Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alex Azar 21804, MDOphthalmology1205839420
Peter T Filipov 21804, MDOphthalmology1811990039
Zuleika M Ghodsi 21601, MDOphthalmology1902809973
Joseph Christopher Schwartz 21804, MDOphthalmology1770586752
James Alberto Rial 21804, MDOphthalmology1841293826
Azar/filipov Md Pa 21804, MDOphthalmology1700889755
David M Katz 20852, MDOphthalmology1740283480
Arthur L Schwartz 20815, MDOphthalmology1124021852
Matthew Alfred Speicher 21209, MDOphthalmology1275536963
Eric Pinn Suan 21209, MDOphthalmology1275536971
Earl Randy Craven 21287, MDOphthalmology1457354821
David Owen Mazur 20889, MDOphthalmology1326041609
Catherine Norreys Smoot-haselnus 21801, MDOphthalmology1700889078
Jonathan Alan Seidenberg 21078, MDOphthalmology1790787927
Eugene E Protzko 21078, MDOphthalmology1588666713
Todd A Goodglick 20815, MDOphthalmology1053315036
Edward J Goldman 21117, MDOphthalmology1285638213
Frederick J Sauerburger 20603, MDOphthalmology1538163514
Daniel Ricardo Elizondo 20889, MDOphthalmology1417951088
Maria Teresa Magone De Quadros Costa 20889, MDOphthalmology1386649705
James M Doyle 11570, MDOphthalmology1407851389
Arturo Esteban Betancourt 21061, MDOphthalmology1457356271
Brad Vincent Spagnolo 21061, MDOphthalmology1689679425
Martin J Rosenberg 21401, MDOphthalmology1386640803
Martin Lipson 21702, MDOphthalmology1164428520
Richard M Susel 21229, MDOphthalmology1952307373
Jerome Ross 21229, MDOphthalmology1093711418
Jeffrey L Wexler 21229, MDOphthalmology1568468999
Connie M Mcrill 21229, MDOphthalmology1235135625
Ivan Horacio Garcia 21244, MDOphthalmology1629074745
Frederick J Sauerburger Md Pa 20603, MDOphthalmology1588660385
G. Reed Failing, Jr, Md,pa 21502, MDOphthalmology1528064177
Albert Sidney Cytryn 21244, MDOphthalmology1477550580
Beth Erin Cunningham 21401, MDOphthalmology1497752596
Malin L Howard 21044, MDOphthalmology1962409011
Fadi Philip Nasrallah 20817, MDOphthalmology1427055144
Leonard Martin Parver 20817, MDOphthalmology1205833076
Robert Frederic Stephens 20817, MDOphthalmology1568469286
David Gordon Wagner 20850, MDOphthalmology1326046897
Jeffrey D Benner 21804, MDOphthalmology1235137878
George Allen Patterson 20814, MDOphthalmology1386642858
David Leland Parver 20817, MDOphthalmology1346248887
John W. Butler 21804, MDOphthalmology1174521264
Howard Palmer Cupples 20007, MDOphthalmology1205834264
Lawrence Michael Levinson 20854, MDOphthalmology1457350209
Laurie Joyce Wenger 20854, MDOphthalmology1386643120
Mary Catherine Fischer 20815, MDOphthalmology1306844113
Ronald S Oser 20707, MDOphthalmology1336148162
Stanley Brull 21210, MDOphthalmology1700885068
Mark Hendrix 20852, MDOphthalmology1043219124
David Jay Levine 20886, MDOphthalmology1932108040
Marc Adam Honig 21117, MDOphthalmology1023017142
George Reed Failing 21502, MDOphthalmology1114926128
Julian Robert Goldberg 21117, MDOphthalmology1457350472
Marcie Oser Wertlieb 20707, MDOphthalmology1396745840
Diane H Lubkeman 19956, MDOphthalmology1790785145
Omar Farooq Ahmad 20602, MDOphthalmology1093715310
Robert H Chu 20852, MDOphthalmology1811997117
Edward C Clark 20603, MDOphthalmology1124028311
Kinga Michelle Huzella 21740, MDOphthalmology1659371888
Edward C. Clark,m.d.,p.a. 20603, MDOphthalmology1609876846
Jerome Benjamin Gabry 20902, MDOphthalmology1356342117
Joseph William Berkow 21215, MDOphthalmology1881695179
Claudia Sieger Cohen 22101, MDOphthalmology1104828920
Chetankumar B Patel 21704, MDOphthalmology1851393466
Eugene Charles Salvo 21228, MDOphthalmology1861484735
Sudeep Pramanik 17403, MDOphthalmology1225020159
George S. Malouf, M.d., P.a. 20746, MDOphthalmology1124010962
Alan Roy Malouf 20715, MDOphthalmology1275525859
George Salim Malouf 20781, MDOphthalmology1497747927
Narendrakumar K Laheri 20650, MDOphthalmology1134111479
Joseph Snyder 20910, MDOphthalmology1548253289
Md Eyecare Llc 21286, MDOphthalmology1548253040
George W Duncan 21286, MDOphthalmology1629061148
Jonathan Scott Collins 20889, MDOphthalmology1669467411
Raya Armaly 21204, MDOphthalmology1326033093
Gail Faith Schwartz 21204, MDOphthalmology1184619819
Frank Anthony Spellman 20003, MDOphthalmology1174519615
Seema A. Gupta 20852, MDOphthalmology1710973375
Chantal Cousineau-krieger 78236, MDOphthalmology1487640785
Robert A Liss 21201, MDOphthalmology1235125402
Ronald Alan Seff 21237, MDOphthalmology1144216011
Michael D Baum 20910, MDOphthalmology1689662140
John F. O'neill 20815, MDOphthalmology1346238516
Joel M Engelstein 20910, MDOphthalmology1720076904
Joanne Marie Waeltermann 21228, MDOphthalmology1518955764
Harold I. Rodman 20910, MDOphthalmology1326036401
Nathan T Tagg 20889, MDOphthalmology1477541480
Howard Frederick Perell 21061, MDOphthalmology1548258486
Jonathan David Solomon 20770, MDOphthalmology1497744205
Stephen Melvyn Solomon 20770, MDOphthalmology1487643144
Arnauld F Scafidi 20852, MDOphthalmology1265421457
Johns Hopkins University 21264, MDOphthalmology1588654289
Michael Bruce Herr 21061, MDOphthalmology1346231495
Verinder S Nirankari 21117, MDOphthalmology1437140134
Elizabeth O Segal 21702, MDOphthalmology1801887427
Michael David Duplessie 20817, MDOphthalmology1699757971
James Anthony Busack 21701, MDOphthalmology1174505689
Vinod Lakhanpal 21117, MDOphthalmology1851374995
Stanley J. Amernick 21204, MDOphthalmology1295718203
Janine N. Smith-marshall 20715, MDOphthalmology1164406112
Leon Strauss 21208, MDOphthalmology1811971716
Allan David Jensen 21218, MDOphthalmology1326023326
Keith J Wroblewski 20755, MDOphthalmology1235116062
Karen Fitzgerald-shelton 21401, MDOphthalmology1437136959
Retina Center Of Western Maryland 21740, MDOphthalmology1043297385
Pedro F Danziger 21740, MDOphthalmology1962489849
Jay Neil Parran 21206, MDOphthalmology1891773719
Eric S Lee 22401, MDOphthalmology1356329981
Parris Castoro Eye Care Center, P.a. 21014, MDOphthalmology1235117441
Wayne H. Parris 21014, MDOphthalmology1902884141
Charles J. Castoro 21014, MDOphthalmology1235117300
Humberto Alfredo Rossi 21613, MDOphthalmology1114905106
Paul Vernon Whitmore 25401, MDOphthalmology1073592689
Kenyon Keith Kramer 20037, MDOphthalmology1659350197
Lisa S. Abrams 21093, MDOphthalmology1972582393
Arturo Aglubat 21014, MDOphthalmology1609855055
Timothy Daniel Polk 21209, MDOphthalmology1669451951
James F Gallagher 21804, MDOphthalmology1447239504
Scott Francis Mcclellan 20889, MDOphthalmology1952380024
William Glew 20010, MDOphthalmology1740260389
George S Malouf 20746, MDOphthalmology1053381210
Nader Gary Md Pa 21224, MDOphthalmology1326018383
Nader G Gary 21224, MDOphthalmology1528038585
Joseph F Pasternak 20832, MDOphthalmology1114997897
Robert B Welch 21401, MDOphthalmology1750351284
Kristen Carver Zeller 20852, MDOphthalmology1336110295
Thompson & Sjaarda Pa 21204, MDOphthalmology1346211935
Raymond Nicholas Sjaarda 21204, MDOphthalmology1811968407
John Tilynn Thompson 21204, MDOphthalmology1073584439
Bryan D Propes 21287, MDOphthalmology1174594675
Ebube Ejike Odunukwe 21061, MDOphthalmology1255304788
David Frater Plotsky 20817, MDOphthalmology1720051204
Retina Group Of Washington, Pc 20770, MDOphthalmology1225001654
Marshall Phillip Keys 20852, MDOphthalmology1083687032
Sepehr Soltani 20745, MDOphthalmology1215901525
William F Deegan 22310, MDOphthalmology1982678223
William S Gilbert 20815, MDOphthalmology1639143993
Gordon A Byrnes 22310, MDOphthalmology1295709699
Michael B Rivers 22310, MDOphthalmology1396719332
A. Raymond Pilkerton 22031, MDOphthalmology1750355905
Reshma C Katira 22310, MDOphthalmology1700851607
Marjorie Klaver Warden 21229, MDOphthalmology1689640377
John Kiely 21202, MDOphthalmology1073589420
Holly Michele Gross 21703, MDOphthalmology1164498598
Renee A Lerner 21222, MDOphthalmology1417923640
Robert E Parnes 21740, MDOphthalmology1407824360
David Glasser 21044, MDOphthalmology1275501785
Patapsco Eye Mds, Llc 21046, MDOphthalmology1881662302
Robert Edward Gladsden 21740, MDOphthalmology1841269610
Robert Bernard Kaufman 20872, MDOphthalmology1003885856
Eye Tel Imaging Llc 21046, MDOphthalmology1003875238
Retina Consultants, P.c. 20817, MDOphthalmology1518926070
Lee Alison Snyder 21117, MDOphthalmology1760441190
Shilpa D Rose 20815, MDOphthalmology1285693556
The Retina Care Center 21209, MDOphthalmology1043279300
Eric L Singman 21287, MDOphthalmology1881654804
Retina Consultants, P.c. 20817, MDOphthalmology1669432563
W. Jackson Iliff 21228, MDOphthalmology1902866379
Manfred A Vonfricken 22031, MDOphthalmology1457311839
Retina Consultants, P.c. 22003, MDOphthalmology1740241124
Todd M Bescak 21811, MDOphthalmology1306807508
Elba M Pacheco 21146, MDOphthalmology1972565406
Tania S. Marcic 21093, MDOphthalmology1457313660
Alan L Robin 21209, MDOphthalmology1427010107
Alden James 21601, MDOphthalmology1750344115
Donald A Abrams 21215, MDOphthalmology1841253218
Paul K. Dyer 21601, MDOphthalmology1255394664
Tim B. Hopkins 20895, MDOphthalmology1235192568
Michael E Altman 21215, MDOphthalmology1174586200
Dean Steven Glaros 21044, MDOphthalmology1588627624
Neal A Adams 20902, MDOphthalmology1851354500
John Y Choi 20602, MDOphthalmology1114981149
Michael Grant 21287, MDOphthalmology1669437299
Heather Bartlett Casparis 21287, MDOphthalmology1629033147
Eric J Fleischer 20737, MDOphthalmology1902861354
Joseph Albert Giovannini 20735, MDOphthalmology1083679542
Esen K Akpek 21287, MDOphthalmology1851356943
Michaela Kunz Mathews 21201, MDOphthalmology1447215470
Michael V Boland 21287, MDOphthalmology1023074143
Gagan J. Singh 25438, MDOphthalmology1881651743
Neil M Bressler 21287, MDOphthalmology1790742245
Susan B Bressler 21093, MDOphthalmology1215995352
Charles F Bahn 20814, MDOphthalmology1609834654
Douglas Lavenburg 21921, MDOphthalmology1649238635
Gail F Schwartz Md Pa 21204, MDOphthalmology1518925486
Peter Anthony Campochiaro 21287, MDOphthalmology1598723850
Kimberly E Brown 21287, MDOphthalmology1700844289
Steven H Sherman 21012, MDOphthalmology1386602704
Heather A Nesti 21401, MDOphthalmology1790733954
Tamara K Fackler 21401, MDOphthalmology1447208657
Maria C Scott 21401, MDOphthalmology1396793766
Richard Taylor Scholz 21286, MDOphthalmology1780632331
Sadiq Naseerudin Syed 21784, MDOphthalmology1609889047
Binh Viet Vo 20774, MDOphthalmology1235188459
Julie G Gutmark 20910, MDOphthalmology1285683441
David Guyton 21093, MDOphthalmology1104875384
James Handa 21287, MDOphthalmology1811946874
Irene H Maumenee 21093, MDOphthalmology1942259031
Childrens Eye Care Llc 21228, MDOphthalmology1700835535


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