Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David Sanford 40965, KYOphthalmology1962405779
David Eugene Jones 42303, KYOphthalmology1013910306
Benjamin Lee Mackey 40701, KYOphthalmology1730181967
Michael S Halpin 41017, KYOphthalmology1376545590
Charles Mark Millsap 42303, KYOphthalmology1932103736
Troy Lee Haleman 42303, KYOphthalmology1578567376
Tom Smith Maddox 42303, KYOphthalmology1083618938
Linda Kathleen Katz 40356, KYOphthalmology1053315705
Mark A Cepela 41017, KYOphthalmology1730181009
Saif Jaweed 41017, KYOphthalmology1255333472
Jean M Noll 41017, KYOphthalmology1760484935
Charles J Breen 41042, KYOphthalmology1437151719
Thomas Greene Furgason 42303, KYOphthalmology1295739779
James Michael Stearns 42420, KYOphthalmology1790780567
James Michael Rynerson 42141, KYOphthalmology1740285832
Ricky D. Isernhagen 40509, KYOphthalmology1700881919
William J. Wood 40509, KYOphthalmology1326043100
Edmund L Wilkins 42104, KYOphthalmology1699770206
Randal Paul 42101, KYOphthalmology1780680207
Carl W Marquess 42001, KYOphthalmology1619973062
Jennifer Wentworth 42101, KYOphthalmology1033115431
David L Blandford 40517, KYOphthalmology1558367805
William J Curtis 40517, KYOphthalmology1871598672
Johannes C Evans 40517, KYOphthalmology1780689588
Thomas W Stone 40509, KYOphthalmology1528064219
James William Matthews 40504, KYOphthalmology1235136409
Gregory L Hayden 47714, KYOphthalmology1568460129
Kenneth Ray Weaver 40504, KYOphthalmology1689671430
James R. Rinne 42718, KYOphthalmology1629077409
Connie Meredith 40207, KYOphthalmology1972504819
John William Kitchens 40509, KYOphthalmology1972503993
Christopher G Knight 42701, KYOphthalmology1609877323
Donald Anthony Smith 42701, KYOphthalmology1235130956
Lloyd Ross Taustine 40217, KYOphthalmology1437151099
Julie Summers Lee 40207, KYOphthalmology1457343550
Theodore M Wandzilak 40217, KYOphthalmology1013909753
Mary Martha Reams 41101, KYOphthalmology1124011341
C Thomas Moran 40205, KYOphthalmology1902890783
Joseph R Brightwell 40205, KYOphthalmology1255325031
Susan M Berberich 40205, KYOphthalmology1891789749
S Fred Stephenson 40205, KYOphthalmology1700870656
Heather Lynn Harmon 40205, KYOphthalmology1801880513
Paul K. Herrell 42240, KYOphthalmology1336134998
George Robert John 40205, KYOphthalmology1326034901
Mark David Huffman 40741, KYOphthalmology1821085457
John A. Distler 40014, KYOphthalmology1326036385
Anne Chadburn Huntington 40014, KYOphthalmology1841289220
John Edward Downing 42104, KYOphthalmology1023008729
Spencer Broady Witcher 42141, KYOphthalmology1700876455
Dailey Mcpeak 42141, KYOphthalmology1912997669
Gabor G Nemeth 40213, KYOphthalmology1093704082
Thomas Jinwoo Kim 40121, KYOphthalmology1679557896
Mark A Henry 42503, KYOphthalmology1972587251
Donald Walter Bennett 40215, KYOphthalmology1013991165
Steven John Mattas 40215, KYOphthalmology1578547550
Melvyn M Koby 40207, KYOphthalmology1467437335
David W Karp 40207, KYOphthalmology1376528240
R Scott Hoffman 40207, KYOphthalmology1194700070
Adrienne Jessica Millett 40475, KYOphthalmology1952381857
Randolph Lyons Offutt 40601, KYOphthalmology1194795435
Jitander Singh Dudee 40503, KYOphthalmology1053385971
Kenneth R Smith 40241, KYOphthalmology1386619021
Jeff Johnson 42001, KYOphthalmology1760459440
Ted Borodofsky 42001, KYOphthalmology1013984624
Gary N Foulks 40202, KYOphthalmology1255308805
Marianne H Cowley 40220, KYOphthalmology1811964448
Carter H Gussler 41101, KYOphthalmology1215905393
John C Gross 41101, KYOphthalmology1245209550
Barbara Bowers 42003, KYOphthalmology1578530192
Lance Stirling Ferguson 40504, KYOphthalmology1265403810
Joseph A Brown 41501, KYOphthalmology1861466427
Jeffery M Taylor 42001, KYOphthalmology1356318547
Mark E Gillespie 42001, KYOphthalmology1942277280
Shorye Payne 40202, KYOphthalmology1144282005
Rishi Verma Kumar 40214, KYOphthalmology1114970415
Johnny W Williams 42066, KYOphthalmology1992759641
Seema Capoor 40508, KYOphthalmology1194788364
Robert George Kinker 40601, KYOphthalmology1215993274
Charles O Bruce 40202, KYOphthalmology1730145657
Marsha K Penn 40504, KYOphthalmology1255386009
James Joseph Sanitato 45236, KYOphthalmology1558316513
David Garrett 40509, KYOphthalmology1316987340
Elizabeth Westin 40509, KYOphthalmology1437199528
William Offutt 40509, KYOphthalmology1245270271
Barton Logan Ramsey 40422, KYOphthalmology1336180348
Edward J Holland 41017, KYOphthalmology1720021199
Michael L Mcclintock 40701, KYOphthalmology1790720506
Medardo Tabotabo 40965, KYOphthalmology1033146097
Thomas Keith Ison 41501, KYOphthalmology1548290042
Joern B Soltau 40207, KYOphthalmology1528099835
Thomas G Abell 42718, KYOphthalmology1033140918
William W. Richardson 40324, KYOphthalmology1720028483
Belinda L Shirkey 40509, KYOphthalmology1275574287
Paul Andrew Pearson 40508, KYOphthalmology1992745871
Harry Calvin Stephenson 40207, KYOphthalmology1730111717
Richard Andrew Eiferman 40205, KYOphthalmology1386677797
John W. Collins 40509, KYOphthalmology1215961669
Henry J Kaplan 40207, KYOphthalmology1104851864
Charles C Barr 40202, KYOphthalmology1770518409
Robert L Strawn 41017, KYOphthalmology1114952660
David R. Kielar 40509, KYOphthalmology1003832866
W Douglas Back 40504, KYOphthalmology1396765251
John C. Sparrow 40509, KYOphthalmology1043232192
James H Patterson 40356, KYOphthalmology1164445813
William Mackness Rowlett 42240, KYOphthalmology1740204858
John A Mccubbin 42240, KYOphthalmology1447274154
Syamala H.k. Reddy 41701, KYOphthalmology1003830274
Arthur Kenneth Rivard 40422, KYOphthalmology1942210554
Casey H Johnson 40205, KYOphthalmology1982710752
Gerald J. Hobson 40065, KYOphthalmology1104842517
Mark R Melson 37205, KYOphthalmology1033144647
Angelia F Thompson 40509, KYOphthalmology1427162395
Bruce Harvey Koffler 40509, KYOphthalmology1255441341
Leila Vaghei 40206, KYOphthalmology1790896736
Arnold Neil Brownstein 40502, KYOphthalmology1578666830
Farah S Ikram 40241, KYOphthalmology1821193533
Mark J Fitzmaurice 42431, KYOphthalmology1992801047
Allen S. Elliott 42431, KYOphthalmology1528164662
John D Conklin 40536, KYOphthalmology1134228174
Brian Steven Lambert 41503, KYOphthalmology1760573547
Brennan P Greene 40206, KYOphthalmology1013003136
John Charles Meyer 40206, KYOphthalmology1588750681
Sean F Murphy 40206, KYOphthalmology1407942519
David Eugene Cowen 40503, KYOphthalmology1942397864
Jerry W Conners 41075, KYOphthalmology1689757502
Gerald Eugene Sullivan 42101, KYOphthalmology1376613737
Sheila Plumlee Sanders 40508, KYOphthalmology1700985827
Julia C Stevens 40508, KYOphthalmology1881793834
Melvin Douglas Gossman 40299, KYOphthalmology1144322884
John Hill Saunders 40503, KYOphthalmology1619074226
Douglas Glenn Katz 40508, KYOphthalmology1871603753
Woodford Spears Vanmeter 40536, KYOphthalmology1225148117
James C Hart 42071, KYOphthalmology1053484139
Dwight H Capps 42071, KYOphthalmology1295808319
Maurice J Oakley 41101, KYOphthalmology1699843862
Timmie Joe Conrad 40207, KYOphthalmology1225196777
Bryan Neale Prater 41056, KYOphthalmology1043375348
Marc Moore 42101, KYOphthalmology1225185044
Van R Williams 42223, KYOphthalmology1750438339
Sushil V Kumar 40214, KYOphthalmology1134278427
John Worth Gamel 40202, KYOphthalmology1427102086
George Nicholas Scarlatis 40213, KYOphthalmology1073651352
William Stuart Eads 40701, KYOphthalmology1992843189
Randol Webb Hooper 40515, KYOphthalmology1134261712
Raymond Victor Mecca 41101, KYOphthalmology1932236700
Mohammad Ali Haider 40220, KYOphthalmology1871622258
Catherine Newton 40206, KYOphthalmology1871667154
Eric Benjamin Higgins 40508, KYOphthalmology1790814556
Todd Jordan Purkiss 40509, KYOphthalmology1942347703
John Mark Franklin 40508, KYOphthalmology1629193933
Robert G Smith 40601, KYOphthalmology1548389935
Jason B Greenberg 40207, KYOphthalmology1770606329
Stephen F Meyers 41075, KYOphthalmology1598983751
John Wright 40004, KYOphthalmology1649489691
Joshua David Justice 40205, KYOphthalmology1710185277
Benjamin L Proctor 42701, KYOphthalmology1184811077
Douglas Sigford 40202, KYOphthalmology1073786620
Nikolaos Trichopoulos 40215, KYOphthalmology1891900189
Micheal Bryan Minix 40356, KYOphthalmology1114132834
Justin Alexander Saunders 40503, KYOphthalmology1982876256
Melanie Hatfield Bradley 40508, KYOphthalmology1821252164
Faizuddin Khaja 45202, KYOphthalmology1043409873
Robert Steven Baker 40503, KYOphthalmology1538312202
Michael Thornton Newcomb 40509, KYOphthalmology1093968026
William E. Moore 42103, KYOphthalmology1871747949
James Jerome Gullett 40324, KYOphthalmology1073748158
Christopher J Compton 40202, KYOphthalmology1033345657
Sharmini Asha Balakrishnan 40202, KYOphthalmology1639306343
Jonathan David Gambrell 40241, KYOphthalmology1831326552
Martha K Heyburn 40207, KYOphthalmology1851622914
Judit Zsuzsanna Baffi 40536, KYOphthalmology1366766404
Sarita Anisha Kishore 83712, KYOphthalmology1982929048
Jeremy Dustin Clark 40202, KYOphthalmology1073838850
Mark Aaron Ihnen 40217, KYOphthalmology1770809212
Mary Eileen Grulee 45236, KYOphthalmology1043536725
William Paul Baas 40422, KYOphthalmology1265751200
Daniel Ray Mccormack 42303, KYOphthalmology1124323837
Guruprasad Ravindra Pattar 40206, KYOphthalmology1689963589
Roxana Fu 40202, KYOphthalmology1497045637
Marla Davis 40536, KYOphthalmology1598058182
Sandhya Pahuja 42765, KYOphthalmology1033420369
Peter John Timoney 40508, KYOphthalmology1033375597
Daniel Benjamin Moore 40508, KYOphthalmology1356506463
Bandana Waikhom 41042, KYOphthalmology1053576140
Claire Elizabeth Fraser 40508, KYOphthalmology1063658003
Romulo Jc Albuquerque 40536, KYOphthalmology1265726905
Ramiro S Maldonado 40508, KYOphthalmology1215228036
Lucy Eakle Franklin 40508, KYOphthalmology1790004471
Blake Isernhagen 40509, KYOphthalmology1336469444
Zegary Allen 41042, KYOphthalmology1528336989
Michael Steven Wehmann 41075, KYOphthalmology1154632875
James D Kim 42001, KYOphthalmology1255657151
Landen A Meeks 42001, KYOphthalmology1326280504
Judith Mohay Ambrus 40202, KYOphthalmology1700817905
Amir Hadayer 40202, KYOphthalmology1124402979
Ira Abraham Perszyk 40536, KYOphthalmology1508278268
Matthew D Kuhnle 42223, KYOphthalmology1326242355
Mark Cassol 40206, KYOphthalmology1023128063
Gary Nathanael Wortz 40033, KYOphthalmology1710055041
David Joseph Harris 40536, KYOphthalmology1588923429


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