Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cameron Campbell Johnson 30114, GAOphthalmology1417923657
Benjamin Rosen Baumrind 30224, GAOphthalmology1376771329
Jesse M Smith 80204, GAOphthalmology1407142151
Fran Wu 77030, GAOphthalmology1639412869
Anthony Gregory 92404, GAOphthalmology1467784389
Brent R Hayek 30501, GAOphthalmology1952504656
John Douglas Wilgucki 60612, GAOphthalmology1932587656
Annette Lynn Giangiacomo 53226, GAOphthalmology1912929019
Joel Eric Chasan 46410, GAOphthalmology1730522830
Shivani Varakantam Reddy 40509, GAOphthalmology1326304890
Nikhil Anand 30339, GAOphthalmology1972921427
Andrew James Anzeljc 37920, GAOphthalmology1891061396
Timothy W Olsen 55905, GAOphthalmology1770688376
Jeffrey Tran 30060, GAOphthalmology1285098533
Leonid Zlotcavitch 30328, GAOphthalmology1437544061
Alexander C Barnes 32806, GAOphthalmology1538587936
Nicholas Karjun Chan 60611, GAOphthalmology1396132403
Sahitya Reddy 33145, GAOphthalmology1700206828
John Morgan Micheletti 77027, GAOphthalmology1487073920
William Jessup Carroll 32114, GAOphthalmology1891130829
Maulik Subhash Zaveri 92083, GAOphthalmology1780848937
Shyam Patel 07004, GAOphthalmology1326428533
Charles Drew Salisbury 36608, GAOphthalmology1255758199
Jennifer Renee Coben 18840, GAOphthalmology1639580798
Jonathan Shreve Minkowski 28211, GAOphthalmology1265881809
Duncan Eaves Berry 28210, GAOphthalmology1326488560
David Zachary Gay 78745, GAOphthalmology1497054605
Arash Mohaghegh Davanian 37232, GAOphthalmology1497102768
Jing Dong 30605, GAOphthalmology1356341119
Eye Partners Pc 36301, GAOphthalmology1902837453
Kirsta Brummel 92103, GAOphthalmology1003085481
Jackie H Johnson 31088, GAOphthalmology1679707541
James B. Craig 31021, GAOphthalmology1114967742
Michael George Pfeil Neimkin 30327, GAOphthalmology1912225392
Ann E Bidwell 60611, GAOphthalmology1144296823
Jing Dong Md Pc 30605, GAOphthalmology1245257757
Patrick Daniel Munson 98431, GAOphthalmology1598940405
Ava Huchun 07960, GAOphthalmology1073546438
Patricia C Nelson 79911, GAOphthalmology1093944225
Me'ja R Day 30012, GAOphthalmology1578978227
Eye Care Centers Management Inc 30260, GAOphthalmology1699888131
Amanda B Kent 30912, GAOphthalmology1710410402
Georgia Ophthalmologists Llc 30677, GAOphthalmology1417467044
Stephen N Lipsky 30092, GAOphthalmology1477550895
Shari Carney 31404, GAOphthalmology1083617419
Dimple Modi 30165, GAOphthalmology1205032844
Mcgregor Norman Lott 32256, GAOphthalmology1326263310
Tomas Alejandro Moreno 32216, GAOphthalmology1184967341
Capritta Roberts 32034, GAOphthalmology1982099131
Philip E Newman 30012, GAOphthalmology1760485791
Scott I Lampert 30342, GAOphthalmology1760485916
Susanne Michele Hewitt 30076, GAOphthalmology1396748513
Michael S Jacobson 30342, GAOphthalmology1376546549
Jay B Stallman 30342, GAOphthalmology1457354607
Mark J Rivellese 30342, GAOphthalmology1891798039
Sean S Koh 30342, GAOphthalmology1588667620
Michael J Magbalon 31792, GAOphthalmology1558364919
Stuart D. Marks 30907, GAOphthalmology1306849658
Sumner L. Fishbein 30912, GAOphthalmology1659373959
Thomas R. Lovas 30907, GAOphthalmology1245233584
William M Blackman 30720, GAOphthalmology1114929478
William L Barnwell 30720, GAOphthalmology1629070990
Timothy E O'boyle 30720, GAOphthalmology1720080088
Professional Eye Associates, Inc. 30720, GAOphthalmology1699777862
Ricardo Brasiliano Akstein 30274, GAOphthalmology1740284736
Jason Scot Brody 30328, GAOphthalmology1427052497
Brian D Salmenson 30328, GAOphthalmology1255335923
Myron R Wilson 31015, GAOphthalmology1992709463
Linda A. Szekeresh 30512, GAOphthalmology1043215254
Scott H Petermann 31602, GAOphthalmology1043215759
Jeffrey B Crowder 30328, GAOphthalmology1528063781
Edwin H. Donnelly 30342, GAOphthalmology1053315457
Johnny L Gayton 31088, GAOphthalmology1144224627
Henry G Schneider 31750, GAOphthalmology1083618557
David S Hemmings 30134, GAOphthalmology1376549469
Scot A Wall 31721, GAOphthalmology1760487276
Robert D Blasberg 30328, GAOphthalmology1922005487
Leon R Gross 30328, GAOphthalmology1609873199
Joseph A. St. Louis 30342, GAOphthalmology1164429676
Ronald S Weber 30260, GAOphthalmology1174520670
Paul L Kaufman 30328, GAOphthalmology1053318550
Stuart H Silverman 30035, GAOphthalmology1932106333
William Kevin Thomas 30328, GAOphthalmology1992702211
Stephen B Levine 30328, GAOphthalmology1609873926
Albert Gonzalez-acevedo 31602, GAOphthalmology1780681544
El-roy Dixon 31701, GAOphthalmology1053319731
Richard Carlin 30078, GAOphthalmology1396743498
Southcoast Medical Group, Llc 31406, GAOphthalmology1467451922
Richard H Blue 30622, GAOphthalmology1033118096
Carmen Josefa Wilson 30303, GAOphthalmology1871593764
Zhengxiang Wang 30341, GAOphthalmology1316947807
Indira Gm Menon 30030, GAOphthalmology1164423075
Charles Wheeler Mcdowell 30030, GAOphthalmology1073514881
Ajeet Dhingra 30030, GAOphthalmology1184625907
Markesh Kumar Manocha 31404, GAOphthalmology1396744181
Paul Emmet Mcmanus 30030, GAOphthalmology1053312959
Laura Alison Bealer 30030, GAOphthalmology1386645190
Peter Alfred Gordon 30030, GAOphthalmology1992706683
William Jay White 31901, GAOphthalmology1306847579
The Eye Dr's, Llc 31901, GAOphthalmology1811998255
Charles C Ho 30060, GAOphthalmology1780685834
Gerald E Sanders 30060, GAOphthalmology1134121163
Lakshmana M Kooragayala 30060, GAOphthalmology1497757496
Geoffrey M Posner 30068, GAOphthalmology1306848296
Byron A Long 30060, GAOphthalmology1225030182
Paul G Mitchell 30060, GAOphthalmology1912909813
Roger Michael Smith 30901, GAOphthalmology1225030760
Gayle Leff Goldstein 30030, GAOphthalmology1093707325
Stephen P Leff 30030, GAOphthalmology1366434698
Jack A Harris 30577, GAOphthalmology1245223361
Jeffrey R Brant 30120, GAOphthalmology1194718999
Feng Zhao 30120, GAOphthalmology1285627083
Mark J Weiner 30114, GAOphthalmology1184616047
Michael Kroll 30188, GAOphthalmology1538160627
Rae A King 30144, GAOphthalmology1750383691
Marietta Eye Clinic, Pa 30060, GAOphthalmology1255333175
John William Thomas 30030, GAOphthalmology1811998594
Christina Lopresto Weeks 30030, GAOphthalmology1104827997
Ralph E Reed 30577, GAOphthalmology1477546802
Donald John Mirate 31602, GAOphthalmology1568456770
Joon Y Kim 30260, GAOphthalmology1942295233
Mark R Dunbar 30076, GAOphthalmology1104811934
Willie Y.w. Chen 30071, GAOphthalmology1144216631
Berg Eye Center, Pc 31707, GAOphthalmology1740276039
Joseph Chandler Berg 31707, GAOphthalmology1962498204
William Parker Marks 30114, GAOphthalmology1356337448
Robert T Goetzinger 30274, GAOphthalmology1275529380
Premier Eye Care Assoc. Pc 30512, GAOphthalmology1518953470
John M Dixon 31701, GAOphthalmology1669460325
Michael Roy Willman 30078, GAOphthalmology1033103916
Mohan N Iyer 30607, GAOphthalmology1730173352
Stephen J Farkas 30501, GAOphthalmology1952399198
Charles Lewis Walvoord 29203, GAOphthalmology1578551545
Ralph H. Deas 30742, GAOphthalmology1902896467
Joseph Frank Ceravolo 31904, GAOphthalmology1508857038
Steven Lloyd Henslee 31901, GAOphthalmology1245221407
Ryan Franklin Boland 31406, GAOphthalmology1558343798
Stephen H Knight 30084, GAOphthalmology1639151764
Denise A Johnson 30060, GAOphthalmology1720060114
Morris Michael Pulliam 30014, GAOphthalmology1437149978
Jack M Chapman 30501, GAOphthalmology1689662751
Clayton Gregg Blehm 30501, GAOphthalmology1235127713
Michael A Derosa 30078, GAOphthalmology1275524662
Gainesville Eye Associates Llc 30501, GAOphthalmology1285617647
Stephen Alton Baynham 30655, GAOphthalmology1225011075
Victor A. Crosby 30607, GAOphthalmology1629051214
Papp Clinic 30263, GAOphthalmology1336123736
Jackson T. Giles 30263, GAOphthalmology1124002407
Kenneth R Neufeld 30328, GAOphthalmology1427032697
Dennis Michael Marcus 30909, GAOphthalmology1851376776
Harinderjit Singh 30909, GAOphthalmology1235115890
James H Dew 30328, GAOphthalmology1831175058
Steven Thomas Greenhaw 31602, GAOphthalmology1568449981
Ahmed Mostafa Nassar 30315, GAOphthalmology1740267806
Richard Randolph Schulze 31405, GAOphthalmology1205815743
Sindhu H Thota 31522, GAOphthalmology1700865987
Beau Gardner 30909, GAOphthalmology1093798993
Joseph Gregory Jones 31201, GAOphthalmology1417933979
Thomas Daniel Bailey 31701, GAOphthalmology1205815115
Alric Christopher Blake 29203, GAOphthalmology1689654162
Gary Mark Levin 31314, GAOphthalmology1972574234
Silas Chase Read 30606, GAOphthalmology1134190531
James C Hays 30328, GAOphthalmology1912970161
Margaret O Green 30904, GAOphthalmology1205809530
John A Page 31201, GAOphthalmology1457324154
Malcolm S Moore 31201, GAOphthalmology1629041322
Eye Center Of Central Georgia, P.c. 31201, GAOphthalmology1225002777
Spencer F Maddox 31201, GAOphthalmology1356315766
John C Ervin 31201, GAOphthalmology1730153099
Douglasville Eye Clinic Pc 30134, GAOphthalmology1902870751
Bruce Patterson Crowley 30060, GAOphthalmology1306810080
Gerardo Parada 30060, GAOphthalmology1407820194
David Wesley White 30060, GAOphthalmology1619941325
L Raymond Debarge 30742, GAOphthalmology1184699431
P. Carl Davidson 30165, GAOphthalmology1295701704
Bonnie J Brooks 31520, GAOphthalmology1912973264
Arati D Pandya 30012, GAOphthalmology1497724447
Clifford R Seward 30058, GAOphthalmology1982673851
Chanh M Tu 31709, GAOphthalmology1134198765
John Charles Rieser 30327, GAOphthalmology1912976432
Richard Randolph Schulze 31405, GAOphthalmology1376512566
Michael Scott Jacobs 30677, GAOphthalmology1164495693
Jay E Chretien 30307, GAOphthalmology1457323552
Thomas J Campen 31501, GAOphthalmology1497729834
Gayton Health Centre 31088, GAOphthalmology1801860796
Stephen Arthur Godlewski 30078, GAOphthalmology1972563666
Hersh Chopra 30060, GAOphthalmology1962463570
Frances D Mcmullan 30045, GAOphthalmology1629030077
Alan L Benedict 30060, GAOphthalmology1154383438
Family Eyecare Associates Of Milledgeville, Pc 31061, GAOphthalmology1720040843
Kris F Gillian 30045, GAOphthalmology1073575940
Donald E Poland 30045, GAOphthalmology1437111333
Charles Davis Williamson 31061, GAOphthalmology1699737205
C Steve Mcquaig 31061, GAOphthalmology1215999818
Charles F Speakman 31904, GAOphthalmology1740243740
Edward L Curran 31904, GAOphthalmology1720041718
Charles L Calhoun 31904, GAOphthalmology1518920529
Thomas S Harbin 30339, GAOphthalmology1679536502
Starla D Fitch 30339, GAOphthalmology1104889906
Matthew W Camp 30143, GAOphthalmology1437113917


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