Providers with Taxonomy: Ophthalmology in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Ophthalmology
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mary Beth Kansora 34103, NCOphthalmology1881698645
Tonica Vinetta Johnson 27706, NCOphthalmology1235177114
George K Escaravage 28401, NCOphthalmology1205881612
John Albert Kulits 28712, NCOphthalmology1659391837
Carolina Glaucoma Pa 28401, NCOphthalmology1174797666
Carolina Glaucoma Pa 28401, NCOphthalmology1104091545
Bradley Mark King 27215, NCOphthalmology1043504152
Michelle Elizabeth Wilson Latting 33136, NCOphthalmology1073884375
Ramiro S Maldonado 40508, NCOphthalmology1215228036
Ninita Helen Brown 30265, NCOphthalmology1891937322
Brian Gruezo Zamora 27401, NCOphthalmology1225304553
Molly Lynn Fuller 27006, NCOphthalmology1326276577
Jenna M Benson 29440, NCOphthalmology1487093738
Yasmin Poustchi Mali 33908, NCOphthalmology1811255193
Oculoplastic Consultants Of The Carolinas, Pllc 28401, NCOphthalmology1629487814
Hecker Ophthalmology Pa 27408, NCOphthalmology1447319454
Raleigh Ophthalmic Associates 27607, NCOphthalmology1023546876
Bryan Andrew Strelow 27517, NCOphthalmology1598299257
Raleigh Ophthalmology Pc 27607, NCOphthalmology1801957295
Anita Prakash Vin-parikh 27609, NCOphthalmology1609005461
Triad Ocular And Facial Plastic Surgery Pllc 27006, NCOphthalmology1245737568
Karl Gene Stonecipher 27401, NCOphthalmology1427172246
Lakshmi Swamy 27518, NCOphthalmology1982994091
Paul F Ware 92121, NCOphthalmology1366760464
Kevin James Bray 28401, NCOphthalmology1073870275
Nitin Nigam 28304, NCOphthalmology1295058790
Leah Ashley Bonaparte 28304, NCOphthalmology1487092490
Shelby A Stephenson 28304, NCOphthalmology1639136229
Atalie Carina Thompson 27710, NCOphthalmology1366852303
Sara Fransen Grace 27704, NCOphthalmology1629369350
Joseph Edgar Allen 28607, NCOphthalmology1528266905
Thomas J Robertson 27804, NCOphthalmology1154382612
Katherine Tsamis 27262, NCOphthalmology1578946315
Randall Stein 28117, NCOphthalmology1376807214
Wlliam A Branner 28211, NCOphthalmology1720044225
Steven J. Ryder 28211, NCOphthalmology1366732851
Hunter Scott Stolldorf 28211, NCOphthalmology1134199383
Moses Cone Physician Services, Inc. 27215, NCOphthalmology1265072359
Rocky Mount Eye Pa 27804, NCOphthalmology1043691595
Vinod Kumar Jindal 27565, NCOphthalmology1861402612
New Century Ophthalmology Group, Pllc 27612, NCOphthalmology1487985248
Amy M Fowler 27540, NCOphthalmology1063437580
Jane S Kim 48105, NCOphthalmology1578926572
Sarah Chaoying Xu 55905, NCOphthalmology1356705644
Sailaja Bondalapati 28621, NCOphthalmology1336593235
Gabriela Rodriguez De Boer 28602, NCOphthalmology1033471768
Thomas Reginald Williams 28602, NCOphthalmology1750345443
James Woodrow Harris 28602, NCOphthalmology1760445787
Richard I Chang 28602, NCOphthalmology1174587695
Ralph Everett Oursler 28602, NCOphthalmology1689637613
Joshua Godfrey Paschall 28602, NCOphthalmology1013350917
Ryan J Wise 28602, NCOphthalmology1932542842
Jenell Curnese Jackson 28602, NCOphthalmology1407290950
Patrick James Kelty 28602, NCOphthalmology1407932304
Jennifer Lira 28602, NCOphthalmology1720475973
Christopher Patrick Tanzie 28602, NCOphthalmology1548603046
Brian C Adair 28602, NCOphthalmology1720057995
Peter Michael Lipscomb 28607, NCOphthalmology1437598273
Roderick N Hargrove 28602, NCOphthalmology1417914896
Jessica Erin Weinstein 40508, NCOphthalmology1609212448
Matthew James Duggan 28791, NCOphthalmology1780063842
Muhammad Tariq Bhatti 55905, NCOphthalmology1285674242
Kevin Cronin 32256, NCOphthalmology1174880967
Wnc Ophthalmology, Pllc 28803, NCOphthalmology1649881145
Jason Edward Karo 02906, NCOphthalmology1033109111
Abid-alhamid Dahnoun 27518, NCOphthalmology1396358271
Odette Margit Houghton 85259, NCOphthalmology1205873791
Morgan Rogers Godin 81620, NCOphthalmology1659791119
Sapna Gangaputra 37232, NCOphthalmology1124387709
Kirsten Wagner 93110, NCOphthalmology1477948511
Willard L Mccloud 27870, NCOphthalmology1891831905
Ami Shah 85259, NCOphthalmology1447441126
Stanley Tyler Pace 27157, NCOphthalmology1366717605
Carolinas Physicians Network Inc 28202, NCOphthalmology1578965570
Galen Grayson 28202, NCOphthalmology1669428975
Carolina Eye Surgical And Laser Center 27401, NCOphthalmology1669475117
Central Carolina Surgical Eye Associates, P.a. 27410, NCOphthalmology1811994031
Surgical Eye Care Pa 28403, NCOphthalmology1346248119
North Carolina Eye Ear Nose & Throat Pa 27704, NCOphthalmology1972504926
Shapiro Eye Care Pa 27401, NCOphthalmology1376544643
Primevision Kinston Pa 28501, NCOphthalmology1538151279
Earl Sunderhaus Md Pa 28805, NCOphthalmology1942294459
Medical Eye Associates Pa 27893, NCOphthalmology1922094895
Mountain Eye Associates, Pllc. 28721, NCOphthalmology1811982317
Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority 28719, NCOphthalmology1285713859
Gaston Eye Associates 28054, NCOphthalmology1417945775
Carolina Eye Associates, Inc. 28387, NCOphthalmology1245211333
Buena Vista Eye Pc 27104, NCOphthalmology1720069693
Chapel Hill Ophthalmology Clinic, P.a. 27514, NCOphthalmology1538147087
Singleton Vision Center 28562, NCOphthalmology1407830540
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.a. 28210, NCOphthalmology1043287469
Looking Glass Eye Center Pa 28712, NCOphthalmology1275592271
Western Carolina Eye Associates, Pa 28607, NCOphthalmology1093776403
Asheville Eye Associates Pllc 28803, NCOphthalmology1295799823
Mecklenburg Eye Associates Pa 28207, NCOphthalmology1578527040
Eastern Carolina Eye Center Pa 27834, NCOphthalmology1356306997
Cabarrus Eye Center Pa 28025, NCOphthalmology1922063304
Watauga Eye Center, Pa 28607, NCOphthalmology1821053059
Christenbury Eye Center P.a. 28211, NCOphthalmology1801851704
Greenman Eye Associates Pllc 28211, NCOphthalmology1801853270
Doctors Vision Center Od Pa 27804, NCOphthalmology1972561660
Walter L. King, Md 28601, NCOphthalmology1881652469
Rockingham Eye Associates Pa 27288, NCOphthalmology1023066040
Carolina Ophthalmology Pa 28791, NCOphthalmology1710936190
Metrolina Eye Associates, Pllc 28112, NCOphthalmology1700839305
Watson Dry Eye Center, Pa 27614, NCOphthalmology1467413617
Covenant Eye Care, Pa 28054, NCOphthalmology1477518066
William S Blakemore Md Ltd 27932, NCOphthalmology1477507994
Cape Fear Eye Associates Pa 28304, NCOphthalmology1962456343
Retina Of Coastal Carolina, Pllc 28403, NCOphthalmology1326089442
Price Eye Clinic Pa 28546, NCOphthalmology1558306365
Brosnan Eye Associates 28805, NCOphthalmology1164458220
Halifax Eye Center Pa 27870, NCOphthalmology1841226610
Private Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 27710, NCOphthalmology1457389033
Northeast Eye Center Pa 28025, NCOphthalmology1497784664
The Kelly Eye Center Pa 27617, NCOphthalmology1366472177
Washington Eye Clinic, P.a. 27889, NCOphthalmology1285665448
Graystone Ophthalmology Associates, P.a. 28602, NCOphthalmology1598700114
Groat Eyecare Associates, P.a. 27401, NCOphthalmology1932125564
Alamance Eye Care, Pa 27215, NCOphthalmology1184641524
Eye Care Clinic Vision & Laser Center Pllc 28207, NCOphthalmology1881611978
Sigmund S Gould Md Pa 27401, NCOphthalmology1013936111
Greenville Eye Clinic Inc 27834, NCOphthalmology1689695751
Coastal Eye Clinic, Pa 28562, NCOphthalmology1255355814
Coastal Eye Clinic Pa 28557, NCOphthalmology1699799262
Eye Associates Of Rowan Pa 28144, NCOphthalmology1831103753
Western Wake Eye Center Pa 27518, NCOphthalmology1922013168
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28655, NCOphthalmology1588678817
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28655, NCOphthalmology1245248673
Davidson Eye Associates Pa 27292, NCOphthalmology1669489225
Morganton Eye Physicians 28043, NCOphthalmology1356351852
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28752, NCOphthalmology1023028552
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28150, NCOphthalmology1487664033
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28671, NCOphthalmology1174534648
Four County Eye Associates 27536, NCOphthalmology1235140484
Carolina Cataract & Laser Center P A 27609, NCOphthalmology1972616167
Shelby Stephenson 28304, NCOphthalmology1598878571
Shelby Stephenson Md 28337, NCOphthalmology1174636849
Asheboro Ophthalmology Assoc Ii Pa 27203, NCOphthalmology1548374820
White Eye Associates Pa 27834, NCOphthalmology1366557803
Onslow Ophthalmology, Pa 28546, NCOphthalmology1649298548
University Medical Associates 29425, NCOphthalmology1780601393
Cape Fear Retinal Associates Pc 28401, NCOphthalmology1205944477
Family Eye Care Of The Carolinas Pa 28315, NCOphthalmology1326157215
Western Carolina Eye Associates, Pa 28640, NCOphthalmology1871696740
Private Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 27103, NCOphthalmology1992802128
Shelby Eye Centers, P. A. 28150, NCOphthalmology1285732453
Wake Forest University Health Sciences 27401, NCOphthalmology1225139249
Graystone Ophthalmology Associates, P.a. 28645, NCOphthalmology1205923240
Laborde Eye Group Home Of The Macula Center Of N Carolina Pllc 28739, NCOphthalmology1982785663
Carolina Eye Associates, Inc. 28001, NCOphthalmology1649349291
Orellana Retina Associates Pllc 27587, NCOphthalmology1780753244
Temas Eye Center, Pc 27103, NCOphthalmology1487734570
M. Alan Dickens, Md, Pc 27607, NCOphthalmology1356412621
Mccormick Ophthalmology Pa 27613, NCOphthalmology1568536563
Mckinnon Eye Clinic Pa 28677, NCOphthalmology1750456836
Vision International Pa 28304, NCOphthalmology1942378187
Alamance Eye Care, Pa 27514, NCOphthalmology1346302882
Alamance Eye Care, Pa 27302, NCOphthalmology1164584694
Carolina Eye Specialists Pc 27546, NCOphthalmology1871658351
North Raleigh Ophthalmology, P.a. 27609, NCOphthalmology1225195142
Larry P Jenkins Md Pa 28001, NCOphthalmology1154488682
Wnc Eye Care Associates 28779, NCOphthalmology1447300975
University Medical Associates 29425, NCOphthalmology1477604403
Carolina Eye Associates, Inc 27330, NCOphthalmology1356496939
Carolina Eye Associates, Inc 28352, NCOphthalmology1417002072
Carolina Eye Associates, Inc. 28304, NCOphthalmology1265587828
Private Diagnostic Clinic, Pllc 27710, NCOphthalmology1366598807
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28210, NCOphthalmology1457483273
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28043, NCOphthalmology1255464244
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28150, NCOphthalmology1730212739
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28752, NCOphthalmology1831222637
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28671, NCOphthalmology1073646865
Mark H Nelson Md Pa 27103, NCOphthalmology1376682344
Goldsboro Eye Clinic Pllc 27534, NCOphthalmology1558482695
Coastal Carolina Eye Clinic Pa 28401, NCOphthalmology1396867040
Raleigh Ophthalmic Consultants, Pc 27607, NCOphthalmology1043412406
Doctors Vision Center Od Pa 27607, NCOphthalmology1861696999
Morganton Eye Physicians, P.a. 28714, NCOphthalmology1366632473
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28012, NCOphthalmology1114112893
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28262, NCOphthalmology1073708665
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28025, NCOphthalmology1346435922
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28105, NCOphthalmology1902091598
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28112, NCOphthalmology1447445036
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28277, NCOphthalmology1447445010
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28210, NCOphthalmology1396930442
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28677, NCOphthalmology1154516201
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 28012, NCOphthalmology1982899035
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Pa 29732, NCOphthalmology1245425396
Alicia Carroll Md Ophthalmic Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Center 28602, NCOphthalmology1326227414
Specialty Eye Care Of The Carolinas, Pc 28462, NCOphthalmology1760661235
George L Cooper Md 28304, NCOphthalmology1366624124
Park Ophthalmology 27713, NCOphthalmology1619150141
Chanda A. Griessel M.d., Pllc 27103, NCOphthalmology1922281385
Steven L Cahan Md Pa 28801, NCOphthalmology1679750392
Donald R. Whaley, M.d. Pc 28358, NCOphthalmology1750550927
Daniel M Eichenbaum, Md, Pa 28906, NCOphthalmology1679742845
Thomas Jc Woods Md Pa 28328, NCOphthalmology1649449224
Thomas.e. Brewington, M.d., P.a. 27405, NCOphthalmology1750551016
Cataract Consultants Pa 28405, NCOphthalmology1891965083


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