Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David Glasser 21044, MDOphthalmology1275501785
Sepehr Soltani 20745, MDOphthalmology1215901525
Maria Moyer 21215, MDOphthalmology1386671139
Tara Guretzky 20759, MDOphthalmology1659488294
James Sheridan Kelley 34112, MDOphthalmology1063546836
John Robert Minarcik 22031, MDOphthalmology1750427555
Daniel M Paskowitz 53227, MDOphthalmology1992907885
Mehrak Michael Marzban 20903, MDOphthalmology1740444181
Sunil Thadani 21703, MDOphthalmology1790951986
Maria Soledad Romero 21211, MDOphthalmology1174722763
Nima S Moainie 20008, MDOphthalmology1740456920
Brian Jen Lee 21043, MDOphthalmology1730376583
Solly E Elmann 11215, MDOphthalmology1447545421
Shilpa Kodati 77030, MDOphthalmology1780949545
Katherine Duncan 21286, MDOphthalmology1407113566
Dolly Shuo-teh Chang 94303, MDOphthalmology1437577186
Andrew Justin Mcfarland 22601, MDOphthalmology1538427471
Jessica Adefusika Olayanju 06040, MDOphthalmology1770994063
Benjamin C Chaon 21287, MDOphthalmology1902245830
Maryland Vision Center, P.a. 21703, MDOphthalmology1013260025
Ahmed Mohamed Elsayed Kassem 40202, MDOphthalmology1033572698
Gayatri Reilly 20815, MDOphthalmology1174718456
Brian C Lerner 21078, MDOphthalmology1629044078
Vinay N Desai 20852, MDOphthalmology1881668119
Donald U Stone 99216, MDOphthalmology1790744860
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center Llc 20678, MDOphthalmology1811479470
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center 21075, MDOphthalmology1184192569
Ashley Grace Lesley 29605, MDOphthalmology1790761039
Clarksburg Medical Center Inc 20871, MDOphthalmology1063721629
Helfgott, Hargett & Pluznik, M.d., P.c. 20036, MDOphthalmology1659357101
Kathleen Jee 44141, MDOphthalmology1063751436
Michael Min-shyue Lai 20815, MDOphthalmology1962432260
Ovation Eye Institute, Llc 20003, MDOphthalmology1659899805
Elyse Joelle Mcglumphy 21287, MDOphthalmology1609261460
Gaurav Srivastava 21401, MDOphthalmology1487040036
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center Llc 22101, MDOphthalmology1760036206
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center Llc 21157, MDOphthalmology1336790906
Olivia Dryjski 20602, MDOphthalmology1689017709
Saya Nagori 20740, MDOphthalmology1700182151
Retina Consultants, P.c. 20817, MDOphthalmology1518926070
Shirley Pauline Middleton 20008, MDOphthalmology1487668075
Kevin Broderick 20815, MDOphthalmology1639449721
Carmel Mercado 98105, MDOphthalmology1265701080
Fadi Philip Nasrallah 20817, MDOphthalmology1427055144
David Leland Parver 20817, MDOphthalmology1346248887
Leonard Martin Parver 20817, MDOphthalmology1205833076
Robert Frederic Stephens 20817, MDOphthalmology1568469286
Jordan Lawrence Heffez 20817, MDOphthalmology1669617866
Erwin Calvo Puente 20817, MDOphthalmology1003105677
Collin R. Ohning 20770, MDOphthalmology1992182794
Sneha Padidam 20770, MDOphthalmology1356738942
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center Llc 21740, MDOphthalmology1811537061
Matthew Samuel Joseph Katz 37203, MDOphthalmology1487978359
Pamela D'souza-david 20707, MDOphthalmology1104010792
Katzen Medical Associates, Pc 21093, MDOphthalmology1326052614
Saman F Ghahremani Mdpc 20903, MDOphthalmology1245427756
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center Llc 21244, MDOphthalmology1588298293
Angelique Jessica Pillar Topaloglu 92117, MDOphthalmology1215236401
Sudeep Pramanik 17403, MDOphthalmology1225020159
Visionary Ophthalmology Llc 20852, MDOphthalmology1952595084
David James Warrow 21740, MDOphthalmology1275776049
Cumberland Valley Retina Consultants Pc 21740, MDOphthalmology1467429647
Nancy Able Morrison 22044, MDOphthalmology1295730125
Allen Y Hu 21740, MDOphthalmology1235315268
Rupin Nitin Parikh 73104, MDOphthalmology1336643022
Samuel C. Kim 91786, MDOphthalmology1720379100
Syed Abdul Sami Karim 18960, MDOphthalmology1457771537
Sean Edward Sykes 22060, MDOphthalmology1497109714
Matthew Chorost 76544, MDOphthalmology1316301583
Maria Manquez Hatta 19107, MDOphthalmology1386256782
Kourosh Nazari 32720, MDOphthalmology1881685741
Aimee Nguyen Lam 98371, MDOphthalmology1063755791
Visionmd, Llc 20769, MDOphthalmology1801381884
Joseph Albert Giovannini 94535, MDOphthalmology1083679542
Anand Mantravadi 20815, MDOphthalmology1063591402
Roomasa Channa 53705, MDOphthalmology1013204163
Macquaid Eye Institute 21031, MDOphthalmology1831621911
Tony Yuan-ting Chen 60611, MDOphthalmology1841720729
Lisa Sophie Schocket 21201, MDOphthalmology1225029929
Gerami Donyel Seitzman 94158, MDOphthalmology1326081977
Saraswathy Ramanathan 94158, MDOphthalmology1326086828
Yang Zhang 27517, MDOphthalmology1588040844
Isa Sayyeed Karim Mohammed 44195, MDOphthalmology1952833246
Parag Dinesh Gandhi 21237, MDOphthalmology1689611691
Alexis Mancini 02908, MDOphthalmology1861810681
Swetha Dhanireddy 66622, MDOphthalmology1659753960
Eva Devience 21201, MDOphthalmology1346689437
Melvin Wagner 17015, MDOphthalmology1013943950
Benjamin B Cooperman 21227, MDOphthalmology1902090707
Guadalupe Gil Villarreal 22046, MDOphthalmology1245593763
Malgorzata Dymerska Peterson 94305, MDOphthalmology1750771176
Clarke Storrow Nelson 21201, MDOphthalmology1558894923
David Michael Creech 19904, MDOphthalmology1659607406
Niral Bharat Gandhi 22102, MDOphthalmology1669807012
Misty Lee Wray 23226, MDOphthalmology1285640441
Jonathan Emerson Buttram 78258, MDOphthalmology1811356462
Erin Ong 33136, MDOphthalmology1346773389
Meleha Taj Ahmad 94110, MDOphthalmology1295267714
Christina Rapp Prescott 10017, MDOphthalmology1457532970
Katherine Baker 78234, MDOphthalmology1588041503
Mary Aronow 21702, MDOphthalmology1730235144
Abraham Auerbach 96440, MDOphthalmology1184983025
Amy Lynn Nicholas 21703, MDOphthalmology1407081680
Alexander Chi-shun Tsang 06117, MDOphthalmology1861464323
Capital Eye Care Llc 20817, MDOphthalmology1861952616
Adam Theodore Gerstenblith 21740, MDOphthalmology1265654875
Dian Yu 20166, MDOphthalmology1639527682
Won Il Kim 20889, MDOphthalmology1366536153
Ramiro Sergio Maldonado 27710, MDOphthalmology1215228036
Melissa A Barbor 27103, MDOphthalmology1477589042
James Edward Benjamin 26506, MDOphthalmology1932562352
Jordan Winegar 80913, MDOphthalmology1710489521
Ryan Lange 60201, MDOphthalmology1679997712
Christopher Toomey 92103, MDOphthalmology1578922092
Samuel Higgins Barry 65201, MDOphthalmology1275039877
Julia Sein 93103, MDOphthalmology1295178291
Adrianna Derin Jensen 94110, MDOphthalmology1255825378
Zachary Bergman 37232, MDOphthalmology1104321819
Chesapeake Eye Care & Laser Center Llc 21401, MDOphthalmology1548296262
Azar/filipov Md Pa 21804, MDOphthalmology1700889755
Frederick J Sauerburger Md Pa 20603, MDOphthalmology1588660385
G. Reed Failing, Jr, Md,pa 21502, MDOphthalmology1528064177
George S. Malouf, M.d., P.a. 20746, MDOphthalmology1124010962
Md Eyecare Llc 21286, MDOphthalmology1548253040
Retina Center Of Western Maryland 21740, MDOphthalmology1043297385
Parris Castoro Eye Care Center, P.a. 21014, MDOphthalmology1235117441
Nader Gary Md Pa 21224, MDOphthalmology1326018383
Eye Tel Imaging Llc 21046, MDOphthalmology1003875238
The Retina Care Center 21209, MDOphthalmology1043279300
Thompson & Sjaarda Pa 21204, MDOphthalmology1346211935
Gail F Schwartz Md Pa 21204, MDOphthalmology1518925486
Bert M. Glaser National Retina Institute, Llc 21204, MDOphthalmology1962456780
Atlantic Retina Center, P.a. 21804, MDOphthalmology1952355489
Brull & Honig Mdpa 21117, MDOphthalmology1174579320
Seidenberg Protzko Eye Associates 21078, MDOphthalmology1124065800
Retina Associates, P.c. 21401, MDOphthalmology1194768192
Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inc. 21204, MDOphthalmology1457389413
Ladas Eye Group Pa 20902, MDOphthalmology1902837149
Robert L. Kasper, M.d. And Robert A. Loeb, M.d., P.a. 21224, MDOphthalmology1841222643
Retina Consultants Of Delmarva Pa 21804, MDOphthalmology1972558971
Ok H. Park, M.d., L.l.c. 21237, MDOphthalmology1356374151
Samuel D. Friedel, M.d., Llc 21234, MDOphthalmology1881627289
Omar F. Ahmad, M.d., P.c. 20602, MDOphthalmology1356375513
University Of Maryland Eye Associates, P.a. 21201, MDOphthalmology1285655829
Capital Eye Physicians & Surgeons Llc 20716, MDOphthalmology1245247840
Michael J. Dodd, M.d., P.a. 20678, MDOphthalmology1639187875
Khuram Khan, P.c. 20876, MDOphthalmology1760495576
St Paul Place Specialists, Inc. 21202, MDOphthalmology1851405187
Total Retina Llc 21209, MDOphthalmology1063526713
Robert E. Parnes, M.d., Llc 21740, MDOphthalmology1205857349
Farhad Naseh Md Pa 20879, MDOphthalmology1245254630
Summerfield Eye Associates 21136, MDOphthalmology1134236409
Robert Bruce Hodges, M.d. P.a. 21702, MDOphthalmology1386751667
Select Eye Care Pa 21286, MDOphthalmology1356435572
Allen E Silver Md Pa 21047, MDOphthalmology1275628265
Gms Medical Eye Center, Llc 20874, MDOphthalmology1689761801
John Bradley Md Pc 20906, MDOphthalmology1902987019
Ophthalmology Associates Of Greater Annapolis Pa 21012, MDOphthalmology1952489064
Weintraub & Kessler L.l.c. 21157, MDOphthalmology1003986753
Mohr & Barber Md Llc 21157, MDOphthalmology1508978925
Natasha L Herz Md Pa 20852, MDOphthalmology1417028838
Harold I. Rodman, M.d. & Joel M. Engelstein. M.d. 20910, MDOphthalmology1164594453
James E. Comber, Md, Pa 21234, MDOphthalmology1730253089
Medical Eye Center 21045, MDOphthalmology1679633598
Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inc. 21204, MDOphthalmology1053471920
Ronald S Oser Md Pa 20707, MDOphthalmology1275694820
Gary H. Cassel, M.d.,p.a. 21204, MDOphthalmology1265597082
Baltimore Eye Physicians, Llc 21212, MDOphthalmology1508911660
Chesapeake Eye Center, P.a. 21801, MDOphthalmology1538209309
Eye Consultants Of Maryland Pa 21117, MDOphthalmology1376679100
Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inc. 21204, MDOphthalmology1467589705
Rockville Eye Associates, Pc 20852, MDOphthalmology1922137991
Capital Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Llc 20716, MDOphthalmology1154451219
Thompson & Sjaarda Pa 21702, MDOphthalmology1457482663
Medical Eye Center Pa 20832, MDOphthalmology1417080854
Ronald A Seff, Md, Pa 21237, MDOphthalmology1285758532
Edward J. Goldman, M.d.,p.a. 21117, MDOphthalmology1255456299
Toufic S. Melki,ms,md,pa 20850, MDOphthalmology1538287339
Champlain Ophthalmolgy Chartered 20817, MDOphthalmology1982722955
Eye Care Associates Of Md, Llc 21236, MDOphthalmology1912372434
Peninsula Eye Center Pa 21804, MDOphthalmology1164546974
Elman Retina Group Pa 21237, MDOphthalmology1225183734
Alan L. Robin, Md Pa 21209, MDOphthalmology1437277209
James Heltzer Md 20817, MDOphthalmology1639298649
Physicians Eye Care Center Llc 21229, MDOphthalmology1780800359
Cataract And Laser Eye Institute Of America, Inc. 20817, MDOphthalmology1346468527
Advanced Eye Care Medical Center, Pa 20769, MDOphthalmology1790990505
Rutzen Eye Specialists 21146, MDOphthalmology1114137841
Robert H. Chu, Md, Pa 20852, MDOphthalmology1134330640
Clarksburg Med Inc 20871, MDOphthalmology1174728851
James & Dyer, M.d.,p.a. 21601, MDOphthalmology1649478066
Gary Lee Ehrlich M.d. P.a. 21204, MDOphthalmology1518159946
Stanley J. Amernick, 21204, MDOphthalmology1538352315
Narendrakumar K Laheri Md Pa 20650, MDOphthalmology1265626576
Joyce Lammlein M.d., P.a. 21239, MDOphthalmology1891989091
Richard A Gruen Md Pa 21117, MDOphthalmology1093903551
Howard F Perell, M.d.,p.a. 21061, MDOphthalmology1851589097
Queen City Ophthalmology 21502, MDOphthalmology1851580807
Montgomery Eye Physicians & Surgeons, P.a. 20852, MDOphthalmology1053500777
James A. Loreto 20910, MDOphthalmology1366621781


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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