806, FLOphthalmology1225267867
Deen G King 33609, FLOphthalmology1861468456
Sandra Marie Johnson 65212, FLOphthalmology1730198714
Luis Diego Villani 33154, FLOphthalmology1962498782
Poole And Villani, M.d.,'s, P.a. 33154, FLOphthalmology1053473132
Miami Beach Center For Ophthalmology Pa 33154, FLOphthalmology1306458500
Miami Beach Ophthalmology Pa 33154, FLOphthalmology1316578974
Dan P. Montzka 34655, FLOphthalmology1841290293
Giacomo S. Guggino 33609, FLOphthalmology1093757585
Charles A Luxenberg 34684, FLOphthalmology1700870532
Retina Care Consultants, P.a. 34239, FLOphthalmology1518213602
Mark L Arey 33613, FLOphthalmology1801906664
St Cloud Eye Center Inc 34769, FLOphthalmology1922632066
Jose J Echegaray 44106, FLOphthalmology1205275229
Joseph Lewis Licht 33909, FLOphthalmology1497147680
Kyle Jarrod Linsey 33756, FLOphthalmology1194164517
Kyle Linsey Do Pa 33756, FLOphthalmology1558847541
Cassandra Beth Onofrey 33409, FLOphthalmology1598774515
Cassandra B Onofrey Md Pa 33409, FLOphthalmology1437121662
Dr. Steve T. Bussa O.d., P.l.l.c. 33317, FLOphthalmology1205470101
Clinton Woods Sheets 34667, FLOphthalmology1518044940
Advanced Cataract & Glaucoma Care, Pllc 34667, FLOphthalmology1972068542
Amanda Ethredge Matthews 32308, FLOphthalmology1982866638
Rohin Vij 21225, FLOphthalmology1912439993


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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