Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles Richard Epes 27410, NCOphthalmology1871596809
Bobby Kenneth Mccullen 28054, NCOphthalmology1457354284
Gregory Peter Temas 27103, NCOphthalmology1619970449
Carolina Eye Surgical And Laser Center 27401, NCOphthalmology1669475117
Robert Thomas Barowsky 28328, NCOphthalmology1821091232
Timothy G Kelly 28401, NCOphthalmology1497758825
Thomas C Perraut 28722, NCOphthalmology1043213424
Milton James 27704, NCOphthalmology1912909227
Jeffrey P. Blice 29425, NCOphthalmology1215930805
Kenneth William Roach 27526, NCOphthalmology1780686014
Maxwell Greenman 28211, NCOphthalmology1184628901
John Dail Matthews 27401, NCOphthalmology1659375483
Roy Whitaker 27410, NCOphthalmology1285638866
Kirk A Murdock 27103, NCOphthalmology1164426730
George Leonard Cooper 28304, NCOphthalmology1851395602
Larry Parker Jenkins 27410, NCOphthalmology1356345169
Vickas Khemsara 27103, NCOphthalmology1477557023
Herbert E. Greenman 28211, NCOphthalmology1598769028
Christopher Paul Fleming 27518, NCOphthalmology1346246360
James Gregory Kaufmann 28147, NCOphthalmology1083693527
Mark Harvey Nelson 27103, NCOphthalmology1417953654
Gerald B Rosen 28211, NCOphthalmology1942206321
Central Carolina Surgical Eye Associates, P.a. 27410, NCOphthalmology1811994031
Martin Todd Brown 28054, NCOphthalmology1568469641
William S Atkins 28607, NCOphthalmology1073510020
Michael James Lund 28054, NCOphthalmology1659379394
Laura L Harris 28405, NCOphthalmology1972501260
Ernest C Skidmore 28805, NCOphthalmology1013915396
Eric Lee Berman 29425, NCOphthalmology1467450205
Surgical Eye Care Pa 28403, NCOphthalmology1346248119
Alan W Brown 28403, NCOphthalmology1649278433
Edward William Cheeseman 29425, NCOphthalmology1700885613
William J Burchfield 28025, NCOphthalmology1649270505
James W Wheatley 28025, NCOphthalmology1972503704
Dianna Lynn Seldomridge 27103, NCOphthalmology1487654216
Noel William Young 27704, NCOphthalmology1982604534
Daniel P Krontz 28607, NCOphthalmology1326048919
David K. Harper 28025, NCOphthalmology1134129513
Dorothy Mcfarland Bell 27704, NCOphthalmology1851391239
Edmund E Miller 28607, NCOphthalmology1124028428
North Carolina Eye Ear Nose & Throat Pa 27704, NCOphthalmology1972504926
Jeremiah Richard Marion 27704, NCOphthalmology1053312884
David L Sappenfield 27704, NCOphthalmology1639161862
Lisa E Fogel 27607, NCOphthalmology1366440273
Susan Andracchi 28403, NCOphthalmology1205835915
Kathleen G Gordon 27599, NCOphthalmology1093716896
James Eugene Holland 27834, NCOphthalmology1649271305
Shapiro Eye Care Pa 27401, NCOphthalmology1376544643
Dwight Dean Perry 27704, NCOphthalmology1497756688
Daniel Michael Eichenbaum 28906, NCOphthalmology1992706196
Mark Thomas Shapiro 27401, NCOphthalmology1861494437
Primevision Kinston Pa 28501, NCOphthalmology1538151279
John F Gillis 28117, NCOphthalmology1902898513
Albert Lee Lundquist 27410, NCOphthalmology1295727634
Kurt K Lark 28025, NCOphthalmology1497748396
Gary T Raflo 28025, NCOphthalmology1598758492
Sandra M Brown 28025, NCOphthalmology1659364529
Walter Lee King 28601, NCOphthalmology1164415014
Beth R Friedland 27713, NCOphthalmology1295728608
Frances Mcduffie Foster 27609, NCOphthalmology1629062880
William Edward Aherne 29425, NCOphthalmology1609860766
Terry Lee Forrest 27534, NCOphthalmology1184618837
Barry Hoyle Teasley 27534, NCOphthalmology1598759235
Walter Bowlin Holland 28677, NCOphthalmology1386638849
Brent Blair Warren 28677, NCOphthalmology1790779254
Earl Sunderhaus Md Pa 28805, NCOphthalmology1942294459
David Dwight Markoff 28721, NCOphthalmology1750376240
Rupal N Chiniwalla 28202, NCOphthalmology1871588129
Earl Sunderhaus 28805, NCOphthalmology1396730321
Curtis C Reeves 28205, NCOphthalmology1205821907
Stephen Warren Hartzell 28721, NCOphthalmology1114913522
Bryan Ewing Allf 28054, NCOphthalmology1700872892
Medical Eye Associates Pa 27893, NCOphthalmology1922094895
Charles Gentry Kirby 28779, NCOphthalmology1053308783
Arnold A Schwartz 27103, NCOphthalmology1558357392
Richard Edwin Akers 28054, NCOphthalmology1558357202
Richard Rudolph Beauchemin 28358, NCOphthalmology1598752255
Timothy Scott Mouser 28358, NCOphthalmology1720075336
Carroll F Haines 27288, NCOphthalmology1306833538
Peter Arthur Van Houten 27834, NCOphthalmology1558359299
Donald R. Whaley 28358, NCOphthalmology1689662355
Kerry Edmund Hunt 27607, NCOphthalmology1972598522
Mountain Eye Associates, Pllc. 28721, NCOphthalmology1811982317
Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority 28719, NCOphthalmology1285713859
Gaston Eye Associates 28054, NCOphthalmology1417945775
Charles F Marshall 28211, NCOphthalmology1821088386
Dan Robert Gardner 27103, NCOphthalmology1306836622
John G Oliver 28659, NCOphthalmology1467443184
Jeffrey Jason White 28387, NCOphthalmology1245221563
Daniel Kent Messner 28387, NCOphthalmology1396736617
Gregory Julian Mincey 28387, NCOphthalmology1518958842
Anna Frances Fakadej 28387, NCOphthalmology1932190261
Andrew Trent Billingsley 28001, NCOphthalmology1821089111
Patrick A Hageman 27284, NCOphthalmology1629059860
Carolina Eye Associates, Inc. 28387, NCOphthalmology1245211333
Buena Vista Eye Pc 27104, NCOphthalmology1720069693
William Bartholomew Shannon 28054, NCOphthalmology1619958139
Edward Kenneth Isbey 28803, NCOphthalmology1124009725
Thomas Lewis Beardsley 28803, NCOphthalmology1437130846
Edward Kenneth Isbey 28803, NCOphthalmology1154302560
Robert Earl Wiggins 28803, NCOphthalmology1740261155
William Lee Haynes 28803, NCOphthalmology1528040128
Brian Edward Smith 28803, NCOphthalmology1588646194
Albert Sidney Whiting 28805, NCOphthalmology1730162140
Katherine Edwards Volatile 28712, NCOphthalmology1518940923
David N Ugland 28210, NCOphthalmology1184614448
Jeffrey Brian Goldstein 28803, NCOphthalmology1841271137
Steven L Cahan 28801, NCOphthalmology1710975610
Robert Mchenry Bauer 27834, NCOphthalmology1366432924
Frederick H. D. Weidman 28211, NCOphthalmology1730179102
Mark L Malton 28211, NCOphthalmology1629068283
Paul G Galentine 28211, NCOphthalmology1861482549
Royce R Syracuse 28211, NCOphthalmology1134119605
Joseph H Krug 28211, NCOphthalmology1649260290
Stephen A Daugherty 28211, NCOphthalmology1134119787
David L. Smith 28211, NCOphthalmology1184615213
Miriam E. Ridley 28211, NCOphthalmology1568452027
Lewis R Gaskin 28211, NCOphthalmology1982694352
Judy D Hustead 28211, NCOphthalmology1114917762
Robert Patrick Yeatts 27157, NCOphthalmology1376526079
Jeffrey Brent Bond 27157, NCOphthalmology1902889603
Susan K Burden 27157, NCOphthalmology1528041225
Keith Andrew Walter 27157, NCOphthalmology1518940220
Paul J Dickinson 27157, NCOphthalmology1245213958
Craig Michael Greven 27157, NCOphthalmology1154304863
Richard Grey Weaver 27157, NCOphthalmology1326021031
Timothy John Martin 27157, NCOphthalmology1053394767
M Madison Slusher 27157, NCOphthalmology1316920028
Thomas Ashley Hawkins 27292, NCOphthalmology1144203779
James Francis Slyman 27292, NCOphthalmology1356324982
Jay A Singleton 28562, NCOphthalmology1861476913
Andrew Davidson 28562, NCOphthalmology1073597050
Samuel Santander 28211, NCOphthalmology1093790131
Jonathan D Christenbury 28211, NCOphthalmology1821073560
Louis N Gottlieb 27106, NCOphthalmology1841276185
Nancy Ellen Cline 28150, NCOphthalmology1093791352
Stephen J Bogan 28150, NCOphthalmology1942286018
Joseph Majstoravich 28557, NCOphthalmology1487631925
Thomas E. Brewington 27405, NCOphthalmology1629055934
Joan Therese Roberts 27704, NCOphthalmology1376521831
James David Branch 27101, NCOphthalmology1538147061
Chapel Hill Ophthalmology Clinic, P.a. 27514, NCOphthalmology1538147087
Shashi Kumar Sethi 27408, NCOphthalmology1174501282
Stanley F Sliwinski 28625, NCOphthalmology1063490019
Patrick M Dennis 28501, NCOphthalmology1487633236
Walter L Wright 28501, NCOphthalmology1003895855
John Ozment Reynolds 28147, NCOphthalmology1235118761
Ivan Mac 28112, NCOphthalmology1689654592
Frank Ward Browning 28303, NCOphthalmology1295705259
Amy L Mrugala 28547, NCOphthalmology1083684989
Singleton Vision Center 28562, NCOphthalmology1407830540
Richard Blair Phinney 28387, NCOphthalmology1952388308
James Michael Geiger 28303, NCOphthalmology1487624441
Matthew John Nutaitis 29425, NCOphthalmology1548240740
Amit Kumar 27518, NCOphthalmology1114907870
Walter Copley Mclean 28803, NCOphthalmology1124002399
William Zachery Bridges 28803, NCOphthalmology1245214410
Cameron Mclure Stone 28803, NCOphthalmology1902880180
Jonathan P Fritz 28791, NCOphthalmology1396729620
Gerard Hendrik Vanrens 28403, NCOphthalmology1790764025
Walton Kitchin Joyner 27609, NCOphthalmology1851376164
Craig S Self 28677, NCOphthalmology1154301844
University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill 27514, NCOphthalmology1780669200
Hunter Scott Stolldorf 28211, NCOphthalmology1134199383
Sidney Loy Gulledge 27607, NCOphthalmology1578533931
Roy Frank Lowry 27609, NCOphthalmology1518938513
Joseph Pacifico Barrion 28547, NCOphthalmology1013988823
Thomas J Woods 28328, NCOphthalmology1912978735
Edward Joseph Mcgrory 27607, NCOphthalmology1073584702
Charles H Robinson 27607, NCOphthalmology1538130042
Myeyedr Optometry Of North Carolina 28212, NCOphthalmology1700851045
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.a. 28210, NCOphthalmology1043287469
Mark A Joseph 28803, NCOphthalmology1871560862
Joseph Stuart Mccracken 27704, NCOphthalmology1285602995
Richard J. Preske 27030, NCOphthalmology1902874332
Michael H Rotberg 28210, NCOphthalmology1972572030
Charles A Blotnick 28207, NCOphthalmology1457320020
James J Bedrick 28207, NCOphthalmology1942279138
Brian C Adair 28602, NCOphthalmology1720057995
Looking Glass Eye Center Pa 28712, NCOphthalmology1275592271
Dana Christianson 28712, NCOphthalmology1104885920
Alan Verm 28792, NCOphthalmology1558320382
Craig Secosan 28712, NCOphthalmology1548229388
Chandra Roy Altemare 27157, NCOphthalmology1972562577
Hashmat A Chaudhry 27870, NCOphthalmology1457310732
Daniel Yoder 28792, NCOphthalmology1912967183
Henry Warren Burnett 27103, NCOphthalmology1023078821
Alan S Luria 27870, NCOphthalmology1508959818
Renzo A Zaldivar 27540, NCOphthalmology1548234313
Richard E. Akers 28655, NCOphthalmology1932177953
George Joseph Alter 28210, NCOphthalmology1194792549
Robert David Green 27103, NCOphthalmology1598725137
Western Carolina Eye Associates, Pa 28607, NCOphthalmology1093776403
Thomas J Robertson 27804, NCOphthalmology1154382612
Michael Jason Richard 27710, NCOphthalmology1669434197
Sharon Fekrat 27893, NCOphthalmology1235191115
Coastal Cape Fear Eye Associates, Pa 28401, NCOphthalmology1366404261
Hal Holland Crosswell 29201, NCOphthalmology1639131295
Rudolph Mitchell Newman 29201, NCOphthalmology1801858469
Edward Gustavo Mintz 29072, NCOphthalmology1629030283


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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