Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Hawaii

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Hawaii:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Samuel Chung-hang Lo 96814, HIOphthalmology1609870666
Clifton Saunders Otto 96815, HIOphthalmology1538164322
M Pierre Pang 96819, HIOphthalmology1487654794
Thomas M. Kropp 32724, HIOphthalmology1245222686
Catherine Bichha Pham 96732, HIOphthalmology1760474159
Gilbert Koji Yamamoto 96817, HIOphthalmology1316931314
Nancy Chen 96707, HIOphthalmology1265427900
Thomas H Maeda 96817, HIOphthalmology1649267063
Timothy Mcdevitt 96813, HIOphthalmology1144209958
Susie Chang 96813, HIOphthalmology1952385106
Karl A. Holzinger 96859, HIOphthalmology1245206226
Casey Rogers 96859, HIOphthalmology1407825789
Richard Kevin Winkle 99508, HIOphthalmology1194799619
Stephen E. Clason 96814, HIOphthalmology1982661161
Steven S Rhee 96786, HIOphthalmology1104884717
William K Wong 96701, HIOphthalmology1144270042
Larry K Sherrer 96766, HIOphthalmology1215981915
Tyrie Lee Jenkins 96814, HIOphthalmology1316903610
Allan Kunimoto 96814, HIOphthalmology1114979762
Jivin G Tantisira 96793, HIOphthalmology1104889583
Troy Masao Tanji 96797, HIOphthalmology1073570826
Gerald Carp 96793, HIOphthalmology1912963646
Wendell Calvin Danforth 96707, HIOphthalmology1821043803
Marshall Kim 96814, HIOphthalmology1871534883
Douglas Freeman Chu 96814, HIOphthalmology1841237443
Te Tsaw Chen 96813, HIOphthalmology1083633945
Michael Arthur Mcmann 96706, HIOphthalmology1215941190
Clifford Rhodes 96793, HIOphthalmology1275549453
Carlos A. Omphroy 96789, HIOphthalmology1437165396
Carl T Minatoya 96814, HIOphthalmology1518974021
Harvey K Minatoya 96814, HIOphthalmology1336156926
Louis A Davanzo 96734, HIOphthalmology1144333451
James C Lai 96701, HIOphthalmology1871606186
David H Mai 96701, HIOphthalmology1851405674
Christopher H Mai 96701, HIOphthalmology1083728844
Anthony P. Martyak 96701, HIOphthalmology1760596498
Jean Shein 96766, HIOphthalmology1619985017
Neal H Atebara 96813, HIOphthalmology1093828840
Gregg T Kokame 96701, HIOphthalmology1760590988
Geoffrey V. Davis 96701, HIOphthalmology1508975442
Stefan E. Karas 96813, HIOphthalmology1396855482
Robert C. Lee 96813, HIOphthalmology1780796284
Jason Shigeru Tokunaga 96816, HIOphthalmology1558463794
Alan R Faulkner 96814, HIOphthalmology1043312887
Jon M Portis 96813, HIOphthalmology1073615514
John Scott Kortvelesy 96813, HIOphthalmology1710082813
Jeffrey R Maehara 96814, HIOphthalmology1689771586
Dennis I Maehara 96814, HIOphthalmology1760589667
Kenneth J. Baum 96814, HIOphthalmology1871692269
Andrew C. O. Fong 96814, HIOphthalmology1316047160
Shigemi Sugiki 96813, HIOphthalmology1447350038
Vivien M. B. Tham 96814, HIOphthalmology1740372234
David T. Waters 96814, HIOphthalmology1447342829
Michael James Miyashiro 96720, HIOphthalmology1699868844
Candace Kei Furubayashi 96817, HIOphthalmology1467545293
Peter A Roney 96744, HIOphthalmology1306939863
Dean E. Hu 96814, HIOphthalmology1962596486
David J Randell 96744, HIOphthalmology1174619696
Diane J. Wry 96766, HIOphthalmology1174610927
Rhoads Stevens 96813, HIOphthalmology1194812503
George F Nardin 96734, HIOphthalmology1528157674
Stephen Sheau-yang Gee 96814, HIOphthalmology1821188590
Kenneth C.m. Lee 96701, HIOphthalmology1033291919
William T. Perryman 96720, HIOphthalmology1366525016
Christopher M. Tortora 96786, HIOphthalmology1619050465
Bruce R. Taylor 96793, HIOphthalmology1609959493
Timothy Crane 96766, HIOphthalmology1568548972
Ming Chen 96813, HIOphthalmology1376621318
John P. Douglas 96813, HIOphthalmology1730268772
Timothy L. Lee 96766, HIOphthalmology1467557538
Steven S Sameshima 96813, HIOphthalmology1053410555
Worldster S M Lee 96817, HIOphthalmology1417048018
Julie K. Nishimura 96814, HIOphthalmology1235210782
Carlton K Yuen 96816, HIOphthalmology1104991611
Nancy Wilson Lundblad 96720, HIOphthalmology1063587012
Michael Soriano Ibarra 96814, HIOphthalmology1871652941
Lorene Mary Anastasi 96814, HIOphthalmology1861553208
Raymond Wee 96701, HIOphthalmology1104980382
Susan Heidi Senft 96740, HIOphthalmology1972660140
Byron M. W. Wong 96814, HIOphthalmology1790832384
David Andrew Young 96826, HIOphthalmology1053469221
Vernon Kin Wai Wong 96814, HIOphthalmology1164572517
Hugo Higa 96814, HIOphthalmology1740331867
John D Olkowski 96817, HIOphthalmology1396897427
Constance A Cox Wong 96814, HIOphthalmology1770635740
Melanie Tantisira 96814, HIOphthalmology1598819088
George Plechaty 96813, HIOphthalmology1790830016
Gary A Edwards 96793, HIOphthalmology1366598872
Malcolm R. Ing 96826, HIOphthalmology1588701080
Gerald Jacob Barron 96790, HIOphthalmology1659411247
Percival H.y. Chee 96813, HIOphthalmology1245370295
Ken C Lin 96814, HIOphthalmology1124169636
Kimberly Ann Madsen 96740, HIOphthalmology1265556120
Gregory William Schmidt 96813, HIOphthalmology1740326081
Calvin M. Miura 96814, HIOphthalmology1659434025
Luis Carlos Omphroy 96701, HIOphthalmology1528121423
Gardner C Quarton 96746, HIOphthalmology1093933657
Izumi Yamamoto 96814, HIOphthalmology1447465869
Jeffrey Jason Wong 96813, HIOphthalmology1134338429
Susannah Kerr Mistr 96738, HIOphthalmology1811199417
Farhad Safi 96815, HIOphthalmology1477759454
Lev Lawrence Grunstein 96793, HIOphthalmology1770773301
Daniel Beam Driscoll 96720, HIOphthalmology1790970291
Jonathan Etter 33136, HIOphthalmology1508033432
Rick A Carpenter 96720, HIOphthalmology1487877403
Michael John Gottner 96815, HIOphthalmology1992940720
Brandon Worldster Lee 96817, HIOphthalmology1801042007
Claudia Gomez Hooten 96815, HIOphthalmology1629360458
James Christian Pitts 96786, HIOphthalmology1427343466
Thomas Sperandeo 96731, HIOphthalmology1073936027
Brett Nelson 96859, HIOphthalmology1083690226
Anna Grundstrom Bender 96813, HIOphthalmology1083972038
Ryan Otsuka 96817, HIOphthalmology1962765826
Nathan Aschel Jordan 96859, HIOphthalmology1104264514
Briana C. Gapsis 96732, HIOphthalmology1952748568
Sarah Parker Read 96701, HIOphthalmology1124381652
Jeffrey Peterson 96814, HIOphthalmology1578889945
Daniel Sung Choi 96817, HIOphthalmology1760820633
Jeffrey Jay Rutgard 96789, HIOphthalmology1366795155
John Huey Drouilhet 96813, HIOphthalmology1528066487
Amelia Ann Fong 96821, HIOphthalmology1104186311
Anna Walker Parlin 96813, HIOphthalmology1780942722
Paula Elizabeth Young 96815, HIOphthalmology1326200320
Jane Song 10003, HIOphthalmology1669850731
Kenneth Kwan-hyun Chang 96825, HIOphthalmology1134236821
Suzie T Nemmers 96813, HIOphthalmology1780774331
Kristin Emiko Hirabayashi 96817, HIOphthalmology1669891610
Vincent N Vu 96859, HIOphthalmology1134426620
Eugene Ng 96814, HIOphthalmology1609021831
John Somers Buist Dick 96732, HIOphthalmology1083762918
Michael Darren Bennett 96815, HIOphthalmology1043274111
Peggy Mei-chi Liao 96826, HIOphthalmology1326090432
Margaret K. L. Cheung 96817, HIOphthalmology1336217637
Rupa Krishnamurthy Wong 96813, HIOphthalmology1144288184
Uma D Chaluvadi 96793, HIOphthalmology1306872874
Mark E Tafoya 96797, HIOphthalmology1639233448
Neda Nikpoor 96814, HIOphthalmology1598024077
Andrew William Parlin 96859, HIOphthalmology1306280086
Nathan Kanyinda 96813, HIOphthalmology1578918066
Jonathan Lo 96814, HIOphthalmology1285096289
Terry D Wood 96732, HIOphthalmology1609856426
Leslie Garay 96814, HIOphthalmology1487883047
Allied Health Partners Llc 96740, HIOphthalmology1255951208
Aloha Eye Clinic, Ltd. 96793, HIOphthalmology1447298344
Aloha Laser Vision Llc 96814, HIOphthalmology1942385984
Amelia Ann Fong Md, Llc 96821, HIOphthalmology1972024636
Calvin M. Miura, M.d., Inc. 96814, HIOphthalmology1952640476
Cec Eye Center Llc 96815, HIOphthalmology1689003279
Center For Sight West Oahu Llc 96815, HIOphthalmology1821344326
Center For Sight Llc 96732, HIOphthalmology1427290964
Compassionate Eye Care, Inc. 96814, HIOphthalmology1144528340
Cornea & Refractive Surgery Consultants Of The Pacific, Inc. 96817, HIOphthalmology1952577975
Crscp Maui Inc 96732, HIOphthalmology1972058162
Dennis Issei Maehara Md Inc 96814, HIOphthalmology1598869208
Dr. Rick A. Carpenter 96720, HIOphthalmology1669969093
Eugene W.m. Ng, M.d., Llc. 96814, HIOphthalmology1396014031
Eye Care Center Of Kauai, Inc. 96766, HIOphthalmology1992006183
Eye Center Of Hawaii Llc 96740, HIOphthalmology1073844999
Gary Edwards Md Inc 96813, HIOphthalmology1639114846
Geoffrey V. Davis, M.d. Inc. 96701, HIOphthalmology1831289552
Glaucoma Center Of Hawaii, Llc 96814, HIOphthalmology1396789665
Gregory W Schmidt Md Llc 96813, HIOphthalmology1447436548
Hawaii Cataract And Laser Institute Hilo Llc 96720, HIOphthalmology1902172422
Hawaii Eye Care 96720, HIOphthalmology1558716928
Hawaii Retina Research Foundation 96815, HIOphthalmology1326409145
Hawaii Vision Specialists Llp 96720, HIOphthalmology1659621084
Hawaiian Eye Center Inc 96786, HIOphthalmology1083808299
Hugo Higa, Md, Llc 96701, HIOphthalmology1154473270
Inteleretina Professional Group Llc 96814, HIOphthalmology1407347602
Io Eye Center Llc 96738, HIOphthalmology1093104374
Island Eye Care, Inc 96740, HIOphthalmology1902085129
Island Eye Center Inc 96701, HIOphthalmology1497869242
Janie H Yoo Md Llc 96766, HIOphthalmology1568041226
Jeffrey Jason Wong Md Inc 96813, HIOphthalmology1124290382
Joyce H Cassen Md 96821, HIOphthalmology1306044011
Kauai Ophthalmology Associates, Llc 96756, HIOphthalmology1316192081
Lin Eye Surgery & Laser Center Llc 96814, HIOphthalmology1942341466
Lorene M Anastasi Md Inc 96814, HIOphthalmology1811007222
Luis C Omphroy Md Llc 96701, HIOphthalmology1215128673
Maehara Eye Surgery & Laser Llc 96814, HIOphthalmology1356581425
Maehara Eye Surgery & Laser Llc 96797, HIOphthalmology1619118718
Malcolm R. Ing, M.d., Inc. 96826, HIOphthalmology1720270408
Margaret K.l. Cheung, Md., Ph.d., Inc. 96817, HIOphthalmology1760729420
Maui Medical Group Inc 96793, HIOphthalmology1215963970
Melanietantisira,md, Llc 96814, HIOphthalmology1376696310
Michael A Mcmann M.d., Llc 96706, HIOphthalmology1790893451
Michael J Miyashiro Md Inc 96720, HIOphthalmology1306998117
Minatoya Eye Clinic Inc 96814, HIOphthalmology1457362337
Ming Chen Md Inc 96813, HIOphthalmology1932193398
Nancy Chen, M.d., Inc. 96707, HIOphthalmology1295144103
Nancy Chen, Md, Inc 96707, HIOphthalmology1326235169
Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Of Hawaii Inc 96813, HIOphthalmology1164048005
Ohana Eye Center, Inc. 96814, HIOphthalmology1295789865
Ophthalmology Consultants Of Oahu Llc 96825, HIOphthalmology1528693306
Ophthalmology Consultants Of Oahu, A Professional Corporation 96825, HIOphthalmology1437697166
Pacific Eye Center, Inc 96766, HIOphthalmology1891891164
Pacific Retina Care. Llc 96797, HIOphthalmology1619118825
Pacific Vision Institute Inc 96814, HIOphthalmology1255682811
Pediatric Ophthalmology Associates Of Hawaii Inc 96826, HIOphthalmology1063440923
Percival Chee, M.d., F.a.c.s., Incorporated 96813, HIOphthalmology1134318082


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