Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bohn & Joseph Eye Center A Professional Medical Corporation 70506, LAOphthalmology1356344790
John Paul Drummond 71106, LAOphthalmology1831192137
Carol S Clemons 71106, LAOphthalmology1609879931
Jeffrey E. Faludi 71106, LAOphthalmology1518960848
Barry A Bohn 70506, LAOphthalmology1881697241
Jonathan M. Joseph 70506, LAOphthalmology1285637645
Donald E Texada 71106, LAOphthalmology1033112339
Russell H Vannorman 71101, LAOphthalmology1679576961
The Retinal Institute Of Louisiana 70127, LAOphthalmology1992709885
Stephan K Cooper 71106, LAOphthalmology1407850316
Geoffrey W Garrett 71106, LAOphthalmology1710981659
John D Hinrichsen 71105, LAOphthalmology1255335121
Alan B Richards 71105, LAOphthalmology1992709745
Joe M. Gannon 70760, LAOphthalmology1992700256
Wilson B Baber 71106, LAOphthalmology1386649788
Williamson Eye Center 70726, LAOphthalmology1841295813
Williamson Eye Center 70806, LAOphthalmology1841295888
Scott Kimberly Nelson 70816, LAOphthalmology1144225988
Claire Lucy Borne 70806, LAOphthalmology1942205786
Charles Hamilton Williamson 70806, LAOphthalmology1396740122
Michael A Holy 71101, LAOphthalmology1932105483
Richard James Piccione 70508, LAOphthalmology1700882917
Williamson Eye Center 70791, LAOphthalmology1972509156
Baron James Williamson 70791, LAOphthalmology1336145606
William Randall Williamson 70806, LAOphthalmology1114924560
Edward Langlow 70471, LAOphthalmology1407853401
Arthur Joseph Delahoussaye 70360, LAOphthalmology1932106978
Rudolph Franklin 70458, LAOphthalmology1023015930
Joseph C Thompson 70056, LAOphthalmology1962400507
Bruce C Henderson 71106, LAOphthalmology1568460913
Michael L Fajoni 70403, LAOphthalmology1255339545
Kurt A Gitter 70006, LAOphthalmology1790782688
Ronald L Willson 70006, LAOphthalmology1982601134
Gerald Cohen 70006, LAOphthalmology1619974862
Gerald Ball Broussard 71203, LAOphthalmology1073511903
Donald Charles Falgoust 70605, LAOphthalmology1538168323
Keith Emery Kellum 70360, LAOphthalmology1225036023
Russell J Saloom Prof Med Corp 70810, LAOphthalmology1538169149
Darryl L Johnson 71270, LAOphthalmology1598765661
Robert Joseph Cangelosi 70122, LAOphthalmology1508866724
Glen C Cangelosi 70122, LAOphthalmology1326048398
Barbara Ann Noguchi 70809, LAOphthalmology1104827112
Robert Dick Ross 70006, LAOphthalmology1932100799
Gitter And Cohen L L C 70006, LAOphthalmology1528067592
Walter Lee Terrell 70002, LAOphthalmology1669473369
Kenneth George Haik 70002, LAOphthalmology1700887403
George Michel Haik 70118, LAOphthalmology1215938865
Mary Ellen Berg 71106, LAOphthalmology1174524391
George Demetrios Fivgas 70808, LAOphthalmology1790787448
Susan Elizabeth Azar 70506, LAOphthalmology1245222439
Cheryl Leger Neu 70506, LAOphthalmology1942292131
Norman A. Zaffater 71111, LAOphthalmology1124010939
Thomas A. Planchard 71111, LAOphthalmology1104818905
Kyle Valentino Acosta 70433, LAOphthalmology1518959154
Marie Theresa Turla 70123, LAOphthalmology1265424782
Paul James Azar 70506, LAOphthalmology1245222850
James R Mccue 71220, LAOphthalmology1619960838
John Michael Azar 70506, LAOphthalmology1376536599
Stephen M Breaud 70806, LAOphthalmology1083616726
Shehab Azmy Ebrahim 70002, LAOphthalmology1578556213
Ochsner Clinic Llc 70836, LAOphthalmology1407848443
John C Cooksey 71201, LAOphthalmology1366436446
Quentin D Falgoust 70301, LAOphthalmology1548255938
M. Ashley Wheat-sipes 71105, LAOphthalmology1427045814
Leon Claude Lahaye 70570, LAOphthalmology1154318343
Zvi Aviner 70570, LAOphthalmology1003803206
Michael Roy Oswald 70791, LAOphthalmology1720073224
Jared Mark Vincent 71270, LAOphthalmology1639167836
Emmett Colin Mccomiskey 70433, LAOphthalmology1588653893
Mccomiskey & Cangelosi Ii, L.l.c. 70433, LAOphthalmology1972592293
Donald L Hall 71103, LAOphthalmology1235129818
William A Byrd 71103, LAOphthalmology1316937998
Drs Steen & Hall, Apmc 71103, LAOphthalmology1518957034
Celeste Childress Luke 71351, LAOphthalmology1043201585
Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Inc 70403, LAOphthalmology1265413306
Thomas Ragin Robinson 71301, LAOphthalmology1811979065
Jeffrey Harris Singer 70001, LAOphthalmology1043292568
William L. Iglinsky 70601, LAOphthalmology1770565244
Keith E Cangelosi 70433, LAOphthalmology1609865732
Jeffrey Singer, Md (apmc) 70001, LAOphthalmology1861474702
Southern Eye Institute Llc 70360, LAOphthalmology1912980566
Joe M. Gannon, M.d. A Professional Medical Corp 70760, LAOphthalmology1124001755
Dimple Kiran Zaveri 70006, LAOphthalmology1790769958
James G Ralston 71360, LAOphthalmology1003891433
Andrew W Lawton 70121, LAOphthalmology1851376057
Stephen Sessums 70810, LAOphthalmology1750367165
Robert Jackson Young 70510, LAOphthalmology1578543856
Emile Dore Broussard 70510, LAOphthalmology1427038744
Gary Luffey 71270, LAOphthalmology1760452650
Riley C Sibley 70006, LAOphthalmology1437129913
Raymond Espir Haik 71291, LAOphthalmology1962473652
Joseph Elgin Humble 71291, LAOphthalmology1538130273
Kerry M Brown 70510, LAOphthalmology1306818612
Kenneth Charles Lafleur, M.d. 70570, LAOphthalmology1912971516
Kenneth C Lafleur 70570, LAOphthalmology1699749929
Walter D Cockerham 70115, LAOphthalmology1225002256
Henry Milfred Haley 70002, LAOphthalmology1972578516
Regional Physicians Network lake Charles Inc 70607, LAOphthalmology1912972886
Stephen Foster Brint 70006, LAOphthalmology1518933191
Edward Graul 70535, LAOphthalmology1447228945
Harold W. Ledoux 70503, LAOphthalmology1740258912
Wally R Nawas 71111, LAOphthalmology1518936376
Edward E Stahel 70301, LAOphthalmology1881653749
Yue Kong Au 71111, LAOphthalmology1578522587
Margaret Taylor Carter 71457, LAOphthalmology1043279540
Robert T Casanova 70570, LAOphthalmology1225097512
Gerard Guidry 70607, LAOphthalmology1235198599
Neil F Notaroberto 70123, LAOphthalmology1730150822
Bruce Achilles Germer 70006, LAOphthalmology1780655258
John Boyer Saer 70006, LAOphthalmology1487625927
William F. Rachal 70006, LAOphthalmology1730153537
Frederick D. Hall 70506, LAOphthalmology1215900949
George J. Dimitri 70005, LAOphthalmology1639139314
Thomas Chad Norton 71303, LAOphthalmology1801856232
Karren Laird Russo 71303, LAOphthalmology1467413815
Bernard E Patty 71303, LAOphthalmology1033170303
Michael A Redmond 71303, LAOphthalmology1821059213
James Paul Swearingen 71103, LAOphthalmology1003878075
Laurence W. Arend 70121, LAOphthalmology1972560985
Candace Clement Collins 70461, LAOphthalmology1710944509
Horatio Sprague Eustis 70121, LAOphthalmology1831157957
Iberia Eye Center,llc 70563, LAOphthalmology1215995527
Louisiana Retina Consultants, Llc 70503, LAOphthalmology1366400889
Mary Christine D'antonio 70001, LAOphthalmology1295793693
James Donovan 70433, LAOphthalmology1952369399
Jeffrey Guillmette 70072, LAOphthalmology1629026513
Jeremy Jakob Wood 70808, LAOphthalmology1598714909
Crayton Fargason 70808, LAOphthalmology1063462679
Fay Woo 70808, LAOphthalmology1922058536
Hilliard Michael Haik 70808, LAOphthalmology1417907049
Suzanne Luckett 70808, LAOphthalmology1104876739
Thomas Heigle 70808, LAOphthalmology1174573711
Katherine M Loftfield 70121, LAOphthalmology1326099888
Rebecca C Metzinger 70112, LAOphthalmology1073564167
Philip Ehrlich 70808, LAOphthalmology1497706550
Allen Roy Pearce 70808, LAOphthalmology1033161567
David Fargason 70808, LAOphthalmology1831141365
William Jason Read 71201, LAOphthalmology1053361311
Robert I Blem 70503, LAOphthalmology1528026838
David D Bryan 71103, LAOphthalmology1700848777
Scott Thomas Gauthreaux 70503, LAOphthalmology1710942065
Frank J Culotta 70503, LAOphthalmology1659335545
Robert W.h. Mason 70809, LAOphthalmology1124077359
Eye Associates Llc 70006, LAOphthalmology1124071717
Alexandria Eye And Laser Center, Llc 71303, LAOphthalmology1538120985
The Retina Institute, L.l.c. 70002, LAOphthalmology1144275017
Barbara Noguchi, M.d., Llc 70002, LAOphthalmology1962457440
Bossier Ophthalmology Clinic Amc 71111, LAOphthalmology1811942824
Jonathan Nussdorf 70121, LAOphthalmology1407801517
Thomas Guy Parker 71291, LAOphthalmology1538115399
University Healthcare System, Lc 70112, LAOphthalmology1942256383
Joseph Guarnieri 70072, LAOphthalmology1033165451
Wallace Eye Surgery, Ltd 71303, LAOphthalmology1679511679
Robert A Gordon 70360, LAOphthalmology1710925672
Eye Clinic A Professional Medical Corp. 70601, LAOphthalmology1619915121
Scott David Lanoux 70006, LAOphthalmology1922047406
Owen Joseph Lacour 70006, LAOphthalmology1427097989
Clifford Alva Hendricks 70115, LAOphthalmology1952341216
Robert Jay Balkan 70115, LAOphthalmology1790725737
Joel G Sacks 70121, LAOphthalmology1588605190
Barry Joseph Leader 70115, LAOphthalmology1952341554
Welch Eye Center 71303, LAOphthalmology1215978309
Michael A Holy A Professional Medical Corporation 71101, LAOphthalmology1790726693
George S. Ellis 70118, LAOphthalmology1700828613
Maria Tere Vives 70118, LAOphthalmology1184667685
John Cooksey,md,a Medical Corporation 71201, LAOphthalmology1639105786
Brandon M. Wool 70005, LAOphthalmology1760418578
Robert Bruce Wallace 71303, LAOphthalmology1598792293
Brint Vision Center Inc,. 70006, LAOphthalmology1972530897
Gerald James Guidry 71301, LAOphthalmology1427087824
Chris Shelby Md And Willis knighton Medical Center 71105, LAOphthalmology1871522912
Broussard Cataract & Eye Institute 71203, LAOphthalmology1306877659
Wk Pierremont Eye Institute 71103, LAOphthalmology1932130192
Joseph E Humble And Raymond Haik, Ptrs 71291, LAOphthalmology1336178482
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center 71103, LAOphthalmology1417992249
Satish Arora 70301, LAOphthalmology1700827805
Rachal And Elison Llc 70006, LAOphthalmology1760424311
David Hongwei Ren 71105, LAOphthalmology1942244389
Lance Turkish 70115, LAOphthalmology1881626497
John Curtis Creed 70809, LAOphthalmology1457382988
Jasmine R Elison 70006, LAOphthalmology1740219583
Pulin Anil Shah 70121, LAOphthalmology1770537128
Gwen Marie Cousins 70006, LAOphthalmology1336194828
Christopher Paul Grenier 70809, LAOphthalmology1700818135
Christopher Lindon Shelby 71105, LAOphthalmology1861424228
Drdhr Inc 71105, LAOphthalmology1740214774
Shreveport Eye Clinic A Medical Corp 71106, LAOphthalmology1518991504
Abram D Tipton 70363, LAOphthalmology1750316931
Joshua Mark Groetsch 70006, LAOphthalmology1669497590
Chanping Liang 71103, LAOphthalmology1558386441
Rogelio Orillac 71103, LAOphthalmology1093730889
Steven Brent Flynn 71202, LAOphthalmology1245255579
Thomas Boone Redens 71103, LAOphthalmology1134144926
Michael George Morgan 70809, LAOphthalmology1922024439
Andrew Ernest Benson 70461, LAOphthalmology1639197023
Terrell Michael Hemelt 70461, LAOphthalmology1437177821
Jesse Irwan Halpern 71103, LAOphthalmology1891714127
Frederick Randall Kirchner 71106, LAOphthalmology1245259571
Joel Allen Schulman 71103, LAOphthalmology1043239304
Eye Clinic Of Monroe Inc 71201, LAOphthalmology1255350203


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