Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mark Barry Abelson 01810, MAOphthalmology1811990682
Kevin William Hulseberg 01040, MAOphthalmology1255334116
Paul Mintzer 01040, MAOphthalmology1427051374
Pamela Renee Henderson 01104, MAOphthalmology1134122666
Stephen H Rostler 01702, MAOphthalmology1386647097
Deborah E Zuckerman 01803, MAOphthalmology1609870674
John E Meehan 02747, MAOphthalmology1316941990
Marcin Marek Zygawski 01201, MAOphthalmology1396747556
David Z Greenseid 01904, MAOphthalmology1700881091
Nancy A. Balin 01062, MAOphthalmology1629073879
Deborah Lynn Mccoy 02421, MAOphthalmology1336144419
Robin F Steinberg 01803, MAOphthalmology1437154416
Randall Patkin 01970, MAOphthalmology1366447864
Milhim I Aswad 02026, MAOphthalmology1770589301
Phillip M Gendelman 01803, MAOphthalmology1427054576
Andrew J Gillies 02026, MAOphthalmology1174520563
David S Gendelman 01803, MAOphthalmology1730186818
Joseph M Groden 02062, MAOphthalmology1912905571
John B Constantine 01824, MAOphthalmology1437157765
John F Hatch 01757, MAOphthalmology1306844402
Richard L Dallow 01890, MAOphthalmology1083612360
Mona Bhan 01702, MAOphthalmology1679571798
Robert Gordon Levy 01970, MAOphthalmology1881692887
Scott M Corin 02747, MAOphthalmology1962400911
David W Kielty 02747, MAOphthalmology1790784536
Donald William Putnoi 02453, MAOphthalmology1689673980
Martin Richler 02453, MAOphthalmology1083613384
Timothy E Goslee 02540, MAOphthalmology1154320265
Edward A Ryan 01890, MAOphthalmology1083613186
Jay Lustbader 20007, MAOphthalmology1720088545
Andrew Walter Danyluk 01201, MAOphthalmology1003816695
Matthew William Weinstein-zanger 01930, MAOphthalmology1245231059
Marc P Wladis 02747, MAOphthalmology1639177496
Peter Martin Fay 02703, MAOphthalmology1578564340
James S. Rosenthal 01107, MAOphthalmology1679574263
Steven A Nielsen 02169, MAOphthalmology1477554251
David Mears Tracy 01824, MAOphthalmology1225020316
David Hyungjun Yi 01824, MAOphthalmology1003808197
Peter T Zacharia 01609, MAOphthalmology1689666745
David George Perkins 01824, MAOphthalmology1154313245
Jonathan H Talamo 02451, MAOphthalmology1942292560
Richard W Kleinert 01608, MAOphthalmology1417949918
J Elliott Taylor 02540, MAOphthalmology1861485096
Glen Alan Bolliger 01824, MAOphthalmology1568455897
Christopher Michael Andreoli 02215, MAOphthalmology1134112188
Alfred Hutt 01040, MAOphthalmology1629061320
John M Gurley 01944, MAOphthalmology1588657175
Adam P Beck 03053, MAOphthalmology1003818600
Peter A Rapoza 02114, MAOphthalmology1295727584
Jane G Schweitzer 02114, MAOphthalmology1386637064
Thaddeus P. Dryja 02114, MAOphthalmology1619961968
Emma Massicotte 01944, MAOphthalmology1821082660
Daniel J Townsend 02114, MAOphthalmology1003800749
Michael Piacentini 01944, MAOphthalmology1477547941
Joseph John Greco 01970, MAOphthalmology1699760512
Maida P. Antigua 02043, MAOphthalmology1477549061
Robert A Lytle 02601, MAOphthalmology1831185099
David Diran Agahigian 01107, MAOphthalmology1205822293
Bradley Scott Foster 01107, MAOphthalmology1801882667
Jules L Baum 02780, MAOphthalmology1235125964
John W Gittinger 02780, MAOphthalmology1760479406
Amy H Parminder 02135, MAOphthalmology1215923982
Deeba Husain 02114, MAOphthalmology1952397697
Kenneth Ralph Kenyon 02747, MAOphthalmology1285620948
Jay Ronald Rowes 02720, MAOphthalmology1386630077
Howard M Leibowitz 02780, MAOphthalmology1568458214
Glenn P Kimball 01830, MAOphthalmology1265428924
Kameran Lashkari 02747, MAOphthalmology1710973425
Alan Stanley Geller 02747, MAOphthalmology1982691630
Suzanne K Freitag 02114, MAOphthalmology1710974464
Mary Lynn Miller 01453, MAOphthalmology1487642070
Stephen Francis Sullivan 02747, MAOphthalmology1912994658
Ronald J Gailun 01107, MAOphthalmology1104811769
Gary E Borodic 02169, MAOphthalmology1568456291
Susan S Liang 02780, MAOphthalmology1235125980
Kathleen T Cronin 02553, MAOphthalmology1295722890
Leonardo Javier Velazquez 01069, MAOphthalmology1396731097
Tony N Pira 02780, MAOphthalmology1093701765
Susannah G Rowe 02780, MAOphthalmology1073509741
Edward B Feinberg 02780, MAOphthalmology1093701807
Alexander Levine 02780, MAOphthalmology1790772440
Babak Eliassi-rad 02780, MAOphthalmology1013903822
David C Moverman 02780, MAOphthalmology1457348930
Jean E Ramsey 02780, MAOphthalmology1275529943
Manju L Subramanian 02780, MAOphthalmology1144216821
Kambiz Negahban 02356, MAOphthalmology1881680544
Jeffrey D Levine 01602, MAOphthalmology1295724631
Larry A Litscher 01028, MAOphthalmology1619966926
Robert T. Lacy 02190, MAOphthalmology1235128414
John M Carroll 02169, MAOphthalmology1710976840
Meena D. Chaudhary 02721, MAOphthalmology1295725109
Ernest William Kornmehl 02445, MAOphthalmology1104816842
Sandra Lora Cremers 02114, MAOphthalmology1588654040
Matthew F Gardiner 02114, MAOphthalmology1366432833
Peter Louis Lou 02114, MAOphthalmology1316937709
John J Weiter 02140, MAOphthalmology1992795421
Mark Anthony Latina 01867, MAOphthalmology1801886346
Roberto Pineda 02114, MAOphthalmology1508856055
Ula V Jurkunas 02114, MAOphthalmology1386634699
Robert Aaron Gorn 02445, MAOphthalmology1902896202
Kevin D Obrien 02720, MAOphthalmology1477543536
Robert J Vergnani 02720, MAOphthalmology1164412227
Shizuo Mukai 02114, MAOphthalmology1164412250
Romeo K Chang 02494, MAOphthalmology1508856600
John F Warren 01301, MAOphthalmology1386634400
John I. Loewenstein 02114, MAOphthalmology1912997099
Teresa C. Chen 02114, MAOphthalmology1144211194
Claes Henrik Dohlman 02114, MAOphthalmology1518958529
Evangelos S Gragoudas 02114, MAOphthalmology1598756405
Eric L Putnoi 02453, MAOphthalmology1538150487
Lucia Sobrin 02114, MAOphthalmology1376534362
Kuldip Kumar Vaid 02151, MAOphthalmology1710978523
Michael Selig Wiedman 02148, MAOphthalmology1932190717
Sherleen H. Chen 02114, MAOphthalmology1528059383
Deborah P. Langston 02114, MAOphthalmology1346231107
Robert M Kelly 02720, MAOphthalmology1437140860
Janey L Wiggs 02114, MAOphthalmology1548251994
Lucy H.y. Young 02114, MAOphthalmology1407837644
Albert R Frederick 02114, MAOphthalmology1548241334
Don C Bienfang 02115, MAOphthalmology1629059530
Mark Stephen Hughes 02446, MAOphthalmology1336120161
Nita Mehta 02301, MAOphthalmology1073594495
Jeremy Blair Meltzer 01605, MAOphthalmology1679555825
Glenn Adair Meltzer 01605, MAOphthalmology1447232699
Mitesh K Kapadia 02111, MAOphthalmology1245212364
Samir Melki 02446, MAOphthalmology1407838295
John V Thomas 02114, MAOphthalmology1588646947
Stuart S. Fay 01420, MAOphthalmology1730161357
Cynthia L Deangelis 01843, MAOphthalmology1366425639
Irving N Bachner 01841, MAOphthalmology1992788269
Jorge M Botero 01843, MAOphthalmology1699758979
Domenic M Strazzulla 02169, MAOphthalmology1609859990
Bin Wu 01523, MAOphthalmology1437132529
Charles Stephen Foster 02451, MAOphthalmology1285617530
Laura C Fine 02114, MAOphthalmology1952382780
Bonnie An Henderson 02114, MAOphthalmology1710968953
Claudia U Richter 02114, MAOphthalmology1821079575
Audrey S Chan 02673, MAOphthalmology1942281134
Ann M Bajart 02114, MAOphthalmology1639150451
Nicoletta A Fynn-thompson 02114, MAOphthalmology1609859057
Michael B Raizman 02114, MAOphthalmology1790775203
Trexler M Topping 02114, MAOphthalmology1497738835
Kevin J Kaufmann 02445, MAOphthalmology1497736391
Mami A Iwamoto 02114, MAOphthalmology1942281696
George K Asdourian 01605, MAOphthalmology1083604342
Michael G Morley 02114, MAOphthalmology1942281902
Jeffrey S Heier 02114, MAOphthalmology1578546917
Amrik Singh Pabley 01520, MAOphthalmology1467435404
Carter B Tallman 01843, MAOphthalmology1629051420
Samuel D Allen 01843, MAOphthalmology1649253444
Dimitri T. Azar 02114, MAOphthalmology1205810413
Anthony J Fraioli 02445, MAOphthalmology1619951878
John Adam Thayer 01085, MAOphthalmology1386628279
Joan W Miller 02114, MAOphthalmology1689658544
Bilal F. Khan 02114, MAOphthalmology1922082783
Robert J D'amato 02114, MAOphthalmology1386628105
Demetrios Vavvas 02114, MAOphthalmology1518941285
Reza Dana 02114, MAOphthalmology1053395723
Donna Siracuse-lee 02780, MAOphthalmology1326023904
Gail L Torkildsen 01810, MAOphthalmology1245215805
Mary K. Daly 02780, MAOphthalmology1609851948
Martin E Cutler 01801, MAOphthalmology1396720504
George A. Violin 02062, MAOphthalmology1992781165
Geoffrey W Emerson 02190, MAOphthalmology1205812310
Jo-ann E. Haney-tilton 02062, MAOphthalmology1285610394
Denis Joseph Fitzgerald 01608, MAOphthalmology1427034586
Stacey Candice Brauner 02114, MAOphthalmology1427034404
Robert M Berger 01118, MAOphthalmology1225014194
Jane Dickerman 02062, MAOphthalmology1245216175
Iman Ali 02720, MAOphthalmology1962489773
Lawrence I. Rand 02062, MAOphthalmology1295711133
Norman A. Spencer 01035, MAOphthalmology1144207523
Paul G. Arrigg 01843, MAOphthalmology1740268127
David S Hutchison 01915, MAOphthalmology1194703132
Will J Price 02673, MAOphthalmology1891773842
Stephen Joseph Poor 01824, MAOphthalmology1144209685
Olivia Liao 02421, MAOphthalmology1174502454
Lauren Shatz 01062, MAOphthalmology1467432948
Raymond E. Hubbe 01062, MAOphthalmology1871573238
Robert G. Alexander 02180, MAOphthalmology1699755074
Bruce S Bleiman 01062, MAOphthalmology1518947076
Joseph F Rizzo 02114, MAOphthalmology1235109414
Johnny Tang 02747, MAOphthalmology1982688651
James W Hung 02114, MAOphthalmology1477531416
Michael F Oats 02563, MAOphthalmology1669450607
Mark P Hatton 02114, MAOphthalmology1033198098
Daniel M. Laby 02114, MAOphthalmology1700860905
Thomas P Pappavaselio 01843, MAOphthalmology1437133386
Delia Nai-yueh Sang 02446, MAOphthalmology1508842634
Nadia K Waheed 02111, MAOphthalmology1245214915
Paul Barry Cotter 02301, MAOphthalmology1699745521
Frank E Masci 02703, MAOphthalmology1689645871
Ellen J Dehm 02703, MAOphthalmology1588635338
Ramakrishna Gaddipati 01970, MAOphthalmology1336111525
Paul D. Reese 02111, MAOphthalmology1194797217
Cynthia L Grosskreutz 02114, MAOphthalmology1376515676
George Papaliodis 02114, MAOphthalmology1437121522
Jose J De La Cruz 02114, MAOphthalmology1033182548
Mona Harissi-dagher 02114, MAOphthalmology1851364368
James Richard Lee 02152, MAOphthalmology1013980291


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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