Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of Missouri

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of Missouri:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert M Feibel 63110, MOOphthalmology1871596890
Abdul R, Nizam 65270, MOOphthalmology1568465359
Gerald A Wankum 62002, MOOphthalmology1689677254
Lawrence A Gans 63042, MOOphthalmology1396748000
Eugene J Mccabe 63301, MOOphthalmology1689677106
Gerhard Cibis 64112, MOOphthalmology1346244670
William E Burr 64506, MOOphthalmology1710989918
James Charles Bobrow 63124, MOOphthalmology1114929254
James A Murphy 64506, MOOphthalmology1831191048
Richard Alan Watson 64506, MOOphthalmology1639171846
Scott A Murphy 64506, MOOphthalmology1174527147
Kevin J Blinder 63117, MOOphthalmology1669476560
Rajendra S Apte 63110, MOOphthalmology1528062411
James B Mattax 65804, MOOphthalmology1346244779
Loren Clayton Schrenk 63128, MOOphthalmology1922002344
Bruce S Frank 63376, MOOphthalmology1558366401
Terrence E Hawkins 63501, MOOphthalmology1114922028
Mark Taylor Cox 65301, MOOphthalmology1265437990
Deanna Y Barrow 63301, MOOphthalmology1609871813
Sedalia Eye Associates, P.c. 65301, MOOphthalmology1154327567
John Reck Kinder 63703, MOOphthalmology1487650685
Stephen F Bowen 63109, MOOphthalmology1518963701
Michael Isserman 63141, MOOphthalmology1538165519
Brendon Delport 65803, MOOphthalmology1194721100
Dean Burgess 63110, MOOphthalmology1194721134
Complete Eye Care, Inc. 63124, MOOphthalmology1275539173
Robert Lamberg 63119, MOOphthalmology1811993710
Nicholas Engelbrecht 63117, MOOphthalmology1891791844
Mark A Rothstein 63301, MOOphthalmology1063417848
Paul F Nichols 63301, MOOphthalmology1144225947
Robert D Lewis 63128, MOOphthalmology1518964667
Nancy Holekamp 63017, MOOphthalmology1831197557
William Neil Rosenthal 64111, MOOphthalmology1043218415
Gregg Jonathan Berdy 63131, MOOphthalmology1376541540
Michael A Cassell 64111, MOOphthalmology1932107000
Komal B Desai 64111, MOOphthalmology1841298916
Ranjan Prakash Malhotra 63131, MOOphthalmology1396743555
Mahendra K. Rupani 64111, MOOphthalmology1881692960
Nelson R. Sabates 64111, MOOphthalmology1285632356
Herbert K . Dixon 64804, MOOphthalmology1760480990
Mark Gilbert Grand 63117, MOOphthalmology1841298551
Felix N Sabates 64111, MOOphthalmology1275531360
Rohit Krishna 64055, MOOphthalmology1831197912
Fletcher Thomas Ott 63028, MOOphthalmology1346249752
Lowell D. Schoengarth 65201, MOOphthalmology1760481071
Timothy Holekamp 65201, MOOphthalmology1538168802
Roger D Bonham 65201, MOOphthalmology1407855778
Robert E Benedett 65804, MOOphthalmology1194724211
Gary L Mehlhorn 65804, MOOphthalmology1407856263
C Byron Faulkner 65804, MOOphthalmology1104826965
Judd L Mcnaughton 65804, MOOphthalmology1629078480
Mark H. Spurrier 63028, MOOphthalmology1437158805
Matthew A Thomas 63117, MOOphthalmology1598764052
Gaurav Shah 63117, MOOphthalmology1972502383
Daniel Joseph 63117, MOOphthalmology1588663009
Richard Joseph Rothman 63117, MOOphthalmology1508867318
John E Sutphin 66208, MOOphthalmology1891796462
Kathy J Lentz 65212, MOOphthalmology1144221581
Allan E Kolker 63141, MOOphthalmology1093717076
John Joseph Purcell 63117, MOOphthalmology1285636951
Michael G Gabel 63117, MOOphthalmology1679575302
Michael S. Korenfeld 63090, MOOphthalmology1174515613
John Frederick Doane 66211, MOOphthalmology1851384119
Carl N Stout 64055, MOOphthalmology1023001393
Harry Clay Cundiff 64055, MOOphthalmology1619960986
David Michael Amsterdam 66211, MOOphthalmology1659364917
Andrew James Jefferson 66211, MOOphthalmology1518950880
John Charles Hagan 64155, MOOphthalmology1922091297
John Rw Taylor 64055, MOOphthalmology1568455848
Eye Care Pa 64055, MOOphthalmology1750374567
Thomas K Krummenacher 63117, MOOphthalmology1205837978
Douglas O Dehning 64055, MOOphthalmology1245223510
Timothy Mark Stout 66211, MOOphthalmology1316930688
William H. Bray 64128, MOOphthalmology1700888435
Mujtaba A Qazi 63017, MOOphthalmology1124010434
Prabakar Kumar Rao 63110, MOOphthalmology1417959115
Kevin Robert Skelsey 64086, MOOphthalmology1982696134
Tom V Morrison 65616, MOOphthalmology1376537225
John Galanis 63119, MOOphthalmology1215921069
Francis Charles Jansen 65804, MOOphthalmology1770578239
Daniel R Osborn 65804, MOOphthalmology1093701211
Larry Wayne Meyer 65616, MOOphthalmology1245226463
Enrique Peralta 63141, MOOphthalmology1346237534
Robert Joseph Olk 63141, MOOphthalmology1265429245
Larry Paul Stewart 63113, MOOphthalmology1750378675
Steven M Silverstein 64133, MOOphthalmology1285622951
Kevin P Pikey 64111, MOOphthalmology1215925987
Mark Anthony Cascairo 65804, MOOphthalmology1881688216
Elliot Lawrence Korn 63131, MOOphthalmology1649267253
Harry C Eggleston 63141, MOOphthalmology1912995317
Robert Steven Yoselevsky 63141, MOOphthalmology1093703290
Joseph Pravoot Gira 63141, MOOphthalmology1861481152
Michael Philip Donahoe 63141, MOOphthalmology1770572067
Steven F Lee 63141, MOOphthalmology1134118482
Eric S Mann 62208, MOOphthalmology1841289014
Stephen E Kraft Llc 63031, MOOphthalmology1285624858
Laurence Irwin Miller 63501, MOOphthalmology1316937097
Stephen E Kraft 63031, MOOphthalmology1942290044
Henry Kell Yang 65203, MOOphthalmology1528049509
Shilpa S. Thornton 63112, MOOphthalmology1114909140
Navin J. Amin 63112, MOOphthalmology1659353308
Senthil Krishnasamy 63141, MOOphthalmology1548250202
Hiralal Turshamal Tekwani 63128, MOOphthalmology1265416697
Navin Hiralal Tekwani 63128, MOOphthalmology1538143805
Steven D Goodrich 63141, MOOphthalmology1942285259
Philip J. Wilson 65109, MOOphthalmology1114902327
Robert P. Wankum 65109, MOOphthalmology1225013121
Mason F Bias 63141, MOOphthalmology1912982794
Harry Burton Young 63501, MOOphthalmology1568448157
Kenneth J Barkett 63801, MOOphthalmology1952389462
Sudarsan Chavala 64468, MOOphthalmology1275517039
Retina Associates Of Missouri, P.c. 65202, MOOphthalmology1144204553
Mari Ann Keithahn 65202, MOOphthalmology1902880313
Jerry R Blair 65202, MOOphthalmology1790769701
Panagiotis Paulus 63901, MOOphthalmology1578533030
Eye Surgery Consultants, Llp 63901, MOOphthalmology1922078419
Howard Newton Short 63090, MOOphthalmology1013987551
Robert Porter Smith 63901, MOOphthalmology1134190416
Chris Robert Ullrich 63090, MOOphthalmology1679544688
Robert Corman Fletcher 64114, MOOphthalmology1417929241
Marybeth Esswein Kapp 63703, MOOphthalmology1144293697
St Louis University 63104, MOOphthalmology1578536801
Norman Mccarthy 65807, MOOphthalmology1194798611
William Ashley Godfrey 66208, MOOphthalmology1497729743
Capital Region Medical Center 65109, MOOphthalmology1053385096
Larry K Stauffer 65109, MOOphthalmology1568436509
Derrall Shawn Parker 63703, MOOphthalmology1700850500
Charles Hugo Cozean 63703, MOOphthalmology1326013715
Barbara D Wolock 66061, MOOphthalmology1255306189
Milton B Grin Md Pa 66061, MOOphthalmology1821063769
Milton B Grin 66061, MOOphthalmology1548235476
Louis Monaco 64735, MOOphthalmology1245207398
Richard L. Kies 63703, MOOphthalmology1942278916
Joan Marie Pernoud 63109, MOOphthalmology1477520476
Brent Ryan Davidson 63026, MOOphthalmology1437127065
Flavius Gentry Pernoud 63109, MOOphthalmology1750359345
Kenneth W Neu 65804, MOOphthalmology1427026715
Leo T Neu 65804, MOOphthalmology1588632889
Anton G Beffa 63640, MOOphthalmology1306815345
Thomas G Prater 65804, MOOphthalmology1043289119
Robert F Tobin & Associates, Inc 64506, MOOphthalmology1639148455
John R Fitz 63640, MOOphthalmology1306815972
Robert Francis Tobin 64506, MOOphthalmology1740259209
Randolph Thomas Jackson 66109, MOOphthalmology1457310518
Andrew L. Weiss 65109, MOOphthalmology1821057449
Loreley Denise Smith 63110, MOOphthalmology1619328481
Earle Glenn Sanford 64735, MOOphthalmology1982679775
Eye Specialist Of Southern Illinois, Llc 62959, MOOphthalmology1528020401
Kies Eye Center, Llc 63701, MOOphthalmology1376505248
Joel Martin Leibsohn 64055, MOOphthalmology1558327262
Louis C. Manuel 64110, MOOphthalmology1295791770
Denise Hug 64108, MOOphthalmology1154387306
Cokingtin Eye Center Pa 64701, MOOphthalmology1477511335
Cokingtin Eye Center Pa 64114, MOOphthalmology1386602241
Eye Physicians Of Saint Louis 63109, MOOphthalmology1225096928
Dean P Hainsworth 65212, MOOphthalmology1417905266
Theodore E Wills 65212, MOOphthalmology1558319244
Dana B Schoenleber 65212, MOOphthalmology1871541284
Frank G Rieger 65212, MOOphthalmology1275581555
Josh E Amato 63141, MOOphthalmology1467401828
Southeast Missouri Hospital Physicians, Llc 63701, MOOphthalmology1558311522
Trey M Butler 64804, MOOphthalmology1639129422
Mattax Neu Prater Eye Center, Inc. 65804, MOOphthalmology1790745313
Sabates Eye Centers, Pa 64055, MOOphthalmology1790749810
Ramulu Samudrala 63136, MOOphthalmology1588628986
Billi S Wallace 65201, MOOphthalmology1407812407
Frederick Web Fraunfelder 65212, MOOphthalmology1962453241
Amy E Ciccio 64114, MOOphthalmology1447204441
Robert F. Munsch, M.d. 63401, MOOphthalmology1245285543
Kirk Patrick Morey 63131, MOOphthalmology1457306516
John C. Perlmutter, Inc. 63017, MOOphthalmology1023064110
Missouri Eye Institute Llc 65804, MOOphthalmology1144277252
Murphy Watson Burr Eye Center Inc 64506, MOOphthalmology1679520621
Sean Lewis Edelstein 63104, MOOphthalmology1679520605
Jermik Systems, Ltd 63122, MOOphthalmology1609823863
Robert W Jones 65775, MOOphthalmology1821035569
Robert Francis Munsch 63401, MOOphthalmology1326087602
Donald Steven Levy 63301, MOOphthalmology1235179235
Sean M Breit 63117, MOOphthalmology1508806324
Alan E Bauman 64114, MOOphthalmology1629018247
John Craig Perlmutter 63301, MOOphthalmology1316987068
State Line Eye Care Center, Pc 64114, MOOphthalmology1215978622
James Robert Overlease 64114, MOOphthalmology1154362077
Eye Care Associates Of St Louis Llc 63117, MOOphthalmology1134161888
Miranda Nabil Bishara 66208, MOOphthalmology1437191988
Amy W Gemperli 64114, MOOphthalmology1336181718
Laura Suzanne Plummer 64108, MOOphthalmology1043254683
Perfect Sense Eye Center St. Joe, Llc 64506, MOOphthalmology1205870581
Bruce Hagedorn Cohen 63110, MOOphthalmology1053355107
Sharon Jick 63124, MOOphthalmology1801830039
Perfect Sense Eye Center Pc 64118, MOOphthalmology1144265075
Eric Younghee Yoon 63017, MOOphthalmology1417992199
George Michael Bohigian 63131, MOOphthalmology1578508818
Gerald Joseph Fivian 63131, MOOphthalmology1700822731
Roland Sabates 64114, MOOphthalmology1417993676
Susan H. Yang 63105, MOOphthalmology1659317907
Frank Joseph Catanzaro 63131, MOOphthalmology1275579526
Stephen A Wexler 63117, MOOphthalmology1700822012
Scott J Mcknight 64068, MOOphthalmology1164458998
Nathan C Hamaker 64014, MOOphthalmology1104852292


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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